Friday, June 30, 2017

Friday Favorites

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Favorite Beauty & the Beast

Mornings find you in BEAST MODE? You'll love this Beauty and the Beast themed coffee mug from Etsy.

Kicking this week off with this because its FREAKIN' AWESOME!!!!

Favorite Shoes

Asos Fair Play Ruffle Flat Sandals

I'm a sucker for gingham anyways
... but a little ruffled edge too? So cute!
& only $23!!!

Favorite Food

HEALTHY Green Salad with Sweet Potatoes, Avo, and Tahini Dressing! 30 min, 9 ing, SO delicious! #vegan #glutenfree #plantbased #salad #recipe #minimalistbaker

Roasted Sweet Potato & Avocado Salad
This just sounds amazing.
It had me at "avocado" & then won me fully over with sweet potato!

Favorite Crafty Idea

Pastel Mason Jar Storage | DIY Spring Room Decor Ideas for Teens | Awesome Decor Ideas for the Home on a Budget

Those little faces are so cute!!!!
& an adorable way to keep all your pens or brushes upright.
It'd be cute to even hold make up brushes on a dresser for a teenager

Favorite Motivation
It all starts with your thoughts.

Favorite Reality Check

How They Treat Our Food

Be aware everyone what's on your food
... scary stuff!!!

Favorite Peencha

Faith In Humanity Restored 10 Pics

Favorite Funnies

Afternoon Funny Picture Dump 32 Pics

Morning Funny Picture Dump 35 Pics

Morning Funny Picture Dump 35 Pics

Morning Funny Picture Dump 35 Pics

Morning Funny Picture Dump 35 Pics
This was literally me & Bruno with Ricky toting along this week :) 

Morning Funny Picture Dump 34 Pics

.... when someone starts following me on Instagram but has no pictures on their account

... walking outside from a cold office to the hot humid air

... when it seems like life is on track but then reality steps in

... me at 4:00pm today

Happy Weekend Y'all!!!!!

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Mojo, tail up & the best IG shoutout....{Thankful Thursday #131}

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This week I am Thankful For:
{The numbers go with my One Thousand Gifts Journal / just ignore}

426 / Heads up.
I go to lunch sometimes where I drive on this long empty road that goes behind the airport.  Its like 4 lanes wide, a straight path & no one is ever one it.  It's just crying out for you to speed down it.  Especially when you're late getting back to work from lunch.  So I was sailing away & noticed a truck coming towards me flashing his head lights at me.... I immediately slowed down & just as I got to about 7 mph above the speed limit, I see a cop sitting behind bushes. I'd never had seen him & would have surely got a ticket.  Thank you stranger for those headlights.

427 / Bruno Tail Up.
You can tell our poor little Bruno has been feeling bad lately.  It's rough when you're 112 years old. (I feel like I age in dog years too)  But he's been walking with his tail tucked down & just 'mopey'... but the past week, his tail has been creeping back up & even wagging.  I would have never thought a tail could bring me so much JOY.

428 / Doing a 5k
I havent ran in nearly a month. So it felt really strange & foreign to be back in that motion of running. But I really enjoyed it.  It's getting my running mojo fired up again.

430 / My Buddy
I am so thankful for my sweet friend Nathalie that paid for our entry for this 5k.  & she sent the sweetest card to me in the mail along with my race bib & medal.  She is just a JOY in my life in so many ways.  I mean, she even texts me to check on my dogs... if you know me, you know my dogs are my world so that means a lot to me when someone checks in on them.

431 / Senior Session
I was just so thankful to have a perfect day for this senior session.  Earlier in the week, rain chances were high - & this day could NOT have been more beautiful.  Plus, I just loved catching up a little bit with this amazing young man (I used to be his youth leader in our previous church) & hearing his future plans.  Even when 'my kids' grow out of youth ministry or I'm not even in the same building as them any more, I still love them & love seeing how God is working in their lives.

Image may contain: 1 person, standing and outdoor

432 / MSM Remix
I was kinda bummed at the idea that there was going to be NO MSM during the summer... but love they still have something for the kids.  Leaders just arent required to be there is the only change. Well heck, you cant keep me away from my girls. I'm happy to still go during the summer.

433 / New JOYster
I am so excited to see who God is bringing to our JOY group.  The new young lady was actually a bridesmaid in one of the weddings I shot many years back & loved getting to talk to her & getting to know her more.

Some of our Mini-Joysters

436 / Good Neighbors!!!!
I had heard 2 different stories about nightmare neighbors from some friends in 2 seperate conversations & it just made me so thankful that we are blessed with amazing people on both sides of us.  I dont take that for granted one bit.

437 / Fresh eggs.
Speaking of good neighbors... our neighbors have recently started raising chickens & has a bunch of eggs.  So when they gave me a dozen fresh eggs, I was doing a happy dance... in the form of the chicken dance. Only appropriate.

438 / This IG post.
Its funny how God can use small simple things... & all of this just because I posted a picture of my hand lettering with the simple words "Just Start"

439 / Good report despite a brain tumor?
We took Bruno to the vet to have his skin looked at with his allergies aggravating him so much.  The vet said he looks surprisingly good for 16 - nearing 17 (in August)  She did say that she thought he may have a brain tumor, because his eyes are bulging out a little, & she thinks that may be what has caused his blindness.... which I'm still not 100% on that.  I can see cataracts in there too... BUTTT- I'm not doctor.  But she said even if it is a brain tumor, it apparently is slow growing because he's lost his sight slowly over time.  I've mentioned for at least 4 years how he's loosing his vision.  So she said if it IS a brain tumor, it seems slow growing so its probably nothing that will cause problems.  As she said, "Time will probably get him faster than that tumor"... she doesn't know we plan on him making it to 20 years old ;)

What's something good about your week?

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

What's Up.... BE WARNED: contains a year book picture!

Mix & Match Mama

What We're Eating This Week

This Butter Bean Salad with Sun-Dried Tomatoes, Kalamata Olives, Feta, and…
I got all the goodies for this & making it later this week
Anxious to try it. I love anything basically with feta in it, so excited to see how this tastes.

What I'm Reminiscing About

I pulled out my year book when I found out last week that a guy that sat next to me in homeroom my entire high school years passed away unexpectedly.
It was crazy to look back through my year books & see the memories... all the hand written well wishes.
It was funny because everyone commented how funny I was or how much I made class so much more fun.  I guess even then, I liked to make people smile.

Photography, Contemporary Novels & Creative Writing Club
.... yeah, you know I was going to be a blogger even then

What I'm Loving

 Honest Company
I am picky about my vitamins - I rarely take any, but my doctor has gotten on me after some MAJOR deficiencies they found.  So I stumbled on these & these are the BEST for calcium + Vitamin D.  They are delicious. I use them for my 'dessert" every night.
& plus, they are made by the Honest Company which I love their standards.
So these are vegetarian & gluten free as well.
& yeah, their labeled "for kids"... but I laugh at that.

What We've Been Up To

The hubs is still working on his little part of the world in his garage... his go-to spot.
Me? I've been working on more hand lettering. I got some really nice card stock paper in a frame-able size & creating some prints I can sale in my Etsy shop for a few dollars a piece.

What I'm Dreading

I think I said that last month too - but its never really hit.
We had maybe 3 or 4 days of humidity but then its been a really nice summer so far.
But I know its coming.  My HAIR knows its coming.

What I'm Working On
Teaching Bruno the word UP.
With him being blind, he keeps bouncing into things & then turns & bounces into something else.
So now, I've gotten in the habit of taking him out on a leash... he can get around the kitchen & the living room fairly easy (with the gate up so no more stumbles down the stairs.... that story) but to go outside, he gets confused with the small steps of the concrete patio & the steps into the house, he bounces with his head & thinks its a wall or object & turns around. So I've been teaching him on his leash when I say "UP" he'll step onto or over what he's at.
He's doing really good at it too.
Who says you cant teach an old dog new tricks!!!

What I'm Excited About

The new Spiderman movie coming out!!!!

Image result for spiderman homecoming poster

What I'm Watching 

Image result for anne with an e

I've been plowing through Anne with An E on Netflix.
I grew up loving Anne of Green Gables on TV - & really like this version.
This little girl is an amazing actress.

What I'm Reading


This isn't a typical book that I'd read, but one of my buddies actually WROTE THIS BOOK!
That is so cool to me. I am so excited for her.
So I got to preview it & I finished it last night.
I may have blushed a few dozen times reading it, but loved the premise of the book.
So proud of my friend!!!

What I'm Listening To
Image result for that sounds fun podcast

Annie Downs hasn't posted a lot of podcasts back to back but this month, she's been on top of the game... & its included the one & only Steven Curtis Chapman, as well as Lisa Harper & Sadie Robertson that I just loved so much listening to.

What I'm Wearing

June looks

What I'm doing this Weekend

Of course, I have a photo session...
& I am going to try & get some things taken care of around the house.
I really want to try & talk Ricky into going a huge flea market that is held on 4th of July weekend.
He probably wont feel like walking it & we dont need any more STUFF in our house but sometimes its just fun to rummage.

What I'm Looking Forward to Next Month

July is full of photo sessions & my dad's birthday
... so I guess that's some good to look forward to.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

I'm getting old... does Betty White work out?

Image result for golden girls working out
This picture will make more sense as you read
But I had to put it on top because its just awesome

So I've gone back & forth on where to document my life in the workout/fitness/diet/nutrition/struggle/battle/blah blah blah at....

I thought about keeping it separate & did for 2 days... until my wise, wonderful, lovely friends Nathalie & Meranda got in touch with me & basically told me, "This is your life. Put it with your other posts"... & they are so right.

I know these aren't everyone's cups of tea to read, but it is a big part of my life.

I've been a girl who loves fitness & strives to eat healthier... & I'm also someone who struggles with staying on track & keeping weight off.

Image result for the struggle is real gif

But I know some of you may just pass reading on Tuesdays... that's ok...
I just love my friends reminded me that this IS my life. Even if its not so fun, though I do try to bring a little bit of humor to every post... ESPECIALLY when it comes to working out & weight. God KNOWS I need a sense of humor when it comes to that.

I also know that I'm not alone in this.  I know there are others out there with the same struggle.
The same battle of "I'm starting over again"... again...

& you can support me & I'll be more than happy to support you.

Image result for starting over working out quote

So once again, while I'm not training to run another half marathon.... though when I heard my neighbor was doing one in the fall, my ears went up & I was like, "Do I want to do that race?"... Gaaahhh - its always in my blood. & I dont get it because I still dont consider myself a runner.

A whole other topic...

Anyways - nope. No races ahead.

Maybe some fun runs... definitely a lot of weight training...

I literally started the 21 Day Fix Extreme last week & already got through the first week & know its not the plan I want to be on.

Well that was fun for a week

So what am I starting now?  WHO KNOWS.

I literally was praying about it at lunch on what God wants me to work out with.
Is that dumb?  So #firstworldproblems?  Probably... but I also know that God wants me healthy & I want to do the plan that is going to work best for me...

Let's just count this new beginning as a physical AND spiritual beginning I guess.

I'm just excited & anxious to get back on track.

I have started watching my food intake again & lost 2.5 lbs the first week... which sounds wonderful, but then you have to consider, I've gain 17 of the 40 I lost back. GAHHHHH.

But I'm just ready to get healthy... especially because I got the news that I'm getting old.  No, really. I am.  I got the report in after 6 tubes of blood were drawn that not only am I WAYYYY into perimenopause stages, but nearing menopause.

Thanks 45 for that.

Image result for you're getting old meme

OH MY WORD... where's the Golden Girls because I need to move in.

or wait, are they dead?  ...No, there's still Betty White. I'll move Betty White in with Ricky & me.

Seriously - my levels - dont ask me all the names - estradiol & progesterone... Is that right? I'm not a nurse - they both were 0.5 on one & zero on the other.. the nurse called me & said, "The doctor said she'd be surprised if you have a period again".... aka, "you're old"

I'm not counting them out yet personally.... I went 3 months without one & then started right back up again.  Hang in there old body.. .hang in there.

& with that comes all kinds of physical changes, including the wonderful, grand, lovely weight gain. Greeaaatttt...

& I'm a big researcher on such things that involve the body so the biggest thing I've been reading is how important weight training is at this stage of life.  Get those muscles tones up, burn up the metabolism that way.  I'm all for that.

So while I've always been a cardio girl... (hello other children of the 80's where leg warmers & Jane Fonda rule).... I'm going to have to rethink my workouts.  I'm focusing on weights.


Betty White too!
Image result for betty white workout
Yep... she's my spirit animal
So we'll see where this new journey takes me too....

Gonna run this old body till she cant run no more!  Thats for sure!!!

What do you like to do - cardio or weight training?

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Monday, June 26, 2017

The weekend I went through a half tank of gas....

Is it bad that I was busier in the 2 days of this weekend than I was for the 5 days at camp?

Thats bad....

& I'm exhausted.  Especially because I'm now doing Monday on less than 3 hours sleep.

God help me. Seriously. I dont know how I'm going to get through the day.

Coffee... lots of coffee.. that's the answer...


Friday actually wasn't too bad....I went to the grocery & Ricky met me & we stopped for dinner on the way home.  & Ricky fell asleep as soon as he got home & I just took it easy & ended up knocking out about 10:30.

The rest of the weekend was going to be so busy & scheduled almost hour by hour so I'm glad I got some rest.

Saturday, I got up & had a morning 5k with my buddy Nathalie... we did a race a few months back & when we saw there was another one in the series, we knew we had to do it.

I loved getting out & running since I hadn't ran in nearly over a month.

It felt good... & I blame it solely on the weather. It was absolutely PERFECT. Cool, breezy, sunny.  Just lovely.  It made the 3.10 miles go by really fast.

I got home in time to do a few errands, cleaning & a little bit of reading & a lot of watching our poor little blind boy...

I spy my big cheesy smile

& then it was time to pack up my camera bags & head out for a photo session.

I loved seeing this young man again & his family.  He was in my youth group at my previous church & he's such a good kid. (I'm sure he'd hate me calling him "kid"... he's a Senior now after all)  He's so respectful & just all around good people... like his momma & dad.  & I'm now going to add "photogenic" to that list.  He was so easy to work with & took direction really well.

 I cant wait to get all his pictures edited up.

I ran to pick up some dinner afterwards & then headed home to eat, shower & get the pictures uploaded... & before I knew it, it was after 11....

Sunday, I woke up & headed to church.

Kingdom Worker Sunday Vibes

We're not having regular MSM but there is still MSM Remix - which is basically the usual services except they dont expect leaders to be there. Leaders get the summer off... so I dont HAVE to be there, but my girls are texting me & talking about being there so I knew that they wanted me there, I'll be there.

& I'm so glad I went.  These girls just make my day so much brighter.

I had 3 hours from church to be at our JOY bible study so I ended up running over to the pet store to find some new dog food for our poor Bruno who is having such issues with his skin allergies.

& I picked up some lunch for Ricky & I & headed home to eat quick...

I got to run over to our neighbors & hold their baby turkeys .... ahhhhh.... & then I had to put away all the cute little baby birds & say goodbye to the cutest little raccon they captured that was trying to eat their chickens (YUCK!1 I gave him a stern talking on becoming a vegetarian. It'll make his life easie) & got back in my car & head down to Bible study...

I'm telling you - this weekend was go go go & GO... I literally used a half tank of gas between Friday to Sunday evening.  & for reference sake, I can usually drive from my house to nearly the Tennessee border on a half tank of gas... so yeahhhh... lots of driving.

But I was so happy to be with some of my Joysters. Not everyone made it but I always say that its exactly as it should be because we had a new young lady join us & sometimes I think big crowds would be intimidating... so I think it was nice it was a smaller group for her sake. & I was so thrilled to see every lady there.  Especially ones I hadn't seen in awhile & one I wasn't sure was going to come back... when she walked back in, I was just so thankful to see her again.

All the toys... I cant believe there's not a baby or two. or three running through this picture

Time is always FLYING by when we're together... next thing I know, its been nearly 3 & a half hours... you know what they say... something about getting laughing & crying women together?  Is that not a saying?  I need a new saying around that.

I ended up getting home around 7:30 & time to feed the dogs, do those stupid adult things like writing out bills & then back to editing....

I'm beat...

which is funny because our Bible Study is about slowing down & breathing & find rest in God's Sabbath.  Think I need this study?... or more importantly, think I need to apply what I'm learning?

God's got a lot to teach me on this because I'm pretty sure I'm going to have these same weekends at least till August.  Geez.

How was your weekend?

Are yours always busy or always chilled out?

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