Sunday, August 31, 2008

An Award!!!

I received the neatest thing from my friend AuburnChick. She sent me an award - an "I Love your Blog" award - its now sitting proudly on the side bar. This is my first, & I want to thank everyone who voted....oh, not that kind of award - hey, I'll take what I can get!

There are rules that comes with an award - & I love it - because one of them, you have to pass it on! But here are the rules:

1. Put the award on your blog
2. Add a link to the person who awarded you (that is below with a little bit about her)
3. Name at least four fellow bloggers for this award
4. Add links for the receipients
5. Leave a comment to let the receipients know they have received the award.

Easy enough!

First, AuburnChick has been one of my favorite blog buddies! Stop by & visit her. She is a fellow knitter who is also an amazing mom & woman who loves the Lord. I love to hear of her adventures with her kiddos & her life & to see all the beautiful things she knits. She's such a giver of her knits too & has now gotten me involved in a Charity Knit for the MidWest! What I love most about her - she has daily devotions with her kids before they go to school - how awesome a mom is that!!! So thanks Auburn for the award!!

And who do I nominate?

1. Neal At the Cross - This is one of my dearest friend's blog so yeah, I may be a tad prejudice, but I really do enjoy Lynn's blog. She has such a way of taking life's journeys & happenings & turning them into a focus on God! Love that! I think you'll enjoy her too.

2. 4 the Loves of - This is another fellow knitter who loves the Lord. Her blog is always full of some beautiful knits & crochets & just a calming place to visit!

3. On & Off the Needles - I love this blog because it includes some AWESOME knits & some Aussie Doggies! With having an Aussie myself - I just love the pictures of her babies that she puts in agility contests.

4. Ramblings of a 30-Something year old Girl - I have just loved getting to know my new Blog Buddy! I think if this Southern Girl lived around me - we've be fast friends spending a fun time together!

5. Knit Together - Another fellow Christian knitter - has some beautiful work & just a joy to keep up on her adventures.
Last but not least for my nominations:

6. Reflect the Son - I had to add a guy in here! The others are all girly -but this one is another friend of mine, & fellow youth leader with me. He has a way of looking at God's work in his life that is inspiring! I am blessed with some awesome friends - huh?

I have so many other blogs I read & enjoy - some that make me think, some that crack me up, some that I just enjoy staying caught up on some many blogs to read - so many more to find & visit.....Who knew the blog world could be so fun!!!!

Friday, August 29, 2008

100 Things

Since its the Friday before a Holiday weekend, & life has just been so hectic - I've seen these on other blogs & have loved reading them. So I'm going to take the time to do my own. That way, with it being a long weekend - you can take your time going through them. Now, for your reading enjoyment - 100 Things About me!

1. I have one brother who is 6 years older than me.
2. I love anything "Princess" - especially Disney Princess!
3. I wanted to be a pharmacist, but the only Pharmacy school close was at the University of Kentucky - & I didn't want to leave my family & friends.
4. In October, I will be married for 13 years
5. I love dogs & would have a dog rescue if Ricky would let me!
6. I love everything about books! Always have- even as a child, I loved them - love to read them, look at covers, smell the pages - they are beautiful!
7. Speaking of smelling - I smell everything. I will put the oddest things up to my nose to see if it has a smell.
8. I love my "Bonus" daughters as my own - they are all great in their own ways!
9. My mom makes me laugh harder than anyone I have ever known in my life.
10. My laugh gets on my husbands nerves.....
11. I hate when people are upset - for any reason....
12. I cry at those Humane Society commericals - (Sarah Mclaughin's song comes on - I'm DONE!)
13. My first car was a 78 Toyota Celica. Loved that car!
14. My favorite subject was math - loved it - but was horrible at geometry! Seriously - is Geometry really math?
15. I always had an obsession with cash registers as a child - then grew up to be a cashier in a grocery store as a teenager!
16. My brother taught me to type when I was in elementary school (proper hand placement)
17. For fun, as a kid, I would type up all my story books - on an old manual typewriter!
18. I received my black belt in Kung Fu when I was 16 years old. Started it when I was 7 yrs old.
19. I absolutely hate to fly! But I get car sick driving too - not a good traveler!
20. My first boyfriend's name was Jeffrey Antler in Kindergarden. Wonder what happened to him!
21. On my high school graduation night - I had a 102 degree fever. Wasn't even sure I was going to make it!
22. I fall in love all over again with Ricky every time I see him on skates!!! (he's just too darn cute!)
23. I hate when people think they are better than someone else
24. I don't have a favorite color - I like them all in different situations - a favorite color for my shirt may not be a favorite color I paint my room.
25. I'm very indecisive! (Yeah, see #24)
26. I HATE cancer! Had 3 good friends pass away from it, as well as a grandmother & grandfather.
27. Steven Curtis Chapman is my all time favorite singer!
28. When the Wizard of Oz came on TV when I was a child - it was a HUGE event!
29. I took piano lessons for years & can still play, but its not a natural talent at all - I have to work hard to do it!
30. I still love to color in coloring books - with markers though!
31. My favorite hobbies are to knit & cross stitch - cant sit down in my house without doing one or the other
32. Holding my twin nieces minutes after they were born was one of the happiest moments in my life!
33. Change makes me nervous (not the coin type) :-)
34. I once jumped off the ride Splash Mountain in Disney World as it was rising to the big drop just to prove a point to Ricky! (DO NOT TRY THAT!!!!)
35. I like doing laundry but I hate putting things away!
36. My mom used to let me clip out EVERY coupon in Sunday's paper & then she'd keep what she'd use. I still to this day love to cut out coupons!
37. I feel guilty if I have to throw away something that can be recycled!
38. Beauty & the Beast is my all time favorite movie! Even loved the TV show! Never missed it!
39. I dont watch the news - its too depressing!
40. I had to sit in the hall in my first grade class because I said I did not want to listen to a Tom T. Hall song again! I hated that man ever since! :-)
41. I would cry each time that Toto was taken away from Dorothy - even though I KNEW he would jump out of the basket!
42. My favorite smell of all time is burning leaves
43. I'm not a fan of beaches or water that has living creatures in it! Give me a pool anytime over natural water!
44. My wedding colors were black & white - & this was before anyone had black in their wedding. My grandmother had a fit!! But agreed at the end that it was beautiful!
45. I'm a chain puker....if I hear it, see it, or smell it - I'm going down!
46. I hate to touch someones glass during a meal - when it gets finger prints & lip prints - it gags me!
47. I broke my ankle right in two falling off the front porch when I was in high school!!! Worst pain ever - thought I was going to die!
48. I hate milk - I don't even like to look at it! (Hence the broken ankle & other broken bones)
49. I've been at my current job for 16 years!
50. Not to sound so "Buddy" from Elf - but laughing is my favorite thing to do!!!
51. I met the New Kids on the Block & was at the Seelbach Hotel the night Donnie Walberg caught it on fire!!!!
52. I was raised with albums of Dolly Pardon, Tammy Faye Bakker & the Gaithers always playing in the house.
53. I was never a big "Barbie" fan - loved baby dolls instead
54. I grew up watching my parents serve in the church as youth leaders & my father as a Deacon in the Baptist church
55. I cry when I'm mad, sad, happy or any other emotion.....I'm such a sap!
56. I truly think that Disney World IS the happiest place in the world!!!!
57. I constantly am singing songs throughout the day - I love to sing! My fellow co-workers sometimes don't appreciate it! :-)
58. My feelings can get hurt very easily.
59. I've been doing Jazzercise for 15 years! I should be skinnier than a stick - but I like food too much!
60. I hate anything that has to do with politics!
61. I love thunderstorms & get excited when I hear the roll of thunder!!! Sitting out on the porch during them is the BEST!
62. My first slow dance was at a 8th grade dance to the song "You are my Lady" by Freddy Jackson with my friend, Eric Todd!
63. I didn't miss a show of Dance Party USA! I so badly wanted to be on that show!
64. I can say probably every line to Grease 2!!!
65. I saw Paula Abdul in concert in the 90's!! And Milli Vinelli TWICE in concert!!!
66. My brother & I are complete opposites in every aspect possible - but he always stood up for me when needed!
67. I threw a party ONE time in my life & got completely busted!!! Someone blew up my parents new TV!!!! Oh yeah - I got in trouble!
68. I can sympathize and see both sides to every situation.
69. My first Broadway show I saw was "CATS" - my parents got me & my friend Stephanie tickets for my 16th birthday
70. I love anything musical - movies or Broadway - I wish life had songs included with it!
71. "The Passion of the Christ" made me literally sick watching it.
72. There's nothing better than good, clean, funny comedy!!!
73. I wish I could cook & entertain.....its just not in me! I can order Pizza & give everyone a TV tray though. :-)
74. I WILL learn to sew & make my own clothes someday! Project Runway -watch out!
75. I was so mad when Bo Bice didn't win American Idol! I never watched it faithfully after that!
76. I want to spend one day with Stacy & Clinton from "What not to wear" to get some advice!!! (And to use their $5,000 credit card!)
77. I love hugs!!!!
78. My dream job if I could do ANYTHING in the world - would be a Bridal Consultant!! - And if I'm going really big - IN DISNEY WORLD!!!!!
79. My natural hair color is not red - its a dirty blond - but one time, an eye doctor told me that inside of my eye, they can tell what color your hair really is - & she said mine is for a red head!!! So I'm a true red-head at heart! (Love red heads!! My daddy, my hubby, my grand baby!!)
80. I hate Thanksgiving!!! But I do love the shopping the day after! And my favorite Holiday is Easter!!!!
81. I get upset & hate missing every day away from Isaac with him in Texas!
82. Working with the youth in church has taught me more than I ever thought it would, in so many ways! I love those kids like my own!
83. I always wanted to learn sign language as a child so just self taught myself!
84. I look forward to getting my hair done just for the time where they wash your hair & scrub your scalp....aaahhhh!!!
85. I get so depressed when its dark early during the winter season!
86. I miss both of my grandmothers more with each day that I get older.
87. Old people use to scare me when I was little & now I appreciate their stories & knowledge so much!
88. The cartoon version of "The Lion, the Witch & The Wardrobe" from the 80's scarred me so badly that I couldn't watch the new "Narnia" movie when it came out!!!
89. I get upset when I see trees being cut down!
90. I miss my friend Stephanie so badly at times
91. There's nothing as beautiful to me as the Smoky Mountains in the Fall! Fall is just beautiful - period!
92. My family is a competitive Miniature Golf Family - my mom STILL thinks the highest score wins!
93. I have awesome memories of playing late night games of tennis with my dad - my parents were awesome tennis players!!!!
94. Mine & Ricky's first song we danced to our wedding was Dan Hill "Never Thought"
95. When I get nervous, I pick the skin off of my lips
96. I know more about super heroes now than I never thought I would ever know - thanks to Ricky! He knows more about Christian singers now than he ever thought he'd know before me!
97. I can't stand the thought of, much less see or smell cereal. (Can you believe I even typed out the word?) Gagging now....
98. I am very observant about things. My parents always said I'd be a detective because I notice the small things.
99. I HATE grocery shopping- having to LOAD the cart - the LOAD the food on the conveyor belt - then LOAD the bags into your car - then unLOAD them at home & then put things away....HATE IT!!!
100. I am so thankful for Jesus Christ each & every day!!!! Awaiting the day where I can HUG him & thank Him for all the Blessings in my life!!!!

Now - you know more about me than you thought you'd ever know!!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Sad Day....

Its just a sad & unbelievable night. A 19 year old friend passed away this evening from a car accident. I've known this young man for a few years now & have seen him grow up. He is the same age as our Lindsay & graduated the same time & even went to the same college as her. Ricky even made a comment a few weeks ago that they would be a cute couple together. And then an accident happens.

You say things that don't seem real at times. Like a sentence saying a young life has been taken - it just doesnt seem real - no matter how many times you say it. Every time I would see this guy, he always ran up to hug me - EVERY TIME! He was friendly, polite - had such a good heart in him. He even made Ricky feel comfortable around him - which says a whole lot about him. He was standing in our kitchen just a few weeks ago - he held my grandson when Isaac was in town - he was going to pick me up a cantaloupe from his work for me - we just saw him this past Sunday! Wow - how fragile life is & how we take it for granted.

My heart just breaks for his family - especially his mother & his sister. I can't even imagine the grief they are going through this evening.

I know this young man knew the Lord though - & as a Christian, there is so much comfort in that alone!

Ricky & I have been talking tonight about how you dont even realize the last time you see someone - or talk to someone - that could be it - the last time you'll ever get to say anything. What a harsh reminder. But it makes me want to call everyone I care about & tell them just one more time that I love them. Maybe we should all do that today!

Breath In

I was reading a story about a lady whose body was failing her - she was 99 years old & all she wanted was to make it to her 100th birthday. She was struggling for every breath that she was taking - not even really aware of all her surroundings - but she would just repeat 97, 98, 99, 100 over & over. She had always said she would make it till her 100th birthday. A Pastor would sit with her & tell her that it was OK for her to let go - her Spirit was ready to go - but she just kept gasping for each breath. The Pastor one day told her, "Happy Birthday - you made it - you're 100 years old" - instantly, the woman's breath started to ease, she wasn't struggling or fighting anymore - she was letting go. She quit fighting with her Spirit & put it in the hands of her Heavenly Father.

I then came across that the word Spirit in Greek means "Pneuma" - which also is a root word for "Breath".

It hit me so hard just hearing this story & then just thinking about how we have to have breath to live! To keep our bodies going, we have to breath in the air that God gives us. But how important is it to breath in the Holy Spirit each day? We can't see the breathes we take or even what the air looks like that we breath in (maybe unless you live in L.A. or some other smoggy place) - but we just take it in, not really thinking about it & not realizing all its doing for us. Oh - that we would just take the Holy Spirit in each & every day, breathing deep of the gifts He offers us! That we would realize that the Holy Spirit is the very part of God within each of us that motivates us to do things we could never do on our own!!! To make changes we need to make - to be Bold for Christ - to Live for Him wholeheartedly!

Take a deep breath in!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Yo Yo Yo!

I got the best surprise gift this weekend! First of all - I went to a Youth Leader's Retreat. Its always so much fun being around some great friends & fellow leaders & just some awesome people. There was alot to take in - alot to learn & alot to keep in mind - but I think we all came away encouraged about what the future holds for our youth group.

But my friend, Angelique, came in with a pink bag & told me she had me a surprise. I was just happy with the cute little pink bag. (I've told you before - it doesnt take alot to make me happy!) - well, there was actually something inside of it! There was a T-shirt made up with the name that she created for me! P. KNITTY!!!!!!!!!!!! Isn't that fantastic? Add a huge Pink skein of Yarn - and even better - a Tiara over my name on the front - its the perfect gift!

Angelique came up with this name one night after a lesson with the youth & we were talking about how we all relate to the kids on different levels. We were talking where she may not be able to reach them at the "yo yo yo" stage - she reaches them at a different level. They are ALL needed. But then the name came to her - I can pull off a name like P. Knitty. And of course, the P stands for Princess!!!! How awesome is that? I loved the name immediately & even more, the kids in the youth group loved it!

It was funny too because when she gave me my present - I had used the line that all of us knitters have used - "I have to finish this row first" - I was in the middle of knitting & couldn't stop when she gave it to me - how appropriate was that!

Yeaaa Boyyeeeeee!!! And THANKS Hornung Gang for my surprise! It is awesome!

(I feel like I should start my own possee gang of Knitters now!)

Friday, August 22, 2008

New Look!

Well, as you can obviously see - I've got a new look. I'm a big visitor of other blog-buddies & some of them have just the cutest looks. So I've ventured out & tried to find a new look myself. The only problem - I'm so picky! You've got to be able to read the words clearly - no big background images - nothing too eye catching on the sides - I dont want to get dizzy looking at the middle because something drawing my eyes to something else. So I found the cutest little blog backgrounds - which ironically is called The Cutest Blog on the Block .

So I wish I could tell you this is the permanent look - odds are it will change. If you visited any time during the day yesterday, you probably saw different looks. I literally changed it like 25 times!!!! After getting tired of clicking & pasting - I just settled for this last night. Its sort of me though - its "nature" colors - I like that - calming! And it has a nice background that you can see but still soothing to the eyes. Do I put too much thought into it - probably? Just how I am though! We'll give this one a go though for now - but I'll warn you - you never know what look you may see when you visit me now!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Time for some CUTE!

My nieces started school yesterday. Well - not technically school. They're only 3 - but a Pre-K sort of class. This is HUGE for them because their whole lives, they have only been around mommy & daddy, Papaw & Yaya (my parents), Poppsy & Mawmaw (other grandparents) & Aunt Bec & Uncle Ricky. They know my brother & SIL's friends - but the outside world - they just dont care for it. They're just not use to being around other people - so its been hard to get them to venture out into areas where there are "strangers". The bad thing - the world is FULL of strangers & for them, they just dont care for it. They already had a "school" they tried last year that lasted all of 4 days. They made themselves sick about going.

Well, they are getting better, slowly but surely. So their mommy & daddy took them to the door yesterday to drop them off. The parents aren't allowed into the school - I guess that helps with the good-bye's. But Sophia was really ready to go. Everyone's been trying to pump up the girls on how fun its going to be & meeting new boys & girls their age. Sophia is more the open one - she's shy, but it only takes her a few minute to warm up. She was a go - ready for her school!

Madi - OH MY! She's the one who will tell you "I dont like people" - so this was going to be rough for her. Juli told me as soon as Madi opened her eyes in the morning she said, "I'm not going to school!" - a fight on their hands waiting to happen! Well, they got to school - Sophia already made her way in & Madi said, "Nope, I'm not going!" - so after a bit of talking to from her daddy. she finally gave in but her response.............."I'll go in - but I'm going to be MEAN!".......& then she stormed in! The girl speaks her mind - that's for sure!


During the youth group last night, Joe brought up a verse that was just awesome!

Galatians 6:3 "If you think you are too important to help someone - you are only fooling yourself. YOU ARE NOT THAT IMPORTANT!" (NLT)

How awesome a reminder that is - straight from the Bible! What a way to let you know that while you are important to God - don't think you are more important than someone else. Especially when it comes to helping others. If you think it may be below you to serve others - or if you look down on someone else - just read this verse again. After all - the ground is level at the foot of the cross!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


I'm reading my next book called "Unchristian" that my friend Joe lent me - & I'm loving this book & I'm just in the first 2 chapters! I am taking notes like a mad-woman! If it were my own copy, the whole book would probably be yellow with highlight marks - but since its not, the ole' steno note pad accompanies this book so I can write down things that stand out to me.

Right from the get go - there was a verse that I just thought said so much:

1 Corinthians 8:1 "While knowledge may make us feel important, it is love that really builds up the church"

WOW!! How true is that! I just automatically envisioned a non believer visiting a church for the first time. While knowledge is powerful & needed to teach someone - is that the first thing that the non believer notices?

I know from personal experience, it was hard to get Ricky to go to church with me. I was raised in church my whole life & was use to going to them by myself while he stayed home. After a health scare, Ricky made a commitment to God to give church a go. Well, Ricky is just one of those people who is uncomfortable being around other people - but Praise the Lord - he's come so far! - but it was so hard for him to step into a room full of complete strangers.

I'll never forget - it was a couple in our church - Jack & Jan Pope - who immediately welcomed Ricky & just took him for who he was - a child of God - long hair or not. Now its funny because this couple if more of a "seasoned" couple (I learned that term from our "Generation Gap" sermon) - so you would think they would be one of the first ones who would be against Ricky & his "rocker" look - nope - they loved on him - made their way to make him feel comfortable & then guess what - Ricky wasn't as uncomfortable the next week. And the next week & each one that followed, the Pope's would go out of their way to find Ricky to just say hello & to see how his week was. Before long - more & more people were doing that & Ricky was at home.

Now, I know the Pope's are very knowledgeable people - but Ricky didn't see that - didn't NEED to see that from the beginning - he saw their love! Their hearts that were Christ like! It made all the difference! That's exactly what came to mind when I saw that verse!

Oh - that everyone in our church would reach out with that kind of love - what a way to build a church - full of Love!!!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Just for Fun!

I have sat at my computer & replayed & replayed this....sorry - people that fall or trip make me laugh! Even if its myself. (Though thinking about it - it wasn't that funny on the slip -n- slide!) But the funniest part of this - listen to the caller - she's what cracks me up more than anything.....hope you get a chuckle for the day! (I can watch this video over & over again & STILL crack up!!!)

Monday, August 18, 2008


WOW! That was the word for the day for me in church yesterday. I probably said it at LEAST 100 times! The message was just amazing to our church on how repentance is a solid foundation of building maturity with Christ. And then we head over after service for our Jr. High Youth time. Ryan led the message for the day & we thought things were going to be off a little because technically - we're busted! We run very much a technical program for the kids with videos, worship music with words on the screens, just lots of use for our computer, TV & speakers - well, our computer has been wack-o - one of our TV's fell off the wall & busted - we're getting no feeds to our other TV - you would think everything was going to be a downer for the day.

God had other things in mind!

We proceeded with worship playing songs that we knew the kids were familiar with. It was just amazing - the room was mostly dark with no TV's glaring words & in the darkness, you could hear these kids still worshiping, praising & lifting their voices up - it was a spine chill moment. But God was like - "Wait - I still have more in store here!"

Ryan delivered the message - & let me tell you - I SOOO wish we had video taped it so it could have been shown to EVERY youth group around - it was truly a God-inspired message! He said he was working on his message called "Is Sin Nasty?" when he was just having a hard time getting it together. Then, the night before, he said he had a dream where he was giving his message & behind him was just music that the kids listen to that was drowning him out. He couldnt keep their attention - he was literally screaming & no one could hear him over the music. In his dream - the kids were just ignoring him, bouncing to the beat - reciting the lyrics - taking in everything these words had to say. He said he woke up at 4:00 am & was just so moved by it - his message took a turn.

He started out asking the kids what their favorite songs were right now. OH MY - the names of some of these songs made my eyes buldge out. "I Kissed a Girl" - "Shake it" - "Lollipop" - oh, the class was moving with titles & they would start singing these songs. Ryan then asked them what Jesus died for? After some discussion - the kids were realizing the Jesus died for the exact thing they were loving - lyrics that would make Jesus cry - shows that would make Jesus turn away - life styles that would break Jesus' heart. I can't even BEGIN to tell you how awesome the message was.

The day was wrapping up & Ryan just gave an invitation of one that was similar to the one we just received in church to repent - to turn away from things in your life that shouldn't be there. He said, I'm going to pray in the back & you can just take it to God because you dont have to take it to me - well, he never even got to the prayer! As he was moving to the back - these kids just fell to their faces! The message hit their hearts like never before! The Holy Spirit was MOVING!!!!

And let me tell you - if you wonder what kids in Jr. High have to deal with & you think they're still babies or so young - well, they have real adult situations in their lives - but they still have that young mind set which makes it even scarier & harder for them to deal with. We had kids broken - dealing with relationships, lifestyles, drug abuse, suicide issues, sexual pressures - these kids were repenting of so much - it was just one of those moments you sit back & are in awe of God & how He works.

So right now - I'm still on a God high! I dont know why I get amazed at the things He can do & the movements He can produce. But if you know a child between the 11-15 year age - or if you have a child in that age - pray hard for them! They are dealing with so much as they are growing up. The world throws so much at them younger & younger. How we'd love to think they dont have to deal with grown up things yet - but they are dealing with it regardless. These kids need God & His protection over them more than ever!!!

And watch this video - Ryan found it & its just a perfect example of his message for the day - & kudos to the interviewer!!!...& by the way - most the kids knew who Young Jeezy was - AND the lyrics that are mentioned here about going to Hell!

Friday, August 15, 2008


I got the best email this morning from Life Church: Swerve - they send out some great thought provoking ideas & encouragements & just something I look forward to receiving. Today's message was talking about how God has given people different gifts. For instance - the writer was saying:

I'll never be as smart as Mark Driscoll
I'll never be as funny as Perry Noble
I'll never preach on one point as amazingly as Andy Stanley
I'll never be as Purpose Driver as Rick Warren
I'll never be as positive as Joel Osteen

But I like what he added at the end: "Thankfully, I'm not called by God to be any of those people!"

How cool is that? I think its cool because its such a reminder - so many people compare themselves to other PEOPLE & want to be just like they are when God gave each person talents & gifts to use on their own. Yeah, we can learn from others, but God didn't make us all to be the same - we're all just different.

And I can think of people that I know & see qualities in them that run along the same path - people that I'll never be as smart as in a certain field - or people that I'll never be as funny as - people that I'll never be as open as - people that have a prayer life that I can't imagine having - people that I'll never be as creative as - or people that trust so deeply in God that is shakes me to the core. So many people in my life & each one having something that is pointed out to me that I could be better at something. But that's what makes the Body of Christ a well-rounded success! Different talents working together as one.

So next time you compare yourself to someone - think of your own talents & gifts that God has given you & focus on those. Someone around you may be looking at you thinking they wish they were as good as you were in some sort of capacity.

Finally - when you feel the need to compare yourself to someone - dont do it - just compare yourself to Jesus! He's the one we all need to become more like anyways!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Husband Interview

So this interview was on another fellow bloggers page & I thought it would be interesting to "interview" Ricky about some things & his responses - here's a peek into my world:

ME: What is your favorite thing about my knitting?
Ricky: It takes time away from you yelling at me .....(he says with a mischevious grin - I can already see how this is going to go)

ME: What is the least favorite thing about my knitting?
RV: Money ....(He says this before I even get the question all the way out) Your yarn is way too expensive.

ME: What is something I have knitted that you recall is good?
RV: Your lace shawl......(He actually had to sit for a minute & think - I dont know if he was going through projects that I've done - or actually just tried to remember one. But he did say when I finished that one that he did like it)

ME: Do you think knitters have an expensive hobby?
RV: Just a grunt of laughter...then an "Absolutely"

ME: Do you have a stash of any kind?
RV: A stash? I dont knit
Me: I said of ANY KIND
RV: No - I dont stash anything
ME: Oh please - I can think of things right now
RV: Like what?
ME: Oh - we just have 200 flashlights around the house for no reason?

....The conversation goes on for quite a few minutes how he doesn't stash flashlights. Let me tell you - the man is insane for flashlights! There aren't enough batteries in the world to keep all our flashlights going!....This conversation lasts even longer....moving on!

ME: Have I ever embarassed you knitting in public?
RV: No - you've not embarassed me doing that....(I'm getting that I've embarassed him in other ways though)

ME: Do you know my favorite kind of yarn?
RV: (With a gloating smile....) PERSIAN
ME: What is Persian? I like Alpaca!
RV: That's what I meant!

ME: Can you name another blog?
RV: Another blog.......(what a smartie!)

ME: Do you mind my wanting to stop at knit shops?
RV: Yes...No...Not all the time....It depends.....(by "it depends" - it means if there are stores or some place around he can go to or something he can do while I'm in a knit shop)

ME: Do you understand the importance of a swatch?
RV: The watch? ......( um...apparently not)

ME: Do you read my blog?
RV: No - I dont have to - I live with you - I hear enough from you as it is

ME: If I didn't knit - what would be different?
RV: I would be getting yelled at even more ....(I'm yelling at him for that comment)

ME: Anything else you would like to add?
RV: You go girl with your knitting!

And ladies & gents - that's my husband right there! A little look into my life with the man I've been with for 16 years!!! (God - give me strength) hehe!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Which Jesus will you follow?

Last night during our Bible Study, the discussion was about how the world makes Jesus in an image that the world wants today. It was so thought provoking. The first thing that came to mind for me was the idea of "Buddy Jesus" (the picture to the side) - I've seen this idea in the movies & then there were statues out for sale with this image. The concept was that Jesus is your Buddy no matter what. I get the idea that he's your buddy, but there has to be a response back to him - right? Just like you can't keep slapping your best friend in the face every day & then expect them to still be your best friend if you keep on doing it. The amazing thing about Jesus though is he will keep taking your slaps & will love you, but he so badly wants you to turn to him & just love him back.

Then my friend Lynn remembered the song "My Jesus" & my mind drew a blank on the words. Just a few stuck out to me but I found this song this morning & sitting & listening to it - I just started crying. I really encourage you to watch this whole video & listen to the words. They are so impacting!

"Which Jesus will you follow".......The world's version of Jesus or the God-breathed, Biblical version of Jesus.....

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Split the Jordan?

I was reading on Rahab today & came across the part in Joshua 3:17

"The priests who carried the ark of the covenant of the Lord stood firm on dry ground in the middle of the Jordan, while all Israel passed by until the whole nation had completed the crossing on dry ground"

So, we always hear the story of Moses parting the Red Sea & see drawings of & paintings & even references about Moses today (remember Bruce Almighty & the tomato soup?)

Reading on - it even mentions in Joshua the references to Moses & the Red Sea & even says in 4:23-23

"The Lord your God did to the Jordan just what he had done to the Red Sea when he dried it up before us until we had crossed over. He did this so that all the people of the earth might know that the hand of the Lord is powerful & so that you might always fear the Lord your God."

Curious - I wonder why is this "parting of water" never referred to like Moses story? Is it not as remarkable because its been done before? Maybe its just me - have you heard this story of the crossing of the Jordan often?

I made it back!

I did it - probably sooner than I was suppose to - but do I always follow the rules? What did I do? I went back to Jazzercise! I have been gone from there since my accident on FRIDAY the 13TH - that is June 13th!!! 7 weeks!!!

Now, I may not look like a exercise queen, but I go to Jazzercise at least 3 times a week & try to get in 5 classes a week. Like I always tell my friends - I'm the fittest fat person you'll meet! But I could tell a huge difference in just my energy level & the way I was feeling not being able to work out. Then Saturday, I ran across a special on Fit TV that had me sitting with my mouth open for the whole hour!! This special was talking about how your body processes food & what the lack of exercise can do. Yeah - we've all heard it before - but the way this show presented it & the images it showed - I was FREAKED OUT!!! I hobbled down the stairs & told Ricky - that's it - I'm getting back to exercising & I'm watching everything I eat! I was that freaked out!!

Then Sunday, what is our message about at church- The Lord's Gym - which had such awesome comparisons on our Spiritual walk & how the encouragement of others & how we work our bodies out compare to each other. OK - the craving to work out is hitting me hard! THEN, Sunday night - on Discovery Health - another special similar to the one I saw on Saturday - this one had Dr. Oz - I just love that guy! He's like the "bring it down to earth" doctor. When you go to the doctor - do you sit with a "huh?" look on your face, or is it just me? Dr. Oz explains things & on this special, I was sitting stunned again.

So I made the decision to go back to Jazzercise. Now technically, I'm not suppose to be there yet until my wound is completely closed up - & I figure, "We're ALMOST there" - so that counts - right? I just put extra gauze over it & wrapped my leg up tight & I was there! I was so excited to walk back in & see my fellow work out buddies. And yeah - it hurt! I kept it low impact but sometimes certain move would just sting, but I'm thinking it'll just get better from here on out.

For the record - no blood came out of my cut & it didnt open up any more - which is what I was afraid of - so all was good! I felt like things were getting back to normal for me & my leg!

And this morning - yeah, it was sore a little when I got up - but no pain, no gain - right? And in case you haven't heard - I have ANOTHER knot where he cut my leg but its not near as big as it was before & I'm praying that this knot will go away as the incision heals - but I'm just thrilled to finally see a light at the end of this tunnel!

Monday, August 11, 2008

What do you see?

I just finished reading an awesome book by Sandi Patty called "Layers" that I picked up at the Women of Faith Conference. It just hit home to me so much that I finished this book in just 3 days - love good reads like that! But there was a quote that she used in the book that I really liked - it was from Henry David Thoreau (anyone having school flashbacks at that name?):

"Its not what you look at that matters - its what you see"

AAHHH - how we look at things! I love that idea. It made me think of Ricky & MY dog Bruno. The reason I say MY dog because out of the 4 dogs we have, Bruno is the only one that comes to me when something happens that scares him - I'm the one he wants to hold him when he's tired - I'm the one he snuggles with during bed time ... & he probably only chose me because Ricky is swarmed with the other 3 dogs & Bruno just figures he'd get more attention if he stuck with me. I'll take what I can get - but I love this dog! But its true - he's not the most regal or handsome dog - especially compared to our Aussie or even our Mutt - who is the CUTEST dog in the world!!! And our Lab is just a strong, beauty of a dog. No - Bruno is just different looking. He's got wiry hair that sticks up wherever when he rubs his face - & just not that soft, silky hair that the others have. Every time Ricky sees Bruno anywhere - he "lovingly" calls him the RAT! My poor Bruno. But honestly, I can see where others may look at him & not think he's all that handsome - but that's what I call him - My little handsome. Because when I see him, I see the snuggly, loving dog that comes to me when he needs love & support & protection when he's scared.
Haven't you even seen the dogs that win the "Ugliest Dog Competitions" & my goodness, some of them are just crazy ugly - but their "humans" love these dogs like they are the most beautiful things they've ever seen!

Don't you think that Jesus could look at us like the sinful, awful, dirty, ugly people that we are at heart? But don't you think he sees something completely different? He would have to see the potential of what we can become in Him - the heart that He made to be so much more than we allow ourselves - He sees someone who needs his love & support & protection. He even sees that in the most sinful person - don't you think?

It would be awesome if we all started seeing things through eyes of Jesus!! And I don't care what Ricky says - Bruno will always be my "Handsome" - & don't let Ricky fool you either - he loves that dog too!!!

Friday, August 08, 2008

Larry King Interview

The interview is on You Tube....Here's the final link - my favorite - where Caleb proclaims once again his love for the one who made us ... and Steven's story about "breadcrumbs" just about tears me up!!!! And to have the new lyrics that was added to the song "Yours"....Oh my... And the final words of Mary Beth having a solid foundation when they hit bottom.....

Click on the box, & you'll be able to see see the links to the rest of the interview....

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Larry King tonight

Just a reminder tonight - Steven Curtis Chapman & his family is going to be on Larry King tonight! Just the small amount of interview that was on Good Morning America yesterday about tore me up! My poor Chapman family! I still want to drive down to Nashville just to hug each one of them! His manager is asking for everyone to pray for the family as this is being shown tonight in the hopes that it touches someone & may bring one person to Christ through this tragedy. As well as praying for the famly to relive the horror of that day again.

Biblical Thought for the Day

Today, I stumpled across the story in Daniel where the 3 fellows (Shadrach, Meshach & Abednego) were being led into the furnace to die. Nebuchadnezzar was so angry, it says he had the furnace heated seven times hotter than usual! Can you imagine how hot that was? Then it says in Daniel 3:21 that they were wearing their robes, trousers, turbans & other clothes - I'm hot just thinking of all those clothes on TOP of the heat from the fire.

But look what it says next:

Daniel 3:22-23 "The king's command was so urgent & the furnance so hot that the flames of the fire killed the soliders who took up Shadrach, Meshach & Abednego, & these three men, firmly tied, fell into the blazing furnance."

It was SOOO hot, the heat killed the soldiers who were taking these guys up there! Where they able to flee? Or could they already sense the presence of that 4th person that was there in the furnance with them? Did they not fear it at all where they thought - "let's just show them the power of God! We dont have anything to worry about!"

Oh - to have that much courage & faith to walk into a fiery furnace & know everything was going to be alright!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Women of Faith

With the revealing of the trailer & then life, I forgot to mention my awesome weekend at Women of Faith! If you've never had the opportunity to go - I really encourage you to try it. There are just no words to explain the experience. One minute, you are laughing your head off - & the next minute, you are literally bawling your eyes out & then BAM, you're back laughing again while tears are still running down your face! And the whole time, you are learning about God & His Grace!

For me - I had such wonderful friends who took care of me & my bum leg while I was there. I am so blessed! And then I ended up sitting in the wheel chair section since it was saving me steps - isn't God so awesome - there were 3 seats empty right above our section - one for me, one for my friend Lynn who stuck with me & one for my leg to be propped up on! YES!

The cool thing too - during lunch, I just stayed put - no more walking - my arm pits couldn't take it anymore! I pulled out my knitting & then I can't help it - I just started talking to the lady sitting next to me. I'm a talker by nature - I can't be restrained. Soon, we were talking about family, where we lived, life & then she started asking about my knitting. I told her I would send her some things if she wanted & she gave me her address & then told me she owned a Christian Book Store & whenever I would send her a knitted goodie, she would surprise me with some items from her store! How cool is that? Bartering at its finest right there! It was just awesome to meet new people!

And the women that do the Women of Faith - they are truly amazing! They are all great & I look forward to each one - but I think everyone has their favorites. For me - its gotta be Patsy Clarimont. There is just something about her that cracks me up every time she talks - her facial expressions are the BEST! I found her blog when I got home (the link is now on the side) & she has the video below up on You Tube - its a section from this years conference. You must watch it & see how amazing she tells stories.

I also love Luci Swindoll. I think she's great but when I see her - she just reminds me so much of my Mamaw that it just feels like home when she's up there. And I love a woman with a deep singing voice - being a fellow tenor myself!

And probably the highlight of the whole weekend was a surprise from Sandi Patty & her family - they ALL got up there - all 8 kids, her husband, her parents, brothers & sister in laws & sang completely acapella - it was what I imagine angels singing to sound like! I think the whole place had chills or tears - or both!

But each one of these ladies are wonderful - their messages are heart touching & directly from God! Its definitely a time to experience the Holy Spirit's presence! Now, I can't wait for next year - & I'm praying no crutches will be involved! And yeah, I'm a loser this year in the photography area - It was hard enough walking on crutches, carrying my purse & bag - much less pulling out a camera.....oh well! Again, another reason to look forward to next year!

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Biblical Thought for the Day

I am reading up on Miriam & her life. First of all - her name means "Bitterness" - OUCH! That would be hard to live with in itself. But can you imagine the life that she led? Having to watch her mother give up her baby brother, fearing for his life? Watching her brother from afar living in the Pharoh's home, growing up an Egyptian leader? Seeing her brother stand against his enemy to free God's people! To actually walk in between the parted Red Sea!

But then there came a time where Miriam & Aarron opposed Moses - they sort of wanted some of the glory for the things that had happened!

"Has the Lord spoken only through Moses? Hasn't he also spoken through us?" -Numbers 12:2

The Lord heard the complaining & asked for the three of them to come to the Tent of Meeting. He has some words for Miriam & Aaron & then the Bible says "The anger of the Lord burned against them" - again - OUCH! Afterwards, Miriam was left with leprosay - which caused her to be an outcast! Moses cried out to God for her healing. The response is what is so intriguing to me.

"The Lord replied to Moses, "If her father had spit in her face, would she not have been in disgrace for seven days..." Numbers 12:14

So Miriam was set aside for 7 days - all alone! What could she have thought about during those seven days? Did she think of how far they came & yet she was complaining? Did she think of the ways God worked in her life & yet, she wanted to be recognized as Moses had? Did she feel the lonliness of being "disgraced"? And how could that have possibly felt to have been disgraced by God Himself?

I have a feeling that when Miriam came back seven days later - things may have looked a little different to her. God disgraced her for a few days, only to make the rest of her days a little bit better.


WHOOO - HOOO! I get to work this morning, check my email & looky there - I'M A WINNER! On my side link is an awesome blog called "Organizing Junkie" - this woman is my hero! She has everything organized - even "junk drawers"! Well, she had a give away for boot boxes for your closet - & I WON!!!!!! I'm so excited!
I asked her - putting these in my closet - is it going to magically transform my closet into one of those beautiful, organized closets? Hey - its a start!

Sunday, August 03, 2008


I can FINALLY reveal the changes that has been taking place in our Jr. High Trailer! I've been wanting to share pictures & stories of the changes, but haven't been able to because we were wanting to surprise the kids. I hope they were surprised with the new look because it is an awesome transformation!

(Before Picture - with all the colors)

Erica, Joe, Ryan, Jeremy & Chris, along with myself, got together ALONG time ago & started on the walls. We started with a stencil that Jeremy made up & we did the bricks on the wall. It turned out better than we had ever imagined - thanks to Tony, my brother, who is also an artist, who came up & showed us how the shadowing & highlighting makes all the difference. Unfortunately for Ryan, he was the only one who was decent at that - so he got the job of the detail work.

Then, my brother designed up our logo for our trailer, CROSS ROADS, & he was off to work. He brought up his supplies & air brush equipment & he made the most awesome design. When he was finished with that - he found the Igthus design with Jesus' name & put that up on the front - it was awesome! Then he finished it off with the "metal wall" that has rivets & even made window covers that were designed for the room. It is truly a change.

So the kids finally got to see it today. Jeremy, our youth minister, had all the kids stand behind a door & he had a bus from the nursery in front of the door & had them yell, "MOVE THAT BUS" - It was funny to see their reactions. We had worship songs & during the music, you could see the kids looking around & taking in all the designs. The coolest thing for me - my brother, his wife & their daughters came. My brother probably hasn't graced the doorway of a church in about 25 years - I loved having him there. The kids were so thankful to him & he got plenty of hugs from the gang.

But as Jeremy reminded everyone - the room may be different, there may be changes, but we are all still praising the SAME God who has been there, was there & WILL be there in that same room with us as we learn & grown. The only change we want to see in there now is growth - growth in learning & connection with God! Now, we just get to do it in a cooler environment!

Friday, August 01, 2008


I am so excited - getting ready to leave in about 2 hours! Where am I going - Women of Faith! I love that conference. There is nothing like praising the Lord with thousands of other women - all voices lifted up to Him! I've got my crutches ready to go & anxious to hobble up to my place to take in all the good stuff! I would be OK without crutches on a normal day - but alot of walking is making my incision bleed so I'm going to try & lift my leg as much as possible while I'm there.

And besides the crutches, I've got knitting & Travel Scrabble (My Scrabble Buddy Lynn is going also!), with my Bible right on top of it all! How can it not be an awesome few days with all that in one place????

It is sort of bitter sweet because the last Women of Faith that I went with, I went with Steph. We had so much fun wearing our tiara's the whole trip.....Oh, that reminds me - must pack my tiara! It just feels funny going without her. But its another reminder that life goes on & I'll keep her close to my heart as I get to share new moments with friends & worship our King!

And leg update - OH MY GOSH! Pulling out the packing was the WORST thing EVER!!! Worse than the initial injury & worse than the procedure the surgeon did! I howled in a screaming cry for 30 minutes. At least that's over with now - & yeah, I did get pretty grossed out because you can see right down through the hole - stuff like that doesnt bother me - but it just aint right to see the first few fatty layers underneath your skin! Just ain't right!

So I'm sure I'll have plenty of pictures when I return! Have a great weekend everyone!

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