Thursday, February 28, 2013

Well, that was easy....


We're in the 4th week of the Bible Study called Let.It.Go.

What I love about it is it gives me all sorts of verses to look at, study, & even better, easy picks for me to keep as my next Siesta Scripture Memory Verse.

Yesterday, we were told to look at a verse that I love, & actually was shocked I didnt have the verse memorized in previous years.  I looked back in my little notebooks that I keep all my verses & nope - not there.

Found my next verse for March

Always be joyful.  
Never stop praying.  
Be thankful in all circumstances, 
for this is God's will for you who belong to Christ Jesus.
-1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

The trick with this verse, we were asked to put our name in front of every sentence - like it would go,

Rebecca Jo, always be joyful
Rebecca Jo, never stop praying
Rebecca Jo, be thankful in all circumstances
for this is God's will for you, Rebecca Jo, who belongs to Christ Jesus

Cool - right?

Except, last night, I was ready to pull my hair out.

My schedule is swamped for the next few weeks.  I mean the kind of schedule that nothing can get off track or I'm going to scream... & I think I actually did last night.

My sweet husband got me a new computer for our anniversary.  & if anyone has had any dealings with the new Windows 8 - I dont even have to say another word - you know how frustrating that is in itself.

Well, my new computer was running slower then my 4 yr old laptop from the moment I got it.  So we took it in to have it looked at.  That wonderful group, the Geek Squad took it, did their thang, & gave it back to me.    Actually, my hubby was so sweet & stopped & picked it up for me so I didnt have to worry about wasting time going by there.

I get it home... & nothing... & mean, nothing... they removed all my programs I had installed.

My picture programs, all my actions in Photoshop, all my music.

I just wanted to scream & say "Aint nobody got time for that"
Source: via Lainie on Pinterest

But I was set out to reinstall some of my stuff... let's start with iTunes


Fast version?  I sat in front of my laptop for 4 hours moving one song over at a time to iTunes from my flash drive.  Why it didnt just move them all?  I have no idea... why it wouldnt copy over?  I have no idea.  All I know is I had to move each song ONE BY FREAKING ONE!!!!

& then, all my play lists were gone.

I need my playlists for running... this is serious stuff folks...

so another hour going through 1,000 songs & putting them in a playlist.

By the time 10:00 came around, my eyes were bugged out of my head, my clicker finger was exhausted & I felt like I had been on some sort of shock therapy.

But wait... Rebecca Jo is supposed to be joyful... & praying... & thankful in ALL circumstances!

Ouch... I dont think I was any of those... though, I may have prayed that I didnt take my computer & smash it in the ground.

& God answered that prayer.  (Thank you Lord)

So 2 out of 3 isnt bad - right?

Yeah... I know... utter failure here... on the FIRST day of clinging to this scripture.

Well guess what - today is a new day & I'm going to try again putting my name in this scripture.. & living it

& when I think about it now, I was joyful because as I was sitting at my computer, my neighbor's fiance was outside the window giving me the biggest wave & the cutest smile (I love this girl)....

& I was praying - seriously - because I have hundreds of Christian music on my iTunes & I would play some of these songs I forgot I had & would have a great time worshipping while sitting at the computer

& I was thankful - for my sweet husband who picked up my computer for me, & helped me make supper while I was running back & forth from the oven to the computer

So maybe I wasnt too far off base...
...but I know I have a long way to go...

Because I have a feeling my schedule is going to have a lot more surprises in it then I expect

How am I going to react?

I'm just praying this joy, praying & thankful attitude gets easier :)

Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Wednesday... time to Hodgepodge

1. When were you last facing an ocean? In ONE word describe how you felt when you faced that ocean.

I guess the last time was when we were in Texas - Galveston to be exact.  I think that was about 2 years ago?  I'm not a big fan of the ocean.

So my word for describing how it made me feel?  Dirty .... I hate sand... I hate the water knowing there's creatures in there & fish poop is surrounding me.  A surfer, I shall never be

2. What are three sounds you hate to hear?

 1. Nails on a chalk board...  I get chills just thinking about it
 2. That stupid Sarah McClaughlan commercial with the pitiful animals... as soon as I hear the song, I try to get to the remote faster then light.
 3. My alarm going off when I'm tired .... so about every day

3. This question comes to you courtesy of some real life friends. Hi real life friends! When you shop for clothes do you try everything on in the store or do you buy, try on at home, and then return what you don't like or what doesn't fit?

Depends on the mood, the weather.... & what I'm wearing

If I'm out shopping with no plans of trying on clothes & I have on clothes that are a hassle to take off, then I'll just eye it & take it home & if I don't like it, take it back.  I'm a pretty good judge of character of what will work for me.  Shoes are the big thing too - if I have shoes that have to lace, then forget it, I'm totally not trying on clothes.  If I have on warm clothes, forget it - I get hot trying on clothes.

Summer time, you'll find me in the dressing room - flip flops, shorts & t shirts - the easiest trying on clothes wardrobe

4. February 26th is National Pistachio Day...are you a fan of the little green nut? Do you use them in cooking and baking or prefer to eat them right out of the shell?

I love those little nuts.  I could sit & pop open a whole bag of those shelled goodies.

I've never even thought of using them in cooking or baking.  I need to look up some recipes now.

5. When did you last have to compromise with someone? Were you happy to reach a compromise or slightly irritated it came to that?

Don't you have to compromise with someone every day?
If you work, are married, have kids - you are constantly compromising.  Otherwise, everyone would be getting exactly what they wanted & doing exactly what they wanted to do.

I think the only person who doesn't compromise is Kim Kardashian... she's lucky like that

6. Have you ever written a letter to an elected official? Did you get a response?

I guess that first, I would have to even KNOW who my elected officials are.

7. We 'March' into a new month at the end of the week...what is something on your March calendar guaranteed to make you smile?

Around here - the Triple Crown of racing begins.  3 races back to back - every other weekend.  Its an exciting time... energy gets all built up & it keeps you in check for the big finish, the Kentucky Derby Mini Marathon (or full Marathon if you're really crazy)

I'm still saying its going to put a smile on my face, even though my back is still hurting so badly... & truthfully, I know I shouldn't be running.  But I'm going to do these races.  Even if I have to walk them, I'm doing them.

A friend of mine said, "even if you have to walk or crawl, you're still getting the same medal the person who came in first gets"... that made me smile :)

I ain't gonna lie - its gonna hurt my ego to be so slow this year - but at least I'm going to do them.

8. Insert your own random thought here.

So something has happened to my computer at work & Facebook, Netflix & Hulu is all jacked up...

I'm one bummed girl

I would catch up on shows during lunch (I'm one freaking episode away from the end of Season 1 of Pretyt Little Liars!!!... ugh!!!) & always check up on Facebook throughout the day
... now?  I feel like my best friend has been taken away from me.

I literally just laid on the floor & took a nap in my office for lunch yesterday.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Saturday Mornings....

Saturday mornings just arent the same, are they?

Dont you remember as a kid how exciting Saturday's were?

They were filled with cartoon after cartoon after cartoon... all the way up to noon... & that's when American Bandstand came on.  The 'grown up' show.  All those amazing teenagers dancing together.

Am I dating myself here?

But Saturday's were awesome... they were full of cartoons.

Now? If you turn on your local stations, which is all we had at the time, you get news, or infomercials, or maybe some weird puppet show or some show with people wearing some costume of some creepy alien form that is supposed to be beloved by children today.

I hate kids today dont have that Saturday morning experience...

Yeah - they can pull it up on the internet, or Netflix... but its not the same

The Little's... I loved this cartoon.  Always thought my things that were missing had been snagged up by these little fellas

The Smurfs!! that was the big one.  It was on for like 3 hours in the morning.  I was so in love with these little blue creatures, I had a Mead Trapper Keeper with the Smurfs on it.  (I REALLY just dated myself with that, didnt I?) ... & no one thought it weird that there was only one lady in the group

Source: via Matt on Pinterest

How about those adorable little Muppet Babies?  & we never saw their care-giver... just those awful slouch socks she wore with the homely skirt

Source: via Lisa on Pinterest

I always wanted to be Jem ... that hair - those clothes - the songs! :)  I have saved now on youTube the episode that goes with the Beauty & the beast story line.  Classic

Source: via Rebecca on Pinterest

I also really loved the cartoon G-Force!  I so badly wanted to be Princess.  I even had my dad cut me out huge wings one time out of cardboard & I thought I would be able to fly with them.  What?  You never thought you could fly with cardboard on your arms either?

& then we moved into the REAL world with Pee Wee's Playhouse!  C'mon... it was good stuff.  Its funny to look back now & see some of the big stars that were in this show.

& then we'd actually have a variety... you'd never know what you'd get with the Weekend Special.  It may be a cute cartoon... it may be a serious show about saying no to drugs or an eating disorder.  See - educational stuff!!!

Man... the good ole days of Saturday

What were your favorite Saturday shows?

What do your kids watch now on Saturday mornings?

Do you still try & find your favorite Cartoons & watch them even now?

Monday, February 25, 2013

Weekend Wrapup


* Went to a surprise birthday party for an amazing young lady.  Sweet 16.  She's a lover of coffee (already!) so her mom had it set up as a little coffee shop. It was yummy to have all the coffee drinks to choose from.  I think I want my next birthday to have the same kind of party :)

Here she is walking in the door... totally surprised!

* Watched the 20/20 special with Robin Roberts... oh my word!  I knew I loved her before - but I love her even more now.  Her faith was just so amazing. & her family! Wow!  I teared up when her family was in the room singing praises with her - it just reminded me of when we all surrounded Steph & sang worship songs.


* Woke up freaked out... I know its because of watching the Robin Roberts special.  I woke up thinking, "Is Steph alive?" ... I had dreamt about her & she was telling me that she was fine & living in Colorado.  I was like, "Are you kidding me?  I thought you died?!?!!?!" - she kept assuring me she was alive & well in Colorado.  So when I woke up, I literally believed it for a few seconds... & then I realized it was a dream.  It was THAT real.  Maybe Colorado is just code for  Heaven.  Colorado needs to make new travel pamphlets to let everyone know that.

* Took my new computer back to Best Buy to have it looked at & repaired.  Yep - the new one Ricky got me in October.  I hate Windows 8... HATE IT!!!

* Stopped in Joann's & bought some new fabric for a baby session I'm doing this Saturday.  So soft - so fun!  It was cool though because the lady cutting the fabric said, "What are you making?" - I told her I'm no sewer (if they only knew of my lone sewing machine that has never been threaded)... but I was a photographer" - the lady behind me said, "WHAT? I am looking for a photographer" - NICE!  Plop out a business card & hopefully have a new client.

* Chili's for lunch... I think we're done with that place.  Two times we've been - two times its been awful

* Went to Kohl's to take back my shoes Ricky got me for Valentine's.  They would crease on my toes & hurt.  So I'm looking around & find a few pairs I'm interested in.  But size 9 is not easy to find - so I just find every size 9 & grab them.  I open up one box & GASP... literally GASP!  Its the Breast Cancer shoes I've been wanting since last year..... Now - get this - there is no display - there is no other shoes in that style in another size - just the one size - MINE!  I put them on... It honestly was a Cinderella moment.  I think I skipped to check out line.  It was destiny

* Stopped by my parents so Ricky could do Horse duty... I've got to watch him - he's gonna sneak a horse home, I can just tell

* Ricky was tired & wanted to go to bed early -I told him I'd watch some TV in the room with him for a minute but was probably going to go in the other room to catch up on my DVR shows... next thing I know - I'm OUT OF IT... sound asleep at 9:30. Musta been all the excitement of my new shoes


* Before church - got my inversion table together.  I about freaked out the first time I went backwards on it. Feels like the whole thing is gonna tump over - but Ricky was there & said it wasn't even budging.  It felt wonderful to stretch out my back.

* Church.... Today was a frustrating day for me.  The kids in the small group were WOUND UP TIGHT.  I hate days where I feel like I'm just saying "SSSHHHH - listen to whose speaking" more then saying anything else.  Days like this make me wonder if its time to hang up my Youth Leader badget.

* Ryan was working so we were able to snag Chasity up to join us for lunch :)

* Got in 6 miles for the day... new event of the day - I had a road full of chickens in front of me.  No joke.  I made a chicken sound ... not a good one either... & they all took off across the road & into a cut in the fence where they belonged.  I wonder how often they 'sneak' out :)

* OSCARS!!!!!....

  •  I didn't think Seth MacFarlane did HORRIBLE... I would of preferred Amy & Tina.  But it did worry me within the first 10 minutes, he did a song called "We saw your Boobs" ... but he did pull out some funny moments.
  • LES MISERABLES!!!! I loved they sang live! ... I cant say the same for Catherine Zeta-Jones - who looked totally uncomfortable & shaky & the lip synching was awful.
  • I actually rewound & replayed the Les Miz song a few times... thankful for the invention of DVR  

  • Jennifer Hudson, I think, is the new Whitney Houston - voice wise - not the drug, Crack is whack Whitney
  • Jennifer Lawrence tripping?  All I could see was Hugh Jackman running to help her up.... perfect gentleman!
  • I think every awards ceremony needs to play the Jaws theme music to get people off the stage
  • Kristen Stewart - the biggest train wreck there.  
  • I think Anne Hathaway is just perfection ... ( Hugh Jackman too) ;)
  • Wasn't it such a big build up for Adele?  & then I wasn't too impressed
  • Barbra Streisand ... I love her voice, but every time I see her, I just have the word DIVA flash in my head
  • I loved being on Twitter during the Oscars - some of the tweets I read were hilarious.  Steve Martin & Joel McHale were cracking me up.
Now - I'm tired & have an Oscar hangover... who made the decision to make the Oscars go on until 11:30pm?  Not cool for us East Coast people who have to get up at 5:30am

Have a great week friends!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea

Friday... Thank you baby Jesus!!!


A big thanks for all the prayers for my daddy!
He made it home last night
full of new heart/blood pressure medicines

They told him, "You are now officially a heart patient for the rest of your life"

I'd think he'd rather join the "Cowboys Forever" club instead


So Ricky has had the fun of feeding dad's horses & putting them in their stalls the past 2 days
.... & he's loved it...

Maybe Ricky will want to join that "Cowboys Forever" club too


While dad was off getting a stent put in his heart
I got to go to my orthopedic doctor to have my low back looked at

Been hurting since September
Remember when I swore it was my new car that caused it?
Thinking back - I did a lot of things things 
like carrying a camera around my neck for 2 days straight - slipped in the mud - did dead lifts with weights
Any of which could have caused the problem
but I liked to blame my car

Anyhoooo.... when I run, its been aching bad so time to get it checked
Drum roll please......

A bulging disc
(Hold the applause)

BUT... he did say I could still run on it since it wasn't that bad & I was still pretty flexible & the pain wasn't unbearable.

& then Facebook freaked me out with responses of "DONT RUN - IT"LL GET WORSE"
I am thankful for caring friends but I was bummed last night

The doc gave me 30 days of an anti-inflammatory, exercises & stretches
& I did see where the WORST thing you can do it stop moving

So if anything, I'll be walking my half marathon in April
I cant just stop... I think I'd die 


Embarrassing moment of the week:

I had to strip down to undies & bra for my back exam yesterday.
They gave me one of those stupid hospital robes to put on - open in the back

So the doctor has me on the table, pushing my leg back, giving me strength tests - all the good stuff

Then he has me stand & asks if I can touch my toes

I stand up - lean over & touch my toes
as I leaned over, my robe slides right down my arms

I stand up & my robe is down on the floor
.... I'm standing in nothing but my bra & underwear...

& me, not being anything but blunt 
I say, "Well... that's just embarrassing"

I'll always state the obvious


Ready for the Oscars on Sunday?

Does anyone else even care who is in the Original Song Category besides Adele?
That's what I'm most excited to see
... & praying she wears something other then that horrid red dress she wore at the last award ceremony

I will say, I'm secretly rooting for Hugh Jackman's song from Les Miserables to win
(I know - snowball chance in Hades)
Just like I know those are the same odds of him winning over Daniel Day-Lewis


I want to find these magazine racks to hang on my wall

Now, if only I had wall space to hang them on....

Still a good idea
(I love Pinterest of the dream of being organized)



I'm trying to win tickets to New Kids on the Block with 98 degrees & Boyz 2 Men
because HOLY COW - tickets to the concert are $107

...I wouldn't think twice about that if it were Steven Curtis Chapman....

I've gotten through the TV station TWICE this week, but the wrong caller
& got through to a radio station this morning & the wrong caller

DANG IT!!!!!


Sniff... sniff....

This weekend is the Disney Princess Half Marathon

My instagram, Twitter & Facebook feed will be full of pictures in ladies in tiara's  running gear, tutu's & Princess Medals all weekend

I will be green with envy & going in a slight depression



TV Time!!!!!!

The Bachelor:  Did anyone else want to punch Desiree's brother in the face?  I felt so bad for her.  I lay money that the next few holidays are going to be awkward at their house

Modern Family:  Being a Grease 2 fan, I was all giddy excited to see Maxwell Caulfield on there!  & its probably disturbing to you all that I even know his name without even looking! :)

Source: via Rebecca on Pinterest

(Are you singing "Cool Rider" right now?)

Good Morning America:  Robin Roberts!!!!  Back in the seat!!! But she looks to fragile to me & I worry about her being back already.  She's definitely got the support of a country behind her though, doesnt she?  She's awesome.  I want to watch the special tonight with Diane Sawyer about her journey.

American Idol:  I lasted for 15 minutes on the girls night & then said, "this is a train wreck" & turned it over

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills:  What is the purpose of Kyle's White Party every year? & why wasn't Yolanda there?... next year, if they bring Faye Resnick on as a regular, I'm not gonna like that.  But I do like the other little blond chick they keep showing.  & is it just me or does a sober-Kim act just like the non-sober-Kim?

Once Upon a Time:  How many people saw that SOOO coming that Henry's father was Mr. Gold's son?  Charming said it all when he said, "Good thing we don't have Thanksgiving in our world because that would be complicated"
How many people DIDN'T see it coming that Mr. Gold is probably going to be out to kill his grandson?

Revenge:  Amanda?!?!?!  ... I wasnt expecting that to happen. My jaw was hanging the whole time, expecting Nolin to jump in with his speed boat & save her.  Looks like Jack is on the market for Emily now.


OK - off to muddle through the day... doing back stretches all the day long
Have a Fantastic Friday!!!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Hampering Home

Week 3 of our Let.It.Go

So see?  We're talking about things we want to control & the Bible is right there telling me I should watch over the activities of my household... I'm doing it right!

.... wrong....

One area that I know I'm a little obsessed crazy about is my house.

I so badly want it to appear organized & in order.... this is where I know my control 'issue' comes into check.

After all, I can put something on the kitchen counter, but if the Hubs puts his mail on the counter... well, let's just say, WATCH OUT!!! Because I didn't say it was OK - so its not OK.  It's my kitchen counter - I say what goes on it.

I wish I could say I was joking ... even merely joking.... but its true

I get crazy about controlling my house & where things go & picking them up.

Funny thing?  My house is always a mess it seems.

We're busy

I cant imagine little kids running throughout it constantly

For the record, I do love when we have two blond haired boys running through it & dumping toys everywhere.  I think it gives me a good excuse for my house to be a mess.

When its just the two of us though - no excuse - we're adults - who should pick up after themselves.

But man oh man - it can be a flicker of a flame in a room full of dynamite...

I mean, I get on & look at some of my favorite blogs & see their houses.

Hello?  Did Better Homes & Garden design that kitchen of yours?
& did Ty Pennington come & redo your huge bathroom for you?
Because mine always has tooth paste running down the sink & towels on the floor....

I want those kitchens - I want those bathrooms - I want those bedrooms that hold king size beds & STILL have room to move around... with no clothes on the floor, no dust on the furniture, no papers on the corner of every things that is considered a table.

Its all about control I'm learning....

But I love in the chapter called "Hovering over the Home" that says,

No doubt its easy to to be a control freak about the house.  It's more difficult to apply a little control to our tempers & tongues.  But when we do, we can set the tone in a way that invites Christ & calm into our homes rather than cutting words & chaos.  Sometimes I wonder if I spent more time planning kind words than implementing around-the-house routines, perhaps my home would be more amiable.

That was eye opening to me...

That sounds nice doesn't it?

Christ & calm in my home....

& that's not something that I think a picture can capture
... but when someone comes into my home & they feel welcome, & they feel that calm & Christ all around them - then maybe that takes care of all the dog hair they'll have on them when they leave...

Because goodness knows I can't control those dogs getting on my couch...
They're the ones who honestly control the house over me & the Hubs....

Do they have a doggie version of this book?

Wednesday, February 20, 2013



Hodgepodge Day

1. When were you last on a 'mountaintop'? You may answer in the literal or figurative sense of the word. 

Literally.... I haven't been to Gatlinburg in a few years & I'm aching to get back to the mountains.... & the outlet malls & mini golf

Figuratively... the Ky Derby Mini Marathon when I beat my time.  I thought I could fly that day... & then go shopping at outlet malls & go play mini golf.

2.  Do you establish and maintain a strict budget in your household? What is one piece of financial advice you would offer someone just starting out on their own?

Budget?  What's that?

I try to do the budget thing, but I only make it a day or two.  I try to lay out budgets but then of course, I need more groceries that month, or I'm out of cleaning stuff & then the household expense is up... & forget the pet expense when its time to get groomed on top of all the dog food.

I tried the Dave Ramsey thing with the 'paying with cash only'... that didn't even last a half day.  I'm a debit-card gal - no cash ever in my pocket.

My biggest advice though?  If you're going to have credit cards - make it where the full amount is automatically deducted from your checking account.  No late payments - no wanting to pay only the minimum payment - it keeps you aware of how much you put on your credit card knowing its going to come out in less then 30 days.

Credit Cards are straight from the devil!!!!!!

3.  Cherries-yay or nay? Cherry pie-cherry cola-black forest cake-or a scoop of Ben and Jerry's Cherries Garcia...pick one.

I love cherries...cherry pie is da bomb diggity....

& my sweetheart is always so good to me - on desserts that come with a cherry - he always gives it to me.
Its the simple things in life

& now, I have the corny 80's song from Warrant in my head "Cherry Pie"'
...maybe not everything 'cherry' is all that great :)....

4.  Should you ever discuss religion or politics with people you don't know?

I don't talk politics mainly because I don't understand it & I sound like a 2 yr old being interviewed on Jimmy Kimmel.
The three branches of government are the Nina, Pinta & Santa Maria... right?

Anyhooooo.... I'm not one who steers away from talks of religion.  I'm always interested in hearing other's thoughts & views... & learn... or teach about Jesus - however the road leads.

I think I get that from my parents who would love when Jehovah Witnesses would knock on the door & my parents would be like, "come on in - WE need to talk" :)

5. When you take a road trip do you prefer to be the driver or the passenger? Where were you headed on your last road trip?

Depends.... I usually drive when I try to stay away from barfing.  Call me the Car-Sickness Queen.  & I want a tiara & sash for that too.

But if its a straight highway ride, I'm usually good in the passenger side - but have to be up front or the Green Queen will take over... again, I want a tiara & sash.

Our last couple of road trips are to Nashville now that the grand babies are there... a perfect excuse to get all queasy...

6.  If we peeked inside your closet, what color would we say is most prevalent?

That's funny because I actually looked in my closet this morning & was looking at the colors...

its basically 4 colors - black, grey, green & corrals... with some blue... so make that 5

If I had to pick the MOST prevalent?  Then it's probably Black....
Its slimming - right?

7.  Who's your favorite senior citizen and why are they special?

Betty White

...because she's awesome....
& everyone loves her
& she got to work with Ryan Reynolds

8.   Insert your own random thought here

So today, my dad is having a hearth cath...

Probably happening right now.  My brother is with him today & its driving me a tad crazy wondering what's going on.

(On cue... I just got a text of a picture of him in his hospital gown from my brother)

Come to find out, he has been having chest pains & shortness of breath while coming back & forth to the barn & the house.

So we'll see what that's all about today...

if you have a few seconds, can you give a shout out to God for my dad's ticker?
Appreciated :)

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Weekend Wrapup... a day late...

Its Tuesday - I know...

Yesterday had issues with computers & the day in general...

so I'm a day late... sue me.  No, please dont sue me.  Unless you want to win yarn, running shoes or a few cameras.  It's all I got.

Anyhoo - here's how our weekend shook out


* Stopped at the local health food store because they ordered me some Tumeric that I use.  They tried to sell it to me for $35.00 a bottle... SAY WHAT?  I told them on thank you & went home & ordered TWO bottles for $31.00.  Mark up much?

* Ricky & I went to the Dollar General Store to pick up some quick stuff we needed.  We had never been to our local Dollar General Store that is up in the next little town.... 10 minutes away from us.  I kept joking with the Hubs that he is a big spender for a Friday night date :)  We actually did have fun though going through the store.


* I have a new addiction - iTunes ... I need to stay away from it.  I uploaded about 10 new running songs. I love remix versions of songs with the BPM on them.  I love a good 140-155 bpm song.  Keeps me at a steady pace.

* Got in my miles for the day... it was a lighter week. Just 3 miles.  But it was COLD, so stuck to the treadmill.

* Got my shower & waited for two cute little blond haired boys to come in the door....Grand Boys visit :)

* We measured them again & Isaac is up about one inch since October - Luke is up a little over 2 inches!!!!!  Growth spurt!

* Isaac was on the hunt going through Ricky's super hero things... he's on a new one - Hawkeye.  For his birthday, he got a bow & arrow so he's really all about Hawkeye right now.  Luke - still loves his Wov-a-ween

* Ricky went & picked up pizza & we played games during the night... Password.  Ricky & I love that game.  It was bitter sweet though - we opened it up & right there on top was the score card with "Steph & Jack" on it in Steph's hand writing.  We played this all the time with them.  Made me smile

* I love our version is from 1962

* The boys had fun with game time too .... by throwing other games pieces everywhere on the floor.  Entertainment at its finest.

* Ended the night with a Pocahontas marathon.  & found out that Pocahontas II is horrible.  It ruins the first one.  Pocahontas gets all 'playa' & dumps John Smith?  After he was ready to die for her in the first one?  .... so depressing


* Church time!!!!  ... Youth game involved some injuries.  I always say its never a good game unless someone is bleeding or bruised.

* Headed out for lunch & a nice easy afternoon.... & a much needed trip to Starbucks!  I was dragging.  Give me a VENTI size please!!!!!

* The event of the weekend... SKATE!!!!!!!  Ricky rented the skating rink out for friends/family & the youth gang to come hang out.  It was such a fun success.  Everyone had such a great time.

Here are the boys on the way to the rink... prepared - not putting the skates down for a minute

Isaac pushing Pappy
Me doing a great photo bomb behind my sister in law & cousin 

The only time I got off the floor in 2.5 hours :)  We're a very STRIPPED family

Julie & her boys.... Julie is the one who needs knee pads :) (she hurt her knees years ago from skating & it STILL hurts her)

* The youth kiddos were so great on the floor... everyone was full of smiles & laughter

* Chasity had me laughing so hard at one point, I had tears flowing & I thought I was going to pee on myself.  That's proof enough of a good night :)

Here's a new video of Ricky & his buddy Ernie... they've been skating together since they were kids.  They make it look so easy - dont they?

* After all the skating, we went to Steak & Shake with a gang of friends/family & ended the night with a load of food... I mean, energy :)

It was a great weekend... not much more to say about that... makes me want to put on my skates more often - that's for sure.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea 



So I have to give major props for my hubby for Valentine's Day.

I've been with him for 20 years & I'll just say, I'm very aware of things
so he's never really surprised me before.
Yesterday - he surprised me.

I came home from work & I'm the first one home.
I walked in & noticed the house alarm was off.
I freaked out.  
I stood in the middle of the kitchen thinking, "I KNOW I turned it on when I left"
....then I noticed music playing in the background...
& then noticed tennis shoes on the kitchen table

Then Ricky popped around the corner yelling "Happy Valentine's Day"
....making me almost pee on myself!!!!!!.....

Then I see this spread

Funny how I didn't see the massive amount of balloons - only running shoes! haha!!!

Yes - he just bought me some for my birthday, but these are lighter ones for different workouts 
... & he got me candy (Got me the Brave girl in a Pez because he said he thought it looked like me), chocolate, a Target gift card, a song Disney card & the 25th Anniversary Les Miz Blue-Ray
(does he know what he just caused in our house?  24 hours of it playing on our TV)
.....I told him it wasn't about all the presents he got me - it was the time & thought he took to put into the day for me....
I was flabbergasted

To top it off - he went on a 5k run with me
Now that's a pretty awesome husband - I gotta say!


OK - from Love to Disaster

Anyone else a tad freaked out about this Asteroid coming close to earth today?
It freaks me out...

Remember, I'm the one who when they broke on TV with the President last year with news about Bin Laden was killed -I was sure they were going to say there was an Asteroid coming towards the earth, 
aka Armaggedon. 

Not even joking!

& then I turn on the TV this morning & see a meteoroid hit Russia?
HELLO!!! See the video of it?
Just like the movie 

17,000 is what I feel like I am at when I'm flying on a plane
& that's how far its going to be?

If we don't make it, know I called it here first
....thought it wont make a difference because we wont be here...
Find me in Heaven & give me a shout out that I called it - OK?


You can tell we're in Kentuckiana - or Horse Country
when on the local news station, for the past 2 days, they are reporting on a horse's health
Even talked with the jockey this morning about how the horse was doing

We take our horses seriously in Kentucky


I dont know if its because my brain is too influenced with tv/movies
but anyone else think that crazy cop in California isnt really dead?

He has repeatedly said he knows how the cops work...
he's obviously not afraid to kill anyone....
so how do we know its his body that they found in that cabin?

I'm telling you - I need to write a book or make a movie

It would be about meteors falling to earth with rogue cops doing all kinds of conspiracy things
I could make millions


Its been a nose bleed kinda week for me.

.... just randomly, I'll get nose bleeds for a few days...
& when I say nose bleeds - I'm not talking about a little inconvenience

I'm talking about my bathroom counter, or my clothes looking like a horror movie- slasher film

... like a faucet set on a low stream...
yeah - that's my nose bleed

My Friday Fragments have taken a turn for the worse
... now we're talking about blood...
we'll just move on


We'll now turn the emotion to sappy, teary

If you haven't seen this yet, you really should watch it

When I first saw it, I got all teary eyed & choked up
Its funny because I thought about it running last night & thought why did I get so emotional?
After all, when my family gets together & runs in a field, it doesn't make me cry
...because we do that often...

See - the power of music
Put a song like "We're not going to take it" by Twisted Sister behind this
... I bet it would totally change the emotion...


TV Time

Scandal:  I want Olivia Pope's wardrobe.  I actually did buy long gloves like she wears.  Except mine aren't leather, but more like cheap fleece.  Nailed it :)

American Idol:  I gave up completely   After seeing the joke of guys they put through, I didn't even care about the girls. I may watch when it goes live... probably not

Dance Moms:  I love how Abby & Kathy can get random kids that already know how to dance & they put them in a competition & they're like "That's from MY company"... how does that make sense?

The Bachelor:  Thank you Jesus that Sean has a sister that knocked sense back into her brother about girls that don't get along with other girls.  Tierra is OUTTA there... & did you see?  She's already engaged to someone.  Good luck to that man.

Glee:  Are you kidding me?  Mr. Shue & Miss Pillsbury STILL didn't get married?  Stupid.  Probably more stupid then me still watching Glee.  But Sue showing up in the same wedding dress did make me laugh.

The Carrie Diaries:  gave up on it.... sorry young Carrie Bradshaw

The Taste:  Why does everything have to be internal organs of animals?  I want to barf


Laugh of the Day:

Source: via Camille on Pinterest


Hope you all have a Fantastic Friday!!!!!!!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Let.It.Go.... Prevail

2nd week in our blog hop for our Bible Study of Let.It.Go

In this week, I found a verse that I've already written down & is going to also be my Siesta Scripture Memory Team verse for February 15th... its THAT good...

not that all scripture isnt THAT good :)

I see this played out every day of my life...

Plans I make
Because goodness knows I wake up with plans on how the day will go
... & more times then not, it doesn't work out one bit like I had planned.

That can go both ways.

I can plan on having the best day, & then BAM! Something happens - work slams me with ridiculousness, a phone call received with bad news, a car runs into the side of you on the way home, you twist an ankle on a run.... all sorts of things can happen to make your plans of a good day turn instantly to a bad one....

& I can wake up dreading the day & think its going to be horrible - & then someone is kind & gives a smile to me, or I get a phone call of words that say "I love you", or I feel full of energy & have the best run of my life... small things making that dreaded day one of the best you've ever had.

I love this verse because its now such a reminder in my heart that we may PLAN how the day is going to go... but there's a God out there with a PURPOSE for my day.

& His purpose?  Its going to PREVAIL!

I actually looked up what "Prevail" means... it means "to prove to be stronger & in the position of greater influence & power" - "Win through"

other words that mean the same are: triumph  succeed, be victorious, overcome, conquer

I don't know about you, but my plans don't stand a CHANCE against those words

We know that God is going to triumph, be victorious, conquer all....
but we're still like little kids over & over stomping our feet saying, "But I want it THIIIISSSSSSSS way"

(Please dont tell me I'm the only one who stomps my feet at God)

& God just shakes his head & reminds me that while I have plans - I dont see the bigger picture.

It gives me comfort of knowing that His purpose will prevail....

because let me be honest here.
I have tried to push my plans & have actually turned down some wrong roads in life & REALLY said, "nope - God, I'm doing it my way"...

& I've had regret about decisions in life
found out the hard way that my plans really didn't turn out the way I thought they would

....funny how our little minds always think we know better then God....

But I don't know about you - this verse calms my heart that is full of bad decisions & it reminds me that no matter what - THE LORD'S PURPOSE WILL PREVAIL....

Isnt that awesome?

Knowing that when we do mess up - God will (& I'll take this one from Selah) Bless the Broken Road... because He has a purpose... & it WILL prevail....

Now, I can say, that just made my day a lot better already....

& for the record, this is the perfect example of LOVE & how much He loves I just wanted to give a big Happy Valentine's Day shout out... (like that transition?)

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Wednesday... Hodgepodge Time

1. This week marks the beginning of Lent...will you be giving something up or adding anything to your life during this season of the year?

I don't really celebrate Lent.  I say a post on Facebook that said, "We Baptist celebrate Fat Tuesday as well - we call it Tuesday" - haha!
& for the record, I'm not Baptist anymore.  (I just wanted to say that to make my parents groan)
I've actually been Baptist - Methodist - Christian - & awesome... just to throw that in
But back to the topic - not really - we go to a Christian church now so I just like saying "I'm a Christian" - it covers it no matter what church I go to.

Anyhoo... the question...

I have a feeling I'll be giving up sanity & adding weight to my body.
Its the way life seems to go for me

2. The day before Lent is Shrove Tuesday...tradition states you eat pancakes on this day. In some parts of the world Shrove Tuesday is actually known as 'pancake day'. How do you like your pancakes? Or don't you?

Shrove Tuesday... I've never heard of that in my life... the things you learn

I wish I would have known this yesterday.
I love a good pancake....

I'm a pretty basic pancake girl.  Butter & minimal real maple syrup - or honey... I HATE when people slop on the syrup & the pancakes look like mush... gagging... no really, I'm gagging....

My dad used to make pancakes on weekend mornings & give them to me totally plain & call them his "Special bread" - I thought they were the most amazing food ever.  I had no idea they were really dry pancakes.  But now, that's the way I like to eat them... just folded up & eaten dry.

Memories of childhood always makes things more delicious

3. I'm sure there are many, but what is one love song you really love?

One song?  Really... I have a whole play list on my iPod of nothing but love songs... geez...

But I was debating down to 2 songs... & they were both played at my wedding.

I'll go with the one we had our first dance too...
Dan Hill - "Never Thought (that I could love)" ....

& how stupid that it doesn't even have a real video, but only ones produced by people that have time on their hands.  Apparently Dan Hill didn't have time on his hands....

FYI - If you actually watch the video, its quite funny because you see random pictures of the people who I assume the video is made for... the young asian girl is not me & the guy with the 70's hair do - that's not Ricky

4. What are some things you do to let others know you love them?

I kick them in the shin


I actually punch them in the arm & poke them in the eye

I learned how to say I love you in kindergarten when my boyfriend was pulling my pigtails

5., pink, or some other color? Can you recall the last time someone gave you flowers? Given your choice would you like to open the door and see a dozen red roses, a dozen purple tulips, or a dozen pink peonies?

I got flowers not too long ago at my office - a total surprise... a dozen roses.  Always nice to receive.

& who doesnt love roses?

But I love a vase full of tulips... & a dozen pink peonies would totally be my favorite!  They are so pretty & FULL & smell like what I image Heaven to smell like....

6.  President's Day will be celebrated next Monday. Does Presidential history and trivia interest you? Many Presidential homes are open to the public and offer guided tours...Monticello (Jefferson's home), Mount Vernon (Washington's home), Montpelier (James Madison's home), Hyde Park (FD Roosevelt's home) and The White House (home to the sitting President), to name just a few. Of those listed, which would you be most interested in touring? Why?

I think I'm not a fan of Presidential trivia, but I do always listen to it when its on the news... but I also like trivia that involves anything about anything...

I actually follow trivia things on Twitter with the most random trivia you could imagine.

If I had a choice to visit any place thought - it would be anything that had all the dresses of the First Lady's
...yeah, I totally just went out on my own for that answer....

7.  Are you good at keeping secrets?

I'll never tell .... boooyah!

8. Insert your own random thought here. 

Confession:  I watched Dance Mom's over the Presidential whatever that was on last night.....

God bless America!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

HEY!!! I'm LOUD!!!!!

Last night, Ricky & I were watching the Bachelor.

Stop... yes, I said that right.
& No, it wasn't by choice for Ricky.  I usually go in the other room & watch it because I know he wants nothing to do with this.  But I've started a new 'cleaning schedule' of one room a night & Monday is the bedroom.

So I had the TV on, had the room clean & the Bachelor came on so I just decided to stay in there.
I mean, who wants to leave a clean room when the others are dirty? Come on... only makes sense...

The Hubs is such a good sport.  He just gave me a look & said, "WHHHHHYYYYYY do you watch this stuff?" ... to which my response was, "I love crazy"

I will say, Ricky made me laugh throughout the night watching it with him.  His comments were great.  I need to force him to watch it every week & just do a recap post of nothing but his comments...

they'd go something like this:

"Does this guy like all of them?  Because he says the same thing after every girl"
"Is that the girl that was just at the house?  Is that the same girl he just took out? Is that the girl that was crazy? - if a girl has dark hair, he thinks its all the same girl
(When Ashlee said she loved Sean) "WHAT? Don't EVER say you love someone that soon!!!' - Dr. Phil would be so proud of my husband.
"That's just stupid"
"He's just stupid"
"She's just stupid"

... you get the picture....

But I was talking about how I just love Ashlee

There's something about her that I just think is beautiful - inside & out

(If she doesn't win, I'm going to hate Sean)

I told Ricky, I think I look at people like that & am in awe of them.  Ricky was like "people like what?"
People that are so soft spoken & seem to just stay calm in all situations.

Me?  I don't know the meaning of 'soft spoken' or 'calm'
I don't even know if I COULD be soft spoken
& I don't think I could react any differently then overly-dramatic ... (I'm flailing my arms at even typing that... & flailing my arms WHILE typing is an art people... a straight up art)

Ricky was so sweet & said, "its who you are"... & I guess he fell in love with that person
(which is so funny because 'soft spoken' is too loud for who Ricky is... opposites attract - right?)

But I have to remember that God uses people for who they are
God created us all to be different
God needs all sorts of people

Loud & soft spoken
Each for a different reason & cause

After all, I'm the one who can scream at the Jr. High kids when they're getting too rowdy - ministry in action!  BAM! :)

Its a good reminder to see in the Bible all the 'loud' people who had no problem speaking out & being the ones who drew attention.
& its also nice to see the ones who delivered powerful messages with subtle tones & actions....

So whoever you are ... wherever you are... know you are specially created in your own unique way & God is going to use exactly like for a reason.

It was a good reminder for me last night to know this....

& to be thankful that I've never had to be on the Bachelor

After all, its usually the LOUD ones that are kicked off first ;)

Monday, February 11, 2013

Weekend Wrapup


* Stopped at Rainbow Blossom on the way home.  Goodness - it was a test of patience.  I had to go through Downtown Louisville to get there - it took me over a half hour when it usually takes me 25 minutes total to get all the way home the back way I go.  ..... then I was so frustrated at Rainbow Blossom.  I was trying to get help with finding a good Probiotic.  I want to start taking it but didn't know what to look for.  The help in there - no help whatsoever.  In the end, I treated myself to a vegan cookie for all the hassle.

* BACKYARD at church.  After 5 minutes before it started, there weren't any kids.  They had to move the day because it was supposed to be last Friday, but the snow/ice with canceling schooled pushed back the Backyard program.  But BAM!!! Kids galore started showing up literally 5 minutes before the start.  It was a jammed packed house & so much fun!!!!


* Ricky had to work... know what that means... one dog that loves to get in his place.  This is what I rolled over to... & he was waiting for me to open my eyes.  He started taking his paws & waving them at me, like "come on - you're awake, you can rub my belly now"

* Went to pull up Netflix to watch the last episode of Downton Abby Season 1 & found out I was already at the end.  Dang it!  I wanted more!!!..... but ended up finding Pretty Little Liars & heard people talking about that one too, so started watching that one.  Stupid & Corny... but now I'm hooked in finding out who -A is :)

* While watching, I broke out all my new cookware the Hubs got me.  I'm just shocked that you can't put this in the dishwasher.  All hand washed... & you can't use spray cooking oils.  Only real oils.  I feel like I am a real cook now with this stuff.

* I kept putting it off, but knew I had to do it... got my 5 miles in.  I actually took it outside in the 40 degree weather.  The sun was shining so it wasnt that bad at all.

* Came home & iced up my lower back.  It was so numb after the ice that Ricky pinched my skin & I didnt even feel it.  Nice!

* Ordered me my inversion table!  Come on Amazon - get it to me quick!!!

* Used my new cook ware for a new dish.... dont even know what it was called but it actually involved me chopping up 2 lbs of tomatoes for the base of the dish.  Yes - I used 2 lbs of real tomatoes (no can) & just said "Base of the dish".... I'm in the big leagues now :)

* Caught up on Grey's Anatomy... feeling like I'm almost over this show.


* Church time - Youth Small Group.... in my small group, we talked about how some kid's mom's chili gives him horrible farts & his brother's even worse... & dead snails.... Jr. High boys are full of information

* Ricky & I headed out for a quick lunch after church.  Went in & the waitress said she'd give us a menu - we said we knew what we wanted & she said, "oh yeah, you two are the veggie platter people" :)  She remembered us.  I said, "But I'm the weirdo that wants it separated & not touch"... she said, "That's right"... then came back & said, "I didn't mean to say you were right calling yourself a weirdo" - she was embarrassed   I thought it was funny :)

* The ride home... gloomy day ... (Hey - look, there's my friends Ryan & Chasity in front of us)

* We had the electrician over today installing a new light outside so I just cozied up for more Pretty Little Liars

* Debated watching the Grammy's but then thought, "Nah" & stuck with my regulars of Once Upon a Time (giants are easily killed if you stab them with needles in their ankles apparently) & Revenge (about time someone shot that evil woman straight up)

Now back to another work week...hope everyone had a great weekend & refreshed for a new beginning

Friday, February 08, 2013

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea 

 Whew - its been a long week... but its FRIDAY!!! Let's Frag! 


Can you believe its February?
As Ricky reminds me - only 10 more months to Christmas

 I actually have bought 2 Christmas gifts
....but know I will totally forget them when December comes around!


Speaking of Christmas 
Yes - we just got our tree down this week

& for the record, the ornaments were off
we just had a bare tree in the corner

& for the record again, it still has presents under it

But the tree just sort of grew on me & was just like a big plant in the corner
that lit up

Now its so bare & empty
Only 9 more months till it goes back up :)


Dont ask me if my Christmas picture with Santa is still hanging
....Just dont ask.....


I'm hoping to be hanging upside down soon!!!

No - I'm not turning into an old school Vampire via "The Lost Boys"
(New age vampires don't hang anymore - notice that?)

I have plans to get an inversion table.

I've asked around to friends that have them & use them & they swear by them for back pain
Especially for running, they say when you take that pressure off of your back, it helps with all the pounding from hitting the pavement...

this low back pain?
I'm willing to try anything

I foresee some sort of sit-com episode though with me getting on it
Move over "I Love Lucy"


Little Health Tip:

I actually eat this every day
(tastes great on a banana... even better on a graham cracker)

& I am thinking there's something to this.
I've sworn by this & green tea this flu season
.... & I'm knocking on wood right now too...
that cant hurt either


I want Ricky & the rest of my family to stop a minute today & give the Lord praise
....that I've never made them do this....

I'll admit though... I do like this idea ;)

Even though I do think that Mrs. Potts costume is semi-inapporpriate


TV Time:

Scandal:  I honestly gasped & said OH.MY.GAAAWWWD at least 4 times last night.  "Wait for me" "No" "Wait for me" "OK" "Nevermind" ... & we found out who shot the President.  OH.MY.GAWD

American Idol:  So I guess they are letting anyone through now.  Can you imagine Simon being there & these people forgetting words & sounding like a fool & STILL making it?  Me thinks not
Side Note:  That short guy - Matheus... he kept saying, "I've never sang with a live band" - so that says to me one of 2 things.  He's lying or Glee Project is lying.  He was in the final 5 of Season 1 Glee Project & they sang with a 'band' - so either the band isnt real or he's full of poo

From The Glee Project... ummm... is that a band behind him?  Something's  fishy then

Vampire Diaries:  Y'all know I love my Vampire Diaries... but I am so lost with the story line going on right now.  This 'cure' they're going after & this weird guy that has control over Bonnie.  I'm just lost.

The Bachelor:  HOW IS TIERRA STILL THERE? ... I was so sad to see Selma go.  I thought she'd make it to the final 4.  Her odd timing of whispering words always amused me

The Following:  the end where they were teaching the child to torture & kill the animals - I literally got nauseated.  This show is almost too much for me.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills:  Can I say, I LOVE Yolanda.  I love she stays out of the drama, speaks the truth of how stupid all their fighting is, she loves to work out & cook healthy... she's like a real life Barbie Doll to me.  & her husband is cool friends with Josh Groban.  Yeah - I wouldnt mind having her life.

(Look at this lady!!! INSANE)
Source: via Joan on Pinterest


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