Tuesday, July 31, 2018

I made Debbie Downer look positively giddy....

I am a tad bit embarrassed.

& the scary thing, I dont get embarrassed easily so that's saying something.

Maybe its more of a pride thing... or a humbling thing... any ways, I can say, it wasn't a good feeling.

Sunday, we had a meeting for our new year starting in youth ministry.  I can't believe it, but this will be my 17th year working in youth ministry.  17 years.  Are you kidding me?  That's a long time.  Like, enough time to see a lot of my past youth kids grow up & have kid(S) - multiple - of their own.  That just blows my mind.  I always say I've been in this way too long.  But yet, God still gives me the passion & the heart to let young people know that older people love them & are there for them & praying always that I can point them to a God who loves them the mostest!!! :)

 You can make up words that aren't really words in youth ministry. It's what makes you cool.

This is an exciting year for me because while I have dabbled with Senior High Ministry, I've typically stuck to Middle School Ministry.

I've always heard it said in High School Ministry, the kids have the attitude of "Do I like you?" when in middle school ministry, they are still so unsure of themselves & have the attitude of "Do they like me?" ... that sweet little precious bunch of hearts in one place is always what makes me love middle school ministry - even when they have the funny smell to them & are trying to decide what their style is or what kind of person they want to be.  Such formative years.

At the church I serve in now, we have the opportunity to stick with a group if you've really bonded with one another.  & to say our group has bonded is an understatement.  TOTAL understatement.

I always say that my youth kids feel like my own children & these girls are the same way... I just adore them. I think the world of them & am so blessed to be someone in their lives that they come to for advice & support.

So when they graduated out of MSM (middle school ministry) this past year, they told me I had no choice but to come up with them to HSM (high school ministry) Whew! Glad they felt that way because I wasn't going to let go of them.

& finally, here we are... what happened this weekend to make me tuck my tail & hang my head a little.

This weekend was the kick off of our meeting as leaders to see how the year was going to go.

Our church is just the best at making the people that give of their time in ministry feel valued.  They had lunch for us from Subway (& the awesome leaders get my vegetarian diet & had me a beautiful salad ready) & they had cards with the fall dates on them & some information on how to equip us for a great year ahead.

You just randomly sit at a table & I ended up sitting next to one of the most special young ladies I know - who ironically is a school teacher with another beautiful young lady who is a teacher & is in my JOYSTER group. Small world, right?

But our table was filling up & I was even more excited that my new partner, Rachel, came & sat at our table.

Rachel is the HSM Youth Pastor's wife & I have heard basically 1,983 good things about her so I am SO SUPER EXCITED to work along side her & get to know her over the next 4 years.  We're actually meeting up for coffee this week so we can kick off our new friendship.  I told her that she better hang on, because I'm already moving her up to Best Friend category in my world.

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While we were eating & before they kicked off the program, they threw out a question for us to go over while we were finishing up eating.  A basic conversation starter kind of question.

"Talk about one positive thing that happened over the summer"

The first lady that went had a beautiful story of getting her youth girls together over the summer & having a fun girls night together that involved all things that girls like to do - giggling, laughing & photo shoot fun!

& then I was next.

Let me tell you - I know I had to be the Debbie Downer if ever there was one.
& I'm not a Debbie Downer typically.  But this day, this moment, I even made Debbie Downer look like the cheeriest of the group.

My turn... talk about one positive thing that happened over the summer....

& I just said, "Skip me - move on"...  & I literally couldnt even hold my head up.

I should stop here & say, this was just a tough weekend.  I have missed my dad so fiercely lately. I was in random bursts of tears the day before just because - totally out of the blue. BAM! Instant tears & that grief sucker punch that literally feels like someone kicked me in the gut.

& I'm still in pain physically.  So much pain.  I've never healed up from the surgeries correctly & needing to make appointments to go back, which I know is going to lead to MORE surgeries ... & I have another heavy worry & more tests ahead with other health issues - which I promise, I'll talk about soon.  I've not been avoiding it, I just haven't stopped to write about it yet.

All that on top of me & when asked to find some joy in a moment, I literally wanted to pull some sort of Kanye angry face, stand up, & drop a mic & walk out.

Such an attitude every youth leader should have, right?

My sweet friend next to me reminded me that she has seen posts of Ernie all summer long & he's a bright light in my summer - which indeed he is.  & I did talk about my baby boy for a minute before we moved on to hear the others stories & the things they found blessings in.

& as they were going around the table.... the shame & the humiliation set in on me.

I am good at finding the joy.  I am good at finding things to be thankful for.

In all the mess of the summer & all the mess that still is & still lays ahead, I do know there are blessings & good things.... I've even documented them here trying to continue my Thankful Thursdays when I can.

Some days, its tough. It's digging deep to really reallllllly find the good things. But they're there.

It just showed me how easily we can get blinded by the negative, the hard things.  It's so easy to overlook the joy. It's just comfortable to sit in the pity of life & say, "There's nothing good" when so much good is around.

So if anyone is reading this that sat at my table that day - I apologize to you.  I'm sure I left a wonderful impression - especially on the people there that had never met me before.

& I'm thankful that God tapped me on the heart & reminded me that He has put blessings in my life every single day - even on the worst of them this past summer. It's what God does.  It was a gentle reminder to keep my focus on the good in life & not let Satan distract me with the hard that will always, inevitably come in life & how he wants to use that to just be a shadow that overcasts everyone else's joy.

I hope to encourage you today... find that good. If you are going through some tough times right now - dig deep. Find one thing that is positive.  Cling to it.  Let it make you smile.  Let it fill your heart.  & then find another & another thing.  Perspective & vision & what we focus on makes all the difference. Let it be filled with the blessings you are given.

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Thursday, July 26, 2018

Memories, 5 yrs & a long road trip .... {Thankful Thursday #181}

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This week I am Thankful for:
(I missed some where I posted about my uncle passing - so this goes back a little bit more than a week)

My job
Y'all... I STILL cant say enough about this place & the people I work with & for. I was told when I started that every year, there are reviews & raises given out & I was like, what's that? Raises? I haven't had one in over 10 years at my previous job.  So when I got one, not even being here a year yet, I nearly cried. No, scratch that, I did cry.  Just to be shown appreciation at a job is something that I'm not used to & it makes me even more grateful for being blessed to be in this firm.

Uncles service
I know my uncle had put so much thought into his funeral & what he wanted it to look like & have parts of it that he really wanted - & I think it all happened. Which makes me so happy for him & his family. It was really a beautiful service - heart felt, moving & filled with such beautiful songs from his family & friends.  A real tribute to a man who lived life so well.

Ride with Tony & Madi
It really was a nice ride with my brother & one of my nieces to the country for the burial.  I thought it would feel forever long, especially when 'sitting' is an issue for me right now. But it went fast, the pain wasn't too intense & we had some good laughs on the way.  I probably havent spent that much time alone with my brother in probably .... hmmm....mmmm..... I cant even tell you how long.  So I was a really nice surprise to see it happen.

Ricky support
I had to go to a pretty important doctor's appointment & was so grateful for Ricky being next to me the whole time (I'll talk more about this appointment next week... & let's just say, life still isn't easing up on me folks) ... but this appointment ended up taking 3 hours!!! EEEKKK!!! & I know Ricky was about ready to loose his mind - from the stress of the appointment, much less the waiting... but he sat there & held my hand the entire time. 

Coffee date with friend
I've just had a lot on my mind & a lot happening in life so it was so nice when a friend took the time out of her busy schedule to just meet me at a coffee shop & treated me to an iced chai tea latte & we got to chat & cry & laugh together. The best medicine for the soul.

We chose to sit outside this time... love this coffee shop!

Omni Lunch
I went to lunch with some coworkers on Friday & they suggested we go to the new hotel in town that opened up. It's beautiful & I've been anxious to go in there to check it out. Well, they have a little 'market' in there that has all sorts of food options - & shopping & desserts & Gelato - its just the cutest place! I'm glad to know its a walk away for lunch now.

Perfect timing for readathon
The weather was cool from storms that rolled through the night before - & the storms even knocked out a lot of our service & with our TV's & internet being down - it couldn't have been better timing for reading.  & so grateful I was able to do a lot of it outside!

Harvey Dent 5 years old!!!!
Y'all... can you believe our baby boy is 5 years old???? His birthday was Saturday!  I can't believe how fast time flies. He was just a little puppers in our arms like yesterday. & here he is turning into a young man!  My heart!

They truly are a blessing, aren't they?  We rode out to see my mother in law this weekend & we always drive by Ricky's childhood memories & I asked him to take me by my old house - the house I was brought home to when I was a baby & the house I lived in till the day I got married - the same house my parents lived in until they moved 4.5 miles from me in the country.... nothing like driving down your old road & seeing visions of kick ball games & sleep overs & hide & go seek & bicycle riding & roller skating paths.  Memories are truly something to cherish.

So many memories

What are you Thankful For this week?

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

My dad's birthday... & the gifts he has left me....

Today is my daddy's birthday.

He would have been 74 years old today.

My dad's birthday last year 7/24/2017

I still can't believe he isn't here...
I really can't believe he's been gone over 2 months now.

I think of dad every day... every single day... & I've been thinking of some of the things that dad has taught me in my life. The things that have stuck with me growing up & will stick with me as I continue down the journey of life in this world.... so as I think about him especially on his big day, here are some of the gifts that my daddy left me.

Try everything
My dad was all about trying things out.  He had no fear of things (except trains - for some reason, Amtrak's freaked him out - which is so weird) - or I should say he was all about trying new things out.  If you were to call him & ask him to go take a painting class, or go on a road trip, or go learn to ride a camel, he'd be up for it.  He'd be up for anything. I think he'd even jump out of a plane if someone asked him too.  He had coworkers that asked him to go play golf one time. He'd never played golf in his life, but it was a new experience & dad was all about trying out new things... & he liked it. I dont think he ever played again but he could mark it off his list of things he's done in life.  He checked a lot of things off.  I need to learn to have more of that adventurous outlook.

Dont Worry
I talked about this at dad's funeral - but dad really was a person who just seemed to let things roll off his shoulder. I really dont remember dad holding grudges, or dad sitting up worried about things.  If I talked to him about things I was worried about - & I was the worrier of the family so I was always talking about things I'd worry about - he would just remind me that in most cases, there isn't a lot I could do in a situation.  God was in control. Things would play out as they should - so why worry about it - why waste the energy.  I can honestly hear dad's voice in my head still saying "Dont worry about it Beck".... I am still working on this dad, but trying for you.

Work is important, but dont make it everything
Dad was a worker.  A hard worker.  There's a famous story in our family that dad was rolling in the floor in horrid pain with a kidney stone, & it passed & he popped up & was excited he would make it to work on time & not have to take a day off.  My dad never missed a day of work. Never.  If he was sick, he'd tough it out.  He just knew the value of a job & he really instilled that in me & my brother.  But it was funny as dad retired & he'd worry about my brother & I as we would always make it to work, no matter what - if we were sick, if the weather was bad, we'd make it.  Dad would call me & tell me, "Work is important, but its not everything" & he'd tell me he wanted us to be smart & safe, but it was too late. Tony & I have that work ethic instilled in us.   One of the last texts I have on my phone from my dad is when I went back to work only 1 week after my surgery & dad text me to see how I was making it through the day & told me that if I was in too much pain, he'd come drive downtown to get me & we'd just leave my car in the garage.  That text means the world to me now.

Take Back Roads
Dad was all about taking the time to take back roads - explore - find things that could otherwise be overlooked.  It always made me so car sick.... but I'll admit, it is about seeing things that feel undiscovered.  I understand now its just about taking time to appreciate the view.  Time to appreciate the beauty in things that are so easily missed.

Show up for others
I think this was the Baptist deacon & the grandson of a pastor instilled in him - but my dad was all about showing up.  He knew it was important to let other's know they had someone there that they could count on.  No matter the circumstances.  I can remember dad going to the funeral home when Ricky's friend Ernie passed away. Dad probably met Ernie once in life, but he showed up - for Ricky.  He would show up just to let people know they weren't alone.  He'd especially do that for family.  When I had to go to the ER for my abscess - dad had literally walked out of the hospital after his own antibiotic treatment of sitting in a hospital chair for over 3 hours, but turned right back around to sit with me in the ER - & came back again when I had my surgery & waited. Dad was also there at the twins games & practices - to show support any way he could.  There really is something about seeing a familiar face next to you - even if words aren't spoken - just a hand to hold, a shoulder to lean on, a hug - just the presence knowing someone's got your back.

Pies are good medicine
I've talked about that on here before so many times - how when life was tough for me, I had a Hershey pie coming my way from my daddy.  & Ricky? His pick of 'medicine' was coconut cream pie.  Dad was about feeding the soul with sweets.  & it did make everything better.  After my 2nd surgery after dad passed away, I literally cried because I didnt get a pie.  Not because I needed the pie that much - but because I missed the heart behind the pie - the idea that my dad would take the time to make something to just bring a smile to your face.  The taste was just the bonus - the icing on the cake, or pie if you will.

He made me Potato Candy for my birthday .... I was so happy!!!!
Sugar may be my love language

Have a dream always
My dad dreamt of something for as long as I could remember.... he wanted to have a horse farm for special needs children.  & "Special needs" to him meant anything. From children that had disabilities - to children that didnt have a home - or came from abusive households. He just wanted all the children know they had somewhere they could go - & teach them the power of horses & working on a farm.  The work that it takes to care for a horse that builds character & the love for horses & the love they can give in return.  It was something he talked about & would dream about how it would look.  I always wish I could win the lottery just so we could make some form of this happen. Dad would have been amazing at leading this.  In all this, it reminds me that a dream is never 'aged out' - Dad never stop dreaming it because he got older & he never gave up dreaming it could happen.  It didnt happen how he thought it would, but I do think he touched a lot of people's lives even with his horses he had.  Neighbors, people coming down the street, a stranger walking by - he'd talk to them & take them to his horse & talk to them & become friends - no longer strangers - everyone welcome to his place.... dad played out his dream however he could.  I still wouldnt mind to pick up his dream somehow if I win that lottery one day myself.

Image may contain: 3 people, horse and outdoor

Stay informed & vote
I can remember being little & always knew when it was election day. Playing with neighbors would have to take a back seat because I'd have to ride with my parents so they could vote.  It was always a big deal & I loved that it was instilled in me to let my voice be heard in the voting booth.  Dad was always on top of the news.  He'd sit & watch local news or any of the big news stations to stay up on the latest happenings.  He always felt it was important to stay informed & know what was going on around you.  We never really talked a lot about politics in our home like most people probably do - but we did talk about what was going on in the world around us.  I know the last election that was so hotly talked about, I did have a conversation with dad about his views on it & he really did have interesting points that made me think.  Just showed me that dad always kept the values of what voting meant to him & that he was on top of knowing why he was voting a certain way. I appreciate that reminder.

Tough it out
Dad suffered with a lot of pain with his hips & shoulder & knees through the years.  & do you know it never once slowed him down or stopped him from doing anything.  He could hardly walk without a limp & sometimes would stumble where he couldnt even lift his legs at one point, but he NEVER stopped doing things, never stopped going places. never once let it slow him down.  He knew life adventure was far better than any pain - any moment with loved ones was better than any missed opportunity.  I've said it before - the Wood men are tough men.  Dad was a testament to that himself.  He'd never let the aches & pains of this life hold him back

Know where you're going
I heard it so much in my life, "You're not going to get out of this world alive - you better know where you're going" ... I've talked so many times about growing up in church with dad - & my dad being raised with his grandfather who was a minister.  Dad taught others his whole life about knowing who Jesus was & assuring where you were going when you left this world - because as he said, you will leave this world.  Dad didn't go to church  as much as he got older, but he still listened to sermons at home, & he'd definitely listen to old time hymns & gospel songs - & always sent me ideas for youth lessons & things to talk with the girls about.  My dad knew where he was going - & I know where I'm going some day as well, because my daddy raised me in the ways of the Lord... & I am so honored I get the chance to tell others as well.  I am thankful that I was raised by a man who taught me who Jesus was from the moment I was born & raised knowing that Jesus was my Savior.  I always say that I never "came to know Jesus" or "Found Jesus" - because Jesus was just always a part of my family.  The most lasting, eternal gift my dad could have ever left me.

My dad's cousin, my dad & his baby brother Timmie
All 3 of them together in heaven today

... I'm sure dad will come back to me in memories of more gifts he's left me & more lessons he's taught me....

Today, on his birthday, I am just reminded more than anything of the
gift of a father's love....
How priceless & precious it has been in my life ... how it has shaped me.

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Happy Birthday Daddy!
I miss you!

Monday, July 23, 2018

The weekend I read.... a lot.....

This weekend was the readathon!!! So in other words, this was basically me...

Related image

Except instead of sheep, this was my view....

See? Basically the same thing.

I honestly can't believe how much I read.  I ended up getting through 4 books & half way through a 5th book & a quarter of the way through an audio book.  I took the challenge seriously - but still didnt make it to the 24 hour mark. I guess those people do nothing but wake up, read, go to bed & repeat.... & maybe even skip the 'go to bed' part.

I felt like I did that but still only ended up with a time of near 14 hours of reading. 10 hours short. WOW!

I'm still proud of what I got in because I felt really accomplished....

My final reading count

& this couldnt have come at a better time because we had storms roll through on Friday night & it knocked out everyone in the area's electricity it seemed - & we didnt have computer, internet, no way to watch TV in our home ALL DAY Saturday....

& those same storms took the temps down a notch from the heat of summer we've had.  So I basically spent the entire day laying outside on my reading lounge chair - until it would rain - & then I'd go in the enclosed porch - & wait for the sun to come back out & I'd go back outside....

It was my routine of the day.

I did squeeze in some laundry so something got accomplished....

& we did make it over to see my MIL this weekend to give her her birthday gift.

But man, I think I'm going to dream about reading for the next few days....

Did you join in the readathon?

How many books have you read in one weekend?

Did you get a break from the heat?

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Cake on a stick, family & surprises {Thankful Thursday #180}

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This week I am Thankful For:

Cake Pops
OK - how have I never had a cake pop from Starbucks before? I decided to try one & my world has been changed - my eyes have been open to the amazing creation of cake on a stick.

Time with Timmie
I'm so grateful for the time we got to spend with my uncle before he passed at his house.  Me & Ricky, mom, Tony & his gang went out there on the 4th of July & had lunch over there & just got to talk to him one last time, going through pictures, telling stories.  Just so unbelievable he's gone.

The twins with Timmie's granddaughter

Thoughtful husband
I only drink sparkling seltzer water (& of course regular water) but when I run out of my cans of water, I get a little anxious.  So how cute was it when I ran out & I picked some up on the way home, only to find that Ricky knew I was out & stopped & picked me up 2 cases too. Ahhh..... so sweet.

Deaf dogs
I guess the only good thing about dogs getting older & loosing their hearing?  The 4th of July doesnt bother them anymore.  Zoe & Bruno are usually the most afraid dogs of anything noisy - like thunder & especially fireworks.  Both of them slept like a baby & never flinched one time with fireworks popping all around us.  .... Ernie? A whole other story. It was his first go at it though so I'm sure he thought the world was exploding.

Surprise Book
This came in the mail to me from a precious friend.  Such a surprise. It didnt have a note in it & I was like, Who in the world sent this?  It was funny because she had also sent me a card that said, "you'll be getting something in the mail soon from me" - but that card came the day after the book did, so I was clueless.  But it all got straightened out & I'm so thankful for my God family that is just always the best at encouraging me & praying for me.

4th of July celebration ... on the 7th
It was really nice to have everyone over to mom & dad's for the annual 4th of July celebration.  So grateful for laughs & distraction on what could have been a really sad day.

So not only did I get surprised by one friend earlier in the week, I got another surprise from my beautiful blog friend.Alexandra.  This bracelet is BEAUTIFUL!!!! & the words that came with it, even talks of "knit" together.... I seriously teared up. Those words hit my heart something fierce.  I have said it before & will continue saying it - I am so blessed to have the most incredible people in my world - people I have had my arms around to hug in real life & people that I have wrapped my heart around that I've never seen their face in person.  All of the relationships are special to me.  The blogging world is just an incredible place to meet the most amazing people. 

Oh mercy... these words get me every time

What are you thankful for this week?

Wednesday, July 18, 2018


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I just binged the last season of Blackish. Man, that was a tough season where it dealt with a struggling marriage. Really tough.  But what a good show that is.  If you've never watched it, get on Hulu & binge away.

Sad. You have to know sad is an overwhelming emotion right now in my world.  Especially because today is my mom & dad's wedding anniversary.  It would have been 54 years of marriage for them.  Lift up a prayer for my momma if you think about it.


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I was on fire with this book & now at a stand still on reading.  Hoping to get it done by Friday before the big READATHON that starts Saturday morning!

Excited About

The READATHON!!!!! It kicks off on Saturday morning at midnight!!!!  I've got my books laid out & in the order I want to read them.  If you need me, I'll have my nose stuck in a book & coffee nearby.  Dont know what I'm talking about or want to join in?  Click HERE & join in.  I actually won a Still Me on audiobook from that last year. People really do win! :)  Plus, its just fun to play along throughout the day.  Keep an eye out for #24in48 on Twitter & Instagram

It's been warm but it hasn't felt like it did the past 2 weeks where it was SMOLDERING.  We're actually staying in the high 80's today the rest of the week (maybe I can do some of my readathon outside????) - but as we know, humidity is everything. UGH.   But its still not as bad as it has been this summer. 

Listening To
... well, I'll tell you what I'm NOT listening to - The Greatest Showman soundtrack. Want to know why?  It's stuck in my car's CD player.  We've tried everything to get it out - no luck. I can't listen to ANY CD in my car anymore now.  & yes, I get it - who listens to CD's in their car anymore. Me. That's who! Heck, my last car, I still listened to cassette tapes. I'm slow to change my ways.

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Proverbs 31 devotionals.  They have just been speaking to my soul lately even more than usual. Isn't it funny how sometimes, you feel like things are written JUST for you?

Favorite Quote

Monday, July 16, 2018

The weekend we said goodbye to ANOTHER family member....

Another funeral.

These are not fun weekends recently.

Having to say goodbye to yet another member of our family.... it's just a lot lately.

Friday, I left work & headed straight to the funeral home. I wish I could have taken time off to be there all day but with all the medical stuff on TOP of all the tragedy in my family, I couldnt take another day off.  So 4:30 came & I got to the funeral home as soon as I could.  And got there right when my brother got there with my mom too.

It just all felt surreal to see dad's brother there.  Like this has all been a cruel joke between brothers or something.

The hours flew in the short time we were there, seeing familiar faces & giving hugs & love & before we knew it, it was time to head home.

It was an early wake up call for us on Saturday to get ready & get back over to the funeral Saturday morning.

The service was just so Timmie. He had talked about what he wanted & planned so much of it himself & you could see the touches he had wanted.

His wife's family is such a talented bunch of people with the most amazing gift of music.... so a few of them came to sing some of the songs Timmie had picked out.  Which really poked my heart because one of them was the song they had played at my grandmother's funeral & another song was the song I had picked out for my grandfather's funeral (Timmie's mom & dad)  It just all seemed to be a full circle, family connection sort of moment. I know that's why Timmie chose those songs.

& there were a few preachers that spoke & a family friend of Timmie's & then his daughters. Oh man... that was tough to hear.  But they told me that since I spoke at dad's funeral, Timmie wanted them to talk at his.  & they gave me a "Thanks Becky" for that too - HAHA. Sorry girls.  But they did an incredible job of honoring their daddy. Spoke so beautifully about him & how much they love him.

After the funeral, it was time for a long ride.... Timmie was to be buried in the country where his wife's family is at , in a little country cemetery down a back road.  It all is just perfectly Timmie.

I ended up riding with my brother & one of the twins on the way & the time really went fast & we just had a really good time talking & chatting & making our way. Who knew me & my brother could be in close quarters that long & not kill each other?  Good to know! LOL

It was HOT! I mean, HOOOOTTTTT!!!! The temp was 98 degrees & we had to wait for everyone to make it down from Louisville - an hour & 40 minute trip.... so everyone tried to scatter in the shade until the last pall bearer arrived.

Only my brother standing in the sun with someone talking.

This little one gave no cares that it was smoldering out. She was just about chasing butterflies & looking at the bugs that got under the tulle of her dress.  She made the day so much brighter for people's broken hearts.

Timmie's youngest grand daughter

Luckily, the little church at the side of the cemetery was open & we could go in there & use the bathroom & soak up some of the AC.  It was the cutest little church I have seen.  I can just imagine all the old fashion hymns played  every Sunday in this place.

The last one arrived & my aunt's brother spoke a few words about Timmie & why he was being laid to rest there & it really did end his service beautifully when everyone sang Amazing Grace one last time together.

Tony & I walked across the cemetery to my aunt's brother's home - he does monuments & we looked a bit for some ideas for dad's.  We also were in love with his little shed he had on his property. I took a pic because I now want one of these for a She-Shed.  Let's see if that happens.

All our family got together after the service to have some dinner before the drive home & we were wanted to go to somewhere local - get a feel of the small country atmosphere.  & you KNOW you're in the country when the special of the night was WILD GAME... which included rabbit & frog legs & quail. MMMMMM ....mmmmmm .... HAHA!

I was happy with my veggie plate.... & the sweet potato casserole that was COVERED in brown sugar. OH MY GOODNESS! So delicious. Country places know how to cook, don't they? May not know about calories or heart healthy food - but hey - when in Rome.

My brother & niece & I headed home & didnt end up getting home till around 8pm... it was a long day to say the least.  But I wouldnt have missed it for the world to say goodbye to my only uncle on my dad's side.

Our family is just getting smaller by the minute it seems....

Sunday, I just wanted to stay in bed as long as possible.  & I actually did that for awhile with heating pads & ice packs all over my body. I truly think I'm falling apart.  Slowly & painfully.....

& then I uploaded pics of the funeral & started editing them.

I know some people may think that's sort of strange.... but my uncle was a photographer. I think he would have wanted it & loved it.  He also loved to document things (like someone I know... ahem, ahem....) & I know he really loved the picture I had taken at his own dad's funeral of his casket. He actually printed it out & had the print of it on his shelf at home.  & I had asked his daughter & wife if it was something they wanted me to do - & understood if it wasn't something they wanted captured. They did want me to & honestly, I wish I had someone do it for me for my dad's funeral.  It's a moment in your life that you remember so clearly anyways.

But Sunday just seemed to be laid back - or at least I tried to make it as laid back as I could.

I spent most of the day under a back massage contraption & was excited that Baby Ballroom just released a Season 2 on Netflix.  I love that show!  I feel like the guy & his wife on there are SNL skit characters. Seriously.  But that show was the highlight of my Sunday....

So we PRESS ON to a new week.... praying it goes smoother & kinder to our family.

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