Wednesday, August 24, 2016

A magical mushroom, a happily ever after & a captured fur baby.... {Project Life}

I haven't done a picture post in the past few weeks - but I've still been clicking away.

I've actually even incorporated some photo challenges that are out there that give you a word for the day & you need to try & find something that you can SNAP that goes with that word.
That's been a fun way to find inspiration.

So anyways - here's a little collection of some of my favorite pics of the month

& the #Hashtags? ....that's the Photo Challenge Word issued.

Oh, we are nearing the end of my morning bridge shots.
The sun was barely peeking over the horizon when I was driving into work today.
I'll be looking back at these pictures in the dark & dreary of winter when I'm driving in pitch blackness... whoa is me

Is it me, or does this look like an Eagle in the sky?
I was trying to point it out to Ricky & he thought I was nuts....

Our little rose bush has been going nuts lately. Its like it has a whole other rose bush growing up inside of itself. It's giving me some beautiful roses right now.

I looked outside my office window right before a storm &it was lined with birds all across it.
Something about birds on a wire together, always draws my attention

Why this pic for that word?  Because when I drive by this place every morning, at 6:50am there are usually about 2 dozen young ladies that are on that track or some part of that field & running & doing drills. Every time I see them, I think of how awesome they are to be dedicated to be up & moving so early... & I think about those young knees.  I get a little jealous of that thought.

Meet my mom & dad's new cat. Or as the twins would say, their cat.
My brother's MIL is always helping with finding homes for rescue cats that are around her mother's house.  There were a brother & sister that my mom & dad decided to take in.
Here is Woody coming to his new house.  
He was most definitely CAPTURED. Such a nervous guy.
But he's realizing that he's going to get some snuggles & spoiled with food at this new place.

Doesnt the inside of that rose look like worms?
I actually stared at it for awhile to make sure it wasn't... ewww.. 
I would have ran if tiny worms started wiggling around there

My parents had sent this plant to Ricky after his brother passed away a year & a half ago. 
Can we stop & stand in amazement I've kept it going this long? 
I have no green thumb.
But its still growing.
Too much actually.  I need to re-pot it. Which is probably going to be the end of this plant

This is basically what every day after work looks like.
Harvey Dent brings ALL the toys. Anything you can throw or toss, he's all about.

I have no idea who this lady is but while I was waiting for a client to do a photo session with, I watched her play with her baby for about 20 minutes.  The joy & happiness from both of them.
Just watching them afar, it was so beautiful.
To me, it just made me think of the word STORY because it looked like a "Happily Ever After" sort of moment.

My dad called me to come over & see this mushroom that was growing in his field.
IT WAS HUGGGEEEEE (in the words of Donald Trump)
I had my niece get near it so the size could be referenced against something...
& I loved the way this picture turned out.  Totally Magical.
The way she's looking at it? I just envision a little fairy sitting on it talking to her
... hey, I should photoshop that to make that happen :)

Which picture is your favorite?

Do you do photo challenges?

Have you ever seen a mushroom that big in your life?

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

My super hero name could be Rebecca Jo-flammation....

The past 3 weeks have gone by... that's 21 days.

So what have I done? Another round of 21 Day Fix Extreme.

Actually, my FIRST 21 Day Fix Extreme program.


Actually, I've done the 21 Day Fix a few rounds - & had great success with that. But when my Extreme program came in the mail, I was training for my last half marathon so I just incorporated that in with my running.  Not doing the full plan.

& then after the race, I went straight into Hammer & Chisel - so I never actually did the Extreme program all the way through.

So why not start for another 21 days & see how it goes....

Week 1:

Week 2:


Well, I actually failed...

In the sense that I didn't fully follow the plan.

Call it Autumn burn out. Some days, I just couldnt do it.  I did a few walks instead - a 5k in there - some time on the treadmill. & one day, I flat out just said forget it & went for a kickboxing workout instead.

Regardless, 21 days have passed & in the end, I did loose 2 lbs.

I actually have just settled into an area where I'm stuck at 35 lbs off... I cant tell you how BADLY I want to get to that goal of 60-65...
But I also know I've been slack on the plan & eating way more & off base than I should.

I can see where my slacking areas are.
Carbs, I'm looking at you.
Snacking? I've giving you the side eye too.

But I woke up today with a renewed purpose & strength to get back on track - on this road to my goal!!!!  Is it possible to do it by the end of the year?  Who knows.  That would be a wonderful goal though - hit it by my birthday.  4 months.  About 6 - 7 lbs a month?

That seems doable...

I'm getting fired up.

Something that's helped give me some UMPH - I have started in a challenge that my friend Erica turned me onto.

It's called the Superhero Challenge which all you have to do is say the word Superhero & I'm I joined.

I had to order this shirt too... isn't it the cutest?

I have to say, I can tell I WONT be following this meal plan though.

It's basically a Paleo eating style.  & even though they do offer some vegetarian options, I still get nervous when I see the meal plan is basically fat fat fat, more fat, & a side of fat.

I jumped into this fast without really reading the plan, but I'm excited to come out of these next 21 days learning more about this whole concept.  Eat more fat & loose more weight? That's so hard to grip for a girl that came out of the 80's where the idea of LOW FAT was the only way to think.
& its just an odd concept really to think of how much fat you're supposed to eat a day on this. I get it, its supposed to be a healthy fat but still. It's just all odd for me.

& I get that Paleo is all about cave man eating - all the meat.
Hello. Let me introduce myself. I am a animal lover that doesnt eat anything that breaths air.
I'm the person who wont even kill a bug because I know it has a family somewhere waiting on their momma/daddy/brother/sister's return.  Seriously.

It did bother me in the intro video that was put out on this plan, Emily said something to the concept that while there are vegetarian options, ".... it kills me to know people don't eat animal protein. Your body needs it".

Sorry - but it LITERALLY kills the animals - not the person.
& there are PLENTY of athletes out there that eat strictly vegetarian and/or vegan & are strong, buff, fit, lean, healthy.

To me, it shows while I can't wrap my head around high fat, she cant wrap her mind around no meat.
We all have our hang ups apparently.

Needless to say, I wont be the #1 winner of this plan & the next 21 days - but she does send out videos & information every day & for that, I'm excited to learn more.  Because I am totally down with another part of the plan, which is less carbs & sugar. Things that cause inflammation.  This old body of mine should be nicknamed "Inflammation" if we're talking honestly.

Rebecca Jo-flammation.  It does have a nice ring to it.

This is what its all about anyways - learning more on what makes a healthy body.
However that looks & works for each person individually.

& all this new information & digging in to learn more - all it does is drive me to become a better me.

Cheers to trying to meet my goal for 2016!!!

Do you have a year end goal?

Have you ever tried a Paleo Diet before?

Are you more Pro-Fat or more a Low-Fat fan?

Monday, August 22, 2016

The weekend that was all about emotion

Hello Monday...

Goodbye wonderful weekend.

I had such a nice weekend. Full of a little bit of relaxing, some great reading, some amazing church time, some family time & beautiful weather... all with one freak out moment, but you can't expect everything to be perfect, right?


I got home from work & didn't really feel like doing anything except finally opening up my new Harry Potter book.

As soon as I opened it up & started reading it, I'm not even joking, I teared up. Going back to those characters again?  It was just like going back 10 years ago. I never knew how much I missed them.

But I started PLOWING through the book & knew I had to hit the breaks because I think I could have stayed up all night long & read it all in one evening.... but I showed restraint.



... so cue the freak out of the weekend...

Saturday is my one day.... ONE DAY... of the week where I can sleep in. There is no other day I can sleep in. And even on a lot of Saturday's, I don't get to sleep in if I have photo sessions/wedding or race days.  Needless to say, I look forward to Saturday's where I can sleep in.

Except on Friday evening, Ricky went to bed at like 8:30pm while I stayed up till past midnight.  So when he was up at 4am & wanted me to get up at 7am since he'd already been awake for hours on end, I didn't handle it well when he started making some noise & got the dogs all rattled & excited, waking me up.

Let's just say, I didn't handle it well.

This is a pretty accruate re-enactmen, I must say. Just ask The Hubs

I'm usually a pretty good morning person.  I have been known to wake up singing & talkative... this Saturday, I think Ricky & all the dogs were running to hide from me.

Wellllll... no going back to sleep for me after a wake up like that.

BUT, I made some breakfast, made some coffee, pulled out my Bible Journal to get my focus back in place & we put Saturday right back on track.


I was supposed to have a photo session on Saturday morning but the rain was sketchy & my friend/client ended up canceling her make up appointment, so we just rescheduled it, leaving my day totally open.

I ended up jumping on the treadmill for some good exercise & started watching Stranger Things on Netflix. I kept hearing all about it & was intrigued. I just watched one episode & cant wait to watch more. But just like Harry Potter, I saw there weren't a lot of episodes & I didn't want to watch them all in one day.

Look at me - the Master of Self Control!  At least when it comes to this. Don't ask me about the dark chocolate in the house. A whole other story.

Got off the treadmill & ran down to the grocery. I'm really liking to go to the grocery on a Saturday evening.  It's really more peaceful. The crowds are thinner. I don't feel the pressure to hurry home like after a work day. As much as I hate grocery shopping, I need to find the day that makes it less miserable for me.

I finished my Saturday by going to my parent's house to visit their new rescue kitten.

The weather was so funny & iffy Saturday... the pictures I took over at my dad's was a perfect description of how it went down.

I got there & took this picture with those beautiful clouds in the background......


... & it was less than 10 minutes & this was the scene......


& then another 10 minutes..... a rainbow


I wish I got another picture of the sky when I left because it was GORGEOUS. The sun was setting & behind the dark clouds, it looked like the sky was on fire.  Breathtaking.

It was great to spend some time with my parents & my nieces though.

I just love watching the girls growing up & taking care of their Papaw & Yaya. Such good girls.
They are loving the new kitty in the house too. Something else to take care of & love.



I ended up going to church alone.  Ricky, bless his poor little heart, has hurt his back/hip on his first week back to work. He just can't cut a break lately.  He stayed home & tried to rest it up knowing he had to be back at work full force.

Youth was great.  We got into some great discussions about emotions & how we can tell ourselves something that isn't necessarily the truth.  We need to be reminded of God's words on the situation as well.  It was really eye opening to me to hear what these young hearts are going through.  Oh, the emotions of teenage girls.  I can still remember it.  & apparently, I can still go through some pretty great emotions even now... as Saturday morning can relate to.

I wonder how easily comparable a peri-menopausal woman & a puberty hormone fueled up teenager are.... hmmmm.....

Being all alone, I took advantage of that & ventured into a Target trip knowing I could spend my time in clothes & make up & books without feeling rushed.


& yep. Ended up walking out with 2 new cardigans (they're on sale for $15!!!) & another new book.
The addiction is real.

I picked up some lunch & got home & it was such a gorgeous day, I knew nothing else was going to matter. No house work. No laundry. No exercise. No need to mark things off my "to-do" list. I just wanted to spend the day outside soaking in the gorgeous weather & finishing up my Harry Potter book.

... & that's exactly what I did.

& I totally teared up & cheered & gasped at the book. LOVED IT.  Ricky even jumped at one point when I GASPED so loudly & he looked at me & said, "Really? You are so into that book you gasp?"... OH YEAH. I did.

I loved it.

I was surprised when I finished & looked up that a lot of people didn't like the book. I can't say enough about it.  Maybe I was just happy to be back in that world & to have some of the fun memories of the previous books brought into this one.

In whatever case, I loved it.  Finishing reading it & spending the day outside in the beautiful sunshine?  It couldn't have been a better Sunday.

All except for the bugs biting the heck out of my legs.  I could have done without that.

I did end my weekend with some grown up stuff, like bill paying & dog shaving ... it's what brought me out of Hogsmeade & back into real life. It was bound to happen.

& now, I'm really not on Platform 9 3/4... I'm sitting in an office.
Not at all magical....
I want to go back.

How was your weekend?

Did you have great weather?

Have you read the new Harry Potter book?

Do you get to sleep in on a certain day of the week?

Friday, August 19, 2016

Friday Favorites

Favorite Information

I am loving this information from Popsugar. 
 It's giving the best Superfoods & what each one of these food benefits.
 Check it out right HERE

Favorite Beauty & the Beast

[Collage girl]The <i>Beauty and the Beast</i> heroine has been…:

This is a new cup that came out this week of all different artists doing drawings of Belle.
The print is like $399.99.... soooooo nope.
I ordered the coffee cup for $12.00 instead.
It should be here soon - I cant wait to get it in.

Favorite Halloween Treat

Mini Chocolate Bat Bites:

So stinkin' cute!
& looks like something easy enough too!

Favorite T-Shirt

Vintage Running Fitted T-Shirt - Let the Run Fill You With Joy:
This has 2 of my favorite words in it - RUN & JOY!
The prettiest 'runners shirt' I've ever seen

Favorite Peencha

Oh how adorable this is!:
all together.... aahhhhhh!!!

Favorite Tattoo

50 Tattoos Perfect For Any Animal-Lover: People get tattoos to honor their children, to show their fandom allegiance, and even to pledge their love to their significant other.:
I'd so have to have an Aussie dog face though

Favorite Book Truth

People who say that I'm hard to shop for must not know where to buy books! #Book #Humour:

Favorite Funnies

Facial recognition:

I don't always check my voicemail:

You never realize:

Spent too much:

Facebook Employees:

... when I want to buy something online but I'm on a spending freeze

... when I get my paycheck &  have to write out my bills

... me during the "meet & greet" at church when colds & flus are making the round

... how I feel about registering for a half marathon 8 months out

... If you ever come to my house & expect it to be clean

... when Ricky tells me I shouldnt spent so much money on protein powder

... me at 4:00pm today

Happy Weekend Y'all!!!!