Wednesday, September 28, 2016

What's Up Wednesday

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That time again... the last Wednesday of the month
Time to catch up on all things happening life ....

What we're eating this week....

Sweet and spicy Thai pineapple fried rice, a simple vegetarian dinner! -


 My blog buddy Nadine turned me onto this Pineapple Fried Rice
... making it tonight actually! Cant wait to try it!

What I'm reminiscing about....
Thinking about our Sydney girl this week...
This past Saturday was 2 years she left us to go to the Rainbow Bridge.
We still talk about her so much & miss her every day.
Our house still seems like its missing something - especially with her & Buffy gone.
I can't believe its been 2 years for her & 3 for Buffy. Wow...

What I'm loving....

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Thrive Infinity Waterproof Eyeliner
I got one of these in my Ipsy bags a few months ago
... I dont think I can ever use another eye liner now.
I only used to use liquid eye liner & always loved how thick a line it could produce.
But it always wore off by the end of the day
This stuff? it stays in place ALL.DAY.LONG!!!
& I'm a big eye rubber - so doubly impressive.
I'm all a rave about this stuff now.

What we've been up to...
All the same stuff... I honestly can't think of anything new

What I'm dreading...
Changing over my closet for Fall & Winter.
It's always such a dreaded task.
I swear, I work up a sweat from trying on & taking off hundreds of things.

Image result for messy closet gif
Then I can keep ALL my clothes out!!!

What I'm working on...

I'm on a mission to organize my library.
Right now, the room is holding all sorts of STUFF
... like my finished knitting projects & random photo equipment
& even a big box of snacks from Sam's Club.
I need to clean the room out so I can organize my book shelves.

Image result for organize books
How AMAZINGGGGGG is this???

What I'm excited about....
Image result for ironman louisville
I'm working at the Ironman competition in 2 weeks. SO EXCITED!
This year, I get to work the finish line where I'll be a "Catcher"
... literally helping an individual who crosses the finish line make his way through the shoot to get their shirt/hat, get their time chip taken off, get their picture taken & the main thing?
Encourage them & give them praise for a job well done

What I'm watching/reading....

Image result for This is Us

Who isn't watching this? ... so good!
2 episodes in & both endings on each? LOVE IT!!!
Cant wait for more.

Image result for survivor generation x vs millennials cast
I also never tire of Survivor.  Isn't it on like Season 137 now? Something like that.
I always say I'm going to try out for this... but then know I'd quit after a few hours in the cold rain.

What I'm listening to....

Image result for poddy break tim hawkins

Tim Hawkins is HILARIOUS
... if you've never heard of his comedy, check him out.
So I'm loving I found his podcast.
I may have actually snorted from laughing listening to some of them

What I'm wearing....

It's finally cooling down... so I can finally wear the sweatshirt I got 2 months ago

Image result for disney store beauty and the beast shirts
Isn't it the best thing EVER?!?!!?!?!

What I'm doing this weekend....

Its a busy weekend with my MOMMA'S BIRTHDAY!!!!
& a Senior portrait session schedule
...AND... I'm also taking the twins to the movies & do their birthday shopping.

Image result for miss peregrine's home for peculiar children
Can I say how upset I already am about this movie?
This character isn't supposed to have THIS peculiar talent.
This is going to be an "angry reader fit throwing" watching the movie

What I'm looking forward to next month....

Enough said!

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What is your favorite fall recipe?

Apple Pops!!!

Sliced Caramel Apple Pops:

I love this idea.
You take an apple & slice is down long ways making thick chunks -
put a stick in the base & lay on wax paper & drizzle those babies with whatever you want!
Chocolate, white chocolate, dark chocolate
caramel, butterscotch
sprinkles, m&m's, chocolate chips. chopped up oreos,
chopped up any kind of candy bar.
It's all on an apple - makes it healthy, right?

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Give me a thumb hole & inspirational wording & I'm sold!!

Most people are looking at all the latest Fall outfits - boots, sweaters, purses....

I'm all about looking at new workout clothes.

Image result for i own more workout clothes

I honestly have more workout clothes than I do anything else. It's true. 
I just bought up a clean basket full of clothes & sorting through where they needed to go.  90% of them were running shorts & tanks & workout tees... & sports bras.  I love me some good workout clothes.

Its a new season & I'm looking at what is the latest gear out there... & I'm not someone who cares to spend like $99.00 for a sports bra. I know some people dont blink an eye at that. I just cant. Nope.  I'm all about good quality workout stuff for a good deal. It's how I roll.
So here's some of the ones that have drawn my eye

Old Navy 

Go-Dry Long Sleeve Funnel Neck Tunic for Women

product photo

I really love this take on a sweatshirt.
I'm always someone who is cold before a work out & then get cold chills right after when its cold outside so I love a cute warm snuggly thing to always wear.
I'm always up for a cute cowl neck too.
This comes in a really pretty dark pink (Jam is the color name they use)

Go-Dry Mid-Rise Printed Compression Leggings for Women

product photo

I always speak praises of Old Navy's leggings.  
They really hold up for me & are super comfy.
Not to mention, they wash up really well & can withstand a ton of workouts & laundering.
I love this print too. Just a little over the top camo kind of look.
They also have these in a bright blue look... also super cute!

Go-Dry Performance Muscle Tank for Women

product photo

Call me a sucker, but you show me a good word inspiration shirt & I'll usually buy it
... every time...
& I love the cuts on some of the Old Navy tanks. They really flatter the shoulders.


C9 Champion® Women's Must Have Performance Legging

These totally wouldn't be leggings to wear when it gets REALLY cold out with the mesh areas on the legs, but perfect for the indoor treadmill runs while its frosty outside.
But probably nice during the fall season where its still cool but gets really warm once you start moving & get through that first mile.
 & this is probably the only way I'm revealing skin in a flirty little way - when its covered with mesh to disguise the cellulite!  #truth

Women's Embrace Fleece Crew Color Blocked Sweatshirt - C9 Champion®

This is just perfect for Fall workouts!
& looks so comfy & cozy
Perfect with those black leggings but also great with jeans for the weekend


Women's Jockey Sport Deco Capri Workout Leggings

These make me think of a robot. 
But they also make me think of SLEEKNESS!
You totally know those lines going up & down will make your legs look longer & thinner!!

Women's PL Movement by Pink Lotus Love Graphic Dolman Tee

Women's PL Movement by Pink Lotus Love Graphic Dolman Tee

I really love the sleeves on this - a little higher than 3/4 but longer than short sleeves. 
& still looks light & airy.
& how do you not love a shirt that screams LOVE all over it?

Women's Tek Gear® Graphic Workout Tee

This is on clearance right now at Kohls for $8.00 - oh snap!!! What a deal!
But not only do I love a shirt with good wording, 
but give me a long sleeve with thumb holes & even better!!!

Where do you like to get your workout clothing at?

What are some of your favorite seasonal pieces?

What is your one piece that you MUST get this Fall?

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Monday, September 26, 2016

The weekends all my plans were thrown out the window....

Image result for weekend that knit by god's hand

Its Monday... & I'm not going to complain.

I got called for Jury Duty today... but called to confirm the date & got the message that it was canceled & I didnt have to report.  So, its Monday & I'm back at work.. & I'll take it. I'd rather take a Monday at work than a Monday at Jury Duty.

Note to self - there is ALWAYS something worse that can happen in every situation!  Amen? Amen!

So the weekend... it was a weird weekend.

Let's just say that I'm someone who likes to know what is happening.
I live by a schedule.
I want to know what a day is going to look like.

I legit will wake up on weekends & before we even get out of bed, I'm like, "Ricky,what is the plan for the day?  What do you need to do?  Do you have anywhere you need to go?" ... & that's for a day that is empty. When my day has photo sessions or things scheduled, I'm even more anal about things.

I have issues... I have never denied that one bit.

But, I went into Friday with plans for every day. Friday, Saturday, Sunday.  Lots of plans. A busy weekend.

So tell me how messed up my world was when EVERY SINGLE THING got changed & my weekend ended up with hardly anything planned & everything was just up in the air.

Image result for what is happening gif

All my appointments got switched around, & then canceled & it was just confusing....

But it actually ended up working so well on my end.

Friday, we were supposed to go to a small group meeting but Ricky had some things come up where he wasn't going to be able to make it & I went to the grocery after work & got super delayed... so we ended up just going to Starbucks to start off the weekend right.

Salted Caramel Frap... OH MY GOODNESS... DELICIOUS!!!

Ricky was exhausted, bless his heart, & went to bed & I went into super edit mode. Like DONT TALK TO ME mode. It's a good thing Ricky went to bed. I just was focused on the computer & getting this last wedding done. My goal for weddings is to have all my pictures done within 2 weeks of a wedding...even though my contract gives me 6 weeks. I just know brides want their pictures & I aim to please.

So my Friday night? I was a wild & crazy gal... staying up past midnight editing. A full 5 hours of not moving from my seat. That's more exhausting than some could realize. I was glad for McFarland USA to bide my time... & Grey's Anatomy.  (I'm so glad its back!!!)

By the time I got in bed, I made notes to Ricky that I was sleeping in & I had my 'talk' with the dogs to let me sleep.  Don't think dogs dont understand... oh, they do.

Except Bruno always gives me the look of I DONT CARE - RUB MY BELLY at 7am.

Dang it. So much for sleeping in.

My Saturday appointment ended up switching around & I ended up using the day to be so super productive, it was almost scary.

The past 2 weeks of editing, my house has gone to scary-ville.  Or gross-ville. Take your pick.  So I ended up using Saturday to get life back in check.  I think I may have heard my carpet say "THANK YOU" when I vacuumed it.

Ricky took the day to work super hard too by getting our drive way looking spiffy again. Poor guy... it was 94 degrees (Fall?  Where are you?)... & he was so sun burned when he came in.


But after I clean my home, you basically can't do anything in it - at least for a few hours so I can enjoy the cleanness.  Like, dont open a package & leave a crumb on the counter or I'm going to loose it.  Or don't bring in a leaf on my freshly mopped floors.  At least for a minute. PLLLEAASSEE!!!

So Ricky knew cooking was going to be pushing it when I just scrubbed my stainless steel sinks... so he headed to pick up some dinner.  Such a good husband.  I married a good man.

... while I stayed home sweeping up leaves that dogs STILL continued to drag in.

Its a loosing fight. Every fall.

I ended my Saturday though finishing reading Girl on a Train (Cant wait for the movie now) & then watched Mansfield Park.

Image result for mansfield park

... & can we just take a second to have an eye popping moment when I realized one of the guys in this movie was the dad from Downton Abby.... OH MY GOSH. Look at his head & that hair!!

Image result for mansfield park downton abbey

Anyways... love a good time period movie.

& then, for some reason, I couldnt sleep so ended up watching another 3 episodes of Kimmy Schmidt.  I honestly think this is one of my favorite shows.

About 1 am, I finally started to drift off.

& then Sunday.

Another day where I originally had 2 photo sessions going on... & both of them had to switch on me.

I think Nature was just messing with me at this point.  But again, totally worked out OK for me.
I was able to ride with RIcky to church - which hardly EVER happens because I'm usually meeting someone after our MSM groups so it was great to actually BE with my husband as we went to church.

We went out for lunch afterwards & then ran into TJ Maxx.  I found the cutest camera canvas & knew immediately I needed it.

I also found some sweater ponchos that I've been pinning on Pinterest. mmmm.... may not work for me. All the ones I tried on, Ricky gave me a look that said, NOOOOO!!! At least I've tried. I still think there's ONE out there that is going to be like Cinderella's slipper - the perfect fit.  I did end up walking away with a GORGEOUS long sweater vest though.

But I got home & knew I wanted to clean up my office/knit room & reorganize it a bit... I'm so glad I did.  I love how my wall turned out & love having it organized better now.


See, nature knew I needed this time cleared out so I could get my life back in order again.

& then blink, before you know it, the weekend is over... & I'm finally tired & ready for bed.
Because I have an even busier week planned ahead...
But maybe I need to learn that its OK if things DONT go as planned all the time.

How was your weekend?

Have busy plans?

Get lots of stuff done?

Do you love TJ Maxx?

Friday, September 23, 2016

Friday Favorites

Favorite Knit Project

This is a simple pattern without any shaping. A great piece for an advanced…:

I love this. It looks so comfy & loose, but also warm  &cozy
I just saw that you have to buy the pattern to this one.
I may have to support the person who made this & purchase it - its beautiful.

Favorite Truth Reminder

Self help:

Favorite Home/Pet Hack

WOW....this the Best DOG CRATE idea we have ever seen! Love this! What do you think? via B&B Kustom Kennels:

Isn't this the coolest crate ever?
& how much room in it for the dog!
Harvey Dent would love this... not as much as our queen size bed,
but he'd like it in a storm

Favorite Workout


I bet this would really be a heart pumper
I may have to try it to see how it feels.
... I wonder if dodging dogs that are going to run up & down the steps with me
will add to the calorie burn.

Favorite Peencha

Love is when a puppy licks your face even after you've been gone all day.:

Favorite Beauty & the Beast


I am so obsessed with this artist.
Two of his drawings are on that latest Belle mug I just got.
I just want a whole wall of nothing but his art from Beauty & the Beast

Favorite Song

Dolly RULES!!!!  This is such a cool remix.

Favorite Funnies

Funny Pictures Of The Day - 43 Pics:


Funny Pictures Of The Day – 32 Pics:

gotta specify:

Funny Pictures Of The Day – 32 Pics:

Funny Pictures Of The Day - 100 Pics:

... when I'm getting ready to leave work for the day & the boss asks if he can talk to me

.... when I hear a noise in the house I have no idea what it is

... every time I get another dental bill in the mail

... every time I'm playing with Harvey Dent & Ricky comes home & he runs off to go to his daddy

... when I'm really hard core strict on a diet

... every time I walk into Sam's Club

... me at 4:00pm

Happy Weekend Y'all!!!!