Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Snap Crackle & Pop

I didn't know what to do with myself last night...

it was the first night that I didn't work out...

The half marathon training is over, said & done...

My low back is still just irritating me now, so I didn't want to push it doing any other exercises.  I've been doing squats, weight training & trying to work on my 'abs' - if you want to call them that.  I guess technically, they're always called abs, even if you can't see them under all the jiggly stuff on top.

But I just took it easy last night...

Didn't even work on pictures.  Don't even think I turned on the computer.

I made supper, I did some laundry, I cleaned the bathroom... & then I just vegged.  Watched Dancing with the Stars, while not doing anything else... Just ice on my back, then some BioFreeze... & me & the TV.

It felt funny... it felt nice... but it felt wrong.

I felt like I gained 10 lbs not working out yesterday.

I'm just praying I get some relief soon so I can get back to normal.

I actually went to a new chiropractor yesterday.

Well, I say new because it's a new location that a friend that works there called & recommended to me.  She said they have a decompression table that helps pull the spine where discs can slip back in.  I'm all about discs slipping in place... so I visited there yesterday...

only to see my old chiropractor that I had visited for my Bicep Tendinitis working there...

He remembered me...

Probably because I'm the one who screamed anytime he wanted to pop or adjust anything.

You think I'm joking... I would scream just like this every time he'd pop my back... 

he's probably just THRILLED to see me again...

But he took x-rays of my back & we'll discuss them tonight when I go back.  He's going to compare the xrays he took yesterday to the ones the Orthopedic doctor took in February  (difference is standing xrays compared to ones taken laying down) & we'll see what he says...

Things like this always makes me nervous...Any time I have to sit in a room waiting & have someone walk in & want to discuss my body... it makes me get a little nauseated...

Oh yeah.... When he looked at the Ortho xrays, he then said,  "Did anyone ever tell you you had Spina Bifida?" - Ummm.... no.... he said, "it doesn't look like it was a big deal, but your spine didn't completely close as a baby"

Alrighty then - I'm 41 years old & just learned something that you'd think other doctors would have  seen sometime in life...

So tonight, I'll go back to get another muscle stimulation on my back, see what he has to say & see if I have anything else going on that I never knew my whole life...

I'm just hoping that they can get me running again...

I'm going to be 300 lbs before the end of May...

Monday, April 29, 2013

Kentucky Derby Mini Marathon Race Recap... be prepared - this is long

Ha... funny title huh?

Because my actual race recap would be crickets chirping here...

& lots of crying... I'm talking LOTSSSSSSS of crying...

I wish I could say this is stretching the truth... but this was truly me 

It started Friday.

I had intentions of doing the race.  Making deals & bargains with Ricky.  If I walk, he'd let me go... but then he'd say, "I know you - you won't walk"... "If you walk, you'll be sad about your time & cry & pout anyways"... it was a constant back & forth...

All I knew is I just wanted to start... I just wanted to TRY!!!

So I go down & pick up my race packet, after all, if I'm going to lay down money for a half marathon (which is not cheap) I'm going to come out of it with a tech shirt...

The whole day, I kept praying to God to just show me what to do... give me peace about it... give me one of those billboards in the sky so I would know exactly what to do.  Why can't God just send messages ala Harry Potter... send some owls down here with a message on his leg, "Don't run"... "Go for it"... either one would have been appreciated.

But I get home on Friday & in the mail is this card from my sweet precious friend, Lauren

Talk about perfect timing... just a sweet little note of the top 10 reasons she thinks I'm awesome...
Its what I needed to know that my life, though built around training for 16 weeks, didn't revolve around running & this race completely...

So I went to bed with an open mind & an open heart, still praying to God to tap me on the shoulder over night.  But I also went to bed with intentions of racing... I had carb'ed up, I had my equipment charged, I had the alarm set for 5:30 ...

Then 5:30 came... & I'm laying in bed & my low back is burning... well great... that's new...

& then I'm like, "God is this your sign?"... & it wasn't a pleasant question for God... I'm yelling at Him.  Really?  you're telling me now!  When I'm ready to go?
But I knew I shouldn't race...

& the tears started...
I mean, laying in bed throwing a fit like a 3 yr old...

(that's exactly how I felt)

Ricky kept telling me, "It's just a race"... but that's the thing.  It's not just a race.
To me, it's something more.  I can't even explain what it is actually - I just know it's something that I set a goal for.  It's something I strived & worked for.  To just casually let it go is not something that was easy for me to do.

I kept thinking of all the people at the start line that had injuries... I know I'm not the only one... but Ricky kept telling me a missing toenail is different then a back injury
... & I know he's right...
but when you're talking to a 3 yr old throwing a fit, nothing makes sense.

So I would stop crying... & then on the news, everything RACE RACE RACE... people going to the start, showing the finish line, all the excitement building....

on Facebook, all my friends showing pictures of them getting ready, pictures of the crowds...

I was loosing my freaking mind!

Then the gun went off & all the runners started.  I thought someone shot me through the heart... the race just started & I wasn't there...

I couldn't bear it...

I knew that if I stayed there in bed, I'd be there all day in a pity party of all pity parties... I had to do something.

I had some poster board under a couch & I pulled it out & told Ricky, 'we're leaving' ...
He was more then willing to do ANYTHING to get me to stop crying...

I had so many friends running & I thought, the next thing I can do IS be a part of this race, just in a different way.

My neighbor was running his first half marathon - I wanted to see him...
My cousin was running her first full marathon - I wanted to cheer her on...
A running friend's wife - who has also became my friend - had trained amazingly all year long (loosing incredible weight) & was running her first half marathon - I wanted to see her dream come true...


We drive 30 minutes, weave through town & get a spot right as the runners were headed into Church Hill Downs... around mile 7.5

Ricky actually has video of me screaming... I'll spare you of that 

When we got there, it was the top runners coming through...

then, I hear my name! .... our former Worship minister was running by & came & gave me a high five .... he looked so strong & amazing!

then I see another former school mate who was running his first half marathon & he yelled, "Rebecca - why aren't you running?" ... I just yelled, "My stupid back" .. he gave me a thumbs up & kept on going

Next thing I know, I see my neighbor... & he's smiling & he's moving along fantastically!  I was so excited to see him on the course looking so good!  I actually got teary eyed seeing him with all the runners.

& then I saw my other friend ... & she didn't see me... went right past me.  I was like "Nuh-uh" & Ricky & I started SCREAMING her name... she jerked around & saw us cheering her on!

Next up - another friend from school who is a great walker in these races... she yelled "Rebecca!  Hope you're back is better" ... that made me tear up...

Then saw ANOTHER friend who ran up & gave me a hug & told me she understood how it hurt to not be running...

These people understood... & I understood them....

So I saw everyone I wanted to see (except my cousin who was lost in the crowd) ... drats...

& Ricky was like, "ready to go?"

But I couldn't tear myself away ...

I told Ricky, "I've been back here before... I know what it feels like"

I made my point to him... look around... there was no one left on the side of the road but me & Ricky.

After family members saw their loved ones, they head to the finish line to cheer them the final stretch.  There are no more horns, no more posters, no more hootin' & hollerin' ... just empty streets with walkers & runners who are struggling... I've been there...

I wasn't leaving...

Ricky made himself comfy in a chair & pulled up Netflix & watched Spiderman...
Me?  My voice was scratchy from pulling EVERYONE ON!!!

The attitude is so different from the people at the front of the pack, to the ones at the back.

They are the ones that its tough for...

& they were cheering ME on...

I kept hearing "Thank you for staying" ... "Thank you for coming out"... "Thank you for the sign" ... "Thank you for caring"...

I mean, people cheering ME on?  That's crazy... I kept saying to them, "No, YOU are the ones doing 13.1 miles today - not me"... & it was true... my heart just screamed for them... they were doing what I couldn't do that day... no matter what time it was... they were doing it...

I'll never look at my time again the same way when I'm running again...

3 girls even came up & said, "Can we take a picture with you & the sign?"... I kinda laughed & said sure... they said, "We haven't seen any other signs anywhere because we're so far back"...

it broke my heart...but made it smile at the same time...

I was there for someone... I was the cheerleader someone needed that day

My voice was probably as loud as all these people put together!

Ricky said, "are you ready to go now?" ... I said, "Wait - there's one more person coming"

She was slow... she was limping... she was in pain...

She got up to where we were & I asked her, "Are you ok?" .. she had tears in her eyes & she said, "I have blisters so bad on my feed I can hardly move"... I told her that medics were sitting across the street (the race was virtually over so the medics were off their bikes & drinking a coke off to the side)...

she looked at me & said, "no... I'm not stopping... I'm going to finish"

I cheered her on like no other athlete that had come through... I told her she WAS going to make it & she was doing a fantastic job...

& I realized... I'm not alone in the "heart call" of wanting to finish a race... no matter what...

we're a weird bunch of people... but we're in bundles...

of 18,000 people who cross a finish line...

So what did I learn:

1.  Life goes on without a race... my day kept moving on & in the end, I felt OK about not doing it... only because I supported others.  My heart was sad, but it didn't ruin me.  The world keeps on moving

2. My medal shelf is less one... but that's ok...I was so happy to see pictures of my friends who did get one.  They earned them.  They deserved them.  Instead of a medal, I have my bib that wasn't used.  I told Ricky, I'm going to hang it up with my medals to remind me that I have battled my own race here

3.  Cheering others on is amazing... those people who need it the most appreciate it the most...

4.  I'm now ready to get my back fixed... I've got to get back in the game... this is not something I can just give up.  The running community is something that is unexplained... On both sides... the people IN the races & the people OUT of the races... it's just an environment that is about support & encouragement...

5.  & I will say, I'm glad to know I'm able to walk without pain in my hips & thighs & feet 2 days after the half marathon is over :)  (though, I'm actually sitting here with ice on my back)

My race recap... I survived not running... which is a first for me...

Now, onto bigger & better races in my life...

Friday, April 26, 2013

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea

Friday!  The day before my Half Marathon
You'd think I'd be excited... but I'm bummed as heck

Its looking more like I'm not going to be running the race
... that I spent 16 weeks focusing on...


It's funny though, I posted it on Facebook my dilemma ...
by the responses, I could tell who are runners!
All my running friends are like, "DO IT!"  "Walk it if you have to"
"Go down in a blaze of glory!!!!"
(Not really that last one - but that's the attitude of runners... & that's exactly how I feel)

But I also have level headed friends who have given me wonderful advice
Even had a friend who works at a chiropractors office give me a call & give me tips on what to do

Between talks with Ricky & my awesome friend & photography assistant, Chasity, they made sense to me as well on why NOT to run it

So its still not 100% not out of the question that I don't do it
(If I do - it'll be a walk the whole way - the last person across the finish line)
But odds are, I'll be watching it on my TV

I just wish it would rain (Sorry other runners)
I'd feel so much better missing it if it was an ugly day


I did a family session photo session last night
I CANT WAIT to post pictures
They have 3 boys & the littlest one - OH MY WORD!
I've just never seen anything so cute in my life

He'd be holding a rock & I'd say, "Can you lay that down?"
He's look at me & say, "Sure I can" & he'd lay it down & then go "CHEEEZZZZZEEE" 
& melt me with his smile

We had a load of cousins come in together - so about 7 kids... 
& they were the most polite kids - listening to everything I asked of them
I've never been more impressed in my life!

These pictures are going to be my favorite - I can tell!


I've talked many times about my friends Joe & Erica & their beautiful daughter Emily who is fighting with an epilepsy form called Infantile Spasms...

They had to move away from us not too long ago
& they kept it quite why

but word is out... I mean WAY OUT!  I'm talking 'Washington Post' out!

It's actually pretty exciting.
They moved to Colorado to give a new form of medical marijuana a try.
Just in the first treatment, Emily has experienced changes.
It's so amazing to hear & see pictures of her progress - in such a short time!

Here's the video that the Washington Post put out:
Our local news even did a report on them, skyping with them in Colorado & explaining why they had to leave everything in their home behind because its not illegal here.

Illegal to help a child... nice..

So proud of them for taking such bold steps in search of help for their daughter



I think I've seen some talk about this before

But has anyone ordered pictures anywhere from their Instagram account?

I have some pictures on there I want to save, but can't find any place that prints a .PNG file
for a decent price

Or the site just pulls up ALL the prints & I don't want to go through 1,000 pictures & delete all but 10 of them

So Instagram fans?  Any ideas on a good place for prints?


kate middleton bump

I can not believe Kate is already 6 months pregnant...
& this is as big as she is?

My stomach is bigger then that after a good pasta dinner!

She's just stunning


Are you kidding me?
Next Friday Fragments will be in MAY?


Right now, I'm reading "The Kitchen House"

The Kitchen House

It blows my mind to go back in time & read how the world used to be...
How messed up slavery was...

so far, its an incredible book

Maybe instead of running tomorrow, I'll have a reading marathon instead

What are some other good books I need to know about right now?


TV Time: 
Spoilers may be included... if you havent watched the show... duh! ;)

Survivor:  Whaaaa-whhhaaaaaaaaahhh.... It was a good ride last week, but sad to see Malcolm go this week.  I think he handled it with class though.

Dancing with the Stars:  Glad the boxer is gone... I never even took the time to learn his name.  So excited Andy is still around too.  That has to be such an encouragement in his life right now.

Scandal:  this show is amazing... last night's episode just broke my heart.  Poor Huck.  I was glad to see his family survived!  But when he kept saying, "I dont know if they were real" ... tear... poor guy needs a break!  Does anyone foresee his family coming back in the near future?
& Mille ... UGH!!! She's evil for a first lady

Missing Nashville & Revenge!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Healthy Tomorrow

We're in Week 3 in our bible Study & we looked at how stress can actually effect a body...

no one needs to tell me this... I've got Web MD to tell me what stress can do...

it can freak you out & tell you you're going to die in 3 months...

Not really (but kinda) ...

but I think we do know that stress effects us, but not really understand how deeply that goes.

There were statistics in the book that just blew my mind

* Millions of Americans suffer from unhealthy levels of stress at work. (A study several years ago estimated the number to be 11 million - given events since that time, this number has more than tripled) ....

* Stress contributes to heart disease, high blood pressure, strokes, & other illnesses

* Stress contributes to the development of the alcoholism, obesity, suicide, drug addiction, cigarette addiction & other harmful behaviors

* Tranquilizers, antidepressants, & anti anxiety medications account for one-fourth of all prescriptions written in the US each year.

Oh my word... we're a stressed out group of people...

I'm stressed just reading this....

we were challenged this week to look at the healthy choices we make to in our lives to deal with stress...

I'm not even sure I'm good at handling stress or making healthy choices...

I know I do run, which is a big stress reliever, but then things like what is happening now, with my back injury & a race Saturday.  I'm so stressed on what to do.  I've invested 14 weeks of training... I have worked hard... I don't want to miss out on the race... I've laid down some bucks for this race...

my stress reliever has turned into a bigger stress

I will do yoga to relax... but I'm not flexible, & I don't have time to 'breath through' the movements... who has time for that?

So that stress reliever turns into a stress on my stiff shoulders

I try to take some time & read & relax a bit out on the back porch.... but my dogs are barking at me to play & I keep thinking how dirty my kitchen is, & that moment to sit & stress-out, just turns into a time where stress can back up & when I walk in the house, time to get to work

it's hard to find the things that are really good choices in helping with stress

I'm not sure any amount of exercise, zen like moves, deep breathing is really going to help with the stress relief.

I like how the book reminds us, its "not a cure for the problem but a cure for my heart" as we deal with the stress that piles up.

I've written this verse all over my desk & the verse I'm sticking with this week

God's peace...

Something we don't even understand

Something much better then running or yoga or reading or deep breathing

It'll guard my heart?

You mean it won't cause more stress?

Yeah.... that sounds good...

Now, its just about getting that peace...

learning to accept it... learning to look at the things that stress us out & know its not bigger then our God

It's a learning lesson daily, isn't it?  Not something we can snap a finger & be the calmest person in the world & totally grasp...

But as long as we keep on trying, then maybe more each day, we feel that peace...

that's my prayer anyways

What do you do to ease your stress?

Do you have a hard time finding peace in today's world?

Do you get freaked out by WebMD too?

Wednesday, April 24, 2013


1. April showers bring May flowers...what have you been showered with this month?

Lots & lots of editing pictures ... the other side of photography

2.  What is the nature of compassion? Is it learned or innate? Can compassion be learned? If you're a parent is this something you've purposely sought to instill in your children, and if so how?

I think compassion is innate... (& I actually looked up the definition of innate to make sure it meant what I thought it meant... it did... whew!)

I've seen some tiny children have such caring for others & things & animals ... while other kids just could care less, all about me me me.  I think that compassion comes from within.

On the flip side, look at the evil in this world?  I don't think half of it would be here if some of these people had compassion for others....
Hilter?  Yeah - don't think he had much compassion
The 9/11 Hijackers - don't think they cared one bit about the people in the planes or the building
Boston Marathon bombers - think that compassion switch was definitely turned off.  The older brother even had a daughter.  If you don't even have enough compassion to care for your daughter, then I don't think you have any at all.

3.  Do you prefer to watch romantic comedy or romantic drama...or are you rolling your eyes saying bring on the action flicks?

I'm ALL about the "Rom-Com" ... that saying is straight from Happy Endings :)

But Romantic Comedies are just corny enough & cute enough & sappy enough to make a smile come across my face

Add in Tom Hanks or Billy Crystal & the original faced Meg Ryan & it was magic

4.  It's April which means baseball season is officially upon us in the US of A. Humphrey Bogart is quoted as saying, "A hot dog at the ballgame beats roast beef at the Ritz." Agree or disagree?

I don't eat meat... so I'll just say because I want to puke at the idea of both a hot dog & roast beef, I'll go with 'disagree'

5.  What's something in your community or city that needs fixing or improving?

I live on a country road... so I get that the speed limit is 35 mph.... but I don't get that people have to drive 100 mph down it...

Because I run it, I'm on constant look out for these speeding cars... AND there are no side walks on country roads...

so I stick with giving dirty looks to people that ZOOM by me so fast... though I'm sure my face is nothing but a blur as they whizzzzzzz by me.

& for the record, I do refrain from any hand gestures that they may actually see

6. Share a song you enjoy that mentions flowers or a specific flower in its title.

I'm going with my good ole 80's rock hair band... Poison, 'Every Rose has its Thorn'

Also a great remix of it in the Broadway play & movie "Rock of Ages"

& sadly, I just found out, remade by Miley Cyrus - WHAT?  That's just disturbing

7.  April 22nd is Earth Day...do you believe in life on other planets? That wasn't the question you were expecting was it?

I'm still trying to believe in life on THIS planet....

Oh snap... that was a heavy answer, wasn't it!
That was your Deep Thought of the day... you're welcome

8.  Insert your own random thought here.

I'm just heart broken right now....

I've trained 14 weeks... the Half Marathon is Saturday - 3 days away

I've mentioned how I've had a buldging disc & have actually trained with it & its not been bad.  It was even feeling better & not causing any pain.

This is race week so I'm letting my legs have a break... & last night, I was doing a spinning session when I noticed my back was 'tweaked' leaning over on the spinner.
Then I went to edit some more pictures, sitting all evening... & then I went to pick up Bruno to check him for something...

All of a sudden, my back is in EXCRUCIATING pain... sharp electric volts just hitting me on the left side of my lower back.

I was miserable... I couldn't sit, I couldn't lay, I couldn't stand....
I just found a position that was less painful & bawled my eyes out....

(yeah... this is about how I was last night)

I'm not sure if my disc actually slipped out or what happened.

All I know is I heard all night long from Ricky, 'you're not doing the race Saturday' ...
& I get it... I was in so much pain, I would have gone to the emergency room if I knew my sucky, horrible, insurance wouldn't have cost me $8,000 out of pocket.... & not sure they'd do anything anyways.

This morning, the electric pain has stopped... its just tight & sore & achy.... so I'm going to see how it does over the next 3 days...

but I'm still just frustrated as anything...

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

C'mon parents... let me hear your thoughts...

So I thought I had an easy week ahead ....

At the last photo session I did on Saturday, I told her, "Yeah, I don't think I have any plans coming up: ...

What was I thinking?

I opened up my calendar & just laughed...

I have a photo session on Thursday evening
I have to pick up my race packet in the expo Friday (which is chaos to get a parking place in Downtown)
I have only a half marathon to run Saturday morning (& apparently, run in the middle of scattered STORMS... nice....)
I have to meet my next wedding couple for their consultation on Saturday evening
I have youth small group on Sunday morning
I have a quick photo session on Sunday afternoon
....AND I have a Bridal shower ALSO on Sunday afternoon

Ohhhhh, I'm stressed

YEAH.... I could say I'm a little stressed....

That'll teach me to say I'm not busy again....

And, this is where you all come in.... you could actually help me out here...

(who doesn't love a good Bridesmaid's shout out?)

On top of everything, I have to come up with the lesson for the youth next Sunday on dating.

Anyone have any thoughts on your kiddos dating?

Are you OK with it?  What advice do you give kids dating?  Let me hear your thoughts on it...

& no, locking your child up until they're 25 doesn't count! :)

Anything you would have done differently dating in your own teen years?

C'mon - help a lady out - ease my stress some :)

Monday, April 22, 2013

Weekend Wrapup

* Did everyone sit by the TV waiting for them to capture that last brother in Boston?  Whew!!  That was intense.  A little TOO much reality TV for me.  So glad they got him & no one else was hurt.  Had to laugh about the guy who was upset about his boat being damaged.  The call from the neighbor who was saying how sad his neighbor was over the boat was cracking me up.

* My nephew's Jr. Prom.... I can't believe it!  He's just grown into such a handsome young man... & honest to goodness, he is the kindness & sweetest nature person.  Always has been.  Since he was a baby, he has always been one of those people who kisses you & tells you he loves you & just cares about how you're doing.  He's amazing. .... isn't his girlfriend pretty awesome too? A red head!  Oh yeahhhhhh!!!!

* A trip out to Louisville meant Bonnie & Clyde's Pizza!! OHHHH YEEAHHHH!!!!  It's the best pizza in the world - no joke.  Except Ricky ate so much, he literally couldn't breath... He had to keep walking around the house taking deep breaths.

* It was so stinking cold over night - I was shivering.  This stupid weather going up & down is driving me nuts....

* Headed over to my cousins to take some family pictures... I love this lady.  I could sit & talk with her all day long... & she has 2 daughters that I could eat up too.  So girly & fun.  This is my cousin with her son.  He was having NONE of it taking pictures.  It was just finding the right moment to click the camera to get him looking at me... AND smiling.... it's always a challenge with a 2 yr old in pictures.  They definitely run the show.

* Being over in the east end of Louisville, I found the perfect excuse to make some stops...
First up... Lifeway Christian ... got to pick up 2 Beth Moore bible studies.  The "Breaking Free" starts today.  Not sure if I'll join in with the Online group because I'm doing the "Stressed-less Living" - Can I take on 2 at one?  Probably not... but I'm still excited to dive into both of these studies

* Next stop?  Whole Foods.... oh my word... I can just look at every item on the shelf ... & want to try everything.  Ricky met me out there & we were on the hunt for "Two Moms in the Raw" granola bars.  We had them at Starbucks & have fallen in love.  Not easy to find.  We did find these & they were on sale.  They're not the same, but still good.  With a sale price & Whole Foods being an hour away, we stocked up

* Ricky & I split a "Powerhouse Wrap" ... it was A-MAZ-ING!!! It had sweet potato, black beans, avocado  spinach & flax seed on it ... who would think that combo would be good?  It was so delish!  I now want to put sweet potato on everything!

* Ricky was looking at cars while we were out that way & the manager of the car lot told me, "We could use you as a sales person with that personality of yours" ... Ricky just shook his head & said, "She gets that wherever she goes" ... haha!  That's what you get when you are loud.

* WW Cousins for dinner.  We love when we get to go there.  I love their salad bar ... they cut up the broccoli & cauliflower in such tiny pieces.  It's the little things that makes me happy.  While I was waiting for Ricky to dress his dinner, I looked at my salad plate & soup bowls & noticed a
Hidden Mickey" ... Cathy, that's for you!

* We were going to go to the Zombie Run on Sunday, but we couldn't tear ourselves away from those youth kiddos at church.  They youth kids were taking over for the day & even giving the lesson.  We decided to skip the race & stick around to watch the kids... so glad we did.  It was amazing to see them take such a leadership role... it's not easy to give a message to a room full of kids staring at you.  They handled it like pros.

* Earth day... I totally forgot about it, until I went to Target & they were giving out tote bags.  That was a fun surprise.

* I was working on pictures & Ricky was saying how nice it felt... it was a little chilly for a normal walk, but I needed to get in my last long run before the half marathon Saturday.  It was perfect running weather.  Now, cue the nerves that my next time running will be 13.1 miles

* Once Upon a Time is back!!! & it was about Belle... I have to say, I loved it, but how Belle, or Lacy, is now, I'm not too thrilled with.  Someone better work their magic on her & get her butt back to her sweet, reading self!

Let's hope this week is a much calmer one for the country!! & prayers we all have a wonderful week!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea

Friday... & the world is still going crazy....
I'm sitting here watching the results of last night's chaos...
one Boston Bomber dead... the other on the run
just sad...
All I can see is a 19 yr old BABY that got taught wrong things in the world

Jesus come today
I'm headed to see my nephew off for prom tonight
I'm excited... but can't believe it
He was just a baby yesterday
& tonight, he's venturing to his Jr. Prom Ring Dance
How did I get so old without noticing?
Storms rolled through last night
How do I know?
Not because the weather is colder now -
not because the grass is greener
But because Ricky & I have scratch marks all over our heads & faces from Bruno
who freaks out at the sound of thunder or the sight of lightning
For the record, on top of someone's head is the safest place to go for a storm
Anyone ever try one of those Thunder Blankets for dogs?
Ricky says he refuses to pay that much for a gimmick
I keep hearing they actually work though
Anyone?  anyone?  Bueller? 
I was out on my run yesterday...
I screamed & ran out in the street & fled like my life depended on it
... I didn't care the snake was dead & not moving...
& then, running home, a boxer & a fellow dog were playing
(I see them all the time - they're friendly dogs)
This boxer must have thought I was up for a good romp
because he jumped up behind me ON MY BACK
... it made my legs almost buckle...
He thought it was fun, so he did it again
Whew... I got away with dog scratches on my leg
...only to have to run by the dead snake again...
Its a tough run some days
TV Time:
Survivor:  If you're not watching Survivor anymore - & I get it, its on like season 135 - you missed it.  The BEST TRIBAL COUNCIL EVER happened this past week.  One of those that I was gasping, & cheering & pumping my fist like I lived in the Jersey Shore!!  Good stuff!  GO MALCOLM!!
Arrow:  We love this show... superheroes always rock!!!  ... & when he started jumping over building on his own, in daylight, I said, "This may be edging on the line of corny"... Ricky said, "nope - this is what makes superheroes awesome"
Dancing with the Stars:  Thank you America for not voting for DL & sending him home
Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion:  Good to see Kim come visit.  I think she held her own, even though she was nutso in this season - before she walked out.  I know she had to do good PR though since she has her own show coming out.  Best part of her appearance - Andy saying, "Kroy is like a bailiff"
Hope everyone has a great weekend & A FABULOUS FRIDAY!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

God Saves me from going crazy

Funny how we're just starting a Bible Study on stress, & while in the middle of reading a part in Chapter 2, is when I hear all of the news of the Boston Marathon bombing...

& sit & watch out world fall apart...

& worry about what's next...

Nah... no reason to stress - right?


Big wrong!

I think everyone is on edge now.  Wondering who these people are that caused this horror.  Wondering what else is going to happen.
After all, we also have this new threat of poison going through the mail.
& threats of a crazy man over seas with nuclear weapons threatening war
& scary threats of tornadoes around the country
& on & on & on....

Really? ... what is wrong with people... what is wrong with the world?

But let me get back in my zen mode of 'stressed-less living"

Not so easy...

Our verse though this week has been the focus -

"Then they cried to the Lord in their trouble, 
& he saved them from their distress"
-Psalm 197:19

While reading that verse daily & just sitting in it for a bit, I kept turning to the part "he saved them from their distress"

So what does distress mean?

I love that the first definition I found says "Mental suffering"

Yazzzaaa!! Proof I'm going crazy! :)

But it also means - grief, anxiety, unhappiness, sorrow

What I noticed is that it doesn't say "he saved them from all the troubles in the world"

.... its more of a peace thing, isn't it?

When we cry out to Him, he answers with more of a "OK there... calm down... its going to be OK"

Ever been sick & feeling miserable?  But have someone come over & make you soup & get you medicine & help you clean the house that you know is going to chaos while you're in bed.  That's easing the distress.  It's not taking away the sickness... but it's giving you a 'calm' while you're down & out.

Ever sat in a doctor's office waiting for results of a test? But have someone who cares next to you & they are holding your hand, talking to you, trying to make you laugh.  It doesn't take the results of the tests away, but there's comfort in a presence of someone who cares being with you.

I think God is telling us when we cry out to Him, especially in our troubles... & goodness knows there's many... it doesn't mean that POOF - things are better.  But I do think it means that he saves us in our grief, our anxiety, our unhappiness.... he gives us that peace.

& peace & calmness can mean a little less stress...

I don't know about you, but in this cray-cray world we live in today... I need that sort of saving from distress...

Yep... its true... God keeps me from going crazy :)

"I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace.  In this world you will have trouble.  
I have overcome the world!"
-John 16:33

Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Wednesday... Hodgepodge Day

1. April 15th is the deadline for Americans to file their state and federal income taxes...what's a job you do on a regular basis that could be described as 'taxing'?

A job that's 'taxing'... my actual job!   I do the books for 3 different companies so I'm constantly involved in taxes... sales taxes, property taxes, state taxes, payroll taxes

... you bored yet?  Me too... but it pays the bills... literally :)

2.  I'm participating in the April A-Z blog challenge and the Hodgepodge happens to fall on letter O this week. In keeping with that theme...olives, onions, oysters, okra...of the foods mentioned, what's your favorite O food?

I love olives... I used to not when I was younger, but then my wonderful addiction to all things salty won over & green olives are the bomb-diggity!

Though, I will add, my love for onion rings is strong too.... like that's a REAL addiction.  I see them on a menu & I'm all in.  Which is funny because I'm not a huge onion fan.. unless they are grilled up with other veggies.  But throw on a layer of breading that has no health nutrition whatsoever - throw it in some deep fried lard & how can it NOT taste good?

3.  What is something memorable you experienced as a child that your own children (or future children/nieces/nephews) will not get to experience?

The joy of prank calling! :)

I remember sitting in my room with my friend Stephanie & we'd go through my phone book & call people & say the stupidest things....
I know our laughs always gave us away....

But now?  Caller ID - who can prank call anymore... sad...

Something else kids of today will not experience?  Waiting by the radio for hours on end with a tape recorder just waiting for the stupid song to play so you could record it for your own mixed tape... now with iTunes, you want a song, you go get it.
Kids don't have to work for NOTHING anymore :)

4.  Term limits for our elected officials...your thoughts?

There's term limits?

I have elected officials?

... I've said it before & I'll say it again - I don't waste my time with politics.

I have that right because I'm American... Oh snap! :)

(For the record - I do vote in the Presidential elections... I'm not THAT stupid in politics)

5. On April 18th 1775, Paul Revere made his famous 'midnight ride'....when did you last make a midnight ride? Perhaps the fate of a nation wasn't hanging in the balance, but tell us where you were headed anyway.

The last time was probably opposite for me... we just WOKE UP to go on our 'midnight ride' - Black Friday.  With stores opening at midnight, it was the prime time to go shopping.  Got quite a bit done by 3:00 am - came home & napped until 8 & headed back out...

6. What would freak you out more...a mouse running across your floor or a big fat hairy spider?

Probably neither.

Mice don't bother me at all... I think they're quite cute actually.  But I get the lecture of the damage they can do to a home... but I still lay a guilt trip when Ricky lays traps out.  Poor Fievel.  I always tell Ricky, "now he'll never find his mother!  Are you happy?"...  I lay the guilt on thick!

Spider's don't normally bother me... but I will say, I hate when they are larger then my hand.  & in our garage, I've seen a few like that.

7. I love it when people ask me____________________________.

if I want a free trip to Disney world!!!

....At least I'm sure I'd love it if someone asked me that... I'm SURE of it!

8. Insert your own random thought here.

Its getting near the dreaded time of year
... the time when I'll probably cry
... I'll sweat
... I'll throw things
... I'll be exhausted

Its time to change my closet from Winter to Summer... trying on all the Spring/Summer clothes & seeing if they fit & what still works...

I'm not looking forward to it....

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Still just shocked

I woke up yesterday excited... it was Marathon Monday!!!

Boston Marathon is like a dream for runners.

I know its what people strive for.  The only race where you have to qualify to get in... its prestigious. Its history.  Its world known.  It's the Boston Marathon.

I always love that you can follow the race online, so I pull it up on one monitor while I do work on the other, keeping an eye on what's going on.

Excited to cheer on the US Women who are best of friends... who doesn't love a friend duo?  Goucher & Flanagan.  They are at the start line looking amazing & fit & ready for a race.  I sat & watched as the ladies took off.

Then the men go out... one USA fella staying up in the pack the whole way.

It's always fun to follow on Twitter - seeing people who are cheering their friends & family members on.

I even was watching Ethan from Survivor on his Boston run... he would upload pictures throughout the race.  (If you don't know who Ethan is, he is also a 3 time Cancer Survivor which makes him doing the Boston even more amazing to me)

(Here's his picture at Mile 13)

The finish came & its always exciting.  Watching Goucher finish & the first words out of her mouth was asking how her friend did.  There is nothing like finish line emotion!  I even posted a picture on Instagram & said, "I wish they would leave this feed on all day long so you could just witness the emotion of the finish line"

Little did I know what the emotion would be...

I first saw on Twitter where someone wrote, "What is this mess going on in Boston?"

I thought they were just being funny & saying how much they hated running....

but then, the other Boston tweets started flying in....

Words like: explosion, tragedy, injured

WHAT?  What is happening?

I pull up the ABC Live news feed & see what happened & I just sat stunned.

Is this the same finish line I was sitting & smiling while watching people cross?

In the blink of an eye... things can change.

I was not there - but I can imagine being there... my heart is there...

I can imagine the families waiting for their loved ones, ready to cheer them on for making it through a marathon... 26.2 miles... the most known race of our country.... people ready to celebrate.

So the shock of what happens next?  It just is so unreal to me... so horribly wrong.... so evil

I sat all night & watched the updates
.... teared up to hear people loosing their lives
... to hear of a young 8 yr old boy who was excited to see his father cross that finish line, is now gone from this world

how do you wrap your mind around such cruel intentions?

The discussion in our house was on going last night.
Ricky now refuses to let me run the Derby Marathon/Mini-Marathon in less then 2 weeks... he's afraid an event that big around here could have issues now.

I keep saying I'm doing it... he keeps betting me I'm not... that I can be mad at him but I'll get over it & he's not going to let me go....

I can understand the fear...

We have a local runner who owns a Fleet Feet in the area who ran the Boston.  He had finished the race not too long before & was heading back to his hotel... which is on the finish line.
The bomb went off as he was walking back.... he was only a block away
He said his first instinct was to just fall to his knees & pray to God....
people running all around him, & he was on his knees on the side walk....

I think that's a perfect example for us all as we try to figure out what happened...
just stay on our knees praying to God...
praying for the town, praying for the injured, praying for those who have lost loved ones...

just praying for our world

Monday, April 15, 2013

Weekend Wrapup

* My stomach... UGH!!!.... I started taking Fish Oil with Krill last weekend.  My goodness.  My body just doesn't care for anything new, or anything that tries to make me more healthy.  I woke up Friday with a stomach cramping like no other.  By the time Friday night came along, let's just say that the bathroom was my room of choice.... UGGGHHHH!!!!!  I spent all weekend with my stomach rolling in knots.... still doing it actually this morning as well.  It took a week to mess my whole system up like a hot mess... hoping it only takes a week to get it back to normal.

* Upside - I'm down 3 lbs! :)  That's how a chubby girl looks at the bright side of things....

* Downside - I couldn't run one bit this weekend.  Think I'm going to run away from my bathroom AND jump up & down for a few miles to jossle up some insides?  ... yeah... not smart

* My dogs got pretty beat up this weekend at the groomers.... it was quite dramatic. The lady opened up the door with blood all over her hands & said, "We've had a problem with Bruno" - for some reason, I thought she was joking... nope... she takes me in the back & Bruno had his ear sliced in two... blood was shooting everywhere.  he kept flinging his head & blood was splashing all over.

THEN - we get Sydney - only to see they skinned her alive... literally skinned!  I looked at the lady & said, "What did you do to my dog?" & she instantly got defensive & said, "We used the same blade we always do"... what is that?  Blade from hell?  She has cuts all over her stomach that look like someone took nails & ran across her... its horrible.  She also have huge cuts on her legs that are like nickel sized.  WHAT THE HECK!??!?!?!

Then the new owner, who is horrible & mean & short tempered & just a plain witch, came over, while we're trying to keep Bruno's ear from bleeding & said, 'Someone needs to cash them out' - what?  really?  You're going to charge me?  Yep... indeed they did... "That will be $95"... for torturing my animals?  Well that's a bargain! ... geez... I took the cash & threw it at them & said, 'That's the last dollar you will see from us'

....I'm still shaking mad about it....
(FYI - we did take them both to the vet to have them looked at afterwards... )

* The dogs got a trip to Feeders Supply after their horrible afternoon... Ricky said people were going to think we were abusing our dogs taking in a skinned dog & one with blood stains all over his head.  I would have DARED someone say something to me about my dogs at that point.

* I found the most amazing snack ever...Kale Krunch chips ... except they are $6.25 for a 2 oz bag. YIKES... & then, in the bottom of the bag, was one of those things that are like a gel silicone thing to keep things fresh.  WHAT?  Doesn't that seem dangerous to have around food?

* Family Photo Session on Sunday... thank you Lord for Imodium  I can't access my Facebook page any more at work so I can't share a picture... I guess that's a cue for you to click on the Facebook button on the side & visit it yourself.  While you're there - give it a LIKE :)

* MTV Movie Awards.... I'm just old now... some of the things they say & do?  So inappropriate.

So hope its a great week for everyone... & if anyone has any advice on how to get a stomach calmed down, please share... PLEASE!!!!

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