Friday, June 28, 2013

Friday Fragments

Unknown Mami

Friday!.... & I don't know what's going on, but this is two weeks in a row where the weeks have gone fast... let's hope this becomes a habit

Hold on...
something may be wrong in the universe...
I actually have a weekend where I don't have big plans
I say that, but my plans are
1. Laundry.. & LOTS of it
2. Running ... its supposed to be nice Saturday morning
3. Wedding pictures to edit
4. Wedding pictures to deliver
So maybe its not "plan free" but it doesn't feel rushed to me
It really feels like summer
Storms every day.. off & on..
Yesterday, it even down poured - I mean DOWN POURED - with the sun out
I feel like we're in Florida
Because of the humidity, I've been doing later evening runs
Felt great yesterday, sweating like a cup of ice water stuck in a hot car
... went to look down at my watch...
My Garmin battery went dead
Thank goodness I had 2 other gadgets on -
my Fitbit & my Nike App on my iPod
What did we do before we could track every single movement we do in life?
Again, I'll say it
OK - Leave Paula Deen alone
I keep reading where the media has turned this into the story it is
because of the Trayvon Martin case & how they want racial tension to start up
I realize I've turned into a conspiracy believer a lot lately
but it does make sense, doesn't it?
We just live in a messed up, jacked up, screwed up world
Come today Jesus!
Aren't these shirts the cutest? 
You can buy one yourself & help support a fantastic family on their road to adoption
I bought a blue one for me & a green one for Ricky
Can't wait to get it & wear it in support!
I have my credit cards automatically deducted from my bank so I never have a late payment.
Good for watching your money as well since I believe credit cards are straight from the pits of hell anyways
But when they are automatically deducted, its like a debit card
- but you get those bonus points & rewards...
 I got an email that I had one come out of my checking account that I totally forgot to write down in my register
That always hurts when you have $500.00 taken out that you weren't counting on
Lesson learned
TV Time:
The Bachlorette:  Why didn't Des just send both of those jerks home on the 2 on 1 date?  I have to say, I was shocked when she sent Ben home.  I thought I saw him in the promos on later dates... but glad to see him DISMISSED.  His reaction in the limo just said it all... but how the other guy was butthead #1 & kept on eating & then looked like "What?" ... when he said he was a lawyer, it made sense. 
I'm still a Zak fan!  Glad they're going on a one on one date next week
(They really ask these guys about their favorite book & favorite artist? ... strange)
But my 2nd front runner is Chris...
Next week - more drama when they now have Ben out of the house & need someone else to jump on... hello James!  You're up next in the Dunk Tank.
Real Housewives of New Jersey:  Anyone else think that Joe was asking for trouble going to the gym knowing his sister would be there?  But I loved how he handled her... gave her a taste of her own medicine.
I think Rosie needs her own show... so glad to see more of her this season
Real Housewives of Orange County:  Eddie doing the salsa?  Yes please - more of that.  Dr. Terry Dubrow?  Not so much... I do love Terry & Heather though.
I like Lydia a lot too - she doesn't beat around the bush does she?
& keeps trying to get peace back with the girls.  It must have worked - she got Alexis in the same room with Tamra & Heather... even hugs going around.
I loved her comment "I see who you are" to Slade... oh snap... she doesn't hold back from confrontation either. 
BIG BROTHER!!! ... YES - its back!
My initial first reactions:
I like Rachel's sister a lot better then I like Rachel - doesn't seem as annoying
I'm liking the Youth Counselor... but remember the "Christian guy" from last year that after 3 days was trying to sleep with all the girls... fail... fingers crossed this guy has better values going in holding his Bible
Rooting for McCrae... love a guy that is different from everyone else - & who no one believes is really a pizza delivery guy (that's hilarious)
Jamie... if I had to hear her say one more time how beautiful she was, I was going to kick my toe in the wall...
I like Helen as well - the cute little political mom
The tall dude with the tats across his chest?  Jeremy - Already on my nerves
Surfer Dude?  Will someone please give him a haircut!
Andy... gotta love a guy who wears a shirt with cat heads all over it to give you your first impression of himself
Just bring Jeff & Jordan back every year please.. I can never get enough Jeff!
Alright... enough already.. I got work to do!
Happy Friday everyone!

Thursday, June 27, 2013


This is it...

The final blog hop for our study in "Stressed Less Living"... where does the time go?  I guess it flies when you're having fun...

We finished up the book with a deeper look at Mary & Martha... y'all know - the sisters who are nothing alike, as most siblings often are.

... but who I can relate with both of these women...

Jesus is coming to town... things to do, things to do...

Can't let Jesus see the house a mess
Gotta have snacks ready
Gotta make sure the bathroom is just right in case he needs to use it

Gotta run run run... lots to do

But Martha was distracted by all the preparations
that had to be made. ~Luke 10:40


I think that word can be part of my life.

Lots to do, lots to keep my mind on, lots on the list that needs to be checked off...

I often feel like the dog, Dug,  from Up!  Squirrel! 

I know I'm not alone...

We live in a world of constant distraction

But what if we were more like Mary...

...Mary sat at the Lord's feet listening to what he said... ~Luke 10:39

I know sometimes, I'm so worried about making things look perfect

...but when someone comes by & I forget about that pillow on the ground & I just enjoy seeing someone, its the best visit
...& if I'm distracted by the crumbs on the kitchen floor & not focusing on the conversation, then I've missed out

there are so many ideas & examples of ways we can be distracted
... with our family, with our jobs, with our diets, with our homes...

we all know the ways... we've all been there...

But when stress comes & hits me, that's when I want to be even more like Mary...
just to sit at the Lord's feet & listen to what he has to say to me...

Don't worry... Don't fear...I'm here with you...

Because if I'm running around trying to take care of everything myself - SQUIRREL - then I'm getting no where...

Hey - I know its not easy... I know for the most part, I'm Martha
... will probably be Martha the majority of the time
...but its something to strive for, isn't it? 

Just to stop, calm down.... LISTENENING to the Lord

aahh... sounds nice, doesn't it...

May we all find more of those moments to just sit at His feet & listen to Him as we press on through this world of distraction....

Have a joyously blessed day friends!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Wednesday... & Hodgepodge is back - yippee!!

1. Summertime is a season of reunions, weddings, and other family celebrations and gatherings...are any of the above on your calendar in the next two months?

Just came from a wedding this weekend.  Yes, I was the photographer, but I would have been there even if I wasn't :)

Any other family gatherings?  My dad's birthday is coming up so July will hold some birthday cake celebration... because if icing is involved - then I'm there.

2.  June is National Iced Tea Month...are you an iced tea drinker? If so, how do you like yours (sweet, flavored, etc)?

Since I gave up Diet Coke - (GO ME!!!) - I am solely a tea drinker.  Iced tea is my favorite.  I only really care for hot drinks during winter.

I loved my mom's tea... my mother in law makes it the same way - SWEETTTTTTT!  I mean the kind of sweet that makes you swallow & then wonder if you just swallowed a whole bag of sugar in one gulp. 

McDonalds sweet tea is the same way...

I've actually learned to like unsweetened tea - stay clear of the sugar as much as possible...

But my new obsession with iced tea?  This stuff right here

Tazo Iced Passion Herbal Infusion tea... doesn't even NEED sugar - its so fruity & full of good antioxidants... seriously - Give it a try - its perfect for summer!

3. When were you last nervous? Looking back, was the event actually 'nerve-worthy'?

I may seem like a confident person, but 9 out of 10 times, I'm nervous about something... so to me, everything is nerve-worthy.

The last time?  Just this weekend... doing a wedding always makes me nervous.  You never want to have problems on someone else's big day.  So many things can go wrong - you never know how a day will go... it all worked out beautifully, but I still think me being nervous makes me more aware - so it actually ends up being a good thing.

I also get nervous STILL every time I teach the youth... been doing it for 10 years now, but every time I step up in front of a bunch of faces staring at me - until I say the first sentence, I'm counting on my best friend - Mr. Immodium... but once I get up there, see smiling faces looking at me, & I speak the first word - then I'm good...

My nerves are always on my nerves... if that makes any sense

4. The bristle toothbrush was invented in China on June 26, 1498...not sure how that date was pinned down so precisely but, on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being sick to your stomach and 1 being not at all, how nervous do you feel when you're headed to the dentist? Do you see your dentist twice a year?

Does anyone like to go to the dentist?

Not my idea for a fun, happening, good time...

That being said, I usually do end up seeing him twice a year - only because I keep breaking my stupid teeth grinding them in my sleep... & then have the adventure of root canals & crowns...

& sometimes even the fun of crowns that fall off...

I alone have supplied my dentist with amazing vacations, I'm sure of it

5.   What's making news in your town this week?

There was a stand off in a local town near us a few days ago...

An ex-firefighter ... gone a tad cray-cray apparently...

He ended up shooting a policeman in his leg... & then shot & killed his K9 dog, Kilo...

Me being a animal lover - that made me sick... they keep showing pictures of the dog & past videos through the year.  Makes me so sad.... 


They've set up a Memorial Fund in honor of Kilo...

I love that...

& yes, the police officer is going to be OK - he was shot in the leg & will recover.

6.  Curtains, drapes, blinds...your window treatment of choice?  Are there any bare windows in your house?  Is that by choice or because you just haven't gotten around to covering them?

We do actually have a lot of bare windows... but you can have that when you live in the country & not many houses around

All of our other windows have blinds... which now saying that, I want to get those beautiful blinds put on them.  The kind with the big wood slates.... or the big white ones... in other words, I want my home to look like those Pinterest homes :)

7. Summertime is officially here (in the Northern hemisphere anyway)....what one song is a must-have on your summer playlist?

I didn't know summertime had its own playlist...

Is it like fashion - you can only listen to some songs during summer & others during winter?  Like no white shoes in the winter & no Ugg Boots in the Summer?

Let's just keep it safe & say "Anything by Steven Curtis Chapman" :)  Then I'm covered year round... just like a nice silk scarf :)

8.  Insert your own random thought here.

OK... I'm starting to feel like things are getting out of control with this Paula Deen thing...

Like everyone else is perfect?  Like no one has ever made a mistake?  We all know Jesus is the exception... but Jesus wouldn't even treat Paula Deen like this....

I know the lady is sorry for what she said... IN THE PAST... but people are forgetting that - its in the PAST people!  Time to MOVE ON...

I hate that everyone is trying to completely RUIN someone for their PAST actions...

I'm not saying what she said is right... but we've all done things that aren't right...
We are not a world of forgiveness, are we?
 .... makes me so sad...

Glad to see her family & some celebrities stand up for her.  Its turned into some crazy insane witch hunt now....

I'd just love to dig into everyone's past that is going after her & see what their lives hold... wonder how spotless that would be...

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Hasn't even happened....

It always happens...

the day after a wedding, my mind races on what I could have done differently, what pictures did I miss, what would have helped the day go better, what equipment do I need to purchase next...

my mind races...

but let me tell you - my mind ain't nothing like my husband's

I've always said he is the world's best worrier ... he seriously needs an award.  Maybe the award is some sort of crown since it's his head that is full of these worries...

So the day after the wedding, Ricky says, "Did you get a picture of the sign at Jacobi's that had their name on it?"

Jacobi's is our little local town's gas station & for every event - a wedding, a birth, birthdays, even when people pass away, they sometimes will put a congratulation or sympathy or Happy Birthday up on their sign.

I turned around to Ricky & said, "Was it even on the sign?  I didn't see it!"

Ricky with all seriousness in the world said, "I have no idea - I'm just assuming it was there"

Oh great... get me worried about something that probably wasn't even there...

but then last night I was laying in bed thinking how bad I am about that...

Are you like this too?

Thinking about things that make you sick to your stomach... letting the "worry" take a life of its own & become an issue in your life... taking something that you have no idea if it's going to happen & believing it has already taken place?

Giving worry an energy of itself...

Isn't that so idiotic?

But I do it all the time...

But I'm also becoming more aware of this

Just taking a breath & remembering that half of the things I sit & make myself sick over... they're not even going to happen

I even had to have the conversation with some of the youth kids that no, there will actually NOT be a Zombie Apocalypse ... believe me, some of these kids worry about this with all the movies & tv shows lately...

Sounds funny to me that these kids actually worry about this...
... but does God look at me & shake his head at the things I worry about too?


I definitely think God gets plenty of laughs from me...


So here is to a worry free day for us all...

& to a Zombie-Free-Future! :)

Monday, June 24, 2013

Weekend Wrapup... not really....

I am so tired, I can't even break it down in probably in the right order...

It was wedding weekend... & it was the most fun wedding I've ever been a part of

It helped I knew the bride & groom
It helped that they are awesome
It helped that the families of the bride & groom are incredible
It helped that the bridal party was just relaxed, fun, helpful

It was just perfect...

It was 92 degrees that day, but honestly, it never really felt THAT hot... it felt hot, but not like you expect for 92 degrees & humid.  When we did the bride's pictures with the bridesmaids, we even had breezes that were actually cool & refreshing.  Not like hot hair slapping you in the face...

& it rained right as the ceremony ended... but we had the most beautiful place to finish up pictures under cover... & then the rains stopped & the weather was perfect...

I'm telling you, Jesus was all over this wedding day...

& I'm exhausted...
& I have a ton of pictures to go through... no joke... TONS...

Highlights of the wedding:

The bride saying, "When I look in the mirror, I see my best friend" ... (I would too if I were her - she's amazing)

When the make up artist said, "You are beautiful"... Bride:  "You made me that way.  Well, you & Jesus"

The bride constantly dancing... the WHOLE day... I love a joyful bride

Cute pregnant bridesmaids with little bellies...

Bridesmaids praying over their friend... priceless

Ricky had a camera in his hands at the reception... & got some fantastic pictures... I may have to put him to work more often!! :)

Chasity & I are on our feet for about 10 hours by the time the reception rolls around, so we're usually walking around barefoot at the reception (Real professional - right?)... by this point in the reception, the bride doesn't even have on shoes... but someone told us we should name our business "Barefoot Photography"... I'm staking claim NOW on that name... I absolutely LOVE it...

Chasity to me: "Our diet on wedding days is horrible.  Do you realize it consisted today of one bottle of water, one cheese cube & one cupcake?"

Realizing at the end of the day HOW dehydrated you are when you realize you went to the bathroom one time during the whole 12 hour day... & that was at 9 am... I told one of the wedding helpers, "I'm a camel on a wedding day"

Anyways - my brain is scattered... & its Monday...
So that's as good as it gets today

Hope you're weekend was as full of laughs as mine was....

Friday, June 21, 2013

Friday Fragments

Unknown Mami

Friday! Whooo HOOOO!!!
I will say, this week has gone by super fast for me
... no complaints here...
I'm so excited
I'm doing a wedding this weekend
& not just any wedding, but my neighbor's wedding
When we moved in our home, this young boy came running with home made cookies to welcome us...
& anyone that brings me cookies right away becomes a favorite person of mine
He was in elementary school at the time
& now, he's a college graduate & getting married
& I get to spend the whole day with him & his beautiful fiancé, capturing moments
I'm going to be good not to cry the whole day
If y'all can say a little prayer for my parents
My dad is having back problems - BAD back problems. 
He tried to do my inversion table last night for relief ... nope...
he couldn't even get it past 90 degrees..
he's going for an MRI next week
& my mom will be having surgery soon on her eyes for cataracts
she's also having other eye problems that need to be covered up in prayers
Just if you think about it, just lift up to God's ears a quick "Help them"
Today is the day I live for...
the LONGEST day of the year..
More sunlight then any time of the year
& then tomorrow, my dreaded time starts
One minute less of sunlight every day until December 21 ...
I'm trying not to think about that
I love my sunlight
Did Kim Kardashian really name her child North?
North West
... really?...
There was a guy on the expressway yesterday next to me
He literally swerved into my lane...
I looked over & he was texting with BOTH HANDS, looking down & driving with his knees
I slowed down to let him stay in front of me
If you didn't know better, you would think he was a drunk driver the way he was weaving in & out of the lane...
so scary!
There needs to be some sort of law about phones
I mean - SERIOUS laws
I keep hearing talk everywhere about the new Oreo Watermelon cookies
Those sound disgusting to me
I'm not a fan of artificial fruit flavors...
just stick with chocolate for me, thankyouverymuch
Speaking of Watermelon
I grew up a little last night
I cut my first watermelon EVER
(I said I needed to take a picture so my mom could put this in my baby book of first things)
Yep... its true!
I've only ever eaten ones already cut by someone
Or buy the pre-cut ones at the grocery
So what does a responsible adult do?
Go on YouTube & find out the proper way to do it!
& it worked beautifully!
I now have 3 huge Tupperware containers full of cubed watermelon
A perfect summer dessert for these warm days!
So I was excited about the new Instagram thing with videos
...except my phone apparently is a dinosaur at 1 yr old
because the Android version doesn't support it
I can't even SEE the videos
So much for cool updates
The Bachlorette:  My guy Zak is still there... though I know he's not going to make it far.  I was glad to see him stand out though with the guitar & a cute song, though  I was afraid he's get the "Wes Curse"... but Des was totally loving it.
Goodbye other Zak, who I don't think I've ever heard speak during the whole season.
Sad we didn't have a reason to hear more of Juan Pablo speak.
How cute was the Jersey couple who got to take Des & James' date?
(see - its like her own Juan Pablo.. this was Jersey Gal's reaction when her husband spoke in Italian... accents get us gals every time)

I have to say, I didn't understand why James would tell Des about his screw ups in his past relationships... I mean no one is perfect... but dang, I think he just shot himself in the foot with that one.
Braydon - just leave.  If you're going to whine about being there, take your horrible hair cut & just leave.  (Watch - she'll end up with him)
Onto next week - where DRAMA!!!!!!  The guys are freaking out & turning on each other... MOST DRAMATIC WEEK EVER! ... that's for you Chris Harrison
OK - Hope everyone has a Fantastically Fabulous Friday!!!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

On my own ... really?

If you're like me & love "Les Miserables" - then you too are singing Eponine's heart wrenching song...

If you're not... then we can't be friends... (I'm KIDDING)

But if you are singing it, then we will be best friends, OK?

Moving onward & upward to my thought of the day...

I was 19 years old...

One year out of high school, holding a full time job in an office.

I had the dignified job description of a "File Clerk"... fancy, huh?

Yep, spent all my day in one HUGE room of files & I had to pull them every day for each department of an insurance company.  Then put them back in the designated place after they were finished.  Mind bending work, let me tell you.

But I felt so grown up... making money on my own... moving up in the world.

So what do you do when you have money?  You want to make sure you spend every bit of it... & so me & my best friend decided it was time to get our own apartment together.

That's what you do when you move up in the world...

You break free on your own....

Yes... my  musical side is now making me go back to some singing Zac Efron & High School Musical... We're breaking free...

Breaking free

.....I need to put "be in a musical" on my bucket list....

I remember moving out of my parent's house.  It was exciting, but I was also heartbroken about leaving the safety & security of my home... but it's what you feel like you have to do.  You can't live at home forever.  And if you do, people look at you funny :)

It's about growing up, taking responsibility, becoming your own person...

That's what happens... & its how things should work...

But I never thought about it from God's perspective until I read in this week's Bible study where it said on page 213,

"God never meant for us to be self sufficient.  Dependable, yes.  Responsible, yes. Confident, yes
.... Self-sufficient, No"

We do try to take on everything on our own... to show the world we are independent, we are strong, we can handle whatever is going on...

But scripture is clear
"Yes, I am the vine; you are the branches.  Those who remain in me, & I in them, will produce much fruit.  For apart from me, you can do nothing" -John 15:5

WOW... apart from Him, we can do nothing...

Nothing... that's a big word...

All because we've thought we could handle things on our own...

So guess what... you don't have to do everything on your own...
Isn't that so nice to be reminded?

Ask God to be your strength & deliverer...

To me, its just such a comfort to know that when we feel like we have to grow up, become the responsible adult we need to be, we are always the Child of God...

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

One Thing Remains....

If you take a little glance to the right of your screen, you'll see my Instagram pictures...

Can I first say, I love Instagram.... I'm such a visual person anyways.  Maybe that's why I love photography so much.  I was always that person who actually wanted to see all of your vacation pictures ... I just look at all the details of a picture.  What's happening in the back ground, the expression on people's faces... the way a picture makes you feel.  So that's why I'm always looking at Instagram... its like a visual Facebook for photo lovers...

OK - moving on...

Anyways, I'll come across a scripture for the day, & I'll post it sometimes on Instagram & hashtag it #scriptureoftheday

Can I also say (its a rambling kinda day apparently) - I love hashtags... so easy to browse the same type of subject you're talking about.  On Monday's - the hashtage #Bachlorette is my best friend... I'm all over that while I'm watching the show... but then you get hashtags like #itsmondayandiamnothappy ... & you click on that, you'll probably see your lone post.  It is kinda funny when you see another one though... weird... minds around the world think alike

... what is wrong with me today...

I need a friend to talk to today apparently - I'm chatty....

But yesterday, I just loved the scripture I was sitting on all day...

Yes - I draw hearts when I see the word LOVE in my Bible...

It just comforts me so much to be reminded that "We are not consumed"... in a world that wants nothing but to consume us... in busy, in technology, in stress, in troubles...

But the next line just makes me smile


How many people are now singing the "You're love never fails - it never gives up - it never runs out on me"...

I love that song... reminds me of the youth conference we went to - Believe in 2012 - it was a big song we sang... we were singing it as a youth group before it got the radio airplay it gets now. 

"They are new every morning"

Mercy me... how comforting is that?

Because I don't know about you... but I mess up... every day... a LOT every day...

But God's love will keep me from being consumed by those mess ups...
& His compassion is always going to be there... never failing...
& we get a new day...

the cycle of it all just gives me such a relief....

So this morning, when I was driving out of my drive way, I saw this sun rise...

& the colors of it were beautiful...
yellow - blues - peaches & pinks....

It's a new morning

& I just smiled in my heart... because right then, I was reminded of God's compassion for me... for you...

It just started all over again....

Have a Blessed day friends...

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Its a piece of foam...

My chiropractor has been on me for weeks... "Have you got a foam roller yet?"


I keep hearing of people having them, using them - but I've never bought one.  Mainly because they are expensive... like $40.00... for a PIECE OF FOAM...


Plus, it looks harder then just stretching...

have you ever seen these things & how people use them?

Does this look the least bit comfortable?

Does anyone know how uncoordinated I am?  I'm totally going to hurt myself on this thing...

But while we were sitting out waiting for the tow truck, & knowing the estimated time was going to be 3 hours... (thanks AAA)... we walked over to Meijers.

I always check out the fitness videos to see if any are on sale... which they were.  Hello Jilliam Michaels & my new torture video.  I look down & see a foam roller on sale... for $24.99...

Should I get it?  No... but the chiropractor said it will help me... but its a piece of foam. UGH!  I told you before, I hate decision making. 

So an inner battle takes place in the aisle at Meijers...

but it must have been all that waiting by the broken down truck in the heat that got to my brain, because I walk out at the end of the self-conversation with my new friend,  Foamy

Yes - Foamy... I got my name calling skills from Pee Wee Herman.  Remember Globey (the big globe) & Chairy (the big chair - obviously - duh) ?

I was excited when I was at the chiropractor yesterday & he said, "Do you have that foam roller yet".... I was like a kid who got a good grade... "YES SIR!! I sure do have it...."  (Head held high)

but then I had to add the rest... "but its still in the box" (head hang down)

Hey - progress is progress...

So has anyone else ever used one of these things? 

I'm going to be searching YouTube & getting the down-low...
Or is it "down-lo"
how do the cool kids say it?

Anyways... it won't be long - I'll be walking around with this on my shirt...
No joke... I really do want this on a shirt!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Weekend Wrapup


* I can hardly even remember what I did after work... I must have been exhausted... I think I got caught up on the Real Housewives of Orange County & that bachelorette party.  Big kudos for Lydia for walking out before the strippers came.  Heather's face the whole time, while she was wearing sterile gloves & holding Lysol, was the funniest part of the whole show

* I'm old... I was in bed by 10pm... on a Friday... the very definition of old


* Another definition of old?  I was up at 5:30 ... on a Saturday... I hate when I don't sleep in when I'm able

* Ricky had to work... which means I get to clean something good while he's not there.  The room of the day?  Our library.  It still was covered in Christmas stuff - wrapping paper, bows, gifts for next year. Yes, gifts for next year.  I love shopping the weeks after Christmas when things are marked down & start stocking up on deals for the next Christmas..... by the end of the day, the room is back to the original beautifulness.

* Wanted to get my run in before it got too hot... I didn't make it... I was a ball of dripping sweat...

* I swear, I thought something had bit me... it hurt driving home yesterday from work too.  It was like a hot match was on my back... BURNED like a booger!  I went to take my shower & the water hitting my back made me scream - that's how bad it hurt!  I kept making Ricky look to see if there was a bite somewhere or what was going on...

.... it hit me later what it was...

I've been putting a Capsaicin rub on my back to help my back pain... that's like a hot rub full of pepper spices.  It says on the back, "Do not use with a heating pad" ... so I guess running & getting it REALLY hot & sweaty after applying it - sorta the same thing.

At least I figured it out... that was miserable!
(I have a picture ... I can't get it up...

*  Ricky & I went out to pick up a few things & stopped to have dinner... Ricky's truck wouldn't start when we went to leave the restaurant.  It had no problems at all - so this came out of no where... UGH!!!! 

The frustrating thing... this parking lot is connected to the biggest church around the area... we sat there & watched 2 different services let out (yes, its that big that they have 2 services on a Saturday)... we were right on the curb - I could have touched the cars coming out... & not one person stopped & asked if we needed help.  You could tell we were having issues - our hood up - bags all around us, doors open, us red faced & sweating from it being so warm... not one "do you need a cell phone?" - anything... I was sort of disappointed.  Even people going into the restaurant... they saw us there going in, saw us there when they came out... everyone ignored us...

What is the world coming to?

My dad was our hero... he came down & sat with us until the tow truck came & he drove us home...

* Note to self - always have cash on hand if your car breaks down so you can go into stores & buy a drink so you have a place to pee.


* Church... I love these kids... we saw how many people can fit in a hoola hoop... there are actually 8 of us in there... One of us would move, all of us would get pulled along.  It got kinda scary & TIGHT!

* Our friends Ryan & Chasity just got back from a mission trip on Friday evening, so we were excited to hear about it & see all the pictures they took.  They were both just SHINING talking about it...

* CELEBRATE FATHER'S DAY!!!.... & I didn't even get a picture of my dad... I'm just a failure at life... but we went out to dinner at a new place in the little town over.  They had the most amazing Portabella Mushroom sandwich... with candied sweet potato patties... I'm still dreaming about them.

(Maybe I'm not THAT much of a failure... I did make this collage of my dad for Facebook)

* Everyone headed back to my mom's house to have some fresh watermelon... oh my goodness.  Did these things come from a sugar field?  They were the sweetest watermelons I've ever tasted! YUM!

* Watched a storm roll through... & a lightning bolt hit right across the street from my parent's house... YAHHHZAAAA!!! That was close!

* My twin nieces were filling me in all the "Turtleman" & his dog, Lolly... I want that dog... but they were pulling up videos on YouTube (which in itself freaks me out that they maneuver so well around YouTube).. but I laughed so hard watching this guy.  Love that he saves all the animals too... so guess what me & Ricky were watching at the end of the night on Animal Planet?  Oh yeah... I'm a Turtleman fan now! :)  The things you learn in life from 8 yr olds...

* ... & this is how we watched it... with my Sydney ready to take in the action.  She didn't stay like this for long.  Once she saw Lolly running across the screen, she was up & barking at her TV friend.  But I love those sweet moments where all she wants to do it cuddle... usually she's too busy with Ricky to give me any attention, so I take what I can get from her.

Hope everyone had a great weekend & ready for an ever better week!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Friday Fragments... I must be chatty today

Unknown Mami

Friday... YES!
I'm sitting here with my head killing me from, guess?
Yes - more bug spray!
Goodness gracious - will the insanity ever end in my office?
I still feel like I have bugs crawling up my leg & rummaging through my hair
Anyone else have to work in those conditions?
So my back is on full force pain again
Could be because I've ran 3 days this week?
Am I gluten for punishment?
I just think its gotta be worse on your body to NOT work out
Not to mention, if I don't work out, I'll turn into a blob
literally & figuratively
& by figuratively, I mean literally
(wow... that's some thinking right there)
With my back pain, I have to sleep with my pillow in between my legs
(no more sleeping on my belly, which makes me very sad)
I woke up this morning & saw this...
I'm convinced Bruno has back pain now & is trying to put his stuffed animal in between his legs...
Father's Day is this weekend!
Get to celebrate dad's!
My poor daddy is having back pains right now too....
what the heck is going on in my family?
My mom has recently gone 3 weeks in a row for shots in her back for pain as well!
Is it contagious?
We're going to celebrate Father's Day by seeing who can moan & groan the loudest getting out of a chair!
Good times!
I can't live without my NutriBullet now
Every morning, it's making me some yummy breakfast
& this morning, I think I found my favorite combo
1 cup of spinach, half a banana, 1/2 cup strawberries & 1 cup of pineapple - add in my vanilla protein powder...
OH WOW... it was like a tropical drink
& such a pretty light green color too :)
Anyone else excited about Man of Steel?

I just love Superman things... because if you listen closely to words said, there is so much to catch on that references so well to Jesus.
There's a book out about that - how the people who originally came up with the idea did it for purposes of tying in Christianity with a 'modern day' twist.  I wish I could think of the name... its on my book shelf at home.
But I just saw this article called "Man of Steel - filled with Jesus, Christianity references" ... see?  I want to see it even more now!
(I swear, I feel like bugs are crawling up my arms now)
I have to laugh at those new Zesty Italian salad dressing commercials
... but look...
the advertising is working because I remember the salad dressing!
When I was home 2 weeks ago, Kelly Ripa is obsessed with the "Zesty" guy & they surprised her by having him on the show...
It was quite funny
(Its actually hard to find a picture of this guy with his shirt ON... my dad reads this blog, I can't be posting pictures of him naked on a picnic blanket)
I've got this new habit
Putting on Icy Hot - or some sort of arthritis medicine -
& then rubbing my eye
I've done it a few days in a row now
You'd think I'd learn...
but NOOOO... everytime I put that stuff on my back,
my eyes always feel like something is in them
... every.stinking.time!
& of course, you forget you just doused your hands in what is similar to hot sauce
So the Color Run put up their pictures...
This one is probably one of my favorite race pictures ever!
Ricky was like "stay away... don't touch me"
I still say he deserves an award for running 3.1 miles & getting a 'speckle' of color on him
that's an accomplishment!
TV Time
The Bachlorette:  Anyone else think that the girlfriend coming in to confront the one dude seemed to be totally set up?  Worst acting ever!  Her voice raising 3 octaves & squealing?  I just wanted to throw my show at the TV to shut her up.
.... & if I hear "For the right reasons" one more time, I think I may punch myself in the stomach for fun
Real Housewives of New Jersey:  I can't tell you how excited I am to have this back.  I love these people... even when I hate them! (Teresa, I'm talking to you)
That was the sweetest moment when Jacqueline's son said, "I love you" to his mommy... I'm glad to see them focusing on something other then Teresa & her insane beliefs of her own world in her mind.
But what is Caroline doing trying to get in the middle of Teresa & brother?
'The Real Housewives of New Jersey' Recap: Caroline Meets with Teresa, Jacqueline Focuses on Nicholas
(I did think it was funny Caroline & Teresa had on the exact same color)
 I love Caroline - I do think she's the voice of reason on the show... but c'mon... if someone ever said the "blubber blubber blubber" comment to me, I would never meet them again for lunch or conversation
( I love sticking as many F-words in as possible on a FUN FRIDAY!)

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