Wednesday, July 01, 2015

One Sentence a Day... June 2015

1 sentence

Love looking back at my month... one sentence at a time...
Here we go for June!


1.  I got to watch my twin nieces graduate elementary school & get ready to head into middle school.

2.  freaked out when a bird got into our house & Harvey Dent caught it!!!!

3.  Enjoyed the last day of the cool temps we've been having before summer heat returns.

4.  I pretty much couldn't walk in thanks to 21 Day Fix Lower Body workout.

5.  We hung out with teenagers till midnight at Operation Unicorn.

6.  We watched a new Triple Crown Winner since 1978!

7.  I spent 6 hours at church before heading out to do a family session on the hottest day of the year so far.

8.  food prepped for an hour watching The Bachelorette.

9.  Got my hair all spiffed up...

10.  summer has kicked in with the heat & humidity.

11.  Got surprised by a sweet friend with a card in the mail

12.  Was so happy that "What would you Do" was back on Friday night TV.

13.  Got doused in color in my 3rd Color Run that I've done.

14.  Did a bunch of grown up stuff (bills, grocery shop) & then finished my book "Big Little Lies".

15.  Had to get out at lunch & get a new Nutribullet since mine broke last night.

16.  my skin on my legs felt like they were on fire!

17.  Got my Color Run pics & loved my finish line picture.

18.  Went for my annual exam & had to laugh that I've been seeing this doctor since I was 20 years old.

19.  Ran a late night 5K Virtual Race with some friends.


20.  I did a photo session for our church band that left me in tears.

21.  We celebrated Dad's for Father's Day.

22. Had a scare when we thought we were going to have to go to the ER in the middle of the night when Ricky couldn't see out of one eye.

23.  Got the girls smooshed for my yearly mammogram.

Another year checked off

24.  I realized I am addicted to American Ninja Warrior.

25.  I was reminded on how fragile life is when I saw a motorcycle accident happen right in front of me.

26.  Got caught up on my Real Housewives of OC & NYC

27.  Got to meet Miss Ella & see her mom after a few years since I did her engagement pictures.

28.  Got to eat outside for lunch with Ryan, Chasity & Emerson enjoying the perfect cool day in June.

29.  I went to pick up my tickets that I won for the Pat Benatar concert!!!!

30.  I tried starting a blanket for the 4th time & still can't find a pattern I like to invest all the time in.

So how was your June?
Can you believe we're more then half way
through the year now?

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Anchored, a Wizard & some Big Little Lies....

Because I am Belle...
Time for a book update... with a long weekend, its the perfect time to grab a book & enjoy the holiday while the grill is going & fireworks are exploding. 
Here's some my latest reads
Anchored by Kayla Aimee
4 out of 5
Oh my goodness... I now have put Kayla on my list of people that I want as a friend.  She is all sorts of everything precious.  & the way she tells the story of her daughter's first year of life when she came entirely too early.  The story is told with such heart, such honestly & a touch of humor & real life, all holding my attention & rooting for this little princess.  Here is Kayla & her daughter Scarlette - just watch this & tell me you don't want to know more of their story.


Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty
4 out of 5

I have seen so many people talk about this book & I had it on my Kindle for the longest time.  I finally got around to it & I so loved this story.  A mystery of sorts with a group of mom's from a kindergarten class.  We know someone is going to die at the end of the book, but who?  I was so wrapped up in this story - the personalities of all the characters - the interaction between them all.  It was like a crazy store of the Real Housewives of wherever.  I loved it & can't wait to read more from this author.

The Wizard Returns by Danielle Paige
4 out of 5


You will never me say anything bad about these books in this series. I am so in love with these & want the whole world to fall in love with them too.  This book is another Novella - a short story that works with the bigger picture.  This one centered, obviously, around the Wizard.  I love these little back stories & deeper looks into each of the characters.  I just started the 2nd Novel in the series & already this book ties into that one with the Queendom of the Monkeys... just can't get enough of these books.
Miracles from Heaven by Christy Beam
3 out of 5
This is a real life story - those always grab my attention.  But this one is about a little girl, Annabel, who was born with health issues.  She is a daughter & a sister in a family that is just an ordinary God loving family who is dealing with all the things her health issues bring.  Suddenly one day, when Annabel is playing with her sisters in this tree in their yard, she happens to fall INSIDE the tree.  The story is about her rescue & then her little glimpses of Heaven that she said she saw when she fell.  The amazing thing about the whole story - after she was rescued, all her previous health issues she's had since birth, all disappeared.  It really is quite a story.  It's not so much a story of Heaven, though obviously its touched on, but Annabel didn't want to say much about that experience - but the little bit she did talk about, its moving.  Made me teary eyed actually. 
This book & the story is actually going to be made into a movie by TD Jakes ... I would really love to see it.

Ghost Boy by Martin Pistorius
3 out of 5

Oh mercy - this book gave me anxiety.  Another true life story, Martin had some sort of health issue that left him once a normal little boy, to a child in his own world unable to communicate, living in a wheelchair, being sent to daycares to help take care of him.  Then suddenly one day, Martin 'wakes up' in his mind & is trying to communicate, when he find he can't.... until one of his nurses notices some sort of real interaction & presses his parents to have Martin checked.  The story follows with the journey back to real life Martin takes. 
The whole situation just made me feel so trapped myself wondering how it would feel to try & speak & to get someone to understand what I want, but couldn't.
It really is an amazing story to hear how far he comes.  With the help of technology, Martin's world is opened up... its quite a journey.
There are moments when he talks about being in some of the homes he was sent to that just literally made me sick.... makes me want to have every home inspected for nurses that just shouldn't even hold that title. 
I was a little sad that the book sort of jumped quickly & I didn't understand how Martin would progress or what he did to be in the next stage of life... but its a happy ending regardless so that's all that matters
So what books are you reading right now?
Any books I need to get my hands on immediately?

Monday, June 29, 2015

The weekend that we had our windows open... in June....

So this was basically me the entire weekend....

With a little bit of this....

No - I didn't run a race.  I just ran for life in general.  As usual.

Saturday, I was out of the house fairly early to meet up with a past client to do her daughter's 1 year picture. 

It was so wonderful seeing Ashlie again... missed her husband who was away on a trip with his dad, but I got to meet Ashlie's mother & it was so nice spending the afternoon grabbing pictures of her little sweetheart.

This year has been a year of 1st birthdays /1 yr olds for me... I have loved it.  They have such personality at that age.  & although mobile & still run a session with how they feel, they are quick to grab their attention & hold it for a second.  All you need is one good second as a photographer.

I had intentions of heading to Whole Foods when I left their house since I rarely get out that way but just hated to go without Ricky ....

... so I ended up going to Hobby Lobby.

Now THAT, I don't mind going to without Ricky.

I walked out of the store with all my crafts taking credit.  I got yarn for a hat, I got 2 new crochet needles that I needed, I got some stickers for my Bible Journal, some new paint brushes... & also new scissors.  That's in thanks to Harvey Dent & his latest adventure....

I didn't forget Ricky though - I ended up getting him this MASSIVE Captain America patch.  I thought he may want it for a blue jean jacket or vest he has - he said he wants to put it on  a denim shirt. I give my approval.

I got home  & started working on pictures & ended up watching American Hustler - which I didn't think I was going to like, but totally got caught up in it.  I just love Amy Adams.  I'm sorry though - she's always going to be Giselle to me.

I couldn't stand it any longer though...

The temps were perfection, the day was gorgeous - I couldn't make myself stay in the house & at the computer for one more minute.

We ended up getting Harvey Dent in the car (the big baby still doesn't understand the concept of jumping in a car on his own) & we headed to the park.

We just had the best time of taking it easy & wandering around, letting Harvey scope everything out, sniff all the smells, watch all the birds.  I was so proud of him because he didn't bark at anyone or anything... & Ricky & Harvey had gone up ahead & I over heard 2 ladies talking about how gorgeous that dog was & how they wanted a breed like that for their family.  I felt like I boosted my chest out a little & was a proud momma.

Harvey checking out the deer at the little petting zoo they have

Time for a rest... squirrel chasing is hard work

We headed home & decided to stop by my parents house for a minute.

It was Harvey's first time getting near a horse.  This is where he got nervous for the first time.  He jumped up on the fence to get closer & Cochese isn't bothered one bit by dogs so he leaned down to sniff Harvey.... oh no... Harvey backed up & started barking like, "is this ok mom & dad?"... but the more he saw Ricky patting the horse, the calmer he was getting. He still wasn't sure about that big 4 legged beast on the other side of the fence.

Needless to say, while I edited pictures the rest of the night, Harvey was out like a light. I haven't seen him that sound in sleep in a long time...

Sunday had us at church where the Merge group got to take over "big church" while 2 of our pastors were out on vacation.  Nothing like making a fool of yourself in front of the whole church.  Its what I do best apparently.

My whole day was made though because our Grandbuddy Emerson, she just kept wanting me to hold her & she kept laughing with me, playing with me & then at one point, she turned around & just grabbed me to give me a big ole kiss.  I think I my heart totally melted in the floor. 

We ran out with Ryan & Chasity after church & grabbed some lunch & they had to head to a Baby Reveal party & we headed to Sam's Club.

I really like that on my 21 day fix, I can get basically my whole grocery list there since its all clean eating, fruits & veggies & healthy stuff. 

& of course, we had to stop for our Starbucks Sunday

... complete with a Sunday Biblical spelling of my name...

We got home & I was going to go get back on the computer but once again, couldn't make myself.  I mean, its JUNE & it was in the 70's - no humidity - perfection is the only word that can describe the weather.  We had our windows open all weekend long & our room at night felt like heaven.  That cool fresh air.  Are we sure its June?  I'd take June like that every time. 

But I ended up sitting out on the porch & finished up a book & just wanted to stay outside till the sun went down... which is exactly what I did...

I didn't want this weekend to end. 

& now, heading into another week.  This week, my "to-do list" is so long, I already have anxiety.  I kinda hate weeks like this... but its just another week in my life.  So be it.

How was your weekend?
Did you have great weather?
Got a busy week ahead?

Friday, June 26, 2015

Friday Favorites

Favorite Way to Connect...
especially yesterday after that accident

My heart ached so badly for that young man I found laying in a field yesterday after the motorcycle accident.  I posted a few pictures, a status update about it... & next thing I know, its been shared over 230 times & by an hour ago, I have spoken with at least 20 people that are family & friends of this young man.  I even got not only his name, but his mother's name. I left her a message.  His friend sent me an update last night after the latest surgery. 
The power of Facebook.
I can't believe I found out his name.  Saw his face smiling in pictures.  See who surrounds him as family & friends.  They are amazing people too.
Like I have told them, I want to have a new vision of him - one of him smiling again, one of him walking.  One of him walking out of the hospital.  I need that. I know they do too.

Favorite Reminder

Be at peace
 Favorite Podcast

 So everyone kinda knows who Boo Mama & Big Mama in the world of blogging - right?
so I was so excited to see they have a Podcast!
I love hearing people's voices when you read so many of their words & imagine what they sound like.

Favorite Beauty & the Beast



Favorite Wish List Item

2016 17-month large agenda- Black stripe by kate spade new york

I'm excited to see Kate Spade has out her 2016 planners.
I LOVE mine.  Enough to know this is the one I want for next year as well.
So now I have 6 months to keep an eye out for a good sale.

Favorite Animal

And Nothing Is Going To Stop Him

I love when animals show up a vet's diagnosis!!!
Poop away yellow lab... poop away!
Favorite Funnies

Being The Older Brother

I so need to teach my twin nieces this. Sophia is 2 minutes older.
What a way to irk the 'younger' sis :)

A Hand That Doesn�t Know How To Hand


when someone starts talking about why I never had children of my own
When my boss gives me work to do
 How I look after Leg Day on 21 Day Fix

 How I walk out of Target when an item is on sale, I have a coupon AND there's a discount on the Cartwheel App


My hair INDOORS during summer.....

My hair as soon as I step outside...


Happy Weekend y'all
Please stay safe!!!