Monday, May 30, 2011

My Papaw's hand....

This hand...

...made the famous "papaw waffles" every time I spent the night at my grandparents

...could create things out of wood that were breathtaking & became family heirlooms

...taught his son and grandson how to work with wood

...fought in World War II

...held the hand of his wife as she passed away

...threw many fishing rods into waters...

...& pulled out many fish

...would have the nails cleaned out by a "manly" way - using a knife

...helped the neighbors whenever they needed it

...worked in many yards

...are a pair of the strongest hands I've ever seen... or held...

.... & this hand reached for Jesus today....

I pray this hand is shaking hands of friends & family that have passed before him....

... most importantly, I pray this hand is raised to our Heavenly Father in pure worship...

Rest in peace Paps
July 25, 1922 - May 30, 2011

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Project 365... 2011: Week 22

Sunday - May 22 - Time out for Lunch .... With all the going back & forth to the hospital, Ricky & I felt like we havent had a good dinner in awhile so after church, before we headed up to see Paps, we stopped at Chuey's & had some yummy mexican.  I looked over & saw these colorful chairs all in the same direction, I had to pull out my camera.  Ricky just looks at me like "What are you doing?" ... doesnt he know me by now?  Any moment can be a camera moment!

Monday - May 23 - I felt like Dorothy!!! .... I was at the hospital when my mom called & said, "GET HOME - storms are coming"... well, I was knitting & said I had to finish my row.  Just that time was enough to put me right into the wrong time to be driving.... driving right in the middle of this horrible storm.  These clouds were CRAZY looking.  I was looking to see if the wicked witch was going to fly by any minute...

Tuesday - May 24 - What's missing? .... I was able to get a run in today & took off running, came home & then realized something... I forgot a part of my running gear... KT Tape on my knee.  And I didnt even realize it while running!  My knees have been doing great lately.  Havent had the need for it!  Thank you Lord!  Keep these knees getting stronger!

Wednesday - May 25 - The calm before the storm .... Driving home, the sun was shining... which wasnt a good thing.  The sun was gearing up more horrible storms to come.  They were giving us warnings & scarying the be-jeez out of us around here.  And it did get pretty scary late at night around 11:00... but it sure was beautiful beforehand.

Thursday - May 26 - World War II Veteran... Here is Papaw's hat that is sitting in the window sill at Hospice.  World War II ... wow... the stories he can tell - the things he saw in the war...
blows my mind

Friday - May 27 - Knitting brings comfort in the worse places .... I have taken my knitting with me when I sit for awhile with Papaw.  It just brings me sense of peace while I sit & talk with him.  And I tell you what - it brings people in & makes them ask questions.  "What are you making" - "Is that kntting" - "How do you do that? I could never do that" ... knitting makes the place more comfortable for everyone it seems.

Saturday - May 28 - What an amazing woman ... Papaw was getting his bath & I went out to sit in the lobby at the Hospice Unit.  There is a book where people have written thanks to the nurses for taking care of their family - & prayers to God for a peaceful passing of their family member... this book is a tear jerker!  But this page, I had to capture a picture because this woman, Vicki - I want to remember this courage she showed.  It was the only page in this book where the writer was the PATIENT.  I hope you can read it - but she writes how she is ready for what is ahead of her & she prays for her children in their loss that was to come.  Yes - this woman must have been one special, amazing mom.

(If your computer cuts it off - you can change your setting to 75% - or just click on the picture to make it large... its worth reading)

Its been another crazy, sad, busy week... hope your weeks have been full of moments to capture...

Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea

Friday before a long Holiday weekend... I always feel like a kid in school when I know I get an extra day off work.  Counting down until that "bell" rings for freedom for 3 days... until then, let's frag...

Papaw Update:  He is now in Hospice.  They have made him so comfortable.  He doesnt have the feeding tube in now, no iv's - he just looks peaceful.  Because he's not hooked up to anything, he's able to lay on his side.  His color looks good & he just looks like himself... The people that work at Hospice are just an amazing set of people.  They said he probably wouldnt last a week & that was a few days ago.  Needless to say, everytime the phone rings now, I just hold my breath.... We had 3 different doctors tell us that his brain is so severely damaged that he would never come back... so sad that a fall can cause that much damage.  The things you dont really think about...

Isaac got his first haircut!!!!!  How cute is that face?  Doesnt the hair cut make him look big too? 

Julie said he did well - after a bribe to get a new Ironman toy... (hey, whatever works)  But he's 3 1/2 & he's never had a hair cut so it was time.  Julie was heart broken at cutting his curls off... Here's what they looked like before.  I think he's going to have a lifetime of beautiful, blond curls that will grow right back.

So while I'm glad we're off for a long weekend, I am kinda dreading being at home... because YES - our A/C is STILL BROKE!!! & it's going to be in the 90's this weekend.  I will say, so far, we've been really lucky.  It hasnt been horrible in the house.  At night, its actually felt wonderful having fresh air (though my swollen eyes & chest cough arent too happy with pollen flying in)... I may have to make extra trips to the movie theater where the AC is rockin'....


Which makes me think - anyone seen "Bridemaids" yet?  I keep hearing its pretty funny... What are the odds I could get Ricky to go see that?  Yeah - about as good odds as getting our AC fixed...

Everyone surviving without Oprah so far?  I will say, I did like her last words were "To God be the glory" ... And then Scotty on American Idol gave it up to "the Lord for getting me here" .... Love when people can give God some props nationwide...

HINES WARD.... (I'm smiling) .... I was so happy he won DTWS!  I was scared Kristie was going to win.  I woulda been OK with it, but Hines totally deserved to win.  Football players just have the moves, dont they?  ... now onto So you Think You can Dance!!!

(I ALMOST wore that same yellow outfit today to work...)

Sorry - I cant make myself watch this season of "The Bachlorette"... I never cared for Ashley when she was on The Bachlor last season.  The color of her hair doesnt change that personaltiy to me.  I keep seeing previews where it looks like its all kinda turned into a joke now anyways.  Who can get on & go far while deceiving the person that they are a good guy, when behind the scenes, they are laughing in their face.... geez... but I guess what do you expect from "reality tv" on finding love?  We live in a world where the "bad guy" gets all the attention...

SPAT OF THE WEEK:  Lightbulbs!!!! .... OK - is it me, or is something wrong when you have to change a lightbulb in one room at least every 3 weeks?  I get so mad because the light bulb in my laundry room will pop ALL THE TIME!  No joke... it literally is at least once a month I am changing it.  I have finally learned to just keep the cover off & a step ladder in the room because I kow it's going to pop any minute.  So I ask Ricky to check it out... only to be told, "That's perfectly normal"... NORMAL?  We have been in this house for over 10 years & I guarantee you there are some light bulbs I have never changed YET... but this is normal?  I've now got a strategy of not doing laundry until he changes it... so he can see how often it does actually pop.  Get me out of doing laundry?  Keep poppin' bulbs!!!

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend... if it's a long one for you, enjoy it!  Stay cool - stay safe from any more storms... Happy Friday!!!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Mother Nature has gone & lost her mind...

My goodness... what is going on with our weather lately?

The pictures from Joplin are just heart breaking.... not to mention all the other areas that have been effected by tornados lately.  What is the deal?

(I can appreiate this because I, myself, love my crazy meds)
Last night, we had another go with storms.  We were expecting two big rounds.  Luckily, the first round ended up going north & missing us.  Thankful it missed us, but around Bedford, Indiana, there are homes destroyed & damage that is horrible to see...

our big round came in around 10:30... sirens going off & Tornado Warnings posted.  Off to the basement we went.

Ricky had already been asleep downstairs (in his man cave) & we had gotten everything ready earlier with flashlights & radios & pillows ... & my camera... (yes, Ricky laughed at me because I said I want my camera to be safe) ... & I headed to the basement with all the dogs behind me.  I turned on the TV, sat down & instantly, 3 dogs are in my lap shaking like little lambs.  The 4th dogs is just sitting at my feet with a ball in her mouth... nothing - I mean NOTHING - not even impending doom - will stop that dog from playing with a ball.

The wind is howling, the rain is beating against our basement door & then our electricity pops off & instantly comes back on... just enough to sound off our house alarm.  That jolted Ricky straight up & he literally RAN straight into our back room in the basement...

I had to laugh because I said, "Gee - thanks for worrying about me & the dogs sitting here on the couch" ... each man for himself I guess.

he said, "I was asleep - I didnt know what was going on" ... ok... good enough

Until.... 10 minutes later, the electricity pops again & WHOOOSHHHH - there goes Ricky running to the back room again leaving us all on the couch again.

At this point - all I could do was laugh so hard I thought I was going to pee on myself...

Storms passed though - we only have limbs down everywhere... all is ok & we are safe...

Ricky may actually still be in the basement.... I need to check on that.

Hope everyone has been safe during this craziness that is Spring.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Knitting teaching us about Doubt?

The past two weeks, we've been talking about "doubt" with the youth group.  Big topic, huh?  I mean, we doubt so much in our lives... we doubt ourselves in situations, we doubt what others say are true... we doubt God's promises. 

Sunday, I talked to the Jr. High kids about how we have to let our knowledge & experiences help us in times of doubt.  What does that even mean?

I showed them a skein of yarn & said, "If someone showed you this skein of yarn & said, you can make actual clothes out of it - turn it into something wearable - socks even, would you believe them, or would you have doubt?" ... oh yeah - they all doubted they could do that.

But I showed them that someone taught me how to do it (Thank you Julie)... someone took me through steps & gave me KNOWLEDGE of how knitting works.  I learned to knit because of this knowledge...couldnt have done it any other way.

but it doesnt mean after I learned the knowledge, that I could instantly go out & knit up some beautiful pieces... that took EXPERIENCE.

The time I invested in the projects - the things I learned along the way when I put the action to work.  When I saw how things actually went together & I got the real feel of it. 

I then pulled out a pair of knitted socks that came from that skein of  yarn... to a bunch of "ooohing & aaahing" (its why I love Jr. High kids... they're so vocal & cool about things)

Now, I dont doubt I can take a skein of yarn & turn it into something... knowledge & experience worked together to help with that doubt.

Our doubt about God works like that... when we have doubts, its ok we have them, but we need to search for the truth in our doubts... find the KNOWLEDGE by learning about who He is, finding the truth in the Word... & then we have EXPERIENCES in them as we learn about how God works - we see the truth come to llife in our own lives.

... & I wanted to make sure the kids know, not all of our doubts are going to be answered this side of Heaven... but you look at the things you know & the things you experience & you see the truth in those situations & it helps carry you along.

Like my Papaw right now.  We have no knowledge and/or experience in this situation - when to let him go - when to know its time to "give up" on recovery.... its moments like these that can easily cause doubt in how God works & His plan.  But I look at the things I DO know... & the experiences I HAVE had in my life & I see God at work & so near at other times... & that rolls over in the doubt I have in this situation.  It may not answer my questions of doubts in this situation, but it gives me peace about who God is in it...

Doubt... a heavy topic... but anytime I can find a reason to break out my knitting to show who God is, I'll try & find a way.

"Doubt isnt the opposite of faith.... its an element of faith"

Monday, May 23, 2011

I just felt sorry for him...

So obviously, we all lived through the big "rapture" event...

As a Christian, we knew it wasnt going to happen because the Bible talks how not even the angels know the time of Jesus' returning.

I was watching on Good Morning America Sunday morning though where Robert Fitzpatrick was standing in Time Square in New York City.  The look on his face truly showed he believed this was going to happen.  I mean, it was obvious enough he believed it in order for him to spend so much money on spreading what he believed was true. 

In the video though, all eyes were on this man....he was surrounded by swarms of people, hundreds of tv crews... & then time passed & you hear a woman say, "Its 6:01 & we're all still here" ....

The crowd just started roaring with laughing & then began to heckle him.

... & I cant help it...I just felt so sorry for this man...
It broke my heart.  The look on his face was honestly a look of sadness that what he planned on happening, didn't happen.  What he really thought was true, was obviously not the truth at all.

Obviously, I believe the man has issues.  I dont know if they are mental?... I dont know if he's "too smart"?- you know the kind that have so much "knowledge" that its dangerous?  I dont know how to say it except, I just believe he's not totally grasping things.

I just wish this scene was different... that there were some Christians there in the crowd who showed some grace.  Someone to let him know that we ALL believe things are we truly believe are real...even as Christians... we believe someone's sin is worse then ours.  We believe God can't forgive someone, or ourselves, for things done.  We believe all kinds of things that arent necessarily true.  Even if the Bible states otherwise...

... & then maybe those Christians could have shown him other scriptures, taught him things that could open his mind about his calculation of the world ending... maybe asked him why God would want us to "de-code" the Bible when everything is kinda laid out perfectly clear for us... forgiveness, love, patience....

Maybe some Christians in that crowd could have shown love & grace to others who were standing there mocking a man...been an example to everyone...

I dont know... the whole scene was far more unsettling to me then the idea of Jesus returning.

In the end, I do feel bad for this man & hope someone helps show him the way & the truth & the life...

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Project 365... 2011: Week 21

First, let me thank you so much for the kind words, the prayers & all the thoughts about my Papaw.  It is so appreciated... nothing much has changed as of today.  I'll be sure to give some updates.  But here is what the rest of my week looked like.

Sunday - May 15 - The UGLY side of running ... I ran on the treadmill & as you all know, we have no air conditioning right now.  I dont normally sweat too much from my face... HOLY SWEAT BATMAN!  I was dripping.  Can you see it on my forehead & in my hair?  My shirt was even ringing wet.  Running may be good for your health, but it can make you GLOWWWWWW... its a healthy glow - right?

Monday - May 16 - Zumba BURNS!!! ... I took the Zumba class our church offers.  Tonight was the toning video for the Zumba class & WOOZAAA!!!  It was a workout.  Yes, according to my heart rate monitor, I burned 618 calories in a one hour class.  I've never burned that much at another aerobic workout before.  I was quite impressed... (& sore)...

Tuesday - May 17 - Love new recipes .... Thanks to E-Mealz I got to try a new Mac & Cheese Bake.  I used real brocoli & a "artificial bacon" (I dont eat red meat and pork & try to limit chicken)... so with all this, Ricky wasnt going for this one at all... it was all for me, & I'm SOOOO glad it was.  Yumminess!

Wednesday - May 18 - My poor Papaw... If you havent heard of the story, you can read it right HERE

Thursday - May 19 - Bloggy Friends are the BEST!!! .... I came home from the hospital & saw a box on the counter.  Wasnt sure what I ordered but then saw it was from my buddy, Carolina Girl ... I opened it to see a hand written card (which is always the best!!!) & this awesome running tech shirt!!!  Isnt it the cutest?!?!  I guess next 13.1 miles I run, I hafta smile now? :)  Thank you friend... you sent me a hug when I needed it the most!

Friday - May 20 - So many hurting... we got some bad news at the hospital today.  And then I look out the window & see this sign in another window.  It says, "Pray for Megan - Cure CF" ... it makes you look at ALL those windows & think that there is someone hurting in most of them... life is hard...

Saturday - May 21 - After the Storm.... I took this picture leaving the hospital in the parking garage.  There had just been a big storm & the sun was coming back out when the grey clouds were fading... Love to see the sun rise after a storm in every way possible...

Hope your week has been full of moments to capture...

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Not guaranteed tomorrow...

Some of you know what's going on right now... I wanted to let some others know just so prayers can be lifted up.

My Papaw & Teenie

Tuesday, my Papaw was found at the bottom of his basement stairs.

My uncle couldn't geta hold of him, went over to his house & knocked - no answer.  Called & heard the phone ringing inside with no one picking up.  He went in to find a sight that I know will forever be in his mind. 

My uncle called 911 & then my dad (his brother) & got Papaw to the hospital.  At the time the ambulance got there, they asked him his name & he said, "Thomas...I think" (which it is...he goes by Junior though).  He was even able to lift his arms to change his shirt which covered from vomit from the impact of the fall.

Every day since Tuesday, his progress has gotten less & less.... He hasnt really spoken since Wednesday, only grunts.   Yesterday, he struggled to get his eyes open only once the whole day.  He has been able to respond to commands by squeezing your hand, but that lessened yesterday as well.

We have been told he had bleeding on the brain & that his brain was swollen.  With his age (he'll be 89 in July), they say the brain shrinks which gives room for swelling, which seems good... & they said that he could be like this for awhile & time would tell us more...

... but time seems to be getting pulled out from under us....

Yesterday, we were told that his progress was declining, his body was shutting down on him & that we needed to discuss removing his feeding tube & just giving him moraphine, helping him relax until he passed away.

What happened to "time telling us more"... it hasnt even been a week.

Needless to say, we have tons of questions... not a decision you can make lightly.  A decision you definitely need peace about.

So if you all could pray for clear answers for my dad & for my uncle... for my Papaw, mainly that he isnt in pain.  My fear for him is that he is hurting so badly... or that he's trying so hard to communicate with us & its just not possible. 

All this talk going on about the rapture & the world ending & judgement day today.... my Papaw didnt know when he was going to his basement to do laundry, he'd end up in ICU with brain trauma.  Dont worry about what day the end of the world could come... because you are never guaranteed tomorrow.

...Live today for today...

Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea

Looks who's back... back again... (yes, I'm channeling my inner white-rapper...)  I was planning on fragging last Friday - but then the BLOGGER BUST 2011 happened... so we're trying again today.  Let's get back to Fragging!

Anyone REALLY concerned about the big day of judgement on May 21st tomorrow?  My favorite response was from the lead singer of Casting Crowns. He tweeted: "Want to know my thoughts on May 21st?  I'll tell them to you on May 22nd" ... awesome!  I laughed this morning too when I heard, "I really hope the world doesnt end Saturday - I want to see Oprah's last show"


Thank you America.  You CAN vote correctly.  I was so glad to see Haley gone last night.  I've always said I think the girl can sing.  But that attitude?  I couldnt bear it.  You saw it shining bright too when they announced Lauren Alaina (I have to say both of her names together... a southern thing I guess) as the one going to the finalist.  Haley looking to the audience with the smuggest look, shaking her head like "Yeah, I see how it is"... & then when she went in the audience to sing & gave that "I'm outta this joint" attitude.  I dont think I have ever DISLIKED an American Idol contestant so much in my life...Off to the land of Diva's to you Ms. Thang!


Scotty from American Idol - & John Rich from Celebrity Apprentice... they are making me sway a little bit to country.  I actually put my radio on the country station on the drive into work this morning.  I could only handle one song & then had to turn the station... but its more then I usually listen to. 

We have our first stitches for one of the twins.  Madi took a nose dive on her bike into some gravel & had to get 3 stitches... ahhh... She's the daredevil of the two & I was afraid it would hinder her from wanting to be so fearless.  Apparently not... I heard she was back on her motorcycle not too long afterwards...

Nope - we still dont have air conditioning in my house... at least this past week, its like its been fall.  The lows were in the 40's so it was really chilly in the house.  Ricky said we werent turning on the heat because we needed to "Bottle up the cold" for when it gets warm again... which is this weekend... & which makes no sense...

Which leads me to (& I know you've missed it) THE SPAT OF THE WEEKA Ping Pong Table .... oh give me strength Lord! We are cleaning out our back room in the basement because obviously, we'll need a new AC unit.  We've had a ping pong table for awhile but wanted to get rid of it.  My brother had a friend who would take it - we were just giving it away.  The thing is, we had to get it out of the basement.  We took it through the basement doors but had to wheel it around to the garage, which is actually a long trek.  Here's where the spat comes because Ricky, for some reason, was so embarassed about wheeling this ping pong table out.  We could have wheeled it through our yard a short distance, to our neighbors driveway - which is a LOT smoother then a bumpy yard.  But NOOOO... someone may see us?  Like they wouldnt see us pushing this thing through our huge front yard?  You'd think we were smuggling drugs the way he was acting.  So he kept pushing it through the yard... guess what?  We broke it.  The bumpy yard pulled the leg out & it stripped the screws... nice... all because ping pong tables are embarssing. (WHAT?)

This cover made me so excited... Hello Hunger Games... I cant wait to see you!!!  That is how I envision Katniss... I cant wait to see Woody Harrelson as Haymitch!  I think that's perfect casting!

Anyone else upset there was no marathon on Biggest Loser this year?  I always love that show in the season.  The battle they have making it through.  I do think its a rough challenge to get them trained to run 26.2 miles in just a few weeks & maybe they got a lot of flack for that.  But I wish they addressed why they didnt do it.  I was so bummed when they just had to walk a golf course instead.... boo!

... well, I think I could frag all day since I havent done it in awhile.. but I'll stop for now... hope you all have a Fabulous Friday!!!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

I cant believe I'm even going to talk about this....

...I have my vomit bag near...

...& there will be NO PICTURES on this post because I never want to scan through my blog & see memories of this post.

It will be something that is mentioned & then quickly forgotten.

When I saw the prompts at Mama's Losin' It, I knew this would have to be discussed. 

Many of you that know me already know this fact about me... others may find this shocking... but rest assure.  Its true.... so very true...

So what is the writing prompt?  Describe a food you abhor.

Abhor... defined it means, DETEST UTTERLY... LOATHE...

Does vomiting at the thought/smell of it also define "abhor" because that's what happens when I think of this food.

... the dreaded food.... (I'm seriously in dry heaves thinking about it).... is cereal....

THERE - I said it... on my own blog... the "c-word" as the youth students will mention it in my presence at church.

I detest it more then anything... I wont even allow it in my home.... I try to avoid the "C" - aisle as much as possible because I can smell it.  And when I smell it, I want to vomit.... have actually vomited at just the smell alone.

And even talking about it (....see... there goes the gagging again) can actually make me throw up.  Just ask the youth kids.  They think its pretty funny to tease me with it... until I'm running out the door, chucking up my dinner.  When I even hear the word, I instantly can SMELL the SMELL of it... & I'm dying...

I know most of the world lives on this horrible product... I dont see how you do it.

I dont know where this passion of hating it comes from.  I've never even ate it before.  But the visual of it kills me.  I'm one of those weird "food touching" kinda people anyways - but anything "liquid-ity" really does me in.  I'm also not a fan of milk, so add those two together & I'm a goner. 

My mother says that even as a baby, when she would feed me Baby "C" (I honestly dont want to type it again) - I would sit in my high chair & gag... that's how far back this disgust goes.

I know... I know... I'm weird... I'm ok with that.

Now that the world knows my weird passion of hating this certain food, we must never discuss it again.  Its like Voldermort from Harry Potter... its the food that must not be named....

I gotta go breath fresh air & stop turning green now.... (inhale...exhale...)

& if you think I'M weird... ask my mom about how she feels about fresh bread or anything "doughy"... then you'll see where I get it from ...(sorry  mom... I know you are gagging now too... let's gag together)

Mama’s Losin’ It

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Siesta Scripture - 1 Corinthians 9:24-25

Yes - I know today isnt May 15th - but I like to keep record of my scriptures here for memory sake.  I just label them & then its easy to pull them all up on one page.  How nice is Blogger for organizational skills?

This time around, the scripture I'm tucking in is a longer one (love those challenges) & seems to just speak to me even more in this season of life... RUNNING SEASON :)

Do you not know that in a race all the runners run, but only one gets the prize?  RUN in such a way as to get the prize.  Everyone who competes in the game goes into STRICT TRAINING.  They do it to get a crown that will not last; 
but we do it to get a crown that will last forever.
-1 Corinthians 9:24-25

How cool is that little bit of Godly wisdom?  For runners & anyone who competes in a sport.. or anyone who trains for anything at all.

I love the idea of "running in such a way as to get the prize" ... you've heard me roughly 1,382 times say I'm never going to win a run.  This old body aint EVER gonna be running 4 minute miles... sorry - too late in life.  But it doesnt mean I cant keep TRYING... I can keep running as to keep that prize in sight.  And that's what this is saying to me... I may not win, but keep it in my vision... run like I CAN win the prize.

But the part on "strict training" - I LOVE!  Because I've seen over the years now much difference training actually does when running.  Its between not being able to move for 2 weeks after a half marathon & running back to your car immediately following another half marathon.  Training makes a HUGE difference.

So what training am I doing in my Spiritual life?  Am I dedicated?  Am I willing to put in time, heart & soul? .... literally....

I think its definitely worth all that training for the prize that lays ahead of us as Christians... that crown that lasts forever!  Yep... I'll keep on training, running for THAT prize!!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Not the same one...

I've seen this t-shirt & have really appreciated it...

I really noticed this at the 5k I was in this past weekend.  Looking at everyone's faces at the starting line.  There's so much excitement at the beginning of a race.

You stand there stretching, getting those muscles ready for the miles that lay ahead.  You're full of pep & energy.  People even jump in place to warm  up the body.  So much energy that cant be contained.

Everyone looks so refreshed... there's no sweat dripping from the brows... our shirts dont have those stains of sweat running down the back.  We're just standing there ready & prepared...

Then the buzzer sounds & you're off...

It doesnt take long before the sweat comes... & the aches come... & the feeling of weariness comes.

You run with some people who are encouraging you... you run with some people who are struggling & you try to help them along.  You're in this race together & you want everyone to finish....

You keep pressing on through everything....Then ahead, you see it - the goal... & you cross the finish line

If you could take a picture of the person you are at the beginning of the race & compare it to the person at the end, you'd see two different faces.

The starting line picture one would hold that excitement - that clean, unblemished look....

The finish line picture would have all the battle scars... the sweat, the smile that you can see you're giving while trying to get your breath back...

... but there'd be pride...

We have this same race in our life... we start off with that childlike, excited expectation ... & the race of life throws things in our path that makes us weary... that gives us aches & pains... things that wear us out. 

And as Christians, we run this race of life & want to see everyone finish at the same finish line, dont we?

When we cross that final finish line, I do pray I'm not the same person I started out as.  I want to be stronger, despite the battle scars & the pains that come along with it...

Whatever road you are on right now... whatever race you are in... keep your eye out for that finish line.  You may cross it beaten & bruised... but you'll be'll be someone stronger...

you'll be someone different...

Keep pressing on friends...

I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race,
 I have kept the faith
-2 Timothy 4:7

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Project 365... 2011: Week 20

Sunday - May 8 - Happy Mother's Day... if you didnt check out all the pictures from my Mother's Day post, then you dont know the cuteness you are missing out on.  But this is my favorite picture of my momma on that day... & yes, for those of you that said she has beautiful skin - she TOTALLY has gorgeous skin!  How did I not inherit that?  Not fair.

Monday - May 9 - Lunch under a tree .... It was a beautiful afternoon so I got out of the office & picked up some lunch.  I ended up eating under this tree & just kept seeing how beautiful all the limbs were.  Against a pretty sky - God's creation is just so gorgeous..

Tuesday - May 10 - Its HOT in this hizzle.... yep - that was the temperature in my house when I got home from work.  WHEWWWW-WEEEEE!  We're still waiting to get a new unit installed.  Until then, sweating is good for the skin, right?  I actually even went running that day & coming into the house was NO relief.  I just had to sit in front of a fan for about 15 minutes to cool down. 

Wednesday - May 11 - Me on CD... weird! .... I gave the lesson to the youth on Doubt.  I didnt know that I was being recorded, but at the end of the night, I was asked if I wanted it on CD.  I was afraid to hear myself.  I sound so twang-y to myself... but its who I am, so what can you do.  It was nice though because I could let Ricky listen... do you know after me giving Ump-teenth number of lessons/messages/ sermons - whatever you want to call it - Ricky has NEVER heard me?!?!?  He says he hears me talk enough :)  But now, he can take my voice along with him in his car to listen even MORE.... see?  God is so good! :) haha!!

Thursday - May 12 - Ricky has a new love... & its redhead too! .... He got himself a new truck.  A dream of his.  And this bad-momma-jommba is beautiful.  It's his new toy which is well deserved.  He works hard for his money so I was happy for him to get something he's been wanting for awhile. 

Friday - May 13 - Goat's Milk on my face?!?!?! .... A friend had posted on her blog about this awesome family that sells Goat Milk Soap & apparently they arent too far from me.  I went on their website & found their soaps & decided to give an order.  WOW - I had the order in my mailbox the NEXT DAY!!!  And my bars of soap smelled like heaven.  I got some Milk & Honey & Oatmeal for my body & a Tree Tea for my face... & I'm in LOVE!!!  Be sure to stop by & check them out right HERE .. Goat Milk Stuff...

Saturday - May 14 - Throo the Zoo ... yep, you've heard me talk about it on Saturday.  Another 5k ... Yes Dawn, my load of running t-shirts is taking over.  I need to really learn how to quilt so I can turn these all into a beautiful blanket of some kind...

Hope you've all had a great week.  Stop by Sara's blog & check out everyone else's weeks...

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