Friday, May 26, 2017

Friday Favorites {05/26/17}

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Favorite Dress

Navy Bailey Midi Dress:

My client from my photo session had on a dress in this line & it was ADORABLE!!!!
She even had people ask her a few times where she got it at & I can confirm it is super cute in person too.  I had to go to the site myself & check out their dresses.
Some of them are on sale right now too for around $35.00!!!

Favorite Drink to Try

ACV DRINK - Berry Lemon Apple Cider Vinegar Drink Recipe / Join my Microbiome Group on Facebook!

I love me some Apple Cider Vinegar... I can drink it plain in water
But this just looks & sounds so much better!

Favorite Beauty & the Beast

Tale as old as time - Beauty & The Beast baby girl outfit:

If you have a daughter & you're not dressing her in this...
then we need to talk!

Favorite Crafty Item

Ohhhh - my Washi Tape heart is loving this thing!!!

Favorite Home Decor

Yep... I need this in my camera room.
& they sell like 6 different styles of cameras...
wouldnt it be cute to have them all on a couch?
& cheap enough too - under $8.00 for each pillow!!!

Favorite Art

Isnt this Disney painting so beautiful.
I love seeing Anna & Elsa as real little girls.

Favorite Peencha

Morning Random Picture Dump 37 Pics:

Favorite Funnies

Afternoon Funny Picture Dump 35 Pics:
Morning Funny Picture Dump 37 Pics:

Morning Funny Picture Dump 34 Pics:

Afternoon Funny Picture Dump 38 Pics:

Morning Funny Picture Dump 34 Pics:

Afternoon Funny Picture Dump 38 Pics:

Morning Funny Picture Dump 34 Pics:

.... when I turn on Netflix

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... when I try a new Pinterest project

GIPHY! ( November 2, 2015 at 01:30AM

... how it feels when I knit

GIPHY! ( November 11, 2016 at 11:45AM at 4:00pm today

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Happy Weekend Y'all!!!

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Magical smiles, my daddy's heart & I'm ready for 2018!!!! {Thankful Thursday #126}

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This week I am Thankful For:
{Numbers go with my One Thousand Gifts Journal / just ignore}

354 / Sweet message.
I so loved that one of the girls I did her Senior pictures, sent me this IG message. I loved she shared with me her invite with her pictures on it. I had met her the day I did her pictures & she was just the sweetest soul. I saw she won Prom Queen &her boyfriend won Prom King. I was so happy for her.

356 / Daddy OK.
So my dad had to go in for a heart cath last week & ended up getting 2 more stents put in.  He's been having problems breathing & they said this was a big reason why.  He's got some blockage still in other arteries but they are saying with medicine & change of diet, it should take care of that.  So I'm glad he went & got checked out & everything went well with this.  Now, to make sure he sticks to that heart healthy diet! #waggingmyfinger  He sure does love his fried foods.  He & his Fry-Daddy could be considered best friends.

358 / MSM Friday Night Chat.
I mentioned this Monday... but loved these girls took time out of their Friday night to come down & sit at my house & chat & gab about life & fun & the weekend plans.

359 / Seeing my past clients.
I did this couple's engagement pictures, their wedding, their first daughter's pictures so I was so happy when she scheduled with me to do family pictures. I just love staying connected with people.

Image may contain: 4 people, people smiling, people sitting and outdoor

360 / Chasity's help.
See that little girls smile above?  It was a doozy to pull out. Her mom & dad said she is not a smiling person for pictures so they didnt expect big smiles in the pics & totally OK with that.  Well, I knew having a almost 2 year old, I was going to need assistance.I try not to bother Chasity ever since she's become a mom of 2 & still working full time & use her mainly for weddings... but I also knew I could use her magical help & plus, Chasity & this beautiful momma knew each other from high school so I knew they would both love to see each other as well. & as you can see from the picture, Chasity's magic did indeed work.

361 / Perfect timing.
I also mentioned this Monday but let me tell you - we could NOT have timed this photo session better for the weather & the rain & hail that came in.  Whew!!! I usually walk my clients down a pretty long path to get pictures down by a lake... & I saw my weather app & thought we'd better not. If we did, we would have totally gotten caught in the horrible weather. & when I say horrible, I mean, a tornado hit not too far from us - HORRIBLE!!!!  Thank you Lord for discernment! ... & a great weather app.

363 / Dinner with friends.
It was great getting to spend some time with our friends after the photo session.  We need to do it more often.

366 / All the outside reading.
I'm still thankful for this.... & will be until the humidity kicks in.  It'll probably be on my list every week until then.  #sorrynotsorry

368 / Running.
I havent been much into running since my half marathon but needed to do some cardio & also didnt want to miss out on the gorgeous evening - so went for a run... & it felt really good.  I love when running feels good.  I think the pressure of training is off & I can just enjoy it a little bit now. I may have to dabble back into again.

370 / Erin Condren Planner.
Yep... I already got my 2018 planner!!!! The week they released the new ones for the year, they were offering some freebies & I had a coupon for $25.00 of a planner #GoMe so I had to take advantage of it & snag up early.  I mean, I ordered it about a month ago & it just came in this past Tuesday - so I'm glad I got the jump on it.  Plus, I really do have to write down 2018 dates early when it comes to photo sessions so I am glad to be on the ball & not live off post its for future appointments.
Plus - isnt it so SUPER CUTE?!?!?!!?

Tell me something good about your week!!!

Thankful for my new badge too - isn't she pretty!!

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Random Thoughts....

... I think I'm really getting old. I have officially hurt my neck/shoulder/upper back AGAIN... from goodness knows what.  Living?  Breathing? Moving? Sleeping?  You know you're falling apart when you pull something so bad from just being still.  Geez.

... I'm zooming through re-reading 13 Reason Why to compare it to the show.  But I'm excited to get through it & get it behind me. It's really wearing on me.  I need some totally corny & cheesy love story after all this heaviness.  It is interesting to see the differences from book to show - but I am REALLY surprised how true to form it is. Even  a lot of the lines are EXACT from one to another.  I dig that.

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... My heart is just aching over the Manchester bombing.  This world is just full of hatefulness.  Anger & rage is just stirring & brewing.  You see it so much, in small ways.... everywhere... every day. People are fighting & arguing over the dumbest littlest things.  I have a feeling its only going to get worse because it seems people just dont want to take the step to get along with one another... to find compromise... to see that everyone around you is human.  God be near.

Media preview

... it just seems like more & more bloggers are fading out.   I dont know why. Podcasts are what everyone seems to be going to & I love me some podcasts, but I am such a blogging girl, Plus, I dont have all the time to devote to each podcast if everyone makes the move.  I mean, when you read a blogger post, it usually takes a few minutes - 10-15 minutes top usually... these podcasts are usually 45-60 minutes.  Yikes... Plus,  I just love reading stories - I love pictures. Let me rephrase - I REALLY love pictures.  I dont know - I just love the relationships that can come out of blogging, seeing people's lives laid out for sharing... but it seems that a lot of blogging is turning all about promotion.  Give me life stories.  It's really sapping my own blogging mojo lately too... which I hate.  I also know summer time is when blogging takes a nose dive.  Come back bloggers.  I miss reading your words.

... I lived for all the pictures of Pippa's wedding over the weekend.  I never tire of royal stuff.  & George & Charlotte?  I just cant get enough of them.

... I am in loathing with the shirts this spring/summer.  All the holes in the shoulder area...  & all the off the shoulder things... just not my style.  Looks good on everyone else - I just am not a fan of my upper body.   I just want to know where everyone is getting good strapless bras too because I have yet to ever find a good one & you would have to have one for these shirts.  I'm never going to church or work with my shoulders showing like that.. & that's basically the only places I go... so yeah, these shirts - THAT ARE EVERYWHERE - not going to work for me.
I also have the worst time with finding a good tee.  My spring/summer struggle is real.

... Anyone know anything about an Anti-inflammatory diet?  It's been intriguing me reading all the health issues that inflammation can cause. It looks like its really basically a clean diet - more towards a Mediterranean diet.  Doesn't it always just come back to eating more fruits & veggies?

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Monday, May 22, 2017

The weekend I walked back into my friend's house.....

Why do these weekends fly by?  Seriously, its not even fair.

I had a busy & packed weekend full of faces I loved seeing.

Friday night, I was going to finish up 13 Reasons Why when I got a phone call from one of my MSM girls.  They were down the street at their friends house... the one who is now living in my friend's Steph's house.  (That post I talked about that is right HERE)

Anyways, they wanted to know if it was OK if they could run down & say hi....

Of course.  I knew this was going to happen but less than a week after they found out where I lived?  Made me laugh.  But the girls came over & I turned off 13 Reasons Why & put on a lighter movie... The Secret Life of Pets ;) I love that movie.

It was so fun talking to the girls & they were making plans for us all to do things during the summer. I just love these girls & love they want me to spend time with them.

They had walked over when it was light outside & by the time they were ready to head home, sun was set & it was dark.  I live on a country road full of hills & no street lights. No way I was going to let them walk home.  So I told them to get in the car & I'd drive them home ... & let me tell you, I almost had a panic attack when I turned into that drive way.  I havent been in that drive way in 10 years.

& then the girl that lives there, her dad is a police officer & he was anxious about his daughter coming down to my house in the first place so I told her to have her dad come out & meet me so he knew who I was... & she text him & she said, "He said you can come in"

... breath in... breath out...

I am now walking up the side walk of my friend's house... & walked in the living room where I havent stood in so many years... & so many memories were flooding me.

It was so surreal, I cant even begin to tell you....

But I did meet her father & all the girls hugged me & I headed home... crying my eyes out.

I was in the perfect mood to finish up 13 Reasons Why.... & let the heart tearing continue.

OH MY GOSH... I finished it up - those last 3 episodes.  I was cringing & so upset. I dont remember the book having that same sort of grip on me. I really need to re-read it.  I think I'm going to start on it today actually.

I ended up staying up to nearly 1 am to finish out the show....

so that meant I slept in on Saturday.  Nice. Super nice.

I was able to take my time & do some cleaning & worked out my body & worked out my hand lettering... & did some on my Bible Study for the week....

& then it was time to go do a family photo session.

I did this couple's wedding... & then their first baby's pictures... & here they are a family of 4 now. I love seeing these families grow & staying in touch with people. It helps when your clients are amazing people.

We werent sure we were going to be able to pull it off because the weather had been iffy all weekend.  But I swear by my app Accuweather & it said it would rain one time during our session & it sprinkled EXACTLY the time it said it would - just long enough for us to hide under some steps & let it pass....

& then it said some large hail was going to come through & luckily, we had JUST finished the session when it came in. & MAN OH MAN... I need to check my car & see if there is any damage.

Chasity had come up to help me since I knew there was going to be a little one.  Kids anywhere from 1-4 years old, you need extra attention getting tactics. & Chasity is a pro.  But we planned on getting the hubbys & her kiddos to all meet up afterwards & we were able to go out to dinner together.

I cant believe I didnt take any pictures... I was just loving talking to Emerson.  She is just at a funny age right now.  & still loving Beauty & the Beast.  She at one point got up & was walking around the restaurant singing "Belle"... everyone was laughing at her... while my heart was bursting with pride.

I ended up getting home & washing up after that humid photo session & I knocked out EARLY.  So much for sleeping in.

The drive home... the storm finally passed

Sunday had me at church & MSM... I cant believe we only have 3 more weeks & then our summer break.  The girls are already wanting some dates planned for summer get togethers ... a total must.

I had to run to Target to get some stuff & then ran over to see my parents & drop off a heart healthy cookbook for my daddy.

I came home & had to take advantage of cooler temps (Finally) & sunny skies (finally) & finished up my latest book.

Then I finished up m evening by editing... & thinking of the week ahead.. the one before a holiday  weekend. That always makes the week more tolerable, doesnt it?

So how was your weekend?

Did you have horrible rains?

Did you watch 13 Reasons Why?

Friday, May 19, 2017

Friday Favorites 05/19

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Favorite Best Beauty Target Buys

Best Target Beauty Buys

I love this link...(click the pic above to check it out)
top 18 beauty products to buy at Target - All under $18.00
I'm totally looking for some of these items on my next trip!

Favorite Shower Curtain

... makes sense...

Favorite Bathing Suit

Trina Turk Other - Trina turk Algiers high neck one piece swimsuit

Not that my body would EVER in this side of heaven look like that
but I do like this bathing suit.
I think the lines totally are flattering for any size - draw those eyes inward.
Plus, I always love a halter neckline.

Favorite Knitting

Free Knitting Pattern for Yinyang Kitty Socks - Toe-up ankle socks with a kitty chart on the toe and foot and a simple short-row heel. Designed by Geena Garcia:

Ohhhh... I need these in doggies!!

Favorite Shoes
ASICS Gel-Nimbus® 18:

So Asics has put out a comic book line of shoes.
I need these something crazy fierce!!!

Favorite Beauty & the Beast

Precious Moments Disney You Are My Fairy Tale Come True Belle with Beast 161013:

Favorite Peencha

The League Of Justice Becomes A Family:

Favorite Funnies

#adulting #running #injury:

Morning Funny Picture Dump 38 Pics:

Afternoon Funny Picture Dump 35 Pics:

Afternoon Funny Picture Dump 38 Pics:

Afternoon Funny Picture Dump 38 Pics:

Afternoon Funny Picture Dump 31 Pics:

... life in a day when you work as a wedding photographer

... when I wake up in the morning & walk in the bathroom

... me every morning when I sit down at my desk at work

GIPHY! ( May 10, 2017 at 09:48PM

... every time I place an order on Amazon & the hubs asks if I really needed that book

GIPHY! ( April 5, 2017 at 07:17PM

... me at 4:00pm today

GIPHY! ( May 9, 2017 at 01:59PM

Happy Weekend Y'all!!!