Monday, April 27, 2015

The weekend that my feet hurt...

I'm sitting down... whew... it's been a weekend.

Friday had me glued to the TV... Bruce Jenner interview.

Anyone else stuck to the screen to see it all?

I was so intrigued by it all.  I will say, I still don't completely understand it, but I'm happy that Bruce can live the life that he feels like he needs to live.  And in the end, I know when my life is over & I stand before God - He's not going to ask me one thing about Bruce Jenner :)  Live your life.. let others live theirs.  That's how I feel about most people & the choices they make.


Saturday had me up & at 'em early.  Mainly to see the beginning of the Ky Derby Marathon starting.

I had registered last year without giving it any thought that I had something on my calendar already.  Oops!  But in the end, I was glad I missed this race.  It was cold & rainy. I probably would have decided to skip it anyways.

I had my car packed up with all my camera goodies & I was out & at 'em by 8:30 ...

let the fun begin.

A wedding day is so crazy, busy, hectic... this one was no exception.
With rain falling most of the day & small issues popping up - like a best man being late, a missing dress, music issues - it all reminds me that as a wedding photographer, you have to be flexible, but you still have to get it all the work done.

It's an interesting gig.  I always say you have no idea the pressure & work that is involved in wedding photography unless you get to work behind the scenes of it yourself.  It's an adventure, that's for sure.

But it all came together... wonderfully.

Chasity & I celebrating another successful wedding

With the rain, we could NOT have been in a better church.  They had a beautiful foyer with gorgeous lighting & gorgeous seating areas... they had a covered drive up area for cars that kept people dry.  And after the wedding, the rain stopped long enough for us to take the bride & groom out for some of my most favorite bridal pictures ever. 

Even at the end, when Chasity & I were leaving, the rain held off... & as soon as we got in the car, pulled out of the parking lot - the heavens BURST!  I mean torrential downpours.... I just had to high five God in my car at how well He takes care of us during a day!

Sunday, I was more then happy to sleep in.  I think I got up around 9:30.  YAWN! 

I headed to Merge & got to hang out with the kiddos - talks of the new Avengers movie opening this weekend being the main topic.

After church was out, I had a 10K to do.

Ricky kept telling me not to do it because my foot was so sore from the day before. 

My foot has something going on with it... I went to the podiatrist about it years ago & he told me that I have an area in my foot where the bone shifts causing this pain.  It's extreme.  Nothing can be done about it.  It will actually shift back in place & no pain at all... but when it slides out.  Oh mercy.  That's how it had been after the wedding.

But I was determined.  If anything, to prove something to myself.

So I grab my gear & off I go....

Add another medal to the collection!

Sunday night, I was just ready to finally sit & start editing pictures.... where I'll be most of the week now.  It felt good to just sit for a bit.  Ricky even went out & picked up some pizza so I didn't have to cook or go out for dinner.

& now, we're back to Monday... time to start a fresh new week.

Let's make it a good one!

What was the best thing about your weekend?
Did you watch the Bruce Jenner interview?
Get lots of rain this weekend?

Friday, April 24, 2015

Friday Favorites

 Favorite Health Article:
Best Bottled Fruit Juices

This article is great on telling you what fruit juices you can buy in stores & the health benefits of each one.  A handy little guide.
Check it out HERE  
Favorite Video
Shut up & Dance with me... movie edition

I have watched this quite a few times.
& have loved it every time.
I can figure out most movies too
... & I think you'll know my favorite in there...

 Favorite Recipe
Naughty & Nice Vegan Enchilada Casserole

Naughty & Nice Vegan Enchilada Casserole — Oh She Glows

This looks AMAZING!
Combining the best of both words - Italian & Mexican food.
Yes please!
& for the record, Ricky & I are addicted to Quinoa pasta - so good for you!
Link for recipe HERE

Favorite Beauty & The Beast of the week

Haha. Proof that it's the small things that are the most important. ;)  ~ Beauty and the Beast

Favorite Save the Earth Blog Post

Earth Day - 20 things we can all do to help and protect the earth!
Kristen is one of my favorite Aussies/KY/Blogger gals around!!!
& loved she did a post on simple changes you can do to help out our little planet.
Take the time to read it - its full of info plus, you'll just love how Kristen writes - she's FABULOUS!
Blog Post right HERE

 Favorite Funnies

I would have to agree.

oh no.

yep! every time....

When I tried my new protein powder in a smoothie
When I have to go to a meeting with all the "Big wigs" at work
My face during Grey's Anatomy last night

My face AFTER Grey's Anatomy

My relationship with Cadbury Eggs
(Though I am down to my last dozen... PANIC ALERT!!!!)


Happy Friday everyone!!!!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Thankful Thursday {Link Up #16}

Thankful Thursday

Gratitude is an opener of locked-up blessings.
~Marianne Williamson

This Week I'm Thankful For:

... that my nieces just know how obsessed their aunt is over Beauty & The Beast.

... a new DVD player in my home office.  Bring on my old 80's movies on a loop. Xanadu, I'm talking to you.

... funny people.  They just make life so much better.

... our electricity bill dropped $100 this month!  Good bye bitter cold!!!

... God's words of comfort in the Bible.

... for Facebook bringing back old memories.  A girl I went to KINDERGARTEN with found me on Facebook (I'm not that talented at finding people on there) & she posted a pic of us on our graduation day.  What fun memories.  My mom swears I never had a dress like that.... I can totally remember this dress. It was one of my favorites. I remember wearing it for Easter too.  It came all the way down to the ground.  I was cool in maxi dresses before maxi dresses were cool!!! .... so thankful for memories.

I still wear my hair the same way
(I'm 3rd from the left if you didn't know)
Fun Fact... the girl on the left of me - she came to my grandmother's funeral... how sweet was that?

... My Bluetooth shower speaker so I can pump up the jam while I'm in the shower.  No other place sounds better to sing then in the shower.

... Pepper Jack cheese. #yum

... for 4:00 each day, Monday - Friday

What are you Thankful For this week?

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Happy Earth Day... & other random stuff


* Happy Earth Day!!!   The whole earth deserves a day to itself - don't you think?  I don't know about anyone else but I worry about little ole' planet earth.  I don't know if I'm the only one who thinks about how much garbage we produce, or how long items will last before they decompose & where is all of this going to go?  I worry about the trees getting cut down & animals having no where to live.  I worry about the air we breath & the way we've messed it up with all the toxic things.  I believe in Global Warming & don't understand how when its freezing people say, "Where's your global warming at now?"... do they not understand Global Warming affects EVERYTHING - all seasons.  I worry about the planet for my grand dudes.  I wish more people cared.  #ChangeNeedsToHappen

* I have my first wedding of the year this weekend.... & the forecast is now at 70% change of rain.  BOO!!!!  I hate that.  It doesn't ever take away from how beautiful a bride is, but I hate it for her & the expectations a girl always has for her big day.  #PrayingFor Sunshine #IblameGlobalWarming

* A young man in the area that I had been following his battle with bone cancer passed away this past Sunday.  I'm so heart broken for this family.  Death is always hard to understand but when you see it take a young person, I think it just a double dose of sadness.  Pray for this family as they say goodbye to their son & brother.  #RIPKeaton

* Ricky & I are HUGE HUGE HUGE fans of The Flash... there was a new villain this past week & I thought she looked familiar but I couldn't place my finger on it.  I was shocked when I heard who she was.  Beth!  From The Walking Dead!  I was glad to see her on another show.  She was so sad when they interviewed her about getting killed off TWD.  It was good to see her cleaned up & looking adorable too!

* I was cracking up seeing everyone posting about & sharing that the latest married Duggar is now pregnant.  Is anyone surprised?  I mean, its apparent the Duggar's want to populate the world solely all on their own.  Honestly, I love the Duggar gang. I think they are an amazing family. I just don't understand how they smile & are so happy all the time. I want an episode where someone gets upset about SOMETHING.  How about a cross over... the Duggars meet the Real Housewives!  Now there's some good TV!  #LovetheDuggars #CongratsBen&Jessa

Jessa Duggar Pregnant, Expecting First Child with Husband Ben Seewald

* Anyone else on Royal Baby Watch? .... Fingers crossed it's a girl!  #NameherDiana

* Just saw this morning where Sandra Bullock is the Most Beautiful of 2015.  LOVE IT!  Love seeing a woman in her 50's taking the prize!  I think she is just all sorts of adorable - personality & all... still don't get why that ex husband of hers cheated on her.  So messed up.  I bet he's kicking himself a little bit more today seeing her face on the front page! #inyoface #MissCongeniality

Sandra Bullock Is PEOPLE's 2015 World's Most Beautiful Woman!| Most Beautiful 2015, Individual Class

Tell me something Random that's on your mind today

#Hashtaghumpday @ Life with Lolo

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Word Up!

If you were a TRUE child of the 80's, then just reading that title would make you instantly start thinking of Cameo ... & if you don't know who Cameo is, well, I can't help that you missed out being a kid in the greatest time ever.

OK - maybe the 80's were a little weird too... moving on.

I was able to talk to the youth kiddos this past Sunday about words & the power they hold. 

Oh mercy.  Do they ever. 

Something so simple - something we do every day - something we give not much though about.  Words that come out of our mouth.  The things they can do.

They can build up.
They can break down.
They stick to us... either way.

I saw a little video that had the words someone was calling someone else & they were just landing on the person & sticking all over them.  The painful words, like stupid, dumb, ugly - those stuck, but with more of a punch.

It really does sort of work like that.

I can remember being these kids age.  Even though it was so long ago.  I was at a party with my 1st Stephanie, meeting up with other friends & at the party was my 'boyfriend' - I put that in air quotes because that term is so funny to me when you are a teenager.  Bygones.  A whole other post.

So we've been at this persons house for most of the night, we played games, card games, board games, charade sorts of games - it was a great night.  Now, Steph & I never drank at these parties - we were usually the only ones but everyone just excepted that's how we were, who we were & they were fine with it.  But everyone else was sort of dabbling into drinks & we're all sitting in a room & someone, right in front of everyone said to my boyfriend, "You know, you have a really cool girlfriend."

Nice, right.... wait....

The next words were, "It's a shame she's so fat"

Talk about a punch to the gut.
Talk about embarrassing.

I remember the world just stopping. I ran out to find Stephanie & just asked her to get me out of there.

She had no idea what was going on but she grabbed her keys & we left, all the while me trying to explain what happened in the middle of gasping breaths.

You can imagine how dramatic it was - I was a teenager.  Teenagers are dramatic by nature.

I can still remember every feeling from that day.

I can also remember another time, not too many years ago, & I was singing... only to have someone comment that I wasn't really that great at singing & should probably keep it down.

Talk about a punch again.

I know I'm no Mariah Carey but I am one of those people who sings all the time. I can't help it that I want my life to be a real Broadway musical all the time.

But I can still remember someone saying that to me, so now, when I sing, I'm careful whose around.  I'm careful of how loud I sing. I'm remember those words spoken to me & they are still stuck to me.

I'm sure you can think of words that have been spoken to you that just cling to you every day.

Words don't go away.


& man, kids today use words I won't even get into.  Words that don't even punch, but words that gut.

Add in the power of social media & those words are even louder... get people to join in & agree with those words by a "like" or a comment & you might as well just give it up.  A whole other level of the power of words.

I challenged the kids this week to take account of their words - just be more
aware... I want to challenge myself to that. I want to challenge you.

What kind of words are coming out of your mouth on a usual basis?

Encouragement to someone?
Or is it sort of a jab?  A little quiet dig at someone?

Words make a difference.

For those 2 examples of harsh words that stuck to me, I have examples of words that stick to me that also makes me smile.

Words that someone told me they were proud of me.
I did a good job.
I made a difference.

I want more words to stick to me like that.

I want to make those kinds of words stick to others.

Monday, April 20, 2015

The weekend that I got to see Beauty & the Beast... for the ?hundreth time....

Marathon Monday!

I always love Boston Marathon day... cheering on the runners from the laziness of my computer while typing away at work.    It does make for a better Monday though.  It's always so inspiring ... So hello Monday. I'm actually excited for you today.

Plus, it's my step-daughter's birthday.  Happy Birthday Julie!

Since Julie works in a lab all day, I thought this was appropriate for her!

How was your weekend?  Mine was productive - for a change.... GO ME!

Saturday, Ricky had to work & that usually leaves me able to clean the house.

Why is it easier to clean a house when you are the only one in it?

Anyways - instead of cleaning, I decided to go all Tim Taylor from Home Improvement & put together my shelving for my office.

Actually all I needed was a screw driver...
but still
I felt like this

I was a little nervous about it when the front page of directions said, "Recommended to be put together with the use of 2 people"... oh snap.  But I took on the challenge & BAM! IN YO FACE directions!

After getting the first one done, it was a breeze for the second one.

& I give all the credit to Teem Mom OG for distracting me while doing this.

Ricky said he would turn on the security cameras every now & then from work to see how I was doing - I think he was making sure I didn't have the thing collapse on me & I wasn't dying in the living room.... but he said he would see me putting it together, watching tv, putting it together, me talking to the TV, putting it together, & me standing pacing while watching the TV so intent.  I take my OG Teen Mom's seriously

Catelynn  & Tyler - I still think you two are the cutest little couple

I felt so accomplished getting these things put together & finally getting my room on a good start.

I now have a check list of other things I need, but at least its on a roll now & I'm excited about how its all going to come together.

It was so beautiful on Saturday, I decided to forego my Les Mills Combat & hit the pavement.

Goodness gracious.  I hadn't done the hills on my street in forever & I felt like it was day 1 of ever trying to work out.  GASP GASP GASP.  My butt needs to start tackling these hills more again.  Though my low back would disagree with that.  It's always something.

Sunday I was up to teach in Merge Youth... I guess it came together OK.  For some reason my mind was just 2 steps ahead of my words & I felt like I was jumping around every where.  I had people tell me the lesson was just fine & made perfect sense but I think I had SO much I wanted to talk about but a short time so it just kinda messed me up - at least in my own mind.

As soon as we got out of church, Ricky & I just had a few mintues before I had to head up to meet my sister in law & nieces to see the local middle school's play of Beauty & the Beast.

So dang cute.

I knew 4 of the kids in it & was so proud to see them up there.

One of the kids actually had the role of Cogsworth... & he did it wonderfully!

Nope - I don't even know who played the Beast but still got a picture with him :)

Of course, I was sitting in my chair singing along & saying the lines to the play.  My niece Sophia just kept grabbing my arm & telling me to SSHHH :)  I asked her if I was bothering her & she said, "It doesn't bother me, but it may bother those around us" haha! 

I will say though, she was the cutest thing when Belle came out in her yellow dress - she grabbed my arm & hugged me.  I looked at her & said, "That looks JUST like me, doesn't it?" ... she just rolled her eyes at me.  #crazyaunt

I met up with Ricky after the play, ran to Target to pick up a few things for my room, we had dinner & then it was time to get home & wind up the weekend.

That fast.  It goes by that fast.

But I got so much done this weekend.  Laundry NOT being one of them.  But that's OK - my room came together a bit, I got to enjoy fresh warm Spring air, I got to remind kids about the power of Words in Youth, I got to see my nieces & I got to once again sing along with Beauty & the Beast.

I give this weekend a thumbs up.

What was the best thing about your weekend?
You going to watch the Boston Marathon?


Friday, April 17, 2015

Friday Favorites

 Favorite Journal

If you are a journal person, you need to just get a Moleskin journal.
I have used one for quite a few months - take it everywhere - & it holds up so well.
I especially love the ones that have squared pages in them - instead of just lines - it helps with keeping things more organized for me.
I really do have a love for these journals.
They are a little bit more pricey but they are totally worth the cost.

Favorite Picture

Melissa Vincent Karageorge's photo.
(Photo by my Sis in law)

Yesterday would have been my Brother in Law's birthday.
Some of the family got together & released some balloons for him, along with his son.
Oh goodness... the video of that little boy saying Happy Birthday to his Dada & blowing kisses to the sky... talk about heart wrenching.
But I just love this picture of my mother in law sending up a balloon to her son.

Favorite Beauty & the Beast Picture

I know... doesn't look like a typical Beauty & the Beast pic
... but I may have squealed when I saw the picture Josh Gad posted.
The cast of the movie together!!!
I'm still chomping at the bit to find out whose playing Lumiere!!!!
It's not even on IMDB ... I NEED TO KNOW!!!
For reference - In the picture is LeFou, The Beast, Gaston, Maurice & Belle
I CAN NOT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Favorite Show

I'm loving Sunday nights!
To see the Bible up on the screen - makes my heart happy.
I love that they are taking the scripture from AFTER the resurrection - something that never really gets focused on in stories given to the public.
I'm so glad its going to be on for a few weeks!

 Favorite Dance of the Week

I am a Derek fan anyways
but this was just every shade of adorable!!!

With this as a close second....
It was so enchanting!!!


Favorite Crafty Idea

Cover a flat cookie sheet (Dollar Store!) with fabric and get an instant magnet board.

Cover a cookie sheet with fabric
& TA-DA!!!!
An instant magnet board.
Find some cute magnets, hang with a ribbon & you are good to go!

Favorite Funnies

Belt Problems

The Artist We Needed, Not The One We Deserved

Took a minute to figure this one out�

the stripes on the lady's shirt... lined up perfectly :)
Me hiding in the bathroom when my manager needs something at work

When I have a bug in the house & someone tells me to smash it

 Me trying to squeeze into my Spring clothes

 How I feel when everyone starts any sort of political talk


How it feels to be an adult

 HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!