Monday, May 02, 2016

The weekend that had me cross a finish line & I finally lost a canoe

What a weekend... what a weekend!

I still feel like it was all a blur - full of excitement & now, I'm in that area where its like, "What now?" ... you know, when you do something for so long & then the big day comes. Then what?  Its why I usually sign up immediately for another race. The habit that is called running.

But let's take a quick glance at the weekend - knowing tomorrow is Training Tuesday & will be full of all the info about the half marathon


... Got off work & headed downtown to the expo. I LOATHE where they have the expo. Parking is so difficult. There is one garage that is always full & anywhere else to park?  Miles away. Good thing its for people that like to get some miles under their feet. I ended up parking so far away, it took me 55 minutes to get to the expo, pick up my packet - do nothing else but that - & get back to my car.  Best warm up for a race ever.

... I got a tooth brush in with my race packet. I thought this had to be some sort of joke with all my dental issues the past 5 months.


... Stopped by the grocery & ended up spending over $17.00 on dark chocolate chips - different varieties.  I see no issues with this.

... the best part of running a big race? CARBS! I made some spinach ravioli for dinner & didn't even think twice at filling up my plate,  If you can't run for any other reason, run for carb eating.


... Who can sleep? I was up all night a nervous wreck about the race.

... SO much to tell,- stay tuned for tomorrow.  But I'll sum it up - I set out to the start line.... & crossed the finish line!  BAM! & DONE!


... We got rained on for the race. I didn't think I would ever dry out or warm up. BRRR!!!

... Harvey Dent was so glad for the lazy afternoon & just wanted to snuggle all day long. Seriously. All day long. He was crawling in my lap, or trying to get in Ricky's.  There was a big news report last week that talked about dogs felt anxiety if they were hugged or loved on too much.  So every time Harvey would throw himself on either of us, we'd look up & say, "He's miserable getting loved on"


... It really was a cool day on Saturday. I had to shut all our windows because inside, our temps were 54 degrees.  Spring left us for the day.  Except for the whole Spring showers thing I guess.

... made Ricky a brownie/cookie desert in thanks for him doing the race with me.  Sugar is always a reward for him.


... We had to have a AC/Heater repair guy come out to look at our unit.  & then left us with sticker shock. We basically need a whole new unit.  & you may ask, didn't we just buy a new unit a few years ago. Yes, yes we did. & it's ruined. grrreeeeaaaatttttttttttttt.

... Did a late night Bible Journal page.  It felt perfect for my day at the race.  I even mentioned on IG about it - how the Bible reminds us that life is better together, & this race was a complete reminder of that. All the support I got in so many ways - big & small. It all makes a difference.


... I woke up scared to move but totally wasn't sore at all. YIPEE!!!!  This was like the best surprise ever. I usually am always tight in my hips, & while I could feel it if I raised my knees up to my chest, I could actually do just that - lift my knees up to my chest - which is something that I would never be able to do with other races. The training paid off.

I never tire of this GIF

... I have been stuck at 38 lbs lost for the LONGEST time but really have watched my food the past 2 weeks & BAM! Finally hit it - the 40 lbs mark. That really made my day knowing that I had reached my half marathon goal & while I didn't make my ultimate weight loss goal (I have 20-25 lbs still to loose) I did hit a marker that I wanted to hit for race day!  YAHOOO!!!!

... I did want to take it easy & slow so we missed church service but made it for Middle School Ministry. So glad I did too - it was great getting to know these girls better.

They had to form letters with their bodies & we had to figure out what they were spelling from above

... Stopped for a quick Target run to get some paper plates & dog bones - the week can't go on without dog treats & bones.

... Got my 3rd Starbucks for the weekend.  Mango Tea Lemonade again & they had their hot chocolate k-cups 50% off.  The expiration date was good through 2017 so I'm all about tucking these things away for cold nights that lay ahead... or maybe next week. Who knows.

... Made out my bills. & shucks, didn't find an extra $8000 for an AC unit.

... Started a new book while watching storms go through.

...  made some banana cookies.  I seriously made 3 batches of these cookies. I've become quite the pro at making them lately with a little scooper that gives me perfect cookies & not get my hands all dirty. I'm set for healthy sweet treats all week long.

... watched Hunger Games: Catching Fire for the 235th time. That movie was my favorite by far out of the series (Oh wait - I still havent seen the very last one yet) ... I hate when they put it on TV, they take this movie & drag it out for over 3 hours. Really? I set my DVR for it so I could fast forward commercials - which is so dumb because why dont I just put in the actual DVD?  ... makes no sense.

& now its Monday... back at it.  
It's Derby Week around here. Lots of excitement in the air - none of the activities that I will join in with - except hitting Derby traffic since I work like 1.5 miles from Churchill Downs. 
Funnnnn.... yeah....

So how was your weekend?

Friday, April 29, 2016

Friday Favorites

Favorite Shoes


I am on a kick where I NEED a pair of plain White Converse in my life
... but I'm kinda digging these polka dot ones too

Favorite Faith Reminder

Live in such a way that those who know you, but don't know God, will come to know God because they know you.:

Favorite Royal Picture

4 Times Prince George Proved He's King (Just This Past Week!)| The British Royals, The Royals, Kate Middleton, Prince George, Prince William

I'm sorry - I can't get enough of Prince George in his little robe & slippers meeting the President of the United States.... & that proud papa. Look at Will. I just love this picture.

Favorite Beauty & the Beast

Beauty The Beast Couples Raglan Shirts Beauty and The Beast Matching... ($43) ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring tops, baseball shirts, raglan sleeve baseball shirt, white shirt, raglan sleeve shirts and white top:

OK - I never think I can find cuter shirts than my previous week,
but these? I SO LOVE!
Our shirts would start off with Together since 1992 ... WOW... we're old

Favorite Look

Weekend Wear | One of Five:

I am the person that wants to wear scarves & cowls in every season
... & I'm a sucker for navy & khaki/brown together

Favorite Coffee Mug

Anxietea by David Olenick:

This just makes me laugh
... & because filling up with caffeine is a way to calm down anxiety :)

Favorite Yarn project

Baby Roller Skates Booties Pink Laces White Grey Crochet Winter Outfit Newborn Boy Girl Halloween Photo Prop Accessory by WarmFuzzyBoutique on Etsy
Every baby in the world needs mini-skates on their feet.
its a fact.

Favorite Funnies

Funny Pictures Of The Day - 40 Pics:

Funny Pictures Of The Day - 27 Pics:

Funny Pictures Of The Day - 27 Pics:

Funny Pictures Of The Day - 42 Pics:

Funny Pictures Of The Day - 34 Pics:

... when someone asks me to name my favorite Steven Curtis Chapman song

... me on Sunday night when the weekend is coming to an end

.... how I feel about these races that are scheduled before the sun rises

... what I tell myself when I'm heading into the race expo & see all the running things to buy

...basically my life after 16 weeks of training for the half marathon

... me at 4:00pm

Have a great weekend Y'all!!!

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Barking dogs, proof I am Belle, & babies EVERYWHERE... all for Thankful Thursday {Link up #69}

This week I am Thankful For:
(The numbers are for my One Thousand Gifts Journal... in other words, just ignore them)

350 / Quiet office days. I love those days when I come in & get in my corner (I really do work in a corner) & its just quiet. No phone calls. No one asking for anything. No one needing anything. Just a day to be in my space & go home.  My favorite kind of days.

353 / Bruno barking at night waking me up. OK. This one sounds like something I shouldnt be thankful for & in all honesty, when its 2 am & I hear the barking, 'gratitude' isn't the first thing that pops in my head.  But my poor little old man has a hard time getting in & out, so when he barks to wake us up, I'm going to be thankful he knows not to potty in the floor but to yell for yelp.

354 / My sweet friends Joe & Erica had a SON last Thursday.  I'm so excited for them adding to their family.  I hate their so far away. I need to kiss that little face of his.  Welcome to the world Harrison.

355 / Tax Refund bought our groceries. It felt like I was on that game show where you run through the grocery store buying anything you want. YES - give me the $6.00 jar of salsa!! haha ... (we really did get a $6.00 jar of salsa)

358 / Got my race outfit together.  It's funny the people you meet through this inter-wide-web thing.  But a few years ago, through a neuropathy board, I met someone else who was running with pin-jabbing-stinging feet & we hit it off & stayed connected through the years.  Bless her. She made the decals & sent me this sparkle skirt & let me know I should run the race as Belle ... because DUH! (The back of my shirt actually has a Belle silhouette on it too) ... I'm so thankful for the kindess of people & that my outfit looks on FLEEK! :) (Did I use that right? I'm old)

Race outfit:

360 / KT Tape. It really is making a difference in my knee.

Who would think this would make such a difference - but it does

361 / Facebook yard sale pages. We sold something easily & in a day on there Saturday. Makes me want to list tons of stuff. Though Ricky told me no one wants my 150 VHS exercise tapes, so we took them down to Goodwill. No joke. I had about 150 VHS workout tapes that I have gathered through the years & used all the way back in the 90's. If there was a Buns of anything - I had it.

362 / Our 1st actual day in small groups in youth ministry at our new church. I loved hearing what young girls have on their mind. The stresses are NOT what they used to be.

363 / Doing life with my JOY group.  I just love this group of ladies. We are doing a Bible Study but most of the time, we end up talking about how to handle life as Christian women, more than studying the Greek of a word in the Bible. That's just how I like it. Hearing others opinions & knowing you have support in other women.  It's been such a blessing.

364 / 30% off Old Navy. I stopped to get a new pair of pants for the race Saturday & found out their workout stuff was 30% off. If I'd paid attention while shopping instead of knowing at the check out, I probably would have bought more.

365 / Credit Card company catching fraud.  Stupid thieves.  Stupid stupid thieves. Glad the credit card company is on top of their game.

366 / My Choosing Joy mug is being replaced. So I got my beautiful mug in the mail & found out the handle was cracked. I was kinda bummed because these ain't cheap. Like $17.50 for a mug with shipping & I'm cheap - so I was sad. But I contacted the place I purchased & they didn't even question anything - just sent me a confirmation they were sending out another one.  Isn't that great?

367 / ANOTHER baby born this week.  One of our JOY ladies just had her daughter on Monday. Which means another one of our JOY ladies had a grand daughter & another JOY lady has a new niece.  (Got all that?)  I can't wait to add another baby on our floor for our Life/God time together.  Welcome to the world Sophia!

368 / Harvey snuggles.  I love a snuggly dog. I especially love a BIG snuggly dog.

369 / Reading outside in the evening. Told you, I'll have this on a lot. I love this cool weather where its not BLAZING hot or humid yet. Just the perfect way to watch the sun go down & breath in some good crisp air.


370 / Got Ricky a dentist appt quickly.  Its hard to find a dentist that is open after work hours but we got Ricky in with his broken tooth at ImmediaDent at 6:30pm & it worked out perfectly for him. AND... get this... I'm still fuming ... they want to do 3 crowns & a bridge - ALL FOR LESS than what my 2 crowns cost me at my dentist in January. ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?  ... if I ever thought I was not ever going back to that dentist before?  That totally confirmed it.  I was robbed.

So what are you Thankful For this week?

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

What's up Wednesday

I honestly can't believe its already the last Wednesday of the month
... but its the perfect time to catch up on life in What's Up Wednesday!!!

What we're eating this week

y'all... I totally can't stop making these banana cookies.
& I'm so excited I have a big batch of bananas that the heat in the house has made them ripen faster than usual.  We know what that means.

What I'm reminiscing about
Remembering what it was like to be able to do life without glasses.

Mercy - how my eyes changed. 
They say that when you hit 40, they change - they ain't lying.
I had perfect vision until I hit 40 & BAM! Who needs to see anymore?
I now have to live life with reading glasses in every room, in my car, on my desk, & usually on my head or I panic.

What I'm loving

I want to stop every day for one... multiple times a day

What we've been up to
Cleaning... getting rid of ALL THE STUFF!

Ricky even went out & bought 2 new garbage cans & for the past 3 weeks, 
we've sat out 5 garbage cans ever week.
Do the math right there.  Or just sum it up by knowing LOADS have been taken out of our house.
So much to get rid of!

What I'm dreading
Being sore from this race on Saturday.

No matter how well trained I am, my muscles will get so tight after 13.1 miles
Especially my hips & inner thighs.
I've already got yoga videos all ready for the days following.

What I'm working on

Getting this dang Etsy store up & running.
I've got pictures taken.. its just uploading them.
I think what's putting me on hold is to get a plan on pricing. 
I dont want to be crazy high, but want to definitely earn back what I've put into a project with the cost of yarn & the time invested in working on something. 
I'm trying to look around at other knitted things & getting ideas.
My goal is to have it up & running by the end of May.

What I'm excited about

We're back in Middle School Ministry & loving it.
Loving meeting a new group of kids... 
Excited meeting other adults who have a heart for middle school kids
I'm just excited about being involved in church again.

What I'm watching/reading

After a wait, I finally got the library loan of After You.
I wasn't sure I wanted to read it because I didn't want to ruin Me After You & I heard a lot of not great reviews about the follow up.  But I've learned that I'm totally an easy-reader & some people think too hard about reviews so I'm jumping into Louisa's life again
... & about 30% in, so far, I'm not minding the story.  

What I'm listening to

I love me some podcasts & just finished listening to Heather interview RuPaul.
You never know what I'm going to listen to next on my podcast roll.
I have the strangest mix of podcasts that are on my list every day.

What I'm wearing

I bought a few pairs of jeggings at Sam's Club... 
because everyone buys their clothes at Sam's club, right?
... & I honestly put them in my drawer & never wore them. For years.
& pulled them out & tried them on since I've lost some weight.
& mercy... is there anything more comfortable?
I think I wear them every day & want like 15 more pairs. 
Or at least 7  more pair.
One for every day of the week.

What I'm doing this weekend

oh, just going for a little stroll

What I'm looking forward to next month

Starting a new workout program.  

I'm hoping by the end of 60 days, I'm going to be ready for summer clothing.
Get rid of everything that jiggles.

What else is new

So yeah - I'm the one that has been traveling through the road to hell that leads to dentists month after month... & then guess what happened Monday night?
Ricky is chewing his finger nails & then CRACK... his tooth breaks.

Seriously? What is happening to our teeth right now?
I'm going all conspiracy theory & feeling like something is in our water at home now.
2016 - the year we worked just to pay dental bills.

Don't forget tomorrow is THANKFUL THURSDAY 
... if you want to join in with me, I'd love you to link up with me 
& tell me what you're Thankful for this week.  See ya tomorrow!