Tuesday, October 06, 2015

One Sentence a Day ... September 2015 Edition

1 sentence

I know this is a little late for a month recap, but with regular link ups, & daily posts, this is the first chance I've had to get it in.
That's OK... & its still fun to look back.
So may I present to you... September in my life in one Sentence a day...

1.  It's September & the temps feel like the middle of July.

2.  I took a break from pictures while Ricky was working late to go spend time with my momma & daddy.

3.  I stayed up past midnight editing pictures.

4.  I was excited that the news finally came out about our friends expecting a new baby in 2016.

5.  I got to spend some time with some of my favorite faces painting pottery.

6.  I never left my house which I don't think has happened in weeks, if not months.

7.  Enjoyed a perfect breakfast with my hubby on a Monday off work.

8.  It was a rough day back to work after a long weekend.

9.  I started the new Bible study "Seamless" that I'm doing with some friends.

10.  I was nauseated the entire day long & felt like I was going to loose it at any moment's notice.

11.  I left my house for work only to find out my car went on strike & wouldn't start when my battery totally died on me.

12.  I got yet a new pregnant momma in front of my camera for another maternity session.

13.  We went to church in our friend's home & got to just worship in our own way.

14.  I got in another 5k just because I didn't want to go inside with the gorgeous weather.

15.  I just enjoyed sitting outside reading a book after work while soaking in the beautiful fall-like weather.

16.  I got to meet up with a friend & walk a 5k with her while enjoying the weather & great conversation.

17.  I got to go see my nieces first orchestra performance & thrilled that it was right up my alley with the theme being ROCK!

18.  Finally got to the finale of Jane the Virgin & am now glad I don't have to wait a whole summer to see where this goes!!!

19.  Kicked off our Women's Bible Study & remembered that the basics are always a good place to learn from.

20.  I had the longest day of home church, a photo session & a walk with friends into the evening & loved every moment of it.

21.  I became an official member of the Hogwarts Running Club.

22.  I hit 25 lbs lost!!!!!

I lost 25 pounds! That is the same as the average 2 year old.:

23.  I took a Turbo Kick class that my friend was teaching & was proud of myself by seeing how much better I can handle endurance.

24.  I got to meet our neighbors new puppy, Joey, & strike up my puppy-fever once again.

25.  I went to meet with a July 2016 bride & her parents while I got to try Heine Brothers coffee for the first time.

26.  I got to hang out with my twin nieces while we hit the movies, went out to eat & went shopping.

"Suffer  suffer scream and pain,  blood is spilling from your brain"  XD Hotel Transylvania 2:

27.  We went to hear our friend Steve preach & see so many familiar faces supporting him.

28.  I think we had our last really warm day of the year.

29.  My niece had to be taken to the hospital & found out she received the diagnosis of diabetes.

30.  I got to go hang out with Madi for awhile in the hospital & am reminded how tough that little girl is.

So what was the something memorable from your September!!!

Monday, October 05, 2015

The weekend that I had double bookings, still cant do laundry & my mother in law saved the day!

OK... you think most of my weekends are busy?

Just hold on... this one even made me say, "whooooaaaa... this was a busy weekend"

It kicked off on Friday for me actually. I took off work, but didn't sleep in. Nope - I was up & out the same time as usual to go to the outpatient surgery center with my mom.  The INTENT was for her to have surgery on her back to help with her low back pain.   Dad & I got comfortable in our chairs - I had my knitting, my Kindle, my Women's Running Magazine.... & we sat there for about an hour, only to see my mom coming out of the door with her hospital hair net on saying that they can't get her blood pressure down, they didn't know if they would be able to do the surgery.

... & then about another hour later, here comes the nurse & says that they just couldn't do anything with her BP that high. The anesthesiologist refused to put her to sleep with it being up so much & that she needed to go to the ER immediately. I know the nurse looked totally taken back when my dad said, "Let me guess - its 220/115" & the nurse was like, "Well, yeah, it is"... & we told her that that tends to be what mom's blood pressure is on any given day.  The nurse started getting a little stern with us telling us that was dangerous & she needed to do something about that.  Oh - thanks for that tip Ms. Nurse ... it's been yearssssss of mom trying to get her blood pressure any less then that.  No one can get a handle on it.  The only time I've seen her BP normal was when she was in the ER a few months back & they had given her some sort of shot.... to see a normal BP on the monitor, I think I took a picture to document it because we never thought we'd see it again.

Anyways... we packed up mom - who just wanted to go home & get a TAB & headed back home surgery-free.

I ended up taking advantage of an early morning & headed to Target where I knew there'd be no crowds... & was so excited to find the final book in this series... I cant wait to finish this out.

Ricky got to take a half day off because he worked last weekend & we just relaxed a bit on Friday afternoon... only to hear a dog yelping outside of our door.  Ricky came running up thinking it was one of ours, but all 3 of our lazy pups were asleep around me on the couch... but the yelp was happening again.  Ricky threw on his shoes, ran outside our front door ... I walk out after him, to see him coming around the corner saying, "REBECCA - NO! NO! NO!!!!!!!"...  & holding this little pup.

Puppy found:

OH MY GOSH!!! He needs us - he's just a baby!!!

He really is just a baby.... I know he looks big in this picture but everyone was shocked how small he really is when you see him.

Ricky was afraid to bring him in with our dogs in case he had worms or something wrong with him, so he pulled out one of our kennels & we loaded it up with blankets - gave him some food, which he devoured, gave him some water... played with him a little bit & then the little guy was ready for a good snuggled nap in the blankets.

We had to leave him soon after to head to our friends for dinner & a game night.  I wasn't expecting to see some church friends that had moved up to Cincinnati... that was such a fun surprise.  We ended up not even making it to games because we ended up just sitting around talking & laughing... I'll take that anytime.

Saturday had me out of the door bright & early for a baby session.  I am so excited for this baby's arrival.  I took the new mommy & daddy's engagement pictures & wedding pictures & birth announcement & I just LOVE this couple.  They are precious... & the momma is in my women's bible study too....

Baby sessions are hard work & can be filled with frustration.  This time around?  Easy as pie.  The baby was GORGEOUS, she was perfection the whole session (I think she cried maybe once at the end & a paci stopped it immediately) & I so appreciated that the parents were like, "you've got this" & just left Chasity & I to do what we needed to do.  That just makes such a relaxed session ... I think babies pick up on stress when parents worry during a photo session, only causing more tears.  This baby was like, "I'm a super model - just work with me here"

I got done with the session & thought I would have all day to work on pictures... only to find out that we got our washing machine delivered.... & it was defective.

Are you kidding me?

It leaks in the tub... water dripping non stop.

So Ricky had me meet him at Home Depot right after the session to see what we needed to do.  Now, we have to wait until next Saturday for delivery of ANOTHER machine.  All the while, my laundry pile is pretty much the size of the Smoky Mountains.

As we were leaving there, we got a phone call that my mother in law wanted to take that puppy into her home... make him her new baby.  Ricky & I were so happy because we didn't want to have to take him to a shelter.  So we went to the pet store & loaded up on goodies for him, headed home to get the little Squirt & headed to his new home.

Puppy ride:

When we got to my Mother in Law's house, she couldn't believe how tiny he was.  It was fun to see how he was going to be with her dog, Cocoa - who is 14 years old & loves his momma.  But the puppy & him were instant play mates.  The little guy even brought life back to the old man & they were running  & chasing each other & trading toys instantly....

Will you be my momma?

Meeting his new brother

Everyone started coming over to see the new puppy... I don't think he knew what to do with all the attention but to soak it up.  He had to be thinking, "I've hit the jackpot here"... especially when we called my mom-in-law Sunday morning to find out that he slept in bed with her overnight... yeah, he's already loved.

Maggie ended up naming him Rocco.  It was funny because Ricky had gone to go get a little kennel for the puppy & Maggie & I were going through names.  She really liked Cooper at first & had sorta liked Rocky... & when we saw Rocco, & said that name, his ears perked up & she said, "Do you like the name Rocco?" & he came running to her & jumped up for her to hold him. Name picked.

& yes, I still cried leaving the little guy. 

& we got home & Ricky said, "I kinda miss the little guy"... it don't take long for dogs to weasel into our hearts.

Sunday had us in our happy place for breakfast....

Sunday breakfast:

& then we headed up to our friends house for church.

A great message on Anxiety - exactly a message I can hear every day in my life. 

Our sweet friends have been usually bringing food for after our home church.  We had some errands to do but put those on the back burner when our friends said they made some vegetarian chili... they were speaking to our bellies.  We said, "errands can wait" ....

But we did leave there & head out to get Ricky some new work shoes which he desperately needed  & then get me to another photo session - engagement this time around.

It was crazy the difference a day made because the day before was FREEEZZZZZINNNGGGG at 50-something degree temps with cold rain.  Sunday was warm & sunny & back in the 80's.  We saw 3 other photographers doing photo sessions while we were shooting ours.  Everyone wanted to take advantage of the beautiful day.

we actually did one location & then the couple went home & got their dogs & I met up with them again at another location for a few final shots...

These are some amazing dogs.  Like they win mega-ribbons in agility training competitions.... it was no problem snapping a picture of them.

I finally got home, started uploading all the pictures taken over the weekend, finally got to give my own doggies a little bit of love... & just stare at my ever growing pile of clothes...

another weekend in the books... whew....

hello Monday!

How was your weekend?

Friday, October 02, 2015

Friday Favorites


Favorite EASY Halloween Food
Witch brooms are a fun and easy treat that you can make for Halloween.  They look really cute and are the perfect blend of sweet and salty.:
OK - even I can do this one
Pretzel into the end of a Reese Cup?
Oh yeah... cute too!
Favorite Fitness Reminder

#1 Weight loss TRICK that saved my life! :) How I lost over 28+  lbs of pure FAT in less than 4 weeks. THIS ACTUALLY WORKS! CLICK HERE:

Favorite Jewelry

Photographer Ring - I'll shoot - camera ring in aluminum - wide band ring - Statement Ring:

Favorite Wedding Idea

Guest "book" bench! Have guests use sharpies on the unfinished wood, then seal it with clear coat a few days after:

Have everyone sign a little bench & then put a lacquer over it so it stays & put in your home to enjoy for years.

Favorite Beauty & the Beast

Mug couple set , set of 2 mugs set - Her Beast and Hs Beauty the perfect couple gift wedding gift, housewarming Gift:
ummm... I think you can all agree with me I need these!!!

Favorite Video
Keep an eye out for another Beauty & The Beast throw in!!!


Favorite Funnies

That Annoying Unexpected Sound:

There are some days.... @Cara K K K K K Cooley @Karen Jacot Jacot Darling Space & Stuff Blog Cooper:
... how I feel by the time Friday comes around
... when someone tells me PSL are the best drinks around right now

... but how I feel about adding pumpkin to Chai Tea Lattes

... every time I see my total cost come up on the register at Target
... when leaves start changing & everyone wants family pictures
.... watching the clock at 3:50 on Friday waiting till it hits 4:00



Thursday, October 01, 2015

Thankful Thursday {Link up #39} ... a special MOM Edition!

Thankful Thursday

Today is my mom's birthday!!! So I'm taking my Thankful Thursday & doing a special MOM EDITION!

All things that I'm thankful for with my momma!


 Thankful for my momma cause:

... my mom always made the best lasagna.... I need her to see if she can whip up a meat free version.  I remember it having lots of cheese - I don't forget lots of cheese.

... my mom gave me my love of playing games.  We would play games all summer long, all night long, any sick day or a day off of school.  Game playing is still one of my favorite things to do.

... she taught me to win or lose gracefully.  She never 'let me win' like some moms do. It's good to learn its OK to lose & it never ruined my day.  It was just in the fun of the game. 

... my mom always rooted me on. I'll never forget at a Karate tournament, I was fighting & my mom was the most vocal one there, screaming for me to "KICK HER BUTT"... that's a good mom for you!

... sitting next to my mom in church.  I can remember her Bible being open in her lap & her writing notes.  & the best thing she taught me in church?  When it gets a little slow & you're bored, take out the bulletin & circle in every "O" you can find.  I have taught many a kid how to do that in church or a program or anything that takes awhile.

... my mom did teach me who Jesus was young & to have a love & reverence for Him.  Besides coloring in church, she really did give me the most important lesson of all in that.

... she instilled in me early in life the love of books.  We'd go to the library or a little book nook used bookstore where I could pick out books that were a dime or a quarter. I still to this day have some of them. 

... my mom was able to be a stay at home mom so she was always there when we left in the morning & there making dinner when we got home from school.  I cant imagine life any other way.

... she taught me the gift of laughter.  We could laugh at basically nothing & truly find it funny.  We both almost got thrown out of the theater when we went to see Airplane! from laughing so hard.  & Ricky wonders why now my laugh is so loud.  There you go.  I learned from an early age how to just laugh like my life depended on it.

if anyone else can finish what else he says here... you get bonus points
& are officially my best friend

... Momma don't play.  As easy going as my mom is & friendly & likable - she knows when & how to put her foot down - whether it be someone selling her something, or someone causing problems for her family ... nope, she don't take no stuff from anyone.  It's always a good feeling to know when mom's in your corner.

... she taught me that one of the greatest candy bars in the world is a Zero & a runner up is Andes Mints

... my friends always loved my mom.  She was never scary or intimidating to them... she was actually someone who was fun to hang around & laugh with.

... she made every year a big event when her favorite movie would come on - the Wizard of Oz.  She made sure that we knew there was no place like home.

So much I am thankful for when it comes to my momma!!!
This list could go on & on & on & on & on & ... you get the idea
even put that in BLUE for you!