Friday, April 17, 2015

Friday Favorites

 Favorite Journal

If you are a journal person, you need to just get a Moleskin journal.
I have used one for quite a few months - take it everywhere - & it holds up so well.
I especially love the ones that have squared pages in them - instead of just lines - it helps with keeping things more organized for me.
I really do have a love for these journals.
They are a little bit more pricey but they are totally worth the cost.

Favorite Picture

Melissa Vincent Karageorge's photo.
(Photo by my Sis in law)

Yesterday would have been my Brother in Law's birthday.
Some of the family got together & released some balloons for him, along with his son.
Oh goodness... the video of that little boy saying Happy Birthday to his Dada & blowing kisses to the sky... talk about heart wrenching.
But I just love this picture of my mother in law sending up a balloon to her son.

Favorite Beauty & the Beast Picture

I know... doesn't look like a typical Beauty & the Beast pic
... but I may have squealed when I saw the picture Josh Gad posted.
The cast of the movie together!!!
I'm still chomping at the bit to find out whose playing Lumiere!!!!
It's not even on IMDB ... I NEED TO KNOW!!!
For reference - In the picture is LeFou, The Beast, Gaston, Maurice & Belle
I CAN NOT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Favorite Show

I'm loving Sunday nights!
To see the Bible up on the screen - makes my heart happy.
I love that they are taking the scripture from AFTER the resurrection - something that never really gets focused on in stories given to the public.
I'm so glad its going to be on for a few weeks!

 Favorite Dance of the Week

I am a Derek fan anyways
but this was just every shade of adorable!!!

With this as a close second....
It was so enchanting!!!


Favorite Crafty Idea

Cover a flat cookie sheet (Dollar Store!) with fabric and get an instant magnet board.

Cover a cookie sheet with fabric
& TA-DA!!!!
An instant magnet board.
Find some cute magnets, hang with a ribbon & you are good to go!

Favorite Funnies

Belt Problems

The Artist We Needed, Not The One We Deserved

Took a minute to figure this one out�

the stripes on the lady's shirt... lined up perfectly :)
Me hiding in the bathroom when my manager needs something at work

When I have a bug in the house & someone tells me to smash it

 Me trying to squeeze into my Spring clothes

 How I feel when everyone starts any sort of political talk


How it feels to be an adult

 HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Thankful Thursday {Link Up #15}

Thankful Thursday

 “We pray for the big things and forget to give thanks for the ordinary, small (and yet really not small) gifts.”
Dietrich Bonhoeffer
 This week I am Thankful For:

* My laptop & Photoshop Program.... it makes me happy to work on pictures.

* Free Starbucks Drinks!  I almost missed out because my free reward was going to expire & I had totally forgotten about it.  Got it in right under the wire.  I think I'm almost due for another free one! 

* A new crochet project I'm working on is starting to look like I wanted.  I'm not a normal crochet-er so this is exciting to me to do a project involving a new needle.

* Beautiful temperatures.  I've been able to get out every day at lunch & just enjoy fresh air instead of stuffy office air.

* Seeing family on a happier occasion.  Last time I saw some of my family, it was at my brother in law's funeral.  This weekend, I got to see them while celebrating a precious little girl.

* Our new security system.  We can now access everything by phone which makes it so nice to not have to run inside & turn off the alarm while carrying a dozen grocery bags.  I love technology.

* Places that offer good vegetarian options. You'd be surprised at how many places have meat in EVERYTHING! ... I can't even imagine how hard it is to eat vegan in places. Vegetarian is tricky enough. 

* Free Books.  I love being involved in book programs where they send me books to read & review.  I was even more excited when one of the books was the new one from the Blogilates chic, Cassey Ho... I love her videos & her attitude on life.  Was so excited to get this book to review. 

* My mouth guard.  A weird thing to be thankful for, huh?  But I fell asleep the other night without it & mercy!  My teeth & jaw was aching so bad the next day.  I now know I will be in pain without it.  Thankful that this little gadget exists for people like me... apparently I'm an angry person in my dreams. GRRRR!!!!

* My little boy, Bruno.  This dog is totally my dog.  All the others tend to drift more to Ricky... Bruno knows he's a momma's boy.

(Here's the full video - only 40 seconds - but longer then the 10 second clip I posted on FB)

* My tulips blooming.  I always look so forward to seeing them every year.  I love plants & flowers that come back every year without me even having to do anything.

* For everyone who has linked up with me on this.  I know its small, but I appreciate that every week, I've never been alone in this idea. 

What are you Thankful For this week?

Want to link up yourself?  No rules - just do a post on what you're thankful for & would love a mention to this link up... that's it... & would love if you went to visit someone else & see how they are being blessed.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Hashtag Confessions

Time to vent it out....

... I can't wait for the Bruce Jenner interview with Diane Sawyer.  I'm still so in shock over it all. #Dowhatmakesyouhappy

... I'm still a little 'jaw dropped' over the Barbra Walters interview with that teacher who married her student. Anyone else see it?  That poor guy looks like the most miserable man on the face of this earth. I hope some sort of counselor saw this show & is reaching out to help him... or some sort of CIA recon force is willing to sneak him & his daughters outta there! #RescueVili


... This week has been the first week where my drive into work has been what I would consider 'light' outside.  Like I can see down the road without headlights.  Granted, it doesn't start out that way when I pull out of my driveway, but half way in my drive, the sky lightens up.  Let me tell you, my mood instantly is brighter too. I hate when its dark driving to work. #SolarGirl

... Yes, I bought 25 Cadbury Eggs on Friday.  Yes, I have only 15 left. #needtofindmore  #22centseach #ClearanceCandy

... Subway has a new reward card that you build points up on every time to go there.  I eat at Subway probably 3-4 days a week so my point level is now over 250 points (it only takes like 50 to get a free sandwich)... but I feel bad or funny using them to get anything free. What is that about?  I always just feel bad putting anyone out. Let me just swipe my card & move on quickly.  #OneMillionPointsBuiltUp  

... I always say I feel like a 12 yr old girl when I watch The Vampire Diaries - its my guilty pleasure.  So you can imagine how I felt when I see this past week that one of the main characters is leaving at the end of this season. WHAT?  The girl who plays Elena is gone. I can't even imagine how it can carry on... & I can't wait to see how they write her out.  #PoorDamon

... I just read an article that said you are NOT supposed to do the two spaces after a period anymore.  Its only supposed to be one.  In a world where everything is on the computer, there's no need for 2 spaces.  WHAT?  I can't break the habit. I was raised on a typewriter - took typing in high school on a real typewriter.  I can't make myself NOT do 2 spaces. #OldHabits #OldSchool #IamOld

...Remember how I have been the biggest advocate for Peach Green Tea Lemonade at Starbucks?  ... I think the winds have shifted.  While they didn't have Peach over the winter, I got hooked on Green Tea Lemonade/half sweetened ... & now the Peach is back.  I've gotten a few of them... but they all taste funny to me now. The Peach tastes odd. I'm not sure if they've changed the flavor of it, or its just me. I'm kinda sad about it actually.  I think I may just keep getting my GTL instead.  Is it just me?  Is it different?  #weirdtaste #tastebudsrevolt

kinda my face when I tasted my first PGTL this year

... I need to switch over my closet for Spring. I'd look more forward to having my toenails yanked off one by one. #nothingfits #throwitallaway #startfresh

... Monday was Disney Night on Dancing with the Stars. I told Ricky that this to me is like the University of Kentucky playing basketball for him.  He was not to interrupt & disturb me.  He came in during the last 15 minutes, poked his head in & whispered, "Is it good?" ... my man gets me. #DisneyForever

What's on your mind you need to vent today?

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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Man... childhood was yummy....

I was reading the other day about someone talking about making a root beer float & the proper way to do it.

As soon as I heard the word "Float" my mind instantly went back to childhood days.

Good ole summer days where you would play outside... because that's what kids did then.  Played outside.  Where there were no video games to keep kids in front of the TV for hours on end with eyes darting back & forth, or fingers pushing buttons & little joysticks.

No, our video games took about 30 minutes to hook up to the TV & then it was just two sticks on either side of the screen & a bouncing ball in between.  & it was fun!


But root beer floats wasn't our thing.

In our home... it was all about the Big Red Floats.

Ice cream with all that red sugary liquid on top of it.  It was even pretty - turning different shades of pink.

I even had a wax candle that was in a sundae cup like you would find in a ice cream store that was the same colors as the Big Red Float... even complete with a wax cherry on top.

Those floats were delicious.

& when I think of food when I was little, I always think of Friday nights.  That was payday in our home & that meant we would usually eat out.  We'd stop by the bank & then drive down the road to the Ponderosa.

Do these places still exist?

We also had The Cow Palace before the Ponderosa but the Ponderosa had the newest & greatest thing at the time... a salad bar...

That's sad when you can remember salad bars being put into restaurants.

& at the time, it was a one trip thing.  There was no "going back" to get another plate. 
That was another few years down the road.

Progress takes time.

It was such a good treat & I remember going with my parents & feeling like we were the luckiest family in the world to be able to eat there.

My mom always did a lot of cooking when I was growing up too. 

Dinner on the table every night between 4:00 - 4:30

That sounds so early to me now, but it was just in time for my dad to get home from work & he would take his shower, get cleaned up & we'd sit down & eat together.

All the good meals mom made.... meatloaf, lasagna, pot roast in the pot that would whistle when steam would come out of it. 

It's a good thing I turned into a vegetarian later in life or I'd starve in our home.

Another big treat in our house was when mom would make hand breaded oysters. I loved it so much... even though I would never eat an oyster to save my life.  I was all about the breading.  I'd dip that cracker goodness in ketchup & chomp down until I got to the oyster & then I'd pass that onto one of my parents ... & then keep eating more of that breading. 

See... my love of carbs has gone far back into life.

The one food that I always wanted as a child but was never allowed?  Candy cigarettes.

Remember those things?

I always loved the taste of them.  A peppermint sort of taste.

But my mother would never NEVER allow my brother & I to even get near them because she said she didn't want to make smoking a 'play thing' or a joke... & she didn't want us to ever think it was a cool thing to even play like we were smoking.

I guess it worked.

Neither me nor my brother smoke... I never have even tried it in my life.  I guess I owe it to never being able to have candy cigarettes.. maybe? 

Oh man... childhood was good times... my childhood belly would agree with me.

What was some of your favorite foods as a child?
Was your mom or dad a good cook?
Were you allowed candy cigarettes?


Monday, April 13, 2015

The weekend that I didn't want to come inside....

FINALLY!!! We had sunshine!!!

After a week of nothing but rain... & by rain, I mean storms & floods & end of times looking weather... it was wondrous to see sunshine all weekend & warm temps.  It was perfection.

It worked out fantastic for me too because I had 2 photo sessions happening so thank you Mother Nature for perfect timing.

Saturday, I had to keep Harvey Dent holed up while we had a new security system installed.  Mr. Dent wanted to get into the action so it was something keeping him holed up in a room with me... but I ended up turning on a movie I bought a few months back.  Grace Unplugged... it was really cute!  I just love how Christian movies have come a LONG way from the corny acting that they used to be (sorry if you were ever a corny actor in one of the movies from years ago)

The whole time I'm watching it, I'm like
"The guy from Desperate Housewives cleaned up his act"

Security guy left, Harvey Dent was free & it was time to get outside...

For Ricky, poor guy, that meant grass cutting season has begun.  Once it starts, it starts. 

Shaking his finger at Spring!
(Harvey wonders if he's shaking his finger at him & he's in trouble again)

For me - it meant I got to grab some cameras, go meet up with Chasity & photograph an adorable couple.

The weather was PERFECTION!!!!  They were precious!!  Her color combos of outfits was spot on.  Things could not have gone any better.

At the end of the session, I always feel like I have accomplished something when the guys leave with a smile instead of an exhausted look of exasperation.  This guy even said, "That wasn't so bad at all"... I take that as the highest compliment. 

I'll be doing their wedding in a few months so I always love when I get to do an engagement session with people first.  They get a good taste of how I work, I get a good taste of their comfort level in front of the camera & by the end of it, we're already more at ease with each other, which makes a huge difference going into a wedding.

Saturday night had me uploading pictures & getting starting editing... but it also had me caught up in yet another Christian movie. 

Oh my gosh - I laughed so hard at this movie.... it really is well done!!!

If you haven't seen it - you need to... especially if you are a mom...

Sunday had us back at church in Merge.  We had a little break there with Easter but it was great to see faces & get hugs again from the coolest gang of kids.

As soon the clock hit 12:30 I was in a frenzy to leave though... I had a long drive ahead & a first birthday to get to.

Our cousin's little girl was turning 1 & they wanted me to come out & capture the day.  Another day where things just went perfectly the whole time.  This little girl was just the cutest little thing... never cried one time... loved watching everyone watch her... & girlfriend LOVED her first cake.

I can't wait to upload all the pictures from this party & get started on editing them.

They had just recently moved & I think we live on opposite sides of the planet now.  Literally on Google Maps, it says it takes 59 minutes from one location to the other.   But, the day was beautiful, so I cranked down the windows, turned on my iPod to shuffle & I was like a rockstar belting it out in my car... that 59 minutes went fast.

This probably happened to everyone driving around me

Especially because I stopped on the way home for a Starbucks treat AND some yarn.

I know... I know... I said I'm going on a yarn fast... which I am... but I only got ONE skein & I need it for a project I'm doing.  It was a NEED. Seriously.

So the weekend was everything wonderful. 
Wonderful weather.
Wonderful people to hang out with.
Wonderful treats.

& now, back to reality of Monday.

... & if you were wondering... nope.... no house cleaning was done AGAIN.  Who had time when it was so gorgeous outside? ... maybe next weekend.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Friday Favorites

Favorite Fun Thing
Five of the best: Adult colouring-in printables
It's such a fun stress reliever to me.
Love that I can probably use 2 of these in my Bible Journal in some form.

Favorite Beauty & the Beast Item

Yep. Need this.
I think I need this to use every day
... then twirl & ballroom dance in my kitchen

Favorite Food to Try

Lisa loves John: Sweet Potato and Zucchini Patties

Sweet Potato & Zucchini Patties
Don't these look AMAZING?!?!!?
I think I could make a batch & eat every single one of them!

Favorite Crafty Thing

DIY Desk Calendar

Wouldn't those be so cute to make for Christmas gifts - especially for coworkers?
Link Here

Favorite Health Info

Runner Favorites from Vitamin Shoppe

Link Right Here

I loved this post.
It's a good point on what to get next time I'm at Whole Foods.
I'm always a little bit clueless & brain dead when I walk into a health food store so this is good to have handy for my next trip.

Favorite Fitness Reminder

Never thought of it like that!

 Favorite Funnies

Password Change
This is kinda genius
The Unsolved Mystery
...why I still have clothes from the 80's in my closet
How many people think more parents should try this
You'd never see that at Target



How I basically am every Friday when I stop for McDonald's Iced Coffee
... what do they put in that stuff???
MRW my friends ask me how many cups of coffee Ive had this morning

When I try to get out of the car after work at lunch knowing everyone is in their offices looking out their windows...

They call him officer smooth

How I want to spend my Friday at work making a flip book with a hole punch

My friend makes flipbook animations using only a hole puncher

My 4:00 dance of the day!

What is a favorite for you this week?