Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Dang you ... you delicious & amazing Cadbury eggs!!!! {Training Tuesday}

Week 2... & I'm not still not feeling the UMPH in my step.

So aggravating... & frustrating.


Monday - 35 minutes 3/2 x 7
Tuesday - Total Body Chisel 
Wednesday - 35 minutes 3/2 x 7
Thursday - ISO Chisel Strength
Friday - REST DAY
Saturday - 4 miles
Sunday - Yoga

So Tuesday was a total miss.  I actually dressed for the work out & that's right when Ricky called with the news he locked his keys in the car.  By the time I got down there & took Bruno in the store & got home, it was nearly 7:30 - just enough time to make dinner & then time to wind down. No way was I going to do a work out that late.  First one scratched for the training period.

I also had a weak spell in my diet this week.  Cadbury Eggs.
I knew this was going to happen. I do good most of the time, but Cadbury Eggs to me is just the BEST sweet treat that ever existed.  I was having a rough day on Thursday & had to stop at the grocery to get some bread & there they were .... calling my name. Taunting me.  I was weak. What can I say.  Hopefully that's out of my system now & I can continue to walk by them like I dont know of their existence.

Image result for cadbury eggs funny

I did make 2 Vegan recipes this week.
Our favorite - the Poblano & Portobello Fajitas. They were DELICIOUS.  Ricky even wanted more when he had 2 huge ones.  I do think that anything topped with avocado though gets an automatic win in the dinner pile though.


I have to say, my body is just still feeling 'off' & even working out, its just leaving me achy & yucky feeling. I did the 4 miles & felt pretty decent during the run - but the soreness up to 2 days later was horrible. Made me feel like I'm nearing 80 years old.

I'm just trying to be patience with myself & give some grace ...

I'll get where I want to be.  Just gotta keep PRESSING ON!!!

Onto week 3

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Monday, January 23, 2017

The weekend that I saw proof the sun still exists.....

It happened... it actually happened!!!


Y'all... I was starting to worry about that being a truth. Over 12 days of gloom & gray.

Even Friday, it was gloomy.  No inauguration puns there either. It was just blah....

I ended up going to the grocery after work & heading home & sat up waiting to see Melania's dress for the inauguration balls.

& she didn't disappoint.

Image result for melania trump inaugural gown

Say what you want about our new President, but our First Lady is just gorgeous.

I thought she looked beautiful at the inauguration as well in that baby blue outfit.  Very classic.

But after I saw her dress, & I finished knitting up a hat, I called it a day.

& then woke up on Saturday to a glimpse of a bright yellow thing in the sky. I was actually shocked because they said the sun wasn't going to come out.  We were expecting another cloudy day, but I think God did it especially for me.  Gave some breaks in the clouds.  THANK YOU LORD!!!

Can you see it - the sun shining on my computer from the morning?  Isn't it glorious?

I ended up getting caught up in watching Enchanted... totally in my top five favorite Disney movies ... & then knew I had to get out & enjoy the weather.

It was a long run day & I love when I can actually do my long runs outside & not on the treadmill.  & it was a perfect day to hit the pavement.  The park was full of people enjoying the weather - lots of families out - lots of dog walking happening.  The sun kept popping out.  & it was a perfectly warm day.  A day in the 60's. In January. THANK YOU AGAIN LORD

Thank you Lord for a sunny warm day in January ❤ #pressonandrun #irunthisbody #runner #halfmarathontraining #fightingforties #werunsocial #sub30club:

One bad thing.... I drove home from the park & my car has started doing something really weird.  It's doing a quick JERK thing -mainly when I'm going up a hill or up any kind of incline. I was scared to death I wasn't even going to make it home.

Ricky drove it around to see what was happening & he wasn't sure - just told me to keep my AAA card near when I drive.  GRREEAAAATTTT... so I'm just waiting to break down now.  That's always fun stuff. Sigh.

I did get home though just in time to clean up & head to a friend's college graduation party.  COLLEGE.  GRADUATION.  I just can't y'all. I just can't.  When you know kids since they were itty bitty - & she was in my Jr. High class & I've watched her grow up through high school... & now graduate college. WHERE DOES THE TIME GO!??!?!? ... & yes, I'm full of screams today.

She has always just been the most amazing artist.  I am a proud owner of some things she has drawn for me over the years.  Yes, mostly Beauty & the Beast art - is there any other kind to have?  Me thinks not.

It was just so nice to see some of her artwork hanging around the house.  Drawing talent just amazes me.  I do good to do a stick figure... that remotely resembles a stick figure & not a scribble jumble mess.


We drove my car around some more to see if it was still having problems... & yep, still doing it.

Good to know.

I got home in time to wash my hair & snuggle in for the night watching Titanic.   I honestly dont know the pull over that movie on me - I just HAVE to watch it.  & I have to get emotional every time I watch it. It just blows my mind how many people died on that boat.  So sad.  Real life stories are always the most emotional to me.

Sunday, we got up & had to drive separately since I had bible study after church... so fingers crossed the whole drive. Made it. Success.

It was so cool in our youth lesson because we were supposed to let our small group come up with rules - sort of a 'challenge' for our group to follow for the rest of the year.

This picture below is all the rules the other groups came up with as well.. I loved reading what everyone else came up with for their own groups. It's so obvious the girls rules compared to the boys rules.  Most of the girls papers had flowers & hearts & pretty pictures drawn on theirs.  #girlsvsboys

My girls came up with 3 rules.
1. Think of others over yourself.  I love that is something they suggested in a world where it seems that SELF is the biggest thing going anymore.
2. Be Honest.  They wanted to know they could share anything they wanted & not put on any false faces there.  I totally agree.
3.  Talk to each other outside of class. They really have a heart to really want to connect with each other outside of the few minutes we get in church every week. I love that about this group of girls. I love they want to hang out together, they want fun things to do, they want to have friendships that span just Sunday.

I just love these girls so much.

& then I got to leave that group of girls I love so much & then go see my other groups of girls I love. Time for the Joy Sisters Bible Study.

We finally - FINALLLLYYYYYYY - finished our book we were reading. We just took our time getting through it & with schedules & dates needing to be rescheduled, it just happened that it nearly took a year to get through one book.  Totally OK - but kinda comical it took so long.   I'm excited to start a new study with them & we've actually bumped up the meeting to every other week instead of every 3 weeks. I'll always be happy to spend more time with these amazing women.

Stopped for some Topp't on the way home for Ricky & I... cant go  a weekend without Starbucks and/or Topp't... its just a weekend tradition now apparently.

& then time to make out bills - blah - & then get ready for another week ahead.  A week that is supposed to be cloudy & gloomy & gray again. Oh well... at least I got a glimpse of the sun & soaked in as much Vitamin D as I could. Hopefully it will be enough to last me until I see it again. Fingers crossed its not another 12 days.

How was your weekend?

Did you enjoy warm sunny weather?

Friday, January 20, 2017

Friday Favorites

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Favorite Valentines Sweater

Light Grey Long Sleeve Love Heart Sweater:

... & wouldnt it be cute to match up with some red flats & jeans?
Ohhh yeah! 

Favorite WISH LIST item

10 Interesting Product Finds Of The Week:

Favorite Fast Dessert

Favorite Beauty & the Beast

The Beast (Dan Stevens) and Belle (Emma Watson) share a dance in the live-action 'Beauty and the Beast.':

y'all totally know scenes from this movie is going to be all over my blog for a very long time!
& do you realize we are LESS THAN 2 MONTHS AWAY!?!?!?!?

Favorite Smoothie

Healthy and Easy Iced Coffee Protein Shake Recipe For Weight Loss:

Favorite Life Advice


Favorite Peencha

Faith In Humanity Restored – 12 Pics:

Favorite Funnies

Funny Pictures Of The Day – 42 Pics:

Funny Pictures Of The Day – 40 Pics:

Funny Pictures Of The Day – 34 Pics:

Funny Pictures Of The Day – 42 Pics:

Funny Pictures Of The Day – 40 Pics:

Funny Pictures Of The Day – 35 Pics:

Funny Pictures Of The Day – 38 Pics:

... at least half way through the work week

... when the hubs asks if that's new yarn in my pile

The Late Show With Stephen Colbert stephen colbert thinking late show think

... when someone tells me they're not watching This is Us

The Late Show With Stephen Colbert stephen colbert late show talk to the hand

... when I make a new vegan recipe & give it to the husband to try

Ghostbusters  ghostbusters nervous bill murray original ghostbusters

... when someone invites me over for dinner & then makes a meaty dish

... me at 4:00pm

Happy Weekend Y'all!!!

Thursday, January 19, 2017

One on one time, Holiday blends & a Disney Princess - & I'm not talking about myself {Thankful Thursday #107}

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This week I am thankful for:
{Numbers go with my One Thousand Gifts Journal / Just ignore}

36 / Ricky made it home for Cable repairman.  We had an appointment & they called & said they could come earlier.  I told them come on because I didnt want them there so late anyways but always hate when I'm home alone with repairmen. I just always feel like I'm going to tell them the wrong thing. Ricky got home just minutes before the repairman pulled in.  Whew. I was able to take Harvey Dent with me in the basement & get on the treadmill & run it out - no worries about the cable. Let the hubs take care of it.

37 / Etsy sales still happening.  I am so happy that I'm still getting some sales in my Etsy store.  I'm on the hunt for some ideas to knit/crochet for summer.  I am thinking about making some bags like you can take to a farmer's market or to the beach.  I've made some before.

39 / Harvey being my biggest workout cheerleader.  I love when I work out, he sticks right with me.  He gets on the couch when I'm doing videos & waits for me to get on the floor to do ab work or stretches & he runs over & has to lay right on top of me.  & if I'm on the treadmill, he comes & lays down right next to it until I get off. Both Sydney & Buffy did the same thing.  I'm so glad he does it too.

40 / Healthy Groceries. I complained Monday about the price of my last grocery bill but I really am glad I have the option to buy these healthier food items.  I know a lot of groceries dont even have a 'health food' section & have as many options as our store has.  I am truly grateful for that.

43 / Long run done.  I SOOOOOooooooOOOOOO did not want to run on Saturday.  But I had to have a pep talk with myself - followed by a pity party for one - & then laced up & got it done anyways. I was so glad I did it. Even more thankful when it was over & I could curl back up on the couch after a warm shower.

44 / Sweet card from MSM partner.  I have a High School girl that helps lead in our small group -or I should say I help her. She's amazing. I always say that she is truly a Disney Princess. Honestly - she is. Her personality, her beauty, HER HAIR... it all screams Disney Princess.  But bless her heart - she came in Sunday with a card for me for my birthday since she missed it over Christmas break. Just her words on the envelope & inside touched my heart so much.  She blesses my socks off just knowing her.


45 / ALL THE BAPTISMS!!!!! Again, talked about this on Monday - but what an honor & privilege to see so many say they want to follow Jesus.

48 / Making a bad situation fun.  Ricky locked his keys in his car Tuesday on his way home from work when he stopped to hunt for the final boxes of Starbucks Holiday Blend coffee (a whole other story... we've been on the hunt non stop!)  So he called AAA & they said it was going to be well over an hour to get there so I said I'd drive down his key.  & then made it fun by bringing Bruno along - who poor guy was fearful he was going to the vet but perked up immediately after we drove by it.
& do you know Ricky called me literally 3 minutes before I got to him & told me AAA had come & opened it. Are you freaking kidding me?!?!!?..... but we took that aggravation & turned it around because we took Bruno into the pet store by himself & got him a new collar & some treats & let him sniff to his heart's content in there.  It made me happy to give him some one on one time.

grumpy old man to the rescue .... His daddy locked his keys in the car so we drove back down the hill to take him a spare key.... Only to get there literally 3 minutes after AAA. UGH. #rjvdogs #cairnterrier #totherescue:

49 / Our Starbucks Holiday Hoarding.  We have found 6 boxes to stock up on.  They all expire by May so we have enough now to get us to that point.  Ricky is now trying to find another K-cup he likes as much so when these run out.

Image result for starbucks holiday blend 2016

50 / Amazon deal on Protein Powder.  I love this protein powder. Vegan / Gluten Free / no Dairy - just good clean protein powder with not a lot of 'junk'.  I usually get it from the health food store closest to me but knew I needed some & knew I wouldnt be by the store so hello Amazon who can get it to me in 2 days. It was $7.00 more than I usually pay but I was OK with that for the convenience of it all.  & then opened up the box & was AMAZED!!!! It was DOUBLE the size of the container I usually get. SO WORTH the $7.00 extra.  That was such a fun surprise & I've since gone back to add to my wish list on Amazon to make sure this is my go-to stuff.

Holy protein powder Batman!!! I wasn't expecting this big of a container. It was only $7 more on Amazon from what I usually pay at the local health food store. & its more than DOUBLE the size. Pleasant surprise. #pressonandrun #proteinpowder #plantfusion #vegan:

What good things are happening in your life this week?

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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Is "Free Speech" becoming "Bullying"?

OK.  First things first. I don't talk politics. I know that's a hot button just waiting to be pushed.

I never state who I voted for. & truth be told, I am someone who is registered as one party but have been known to vote the other party in many elections.  I look at the person during every election & what they stand for.  What hits home for me may be different for you.

I respect who you vote for.  Everyone should respect everyone has the right to vote however they want.

Peace, love, & America Pie.

Except right now, its anything BUT peace, love & American pie.

Now, before I get into what is on my mind, I have to say, I am not supporting or not supporting here in this post. I dont want to get into the President Elect.  I know many people feel passionately about him one way or another.

& I think that's the issue.

There's passion alright.  People are feeling a passion like never before.  Not that that's a bad thing, but I think it what's you do with it... HOW you deal with it.

I have been sitting back & watching The View & totally disgusted by some of the conversations I hear on it... or I'm reading tweets by people who feel like everyone should always agree with their opinion.. & of course, I watch the news & am usually sitting with my head shaking or my mouth dropped at the day's latest news.

What hurts my heart right now is the backlash of anyone that is wanting to go to the inauguration of our next President.

& if you want to perform?  FORGET IT... you are trash & scum & someone whose albums or movies you're going to burn in a pile. & lets not forget your name will be mud on all things social media.

Oh, the way of the world today.

I just dont get it.

I mean, I do get everyone has an opinion & are free to voice it.  America at its finest.  But when is it stepping over the line of bullying?

I saw on our local news the other day that a local school has a group of girls going to perform at the inauguration. Apparently, they've been doing this a few years.  They actually were confirmed to go back in MAY of 2016. Well before any votes came in for our next President.

Image result for sacred heart academy inauguration
Picture via Courier Journal

It's not about politics for them, but about history.  It's about going to an event that will be in history books & they have the opportunity to say, "I was there".

Instead, they are getting threats & ugly comments & emails & name calling put out everywhere because they were going to perform.

THIS is what I dont get.  Young ladies & a school system being bullied over a performance that is historical.

What's the harm in these young girls going?  It's not like they are forcing anyone to go. It's not like they could even VOTE for the President!  They just want to go & sing.  Perform.  Do what they do.

& let's mention Jennifer Holliday - saw she's making the rounds now about the backlash that she has seen.

"You wake up one day & everyone hates you"... just because she wanted to perform for America.

& death threats?  "We're not doing America right now"... yes ma'am

& I totally understand & respect if she has a realization about some issues that she doesn't agree with.  If that's the reason she truly is pulling out from performing, understandable.  I still feel like the bullying & backlash has something to do with it.

The point I'm wanting to share with her video are the words that were given to her - requests to go kill herself?  Really?  ... & the words given to that group of young girls in my community.  All just hateful.

What is happening????

I'm not sure everyone is aware that their words are doing anything but feeding into the division of this country right now.

By all means... SPEAK YOUR MIND.  That's the beauty of our country.
But can't it be done with a bit more consideration of others a little more?

I think people are so caught up in fear & anger, that its hard to let calmness be the emotion lately.  & I get the anxiety & fear.  I watch the Saturday Night Live skits of Alec Baldwin making jokes that "we're all going to die" with this President in charge.  But we can't let fear take us over.  We just can't.
It also makes no sense to me at all also how people are blaming others or one man for the ugliness in this world.  The horrible words or comments or actions happening.  How you blame someone else for the actions of others, I just don't get that concept.

I know I tried to blame my brother for things I did growing up & my parents put a stop to that quick.  No blaming friends for mistakes either.  I was raised to own my own actions. Own my own words.  I dont get how it's now ok to say, "Well, this man is this way, so its making it OK for others to act this way"... that thinking makes no sense to me as an adult who has memories as a child that got my butt spanked for my own mistakes.

Here's the thing... if you dont want to have anything to do with the inauguration - then don't. Don't watch.  Don't go.  Don't have anything to do with it.  That's totally your right.
If something makes you that angry & upset that you dont want anyone else to go, then you probably should just stay away from it as much as you can.
Why can't everyone just leave the people alone that wants to go & wants to enjoy the moment.  Its their right as well.

Image may contain: 1 person, hat and text

As for me, I'll be at work & not seeing any of the inauguration anyways.
I'm not someone who sits with a bucket of popcorn & watches these things.
Inaugurations or anything with big crowds of people - especially all of our government together makes me nervous anyways.  Especially now that I've watched Designated Survivor.  Thanks Keifer Sutherland.

& I'm going to try & stay away from Twitter because I know there's going to be nothing bur war of words floating on there as well. Which is a shame because I love me some Twitter for comic relief.  It's the best way to watch The Bachelor. It really is.

Come on.... laugh about that last sentence. We all just need to laugh a second.

Let's take a deep breath.

They're yours to have.  They are everywhere.
Let's not allow our words to be ones of bullying & full of such hate.
Let them become words of understanding & conversations that are respectful.

If we have a leader of our country that may not be the wisest with words, then maybe we just need to find a responsibility among ourselves to start doing that with one another.  

Maybe WE ALL need to be the change this country sees.
We need each other.  Hatefulness & fear is not what this country is built on.

It all starts with us & our words.

Let them be powerful & full of truth... but also let them be full of love & kindness.
All of those qualities CAN happen within one another.  They really can.  I truly believe it.

Lord, be with our country... Bless it.  Bless us.  Let us remember the power of simple kindless.

... we can now go back to our politic free blog zone....

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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Week one has all the blahs .... {Training Tuesday}


That's the best way I can describe my first week of half marathon #8 training.



OK - I'll do it better


I dont know what's going on with me. I'm just not feeling like myself lately.  I got the workouts done.  & they were tough.

I can tell I haven't worked out in awhile.  At least when it came to the strength training. My muscles were shaking like a new born deer trying to stand up on shaky legs.

My running was surprisingly OK.  Even though my knees already ache & hurt & are popping on day one.  Hello 45 year old body.

I just dont have any 'ump' in me right now.

I'm doing the workouts but if I had a choice, I'd go home & get in bed & pull the blankets over my head.

I'm forcing myself to do this right now.

Image result for just not feeling like myself
Basically how I've felt all of 2017

Not sure if its the weather.  Not sure if its anxiety or depression settling back on me.  Maybe its just overthinking things.  Not sure what's going on.  I just know I'm waiting anxiously to feel like myself again really soon - body & mind.

Anyways - I got week 1 done.  Accomplishment in any form works for me right now.

Monday - Run 3 minutes / Walk 2 -  7 Rounds
Tuesday - Chisel Endurance 
Wednesday - Run 3 minutes / Walk 2 - 7 Rounds
Thursday - Chisel Cardio
Friday - REST DAY
Saturday - 3 miles 
Sunday - YOGA

To get off this gloomy bus, let's focus on the fact I finally did some yoga! YAHOOO!!!!
I felt really good doing it too.
Now, if I can make it a habit on Sundays, I'll be in business.

Image result for yoga funny

As for Nutrition I got in one vegan meal for the week
... & totally blew it one night. I, again, just didn't feel like myself & threw all cares to the wind & said Screw it, give me anything that has sugar in it. I ended up eating all the leftover candy in the house.  Balance. I'll call that balance.

Fingers crossed week 2 has me pepping up some.
Always something.... & the sun HAS to come again, right?  Spring is around the corner too... counting on it.

At least all the holiday chocolate is gone!

Pressing on!!!

Linking up with Nadine for getting back on track

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Monday, January 16, 2017

The weekend the gloom of the weekend is being lightened by the glow of an empty tree....

Man... I could not imagine a more gloomy weekend.

It's basically been a shade of gray outside for the past ... um... FOREVER.

I'm pretty sure I've forgotten what sunlight looks like.
& I'll remind you that I run on sunlight.  When it's not out, I feel like my body just doesnt want to move.

I'm basically Supergirl. (yeah, right!)

Friday, I decided to fight against the gloom & do something productive.  That meant going to the grocery & spending all my money.

OUCH... my bill - after coupons & discounts was $167.00.  & that's basically a week's worth of food for Ricky & I.  Healthy eating costs us money.  Granted, I will say, I had to stock up on some stuff - like coconut oil, olive oil, some quinoa & some higher ticket stuff. But GEEEEEEEZZZ.

I did have to laugh when the guy behind me put his food up on the grocery belt & there was my stuff - all organic & fruits & veggies & everything on the outskirts of the store, like they say - & he had a bunch of chips, beer, frozen pizza. Looked like a party was happening at his house. & he told the grocery store cashier "My good starts where the healthy stuff ends".  I felt kinda proud of myself.

& then a little sick by the price of it all. UGH.

Image result for grocery healthy shopping funny
This is actual truth... Ricky did bring home pizza for dinner

I got home, got all the food up & then started on getting our Christmas stuff down.  Except 2 little boys kinda didnt want that to happen.  Bruno loves laying by the tree... & Harvey, I think he just wanted to be where I was at - so needless to say, I had a lot of stepping over animals all night long.

& they made me just give up half way through.

Image may contain: christmas tree, dog and indoor

Saturday, Ricky had to work so that gave me time to finish getting the rest of the Christmas stuff up.  Sigh. Always so depressing.

Except, my bare tree is in the corner now.  & record usually shows that a bare tree stays up in my house at least till February.... so even if its bare, I dont care. I've turned it on all weekend long. I love the glow of a tree. I am waiting for it to become normal to have a glowing tree in a house all year long.  It can become a thing, right?

After I got it all done, & Ricky bought some lunch home, I ended up laying on the couch & started digging into the new show, The Crown.

Image result for the crown netflix

I am kinda royal obsessed anyways so cant believe I haven't jumped on this sooner rather than later.  I fell in love with it within the first 10 minutes when Phillip & Elizabeth get married.

I feel so badly for Phillip right now.  & actually felt really bad for Elizabeth & the letter she received from her grandmother about what she has to give up to be the Queen.  Makes me see her in a whole new light really.

I had to make myself stop long enough to get on the treadmill & get in my long run for the week... but traded in my Gilmore Girls for another episode of The Crown....

& then watched another episode when I got off the treadmill.

I finally had to stop myself after 5 episodes because I want it to last a least a little bit.  I could have easily watched the whole season in one swoop. Am loving it.  I just love history pieces anyways, much less things that involves princesses & queens & all things royal.

I pretty much carried on the extent of lazy & just sat & knitted all night while catching up on all the Bravo shows.  Still trying to deal with our messed up DVR/cable boxes. Sigh.  Again - I'm paying a BUTT LOAD of money & our movie channels dont work on it. After an hour phone call, they said if it doesnt work in 24 hours, call back, they'll have to schedule another repairman.  Geez..... this is just getting stupid.

Sunday, I was up (I was going to say "bright & early" - but NOTHING has been bright here lately) & heading to church.  Ricky, poor guy, was just exhausted from working the day before & fell back asleep.  He said he was going to meet up for Youth... but ended up sleeping through that as well.

I was so glad I went.  It was Baptism Sunday.  THE BEST DAY at church. There's just something so special at seeing people get baptized. Especially a line of people doing it together.   Watching whole families get baptized together - just stop.  I'm sobbing. Legit, sobbing.  Thank goodness the lady next to me in church was a fellow youth leader & knows me so when I started sobbing, she knows how I am & told me I was going to make her cry too.

It's just the coolest thing when these people would go in the water & come out, the whole place would erupt in applause.  So JOYOUS.

& there was one man, he was a more 'mature' man. I would say he had to be in his 70's or older.  & it just was so special to see that its never too late to make that choice to follow Jesus.  & even better?  When he came out of the water, he baptized his whole family - like ENTIRE family.  What a special moment.

Yeah... I was a hot mess watching that one.

& there was a young kid who also went forward.  I was standing by the Pastor up front who was leading people & saw this young man come up alone. I was nervous. Why was he alone - where was his family. I almost followed him just to let him know someone was there (sorry, the middle school leader in me)... but then noticed after he was changed & ready to get in the water, a bunch of people swarmed the tank & took pictures & was so happy for him.  His family. I am assuming they were letting him make the decision all on his own to do it going forward.  I respect that.  & love that when he came out of the water, he was surrounded by his loved one cheering him on.

After we finished our youth service, I went to the bathroom & walked in to at least 20 women with wet hair who had just got baptized & a line of women changing to GET baptized. I had to just yell CONGRATULATIONS to everyone in the bathroom & they all laughed.  & I turned around & there was a young girl that just came for her first time to our church that day.  I had met her & her father just an hour before & heard a little bit of her story.  She had been through a lot lately but knew God & was making the decisions to be baptized so this was a perfect day for her to come.  It was so funny when she tapped me on the shoulder & said, "I'm doing it today"... so I had to stay & watch her. So glad I did.

I ended up getting all emotional watching more people make this decision.

This church... they do it right. They had full tables of shirts & shorts & everything you could want to get baptized. They even had floor mats all the way lining the halls to the bathrooms so everyone was safe.  & people at all these stations to give them bibles & information & encouragement.  It's just always so well done.


I left church 35 minutes later than usual & the sanctuary was still packed.  & bless that worship team - they were still up there singing all the way through. THE BEST SUNDAY!!!!

I ended up stopping to pick up some lunch for Ricky & I & headed home through the still gloomy, gray day.

I finished up my evening by doing some yoga (GO ME!! Finally did it) & then settled in on the couch to finish up some knitting & get another special order project going.  I got caught up in the Scientology thing on A&E & just sat amazed watching it.  Mind blowing to me.


& here we are... starting another week. Another gloomy week apparently.  I think the sun is supposed to come out Saturday. I'm keeping fingers crossed & praying that doesn't change. If it's as warm as they say & sunny - you'll find me just laying on my back porch soaking in all the Vitamin D I can get.

How was your weekend?

Have you watched The Crown yet?

Has it been gloomy where you are?

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