Friday, March 24, 2017

Friday Favorites

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Favorite Food

Cold Quinoa Salad

Easy Cold Quinoa Salad

I love me some quinoa (good source of protein too) & I'm always up for anything with pineapple (good for inflammation!) ... this is a great dish to remember for the warmer days coming up soon.

Favorite Tech Design

ipad wooden stand. This also makes me wonder: Given That a tablet costs about what a monitor used to cost way back when, how soon will it be before multi-tablet setups are the norm? It would make for some interesting gaming.:

This is an organizer's dream right here ...
keeping it all in one place!

Favorite Beauty & the Beast

Mrs. Potts and Chip Crossbody Bag by Danielle Nicole:

This is how I would class up my look with a purse

Favorite Shirt

Running To The Lord - Christian T-shirt

If you cant read it, it says:
I LOVE RUNNING (to the Lord)
.. how precious is that?!?!

Favorite Craft

Storybook paper roses:

I could never make this...
but I need someone to make it for me.
Arent they the most beautiful flowers?
... & I couldnt kill them!!!

Favorite Leggings

Salar Legging - Black Jasmine Print

I'm so excited!
I just joined Fabletics & I ordered these leggings.
I can't wait to get them.
Aren't they so pretty & feminine looking?

Favorite Peencha

Me when I'm older:

Favorite Funnies

Funny Pictures Of The Day 40 Pics:

Funny Pictures Of The Day 42 Pics:

Funny Pictures Of The Day 41 Pics:

Funny Pictures Of The Day 40 Pics:

Funny Pictures Of The Day 39 Pics:

Funny Pictures Of The Day 35 Pics:

... when Ricky is sitting next to me in Beauty & the Beast saying lines & knowing songs

GIPHY! ( March 9, 2017 at 05:39PM

... when someone at work calls me for something 5 minutes before I'm getting ready to leave

GIPHY! ( March 20, 2017 at 03:48PM

... when I'm trying to join a smart conversation & know what I'm talking about

GIPHY! ( September 23, 2016 at 06:40PM

... when I look at my weekly calendar every Monday to see how busy my week is going to be

GIPHY! ( February 23, 2017 at 11:32AM

... me at 4:00pm ... after the LONGEST WEEK EVER!!!!

Happy Weekend Y'all!!!!!

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Acting like a fool, my Toy Story heart & STEVEN CURTIS CHAPMAN LOVES ME!! I KNEW IT!!!!!! ......{Thankful Thursday #117}

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This week I am Thankful for:
{The numbers go with my One Thousand Gifts Journal - just ignore}

OK.  2 things people should know about me in this world by now. 1. Beauty & the Beast ultimate fan (you know this) & 2. Steven Curtis Chapman ultimate fan. I have loved the guy FOREVERRRRRR.  & I have tried every birthday to try & get a shout out from him on Twitter or Instagram. I mean, I'm at every concert he's done around here. I've watched his kids grow up in these concerts & on all the social medias. When his kids started getting married, I felt like they were my own kids ... & when their daughter died unexpectedly, I was heartbroken with them.  I got to go to a meet & greet one time but I think security was tight because I couldnt get too close to him.  They must have been warned about me.  I always say that when he's in town & does concerts here, he has to see that screaming red head girl in the first few rows that wont sit down & is jumping up & down & waving the whole time.  But anyways - I happen to pull up Instagram the other day & saw something... & sat & stared because it couldnt possibly be true.... but there it was in front of me. STEVEN CURTIS CHAPMAN LIKED MY INSTAGRAM POST!!!!!... I purchased his new book & of course hashtagged it #stevencurtischapmanbiggestfan - duh... but it's really his IG account - that saw my picture & liked it. Believe me, I would know.  & HE FINALLY LIKED SOMETHING OF MINE.  I know most people are like, no big deal. To me?  It's a big deal. It made my day.  It may have even brought a tear to my eye.  That's how much of a deal it is to me.  ... so yeah, we're kinda like best friends at this point ;)

211 / Sweet friends.
I went to  a restaurant the other day at lunch & noticed 2 ladies just taking such good care of their friend. I didnt pay too much attention at first because my nose was stuck in a book (Belle shout out there!) & then looked up & noticed that the girl had on a cap... & no hair. & I realized that this place is right next to the chemo center in Louisville.  Then I saw the 3 of them praying before they ate... & I just wanted to go over & hug them all.  It made me so miss my friend Steph & made me miss her so... but it made me so thankful for the time I got to spend with her & the blessing she was in my life.

212 / Saw my blog buddy in person!!!!
I love when I get to see people's faces in real life & that happened last Friday when I went to pick up my race packet for my 10K.  I was walking out & looked up at the same time a lady walking towards me looked up & we were both ready to scream. There was my blog buddy Elizabeth who I just had to grab & hug!!!!  I had to get back to work from lunch so couldnt stay & talk long ... & laughed when she emailed me & said she thought for sure she'd run into me first at Starbucks or Target (true that!)... but so glad to see that sweet lady's face in person.

214 / Had a great 10k
I did way better than I expected. Still embarrassing slow for some... but great for me. What can I say?  I'm getting content in my slowness.  I finish - always the goal - ALWAYS.

215 / BEAUTY & THE BEAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
How many times can I bring this up?  Oh, so many more times, I'm sure! ;)
But I just cant believe it finally came out & I saw it... I just waited for so long... it's kind of surreal for it to be over.  But it was everything I hoped it would be & more.

216 / Perfect seat for 2
When Ricky & I went to the movie, the theater was packed.. but there were 2 seats available just sort of sitting on their own & they were perfect for us. It let us talk to each other through the movie & not bother any one & my singing along or making commentaries throughout didnt disturb someone else.  I couldnt have had better seats for my first viewing.

217 / Feeling like a kid
Yep... I left the movie & told Ricky I had to have the soundtrack. I mean, there's new Beauty & the Beast songs I needed to learn STAT (which BTW, have been playing so much in my car since Saturday, I've got them down now)... but I saw this little Cogsworth & had to have him. Is he the cutest littlest Cogsworth you've ever seen? & on the shelf was only this Lumiere left.... OK... this is where my Toy Story heart kicked in because I felt bad leaving Lumiere there by himself so had to buy him too & bring them both home.  Yes, I'm a 45 year old woman feeling bad for toys. But I'm so happy to have them. They make me smile.

218 / Late night phone call.
My phone ringing at 11:30pm makes me hold my breath. No one calls late for good news.  Except this time. My cell phone rang & Ricky grabbed it because he thought the same thing I did... & then I hear a voice that said, "Is Rebecca there? This is "so & so" from her small group"... some of the girls that were going out for our MSM girls day were spending the night with each other & had some ideas & thoughts about our day together.  They were CRACKING me up with the things they were coming up with.  They even dressed up in beautiful dresses & did their hair for the event & trying to talk me into doing the same. How cute is that?  ... the next day they were like, "did we call too late?"... no my sweet girls - you call me whenever you need to.

219 / Serving in church TIMES TWO
You all know I love serving in middle school ministry  (MSM if you ever wondered what that meant when I talk about it)... but it was so fun Sunday when they had us go to a different area of church to serve & we ended up with 4 yr olds.  I had the best time singing & dancing.  I think because I'm not afraid to act like a fool, these 7th graders werent afraid either.  I am never too cool to act like a fool - NEVER!  We all had the best time.  We now are talking about all serving in a service for Easter together as a small group.  How cool is that?

220 / Caden's First Birthday
So glad to celebrate our little grand buddy's first birthday.  I think we just blinked & a year went by.

I love Big Sis keeping an eye on that cake

221 / New faces on our outing
I so loved on our MSM Girls Day out - I had 2 new faces that dont typically join us.  One especially - she is so quiet & keeps to herself so much... & I just love this girl. She has the sweetest & kindest heart. All the other girls even talk about how kind she is... she's just very much to herself. So I was THRILLLLLLED beyond words when she said she was going to go with us.  & as per her personality, she was quiet the whole time. I tried to get her to talk some - but its just who she is.  I'm hoping she will continue to do some more events with us.

... I'm going to add one special moment of our MSM girls day out... we were right in this picture above talking about things & the girls asked me about my family & about me being a grandmother.  They couldnt get how I could be a grandmother at their mother's age & I went on to explain how I have step daughters but never had children of my own... to which they all immediately replied "We're your kids, OK?"... I may have had to walk away for a second because it got REALLY MISTY in there after that sweet comment!!!

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222 / FIRST DAY OF SPRING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We made it through Winter. Yes - Hallelujah - Praise the Lord!!!!!!!

Tell me something good about your week!

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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

My thoughts on Beauty & the Beast ....& what scene I think really missed the mark

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We all know, Beauty & the Beast is everything to me.  I've talked about it many, many, manyyyy times on here before.  So of course,when the movie that I've counted down 1,095 days (seriously) to see comes out, I'm going to have some thoughts about it.  Obviously.

So to start off, I'll give warning ... I guess.  I may say some things that are 'spoilers'? ... but I think its hard to have some spoilers when you already know the movie.   BUT - saying that, I do think there are some differences in this movie - so I guess you'd consider that spoilers.

Anyways - we'll say SPOILER ALERT just to be safe. & I'll mark them in BOLD LETTERS.  If you haven't seen the movie & you want to take it all in surprise for surprise, then save this & come back at a later date.  If you've seen it, or dont care to see it (Who are you & how are we friend?!?!? (kidding!!!)) then fell free to read on.

I gave it away in many a IG post, or Facebook post or even mentioning yesterday, 
I ADORED the movie.
 I wasn't disappointed in the slightest.  It was everything I was hoping it would be. Truly.

But of course, saying that & being a huge fan, there are some things that I really loved about the movie & some things that I was like, "Meh" on.  Things I may have done differently or hoped for.  There's nothing that would make me say anything bad about the movie though... know that. I dont hate any part of it that would make me say, "you may not want to see this movie"... it's just my fan heart speaking.  SO I'm just going to let it all roll.

LOVED - I so adored the beginning of the movie that explains the story.  That they added just that little bit to show the Prince in his element, in his castle, as the Princely arrogant character.  I think that gave such a good glimpse in his background.  It threw me off that they changed the words to it, but they got in a lot more info in that little narration.  & I just loved seeing it all come to life.

MEH - Saying that - I wish that scene could have been a little longer - or even that we saw the other characters in their human form in action instead of little glimpses of them.  I know we saw Madame Garderobe & Maestro Cadenza - but they're not the MAIN GANG. I wanted to see Cogsworth more than a hand with a watch in it & Lumiere than more than holding a candelabra.  We totally didnt get enough of the real people even at the end.  That was disappointing.

Image result for beauty & the beast madame garderobe
LOVED they were married... & the dog was theirs
MEH - didnt really like the the Enchantress was like a 'light'. I wanted her to look more 'human'... I mean (SPOILER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
(DONT SAY I DIDNT WARN YOU).....we see her again at the end in human form.  Why couldnt we see her like that at the beginning? I get they didnt want to give away anything at the end, but she looked totally different from Agatha to the lady standing there smashing the glass dome at the end ... they totally could have made her look different even as the full on enchantress

LOVED - The village scene at the beginning. I just adored it. Seeing it come to life was just as beautiful as I imagined. I have to say, I was keeping an eye out to see if Belle in this version was the only person in blue, as the cartoon version is - but she's not. There were some others in blue too... but she still totally stood out.  ... gotta admit, I missed seeing lambs though too. I love she reads to the lambs & they eat a page in her book. Just sayin'

Related image

LOVED!!!! - Forgotten people!  I so loved that they explained how the people had their memory erased by the Enchantress to forget the Prince, the castle & the people there.  That filled in a huge gap on why people wouldnt have been concerned their Prince was missing. (SPOILER!!!! - kinda - mild spoiler) & the scene at the beginning where Belle asks the village person if he forgotten something .... & then we see at the end who he is?  I SO LOVED THAT!!!!

LOVED - Belle teaching the girls to read!  Love she has such a love of reading, she wanted all the girls to understand it as well since boys are the only ones in school.

LOVED - Belle is the inventor of the story - not her dad.  What a fun little twist with her being the one creating things, including the washing machine & her dad was more the artist type.  I have to say, in the book LOST IN A BOOK that just came out, Maurice is a music box artist - which tied into this Maurice of the movie.

LOVED - Belle's blue dress. I think it was just so smartly done. I loved her pantaloons underneath too. Just the cutest little touches all over that dress.  I want to know if the little red strings on the top of the dress represented anything.  I was all over looking at the details of this dress. I want one... & the sweater with the blue birds on it too!!!

Related image
She had the cutest little cardigan sweaters too!!!

LOVED - The Enchanted Objects! I saw the pictures of the enchanted objects months ago & I was like, EWWW - I didnt think I would like them at all.  I really didnt mind them in the movie. Seeing them in action made a world of difference.   I could have handled maybe a different Mrs. Potts - I dont think she had a lot of personality, but Lumiere & Cogsworth & even Chip were spot on for me.

MEH - I'm still not sure why they changed Babette to Plumette.  I guess they needed her to be able to fly so changed her look to the bird instead of a plain feather duster... & its just nit-picking, but she's a main character to me.  Babette is one of my favorite rare characters. My step daughter painted a picture of her for me because I think she's so cute. So I was disappinted this character got a full over make over - including name.

Image result for beauty and the beast plumette

LOVED - the Castle.  The inside of it was so beautiful. The outside of it was gorgeous. The grounds of it - stunning. It was so perfectly done.  Brought to life even better than I could imagine. The HUGE stone work & the amazing chandeliers & stair cases. It was so magical.

Image result for beauty and the beast wolf beast 2017

MEH - Be Our Guest. I wasn't overly thrilled with one of the biggest scenes of the movie.  I had heard it took them over 6 months to create that scene, but to me, it came across very quickly done. I didnt see anything special about it.  It just looked 'cheap' to me where everything else looked so grand & put together.  & I'm still not even sure about that scene with Mrs. Potts getting her inner Ester Williams going on or what?  Nit-picking again, I know. The Broadway play even does it better.

LOVED - Most of the background instrumental music when Belle is in the castle is the song that is played in the Broadway play called "Home" that Belle sings a solo too.  I kept singing it every time they played it in the background.

LOVED - Mrs Potts only had one cup, Chip.  In the animated movie, I know everyone always wondered if all the other cups were her kids & why she only preferred Chip - but in this one, I love we see only her & Chip share a cupboard.

LOVED - Wolf Attack Scene - we see another explanation that people get upset about when the Beast is hurt & they say, there's now way she could have lifted him on the back of the horse.

Related image

MEH - Philippe. I just wish he was the same color as the animated movie. Phillipe is a huge character as well to me..  I get white is more regal & plays well but still... goes back to Plumette - messing with main characters to me.

Image result for beauty and the beast philippe

MEH to LOVED - I wasn't sure how I felt at first when I heard that the Beast could read in this one.  I didnt like it when I first heard it.  It's a huge part of how he & Belle fall in love - she reads to him - teaches him to read.  But it makes sense that he had an 'expensive education' & has read  a lot of books & very knowledgeable.  & I ended up really not minding it because they connected on that reading level.  Well done Disney changing my mind on this one.

Image result for beauty and the beast 2017

LOVED - LeFou. I just LOVED him. Josh Gad did the character so much justice.  He was funny, added in some humor only like he could.  & I loved the redemption he had by the end of the movie.  I so enjoyed this character in the live action film.
As for the 'controversy'... can I say, I have NO IDEA what they were even talking about?  I mean, I get there's like a 3 second blip of a scene in a dance, but I dont even think its what they called "A gay moment" - isnt what they said in the publicity stunt - because that's all it was, a publicity stunt. I heard that some country said Disney had to cut out the 4 minute scene with Lefou so they could show it - I dont even know what 4 minute scene it could be. Truly.

LOVED - Lefou in The Mob Song. I love that Lefou is coming to realization that his buddy Gaston is a tad bit crazed & I love the line they added in the song as they are headed to kill the beast....
There's a beast running wild, there's no question
but I fear the wrong monster's unleashed

Image result for beauty and the beast lefou & gaston on horseback

LOVED - Gaston.  I wasn't sure I was going to like the Gaston actor either. I just envisioned someone BIGGER - more muscular.  But men, he really pulled off the smugness well.

LOVED - Gaston (the song) - I love they added in a line that was originally going to be in the cartoon version but they thought it might be too much for little kids - about shooting a beast in the liver.  Not very child appropriate I guess - but I'm glad it got included in this one.

MEH - the worst MEH to me in the entire movie.
OK... I'm going to preface here.  The library scene to me is the most epic of all the scenes in Beauty & the Beast.  He gives it to Belle to impress her - to win her over.  In this movie, he's taking her in there to argue with her about Romeo & Juliet not being the best book there is when she is stunned about walking into a huge room full of books, & he's just like, "You like it? It's yours"... not any thought in it.  It's such a gesture in the cartoon... something to make her happy.  This is just like a "Whatever"... that hurt my heart more than anything in the movie.

Related image

MEH to LIKE to almost LOVE
That yellow dress.  I've been very vocal since they released the picture of the yellow dress that I didnt like it.  To me, its a ballroom scene. I wanted a ballroom gown. Something huge & elaborate - royal looking - fairy tale quality.  This just looked too plain.  Simple.  Especially for this amazing gorgeous ballroom where even the Beast has an embroider jacket that is stunning.
.... but I will say, I did like the dress more in action. It flowed & floated better in the dance scene that I thought it would & it did win me over.  It suited THIS Belle.
& probably what makes me say I could LOVE it is because it plays well in the following scenes where she's riding a horse & in the village with the crowds.  In the original, when she leaves the castle, she switches back to the blue dress, so I can appreciate she stays in that dress & they needed something flexible.  Believe me, I've had deep conversations over this dress.  That I can say its not a total MEH now is huge progress.

Image result for beauty and the beast dancing scene 2017

LOVE - The Beast singing voice.  I wasn't sure what Dan Stevens was going to sound like.  We had the sneak peek of Emma Watson singing but nothing from The Beast.  I was so happy to hear his singing voice sounded just lovely.

I'll also add to this I loved the new songs in the show.

**FUN side note... this new song is called "Evermore"... in the new Beauty & the Beast book, Lost in a Book, Belle gets trapped in a story called Nevermore... I thought that was clever.

LOVED & MEH - loved the backstory we got with Belle's momma - but then really disappointed that the story of the Beast's parents got really passed by.  One little scene with him as a little boy & his dad rushing him away from his mom?  Noooo - I need more!!! We learn that the dad is a huge butthead but I still would have loved to seen more.  I'm just glad we got to learn more about Belle's momma

LOVED - Rose rattle. I need to find one for every baby gift in the future.

MEH to LIKE to LOVE - the CGI Beast face.  At first, I wasn't too sure I was keen on the CGI face. It looked a little TOO animated to me.  But then throughout the movie, I could really see where they used Dan Steven's expressions.  If you watched Downton Abby, you would recognize them. It gave the Beast more 'life' to me - more realism (if you will) & then by the end, I didnt even see the CGI - I just saw The Beast as a real man.. you know what I mean.


MEH - BIG TIME MEH.  She doesnt say I love you before the last pedal falls.  WHAT THE WHAT?  How does that work. That's the rules. That's the guidelines.  That was not cool in the least.  That's kind of the WHOLE FREAKING POINT OF THE ROSE!!!! I mean, why have a rose if the Enchantress can just change him & everyone else back at will?  & while the scene where they all turn into the real objects (the scene with Mrs. Potts looking for Chip KILLLLLLED me) was so dramatic & totally heart wrenching - I get they did it for the emotional effect. BUT COME ON.  It's not the point.  "Until the last pedal falls" is like one of the MAIN STAPLES of the movie.  Or is there an * that says, "Unless the Enchantress decides to change that?"... DUMB... DUMB DUMB...
& did Belle not see the Enchantress standing right there?
Blah... maybe I hate that part as much as I hate the library thing.  Probably equally the most disappointing parts of the movie to me.

Image result for until the last petal falls
... maybe...

LOVE - the final scene.  oh my word.  Belle's dress in the last scene - that was 100% better than the yellow dress to me.  I didnt realize it watching it but apparently that was her wedding dress... which makes me swoon & want a vow renewal so I can wear this dress.  Truly gorgeous.  & I have to add, Emma Watson looked so naturally beautiful throughout the movie, especially with her little freckles. Adorable!

Sneak peak of a possible rose themed wedding gown from the Emma Watson live "Beauty and the Beast.":

I loved that I just saw an interview with Emma Watson & they asked her what she thinks happened to Belle after she & Beast - who technically isn't a Beast when they got married??? - (Add a MEH because we STILL didnt get a name in the movie!!!!) anyways - what happened to Belle after they got married.

She said, "I see Belle opening up the library for the whole village to use & then Belle opens up her own school to teach everyone, including girls"...

Oh yes... THAT'S A LOVE... a perfect happily ever after!!!

I'm sure I'm missing a lot of things that went through my mind... you can imagine I digested every bit of it... & still will. I want to go back for a 3rd... maybe a 4th time. After all, I did see the original 4 times in the theater.

& yes, I already have the soundtrack on loop in my car... & counting down for the DVD to come out with exclusive scenes!

The love of the story continues on.....

Tell me your favorite part ... or your biggest MEH

Monday, March 20, 2017

The weekend that Beauty & the Beast FINALLLLLY came out!

It finally happened...
Beauty & the Beast came out.  Oh my heart!!!!

Image result for beauty and the beast 2017

I honestly cant tell you how excited I was to finally - FINALLLLLLLY - get to see it.

But I'm going to tell you - my weekend was so busy, I'm going to do my thoughts on the movie tomorrow. It deserves a post in of itself. You know in my world, in my heart - it totally deserves all the thought put into it.

Plus, my weekend was so busy & hectic, I dont want to lessen any of the exciting things I did this weekend...

So I'm basically going to do my weekend in pictures....Ready for one of the busiest weekends ever?

Of course with St. Patrick's Day being on Friday... I made sure to sport my green.  & do you know I was the ONLY one in the office wearing any green clothing?  Crazy!!!

Left work to do some grocery shopping.  Ricky scared the FIRE out of me by kneeling down at the back of my car when I got out. I didnt know he was already there - he had told me on the phone he was going to go ahead & head home since he was so tired.  So when I opened my car door & saw a man hiding behind my car, I nearly passed out.  Good to know I couldnt even react. No scream, no movement. Just froze.  That's kinda scary to me.

But after picking up a few things at the grocery, we ended up heading over to Penn Station for an early dinner.  It was nice too because we had the whole place to ourselves. Ricky always says he rented out the place for us whenever anyplace is empty ;)

.... I was so bummed out about not seeing Beauty & the Beast on Friday but knew with UK playing in the NCAA tournament, there was no getting Ricky out of the house... so instead, I took to working on hand lettering & drawing to get out my love for the movie.

... having an early dinner, I knew Ricky was going to need some energy for his long night of basketball cheering.  So while I couldnt go to the movie, I ended up being a good wife & made him a sweet treat.  Good thing I love that guy ;)

... I ended up going to bed early because race #2 of the Triple Crown was bright & early....

... My alarm went off at 5:10 ... on a Saturday... that's the worst.  But got up & got ready for the race.  Ricky decided after a night of long basketball games & with a hard week of work behind him, he was going to sit this one out.  I'm not going to say he's the one who makes me late to races, but I ended up getting a wonderful parking spot & got there with 30 minutes to spare... I'm just saying ... cough cough....

... The race went really well. For me anyways. I had cramping issues again. I guess with that stomach flu messing up my world, I'm just going to have horrible stomach cramps the first 2 miles from now on. It eases up & then its totally OK afterwards.  That made me feel better telling myself "It'll end soon".  I ended up nearly 5 minutes faster than last year.  But I thought for sure I was going to do better than expected but then came that last mile!!!  It was like head straight into STRONG COLD WINDS.  Oh man, I was planning on killing the final mile to PR & that hard mile - I guarantee was my slowest. I was so bummed.  But still proud of myself for finishing - no matter what.

... Headed home & jumped in the shower & drank a hot cup of coffee to warm up.

... & then the time had come. I put my hair up in a messy bun, still wet from my shower & we headed out to the movie.  Oh mercy. I legit teared up when the lights when down & the music started. I knew I would. I told Ricky this was like the move epic movie to me.  I mean, when you wait to see something like this for so long... it hit me in the heart.

... I got the most compliments on my shoes in the theater.  We were sitting in the front row where people had to walk by looking for seats & so many people were like WHERE DID YOU GET THOSE?  They are pretty amazing, aren't they?

... having run a 10K & not eating any thing afterwards, I was STARVEDDD so I felt OK doing a carb-fest of pretzel bites in the movies.  #anyexcuseforcheese

... LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE & LOVE the movie.  Again, I'll talk more about it tomorrow.

... We ran out after the movie to get some 'real food' - that ended up costing less than what the concessions cost at the movies. YIKES

Chuy's "Special Nachos"... THE BEST!!!

... Time to head to our grandbuddy's first birthday party.  Cant believe little guy is one year old. He was actually born on St. Patricks' Day.  Little good luck charm.

This is the look on his face 99% of his life - he is the HAPPIEST BABY IN THE WORLD!

... headed home finally to sit down for a bit - I was EXHAUSTED!!!!!   & then didnt get to sleep at all with our grumpy old man. I think with his vision 95% gone - his nights & days are messed up, because he sleeps all day long & then is up all night long.  So I had to let him out 4 times throughout the night & just stayed up after the 6:30am wake up call.  Sigh... I try not to complain about it though. Love my little guy.

...Headed to MSM & it was the BEST DAY!  We were focused on serving in the church & our little middle school group got to head to serve with the kiddos. Oh my gosh - I forgot how fun it was to be with little ones.  & I think I enjoyed it more to see my 7th grade girls being so good with the kids & just the BEST servers!!!  We all just enjoyed it so much.  We're all now talking about serving together in here for some of the Easter services.  Our church is having EIGHT services.  Just at our location. There's over 40 services between all the locations! WOW!!! ... but I am excited about serving in the church with my girls that already have the best servants hearts!!!

... The best day continued when 7 of my girls hung out together so we could go to lunch & to grab some ice cream & then headed out to see Beauty & the Beast... Yes, 2nd time for me.  I'm sure this is only the beginning ;) ... but I just loved seeing it through their eyes. & one of my special girls sat next to me & she was just the cutest singing the songs & gasping at the right places & crying in the same areas I did.  She also cracked me up when the Beast turned human & she was like, "YES!!! He's hot!!!" ;) haha... these girls

... I dropped the girls off about 6:00pm & then finally headed home.  Ahhh - home.  I needed to do adult things like bills & clean... but I was legit SPENT ...  & figured all that stuff can wait till tomorrow anyways.  So it was just time to sit down & get ready for some Walking Dead....

& just breath that I made it through this weekend... a race behind me, a birthday celebration of a special little baby, some amazing time spent with my MSM girls & my new favorite movie finally out for me to gush over.  This weekend is totally going high in the rankings of weekends.

How was your weekend?

Did you see the movie?

Anyone run any races this weekend?