Monday, May 14, 2018

The weekend that we celebrated mom's ... in between naps....

I dont think I have ever wanted or needed or looked forward to a weekend more in my life than this past weekend.

It was a tough week last week going back to work & it has just exhausted me..... so that was my plan for the weekend - SLEEP. Rest. Recover.

Anyone know if anesthesia can stick with you for nearly 2 weeks?  I will say, I'm super sensitive to medicines anyways so it wouldn't surprise me - but it honestly is like I'm drugged still. I sit down for 10 minutes & I'm asleep. 

Saturday, I literally slept for 10 hours... & then took 3 naps in the day.  True story.  It's like I can't sleep enough.

So this was basically my view all day Saturday....

Alternating between reading & knitting... knitting & reading.... & a catch up on Grey's Anatomy.... what an exciting Saturday.  Actually, it was pure perfection to me.  I'm actually kinda sad it's over & counting down to next Saturday.

.... except next Saturday, I'll be setting my alarm for 4am so I can watch the Royal Wedding - YAHOOO!!! But I plan on a few naps Saturday afternoon.

The surprise of my day though was when I had a text from my sweet friend Chasity where she & Ryan & my Grand Buddies dropped me off a Mother's Day gift.  How precious is that?  They just touch my heart in such a special way.

Sunday, I made myself get up & get back to church. I've missed my MSM girls so much & so glad to see their sweet faces.

They actually made me laugh so hard, it literally hurt.  They were asking me about things & I was telling them how great Ricky had been during all of this chaos & how marriage is a challenge at times & you want to make sure you pick a good husband to stand by you in sickness & health & in good times  &bad..... & one of the girls looked at me with the most serious face & said, "I can't even get a guy to text me back".... I literally laughed about that all day long.  Middle school hearts - how precious are they?

A card a MSM'er wrote for his mom for Mother's Day & left it behind
.... how stinkin' cute is this?  I love middle schoolers

I got home after church just in time to.... you guessed it.... take another 10 minute nap.  Geez, am I Rip Van Winkle at this point? I think its possible.

But then I went over to see my Momma for Mother's Day.  I'm telling you - my whole family is just falling apart at this point.  My poor mom had to go to the ER this past Thursday because of blood pressure issues & they said she's had a mild stroke.... but sent her home with no sort of reference & a blood pressure that was still in the 220's.... makes sense?  Yeah, in today's medical guidelines, anything goes.  

& yeah, for the record, me, my brother, my dad & now my mom have all been in the hospital within the past 30 days.


Image result for what is happening gif

But mom is still not feeling great.  Still in so much pain & still struggling with her face being paralyzed & her sight recovering.  

So I just enjoyed sitting on the front porch with my momma just chatting the afternoon away.  

Got some more rows in sitting & chatting

I hope everyone had a wonderful mother's day.... however you MOM. & yes, I used MOM has a verb. I think that works.  I know people MOM in so many different ways - I know I have in the past years  & I know others do it as well - with their own birth children, their adopted children, their blended family's children, for fur children, for children that aren't even their own but they invest in.... lots of ways to MOM.  I hope you were celebrated or you even celebrated yourself.  TREAT YO SELF!  I actually bought a brownie from a bakery on the way home from church to do just that for myself.  & it was the best brownie I've ever had.  

What did you do for Mother's Day?

Do you love naps on the weekend?

You going to watch the Royal Wedding next weekend?

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Still Thankful....

Image result for knit by god's hand thankful thursday

Just wanted to drop in & just post a quick thing to remind everyone that I am indeed blessed & thankful.  I've just not had the time at home at night to do any blog posts.

It's been a rough go getting back to work 1 week post-op - but you do what you have to do.... & when I get home, I have  a lot to do for my recovery. A lot of sitz baths & a lot of resting & let me tell you - I'm BEAT when I get home.  So needless to say, I haven't felt like pulling out the computer & blogging when I get home.

So a detailed Thankful post is coming - because in the worst moments of life, you really do find a lot more to be thankful for. You are grateful for little things like never before - words, hugs, calm moments... so I have a long list to get together.  Just haven't done it yet.

So I'll eventually get back to regular blogging - hopefully.

Keep those prayers going for me, will you - on that complete & total healing? I go back to the doctor next week for a follow up & hoping I get an report of everything looking good.  & that will be the highlight of my Thankful list coming soon!!!!

Thank you all again for your sweet encouragement!
Here's to always looking for the good in all circumstance!!!

(I'll add a link up in case anyone still wants to join in with me this Thursday)

Wednesday, May 09, 2018

One Sentence a Day - April 2018

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Not that we're getting way into May now or anything... geez.
April totally didnt end like I expected... but anyways - here's my month, One Sentence a Day...

1.  Love celebrating Easter & our Risen King at church & then some family time. #HeIsRisen

2.  I got to take my first full day off work to stay home & watch Ernie who is having a hard time with recovering of his neutering. #poorbaby

3.  Taking another day off to take my daddy to the hospital for his knee replacement surgery!!!

4.  Poor dad thought he was going to come home but is now in so much pain & looking into going to a rehab facility. #worsepainever #hiswordsnotmine

5.  Being off for 2 days has me all confused what day is it at work. #FastWeek

6. Dad made it to his rehab facility.  #LetTheHealingBegin

7.  How is it still snowing? #IThoughtItWasSpring

8.  Went with my MSM girls to see I Can Only Imagine & loved spending the afternoon with them. #tearjerker

9.  It was probably the quietest Monday I've ever had at work that it made me walk around to check everyone was OK. #orAtLeastAwake

10.  How is it still freezing but yet my allergies are also kicking me in the face? #WhatSeasonIsIt?

11.  We found outselves at the vet with Ms. Zoe when we got home & saw her bed covered in blood & her back side just dripping blood.  #ShesGoingToBeFine #Wepray #PrayWithUs

12.  Hallelujah, we just had a day that actually felt like Spring! #FINALLLLLY

13.  This was NOT a bad luck day for us when it was a beautiful & warm 80 degrees & my daddy got to come home from rehab with his knee! #heswalking

14. Finally finally FINALLY got to watch The Greatest Showman. #WhyDidIWaitSoLong

15. Finished our study we were in with our Joysters & headed to have dinner with our baby girl who is home from a week. #babygirlasin29yearsold

16.  How is it snowing & freezing cold again? #IsSpringAvoidingUs?

17. My husband is the best when he picked me up some coffee creamer on the way home from work #heknowsitsbestIhavemycoffee

18. Took a long route to have Lunch with my Love since it was a gorgeous day. #Warmedupforaday

19.  Dad is back in the ER & then admitted to the ICU after a blood clot is discovered in his leg #alwayssomething

20.  Found a cute new little coffee shop that I can walk to at lunch #PleaseandThankyouLouisville

21.  Thunder Over Louisville which means its DERBY TIME around these parts #best2weeksinLouisville

22. Time to already start doing tick checks when we pulled 3 of them off Ricky from one day of working in the woods. #HesATickMagnet

23. One of my youth kiddos got me totally hooked on the show Reign & I got hooked by watching the first 4 episodes. #ImTotallyGonnaLoveThis

24.  One more dinner with our girl before she heads back home. #ByeLindsay

25.  First time every celebrated with Administration & Professional Day  #lovemyjob

26.  Hair day #Coverthatgray

27.  Headed to the ER in so much pain. #SentHomeStillinPain

28.  Did nothing but lay in bed all day #FeelHorrible

29.  Back to the ER & after more tests, sent into surgery #scaredtodeath

30.  ...& another night in the hospital #PleaseHeal

What a month.....

& bonus - here's 1 second a day video for the month

Tuesday, May 08, 2018

Show me your books - May 2018

A good month with 2 really good books this month.
One making its way in my all time favorites list actually....
The reading continues...

Image result for knit by god's hands book

18293427The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry
***** / 5 Stars - IT WAS AMAZING

Quick Summary: A grumpy widower  owns a book store & we follow his life & meet all the people that change & open up his world.

Oh my goodness.  I dont think I could love a book more. Truly.

I dont think I even really understood what the book was going to be about but the story just rolled out so beautifully.  Following A.J. in his life & seeing how his world changed through the years.

I dont know if its because it involved a bookstore & the quotes & ideas centered around how amazing books are - but I just wrote down quote after quote from this book in my Reading Journal.

It's such a fast read & I just loved all the characters.  There were moments that I gasped from shock, laughed at personalities & had my heart broken at how cruel life can be to the characters I grew to love in a short time.

This is honestly my favorite book of the year I've read so far & could be in my all time top favorites.  It's just that good to me.

Read if you loved The Man Called Ove.

"A place is not really a place without a bookstore"

25817531What She Knew
** / 2 Stars (It was OK)

Quick Summary: A mom let's her son run ahead of her in the woods & ends up missing. Who does she trust now? & a Detective is letting this case affect him in a deep way as he tries to live up to the standards of his detective father

I've heard a lot about this book, but it just didn't hit it for me.  I was intrigued to find out the answer to the mystery of missing Ben - but it just felt like a really long book for no reason - a lot of drawn out stories & words just for fun (Its over 500 pages long) & some of the story lines, I just didn't get.

Example - the dialogue shifts from the mom of the story, to the detective, to the counselor of the detective.  Which that in itself is strange.  What a random character - mainly because I dont see what was so traumatic for the detective.  Except, a remembrance of his father that I thought would be a big story & just sort of never talked about again.  Stupid stuff like that made me really not like the book.

Even a friendship with the mom & her best friend got totally ruined when something she kept secret for years came out... which if, you're best friends, you'd forgive & move on.

This book just sort of irked me. The more I talk about it, the more I may want to take my rating down another star. I'd better quit while its ahead.

Just not for me.

Read if you enjoy a mystery & dont mind drawn out dialogue & different shifts of point of view

"I marveled at how the mundane activities that life demanded still needed to be done, even while the worst was happening."

35791968Still Me
***** / 5 Stars - It was Amazing

Quick Summary:  We follow Louisa as she's moved to New York to become an assistant to a couple & finds her footing at being away from everyone she loves back home in England & finding out who she really is & what she wants in life.

So I loved the first book - adored the movie - & then totally hated the 2nd book. Felt like it didn't connect & didnt really have the same spirit of Louisa Clark that the first book had. This one?  TOTALLY makes up for that 2nd book mess. This one totally screams Louisa & her sweet personality of caring for others - all the while in the Big Apple making a new life for herself as she LIVES BOLDLY... (I just choked up a little hearing Will's voice).  I truly adored this book & loved all the new characters we meet - I now need a dog named Dean Martin - & really loved seeing old characters we love.  Its funny, sweet, heart tugging, full of relationship drama, & so much love in so many ways.  I really am glad this book happened.

Read if you loved Me Before You & rooted so much for Louisa Clark

"I thought about how you're shaped so much by the people who surround you, & how careful you have to be in choosing them for this exact reason, & then I thought, despite all that, in the end maybe you have to lose them all in order to truly find yourself" 

27161156Hillbilly Elegy: A Memoir of a Family & Culture in Crisis
2 Stars / Its OK

Quick Summary:  The story of a man who grew up in Kentucky & how he saw his family & his community.

I keep seeing the reviews of this & people saying they get now why Trump was elected. I'm reading it the whole time like, "What are people seeing that I'm not seeing?"... I just didnt get it like an earth moving book like others. Mainly because I honestly saw my own family in this book. Reading stories of Mamaw & Papaw, it literally sounded like my own Mamaw & Papaw. There's even a line where Mamaw used the GD word talking about how much she believed in Jesus - which, honest to goodness - my own grandmother did herself. LOL ... So reading this, it may have felt shocking to some people, but it just felt like someone in my own family probably wrote this book. Seriously -I looked it up to see if it was someone in my family.

Read if you apparently are shocked at Kentucky upbringing... don't if you've lived it & know what its like.

"There is nothing lower than the poor stealing from the poor. It's hard enough as it is. We sure as hell don't need to make it even harder on each other"

Life According to Steph

Friday, May 04, 2018

So this past week has been a pain in the butt..... literally

Sooooo yeahhhh.... the past week has been a little upside down.  To say the least.

I know so many of you have seen I was in the hospital  ... & sent the sweetest & most encouraging words to me & uplifted prayers. I so appreciate each & every one of them. Truly. Dearly.

& I know I havent said a lot anywhere on what's happened because it's all still sort of confusing to me what happened - all I know is I'm sitting here with two open draining incisions in my body ... so there's that.

I'll warn you before we get started too - this is all honest, in your face for some of you that may get embarrassed easily, & while I'm not going to be graphic, it's still going to seem like it's all stupid - which I really think it is.

Only me... that's all I keep saying... Only me.

So, it all started with a sneeze.  & yes, let's stop there & note that all of this, the ER trips, hospital stay, rushed into surgery, healing & pain.... all due to a sneeze. Welcome to my life.

But honestly, that's how it started.  Ricky & I were driving home from a dinner & I sneezed so hard, he grabbed his ears & screamed "MY EARS"... & I screamed at the same time "MY BUTT"... he laughed - I wasn't laughing. I could tell something got hurt, injured, pulled, SOMETHING, in the bottom of my rear. 

The next day it just got worse. It was so strange the feeling it was causing. I couldnt sit comfortably, I had a hard time walking, I just felt off.

I was supposed to go pick up my race packet for the half marathon on Friday & I couldnt even make it to the expo to pick it up because it hurt that bad to walk from my car to the front door of the fairgrounds.

I came home on Friday & tried to get comfortable.... except every minute, I was in more dire pain.

Finally, I told Ricky, we have to go to the ER.  & let me tell you - there's nothing more awkward than going to the front counter & Telling them you have a pain in your butt that is an emergency.

But after a CT Scan, they found out I had a hematoma in my back side.... a pile of blood was pooling in my bottom that was so painful.  They told me it should dissolve if I sit on heat & ice alternating & gave me an anti-inflammatory.  I honestly was in worse pain coming home than going & just didnt know how I was going to survive the weekend.

Saturday, all I did was lay in bed.  On my side. It was the only position I could stay in.  Pain medicines kept me knocked out most of the day anyways.

& then Sunday morning, about 7am I just couldnt move. Literally, couldnt move. I couldnt sit, I couldn't walk, I could BARELY lay... it was the worst pain I've ever been in in my life.

Ricky tried to help me get in the bath for some hot water, but it just left me to screaming & crying.

I couldnt even sit in the car.  Ricky had to open the back door & I had to fall on my side & pull myself in for the ride to the ER.

Once we got there, there was no one in the waiting room-  thank goodness - except it still took about 30 minutes for them to get me back.  All this time, I'm just shuffling up & down the hall - I would scream every time I would attempt to sit down & I couldnt even stand up straight. I know I looked like a crazed person. 

They finally got me back & did another CT Scan on me & found out that the hematoma had turned into an abscess.  & they got really concerned when my blood pressure & my heart rate was staying so high. My HR was staying around 142.... plus, I was carrying a fever reinforcing that infection was running through me.

Next thing I know, people are all around me.  Filling me with drugs, asking me questions, confirming when I last ate (Thank goodness I had no appetite & hadn't eaten anything for the past 2 days) & next thing I know, I'm getting wheeling off to surgery!!!!

I was scared to death....

but I'm glad in a way everything moved so fast because if I sat & worried about a surgery to happen the next day, I would have probably been even more nervous.

I woke up to find that I had so much infection, they had to put in two incisions on both sides of my bum..... & one side had so much in it that my surgeon wants that side to stay open as long as possible, so it has to be packed ... twice a day.  So it's been miserable ever since. 

& God bless Ricky. He's been doing all the work of changing the packing - even when I scream & cry with every wound change. 

One of the worst parts for me was that the surgeon said if the ER doctor told him I was there with a hematoma, he could have easily just drained it & left me with a little half inch scar & it would have been over with.  Simple.... that turned into the biggest mess.

It's been pure misery.

& the scary & horrible & terrifying thing of it all?  Having this issue, it leaves a 50%  chance of it causing a fistula - which ONLY gets fixed by another surgery.  50%!!!! That's freaking me out... & ALSO, there's a 60 to 70% chance another abscess can happen again since its in such a strange area.  They said that the bottom doesnt get much blood flow to heal like other parts of the body, so if it doesnt drain correctly, it will abscess again & we have to start from square one of this process.

I have literally been begging for prayers that this doesnt happen.... please pray for me.  I can't bear thinking of doing this all over again.

I actually go to the doctor this morning for a follow up for him to see how everything is draining. 
& I am still taking my antibiotics faithfully.  I havent missed one dose.  I want to knock this in the rear (no pun intended) & never have to think about this again.

... nor ever sneeze again.

I dont want to leave this on a debbie downer though.... I do have to say again how grateful I am for all the sweet people in my world.  All the concern & love given... all the prayers already lifted.... all the visits at the hospital & flowers brought ... & phone calls asking for anything....& of course, for my husband who has been the best person to take care of me in all of this.  He's been my rock this past week & I have to find some way to repay him for all the care & love he has lavished on me.

So praying friends.... continue to lift those prayers for me.

I'm hoping to get back to normal life soon. I miss normal life.  I'm terrified for my new job - which my manager has called me & has been so supportive & encouraging as well & telling me not to worry since she already knows how much of a worrier I am...but I do still worry.  I've been there 5 months & this happens. Geez.

Let's just hope that this is a done deal... the healing is happening.... correctly & fully & infection doesnt REAR its ugly head on me again (that pun was SOOO intended)

Here's to life... in all its adventures!

Friday, April 27, 2018

Friday Favorites

Image result for friday favorites knit by god's hand

Favorite Nook

We love this cozy reading nook idea for kids -- turn a small space, like a closet, into a DIY book nook!

OK... I want to tear everything out of my foyer closet RIGHT NOW & make this happen!
& you'll know always where to find me.

Favorite Knit

I'm really thinking of buying this kit.
I think its a good little knit to wear the warm days but cool nights.
& those colors!!!

Favorite Food Reminders

I'm always looking for healthier snacks!

Favorite Beauty & the Beast

Get Lost in a Book  Beauty and the Beast by ShopQueenofHeartsCo

Favorite Coffee Drink

I need more protein in my life so badly so I may try this.
Especially because the Tone it Up girls just brought out a Cafe Latte protein powder.
That would be delicious in it.

Favorite Dress

Lovely maxi but would prefer without the slit.

Favorite Funnies

Morning Funny Picture Dump 34 Pics

Morning Funny Picture Dump 34 Pics

Morning Funny Picture Dump 36 Pics

Morning Funny Picture Dump 35 Pics

Afternoon Funny Picture Dump 32 Pics

Afternoon Funny Picture Dump 32 Pics

Afternoon Funny Picture Dump 37 Pics

Morning Funny Picture Dump 34 Pics

.... when I drink my first cup of coffee

GIPHY! ( December 3, 2015 at 10:37PM

.... when I get new yarn for my stash

GIPHY! ( March 7, 2016 at 03:06PM

... when I have no plans on a Saturday

GIPHY! ( March 26, 2018 at 05:47PM

... me at 4:30pm today

GIPHY! ( September 5, 2017 at 06:13PM

Happy Weekend Y'all!!

Thursday, April 26, 2018

BOD, escape artist & creamer equals love {Thankful Thursday #174}

Image result for friday favorites knit by god's hand

This week I am Thankful For:
{Numbers go with my One Thousand Gifts Journal / just ignore}

350 / Coffee Creamer
I didnt know Ricky had picked me up some coffee creamer on his way home till the next morning when I opened the fridge & saw 2 glorious bottles waiting for me in there.  That's love.

351 / Beachbody On Demand
I've kept hearing about this but the TV I work out with didnt have access to it.  We ended up having to get new Roku sticks to get Direct TV Now so I took the old one & put it on the TV downstairs & now, I've got access to all the workouts that BOD has to offer. I'm loving it! So much easier to pull up instead of loading a different disk every day (First world problems) & access to more workouts than I own anyways.

353 / Throat drops
It's allergy season around her & I cant take ANY sort of allergy medicine. I'll take a CHILD'S NON DROWSY allergy pill & still be knocked out for 24 hours. It's ridiculous how bad I am with medicine.  So my throat has felt horrible this week & I've been so thankful for any relief that is short lived with throat drops. I'll take what I can get.

354 / $100 Amazon card
Our last health insurance provider offered a plan where you go on & earn points to get gift cards.  In just a few months that I was using that insurance (November - March) I had earned $100.00 in gift cards & took my choice to get an Amazon card. Well, that baby is already used up but I'm glad I just got $100.00 of stuff for ZERO out of my own pocket.

358 / Lawn mowers work
Every year, that first time turning them on, we hold our breath. Usually, there's something that's stalling or causing issues.  So far, so good though on our mowers. (Knocking on wood)

359 / By the hospital
So glad dad was at the doctor's office for his knee & close to the hospital when he got faint & his blood pressure  bottomed out.

361 / Good neighbors
I always use this for myself all year long for our amazing neighbors - but this time, I've using it for my parent's neighbors.  When mom found out dad was going into ICU, she hated not being at the hospital to see what was going on.  Her neighbor that lives behind them came & picked her up & drove all the way to the hospital & walked her up to the ICU to make sure she was where she needed to be. How kind & thoughtful is that?  He was all dressed up too in a tie & nice shirt & pants - turns out he & his wife were going to a banquet & that still didnt stop him. She got a ride to that with other friends & he was going to meet them there. They are just the kindest people & I love they are near my parents.

367 / Hobby Lobby
I rarely get to Hobby Lobby now that I've changed jobs just because its not as convenient to get to one - so when dad's hospital was across the street from one, I had to run in! & then found ALL YARN was 30% off - a rare sale - I was all over it. I actually stopped in before I went to the hospital & stopped again on my way out just to make sure I got all the yarn I needed.

369  / Ernie safe
I mentioned this on Monday - but I still can't believe Ernie slid out from under the gate in our back yard. But SO THANKFUL Ricky was home when it happened. I was at church & Ricky was actually in his back garage.  & so thankful that Ernie ran back that way - he could have run to the front of the house & been gone & Ricky never even known. I cant even think about it.

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

What's up Wednesday - April 2018

Image result for whats up wednesday

What We're Eating This Week

Image result for gnocchi

I'm trying my hand this week at some gnocchi
with some mushrooms & a lemon sauce on it.
I'm trying from my Emeals list - so we'll see how it goes.

What I'm Reminiscing About
... when I used to be in shape.
Man... it doesnt take any time to loose every bit of strength & muscle tone & health, does it?
Especially when perimenopause has chased you down & you're counting down the months to menopause.  How unfair is it sometimes to be a woman?

Image result for menopause funny weight gain

What I'm Loving

Image result for stok protein coffee

I'm really struggling lately on getting protein & this is making it easier for me.
It's delicious!!! & has a good amount of protein in it.
I'm going to use this as a little after-workout protein boost.
Ricky likes it too - so needless to say, I bought TWO bottles for the week

What We've Been Up To
Teaching Ernie how to catch a frisbee.
It's so funny because he HAS to jump before he takes off for the frisbee - which totally makes him late to getting to it. We've now tried the method of doing a fake out throw so he'll jump first & then we throw it & he's ready to run.  Ernie is such a weirdo.

Image may contain: dog and outdoor

What I'm Dreading
Not really dreaded, but anxious to see how it turns out....
Started a new blanket for my nieces.
It's driving me nuts because the colors are hideous. Green & yellow.
It almost killed me buying the yarn because I know this is going to be such a strange combo for me to work with
BUT... I get most school colors arent that pretty.
Mine was purple & gold after all - not really the best either.
My brother reminded me its a NFL team's color as well.
Who thought green & yellow was a good combo?  They need to be evaluated.
Image result for green & yellow floyd central

What I'm Working On
Cleaning my front room (my library)
It always becomes our "hold all" room for the holidays & since we had Christmas all the way up to February, it's still got wrapping paper & boxes & all sorts of totes in there.
I want my room cleaned up so I can use it to sit in & read - or at least have my pretty library room back!!!

What I'm Excited About
Warmer weather!!!!
I think we're actually NOT supposed to get any SNOW this week.
Maybe?  Fingers crossed!!!

What I'm Watching / Reading
Since we just added Hulu to our mix, I'm catching up on The Mindy Project.
I forgot how funny this show is

Image result for the mindy project

& I'm also going to catch up on Station 19

Image result for station 19

What I'm Listening To
The Greatest Showman Soundtrack
I'm late to this party & making up for it.

Image result for greatest showman soundtrack

Though I have to say, I'm disappointed in the Soundtrack that the song "This is Me" isnt the one from the movie. It's a remix sort of tape. I want the original. UGH!

What I'm Wearing
...anything that fits at this point in my life....

What I'm doing this Weekend
It's going to be a fun & busy weekend.
1. I'm SUPPOSED to be running a half marathon - so I'm either going to pout about it & go in dential or I may go down with some signs & cheer on my friends that are doing it.
2. There's also a readathon happening on Saturday!!!
3. We're having a fun Joyster date out on Sunday - not sure what we're doing yet.
4. & I have a mini photo session for Mother's Day of a brother & sister.
Gonna be a go-go-go weekend

What I'm Looking Forward to Next Month
The big Royal wedding!!!!
Yes, I will be up at 4am waiting & watching every minute of it!!!
I guess my invite got lost in the mail.

Image result for harry & meghan