Tuesday, February 09, 2016

You are so worth it!!!

I am a Bob Harper fan.  & I'm loving that he has taken over as the host of The Biggest Loser this year.  I loved Allison, but its great seeing Bob take on the bigger role of talking to the contestants in a more of a 'mentor' this year.

If you watched it a few weeks ago, he actually had a sit down with everyone & they were talking about why they felt like they had these addictions to food & eating & not taking care of their bodies.

They all had excuses.
They all had reasons.

Past hurts.  Rejection.  Trauma as a child.  Loss.

Using food as a form of punishment seemed to be key.  Or using it as a way of making people stay away from them.  A way of making a shield around them to make people keep their distance.

Food & overeating & obesity can run so much deeper then some people can even imagine.
Especially if you've never dealt with the issue.

But one lady was talking about her story & she made the comment about how she didn't deserve to be happy or to find love.

Bob stopped her right there & said, 'That voice you hear in your mind is a demon.  What he is telling you is a LIE.  Stop listening to that voice!"

First thing I thought when Bob said that was PREACH!!!!!

He went on to say how we have to believe in ourselves because no one else can or will do the work except for you.  & when you listen to the voices inside of your head telling you that you're not worth it, or you can't do something, or why bother trying... you just give in so easily.

I think that's so powerful when it comes to making healthy choices.

Whether that be losing weight.
Giving up smoking or drinking.
Adapting healthier decisions.

What it all comes down to is knowing in your mind, body & soul that

Every good decision.  You are worth it.
Only you can change that mind set to make better decisions for yourself.

So today, remind yourself that if you hear anything within your mind telling you "why bother"... tell that voice where to go... & make a healthier decision in one area of your life today!  Prove to yourself you are MORE then worth it!


Onto my quick recap of Week 4 of my Half Marathon Training

Created by Photo Grid.  Android  https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.roidapp.photogrid  iPhone  https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/photo-grid-collage-maker/id543577420?mt=8:

Monday - Run 2.87 miles
Tuesday - Upper Fix
Wednesday - Run 2.64 miles
Thursday - Total Body Fix
Saturday - Run 5.20 miles
Sunday - Yoga with Adrienne

Getting in all my work outs...

I actually felt really good & strong on my 5.20 run too. I went out a little panicked because I forgot water & hate not having water for anything over a 5k - but with it being a nice day, I didn't get too dehydrated.  I thought if I got dizzy or nauseated, I'd call Ricky to drive me down some water - but knew the UK game was on... so if I were to pass out, I'd just have to pass out.  I ain't interrupting him with that!

I had 2 mental games playing with me this week though.

1. Dental issues. My jaw & face are still killing me.  I have an appointment in 2 weeks to go back & I can get more answer then, but I know its just all going to lead to more appointments, more work, MORE MONEY. Sigh.

This is actually what I've looked like at the end of every workout

Not to mention, the pain is just sitting on my nerves making me just really short-tempered at everything. I'm glad for the workouts to work off some of that stress, but moving & pumping the blood makes the pain worse.  Talk about a double edged sword.  I just keep trying to hang in there & remind myself this won't last forever.  it won't - right?

& the other mental game?

2.  I gained a freaking pound this week.  I know - I KNOW - 1 lb isn't much of anything - but my scale after hitting 35 lbs has just coming to a screeching halt.  & for some reason, when I start running, it makes my appetite increase so I have to really keep myself in check.

 I'm nervous now for my weigh in on Wednesday. If its up anything else, or I haven't at least lost that 1 lb, I'm going to punch something.  ... oh, who am I kidding. No punching. I'll just cry.

So we're heading into week 5 where I was hoping more runs outside would take place... but the temps this week will be in the 20's. I know I SHOULD run outside... we'll see.  I did just buy some lined leggings & I found a running coat I have & I do hate the treadmill for anything over 3 miles.  We'll see how life goes this week.

I'll just keep PRESSING ON!!!!

Monday, February 08, 2016

The weekend that I saved a dog... to the wrong address....

Can the rest of winter be sunny & in the 50's?

Apparently not, because our forecast is back down in the 30's & even the 20's... with snow...

This is just all a crazy mind game to me at this point.

But I did soak it all up this weekend.  Take it in while you can, right?

Saturday, I woke up with one thing on my mind - who won Celebrity Big Brother. I was so addicted to this show that was happening in England.  People in England take their Big Brother SERIOUSLY!!!! Like CRAZY seriously.  Like its on every night for an hour & then there is an 'after show' special that digs in deeper with panels to discuss what happened in the house for the past 24 hours.  & I like the Celebrity editions because its only a month long.  But I'm totally invested in it...

& the finale was Friday afternoon in England so it was posted up on YouTube Saturday morning...

So I was waiting for my Bible Journaling pages that I painted to dry while I finished watching who was crowned the winner...

Saturday am:
I have to be super careful
... I have one Belle mug that holds my coffee - another Belle mug that I use as water for my paint brushes...
I have picked up the paint mug MANY times & almost drank it without thinking!

That's how you start out a weekend.

The morning zoomed by & I had to head down to one of our little local coffee stores to meet up with a friend to just chat.  She is actually one of my past bride's momma's & we just sort of stayed connected through the years & I just think she is wonderful.  So glad for technology that has allowed us to stay connected.  Loved even more that we made the effort to stay connected as face to face conversation people.

I felt like we just got there chatting away & looked down & seen how much time had gone by...

& how many times Ricky called to see when I was heading home...


that's what happens when I get to talking. :)

Ricky needed me to bring home some food before the UK game so while I waited, I had a $13.00 coupon on top of a $15.00 coupon for Kohl's so I ran in to just grab some new running tights.  I ended up coming out with 4 new pairs for a bargain.  Thanks hubby for making me have to wait for the food to get ordered.

I got home & we had a little lunch & then I had to take advantage of the day to do my long run outside.  It was quite the adventure, let me tell you.

I'm used to dogs running & chasing me - but this time, I heard a noise & turned around & saw a dog had pulled up his chain & was running after me pulling this long chain.  Here's where I realize how old I am & my eyes are horrible - I couldn't see his dog tag.  Nothing but a blur.  So I had the idea of taking a picture with my phone & then zooming in on the picture - except I couldn't get the dog to sit still long enough to take a clear picture.  I did make out the first part of the numbers & all these houses are close in that area so I took the dog back to the these houses & I thought I had the right one... so I took the chain & tied it up to an area where he'd be safe....

& I continued on... to have other dogs chasing me... & of course, my normal horses that I see every time...

You can see in the background of the bottom picture, the dog I tied up...

I got home & looked at the picture of the dog tag once I had my glasses on.  (The dog was still tied up in the place I left him when I was running home)... but I saw the address & OOPSIE - I was wrong about 4 houses down. haha... I told Ricky what happened & we went back down to check on the dog & take him to the correct home, but found the owners had gotten him already. Whew!

Dog rescuing is a hard stressful job. let me tell you.

But I got my 5 miles in... & no, I didn't cheat - I stopped the watch while I was taking the dog back to the house.  Legit 5 miles done.

These are one of my new pairs of leggings too!  Thanks Kohls!

The rest of Saturday night was like Super Hero overload while Ricky & I got caught up on some Supergirl shows, some Arrow, some Flash & Legends of Tomorrow.... we are living in a Super Hero lovers dream world!

Sunday, we ended up going to hear our friend preach.  He just has a knack for making messages so 'real'... a perfect Super Bowl Sunday message.

He made all sorts of analogies about how football games are like life but one point he made was so eye opening to me.  He was talking about how we need to keep our eye on the ball - Jesus... if you look away, you can let it drop... but the end zone, that's where we ultimately want to go... eternity. Heaven.  & what if you don't have the ball?  If you make it in the end zone without a ball in a real game, no points.  The same idea applies... you have to have Jesus to get to that end zone... it was just so powerful the way he did it.

I love a good analogy.

Ricky & I headed out to do a Target run. I haven't been to Target in 2 weeks on my hunt to save money, thanks to my huge dental bill.... & then we ran over to to Q'doba for lunch.  That was a dud.   $22.00 for much of nothing & it wasn't even that great.  Boo!

What was good?  We went over to Starbucks & I have been wanting to try a Flat White for so long- I always hear people talk about them so finally went for it.  It wasn't exactly what I expected, but I really liked it.

Please note my nails are even blue & orange...
I am the least football knowledgeable person ever, but I do love a good fashion support

We headed home so we could take care of some things around the house - laundry, bills, cleaning - grown up stuff.

& then time to settle in for the Super Bowl!!!!

Except I didn't actually watch the Super Bowl....

I wanted to - but it has been proven time & time again that I'm a sports jinx.  Want a team to win?  Let me watch it & it will be guaranteed that it won't happen.  When the Bronco's were in the Super Bowl 2 years ago, I watched.  Anyone remember that shambles of a game?  Yeah - blame me.  I typically don't care who wins any game but my friends are big Bronco's fans so I wanted them to win so I did what a true friend should do.  I turned it over as soon as the coin toss was over...

Downton Abby kept me company.

I did flip back & forth just to keep an eye on the score... & SO HAPPY THEY WON!!!!

Y'all can thank me for this year now that I didn't watch.

So another weekend in the books...

Anything exciting happen in your weekend?

Did you watch the Super Bowl?

Are you a jinx at anything?

Friday, February 05, 2016

Friday Favorites

Favorite Mug

A positive mug.:

Favorite Food Ideas

10 Healthy Brown - Rice Bowl Ideas
All under 5 ingredients!!!

Favorite Photo Prop Idea


Isn't that a cute idea
Just get some yarn or string & cut out hearts &
let them hang from the umbrella.
It would be super cute for a Couple's Picture too for Valentine's Day!

Favorite Beauty & the Beast


Favorite Bracelet

Silver Love Coffee Charm 925 Sterling Silver. A cup of hot coffee can warm you up .:

... & if I took all the money I've spent at Starbucks,
I could afford this :)

Favorite Bag
I'd never have anything that would fit in it, but I love it anyways!
kate spade//:

Favorite Craft Organizing

How to Make a Giant Peg Board at GingerSnapCrafts.com #gingersnapcrafts #craft #storage_thumb[1]:

So many great ideas!!
Craft Storage for Small Areas  LINK

Favorite Funnies

The fish that lived // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes - #lol #humor #funnypictures:

This is sooooooooo true!!!!!!!!! Lol:

So true:


.... me every time they report Donald Trump still has a chance of being President.

... the hubs when I come home from Starbucks & don't pick up a cafe mocha for him

... how I basically watched all of Grease Live

... when I'm standing in front of the Cadbury Egg display at the grocery story
& I want to buy them all.

.... me at 4:00pm today

Happy Friday Y'all!!!

Thursday, February 04, 2016

Thankful Thursday {Link up #57}

This week I am Thankful For:

84 / the new soup recipe I tried.  It was delicious! & I'm not great at making soup, but this was easy & yummy! I'm excited to have this for cold winter days

**  / The perfect shot.  I literally just threw the frisbee & turned my phone on & clicked the button - didn't try to get anything special - totally didn't plan on the lighting - didn't even think I'd gotten Harvey grabbing the frisbee... & then I saw my phone & saw this picture & about freaked out.  Ricky wants to have it blown up.

85 / All the holiday candy is GONE from the house. FINALLY!  It was laying around in dishes since November... tempting me... calling my name.  & now, its all gone.  Maybe the number on the scale will move faster now.

87 / 1099's & filing done at work for year.  I have 3 companies I deal with... & to get everything boxed up for year end & get certain tax work & paper work out by January 31st - whew - it can be exhausting. But its done!  Another year behind me.

91 / Getting to spend some time with our friends & having our Christmas together.

92 / New Bible Journal goodies!  Chasity gave me my birthday gift & I was giddy happy at the new stuff that is going to be decorating my Bible Journal ALL UP!  My mind is already reeling on how to use these stencils & the metallic pens!!!

94 / Our new Bible Study kicked off. I'm so excited for this one. I haven't done a Kelly Minter study in a long time but know how amazing of a teacher she is.

103 / Speaking of Kelly Minter - She responded to a tweet I put up.  That always makes my day!

93 / Warm weather to take Zoe outside & get some of her hair shaved off.

96 / Found a running tech shirt on clearance for $7.00 SCORE!

99 / Harvey Dent snuggles.  He is such a BIG BABY ... & I honestly wouldn't have it any other way.

Every night, he either crawls up in my lap or Ricky's lap & just will lay & put his head on your chest or shoulder & sleep

100 / Covering that gray!  Man, its popping out faster then I can keep up with it anymore.

102 / Our storms we were expecting with the warm weather that has been on us, didn't come in as strong as they thought.  So glad.  70 degrees in February ain't right.  I'm glad tornadoes & damaging winds stayed away.

*** / Bruno's skin is still flaky & itchy, but its healing up.... slowly.... but not getting worse.  I heard it can take awhile to clear up a staph infection.  Let me tell you though - you ain't ever felt how long 5 minutes is until you keep a shampooed lathered up dog standing in a tub, wet, waiting for it to sit on his skin for 5 minutes.  OH MY GOSH!!!  But he's such a good boy....


I'm so excited that I'm well over 100 Gratitude things on my list for the year already!! 
Well onto my way of reaching One-Thousand Things!

So what kind of blessings have you seen in your life this week?

Wednesday, February 03, 2016

One Sentence a Day {January 2016}

Here we go - the first post of the year for 2016.
I actually started doing this in the middle of 2015 so I'm excited to have the full year of 2016 in this format.  It will be really fun to get these posts & print them out. My old brain needs all the help it can get in remembering my days :)


1.  We got out early to take some things back to the store before the crowds got out & ended up home early because Ricky got hit with a hard cold bug!

2.  I never put on make up one time during the day while I finished editing pictures & Ricky was still sick.

3.  I thought about taking down my Christmas decorations but then changed my mind.

4.  Ricky still had a horrible cold so he went to bed early & I sat on the couch with Harvey Dent to watch the season kick off of  The Bachelor.

5.  I was so excited that a new season of New Girl started & then went to bed early when my throat started hurting really REALLY bad.

6.  I'm starting off the year feeling bad so just trying to get to bed earlier then normal.

7.  My sore throat & burning sinuses have kicked into a full blow head cold.

8.  I barely made it through work feeling awful.

9.  I didn't leave my couch all day long with this cold/ sinus thing watching Cinderella all day long on repeat.

10.  We had our first snow of the year while I was STILL sick & miserable.

11.  I was on lock down at work when there was a shooting at the business next door to us at work & SWAT Teams were going down the streets trying to find the shooters.

Emergency crews converged on the scene. (Source: WAVE 3 News)
Picture from Wave 3 - the road my work is on
12.  It was so cold that in order to burn Harvey Dent's energy, I had to play with him through the crack of the enclosed porch.

13. I sat in a dentist chair & cried like a baby having to get a periodontal treatment that was painful as all get out & hearing the even more painful news of the amount of getting 3 crowns put on.

14.  I got to take my run outside when it warmed up for one day to near 60 degrees

15.  I had to take Bruno to the vet for his itchy skin & then hold him all night loving on him for having to get a shot.

16.  Christmas finally started coming down in my house even though there are still Christmas gifts sitting in the corner for one last Christmas gathering with our friends & the blank tree is still up.

17.  I loved seeing my JOY Sisters for lunch & finishing up our Seamless Bible Study.

18.  We pretty much felt like the world was freezing over when we barely made it to 12 degrees for the day.

19.  I felt like someone punched me in the face a few dozen times after I had the set up for my new crowns on two different teeth.

20.  I thought I was going to loose my mind when I had to drive into work in the middle of a snow storm & it took me nearly 2 hours to get to my office.

21.  I got to go see Beauty & the Beast on Broadway for the uncountable number of times & I was so confused by all the changes they had done to it.

22.  We both took off work anyways with being out late the night before but it was even better a decision when a snow storm hit us.

23.  I finally jumped on the bandwagon & started watching Making a Murderer

24.  I had a good excuse for another Starbucks trip when I met one of my Fall Bride & Grooms to discuss any questions they may have.

25.  I loved watching the snow melt away but don't love my back yard is like a big slushy mud pit now.

26.  I tried a new recipe for a black bean/rice burger that even Ricky loved!

27.  I had every intention to clean parts of my house when I got home from work but ended up taking a shower & going to bed early.

28.  I cooked a new recipe for the 2nd time this week, making a fire roasted tomato & white bean soup that was amazing!

29.  I rode home from work with the windows down which makes the beginning of a weekend ever better.

30.  We finally got to celebrate Christmas with our Framily & Grandbuddy


31.  We worked on Zoe & her hair before I headed over to start our new series, What Love Is, in our JOY Bible Study group.

... & there it is... one month in 2016 down!  
Just like that!

What was the best thing that happened in January for you?