Monday, September 26, 2016

The weekends all my plans were thrown out the window....

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Its Monday... & I'm not going to complain.

I got called for Jury Duty today... but called to confirm the date & got the message that it was canceled & I didnt have to report.  So, its Monday & I'm back at work.. & I'll take it. I'd rather take a Monday at work than a Monday at Jury Duty.

Note to self - there is ALWAYS something worse that can happen in every situation!  Amen? Amen!

So the weekend... it was a weird weekend.

Let's just say that I'm someone who likes to know what is happening.
I live by a schedule.
I want to know what a day is going to look like.

I legit will wake up on weekends & before we even get out of bed, I'm like, "Ricky,what is the plan for the day?  What do you need to do?  Do you have anywhere you need to go?" ... & that's for a day that is empty. When my day has photo sessions or things scheduled, I'm even more anal about things.

I have issues... I have never denied that one bit.

But, I went into Friday with plans for every day. Friday, Saturday, Sunday.  Lots of plans. A busy weekend.

So tell me how messed up my world was when EVERY SINGLE THING got changed & my weekend ended up with hardly anything planned & everything was just up in the air.

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All my appointments got switched around, & then canceled & it was just confusing....

But it actually ended up working so well on my end.

Friday, we were supposed to go to a small group meeting but Ricky had some things come up where he wasn't going to be able to make it & I went to the grocery after work & got super delayed... so we ended up just going to Starbucks to start off the weekend right.

Salted Caramel Frap... OH MY GOODNESS... DELICIOUS!!!

Ricky was exhausted, bless his heart, & went to bed & I went into super edit mode. Like DONT TALK TO ME mode. It's a good thing Ricky went to bed. I just was focused on the computer & getting this last wedding done. My goal for weddings is to have all my pictures done within 2 weeks of a wedding...even though my contract gives me 6 weeks. I just know brides want their pictures & I aim to please.

So my Friday night? I was a wild & crazy gal... staying up past midnight editing. A full 5 hours of not moving from my seat. That's more exhausting than some could realize. I was glad for McFarland USA to bide my time... & Grey's Anatomy.  (I'm so glad its back!!!)

By the time I got in bed, I made notes to Ricky that I was sleeping in & I had my 'talk' with the dogs to let me sleep.  Don't think dogs dont understand... oh, they do.

Except Bruno always gives me the look of I DONT CARE - RUB MY BELLY at 7am.

Dang it. So much for sleeping in.

My Saturday appointment ended up switching around & I ended up using the day to be so super productive, it was almost scary.

The past 2 weeks of editing, my house has gone to scary-ville.  Or gross-ville. Take your pick.  So I ended up using Saturday to get life back in check.  I think I may have heard my carpet say "THANK YOU" when I vacuumed it.

Ricky took the day to work super hard too by getting our drive way looking spiffy again. Poor guy... it was 94 degrees (Fall?  Where are you?)... & he was so sun burned when he came in.


But after I clean my home, you basically can't do anything in it - at least for a few hours so I can enjoy the cleanness.  Like, dont open a package & leave a crumb on the counter or I'm going to loose it.  Or don't bring in a leaf on my freshly mopped floors.  At least for a minute. PLLLEAASSEE!!!

So Ricky knew cooking was going to be pushing it when I just scrubbed my stainless steel sinks... so he headed to pick up some dinner.  Such a good husband.  I married a good man.

... while I stayed home sweeping up leaves that dogs STILL continued to drag in.

Its a loosing fight. Every fall.

I ended my Saturday though finishing reading Girl on a Train (Cant wait for the movie now) & then watched Mansfield Park.

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... & can we just take a second to have an eye popping moment when I realized one of the guys in this movie was the dad from Downton Abby.... OH MY GOSH. Look at his head & that hair!!

Image result for mansfield park downton abbey

Anyways... love a good time period movie.

& then, for some reason, I couldnt sleep so ended up watching another 3 episodes of Kimmy Schmidt.  I honestly think this is one of my favorite shows.

About 1 am, I finally started to drift off.

& then Sunday.

Another day where I originally had 2 photo sessions going on... & both of them had to switch on me.

I think Nature was just messing with me at this point.  But again, totally worked out OK for me.
I was able to ride with RIcky to church - which hardly EVER happens because I'm usually meeting someone after our MSM groups so it was great to actually BE with my husband as we went to church.

We went out for lunch afterwards & then ran into TJ Maxx.  I found the cutest camera canvas & knew immediately I needed it.

I also found some sweater ponchos that I've been pinning on Pinterest. mmmm.... may not work for me. All the ones I tried on, Ricky gave me a look that said, NOOOOO!!! At least I've tried. I still think there's ONE out there that is going to be like Cinderella's slipper - the perfect fit.  I did end up walking away with a GORGEOUS long sweater vest though.

But I got home & knew I wanted to clean up my office/knit room & reorganize it a bit... I'm so glad I did.  I love how my wall turned out & love having it organized better now.


See, nature knew I needed this time cleared out so I could get my life back in order again.

& then blink, before you know it, the weekend is over... & I'm finally tired & ready for bed.
Because I have an even busier week planned ahead...
But maybe I need to learn that its OK if things DONT go as planned all the time.

How was your weekend?

Have busy plans?

Get lots of stuff done?

Do you love TJ Maxx?

Friday, September 23, 2016

Friday Favorites

Favorite Knit Project

This is a simple pattern without any shaping. A great piece for an advanced…:

I love this. It looks so comfy & loose, but also warm  &cozy
I just saw that you have to buy the pattern to this one.
I may have to support the person who made this & purchase it - its beautiful.

Favorite Truth Reminder

Self help:

Favorite Home/Pet Hack

WOW....this the Best DOG CRATE idea we have ever seen! Love this! What do you think? via B&B Kustom Kennels:

Isn't this the coolest crate ever?
& how much room in it for the dog!
Harvey Dent would love this... not as much as our queen size bed,
but he'd like it in a storm

Favorite Workout


I bet this would really be a heart pumper
I may have to try it to see how it feels.
... I wonder if dodging dogs that are going to run up & down the steps with me
will add to the calorie burn.

Favorite Peencha

Love is when a puppy licks your face even after you've been gone all day.:

Favorite Beauty & the Beast


I am so obsessed with this artist.
Two of his drawings are on that latest Belle mug I just got.
I just want a whole wall of nothing but his art from Beauty & the Beast

Favorite Song

Dolly RULES!!!!  This is such a cool remix.

Favorite Funnies

Funny Pictures Of The Day - 43 Pics:


Funny Pictures Of The Day – 32 Pics:

gotta specify:

Funny Pictures Of The Day – 32 Pics:

Funny Pictures Of The Day - 100 Pics:

... when I'm getting ready to leave work for the day & the boss asks if he can talk to me

.... when I hear a noise in the house I have no idea what it is

... every time I get another dental bill in the mail

... every time I'm playing with Harvey Dent & Ricky comes home & he runs off to go to his daddy

... when I'm really hard core strict on a diet

... every time I walk into Sam's Club

... me at 4:00pm

Happy Weekend Y'all!!!!

Thursday, September 22, 2016

A lot of talk of puke.....{Thankful Thursday #90}

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This week I am Thankful For:
{The numbers go with my One-Thousand Gifts Journal / Just ignore them}

828 / Grilled cheese sandwiches. Because some days, they are just the perfect comfort food.

829 / Compliments from strangers.  I had on a really cute dress from Gwynnie Bee the other day & was out at lunch at Panera & had 2 ladies come up to me telling me how cute that dress was on me.  That put a smile on my face.  (Do you know I totally didn't get a picture in it. Dang it #loser)

830 /  Trip to Michaels & Family Christian all by myself.  Ricky is good at going places with me but I can usually tell when he's looking at his watch the whole time - certain stores that he gets bored in really fast - so it was nice to go to these stores & know I had free reign to shop away.  I got some great goodies from both places. If you saw my Instagram Stories, I shared all the cuteness.

831 / Dinner with new friend.  One of the leaders at MSM at church met up with me for dinner & I just so enjoyed getting to know her better.  We found out some real similar things that we agree on - one being all natural products & how medication & the environment is causing havoc on people in the world today.    We also agree on the topic of puke.... read on to the next one...

832 / Survived PUKE FEST!!!!  OK - this is a little lengthy but I want you to get the full experience.  So I am meeting this lovely lady at McAlister's for the first time so we can get to know each other, when all of a sudden I see her face sort of make this strange look while I'm talking.  I then glance over & see everyone else looking at the table next to us... & this lady that was puking EVERYWHERE in the restaurant. All over the table - all over the floor.  & then she just looked up to us & was like, "I'm sorry"... I thought she may have gotten choked at first, but then she went on to tell us that she didn't feel very good. HOLLLDDDDDDDD UPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!

Image result for shocked gif
This legit was my face

let's recap - I am a germaphobe. AND I dont handle puke well.
& then she takes one ... ONE... napkin & tries to clean it up... just smearing the vomit all over the table.
I'm dying... anyone else dying at this point?
I hand over my napkins we had to her - careful to not actually touch her (I could never be a nurse - nurses, I salute you) & then other people start throwing over their napkins.
She then stands up & comes over to our table & apologized again & kept saying she didnt think she should go back to work (she worked at Walmart right behind the building)... I was just like, "Hold your breath Rebecca - dont breath her air"... but she just kept coming so close to us.

Image result for stay away gif

FINALLY - God love her - after she left, one of the kids from McAlisters was walking with his normal cleaning rag & got ready to put it on the table & we were like, WAIT!!!!! Mandy told him to get some gloves & I was like, DONT TOUCH THAT TABLE WITH THAT RAG - because dont they use the same rag to clean all the tables?

Image result for dont gif

I'm dying even more....

But here I am trying to really get to know this person & she get to know me ... & we just finally got real with each other. She told me she can't handle puke & I told her I was feeling hot & thought I was going to pass out because I was trying to act all cool & compassionate.  WE BOLTED OUT.   Laughing.  At least we could laugh.  We ended up going to an outdoor table & stayed for another hour just talking... but it was definitely an experience to have together for our 'getting to know you' dinner.

The point?  I'm glad I survived that whole mess & didn't throw up on Mandy... or even that I didn't get sick afterwards.  I know it was in my mind, but the rest of the night, I kept reliving the whole thing & felt like I was getting sick.    OHHH LAWWWDD!!!!

Image result for i survived gif

833 / Meeting a friend for a coffee date.  & no puke was involved in this meet up.

836 / No appointments to be anywhere on Saturday. It feels heavenly on the days I can just go with the flow. These days dont happen often in my world.

837 / Scentsy burners. They make my home smell so, well... homey.

838 / My boys napping.  I was editing & turned around & saw Ricky & Harvey on the couch. Totally snoozing.  It was precious. They stayed like this for about 20 minutes.  & when Harvey jumped down, it stirred Ricky & he was like, "I am sweating! Why is it so hot in here?" ... I was like, because your dog about smothered you to death.


840 / Joy Bible Sisters. Always happy for our gatherings & the insight that is taken away from our reading.

841 / Emerson.  I love when I can get some one on one time with her. She just makes my whole day.


845 / Group Text with my MSM Girls.  I love staying in contact with them even more than just Sunday.

846 / Another coffee date!!!  This time, Chasity & I met up with one of our past brides... that got married over a YEAR before.  haha.  She had just put in her order for her wedding album & I was excited to give it to her.  She's had other things on her plate lately... like having a baby!!! Chasity had known this bride before the wedding so we all just wanted to meet up to see how life has been since the wedding & get to meet her little man.  He is ADORABLE!!! & a total momma's boy.  Precious.

  @chasityczeczok & I got to meet up with one of our past brides & meet…:

I have to say, this meet up DID INDEED INCLUDE PUKE. It's true.

Image result for seriously gif

I was holding my littlest grandbuddy, Caden... & he puked ALL OVER ME.  like exorcist puking.  He has really bad reflux so he wasn't phased.  I just turned my head & Chasity was the best - she just grabbed a rag & cleaned me up with my head turned :)

So add Chasity cleaning the puke off of me on that list too!

848 / Got in child's pose!!! Y'ALL!!!! This is huge for me. With my knee & meniscus issues, I haven't been able to bend my knee in a full pull back way since April!  & this week, I thought I'd give it a try since I've been getting a little bit more out of my knee with a little less pain (its still there, but bearable now)... & I could do it.  A real child's pose.  I almost cried. Seriously.

Image result for child pose yoga

So what good things have happened in your world this week?

Does puke bother you?

Do you have a store you can spend hours in alone?

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Wednesday, September 21, 2016


Image result for knit by god's hand confessions

... when I first saw the news of Angelina & Brad Pitt divorcing, I thought it was a joke.  & then saw it everywhere & knew it was true & was SHOCKED!!!!!  But y'all know everyone was thinking about Jennifer Aniston & wondering what she was thinking. #truth

Image result for jennifer aniston karma gif

... & then I hate it for Jennifer Aniston that she's never going to get out of being connected with Brangelina. Girlfriend deserves better.  Maybe that divorce will give her some peace in her life.

... our windows at work have this strange reflection thing on them.  It really reflects the skies.  So at LEAST a few times a week, birds are flying right into the windows.  I have 2 windows next to me, so I see it all the time - & the sound?  Chilling. I hate it.  We've seen many a bird laying on the side walk when you walk outside our office doors.  How sad is that?

...Our cable bill is now up to $208 a month. Time Warner, you are HORRIBLE.  Our price has raised from $175 a few months ago - up to $195 & then up to $208 - all within the past few months.  HORRIBLE.  So we're talking about getting rid of it.  & I think I'll really be OK with it.  But then I watch a Real Housewives episode (of wherever - I watch them all) & I panic a little. I'll miss my Bravo channel more than anything.  ... maybe it'll do me good to get rid of it all.

Image result for the price of cable funny

... I legit had 6 people - SIX - just yesterday ask me for photo sessions for October.  2 the day before yesterday.  I hate that so much because my October fills up by April of a year.  & I've had probably 2 dozen people get in touch with me over the past few weeks about sessions. I wish I could accommodate.  Times like that, it makes me want to quit my day job & be a full time photographer.

... I'm still scared to death eating anything.  I am feeling like my teeth are going to fall out with any chew that is taken. Every little bite I take is still bunny rabbit style. Just using those front teeth.

Image result for bunny eating gif

... speaking of teeth, I'm also scared to death to floss now. I have turned into a flossing fool this past year but now I'm wondering if all that pulling & tugging of the floss was a cause of loosening the crowns? Probably not - but now I'm leery of pulling on floss in between crowned teeth. Luckily, my front teeth are all original so I'll still floss those.

... I'm in a cooking slump. Ever get tired of the same thing over & over?  But also am so busy that I can't think about trying anything new.  The struggle is real.

... I finally have picked up The Girl on the Train because I want to read it before the movie comes out. I just want to devour it but life has me going 80mph right now, I'm just getting parts in whenever I stop for 10 minutes at a time. I need a day where I can just sit & read the whole day because I'm dying to see where this is going to go.

Finally getting around to this #book 📚 #thegirlonthetrain #lunch…:

... my fingernails have all grown out for some reason to a really pretty length.  All long, all the same shape, all looking so unusual on my hand. So now, I'm waiting .... because it happens every time that when my nails get like this.  They'll all start going down like a landslide.  one will break, then the next & the next & then I'm standing there with nubs on my fingers again.  Just wait. It's going to happen. I just can't keep long nails.

... if there is a hole anywhere on a road - big pothole, or just a small tiny hole - I'm going to hit it. Run right in it & make my whole car sound like its going to fall apart. I'm like a magnet to these things.

So what's on your chest you need to confess today?

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Why the 22 Minute Hard Corps may not be my thing....

Oh man... I always have big goals, don't I?
Especially when it comes to working out.

My next challenge has been the 22 Minute Hard Corps workout that I'm doing with my buddy virtually.  I love a good workout program & I love doing it with someone.

Image result for 22 minute hard corps

The bad thing is?  I'm really NOT enjoying this workout program.

Something I'm learning - not everything is for everyone.

Just like I really really REALLLLY am missing running.
But if you say running to someone else, they want to run far away from me & my talk of running.
& that's OK - not everything is made for everyone.

& I'm really really REALLLLLY not enjoying this plan.

I wanted to list why I'm not enjoying this one - just in case someone was curious about it - & these are obviously just personal opinions.  I know a lot of people are really getting great results from the program & LOVE it...  but for me?  I'm rolling my eyes every time I press start.  But again - why I'm not feeling it:

No Warm Up
... well, let me take it back. There IS a warm up, but you have to watch a separate video to do the warm up - & granted it's not that big of a deal to watch it & then go to the workout you are currently doing.  But what irritates me about it is the warm up is like 11 minutes long.  & its not like a real warm up.  Like, there is a move to help with hamstrings (which mine have been messed up since I was in 5th grade) & its so fast that I think it HAS to cause more damage than to help stretch out anything.  Most other Beachbody workouts have a warm up that takes about 2-3 minutes before every video - why is this so different?  What would it have hurt to add that into the beginning of these workouts?

No Music
... I've said it 1,000+ times before, especially when it comes to running, that my body RUNS on music.  I need a beat. I need a good song. Good words in a workout is even better.  This workout?  Basically no music. Just people counting in military fashion.  There may be a slight beat with it, but not like real music. ... & that leads me to my next issue.

Image result for music makes me move
No Real Beat
... Oh my gosh - I have literally thrown videos away on workouts that can't keep a beat.  & these workouts?  They go SO FAST on one round & then the next round, they slow down, only after Tony Horton tells them - but then they'll speed up again & then get faster & faster & faster... it's just not smooth or consistent.  For someone like me, that needs a good steady pace for knees & injuries, the inconsistencies of it doesn't work well.  Not to mention, they finish the video like 5 minutes ahead of time where they move so fast in the first rounds.

Image result for calm down gif

No Modifications
... I will say, the first video, Cardio 1 & Resistance 1, there did seem to be some good modifications & they would take the time to show the person & the move that was going to be changed & what it would look like. The other videos?  I think there is a whole video where we NEVER see the person modifying, though they do mention to follow them.  & there are some moves that show absolutely no modifications for some of the most complicated moves that are horrible for someone with injuries.

Injury Prone Moves
... OK, this is just me - but its about my workout. But some of these moves, one in particular called a Gorilla Crawl, literally hits on every pain in my body. You have to squat till your butt is basically hitting the ground, which I can't even do if I have my knee brace on.  & then it aggravates my low back to be in that position - & then you move your arms across the body, putting your body weight on it & move like a gorilla, back & forth.  Hello Bicep Tendon holding my whole body weight.  I just feel frustrated & defeated in moves like this. & again, no other option to do.

Image result for 22 minute hard corps gorilla crawl

Ab Video Sucks
... I love the ab videos on both the 21 Day Fix programs & also love both of them on the Hammer & Chisel programs. This one?  Feels like a waste of time. First of all, its 11 moves done 11 times.  But by the time they show the move, 11 moves is NOTHING.  Like do 11 crunches & then wait another minute before doing another 11 crunches.  I walk away feeling NOTHING.  It just really feels like a waste of total time

No Cool Down
... not really. In a video that is big on making sure you're done in 22 minutes, they dont leave any time for a cool down.  & this works a lot of leg muscles & I've been walking around with the most sore quads lately ... & then realized that we're stretching NO QUADS at all in this thing. Just a few lean over stretches, some chest stretches that last maybe 10 seconds & maybe a hamstring stretch if that is even time allowed.  To me, stretching after a work out is KEY - especially as injury-infested as I am.

Image result for stretching after workout funny

So... needless to say, I'm not the biggest fan of this program.

On the positive side - it is a total SWEATFEST. I walk away from each workout with a soaking wet shirt & my forehead glistening.  So its obviously doing something.

I'm just not enjoying it though... & enjoying it is part of why you want to work out, right?
Some people would say no - working out should be miserable & hard.  But I've had so many programs that I've LOVED that I disagree with that thinking.

Am I going to continue with it? I'm not sure... I hate to leave my buddy hanging - though I know I'm going to still be working out every day - doing SOMETHING - & cheering her on every day - so I know she'll understand. & if its working for her, I'll cheer her on even more knowing how hard it's been for me.

We'll see where it leads me.

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... where are my running shoes?

Ever do a program you didn't like?

Do you like running?

What's the most fun  you've ever had working out?

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