Monday, January 15, 2018

The weekend that I stayed snuggled in as much as possible....

So much for 60 degree temps a few days ago....

Winter came & sucker punched us back in the face.

How many days is to spring?  It's 65 days till Spring... always counting.

But we were reminded that it is indeed winter & winter isn't fun.  It may be pretty, but its not fun. At least for me. I get some people like it.  I dont understand those people.

Anyways, Friday, we made it into work without issue, though I could hear freezing rain hitting my car on the drive & it made me anxious about the drive home.

Work was great about it all because they sent out emails all day long giving updates on the roads & finally around noon, they said we could leave early - at 3pm.... which was perfect timing because that's when it really started coming down.

The ride home was starting to get slippery & slushy - but luckily, they had called off school & the traffic was so light.

The dogs were happy for me to be home so they could play in the snow.  At least the Aussies.  Bruno didnt' know what was going on & Zoe was like, "Let me just walk outside with one step & pee on the concrete & come back in" - that's my kinda girl.

I spent my Friday snuggled up on the couch watching some Netflix by some heaters & just glad all this hit on a weekend & we didnt have to worry about getting to work the next day in it.

Saturday, literally, all we did was stay in the house.  The best day ever.  I had plans to do some things & meet up with some people, but everything got canceled.  I ended up just staying in my sweats all day, made some crock pot soup for dinner & made some corn bread & even tried out a new weight watchers 2 ingredient dough - turned out AMAZING by the way - I'll have to share this because everyone needs to know how simple this is.

Some pics from Saturday

It was so crazy how there was ice sticking out of the ground.  It was like little daggers of icicles everywhere. I dont know if it was the ice that stuck to grass or what... but I've never seen it in my life - it was so cool!!!!

All those holes are where ice is jolting out

& of course, the obligatory picture of Ernie growing up

& just being plain cute...

& his big brother who is always cute too

The hubs shoveling snow

Spent time Bible Journaling

I spent the rest of my Saturday once again sitting on the couch & watching the rest of the A Series of Unfortunate Events.  

Exciting Saturday night

I have to stay in the living room on the couch because we take slow doses in letting Ernie have access to the house. We did this with Harvey too. We've found out the closer they are to the door, the more they tend to know to go out of it to go potty.  If they have access to the back of the house, its like they forget where the door is & just potty on the rug. Ernie does great when he's limited to the kitchen & living room.  We'll work our way back to my room where all my knitting & DVR recorded shows are....I hope its REALLY soon.

Sunday, I did venture back out in the cold to go to MSM.  The kids were laughing at me because I was doing "far away hugs" - especially for the people that I had seen on FB or Instagram that they were sick during the week.  I kept reminding everyone I loved them, but germs scare me.  Luckily, everyone understood & those far away hugs were fun. haha  #airhug

I had to run into Target - because Sunday...

Yes, that's a dog in a cart at Target....
I loved it. They had his bed in there & he was so good - didnt bark once & just people watched.

& stopped at Starbucks - because Sunday
& then came home to snuggle back up.

Sunday vibes
& then it was time to watch the sun go down on another day

But on a good note - I am excited - because I'm off work today!!!!!
The first time IN MY LIFE that I am off work for Martin Luther King Jr. Day!! WHAT?!?!?!?.... I am just shocked about it - & kept forgetting I actually got the day off.
So another 4 day work week ahead for me.... I'll take it!!!

Image result for I'm staying in bed today

So how was your weekend?
Did you get snow or frigid cold?
Are you off today or have to work?

Friday, January 12, 2018

Friday Favorites

Image result for friday favorites knit by god's hand

Favorite Shoes

Huma Blanco Bowtie Booties

I dont care how old I get - I still am a sucker for bows

Favorite Coffee Cup

Cute coffee mug!

Ode to Dolly!!!

Favorite Organization 

All your stuff is about to be so, so, *SO* organized.

I love this for tea storage! 
Better than loose boxes with tea bags falling out everywhere!!!

Favorite Craft

Old Metal Tray Repurposed!! So EASY with Chalk Paint!

I have always been such a fan of anything with chalkboard paint
 & never thought of doing it to a tray like this. 
How pretty!!!

Favorite Crochet 

Cat hat crochet pattern. So cute and warm! #crochet #afflink #stitch #style #cozy #winterwear

OK - I kinda like this.
Isn't it cute & fun?
Makes me wonder what other little critters you could do with this idea.

Favorite Beauty & the Beast

Beauty and the Beast

Favorite Dog Tag

Afternoon Funny Picture Dump 33 Pics

Favorite Funnies

Afternoon Funny Picture Dump 39 Pics

Afternoon Funny Picture Dump 37 Pics

Afternoon Funny Picture Dump 37 Pics

i need to make sure i'm not the only one who still has my head bowed

"I could totally go for a light coma right now."
I seriously laughed WAYYYY too hard at this one - I've done this so many times

Happy Weekend Y'all!!!

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Meet in person, all the coffee & I'm finally warm!!! {Thankful Thursday #158}

Image result for thankful thursday knit by god's hand

This week I am Thankful For:
{Numbers go with my One Thousand Gifts Journal - just ignore}

2 /Heat in Enclosed Room
It is so nice that we have a heat unit in our enclosed room so on the freezing days when we have to wait on the dogs to go to the bathroom, we can stay out there in a little bit more comfort.  It's also great on the weekend so I can still go out to the room & read.  Still my favorite place to read.

5  / New Coat!!!
Confession - I've never had a REAL winter coat. I buy them for fashion - not function. & now that I have to walk Downtown from the parking garage to the building, its COLD ... FREEZING COLD. It's been zero degrees some mornings.  & I have basically a jacket on.  So Ricky got me a real coat for my birthday. It's wind-proof, rain-proof, so WARM!!! I honestly am amazed at the difference when I wear it.  I am so happy to snuggle up in it.

Related image
This is it... I LOVE IT!  It even has thumb holes to keep the lining down
11 / First Kroger Clicklist
So our grocery FINALLLLLLLY got the Clicklist that I've heard so much about ..... order groceries online & pick up without having to go in. I was leery... & now I'm in love. It worked out so well. I was really happy with what they picked for my produce & I only had 3 things they didnt have in stock (which I kinda question... but anywhoooo)...I'm totally doing it again for today.  I'll pay the 4.95 happily because I would spend WAYYYY more than that walking in the store & impulse buying.  This is the future of grocery shopping!!!

13 / Canvas Commissioned
Funny how things work. So a friend had me do 2 canvased for her for Christmas ... & she posted giving to her father on Facebook... & someone else saw it & thought that would be a good gift for someone they knew... & then saw who did it - ME... & funny thing? We were Facebook friends.  See, we were both under the same Beachbody Coach a few years back & had become friends on FB but had never met.  So she contacted me to making her a canvas ... & then even better, I got to meet her at a coffee shop & hug her sweet little self. She's even more precious in person.  ... & she sent me a picture of the person who received the canvas & it just made my whole day.

18 / MSM Back!
So good seeing my girls again.  Missed them so much on our break.

19 / All the coffee!!!
I missed the last MSM before break (thanks to wonderful perimenopause cramps - GOD HELP ME) ... & so I got two cards - one from my ADORABLE high school PRINCESS that leads with me & one from the amazing staff in MSM... & both had coffee cards in them.  I am so stocked for coffee for 2018.  I am one THRILLED... & caffeinated... girl.

20 / Momma home.
Soooo - my mom was in the hospital last week.  Her blood pressure once again was out of control when she went to the doctor & they immediately sent her to the ER... which with the wonderful flu taking over the world, she ended up staying in the ER ALL DAY LONG to get a room... & took overnight before they even were able to get it down.  But luckily, she got to come home in 2 days.

... well technically, I was freezing, but it was ABOVE freezing in over weekSSSSSS.  & it felt amazing.  Well, not amazing... but so much better than freezing.

So that was my first week in January... already full of blessings...
What are you Thankful for this week?

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Wellness Wednesday - Wellness Goals of 2018

I love to be joining in with some amazing ladies for a series that will be happening the 2nd Wednesday of every month that deals with living your best healthy life.  I cant wait to see how everyone else looks at the same topic each month. I love getting inspiration & motivation from others when it comes to being healthier & fitter.... so let's kick this off!

This week we're talking about WELLNESS GOALS

So for me.... I am kind of - no, let me rephrase that - totally 100% disappointed in myself in letting my health go lately.

Remember a few years ago when I had a fire in me loosing weight & working out & eating amazingly & feeling the best ever? ..... yeahhhhhhh.... I remember those days too.

Image result for frustrated gif

I just fizzled out lately.  Like REALLLLY fizzled out.

I dont know if it is being in my mid-40's & hormones kicking me in the gut (truly) or the stress of dealing with my job & health insurance issues resulting in one of the biggest life changes I've had in awhile, or if it's just motivation has just gone out of the window.... or a combo of all of it....

but yeah... all that weight I lost?  Guess who found me?  Yep... all that weight.

Image result for gaining weight back meme

The struggle is real y'all.  I know this is going to be a life style, every day, every night, every moment decision for the rest of my life.  To be healthy & to be fit, its going to take focus on every area of my life. No slacking allowed. Slacking leads to habits... habits leads to downfalls & downfalls lead to landslides....

BUT..... I love a good but (which by the way, I'll get again #punintended)

I have taken the steps to getting healthier for 2018.

& yes, I lost my weight before  doing the 21 Day Fix - & it worked amazingly for me.  But for some reason, its just not filling my soul right now.  I mean, it's not motivating me - I just can't seem to stick with it this time around.  Not sure why... I just am not feeling it.

So I have been looking around at different options... the Tone it Up girls, Jenny Craig, other fitness sites & trainers.... & know what I did?

I pulled the cord & jumped & made the leap... I joined Weight Watchers!

Image result for weight watchers

& can I say, I'm pretty excited about it.

This new point system?  I see what Oprah is yelling about now.

As a vegetarian, its REALLLLLY nice too - because a lot of foods that I eat as stables as a vegetarian are "free point" foods.  Crazy, huh?

Free point foods dont even have to be measured or weighed - they're free.  Which is nice because veggies & fruits?  Eggs & tofu?  Beans & lentils? I can eat all I want.... how incredible is that?

Even on the 21 Day Fix - you are limited to how many fruits & veggies you can have - with fruits being a low amount for a day.  I'd eat my daily fruit by noon.... which is strange to think that fruit is limited - & I get it - it has natural sugar... but still - its full of vitamins & healthy stuff for you.... not limited any more.

& I'm loving the web page & app & the community that is on all of it... So far, I'm really impressed.

Image result for weight watchers

I have big goals ahead. I still want to get the 50 lbs BACK off. (insert head droooping sigh here)... but I know I can do it.  & I'm excited to get back at it.

This is the fire I was talking about my soul needs...

Wish me luck... & I'll be posting updates, I'm sure!!!

Who knew me & Oprah & DJ Khaled were going to be best friends?

Image result for dj khaled weight watchers

Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Show Us Your Books

Image result for knit by god's hand book

Yahoo... the first one of the year & I get to join in.
I was slacking the last few months of 2017 & really want to get my goal of 40 books in for 2018
Let's do this!

Turtles All the Way Down
by John Green
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Quick Summary: A look at a high school student's struggle with mental health struggles

I love me some John Green & was excited about his new book.

I have weird feelings about this book though. I enjoyed it & I thought he did his main character Aza total justice in her struggle with mental health struggles. I mean, it was really really done well. As someone who has issues with germaphobe & a need to google every symptom & hone & hark & get myself riled up over the unknown, I appreciated seeing Aza & how her mind worked in her struggles.

But when someone asked me what the story was about, I couldnt really sum it up well. That's the issue I guess for me - I'm not really sure what the overall plot of the book was. I know we followed along with Aza & her friendships & her relationship with an old friend & the little mystery of finding his father who had gone missing... but that never really felt like the MAIN story. I dont know. Maybe just me.

 I did enjoy it - wasn't in awe of the story, but if you are a John Green fan, I think you can't miss this book.

"True terror isn't being scared; its not having the choice on the matter"

22918050The Heir by Kiera Cass
*** / 3 stars

Quick Summary:  King Maxon & Queen America's daughter is now starting a Selection of her own.

Started into the 4th book of The Selection Series - which this book is totally starting a different story line in the series. 
This one follows the daughter of Maxon & America... Eadlyn.
I have to say, this was my least favorite of the series. Eadlyn just isn't as likable a character as her parents.  & the story line wasn't as gripping... but it was nice to get back into the world of these characters.
Good to know that you can totally read the first 3 & not have to read these last two... but if you love the world they live in, you'll want to finish out the series.
& other side note - this one leaves on a continued story line like the first 3 did - so if you read this, you'll have to finish up with the 5th book.

"I couldn't help but notice it was always this way. At state events or important dinners, Mom was beside Dad or situated right behind him.  But when they were just husband & wife - not king & queen - he followed her."


The Crown by Kiera Cass
***1/2 / 3.5 stars 

Quick Summary: Eadlyn has to learn to what becoming Queen looks like in the middle of deciding if she's going to make a choice in her Selection

So yeah... just following with the end of the review above - you have to finish this book to see how it all gets wrapped up.
& on a good note, this one is better than the 4th book.  Eadlyn is a little bit more likable (A little) but I did like learning more about the guys in her Selection - they are the ones who saved the story for me.  & I really enjoyed how the story ended.  So in the end, I'm glad I finished up the entire Series & know if Happily Ever After really did exist for this royal family.

"Maybe its not the first kisses that are supposed to be special. Maybe it's the last ones."


What are you favorite books this month?

Any books that you are looking forward to reading in 2018?

Life According to Steph

Monday, January 08, 2018

The weekend that I'm so grateful for a warm home....

Can I be the first to say that 2 day weekends are for the birds?

This is going to be the longest & hardest week ever.... 5 days in a row at work?  Lord, give us strength.

I'm just thankful for heat this weekend.

It was HORRIBLE.  Below zero temps. & again, when you have to walk a puppy outside to teach him potty training - & have a blind dog you have to carry out & go back outside to get him to carry him back in... its just been an eye opening reminder to be so thankful we have a warm house to run into & shelter from that cold. 

Frosty window in our enclosed porch Saturday morning
Bruno loves his sweater during this cold

Harvey thinks snuggling in a smaller bed will warm him up

Every time I'd run inside, I'd always say, "God be with anyone that doesnt have a home tonight".... I cant even imagine how the homeless deal in these temps.  Breaks my heart.

My Saturday morning

The dogs love Saturday mornings

Saturday, I was on a mission - to get a file cabinet.  I have so many papers in totes & boxes & I couldn't handle it any more... I had to get a file cabinet.  It worked out great because I had a precious lady commission me to do another canvas of lettering scripture & I wanted to deliver to her immediately because she wanted to gift it to a friend who has cancer & she was having dinner with him.  It was so amazing to hear the story of their friendship & I'm just praying it blesses him as he received it & knows how thoughtful his friend is for wanting him to have the reminder of Jesus in front of him.

Ricky & I were going to run out to dinner but let me tell you - with the flu bug going CRAZZYYYYYYYY around here, I just am doing all I can to avoid all contact with people that I can right now.  It's like every hour, I'm hearing of someone new getting the flu - or the stomach bug - NEITHER that I want to have. I'm honestly ready to hole up & not come out till Spring. 
Needless to say, we ordered food for carry out & took it home & ate it - all sanitized up.

Sunday, I did have to get around people - but so glad to - it was time for MSM again.  We have been on a break & I havent seen my girls for nearly 3 weeks - feeling like a lifetime to me.  It was wonderful to see them again.

I had a meeting after church & got to talk with some amazing ladies that I just adore & dont get to see often since they lead during first service.  Any time I get to sit & catch up in small doses, it makes me happy -  & reminds me we need to get together for dinner or coffee & just really catch up & chat away.

I headed home with Starbucks in hand for me & my honey....

& actually felt like it was SPRING TIME.  It FINALLLLLY broke above freezing.  It was like 37 degrees & it felt like amazing to me. Funny how that works.  A few weeks ago, 37 would have me bundled up .... today? I was out without a coat & even had my window cracked for a second.  Shows you what you get used to matters..... a deep lesson there if you really think about it.

& ended my weekend with a typical Sunday evening....

taking pictures of our little baby - growing so fast... & it was actually his 3 month birthday (ahhhh)

... & then got to do my bills. Always fun. #adulthood

& now we're ready to tackle the full week. We got this, right?
Totally! Especially because we have days in the 50's this week!!!! YAHOOOO!!!!!
I'm literally counting down the days to Spring & as many days in the 40's or 50's we can get till then? I'm ALL about!!!!

Happy Monday everyone!!!!