Tuesday, February 28, 2017

I'm basically Austin Powers at this point... {Training Tuesday}

This Saturday kicks off the Triple Crown of Running.

& you may have noticed, I havent been posting on here for Training Tuesday.

Yes, I am still training.  No, I dont give up easily.
& yes, I am feeling like BLAH in it this time around.

It's funny because I'm the kinda gal that loves structure - NEEDS a schedule in my life.

When I'm on vacation at work, I even feel a little off. & if my days dont go to the usual time schedule, I always feel like someone has pulled the rug out from underneath me. It's just who I am. Chalk it up to some sort of ADD, ADHD, OCD, or even AC/DC (ROCK ON)...

But I do love having my calendar full of 16 weeks of working out.
It usually motivates me.  Gets me excited.  Gets me PUMPED UP!!!! ...Hence the AC/DC comment.

This time around?  I'm struggling.  Hard core.

I think it all started because I was just 3 weeks in when the stomach flu hit me. & as I mentioned, I haven't felt the best ever since.

My runs are slower.  .... which let's get real, I didnt even know they could get slower.  I'm pretty sure a 95 year old person using a walker could pass me at this point.

Image result for slow runner funny

My body just feels tight.... truth - I haven't done my yoga like I wanted to since the stomach flu either, so a month of no stretching.

My muscle tone is gone .... I havent been keeping up with the cross training like I usually do either so all that toned up muscle I had from Hammer & Chisel.  Yeah... a distant memory.  That's gonna hurt on 13.1 race day when my thighs are crying for mercy.

My energy is just zapped.... my motivation feels fizzled... I'm just blah.
Image result for no energy working out funny
Ricky - God love his cute little red head heart - he was talking about that he's excited to start the race on Saturday.
Ricky... the man who never even attended any of my first few year races because he thought it was stupid to pay good money to run on a road that is open 364 days & 22 hours a year... that same guy.  He's learned to love the races too.  Not because he races. If he 'raced' - he'd win his age division every time. No doubt in my mind. The dude was made to run.

But he sticks with me.  He says he has fun just 'hanging out with me'

How cute is it that he calls doing 3.1 or 6.2 or 10 miles or 13.1 miles "hanging out"... it is pretty leisure to him to do those miles.
while I'm huffing & puffing & trying not to curse him out for doing it so easily.
... but I can knit easily & take pictures easily. I have my things too I can do.  ... some things just aren't as easy for one person as they are someone else.

Image result for couples running shirts
we still need these shirts... seriously...
... & let's be honest here.  Ricky even admits he likes doing the races because we go to Panera & eat breakfast every time as our running tradition.

It's kinda my favorite thing about running too #thatsloveforyou  #Runforcarbs

All of this to say... I'm still going.  Still trying.  Still trying to find my mojo.

Side note - I did watch Austin Powers: The Spy who Shagged me the other day.  I get it Austin. I relate.  My mojo feels like a Fat B****rd has taken it too.

I'm just hoping in the end, I'll be just like Mr. Powers & I'll find out I had it all along.

Image result for austin powers mojo gif


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Monday, February 27, 2017

The weekend I felt like I was in a Walking Dead scene....

Question:  Has anyone else felt horrible a month after the stomach flu? ... geez.  I knew that stomach bug kicked my butt, but ever since, I am still having horrible waves of nausea & stomach cramps.  It feels like I'm getting the stomach flu all over again, but it only lasts for like a half hour & then I'm fine... until it hits again.  All this started ever since that stupid stomach bug.  I guess I'm just the lucky one that's going to have issues with a simple (but not simple) virus.  Leave it to me.

All that to say, I'm starting my Monday off feeling like I'm ready to puke.  Fun times... & wildly appropriate for a Monday.

Maybe I'll just call it a weekend hangover.  This weekend was jam packed for sure...

let me do a quick recap before I feel like I have to run & dunk my head in a bucket somewhere.

Friday, I was glad to get home in time before storms came rolling in.  & by getting home in time, it means to wear Harvey Dent out by throwing the frisbee, working that energy out before the rain stopped the playing.  Not that the rain would stop Harvey from playing - he'd go right out in the middle of a tornado to play if it were up to him. Nothing comes between a dog & his frisbee.

I spent the rest of Friday night on the couch watching The Vampire Diaries (so close to the end!!!) & caught up on Nashville - WHAT THE HECK!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!  Any other Nashies out there that is sort of confused why that happened?  & how they will carry on????

Saturday, Ricky had to work, so that left me some time in the morning to clean the house.  Something I only like to do when he's not there.  Isn't that weird?  But it always makes for a fun surprise for him when he gets home.

I got things straightened up & then took some time to dabble with my lettering & practiced my memory verse for the week.  In our new Bible Study, there's a verse that goes with every week of the workbook. I think I'm going to try & do something creative every time... it helps me memorize things when I can be creative with it.  Plus, its always good practice to get better at lettering... which I know I have a LONNGGGG way to go.  But Rome wasn't built in a day, right?

After I finished that up, it was time to get my long run in.  & it was cold.... Mother Nature took a sharp turn on us & those 70 degree temps dropped.  It was under freezing - the real temp was 17 degrees - & there were snow flurries - AND the wind was like 20-30 mph.  Treadmill for me it was....

except my treadmill was like, Nah, I hate you. Always have. All that pounding you do to me?  Here's my revenge.  In 5 minutes, it jerked so hard & threw me. I knew there was no way I was getting 7 miles on that thing when I nearly broke my neck in less than 5 minutes.

I was in a panic. Didnt know what to do... thought about running down & joining Planet Fitness for a hot minute & then just sucked it up & dug out my fleece lined pants, my thermal stuff & headed outdoors to run. Old School.

MANNNNN - it was cold. I honestly wouldnt have minded the temps, but the wind was what was brutal.  It was like cutting my face in two.

Plus, it was scary as HECK.  I've never been at this park where there wasn't anyone.  But this time - there was NO ONE.... EXCEPT one man.  Who had ridden his motorcycle & was parked up under this shelter area - & who had made this fire.  Weird! I just knew he was going to kill me & throw me in the fire.  Yes, I watch too much TV.  Or news.  The news is basically scary in itself.

My lone car in a lonely park

But after circling that loop, I readjusted my path so I didnt have to go past him anymore - but still kept looking behind me every 5 minutes... & searching the tree paths I was running through. I basically felt like I was in a scene from the Walking Dead.  SCARYYYY!  Needless to say, my heart rate might have been up a notch or two from the fright.

But I got it done!  Yes. Thank you Lord - give me a hot shower & a hot cup of coffee to celebrate.

The rest of my day was spent knitting more stuff & doing a 5 episode marathon of Riverdale.
Which is truly corny... but I was so caught up in it.  I'm going to need another corny guilty pleasure after Vampire Diaries goes off.  & no, I'm not 16 years old.  (at least not in numbers on the calendar... my mind? Maybe)

Image result for Riverdale cw

Sunday had me back at church with those amazing young ladies....

& then left church to head to another group of amazing ladies with our Joy Sisters...

& finally had to stop at Target on the way home to pick up some things for Bruno. Our poor little guy gets these horrible skin infections on him & I felt like a walking first aid kit with all the things I got to clean him up & try & get him feeling better.  If its not better by Wednesday, off to the vet we go.  His favorite thing in the world.

A Sunday selfie in between stops
Loving my new Beauty & the Beast sweatshirt

Ended my Sunday by NOT watching the Oscars. I couldnt really care less this year.  I knew it was going to get political - & yep, I get everyone has a right to their opinion, but to me, entertainment has taken a weird turn.  I like entertainment for just that - entertainment. I dont like entertainers who think their opinion is the end all, be all.  .. by gones - just me... The beauty of America - I watched The Walking Dead instead. I mean, I just felt like I lived it the day before - I needed to brush up on my combat skills in case someone did pop out from behind a tree.

So - how was your weekend?

Did the temps drop out from under you this weekend?

Do you watch Nashville / Riverdale / The Vampire Diaries?

Ever have the stomach flu ruin your life for a month?

Friday, February 24, 2017

Friday Favorites

Image result for knit by gods hand friday favorite

Favorite Bookmarks

<3 Grass blades page saver.  I have to get some of these!!!:

I am constantly putting in torn post it notes to hold reminders in books
... these are perfect for just that!

Favorite JOY Reminder

LDS general conference quote (printable):

Favorite Sweatshirt

I don't know if this is a real sweater but it should be because I need it.:

Favorite Running Item

Speedzter Armbands are perfect for carrying your phone while you run. They fit most phones, are comfortable and don't slip! speedzter.com:

I like the idea of these.
I hate the ones with the velcro on them. They are forever rubbing my arm
or just not comfortable because they're not flexible.
I bet these wouldnt be bad at all.

Favorite Beauty & the Beast

Disney Beauty And The Beast I'll Be Your Beauty Girls T-Shirt, BLACK:

Yep... I just ordered this.
I wont be pulling off the same goth look though.

Favorite Knit Item

Knitting Sheep Enamel Pin:

A lamb... knitting...
This pin needs to be in my possession!
At least making a home on my knitting bag

Favorite Peencha

Look at it! Look at those tiny hooves!. Download our funsubstance app for hours of funny pics! Link in bio :):

Favorite Funnies

Funny Pictures Of The Day – 38 Pics:


seat belt funny:

Funny Pictures Of The Day 37 Pics:

funny life:

Funny Pictures Of The Day – 36 Pics:

... every time I see the Beauty & the Beast movie trailers

...when I have a headache & everyone is so loud in the office

... how much it feels like I contribute when the hubs needs help on something in the garage

.... every Monday

... when I see the sun shining outside my window after a month of gray skies

.. when I get a new skein of yarn

GIPHY! (http://gph.is/2metzyn) February 1, 2017 at 11:30AM

... me at 4:00pm

Happy Weekend Y'all!!!

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Launching, car stuff, little faces to kiss & new coffee yummies!!! {Thankful Thursday #113}

Image result for knit by god's hand thankful thursday

This week I am Thankful For:
{The numbers go with my One Thousand Gifts... just ignore them}

131 / Ricky letting me use his car.
Mine car had to go in the shop last week & Ricky drove his loud, beat up, did I say LOUD? truck & let me drive his comfy little car.  What a sweetie.

... add on to that - thankful we have extra vehicles when something like this happens.

135 / My daddy picking me up.
When my car went to the shop, Ricky had to meet someone across town so my daddy to the rescue to pick me up & drive me home.

136 / Grace is Greater Launch Team
I just LOVE my pastor's preaching & love when he writes new books. So when Kyle Idleman put out a new book, I jumped on it & pre-purchased it.  & then found one delivered to my door before it was released & I was on the launch team to preview it.  So needless to say, when it comes out & the book I ordered gets delivered - I totally am going to have to bless someone with it.  So far, I am LOVINGGGGGGG this book!

138 / Car back.
I'm not going to say 'repaired' because its still running funny. It's not doing what it was before, but it just doesnt feel 'right'.  It feels really rough & I'm a little nervous about it.  But its going for now & I'm thankful to be back in my big SUV.  After driving Ricky's little Ford Focus, I forgot how much I enjoyed sitting upright & higher than driving on the ground in tiny surroundings.

139 / 6 miles done.
The miles are starting to add up on long runs now.  I'm feeling it too.... whew.

144 / Seeing Grands.
even if it was just for a little bit, I was so happy to see those little faces on Monday morning in my house.  They were all sitting on the couch watching Sprout TV & I went down the line & kissed each one of them on the forehead & told them I loved starting my day like that.  Luke is just the sweetest thing, he looked up at me & just hugged me around my waist. #daymade

Mini Ricky....
look at Harvey sniffing the Nutella on those hands :) 

145 / Warm weather for February funeral.
You expect cold & miserable temps in February but so thankful that the weather was warm & the sun came out to burn off some fog for a funeral we had to go to for Julie's aunt.

146 / Seeing a precious friend.
I met the most amazing lady & her family through Julie & was so grateful to see her at the funeral on Monday.  I think we could sit & talk & laugh for hours on end.  This is the type of lady that just is everything you want in a friend & support team. Her heart is amazing - full of love for everyone.  I was so glad to see her, even if just for a bit, & hug her.

147 / More Etsy sales.
I'll always be thankful for my little hobby to keep doing well in sales.

148 / William & Harvey.
William was just all about Harvey Dent when he was up.  Wherever you saw one, you saw the other.  It's funny because it seems like we always had a dog for every grand son that connected with them.  Sydney always would herd Isaac... Buffy always wanted Luke to play with her... & Harvey Dent & William are going to be friends for a long time.

149 / New place to run.
It was so warm this week & I work near a park that I never run in.  So I remembered to pack a bag of running gear & headed over to the park after work for a new view to run.  I loved being there because it was PACKED... being in an area with other runners & walkers just gives me a boost of energy.  Good for the soul.

152/ Driving with the windows down.
... in February.  We have broke all sorts of records this week with the temps.  I have loved every second of it & soaked in all that I can.

154 / All the new coffee creamers.
I usually go to Target to get my coffee creamer because its the only place that I can find the big bottles of the Natural Bliss creamer.  But what I saw in the case had me literally gasp & my jaw drop & then I truly did a clapping/jumping motion because of my excitement!!!!! More options & flavors & more natural products.  Made with Almond milk... & Coconut Milk!!!! & a new Chocolate flavor. I was in my happy spot loading up my cart with 3 of the flavors.  I have since tried the chocolate flavor & it's delicious. Adds a good little mocha taste to your cup.  Cant wait to try the others.

What are some good things happening in your world this week?

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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

What's up Wednesday


Last Wednesday of the month
time to do some catching up of life

What we're eating this week
Something that we eat EVERY week.
Image result for veggie burgers santa fe

Y'all... if you see these in your grocery (mainly in your health food area in the cold foods section)
They are delicious!
Ricky actually craves these & asks for these every week.
We prefer the Santa Fe burger over all the others... but I like all the flavors I've tasted.

What I'm reminiscing about

Image may contain: one or more people, baby and outdoor

This little guy turns 3 on Saturday. 
Our youngest grand son!
We just saw him in January & when they came up this past weekend, he looked SO BIG!!!!
Like, how do kids grow so much in a month?
Dont get me started that the oldest is going to be double digits this year.  My brain may explode thinking about that.

What I'm loving
I'm a idiot when it comes to make up - 100% clueless.
But I ended up getting an ELF highlight / contour set after Christmas when the kits were on clearance.  This one had some powders but it also had this little tube of shimmery highlight in it.
Every time I've worn it, I've gotten compliments on it.
Even my youth girls take note & mention how good it looks. 
When pre-teens compliment you, you take it!
But I'm nearing the end of my tube so think I have to find somoe more.... & break the bank because I think its like a dollar for a tube.  Seriously.

Image result for elf highlighter

What we've been up to
Trying to avoid every stinkin' flu bug/ strep throat bug/ stomach flu bug
... its been the WORST year for sickness lately.
It's terrifying to breath.

What I'm dreading
The return of cold.
We've been spoiled to Spring like temps
... like trees & flowers & bushes are blooming kinda spring weather.
& the bottom is getting pulled out from under us this week & we're back to 'normal' February temps.
It's probably going to feel even colder than it usually would.
I mean, I had on shorts this week.  Putting a winter coat on again is going to be the WORST!

What I'm working on
Trying to find some cute summer knit projects for my Etsy store.
I'm eyeing a few things, including the little baby tiara's I posted on Monday
... but also these cute little bags perfect for the beach or farmers markets

Image result for knit beach bag
What do you think?

What I'm excited about
The time change!!!! 
Bring on more evening sunlight!!!!

 What I'm watching/reading
I just finished up Fuller House Season 2... I love that show. 
I legit laugh & get all the feels from every episode.
& come on... NKOTB on for an episode? YES!!!!

Image result for fuller house season 2

.... & can we talk about This is Us last night?
I just cant get enough of this show....
& last night's episode, if you haven't seen it.... Go in with a box of kleenex.  Seriously.
I dont think I have cried that hard at a TV show in the longest time.

What I'm listening to
I'm all about loving Spotify for making Disney playlists for running/training.
Just a channel full of Disney songs.  
They have this one as well as one for the Wine & Dine training ... 
give me all Disney, all the time.
You dont even need to be training for anything to listen - just enjoy all the Disney love.

Image result for disney princess half marathon spotify

What I'm wearing
I'll tell you what I'm NOT wearing...
This t-shirt!!!

Belle Heathered Tee for Women:
I ordered it, along with a sweatshirt that Disney has & they both were such let downs.
First, I bought a T-shirt & sweatshirt a few months ago & they both were so big.
I didn't mind the sweatshirt being a little roomy - they're made to be roomy - but the tee was too big -
so when I went to order these new prints, I got the same size sweatshirt & a size smaller tee.

Except these must be made for little kids because the sweatshirt is sooooooo much smaller. 
Like if I wash it in anything other than a cold hand wash, I can hand it down to my 12 year old nieces & it'll fit them.
& the tee? ... it fits like scuba gear. SUPER TIGHT.
So I just sent it back to get a size bigger - which I still think will be tighter than I prefer, but still, gotta have... but looking at the site, they're sold out so I'm thinking I'm not going to get anything back but a credit.
Dang it.

What I'm doing this weekend
Getting in my long run of 7 miles (God help me)
& we've changed our Bible study group to every 2 weeks now 
- so excited to see my Joy Sisters a week earlier than usual

Image result for weekends are for long runs

What I'm looking forward to next month
The start of the Triple Crown of running begins.  
March will hold the 5k & then 2 weeks later, the 10k
& actually, one day past next month (April 1st) is the last race of the Triple Crown
... the dreaded 10 miler. 

Image result for triple crown of running 2017

What else is new
Remember my post on Monday about the REAL burger when it should have been a veggie burger.
Well, Monday night, I ordered some nachos for Ricky & I after a run & took dinner home.
Looked down & thought, that looks funny - & put on my glasses because I basically cant see anything closer than 2 feet in front of me... & what's on it?
MEAT!  Stupid gross nasty meat!
Ricky's had meat on it too.
I'm starting to cop some really big food trust issues lately.

Image result for i don't trust you gif
me with every meal I order now

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