Friday, January 17, 2020

Friday Favorites

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Favorite Tee

Favorite Lazy Helper

All the photo editing or blog work in bed... yes!
I like it can fold up too - so much easier to store.

Favorite Magnets

Because all these years, I never tire of Mean Girls quotes.
I say You Go Glen Coco at least once a week.

Favorite Keychain

Favorite Tea Kettle

I've been on a tea with honey kick lately & of course, I got rid of my tea kettle awhile back.
I'm looking for another one. I really like the wood handle on this.

Favorite New Year Reminder

Morning Funny Meme Dump 38 Pics

Favorite Slippers

It cracks me up these are a real thing!!! I kinda love it!

Favorite Royal Pic

I know all the talk is about Harry& Meghan (love them) - but I love his picture of all the people in line for the throne. Pretty cool.

Favorite Pill Organizer

I dont take any meds - but I know a lot of people do & this looks so much nicer on the kitchen counter than the big, bulky plastic containers.

Favorite Grocery Organizer

I have these on my fridge & LOVE IT
It's magnetic so you can just leave on the front or side of the fridge & when something runs out, just mark it on there. Then Pull the sheet off & take with you!

Favorite Funnies

Growing Up, The Struggle Was Real – 15 Pics

Funny Twitter Quotes Of The Week – 18 Pics

Funny Twitter Quotes Of The Week – 18 Pics

Morning Funny Meme Dump 36 Pics

Morning Funny Meme Dump 37 Pics

Morning Funny Meme Dump 34 Pics
Did you catch it?... I totally didnt

Afternoon Funny Meme Dump 33 Pics

Afternoon Funny Meme Dump 40 Pics

Morning Funny Meme Dump 35 Pics

... when I come home from my hair appointment & the hubs says I look pretty

GIPHY! ( December 28, 2013 at 11:04AM

... when I see commercials for weight loss & the results are like a size 12 to 2 in one month

GIPHY! ( January 7, 2020 at 08:48PM

... every time I walk into Michael's & look at all the Planner stuff

GIPHY! ( January 6, 2020 at 01:42PM at 4:30pm today

GIPHY! ( October 22, 2015 at 12:15PM

Happy Weekend Y'all

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Thankful Thursday #255

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This week I am Thankful for:

Breathing at work
Year end at work was crazzzzzzyyyyy.  So now that we've got that behind us, this past week has felt just enjoyable as anything. Work at a steady pace. Not having 25 emails pop up at once, needing everything ASAP.  Now, its a much more breathable atmosphere & it feels wonderful.

Bean Street Tea
I've been battling a sore throat & ear ache this past week & on my way home, I've had to stop & get my favorite tea ever from our little local coffee shop.  They put in the honey for me too & its DELICIOUS.  It's so super hot too & it just feels so good on that scratchy throat.  It's a cheap drink too... we get 2 mediums & its under $4.00. I could make this a daily stop.

More Stickers
My fellow work sister & planner nerd went to a friend's house where they were swapping stickers that they dont use (which, hello - what a cool idea!) & she picked me up some stickers she thought I'd like .... UM YES TO ALL OF THE ONES SHE PICKED FOR ME.  I'm especially happy about a sticker book that has all sorts of habit trackers in it & even a page full of book stickers.  That's been something I say over & over again I need the people that do these big sticker books to do - one on nothing but books & book quotes. I'd be so on top of that.

Watching my favorite B-Baller
Got to go see one of my twin nieces play her game this past week.  She is just getting better & better & is so confident on the floor.  I love to see her in her element.

We had issues with our router / wi-fi in our home & it was causing all sorts of chaos.  Its not the first time it's happened, but hopefully this will be the last.  It took us a few hours to get things switched, a lot of hassle & a lot of searching to what was going on, but I think we're good now.

I didnt feel good the end of the week last week & I've never been more glad for a weekend in my life.  We had our last Chirstmas planned but it needed to be rescheduled & I'm glad in the end with the way I felt. We've bumped it up another weekend & I had a weekend with zero plans.  GLORIOUS. I am just thankful for the time to lay down & recover.  It's been a long time coming.

What good things are happening in your world?

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Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Keep it Together ... 2020 Planners .... ASSEMBLE!!!

Most kids want toys or electronics for Christmas.... I was just excited for Planner goodies.
I mean, 2020 is the start of a new year, which means a fresh planner.  I was all about some new things. It didnt help that The Happy Planner had just put out a few new things on their web site right before Black Friday... GIVE ME ALL THE THINGS!!!!

Plus, it was so fun to decorate the planner for the Holidays.

So let's dive into the new things I got this holiday....

Of course, a bunch of new stickers... from family & my work sister Liz who got me this one Faith sticker book that is older & hard to find... super excited about this!!!

Also super excited to get my Budget Planner for 2020.  I ordered it in December & actually just got it last week... UGH... I had a few emails with The Happy Planner & they kept saying they were overwhelmed with orders.  Which was sort of frustrating because you just put out a new line at the Holidays & you'd think they'd be able to get it shipped out in time then.  But, I got it in the end & only missed the first 2 weeks of January with it... it could be worse.

I even bought the Companion Pack that goes with the Budget Planner.  Seeing what's in it now, I probably could have done without - but it has a few sheets I'll use - like a 12 month spread where I can do like a quick glance thing of bills due .

& I like the jar with the color in savings tracker - & I think these cash envelopes are super nice too. I think I may use these for a savings sort of thing for vacation or the Holidays -  a nice place to tuck that extra cash away.

Here we go with my December spreads....

Week 1 - I really think I could have done more pink spreads for the Holidays... its just so fun & cheery to me!

Week 2 - Navy blue isn't a normal Holiday color but I really like this turned out.

 Week 3 - I really like this bright spread... I used some of the Nutcracker stickers from my Christmas sticker book. 

Week 4 - Christmas week!!!

I really didnt fill in a lot on my planner just because it was a slower week as in planning. It was more of a go with the flow week.

Close up of Christmas Eve & Christmas Day

So here we go into another year of planning & super excited about my Happy Planner. I've got mine exactly how I want it - I'll take pics & show more detail next month how I set mine up.

I know a lot of you got new planners for the year - JOIN US next month!!! Or even this month :) I love seeing all things planner & how you use yours.  There's no right or wrong way.  & it really helps with ideas for others. Share away. Write it in your planner!!! LOL - Its the 3rd Wednesday of every month!


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Tuesday, January 14, 2020

My top five books of 2019.... Show Us Your Books

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The Holidays are the time I never get to read with all the hub-bub & business... so instead of posting my one sad pitiful book I read this past month, I'm going to add it to my next month's book post....

& because I totally missed the link up where everyone posts their favorite books of 2019, I'm going to just jump into that.  

I'm usually a step behind when it comes to books... that's OK - as I always say - better late than never.

So here's my Top books of 2019


I was rooting for Margaret & wanted this woman to get her Happily Ever After ending so badly after the hand she was dealt.  I appreciated the story of recovery she went through & just loved the romance story of it all. It just felt real & hot too corny.

I actually had a hard time picking this book verses the other Katherine center book I read... they equally were wonderful

BONUS... call it 5B


25746938. sy475

I loved this author's books in the series, The Selection, & I had seen this book for the longest time but just never got around to reading it.  I was so enchanted by the lure of it all. 
A little mix of mystical lore, romance, life struggle.
I really did enjoy it.


42379022. sy475

This one just charmed me.  
The character who loves books, planners & had red hair
... yeah, I was down to see where this story went.  


33898874. sy475

I haven't had a book in the longest time that made me seriously laugh...
like gut laugh.  Like, want to just read this book straight through because it just made me so happy.
I will forever be a Class Mom fan & will keep an eye out for more books in this series because I never want to let these characters go.


Image result for nevermoor book

Yes, I know I'm 48 years old & I picked a book that is intended for young kids.
But it gave me all the Harry Potter magic feels & I just am totally wrapped up in it.
I wish it would get more reconigization because it so deserves it.

Tell me what you picked as your favorite 2019 book!

Life According to Steph

Monday, January 13, 2020

The weekend Netflix became an RN

Whew.... this has been legit the lazzzzzzzziest weekend of my life.

I was coming down with a sinus infection or a head cold - I dont know what it was - at the end of the week. I literally didnt have anything but a squeaky voice on Thursday & totally froggy by Friday. 

But then I just felt horrible when I woke up on Saturday.  I coughed all night long Friday night & Saturday night... so not much sleep. 

Me & my nurse... y'all know Harvey Dent takes all kinds of care of me

So I literally stayed in bed 95% of my weekend.  Me & Netflix... we were best friends.

I watched the movie After on Saturday morning... which WOW... call me a 15 year old girl because I was totally into it.  I looked up more information on it & found out it was a book series so I'm totally intrigued by that now too.

Image result for after netflix movie

After that went off - I went ahead & binged Season 3 of Anne with an E... I just love this series & so sad this is the last one.  It was just perfect though. I loved every single episode... even bawled my eyes out on one of them...& the ending?  It was perfect. I hate to say goodbye to Anne & Matthew Culbert & Gilbert.... but if it had to end, I'm glad of the way it did.

Image result for anne with an e season 3

Then I got wrapped up in The Circle... anyone watching that? Like a social media Big Brother game.  So strange. I wasn't into at first, but then something happened - call it a fever haze - but I ended up loving the people on the show & watched it all the way through till Sunday.  ...  & now, I await. New episodes come out every Wednesday.

Image result for netflix the circle

Finally, I ended up weekend binging Cheer.  I felt like I grunted & moaned & groaned & winced watching every episode.  Man, the things these people do to their bodies in these cheer competitions.  Give me all the BRING IT ON feels.

Image result for netflix cheer

When I saw that Netflix was my bestie.. you thought I was joking.....

So now, we're back to work where I'm just going to have withdrawals of the remote in my hand.

How was your weekend?

Have you watched any of these?

What do you do when you're not feeling good?

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