Saturday, October 31, 2009

Six Word Saturday

...& not in any sorta bad way.  We're heading to our friend Lynn's house tonight for a Halloween party & I'm dressing up as Pippi Longstocking.  And to get my pig tails out & defying gravity, I gotta get some wire.  I'm anxious to see how it works.  My hair dresser said my hair is too heavy, so I'm excited to see if it works out.  Ricky has been yelling at me for the past few days to give it a try, & I've just had fun telling him "Oh, it'll work"... so now, I'm hoping it'll work...

Have a fantastic & safe Halloween everyone! 

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Daddy, let your baby grow up to be cowgirls...

Being on vacation & it being a beautiful time of year, my dad asked me if I wanted to go horse back riding with him.  Now, my love for dogs is comparable to his love for horses.  He's always been a cowboy & he knows his stuff about horses.... me, I'm just along for the ride... but he's given me some horse knowledge through my life, and with a good ole horse, some basics on "steering", how to make them stop & I'm ready to go!  Here are some pictures of the day...It was just a perfect day...

The leaves were amazingly beautiful!!!

We came to a clearing & there was a playground.  When the kids saw us, it was like the world stopped.  Next thing we knew, kids were coming over to see the horses.  Dad & his horse are just too good around kids.  And dad was prepared - he had peppermint for the little ones to feed the horses!  This was so fun to watch!

Here I am... tell me the color isnt breath taking!

me & my daddy!! .....

Me & my "brother"... my dad's 3rd child!  Such a good horse!

I told dad I'm ready to go again when I get the chance... just a perfect day... but I'll be honest... I'm hurting in places that NO ONE should be hurting in.... a little bit of pain for a little bit of fun!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

After 14 yrs... conversation with Ricky...

So today is my 14th wedding anniversary with Ricky... 14 years!  WOW!  So we were talking about it at dinner & here's a little insight

Me:  So honey, what's your best memory of the wedding?
Ricky:  ... hmmm.... (thinking)... (& thinking).... I cant really say what the best memory was.  It was ALL fun.  Wasn't it fun for you too?
*I have to say, this is huge that Ricky thought it was fun because he is such a backwards, shy person & didnt really even want to have a wedding with alot of people.  We ended up having about 75, just family & close friends & it really made him feel comfortable... & he really enjoyed the day

Me:  But what stood out for you most about the wedding?
Ricky:  You laughing!  You laughed the whole way walking down the aisle & laughed through the whole ceremony.
*That's true - I did!  People who were sitting behind & couldnt see our face, they thought I was crying so hard... but those that knew me said "Nope, she's laughing"... & I was!  Laughter is a good thing...right?

Me:  What was the worst thing of the day?
Ricky:  I didnt get a good card beforehand. 
*The guys opened up baseball cards before the wedding to pass the time
Me:  I thought you were going to say your vest!
Ricky:  Oh man - you are so right!  My own best man wouldnt trade vests with me!  That was horrible!
*Ricky was so upset!  They gave him the wrong vest.  He was supposed to have a solid white but they gave him black & white.  He knocked on my door (We didnt see each other before) & was so upset & saying he didnt know what to do - he looked hideous.  My wonderful matron of Honor reassured him he looked fine.  He still wasnt happy about it... & I was brought that memory back to him.

Me:  Who were you most excited to see there that day?
Ricky:  You (can I hear a big collective, AAHHHH) - I didnt get to see you all day & I couldnt wait to see what you looked like... (again - AHHHH)
*I was just excited to see my grandmother there.  My whole life, my grandma said she just wished she could see me grow up, see me graduate high school, see me get married... she thought she wouldnt make it to any of these things... but there she was - on my wedding day.  That was pretty cool... made me miss my other grandma a bunch though... so thankful one of my grandmas were there.

Me:  After 14 years, what have you learned about marriage?
Ricky:  "Your right, I'm wrong, I'm sorry"
Me:  SHUT UP! 
Ricky:  I do say I'm sorry first, & I'll say I'm wrong, but I HATE saying you're right
*My dad, on our wedding day, told Ricky that advice.  Told him to always remember to say that line throughout all the problems we have.  After all these years... he stills says it!  Dad, who says no one listens to you!

Me:  What advice would you give anyone getting married?
Ricky:  RUN!!!!!!!

There is a glimse of us, together after 14 years!  Here's to another 14 years...
Happy Anniversary PUNK!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Bible - exciting?

So I need some thoughts & opinions.

We had our girl's small group & we were talking about how much they read the Bible.  Now, I remember being a teenager... all those years ago... & I always loved to read books, even from a wee-tike!  But I also remember not thinking it was all that exciting to read the Bible.

While these young ladies do have a heart for Christ, & they do want to live for Him, & they do want to learn, they just dont want to read the Bible.  They were saying its just sorta "boring" & not exciting... but the thing that gets me is to think how much they love youth events that involve teaching the Bible... or even our small group!  These 7 girls have been so dedicated to coming to our group & learning about scripture or what God calls us to do for over a year!  For teenager girls to give that sort of commitment impresses me so much - it shows their heart & how they want to LEARN from the Bible!  Just not if they have to read it....

I know now, as a leader, as someone who gets in the Bible more & more & tries to get in it even more then that, I learn new things all the time & find some exciting stuff!  After all, where else can you find stories of the past that involve all the stuff that would make a soap opera cringe!!!  And all the while, learning how to make your life a happier thing - I mean, if you love all the time, how much happier would your life be?  And PLUS, add in the salvation that is offered - the Bible is pretty darn exciting...

But what do you recommend for these young ladies - how would you recommend the Bible to be more exciting to a group of teenage girls?  or do you even find it exciting?  What makes you want to read it everyday?

Monday, October 26, 2009

No vacation from Dancing

I may be on vacation this week, but its not going to stop me from getting my dance groove on... Lets get ready because we're LLLIIIIVVEEEEEE......

Mya & Dmitry - Taking on the Jitterbug.  As cute as Miss Mya was in her little old fashion outfit, I was a little underwhelmed with it.  After years of DWTS, I know the kicks are to be sharp & precise & she looked like she was doing a nice little light aerobic routine to me... hmmm... I agreed with Len, so I'm sorta scared for myself. 

Melissa Joan Hart & Mark - I love how the beginning of EVERY week, Melissa says, "its time for me to get serious..."... as much as I love Mark, I'm ready for her to go.  (see, I'm all cranky like Len tonight... what's WRONG with me?) I love Mrs. Ballas got to come in & scream "You fell asleep young lady'... go get 'em mom!  And while Melissa looked beautiful for the waltz & Mark looks so much better with his mane of hair trimmed up, she just doesnt do it for me lately...

Mark & Lacey - Lacey took Mark to a Jitterbug Club!  Who knew those clubs existed?  Does every town have one of these?  Where is my local club at & how can I get in?  I may break something swinging around someone's back, but it looks like fun! ..... This dance involves kicks & flips - how can Mr. Karate NOT do well in this?  .... & he didnt let anyone down!  But am I the only one who thinks Lacey looks like some sort of maid in her outfit?

Aaron & Karina - All I can think about when I see Aaron is the scene from "Talk Soup" on E! that has him screaming like a 5 yr old girl....They have the waltz tonight.  As much as I dont care for either Aaron or Karina, it was a beautiful waltz.  I was just staring at Karina's dress throughout most of it.  I wanna gem for the middle of my back!!!  But I'll give props where props are deserved - it was a very nice dance.  I think the beautiful Lionel Ritchie song helped too... classic...It'll be interesting to see if he is still in the bottom...

Michael & Anna - So Michael has a radio show that is helping keep him in!  Nice to pull out fans from where you can.  I hope they dont keep him in too long though.... he's not the best of the best there... but he has the waltz tonight & this dance seemed to work for him.  He looked so smooth ... I guess his little pep talk on being a champion kicked in because I really enjoyed him - for the first time!

Kelly &  Louis - I LOVE these two together.  He seems like the coolest big brother to her - he's looking out for her & pushes her.  And I love that she tells him off every step of the way too!  The word "bloody" is just so cute coming out of her mouth! ... Kelly is not the best dancer there, but Tom hit it on the head when he whispered to her "Its so fun watching you have fun"... I just wish she'd get more confidence in herself to just let herself go instead of dreading the worst.  She's just so adorable!

Louie & Chelsie- It was fun to see video of Louie in his element on the snowboard.  And loved how he brought the word "stoked" into the world of Ballroom!  Him & Chelsie tackle the jitterbug & you see once again how little this guy is.  His kicks show how short his legs are... he's just so cute though with Chelsie, but she probably didnt enjoy getting dropped on her bum a few times.  oops!  And how cute was it with him planting a smooch on her at the end.  He must have been really stoked!

Joanna & Derek - Is it wrong that I liked when Derek pushed Joanna in the face & said "Stay out"?  (I'm so bad!)... Yes, she looked beautiful - Yes, the waltz was nice - yes, the spin was lovely.... but I still dont like this lady... havent from the beginning - wont at the end.  I hate that she's with Derek because I love him - but if she's in the end & wins this thing... I'll quite watching (well, probably not, but I'll do something dramatic - like throw a sock at the TV)

Donnie & Kym - I have to start off by saying, who knew in ballroom, you could say the words "I'll be going through your legs & you do a Choo-choo while looking at my butt!"... WHO KNEW?  They got the Jitterbug & this is all about energy & showmanship - how can a man who has performed since 5 years old mess this up?  He can't because he's DONNIE OSMOND!  I love this man!  Even more so because they volunteered to teach others to dance... Let this be the Osmond's year! (All 8's????  dorky judges! - what's wrong with you!)

Mambo Competition!  This is fun to see - something new on the show!  I just enjoyed the idea of Michael kicking everyone out of the way... how funny would that be if he just went around & tripped everyone?  I might throw him a vote if he'd trip Joanna for me (dang - there I go again!)...... & I just spoke too soon... How did Joanna win this thing?  BLAH!  Oh well - I'm glad Derek won, if only for letting Donnie Osmond do a shimmy walking over top of him (did you catch that?)

So double elmination tomorrow!  And I like the judges are sorta in charge of it - no more mess ups like last week of having Natalie voted off.  Who do you think will be there?  Michael?  Louie?  Joanna?  (Oh, I can keep my fingers crossed)

Jitterbug on....

Let the sleeping begin....

I'm up late on Sunday night typing this & setting it to post on Monday morning... why?  Because the plan is to be SLEEPING early Monday... ahhh, let Vacation begin!

We got through the "Amazing Race" with the youth at church (TOO much fun!) & Sunday, had a great day at church & I came home & tackled my garage.  I told Ricky, my one goal is to get my car back in the garage while I'm off work.  So I packed up my car full of stuff & drove it down to Goodwill & now, I only have one more full load & my car will be in the garage... hopefully tomorrow!  Want to get it in there before the frost hits around her.  I despise defrosting a window.

I also wanted to get the garage cleaning finished so I could relax through the week.  Usually we go to Gatlinburg for a vacation & this year, we just wanted to take it easy - get things done around the house, let Ricky's leg rest some (his job is just so rough on him)... it'll be nice to stick around & not have the hustle & bustle of packing & unpacking & traveling... for a car sick puker, that's a very nice idea.

So hopefully, I'll be sleeping in - I'm shooting for at least 8:00 am... that sounds like heaven....

But I will be blogging through the week... I'm telling you - starting back in Genesis with the Jr. High kids has given me such insight that I had never noticed before... you all are going to be hearing alot from me coming up with thoughts of stories we've all heard over & over... but God's so cool like that to reveal new things each time... making all things new....

Happy Monday everyone!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Six Word Saturday

Getting ready for the AMAZING RACE!!!

No - not the tv show... but the youth event that is going down today!  Ever see the tv show?  Then you know what's in store for the youth form our church today.  They will be taking out at 3:00 from our church & have 12 different "pit stops" they have to go to.  The pit stops involve homes of people from the church & they have to perform whatever activity that host home involves... talk about fun!

Because we dont want these kids on the road driving like idiots (like they do on the show) - we're basing it on timed events at each pit stop.  Safety first! 

These kids are going to come to the finish line wet, muddy, poop smelling & probably ready to THAT'S a youth event.  The pastor's wife hit the nail on the head - she said, "if someone throws up on themselves or pees on themselves - that's a true sign of a successful youth event"... amen sister!

At my house - the pit stop is involving dimes... & a mess... they have to dig in a 5 gallon bucket that is filled with macaroni (thanks Lynn!) & tomato sauce to find 50 dimes... there are also like 200 pennies & 100 nickels mixed in...

Some other pit stops involve shoveling horse poop, an obstacle course, archery, ponds on people's property, bobbing for apples IN ICE!!!!!, Christmas carol challenges, a gross much fun is that going to be?

We have the best church family that is involved with these kids... & a big thanks to Christy - who is the MASTER of organizing events!  And to our youth minister Jeremy, who is all about letting these kids have fun!

So off to get my "pit stop" ready...

Friday, October 23, 2009

Friday Fragments - Part 2

Friday Fragments?
OK - I'll try this again since yesterday, my computer was all wacky... gotta love technology sometimes!

*So I'm on OFFICIAL COUNTDOWN!!!! Vacation!!!  In... just... 8 hrs!!!!!!  I feel like a kid on the last day of school before summer break!  (That's a little sad, really)  This year, we're just staying at home & taking it easy.  Going to do some home projects, take some day trips, SLEEP IN (Thank you Lord), & enjoy the ease of the week!  I got 3 good books waiting for me too, so might have to put the rocking chair to good use...

*COUNTRY LIVING:  One of the down sides of it... I was driving down the road early, heading to work & thought, someone must have dropped tons of paint off their truck... driving home in the daylight - I see its no paint - its blood!!!!  And I'm not talking a small amount - I'm talking someone must have takent out Bambi's whole family!!! The next day, driving over it - I was gagging....

SPAT OF THE WEEK:  Ricky watched the movie "Penelope" with me.... He said, "She's not too bad looking - she actually looks sorta like you"... HUH?  OK - dont know if that's a compliment or a slam - hence, the spat of the week!  You calling me a pig girl?  But he said her nose wasnt too bad looking... I'm all confused... I will say though - I want her wardrobe - especially her purple coat with all the different buttons!  Too cute!

*Is the flu taking over everywhere you are?  I'm like a NUT with sanitzer.  I'm ready to put a straw in it & drink it up!!!  But a fellow church friend, who is all about natural healings & ingredients - she told me that using a Neti-pot or Saline in the nose & then blow... & then gargle salt water or Listerine really helps kill the germs if they get up your nasal cavity... which is where it begins!!!  So, so far, I've been around tons of people who are sick... & fingers crossed & I'm afraid to even say this... I've been doing OK so far..

*I've learned I dont really know how to gargle very well...

*GLEE MOMENT:  Watch this behind the scene part with Sue Sylvester while they learn to swing dance!  Its so funny to see Jane Lynch in her natural state... I love this woman!!!  ***Look for her modeling with the fan... hilarious!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Friday Fragments


*To prove, I'm not just a one-hit wonder... & that I've STILL been cooking... here are some more meals I've made... this first one is a New Orleans sorta stew thingie (is that a real name a chef would give?) - its got Turkey sausage, SHRIMP (YUM), potatoes, & onions in this awesome spicy sauce...

And this is beef & cheese enchiladas.  & by cheese - the receipe called for CREAM CHEESE!!! Huh?  yep - you heard me right - CREAM CHEESE!  Which is "white" so dont tell Ricky....

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Just breathe....

Ever forget to breathe?  It may sound like a stupid question, but I've noticed how much I forget. 

I guess I noticed the most when I am working out.  I'm starting to run again - gearing up for the Mini Marathon again - & I notice that I'm about ready to pass out,  & then I start concentrating on taking breaths - in, out, in, out - & then I'm ok again.

Or at Jazzercise - they will make us yell something or give a big "YAAAAHHHH" to make sure we're breathing.  Why?  Because we'll be moving, thinking, jumping.. & forget the simpliest thing - to breath!

Do some ab work & watch how fast you hold your breath.  At the point of exhertion, you are supposed to exhale - get the air out.  Instead, most people just hold it in & let out a grunt sound.  All the while, making things rougher on your body.

How many times in life do we hold our breathe?  Usually in the hardest of moments.  I know when something shocks me, I'll gasp!  Literally, its like the breathe has been knocked out of me.  Ever have a moment like that?  ...I pray you haven't... but sadly, I think most of us have.

Or ever been so upset, you cry & you loose your breathe... its taken away from you...

Been on a roller coaster & held your breath when you looked over the edge & knew that a drop was coming?  I've totally been there!!!

Breathing... something so simple...what we need to sustain ourselves...

I told you we're starting back in Genesis & going through Revelation with the kids & I noticed in Genesis 2:7
"...the Lord God formed the man from the dust of the ground & breathed in his nostrils the breath of life, & the man became a living being."

When hard times come & we get winded or have the air knocked out of us - remember to breath in.  Take a deep breath of the breath of life that God provides for us.  Let His air fill you up to take another breath & get through the situation... & then breathe again... & again...

Monday, October 19, 2009

Poodles, nickles in the rear & Len's in a good mood???

I was late getting home tonight & thought NOOOOO - not ANOTHER night of missing Dancing with the Stars... but alas, I'm back... & this is what I see from the beginning...Does this resemble anyone you know?

Yes - it resembles our host, Samantha Harris!!! (Who did this poor girl's hair?) I was so distracted by it the WHOLE night!

Let's get this party started!
Natalie & Alex - Its Paso night... LOVE Paso night - all the anger & passion in the dance.  I love this girl, but I was just sorta bored.  Dont know if its because "American Woman" was the slowest song EVER to Paso too... or if I was tired from standing thinking she was a floating flag across the floor...It just didnt do anything for me.  Maybe because the two of them look like they cant stand each other?  She has no problem telling him she has no attraction or chemistry with him at all.  While its nice to see dancer not fall in love & hang all over each other - come on Natalie!  He's one good lookin' Russian - at least ACT like you like him!

Aaron & Karina.  Can I say first, I saw them on some award show this weekend... these two just go through me.  I think Karina has given him a lashing on how to act, because he's trying to act very mature & manly while learning the tango... but to see him fall to the floor & giggling because he was trying to act sexy... umm yeah - not so manly.  The judges liked it... I think they were just tired of seeing him cry. 

Michael & Anna.  Girlfriend needs to keep her hair dark!  And Michael needs to keep nickels out of his butt!  Yes - you heard me right!  He practiced this dance by putting a nickel in his butt & holding it there while dancing (I have to wonder, does this technique really exist?  Is THAT what's been wrong with Aaron?)... who cares how their Paso went... it couldnt have been good when all you think about is the "Bad News Bears" theme is playing.  Really - what is that name of that song?  Everyone automatically thinks of a little league gone bad when that is playing!  But in the end, Bruno ended up with the famous nickel... & it could be yours for a price.  Apparently, its going on Ebay.
Mya & Dmitry - We get to see these two get out of the studio & help with Habitat for Humanity.  I'm waiting for Miss Piggy to come around the corner, carried on some wood (love that commercial)...All I can say... let this girl build a house every week, because she NEEDS no time in a studio... she's AMAZING!!!!  She had the tango & I swear, she looked better then the pros.  I was just waiting for Len to make fun of them because I've seen him secretly wearing "I hate Mya" shirts... but he actually liked her!!!!  It was crazy good!!!  ... I do think she was jipped though... this was a 30 dance... & they gave straight 9's... BOO! (I can boo the judges from home all I want... & yell at Ricky about it... that's the fun of watching at home & not in the studio)

Mark & Lacy.  They had the Paso & the talk goes back to Mark's past as a fighter.  Who knew he had to put his fighting skills to a challenge in Hell.  Lacy comes out of a wall of fog with the scariest mohawk for a girl & flames are everywhere & the screen is just all sorts of red... I was scared... felt like I was seeing a part of Dante's Inferno...  But really - Mark did pretty decent.  I like the guy... he looks just like a friend of my brothers too.. seriously!  I've got to find a picture.. you're going to freak out when you see how much they look alike!

Donnie & Kim. Things to put on my to-do list... 1. Get a Vegas ticket & go see Donnie & Marie's show! 2.  Get a dress like Kim's ... wasnt that black dress the best dress EVER in dancing history!  3.  Grow another foot to be as tall as Kim in that dress!  4.  Try not to laugh at Donnie Osmond trying to act sexy!!!.... I mean that in the best way!  He looks like he's trying not to laugh when he's acting sexy... but the Argentine Tango was really incredible!  And his "kudos" to Bruno saying "You took me there" made the dance the best of the night... You gotta love Donnie's personality... I really hope this guy takes it all!

And I'm not saying I hope he takes it all because of the picture I just found too.... Is that from a little play called Beauty & the Beast?  And is Beauty & the Beast like my favorite thing EVER?  No - it doesnt influence me at all...

Louie & Chelsea.  Oh yeah... these two are into each other... if they're not - it aint because he doesnt like her.  Did you see how he looked her her?  Isnt young love the cutest? .... I think that Louie's dancing increases when his hair is slicked back.  Maybe he's some sort of Samson with that shaggy do!  But it was slicked back - & he had to grab Chelsea alot - so it was probably the best dance he did.  It wasnt Donnie Osmond level... but it was good for Louie!

Melissa & Mark.  Mark is one of the Flu Boys... one of the pros who the Flu has hit!  So I've been on Flu Fear here in Indiana... I guess the Flu Bug has crept into the dancing studio!  I love that Anna came in & filled in for Mark & her advice - I shall make my life motto now - "Keep the girls up"... huh?  I'm loving the dancing technique advice tonight - first, nickels in the bum & talk of keeping boobs up high?  well - for me, the advice didnt work for her.  I didnt think she really deserved a 10 last week either but who am I?  I am worried for Mark - I think his fever went to his feet - they were red like they were on BURNING UP!!!

Kelly & Louie.  "I'm a cape"... "This week, I get to be a cape".... I love her giggles.... I love she cant control her giggles... this girl is my type of girl!  I love that there is a skull on the dance floor & she's dancing to her dad's song... time to ROCK OUT THE BALLROOM!  I think Kelly & Louie are just a great couple... I love her dad there to cheer her on... she's not the best dancer, but I just love her.

Joanna & Derek.... Maxim.  Our cute little blond dancer shouldnt have danced last week without his shirt - he came down with some MASSIVE flu with fevers of 104!  Poor Derek.  But Max is there to save the day.  (I bet Karina was like DANG IT - He's back!)... Oh snap... there was screws ups with a stumble!  And if anyone saw Joanna on "Superstars" - she's good at blaming others for mistakes.  She's good at throwing curse words at her partners that screw up... watch out Max... Hold UP!!! She just blamed Max... told you... THAT is exactly why I didnt like this girl from the beginning...

GROUP DANCE!!!   We got to go back old school... as soon as I saw Donnie, I said, "Its like my doll!"... I loved that they all made fun of Donnie because he was back in his time era!  Those were some horrible wigs & some UGLY costumes... but it was the 70's!  I love these group dances because you can see they are just having fun... & in the end - Mya & Donnie stood out once again... I'm ready to go find some polyster though & tell Ricky to pull out our rolling skates!

Looking forward to the results show tomorrow - a tribute to Michael Jackson... should be amazing! 
Dance On!!!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Cuteness Factor = OVERLOAD!!!

I'm warning you... the cuteness factor in this video is BEYOND anything most people can handle!  Especially on a Monday... but if you need a Monday smile... then check this out... my mom & dad sent me this video & I HAD to share it... (My favorite part - when she says the word "Debtors"...

How easily I'm amused!!!

I love when a birthday comes around... that means a visit to look for a birthday card!  I can seriously sit & read every card & end up walking out with tears from laughter... Ricky by that point is sneaking out, acting like he doesnt know me.  I'm quick to yell, "COME HERE & READ THIS!".... but I'm used to the back I see as he ignores me... thats OK - it just gives me more time to read more cards! 

So - I had a birthday this weekend - (Happy 18th Birthday Carly Sue!) - & I found a card that I just read like 50 times before I put it in the envelope & cracked up every time... so being the blog-geek - I wanted to share it...

Is it me? Or is that one darn funny card!!!!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Six Word Saturday


So I found a web site from another blogger... wish I knew who it was so I could thank them... but it led me to a site called E-mealz.  You sign up for it & for a small cost of $1.25 a week, you get receipies for five days worth of dinners.  And the best part - they send you the ingredients you need for the whole five days.  And even better then that - they give you a shopping list... this is what has made it so exciting for me because I think its just overwhelming to get all the stuff together.

Not with this - they give you a list & have all the stuff together for the Produce department - the meat department - the Dairy... etc, etc, etc.  There is also a number for which meal it goes to beside it so if you happen to not like that meal, you can cross it off.  I now go equipped into the store knowing what I'm getting & it actually is exactly, perfectly what I need for all the meals...This whole program is endorsed by Dave Ramsey for the fact that you buy exactly what you need & its not any waste!!!!  If Mr.Dave Ramsey approves it - then you KNOW its good!

And what is the COOLEST thing - you have so many "catergories" to choose from on which dinners you want.  For us, I choose the "Dinner for two - low fat option"... but they have dinners for 4, receipes for Weight Watchers and the point system - & even more awesome - they have dinners with all the ingredients coming from specific stores, like Wal-mart or Kroger!! Tell me how amazing that is!

So I made the first meal... & of course, I had to capture the moment!

First - I cut up real sirloin steak.... which I NEVER have bought in my life... cut off all the fat & then used REAL brocoli... no frozen stuff.... real, healthy, green stuff!!!!

Then this is what blows me away... I made my own sauce!! ME... my own sauce!!! See - the world HAS to be coming to an end.  I had to buy spices & everything because me, the non-cooker, has nothing but cinnamon or spices that Julie buys when she visits & cooks! I'm hanging my head in shame no longer because I ended up combining sugar, ginger, orange juice, chicken granules, garlic powder, soy sauce & corn starch into this AMAZING sauce!!!!  Add in some water chestnuts & let it simmer until the sauce thickens!!!

In the end - look at this... Sirloin & Brocoli Stir fry...

The true test... Ricky aka MR. PICKY!!!!! He was AAAA-Mazed!!!! He said, "next time - can you make more sauce"... well, of course I can - I'm a cook now after all!

So tonight, is Enchilladas... REAL in the oven, baked enchilladas.. I never thought I'd be so excited to cook!  Cant wait for next week's shopping list to come out & I get to do it all over again!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday Fragments

Friday Fragments?

*I have to start the day by saying congratulations to my buddy Ryan!!! I know I've asked you all to pray for him many a time when he was trying to get IN the academy... well, today - he GRADUATES from the Louisville Fire Academy!  Amazing!  I remember Ryan when he was just a young teen punk in high school...

And now look at him... a real grown fire fighter!!!  Ricky & I are both going to the graduation in just a few hours... I'll probably shed a tear... Go my friend!!!

*We havent seen the sun since Sunday... Is it out there? Anywhere? Mr. Sun, please come back to us.

*The twins had their birthday this past weekend... I went over & got to visit my "great nephews"... yes, the doggies.  They are getting so big... but I sat in the floor & this is what happened...holding two puppies sleeping just made me want to sleep...

*SPAT OF THE WEEK:  Haunted Houses!!!  Ricky says we've been to a haunted house together.  I KNOW we haven't - in all the 17 years we've been together - no haunted houses!  He keeps trying to tell me I'm loosing my mind but I KNOW I have never been to a haunted house with him.  I love it though because Ricky said "You're worrying me that you dont remember that"... & I said "Where was it at?"... his response "I dont remember"... seriously?! 

*FLU - FRIGHT!!!  It seems like everyone is dropping like flies with getting the flu!!  My manager took out of work after getting sick here - right by my office door!  I think I'm ready to DRINK hand sanitizer...

Favorite Sue Quote of the week:  when calling the kids that were being slighted by their so-called-racist teacher, she calls them "Santana, Wheels, Gay Kid, Asian, other Asian, Aretha, Shaft"... this woman is hilarious!!!!

*Is anyone really shocked that Garth Brooks is making a come back?  He's like the Brett Favre of music... & I dont even know anything about Brett Favre except he keeps coming out of retirement!  I have to say - I'm not a big country music fan... but I always did like Garth Brooks.  He has that country gentlemaness to him - always taking his hat off in appropriate situations - doing the Yes Ma'am thing... well, not so gentleman if you think he left his wife after so many years for his best friend... but alas, I did like his singing.  So welcome back Garth Brooks...(I just dont think people in any entertainment industry really understands what the word "retirement" means)

*This is a quick Friday Frag because I gotta do my work & head off to the graduation!  Happy Friday everyone!!!

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