Monday, December 11, 2017

The weekend I was found out I had a protege....

It is really Christmas?

It doesnt feel like it to me... we're just so involved with puppy fever & I've wrapped no presents & we havent even gone shopping... so yeah, I'm not sure it's Christmas at all.  Except we did go to a Christmas party so that did give a little dose of reality... & there was snow this weekend which really did add to the Christmas feel... so I guess I'll get there.

Friday started off with my usual grocery store trip.

I went with a list... from Ricky.... can you believe that?  He actually wanted ingredients to try & make some no-bake oatmeal cookies... which I dont understand, because it still involves a pot & heat & a spoon  & stiring & wax paper... all of that sounds like baking to me. Hmmm...

Anyways, Ricky gave me the list of things he needs... & I walked down the aisle & sent him this picture because everyone & their momma must have had no-bake cookies on their weekend agenda. Geez.

Saturday, I was excited to sleep in... except with a puppy, there's not going to be sleeping in for awhile.

I was actually glad to be up because it was so beautiful watching the sun rise - even when it was just for a second, because snow clouds came our way.

I had a few errands to run with my Etsy store & had some things I need to do around the house...

& of course, had to get in a new weekend picture of our boy.

I'm going to try & document every weekend so we can watch him grow.
Which is is doing WAY TOO FAST.

I can already see a change in his legs... they're getting longer. NOOO... I need him to be a puppy at least for a little bit.

& dont think I didnt document my other big baby....

& here is what I've dubbed the "nursing home section of the house" with the 14 yr old & almost 17 year old boy...

It's funny because Bruno has all of a sudden taken over Zoe's bed - so we pulled out another one we got on Black Friday & put it next to it & they have been side by side all weekend long. Its like old room mates.  I've totally got a whole story line in my head of these two & their nursing home days together.

I did a few other things around the house like laundry & bills - fun stuff...

while the dogs got to enjoy the outside & freedom

& the hubs got to work on his cookies.

Call me impressed.  For someone who doesnt even like to warm up soup, he did pretty good!

Then it was time to get ready to head to Ricky's cousin that was having a family get together.

How nice of her to open her home to everyone....

& I loved it because it gave me an excuse to get a Christmas sweater - they were having a contest.  I loved it because her son was judging the ugly sweater contest & when I lost, I said, HEY, ITS JESUS & he said, "THATS WHY ITS NOT UGLY" ... I gave him a high five on that.

It was so nice to see everyone. I just love these people.  This is Ricky's dad's brother... so our Uncle.  I just think he & his wife are the best people. So loving & kind....

& their kiddos are exactly the same.  I know they aren't "technically' my family by blood - but I totally take them as my own.

This is my aunt & uncle with their daughter... their son & his wife had to go to a work christmas party
One of the best part of the nights for me was seeing Paula's daughter (That's Paula above).... I have watched her growing up since I've been so blessed to do so many of their family pictures through the years.

Their middle daughter, every time, has always been so intrigued with the process of photography & has always been SO HELPFUL to me. Helping carry thing, equipment, blanket - whatever we were using. She just had a knack for wanting to know how it all worked....

so when she told me she asked Santa for a DSLR camera for Christmas, I just gleamed.  She said, "I want to be a photographer like you"... OK... I beamed EVEN MORE...

So I had brought my camera to the party & wanted to try & take some pictures, but I ended up handing it over to her & let her have fun with it.

My future assistant

Now - be warned - I dont hand my camera over to just anyone. I'm really protective over my stuff... & she is only in 5th grade - but I promise you, I trust this girl THAT much.  She really has that most potential that I already see.

& it was great - she got the best pictures of everyone at the party... I know everyone there is so thrilled she went around & snapped away.

Sunday, I was so excited to see my MSM girls - its only 1 more Sunday till we're off for 2 weeks & then start the final year of our 8th grade adventure. I cant believe we'll be in HSM next year (High School Ministry)... such good times ahead.

Needed an extra dose of caffeine for the day

I left from church & headed to see my Joysters on our final meet up for the year as well.

Crazy that it's near the end of the year - I really can't believe it.

I picked up some dinner for our puppy master.... or my husband ... he goes by both titles right now.

& then it was time to give my old man his every other day allergy bath.
I still am so thankful his skin is doing SOOO well.  He is going through a stage where he throws up water... but he did that last time he got his antibiotic shot.. & he had just stopped... when it was time to get his shot again... mercy. So yeah, we are constantly on a watch for puppy pee (which, knock on wood, he's doing pretty well at potty training) & old man water hacking.  Fun times up in the Vincent house.  Fun times.

& here we are again - at a Monday - so close to Christmas... so close to the new year... & oh yeah, so close to me & the hubs being one year older.  Always fun to add in both our birthdays in there (the 24th & the 30th)...

& still, none of it feels like its December. haha

So bear with me as I'm still trying to figure out my blogging with my new job.  It's been tough. I can only really blog at night now & I REALLLLLLLY gotta start getting my workouts back in ... & my knitting is suffering.... because old dogs & new puppies need attention right now.  I know I'm going to blog on Monday... & I'm totally going to keep Thankful Thursday up.... & I'm trying to keep Friday Favorites going as well... but that can be iffy... & Tuesday & Wednesday?  Well... like I said, we're just going to try & get some routine or plan down.  Life has been a changin' in every way possible....

How was your weekend?

Did you start Christmas parties?

Get any snow?

Friday, December 08, 2017

Friday Favorites

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Favorite Make up Bag

Favorite Beauty & the Beast

Disney Beauty and the Beast Belle Character Apron
how fantastic is this apron?!!?!?!?!

Favorite Kitchen Utensil

OK.. stop...
this thing looks amazing!!!
It's got a lot of uses in one tool!
It's a slotted spoon, a , a solid spoon, a spatula & a cutting tool

Favorite PJ's

Disney Ariel Angel Fleece Onesie

How cute are these Ariel Onesies?
& let's face it, this is the smoothest my stomach would look - even if its 'fake bare' ;)

Favorite Toothbrush

Promising review: "I love these. They are thin so they fit easily between your teeth for better cleaning. Also with the charcoal bristles your teeth feel super clean, and look really white." —jedaPrice: $4.01+ Sizes: three-pack to 15-pack

I've always wanted to try the charcoal thing & see how it works on brightening your teeth
... but it looks so messy.
I like these toothbrushes make it seem a little easier.

Favorite Drink
This stuff is delish. Promising review: "My family has a new favorite hot chocolate. I will definitely buy again. Very rich, and great flavor." —JonPrice: $10.77

I am picky about my hot chocolate.
But I would think this tastes a little bit of heaven.

Favorite Peencha

Favorite Funnies

Morning Funny Picture Dump 34 Pics

Afternoon Funny Picture Dump 33 Pics

Morning Funny Picture Dump 35 Pics

Guys Tweeting About Marriage Is Hilarious 30 Pics

Morning Funny Picture Dump 36 Pics

.... me trying to figure out what to buy for Christmas presents while paying bills

...when I hear the hubs getting up with the dogs in the middle of the night & I try not to move so no one knows I'm awake

... me at 4:30pm

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Happy Weekend Y'all!!!

Thursday, December 07, 2017

Best place ever, new family member & becoming a manicurist {Thankful Thursday #153}

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This week I am Thankful For:
{Numbers go with my One Thousand Gifts Journal - just ignore}

809 / Wonderful first day!!!
It really couldnt have gone better starting my new job.  Great people, smooth day, beautiful weather...even a window with a view. I'm so excited.

814 / Taking Bruno out.
The night before I started my first day, Bruno needed out & I got up at 2am to take him out & Ricky got up & told me to get back in bed before I really woke up - because he knows once I'm AWAKE, it takes about an hour for me to get back to sleep.  I so appreciated that more than any day of my life.

815 / BENEFITS!!!!
I have health insurance... & dental insurance... & vision insurance... & even more insurances that I didnt even know existed.  I am so grateful for my new employer!!!!

Image result for celebrating gif
May be exactly how I looked when I got my benefits packages

816 / Venturing out.
My first week came with great weather so I could venture downtown to see what was around me for lunch options. It's fun to walk around downtown & see all the action.

817 / All the support!
I cant say it enough how grateful I am for all the kind words of encouragement & support on this job change. It really did give me a push of motivation & a sense of peace.

820 / New work buddy.
So it was funny because I met a guy that did my computer training ... he had to come to my desk to take a picture.  We got to talking & ended up on the topic of being a Christian & serving & our love for Jesus... it was the BEST conversation... & come to find out - he knows one of the ladies in my JOYSTER group really well. Such a small world.  & I'm so glad to have a new Jesus loving friend in my work.

822 / Lunch with my love.
I am so excited that Ricky & I can still do our lunches. I did it the first Wednesday & I can walk from my building to our 'spot' in 7 minutes flat.  It may be a little bummer in rain or bitter cold, but Ricky can pick me up & drop me off. 

824 / HOURS CHANGED!!!!!!
So the 8-5 was miserable. MISERABLE!!!!! I was getting home over an hour after I got off because of traffic & with the dark early, I just felt miserable.  It was so long to get INTO work too.  So they changed my hours back a half hour to try & help me out (HOW AWESOME IS THAT???)... & let me tell you - its like night & day. It is heaven driving into work now & the drive home still takes a bit of time, but I just thought of another way to go tomorrow & hoping it makes it even faster. I'm at least getting home while I can see daylight. That's progress!!!

825 / Ernie Junior Vincent
I cant believe we have a new puppy... & one of the cutest puppies in the world!!!

827 / Casual Day.
I still get casual days on Friday. Talk about being one happy girl. Actually everyone in my office gets to wear jeans all week long, but I go up to the floors with professional members so I have to dress business casual through the week - so basically, its just what I wore at my last job ... with jeans on Friday. Happy girl I am!

830 / Great weather for bonding.
I am so grateful Saturday was nice & warm. These two dogs stayed outside ALL DAY LONG & played & learned to really get along.  I know its made a world of difference for Harvey Dent to get along with Ernie.

835 / Serving Day.
So I had planned a day to do nails at a nursing home with my Joy Sisters... but a lot of them ended up not being able to make it.  We were on the calender though & didnt want to not show up, even if it was just 2 or 3 of us... but then I had the idea to reach out to my MSM Girls...  & they totally stepped up.  & LOVED every second of it. They want to make it a monthly thing. I told them we can totally do it often.  I love these girls have such a heart to serve. They were PRECIOUS with these ladies as we painted their nails for the holidays. One of the ladies was 105 years old & my MSM girl totally made a new friend in her.

What are you Thankful For this week?

Wednesday, December 06, 2017

3 things about me - Holiday Version

3 Things about Me - Holiday Version

Joining in with the amazing Tonya for a Holiday edition of 3 things about me

3 Things I love about Christmas
1. Celebrating baby Jesus.  What its all about.
2. Christmas songs.  I dont know if its because its one month out of the year that they are played, but they just make me so happy to listen to.
3. Lights.  I always love when dark nights are made more joyful with glow of Christmas lights from everyone's homes & windows.

3 Things I dislike about Christmas
1. The materialism of it.  So much of Christmas isn't about the celebration of Jesus & it just makes me so sad.  How it turned from celebrating our Savior to spending all the money you have saved up for a moment of opening a package & let's be honest, how many of those packages are totally forgetten in such a few weeks?  It's just sad to me. I always say I cant imagine what God thinks when he sees what people focus on during the holiday
2. The Comparisons.  In a world of Pinterest & Instagram & the goal to have the PERFECTLY BEAUTIFUL HOLIDAY - complete with decorations, tree, gifts just wrapped with the perfect bow that stands up (how does that even happen?).... The goals & expectations are just too much.
3. THE STRESS. I guess that sums it up.  Trying to please everyone with that gift you are trying to figure out.  The finacial stress.  The trying to be everywhere, be everyone & do everything.... UGH

3 Favorite Christmas Movies
1. ELF - I never tire of it & still gut laugh every time
2. Scrooged - with Bill Murray.  I adore that movie.
3. The Santa Clause. I love the movie -but it also is special because the day we saw it in the theater, is the same day Ricky proposed to me. I remember that day so well.

Image result

3 Favorite Christmas Traditions
1.  Christmas Breakfast. I dont know why but I love making breakfast on Christmas morning. It's nothing different than I usually make, but it just tastes magical that morning.
2. I will say, the past few years, our Christmas Day has opened up with out any commitments to go anywhere so we've started going to the first movie of the day on Christmas day - while everyone else is opening presents or spending time with family.  It's been a fun add on to our holiday.  This year - STAR WARS!!!!
3.  Sitting in my living room looking at the tree. Says it all. I dont spend a lot of time in our living room - but when the tree is lit, I can sit in there all night long & bask in the glow.

3 Favorite Christmas Songs
1.  Casting Crowns - I heard the Bells on Christmas Day.  My FAVORITE!!!!!
2.  Josh Groban - O Holy Night - MY FAVORITE!!!!!
3. Trans-Siberian Orchestra -Christmas Canon - MY TOTAL FAVORITE!!!... I walked down the aisle to Canon in D & this just makes me tear up every time I hear it.

3 Favorite Christmas Gifts Received
1.  My Engagement Ring.  Christmas Eve is when Ricky proposed... back in 1994. At my church's candlelight Christmas Eve midnight service.  WOW... What a great Christmas that was.
2.  As a teenager, I can remember opening all the presents & we were finished, but walked up to my bedroom & found a STEREO!!! I was probably 13... having my own stereo was a BIG THING. It had a DUAL CASSETTE player on it. I could RECORD CASSETTES. Oh my gosh - my mind was blown. & it had a record player on it.  Bring on the albums!  I still can remember the feeling of surprise of seeing it in my room & how excited I was about it.
3.  We got our first dog as a kid on Christmas morning.  A little schnauzer sitting under the tree... & me & my brother ran right past her. haha... She was our family member for many years.

Image result for schnauzer christmas

3 Gifts I want to give the world.
1. To animals, I want to give the gift of compassion.  They matter. They have minds, hearts, emotions. All the animals. I wish I would save them all.
2. To teens, I want to give the gift of presence.  To let my youth know they are loved, & I am there for them to listen to them, laugh with them, to be a shoulder to lean on & a heart to celebrate with ... & mainly to point them all on the right path to help them become amazing adults.
3. To everyone I meet every day, kindness. I think kindness is so over looked. A smile. A simple gesture.  Kindness can change the world if it was spread from one person to the next.

So join in - tell us your favorite things

Tuesday, December 05, 2017

One Sentence a Day - November 2017 Edition

What a month!!!
My life got turned upside down with a job change & a new family member.
Whew! Memories made this month, for sure!!!
This is why I love keeping this post updated every day so I can look back & see how it all played out.

1. Absolutely heartbroken for Ricky as his friend of over 50 years passed away after only being diagnosed with Pulmonary Fibrosis just back in June. #devestated

2.  Got a phone call & an offer that is going to change my whole world. #hellonewjob

3. Had to run to the hospital to get some blood drawn for a test from a doctor's appointment I went to over a month ago. #thankshealthinsurance

4. I just had to get out & take in the beauty of fall & walk through a park & look at the beautiful leaves. #wishitwasfallyearround

5.  Enjoyed an 80 degree day watching all the leaves blow off the trees. #stormahead

6.  When another phone call is throwing in another offer for a job #whichtotake

7.  After 25 years at the same job, I gave my 2 weeks notice #imgettinghealthinsurancesomewhereelse

8. Word spread around work that I'm leaving in 7 days & the goodbyes already started making me cry for more than half the day. #ialwayshategoodbyes

9. Already packing up my office. #feelssofunny

10. Was excited when my grocery bill was $99.35 & I was like FINALLY under $100. #illtakeit

11.  Saying goodbye to Ernie was so heartbreaking. #friendshiplivesforever

12.  I was so excited to paint some pottery with my Joysters only to find out the whole town had the same idea & we couldnt even get in. #notetoself:callahead

13. Got to call & cancel my joke of a health insurance & I may have done a happy dance. #seeya

Image result for happy dance gif

14.  Finished up my book while getting my hair done. #bestbreakinmyday

15. Totally got choked up when the owner of the company drove all the way out to say good bye to me & when he asked for a hug, I totally lost it. #stillhategoodbyes

16. Breaking my heart to see my hubby still just so overwhelmingly sad over the loss of his friend.  #wantotakeawayhispain

17.  My 25th anniversary at work is also my last day at my job. #hategoodbyes #freakingoutalittle #taketheleap

Totally cried as I was leaving.... but ready for new adventures
18.   Got to serve with my MSM girls & then go see Wonder with them. #agroupthatcriestogetherstaystogether

19.  Church, then checking on mom at the hospital & then our FRIENDSGIVING with our Girls Bible Study Group. #thebestgroupofkiddos

20.  Back at the vet for Bruno & getting some blood tests ran to see if maybe its his thyroid causing all these skin issues. #hejustneedssomehelp

21. Found out my OB/GYN of the past 24 years is retiring at the end of the year so I had to give another goodbye. #didisayhowmuchihategoodbyes

22. Mom got to come home from the hospital. #eventhoughtsheshouldnthave

23.  Spent Thanksgiving with my brother & his gang & then headed out shopping & tried Waffle House for the first time when we ate breakfast at 9pm. #newthanksgivingtradition

24. Shopped till we dropped. #alwaysourtradition

25.  Did some more shopping & even I bought things at Home Depot with the amazing sales. #mademyhusbandproud

26.  Kicked off our JOY study with our Christmas devotional we're doing this month. #advent

27.  Started a new journey on my first day at my new job! #herewego #letsgetanother25yearsin

28. Seeing what a nightmare traffic is when you get off at 5pm instead of 4pm. #thedarkdoesnthelp

29. Got to do my first lunch with Ricky where I am just able to WALK to our lunch spot. #stillcontinueonwithtradition

30.  We have a new family member!!!!!! #puppiesarethecutest!

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