Tuesday, July 25, 2017

All about that Mason Jar Salad!!!!

Last week, I posted up on Instagram that I had actually meal prepped.

No, the world wasn't coming to an end, though even in my own mind, I felt like it should with me having chopped up & having Tupperware in my fridge of red peppers, cucumbers, broccoli & cauliflower ready to grab & go.  What in the world?

I finally took the time to try the mason jar salads that I keep seeing on Pinterest.

Actually, a few weeks ago, I ran into a friend when I was getting my hair done & she was telling me how she was doing it for her & for her husband & how well she enjoyed it.  She was giving me all sorts of ideas & tips & of course, as soon as she walked out of the door, I totally forgot everything.

... but I did remember she told me to look on Pinterest...

& that's where the idea really took off to do this.

I did remember my friend telling me exactly what these pins were saying - layering is key.

You dont want things getting soggy or things getting so wet that they are mush... ewww....

So it is all about following these charts...

Mason Jar Salad

& I headed off to the grocery to load up on veggies & even some fruit & some nuts & beans...
these salads can have all sorts of mixed up combos.

Luckily I had a weekend when I didn't have anything to do & it made it really easy to meal prep for it. Probably not even an hour to clean & cut up everything.

It probably wouldn't take someone else that long, but I'm not really a kitchen kinda gal, & plus, I'm usually watching something on TV & get distracted easily ...so an hour is for all the distractions & my kitchen level skills.

& I also got a lot of ingredients that were already prepped - like those shredded carrots & I bought some eggs that were already boiled so all I had to do was chop them up. I'm nothing if a person who is looking for ways to make life easier.

I let all my ingredients sit in the fridge over night (on a Saturday) & Sunday evening, I went ahead & made up some salads.... again, being sure to follow those diagrams on what should go where...

& I felt very Pinterest-Proud.  That's a thing, right?

But the test... how were they going to work out?  Taste? Hold up?

Well of course, Monday's salad ended up tasting wonderfully fresh.

& I wasn't sure if you were supposed to eat them out of the jar or what, but I did try the jar method thinking if I had these on the road, is it possible?

I have the big mouth Mason Jars & it did indeed work out just find. Of course, it took some mixing. & I didnt try it, but I probably could have even given it a good shake to get some of the dressing mixed in well.  But it was totally doable.

As for fullness... I was full on Monday after eating... at least for a little bit.  My stomach did tend to growl by the time about 2 hours after I ate & I was so ready for snack by the time I got home.

I did learn that I needed a little more.  Some fruit afterwards.... or what I did afterwards, brought some wheat crackers.

I think if I added some protein to my salads, some edamame, or quinoa (YUM!)  or garbanzo beans, it probably would have filled me up even more to not even need crackers.  But who doesn't love crackers? Come on.

& the REAL test... how did it hold up on Thursday.

4 days after I prepped it?
It actually was just as fresh.

I'm not sure if it was the item of using a real Mason Jar, but when I opened them up, it definitely had a little suction pull on those caps & maybe that helped keep them yummy & delicious?  But they did.

This was my Thursday salad - I did end up taking a bowl with me to work & it is MUCH easier to eat this way, or maybe even get a paper plate or paper bowl to throw away if you dont want to deal with dishes at work.

When you dump it, the salad dressing ends up being on top which is super nice...

All in all, I am SUPER IMPRESSED at this & have been looking at more salad combos.

I have ran across some great fruit ones & even some pasta or rice ideas & I'm totally intrigued now.

I also bought a pack of Quart size jars at Target for $11.99 - that's regular price - but I see they go on sale every now & then & that was for a dozen jars. They had a 4 set - in blue (pretty) but they were like $8.99 & I was being smart at thinking about the clean/dirty ratio & the value of paying just a few more dollars for 3 times as many jars.

But if you dont need 12, you can always find a buddy, split that, & each have 6 jars for less than that the blue in a 4-pack costs.

My thinking is, "there is ALWAYS something you can do with mason jars"... amiright? SO RIGHT!

So tell me, have you tried this?

Are you wanting to try it?

Have any questions, let me know - I'll see if I can help.

& just because - here's some Mason Jar Salad ideas & links - just click the pics to find out more

A Month of Mason Jar Salads! Meal Prep | Salad Recipes | Meal Prep for the Week | Meal Prep Recipes | Healthy Lunch Recipes | Lunch Ideas | Healthy Recipes | Healthy Dinner Recipes | Mason Jar Meals

Skip the expensive salad bar and pack your greens into mason jars.

These 12 healthy mason jar salads will help you get started with this HUGE trend. This is seriously something to get excited about as many have lost a TON of weight using this meal prep method!

11 Take & Go Dishes
This link is for 11 Grab & go ideas

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Monday, July 24, 2017

The weekend that I was girl bossing it from home....(& its my daddy's birthday!!!!)

Before we even get started on the weekend, we have to take a hot minute to wish my daddy a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! YAHOOO!!!!!

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, hat, beard, closeup and indoor

Happy Birthday to the best dad in the whole world....
May your day be filled with cowboy dreams ... & heart healthy food ;)

OK... back to your regular scheduled programming ;)

Did anyone else feel like they were melting this weekend?

OH MY GOSH... how awful.  I dont think I've ever been more thankful for AC my whole life than this weekend.

Friday, Ricky & I met after work to head to the pet store because it was a special day - Our Harvey Dent's birthday. Our baby boy is 4 years old now. How is that possible? I feel like we just got him.  But when we got him, we still had Sydney with us & it feels like forever since she's left us. Funny how time works.

But Ricky & I splurged on our boy... $70 worth of toys & treats for him.  & then the battle was on to see which one Harvey liked the best - my choices, or Ricky's choices.  Well, its easy to say that Harvey Dent is a equal opportunist kind of dog because he loved it all & at one point, he gathered up all his new stuff & just laid down next to it. One happy Boy.

Or he just knows not to make either side mad so he can keep reaping the benefits of 2 different kinds of toys & treats.

I spent the rest of Friday night working on those folder covers that my MSM girl requested for her binders to have at school...

The "Honey" one was at her request because she said that during dinners, they always had memory verses & that was one of hers that she always remembers learning & it sticking with her. I love that... & she let me pick the other cover to do whatever I wanted.

I wanted to stick in Proverbs for her & I loved this verse for a teenager in this rough world.  Keep that heart on track... it's going to lead to better decisions if its full of the right things.   Excited to give these to her to share some of God's wisdom to her classmates.

Saturday, I woke up so glad I had NO WHERE to be ... 2 weekends in a row. (THANK YOU LORD) & especially because I didnt want to have to get out in this heat.  I think if I had to get in my car with black leather seats when the heat index is 104, I'm pretty sure I would have left a layer of skin on those seats.

But I just wanted to get started on working on my Etsy store.  Since I've changed my name & ready to add some hand lettering products to the store, I have a HUGE PILE of finished pieces I needed to take photos of.  & man, it was a legit job. I had to take pictures, edit them & then ended up just putting up a few of the items for now - I'm going to slowly add some in a little at a time....

... except I went to bed thinking of another pile of pieces I forgot I had - so I have another days work of doing the same process of taking pictures & editing.

More work goes in this Etsy store than some people realize.... I literally spent 6 hours working on pictures & editing & posting some things.... but I love it gives me something productive to do.


I mean, cleaning a house is productive work too but its not FUN productive work ;)

I spent the rest of my Saturday playing some Rummy with Ricky, loving on the dogs, drinking multiple cups of iced coffee & getting a run in... only to find my toe nail came off after that little treadmill trip.

I'm forever loosing toenails. I know people say its because you need bigger shoes. I have done that & dont like the feel of it, plus, still loose toenails. I know its because I run with my toes pulled up. Not sure why I do that, but I'm forever lifting my toes.  Pulling them back is more like it. I always have a hole in my shoes from where my big toes rubs through.  Its just a habit I cant break.... & I'm used to not having toenails every few months so it's not a big deal to me.

I spent my exciting Saturday night watching Descendants 2 ... y'all - no shame. I was so excited about this movie coming out.  I loved the first one & the whole idea of the Disney characters having kids & what those kids are doing.  Add in that there's musical numbers & I'm all about it.

& I really did enjoy the movie.  Yes, I'm 45 years old & am now singing new Disney songs all day long.

Image result for descendants 2
& how do I NOT love that this movie is about King Ben being Belle & the Beast's son & how honorable he is?
Sunday, whew... not my typical Sunday.

I was up so many times with Bruno... & it was SO STUPID MISERABLY HUMID still. Like, usually when I have to take Bruno out at these 1am / 2 am/ 3 am bathroom breaks, I even keep a blanket on the chair because the night air has dampness & gives a chill.  I literally walked out this time & it was like my skin just clammed up. It just felt DANGEROUS to be out in - even at 1:30am... & poor Bruno's belly was upset so he went out a few times & sleep has just been something I dont know anything about anymore....

... so after we got in bed after 3:30am, I ended up sleeping.... I got up at 7:15 & said, I'm going back to sleep.  & then woke up at 8 & said, I'm saying here... & then next thing I know - it was 9:30am.


I cant tell you the last time I stayed in bed till 9:30am.

Sadly, that's the time church starts... so I totally missed out on it... but I so needed that extra sleep. My body needed it.

& some rain had come through to give a little relief of that miserable humidity - so I made some toast, got some iced coffee & went outside in the enclosed room to listen to the rain & enjoy some peaceful morning (abet, LATE morning) time....

It was heavenly....

Wet dog

I think there were some fur babies happy about me being home sitting outside too

& I even got to finish my boot I was reading.

... it was such a wonderful day!

Ricky & I ran out for dinner & then made a quick stop for some groceries ...

& then it was time to head home to finish out the weekend with some more knitting (finished my hat!!!! YAHOO) & some Big Brother....

I'm telling you, I could really REALLLLLY get used to these kinds of weekends of staying home more often. They have just been so good for my soul.

How was your weekend?

Horribly hot where you are at?

Go ahead & wish my daddy a Happy Birthday!

Friday, July 21, 2017

Friday Favorites 07/21/17

Image result for knit by god's hand friday favorites

Favorite Food

I want to try this... how cool!& simple!!!!

Favorite Beauty & the Beast

beauty and the beast mirror phone cover

If I had this phone case, I'd constantly be pulling it out & yelling,

Favorite Postal Item
(I have the strangest favorites sometimes!)

Image result for villain stamps

I have all the other Disney stamps that have come out -
totally have to get this one too.
Gaston represent!

Favorite Bag

The Book Was Better Tote

I feel like I have said this way too many times one should say it in their life time

Favorite Faith Reminder

Don't stop believing!

Favorite Peencha

This Newly Engaged Couple Just "Can't Keep Their Hands Off Each Other"

How cute is this couple doing an engagement session despite getting engaged later in life?
Who says love has an age limit?
Click the picture above to see more of their engagement session.

Favorite Funnies

Afternoon Funny Picture Dump 36 Pics

Afternoon Funny Picture Dump 34 Pics

Afternoon Funny Picture Dump 35 Pics

Morning Funny Picture Dump 33 Pics

Afternoon Funny Picture Dump 30 Pics

... every time I can now prove myself right with the thanks of having Alexa in our home

GIPHY! (http://gph.is/2uVOp9P) May 13, 2016 at 01:20PM

... my advice when all my middle school kids talk about dating at their age

GIPHY! (http://gph.is/2umZC6b) September 27, 2016 at 05:05AM

... when I walk into Target & see everything I dont need in the dollar bins

GIPHY! (http://gph.is/2uDH4Pd) June 23, 2015 at 08:26PM

... me at 4:00pm today

GIPHY! (http://gph.is/2vstAlK) December 31, 1969 at 07:00PM

Happy weekend y'all!!!!

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Lots of knitting, lots of dogs, & lots of texts {Thankful Thursday #134}

Image result for thankful thursday knit by god's hand

This week I am Thankful For:
{Numbers go with my One Thousand Gifts Journal / just ignore}

470 / AC in my car.
I cant even imagine sitting in a car, in this heat, in traffic. I think I have thanked God multiple times this awful heat infested week for my AC on my drive home from work.

471 / Knitting lessons.
One of the MSM leaders that teaches in first service came up to me last week & said, 'I heard you knit....." that's all it took for me to get really interested in the conversation.  She said her daughter had learned how to knit & hadnt done it in awhile & needed a refresher lesson, would I mind?  WOULD I MIND?  Love to share the love of knitting. & do you know her daughter is like 7 years old?.... & did AMAZINGLY well at knitting.  I was really impressed. Start 'em young!

Perfect yarn for a 7 year old knitter

472 / Doctor giving time.
I know most doctors are in & out at appointments but I love getting the first appointment of the day before they are rushed.  My last appointment, do you know she spent over 30 minutes with me.  Isn't that incredible?  I'm sure she was off schedule the rest of the day. haha. (Always get that first appointment of the day or the first one after lunch time or the last one of the day!!!)

Also thankful for knitting while waiting anxiously in a doctor's office

473 / This as my view when I woke up on Saturday.

475 / Bruno so good at us taking care of him.
He is just the most patient little guy when it comes to all the baths he has to have for his skin allergies & I try to keep his hair trimmed up - he'll sit there & let me do anything to him.  His grumpy ways have eased up on him since he's lost his vision. Poor baby.

476 / Sitting outside reading on a lazy day.
Does it get any better than that?  Seriously... no. it doesnt.

481 / Joyster meet up.
I really enjoyed having it in this coffee shop since there were just a few of us & daddy's kept the babies so all the mommas could get some free time.  We had a corner of the shop & it was just great to hang out, drink some fantastic drinks & really share what's going on in each others lives lately.

482 / MSM Text (#1)
I got a text from one of the girls in my group that rarely speaks up or talks in our small group.  I actually didnt even know she had my number.  & she text me asking for some advice & help in a situation. I was so thankful she asked me... & she really did hear what I suggested to her too.   She looked up some bible verses with me & we just had the best "God-text" going on... love that.

484 / MSM Text (#2 & #3)
These girls have just been touching my heart lately.  I got a text earlier in the week from this precious girl telling me how much she's missed me & our small group! love that... & then she sent me this message the other day.  How do I refuse this? ... she's sent me the 2 scriptures that she wants on her binders for school. I cant wait to work on them this weekend for her.

485 / Ricky stopping for dog food.... & momma food
Now that Bruno's food has to be monitored & I'm reading dog food labels like I'm reading my own in a health food store, we have to be really particular what we feed him. So it wasn't smart when we got down to the empty bag & needed to rush out after work to get him some more.  Only, the dog food store closest to us (still 15 minutes away one direction) didn't have it. UGHHHHH - NOOOO... but God love Ricky & his fur baby loving heart. After being so exhausted after work, he still drove to the place we originally got the dog food (30 minutes away one direction) to make sure Bruno had the food he needed so his skin wouldn't get bad again. How sweet of a fur-daddy is he?... & to top it off, he picked up dinner so I didnt have to worry about cooking.

Image result for applause gif

What's something good in your world this week?

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Questions on all things Etsy, Instagram, promotion, blah blah blah... Girl Boss I am not

I'm needing some opinions & thoughts...

So this big old world of the interwebs has the neatest & coolest ways to connect to people, share your creativity & enables you to just tap into areas you never knew you had inside of you.

I'm not even sure where to start here.

OK, about a year & a half ago, I opened up my Etsy store...

Image result for rebecca jo knits etsy

I was really happy with the the sales I did. I mean, I am the person who is going to knit regardless anyways.  I have a ton of stuff sitting in totes for my own sake of wearing... at least this lessens the chances of me making my husband wear knitted things that he'd rather not wear.

But I've also recently tapped into another skill that I've been really trying to perfect & work hard at... plus, its just relaxing to me.

Hand lettering.

I know I've mentioned it on here before, showing some of my things I've made, some of the things I've doodled with.  

It's become something that I just love to do as another outlet.

Here's my issue/question.

I've been making all my latest designs on some nice quality paper, in difference sizes & really wanted to put them in my Etsy store... for a decent price... Like $3.50 for 5x7 ...& $5.00 for 8x10 sizes. 

Unique pieces of art that can be framed & put in your home...

Fun, right?

But Rebecca Jo Knits.... that name was created with the idea that I'm a knitter.

So do you think its OK to put my hand lettering things in this same store... or do I need to change my name?

& if so, to what?

It's funny because when I created all my social media pages, I created Rebecca Jo Knits as everything because of this blog - a little tie into "Knit by God's Hand"... My main thinking, God created me (hence the name of the blog - & hello, Biblical reference) & then I figured I knit & created things so I just always stuck with that name for my twitter & Instagram.

Would the name Rebecca Jo Creations or something like Belle Crafts work for an Etsy store?
It would be fun to make something with Belle in it - even though nothing I have is Beauty & the Beast created... 
ugh... see.. this is hard.

& then would I need to change all my social media handles?

& that's a whole OTHER issue...

I see these beautiful Instagram accounts that are created solely for their one nitch.

A knitting Instagram account

A hand lettering instagram account

I almost created a Etsy store account so I could highlight all the things I'm creating... but then I wasn't sure I wanted to deal with 2 account - or 3 ... or 4?

Do I keep the knitting stuff separate... the hand lettering separate?  ... dont even get me started on wondering if I should keep my photography stuff separate.... mercy - ALL THE THINGS.

& then its like, do I keep running & vegetarian & fitness & church stuff separate.

I didn't know where the line was to draw so I've just left everything on my same account. 
No wonder I'm nearing 6,000 pictures on there.

But I know when people go to look for things on Etsy, they look at the account's main page & if its not all pleasing to the eye, does it turn people away from visiting my Etsy page.

Geez.... Girl Boss I am not.

Image result for no girl boss
 I just dont get all the promotion of social media & how to use it.

I just feel like I'm me.
.. I do knit... I do hand letter... I do create things .....I do run... I do eat vegetarian... I do love my dogs... I do love church..  it's all my life.  

So tell me - seriously - give me honest thoughts & opinions....

when you see someone's IG account, do you see or care if things are all booked together on one page - or are you drawn to the pretty staged artsy ones for products?

& what do you think I should do about my Etsy name?

Or do you even think my hand lettering art work is worth even trying to sale?

Help a girl out... 

I'll just be in the corner knitting until someone gives me some answers.

Image result for knitting gif