Thursday, October 19, 2017

Fake roses, hoarding coffee & the best wedding day {Thankful Thursday #147}

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This week I am Thankful For:
{Numbers go with my One Thousand Gifts Journal - just ignore}

680 / New things to learn.
Someone commissioned this hat for their grandbaby & they wanted a flower on it. I know how to make a few flowers but wanted to try something new & found a way to crochet roses. I really like how they turned out. (The pic is kind of hard to see the detail of them) I'm ready to make more of these babies now.

681 / Longer lunch.
I love when Ricky gets a little extra time for lunch so we can venture to new places further from his work place.

682 / Holiday Coffee!!!
We love when the Starbucks Holiday coffee comes out. We typically hoard it too so we can have it a few months after the holidays are over.  So time to start stocking up!!!!!  Ricky called me when he saw it out for the first time (I was at Bible Study) & I made a special trip to pick some up at lunch the next day.  Thanks Sam's Club for offering it in bulk.

683 / Friday the 13th sale.
OHHHH man. I loaded up on some yarn when I saw Michael's was having a 20% off EVERYTHING sale - even sale items.  & I needed some more circular needles (WHERE have all my circular needles gone??!?!?!?) - so it was the perfect time to get in a big order.  I was actually really happy with my total at the end.

685 / Military coffee
Funny story - so I went into Starbucks before my wedding this past weekend & there were these 2 military people in front of me. I literally pulled up my app to see how much money I had on my card & if I needed to refill it so I could buy their order, when this lady came RUNNING to the register saying, "THIS IS ON ME"... she was adorable. She had to be in her 60's or 70's - a beautiful lady who was just sitting in the shop with a book & her drink... when she looked up & saw them, she literally did a mad dash to the counter.  She went on to hug them & tell them that her dad was in the Army & she grew up a military kid so she appreciated anyone in uniform... she was precious. & these two were so thankful. Everyone was patting these two on the back & shaking hands before they were able to get their drinks & leave. It was a great thing to see & be a part of.

It had been raining like 4 days before the wedding & it was going to be miserable the day after ... so I was so excited to walk out my garage & see this beautiful & glorious sunshine on the perfect day!

687 / Photographer duties are an honor.
It really is an honor to have people entrust me with capturing their wedding day & keeping things on schedule & in line & getting the job done.  It's tough work... but so worth it to spend such beautiful & magical days with people I really care for.

688 / This lady that holds me all together
Honestly, she does it all.  She did the Bride's hair this time around, which worked out better for us so she could do it at the church instead of having me travel to a salon & then get to the church (Note to brides - the less travel that has to happen on a wedding day, the easier & smoother a day can go).... but Chasity did double duty by being the hair dresser & as soon as she was done, put down the curling iron & picked up the camera to assist me through the rest of the day. I guess I could say she's a triple threat too because she was taking babies & changing diapers too during the day.  Seriously. Believe me when I say the girl does it all.  Not to mention, keeping me sane & keeping track of all the things I forget (my keys, my tripod - she knows the routine questions to ask me) - its not a job many could tolerate.

689 / Seeing so many familiar faces.
It was so much fun for me at the wedding because I got to see so many friendly faces that I hadn't seen in awhile.  I got to catch up with a few during the reception & even just getting in quick hugs, it was just so fun & calming to me to be surrounded by people I know & miss.

691 / Upload complete.
Let me tell you - its a job in itself to get all the disks uploaded from a wedding day. 

& 3028 is the amount of pictures I'll now go through to edit down... originally, there's even more than that on the first upload
692 / Redeemed.
I can't believe we are in the last 2 weeks of our bible study - this 40 days of straight study & prayer. It's been so wonderful.  & our conversation was just so good & insightful this past weekend. I'm excited to see how this study all wraps up for us.

693 / Time to slow down.
When I got home on Monday, my garage door wouldnt open. I had gotten notifications on my phone that our security cameras were down too.... our electricity was out.  I couldnt do laundry, I couldnt start dinner, I couldnt work out with my videos, so I just took the opportunity that was handed to me to slow down for an hour or two.... I pulled out my Kindle & sat in the beautiful sunshine & just breathed... for the first time in awhile. It was wonderful. .... & the electricity came back on just as it was getting dusky & I couldnt read outside anymore. Thank you Lord for perfect timing.

694 / Outside for the blind guy.
Even the little blind guy sat outside with me. He's not a fan of sitting otuside since he's lost his vision. I dont know if the sounds are too overwhelming & he feels a little small in a big world out there not knowing his surroundings as much. Like inside, he likes to stay close to the walls, walks the perimeters of everything.... but he sat outside for a few hours with me. I loved watching him raise his face & literally soak in the sun. Oh my boy....

You can see his arms where the allergies & infection has taken his hair off - my poor guy has just had the hardest time lately

695 / Sweet girl.
So when we had our JOY group Sunday, Emerson was all about her Pappy & wondering where he was since I was there... & then she made sure to color something for me to take home to him.... here it is....

So Ricky said it has to go on the fridge... & I sent it to Chasity to show Emerson... to which she said Miss Emerson was blowing kisses to her Pappy....

This girl... I love how she loves so big - all her family.  She's just too much - in the best possible way. Makes us smile every time!

So what good things happened in your world this week?

Wednesday, October 18, 2017


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What would my life would like without Amazon?
.... shudder...
I dont want to think about it.
I need to get caught up with these posts & all my purchases because I know the holidays are coming - Me & Amazon are going to be even closer in the next few months.
So here's some more purchases I've made in the past few months....

I havent used this as much as I want to - but what I have made out of it so far, I've loved & it has some simple recipes - I'm not a fan of huge fan of recipes that have 20 ingredients in it.
Posting this makes me want to open this back up & use it this week.

That's it Super Sampler, Pack of 12, (4 Apple+MANGO, 2 Apple+Blueberry, 2 Apple+Apricot, 2 Apple+Strawberry, 2 Apple Pineapple)

I actually got these when we tried one at Starbucks & just one cost like $2.99 ... & I got this whole box of 12 for under $20.00.... but this was also before all these pressed fruit bars were out everywhere. Now, you see those KIND Pressed fruit bars even at Target so I dont need to repurchase these.... but they are yummy. & I love things that have like 2 or 3 ingredents & THATS IT! ... such smart marketing with that name.

Garnier SkinActive Clearly Brighter Sheer Tinted Eye Roller, Light/Medium, 0.5 fl. oz.

This is a product I HAVE to have on stand by in my make up bag because I cant go a day without.  So when I feel like I'm getting low, I'll order & have one ready to cover up these dark circles.  & I can get this at Target or Walgreens or wherever - but sometimes, I just want things to come to me at my door.

I needed a tripod for my phone so I could do some videos that I was posting in my Bible Study group private FB page & this has just come in handy ever since for photos for Instagram or just hands free pics with me & the hubs.  It's flimsy & cheap - I mean, its only $10.99 - but it gets the job done & I really like it.

The Honest Company Calcium & Vitamin D3 Gummy, 60 Count
Still my favorite gummy for vitamins... 
they are so tasty & delicious ... I've reordered this for the 3rd time.
We go through these like candy.

If you are wanting a good notebook - GET THIS!  
I ADORE this one.  It's sturdy & THICK & the paper is really nice & thick - & I use some pretty mighty pens & it doesnt bleed through.
The cover is really nice & suede-like... the book lays flat when open... it has a little pocket in the back & something I really love about it, on the side, it has a pen loop that really does keep your pen with your journal.  I will completely order this again... & it would look great on a shelf stacked together as well.

Always on the hunt for something to ease Bruno's itchy skin & this really does seem to be the best that we've tried.  I'm almost out & actually need to reorder.

So... excited to get this.
Andddd.... embarassed that we still havent set it up. 
I have it sitting in its box on my counter.
I've got some time next week to take care of some loose ends.
This is going to be top on the list to get it hooked up & ready to go.
I jokingly say all the time, "Alexa..." & ask a random question - just to remind Ricky that we need to get it set up.  I'm at least practiced up on how to use it once its ready to go.

What's your best buy at Amazon lately?

Monday, October 16, 2017

The weekend we had the police called on us at a wedding.....

Another weekend in the books...

but this wasn't just any weekend... it was a WEDDING WEEKEND.... & not just any wedding weekend....

It was a groom of one of my favorite families I've known for awhile now through church... & even better?  The groom was one of my middle school kiddos at church.  I've basically watched him grow up... which freaks me out & makes me feel very ancient.... but it's always, ALWAYS an honor to be a part of someone's wedding that I just really care for.

I have a few pictures of him from middle school events but this is the first one I found... this baby right here was a groom this weekend .... amazing

& I'm sure he loves that I still have middle school pictures from 2007. haha  I'm nothing but a good photo horder. I can pull out some great old school pics.

These kids... The girl in the front in the black sweatshirt... I did her wedding a year ago!!!
& I am basically in touch with everyone still ... & I still adore every single face here!!! Oh my heart.
... & of course, Ryan in the background - I still see him as a big kid too & here he is now a Sargent of a Firehouse - WOW!

But anyways, you can imagine how busy my weekend was & I wouldnt have wanted it any other way.

Friday was the rehearsal & it went so smoothly & with total ease..

my only issue was getting home. Geez. I knew where I was at & thought I'd take a 'back way' home... except it led me right in the middle of traffic of the town's local fall festival, Harvest Homecoming.  I didnt think I was ever going to get out of that.

& then ended up needing to stop at McDonalds just to get Bruno a chicken sandwich because I wasnt able to go to the grocery after work .... & I sat in line & sat in line & sat in line some more... I sat in line for 35 minutes for a chicken sandwich. I wish I could say I was joking.  The ironic part?  Bruno didnt want the chicken ... when a dog doesnt want a chicken sandwich from McDonalds?...hmmm... I'll just leave that alone...

I finally got home around 8:30 & got everything packed up & ready to go for the next day.... go over the check list.... so much stuff!!!!

& I was thrilled to wake up to see the weather was perfection.

It had been raining basically the whole week before & the day after was supposed to be yucky... but this wedding day?  God blessed it.

I had to make my stop at Starbucks to fuel up & grab Chasity a drink & from there, its on full force, non stop... full blast.

Seriously - we got started at 9:30am & I didnt walk in my door till 9:15pm... & that's basically moving, on your feet, running around, directing people, giving instructions all day long.  & its just so much better when its someone you know & family that you adore.  It really is.

Everything couldnt have gone smoother.  I honestly was shocked how smooth it all went because we were on schedule the whole day, which I'm a sticklier about, so that doesnt surprise me, but just surprised how fast it all went. Like some days, it feels like forever till the ceremony - not this time. It was like, bam, bink, boom, wedding time.

& of course, I dont have any pics of that yet...

But I did get home & start uploading pictures... & man, that's a task in itself.

If you follow me on Instagram, you've already seen some pics just in the uploading phase...

I cant wait for the bride & groom to see their pictures... they are going to be amazing.

The worst moment of the day - which to me is the funniest & not really the worst, but its just funny to note.... sooooo, we had the police called on us this wedding.  haha.  Always a first for everything, right?  But we had the guys out taking pictures & was using this cute little ally for some different backdrop pictures & we were standing in front of some trees that honestly was just a few steps off the ally - didnt seem like we were in anyone's way or bothering anyone.  A guy even pulled up in the drive way in front of the tree we were in & we even asked him if we were bothering anything & he was fine - even came out later to throw the garbage out & I asked if he wanted a picture with the groom - he laughed it off... everything going smoothly.....

Then all of a sudden, I see a guy standing behind the groomsmen & I said to him, "You're fine"... meaning he's fine to walk through & he stood with his arms crossed & said, "YOUR NOT"... we all thought he was joking.  Needless to say, he said we were on private property... which honestly didnt look like it, but I asked him if he wanted us to leave & he said, "No, you're fine"... but then got in his car & with the windows down, we could hear that he was calling the cops on 'trespassers'... what?  Seriously?... we only had 2 more pics to take & we left anyways, but we just had to laugh.  What else can you do?  & needless to say, when I took the ladies out for pictures, we TOTALLY 100000% avoided that same area.

Chasity & I are such rebel photographers.

The BEST moment of the day for me... I got to pray with Jacob before the wedding.  The amazing Pastor of the church was praying with the groom while a lady that works in the church that had been so wonderfully helpful all day prayed with the bride.  So Chasity stayed with the bride & I went with the groom. The Pastor asked if anyone else wanted to pray with Jacob & I know that's not a favorite thing for people to do... but here I am, the photographer, raising my hand. haha... I bet some of the groomsmen who didnt know who I was, was like, "um. ok then"... haha... but I couldnt pass up the chance to pray with one of 'my kids'... I have now done 2 other middle school kids of mine's weddings & I prayed with each of them as well & wasn't going to break tradition now.  It was truly an honor.... & thanked the Pastor for letting me have the chance to do that.

The rest of the day was just full of ease, & fun, & love & lots of laughter.... it couldnt have been more perfect... especially because we weren't arrested.

LOTS of laughter

& once I got home, I honestly couldnt sleep... my brain is on full blast after a wedding... so I got maybe - MAYBE 3 hours sleep... but I'm used to it.

Sunday, I had MSM - always amazing... & then straight to my JOYSTERS... ALWAYSSSSS AMAZING... & then I had to do my grocery shopping & get back home to finish uploading the rest of the pics.

It wasn't until 10:00pm that I got them all in the computer & ready for editing...

Needless to say.... I'll be at my computer for the next week or two.... & loving reliving this amazing day.....

How was your weekend?

Friday, October 13, 2017

Friday Favorites

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Favorite Book Item

Lightmark Reading Lamp Bookmark Grey Peleg Design
Is this the cutest book mark ever or what?!?!?!

Favorite Fall Treat

These Southern Fried Apples are an easy side dish or light dessert for fall! Sides | Apple Recipes | Easy Dessert Recipes | 5 Ingredients or Less Recipes

Click the pic to get to the link.
Be warned - its a long post - but the recipe is at the bottom

This would be amazing on a fall night... warm apples always warms my soul

Favorite Halloween makeup

Nutcracker - 18 Cheap and Creative Halloween Makeup Ideas to Scare Your Friends

But if you look at it - its really easy - the 'top teeth' is actually her bottom lip & the rest is drawn on her chin.  I want to try this - just to see how it turns out.

Favorite Beauty & the Beast
Be Our Guest Slippers ($7)

Favorite Motivation

The daily habit. This is what makes you.

Favorite Shirt

I love me some Riverdale & really love me some Jughead Jones
SO I'm especially loving the Hot Topic line of Riverdale stuff.

Favorite Coffee Mug Women's Everything Is Gonna Be Ok Thermal Mug

when you want to be classy drinking coffee

Favorite Peencha

Because dogs are self-aware, experience will teach them how to be "considerate" when given a gift (even one the dog may not like).

Favorite Funnies

Morning Funny Picture Dump 37 Pics

Morning Funny Picture Dump 37 Pics

Morning Funny Picture Dump 34 Pics

Morning Funny Picture Dump 36 Pics

Twitter Explains What Its Really Like To Be An Adult  22 Pics

Twitter Explains What Its Really Like To Be An Adult  22 Pics

Twitter Explains What Its Really Like To Be An Adult  22 Pics

Afternoon Funny Picture Dump 33 Pics

...  every time I'm in a car for more than 30 minutes & have to pee

GIPHY! ( October 10, 2017 at 01:17AM

.... when I see a kid sneezing without covering their mouth

... when I'm super busy with a full calendar ... but still have food priorites

... me at 4:00pm today

Happy Weekend Y'all!!!