Friday, January 29, 2021

Friday Favorites


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Favorite Connect Four

You can get it personalized.
How fun would this be for a wedding gift? 

Favorite Garbage Cans

We really have to get a new one. 
We had this one - an older version - but it lasted us nearly 20 years.
We had to get it when we got Buffy, our lab, because she was forever getting in the garbage. 
She actually learned to use her nose to do the motion activation on this -HAHA
But the batteries dont last in ours now for longer than a few weeks & 4 Size D batteries adds up each  month. I mean, it lasted 20 years. Its time to get a new one.

Favorite Bed Table

If you dont have space for a nightstand but need something to hold your phone or watch or book

Favorite Hanger

So this is pretty cool. 
It pulls down in 5 hangers - or have them stay up for just like a piece of art on the wall.
They make it in black that I think looks better....I wonder if you could even paint this one.
But I like the hangers dont stay out when you dont use them.

Favorite Blanket Holder

Perfect for the basement where its always cold!!!!

Favorite Make up Organizer

Favorite SAFETY jewelry

I first liked this because of the look...
But its actually a GPS tracker & a button on it calls 911 if you're in an emergency & send texts & location to where you are at to 5 people you program. Isnt that amazing!
You have to buy a new charm every year - or two - but you get it discounted.
Sort of like a yearly membership - but for safety, if you travel a lot, go on a lot of blind dates, work in areas you're out late - it's so worth it!

Favorite Funnies

(I love me some Jennifer Lopez - but this made me laugh)

... the barista at Starbucks that I keep talking to because I havent seen another human in months

... everyone who is now a Stock broker genius after reading a lot of Reddit & buying Game Stop Stock 

.... me at 4:30pm today

Happy Weekend Y'all!!!

Thursday, January 28, 2021

Already ready for a day off, happy mail & new beginnings {Thankful Thursday #296}


This week I'm Thankful for:

Yep - I had it last week too but mom's in a new place now & the nurses at the rehab center have been really honest & helpful in taking care of her.  The nurse that has been working with mom told me that she came from another place where she had to leave & take some time when at the facility, they lost 48 people in a weekend due to COVID. 48 PEOPLE.... IN A WEEKEND!!! Geez. But she said she saw a 92 year old woman come out of the COVID unit & she said she high fived her & told her "You kicked COVID's butt". She said she has to cling to those stories to get her through all the losses she's seeing. I cant even imagine.

Day off Work
I still love that my job has off Martin Luther King Day.  It's always nice to get a day to recover after the crazy of December.  

Walk in January
There was a day recently that was in the 50's. It felt wonderful!!!! I was able to get out & do a walk at lunch & it just filled my spirit up to be out in fresh air & feel the sunshine on my face & get my lungs working.  

Inauguration Day
Whew... I was holding my breath all day long to make sure it was safe.  I thought it was wonderfully done with all the precautions with COVID.  The celebration at night "Celebrating America" was just really nice & that young poet? Just incredible. She's going to be something to watch as she grows up.  & I always love to see the former Presidents get together.  I just love George W Bush - when he gets together with Michelle Obama, it just makes me smile.  


High Five
Hubby has been working with Ozzie to teach him to lay... which he has down to a pat.  So I have been working on the "high five" action. It took about 2 days - now, he gives them ALL the time. Even when you dont want him to. Its just the cutest thing.  I'm impressed how fast he picks things up.

I got the sweetest cards from my friend Chris & Kelly.  I think fun mail just makes a day so much better - knowing that someone takes the time to send you hugs through an envelope. I feel them every time I get one.

Aunt OK
I have an aunt that had to be rushed into open heart surgery this past week. The town she lives in didnt even have a cardiologist that could do what she needed so she had to be transferred to another hospital another town over.  They were able to get her there & get the surgery done & she was home the next day! Isnt that amazing?  The things they can do to a body! Medicine & science is amazing.

Tell me something good about your week!

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Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Hugh, I still love you ..... {Hodgepodge Time}


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1. Have you done more binge watching this past year than in 'normal' years? Any plans to break that habit in 2021? Tell us one or two shows you binged last year that you really liked. 

Totally have done more Binge Watching.  I have really learned to not watch LIVE TV anymore because ugh... commercials.  & I remember the days when movies felt long at 2 hours.  Now, give me a series that has at least 10 episodes & at least an hour long. That's a sure sign I'm going to be sitting on my couch all weekend  to make it through the entire season in one setting. I'm looking at you Cobra Kai & Sabrina

2. January 26th is Australia Day. Have you ever visited or lived in Australia? Have you ever tasted Vegemite, and if so what did you think?  Is a trip down under on your bucket list? We answered a question about travel three months ago (the October 21st Hodgepodge), but let's revisit now...where are you when it comes to planning or even imagining travel this year? 

Australia... me? I'm laughing... nonstop.
I get sick traveling 3 hours to Nashville.  I cringe & have a panic attack when we would have to fly 3 hours to Texas.  A trip around to the other side of the world? Nope - not a place you'll ever find me.  Even if it is the home of my favorite Ozzie, Hugh Jackman.

Well shoot... sorry Hugh ... I cant say he's my favorite Ozzie now... with our new Ozzie.

As for travel?  um... let us work back up to going into a restaurant & eating, much less traveling.  I'll go ahead & give that a big NOPE for 2021 for us.  

3. Something that zaps your energy? Something that energizes you? 

Ignorance zaps every bit of my energy.  People that just want to argue & dont want to even entertain a different point of view - or even listening or learning other ways of thinking - or the truth.  Its the fact that you can have pure facts on your side & trying to convince someone of truth, its the same as holding your breath until your blue.  It's why I've blocked, unfollowed, removed a lot of people that just zap bits of me away.  My peace, my happiness, my sanity. Zapped - gone.

Energize me?  I had so many things that came to mind.  Being with friends or family... game playing... being in nature on beautiful days... my dogs... 

I'm glad there's more to energize me than zap me!

4. On a scale of 1-10 what are your eating habits like these days? (1=all junk food all the time and 10= juicing every green thing in the frig) Healthiest meal you've eaten in the last week or so? 

Basically since March of 2020, its been a 1 - 1.5 ... butI will say, I'm really into starting to make healthy changes.  After talking to my heart doctor, it's been pretty eye opening so lately, I'll up that to a 7... possibly an 8. That's a big change.  

5. What's your most often 'Back in my day....' thing to say? 

Its usually something to do with NOT having computers or cell phones....
& usually something about how awesome the 80's were.  I love my teen years were in the 80's!

5 points if you know this movie

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

Is anyone else's Bloglovin' messed up or acting strange lately?

I know I've been super busy with work & I've been getting around late to some blogs, but I know some friends have had issues with their blogs not showing up on Bloglovin' & then randomly - they're there - with like weeks back dated. Why?  & I know I get through my feed & its all clear & then go back in & see some blog posts for up to a week late.  Frustrating.

I miss the good ole days of Google Reader.  ... now THAT's a "Back in my day" moment right there!

Anyone else having fond memories right now?

If you use another sort of blog organizer other than Blog'lovin' - let me know anything I may be missing.

Monday, January 25, 2021

The weekend I finally can say goodbye to Stars Hollow

 Hello Monday.... a full week ahead.  Those are always so much harder when you had a short week the previous one before.  But, who am I kidding....all my days blend into one another & I usually have no idea its Friday until someone days, TGIF & I'm like, OH YEAH.... 

In the end I've learned... Monday's are always hard.... but here we are.

Coming out of another weekend that held a little bit of excitement. I mean... not Pre-Covid 2020 excitement.  But at least something new in my world.

Saturday, I got up early (Because puppy life in this home) & read a little bit of my book. I've not been able to sit & just READ lately.  I grab a page or two when I can... but then was on a mission - I had 2 more episodes to finish Gilmore Girls!  I did it. Finally!  Made it through all of the seasons.  It only took me a few yearsssss!!! Honestly, I remember watching this on my birthday in 2017 when my dad came over to bring me my Hershey pie... that was my last birthday with my dad. I  dont know why I associate him with the Gilmore Girls because of that... but I do. 

I felt so accomplished making it through... & left the house knowing I was going to go right into the Netflix add on that came out in 2016 with the Stars Hollow gang.

But first... I had some bank runs I had to make for work & since I was out, I was going to treat myself to Starbucks, which is a rarity anymore.  Remember the days when I'd go there every day - sometimes TWICE a day?  Ohhh... the good ole days.

I dont know about your Starbucks where you live, but I know Starbucks isn't struggling with the pandemic. The lines toe very one I've drove by are like this... wrapped around the building - wrapped around the parking lot.  I had my book with me in the car so I didnt mind sitting in line & waiting.

It tasted glorious!!!!

I had an hour before I had an eye doctor appointment so I ran to Home Goods to see about getting Ozzie a new bed (he's growing out of his so fast already) & I wanted to get a new gate for our steps.  I love the gates they have there made out of good solid wood. We got one for our kitchen that goes into our dining room - which is my library.  The gate is GORGEOUS.  I ended up finding this one that is much shorter but will work well to put at the top of the stairs.

I wasn't planning on dropping a few hundred dollars at Home Goods - but when in Rome....
I blame Home Goods AND a new puppy.  They have the best toys & beds for pets!!!

Then I went to my eye appointment & Hubby met me there for his as well.

I actually ended up trying out contacts. ... not sure how they're going to work for me.... but I'm giving it a little trial.  My issue is I CAN NOT do bifocals, which I need.  My distance vision needs a slight correction - while my close up? WHEW... I cant see diddly squat.  But bifocals make me sick first of all. I'm the queen of motion sickness & vertigo & those glasses do both. I've tried different kinds too - the lined, the progression kind - small lens - big lenses - with the bifocal line raised up higher. It's just a struggle #oldpeoplestruggles

So we are trying contacts for my distance & then I can put on readers for things to read up close.  The idea seems good in general.  BUT... you know nothing is ever easy with me..... I've having issues with the contacts.  My right eye is great... my left eye just stays blurry.  They fit me in a different kind of contact & it still is blurry. It's just weird really - its clear with one blink - blurry with the next - totally a smudge in the next... & then with each blink, I never know what my vision is going to be. All in the left eye.

I know that when you get new glasses, it takes some adjustment period ... are contacts like that too?

I get my contacts in the mail in 2 weeks & if its still that way, I'm going to go back & retest my left eye & make sure its the right strength.

But I also didnt realize how much I need to see things close up.  Like I wore my contacts to the grocery... & it was ok (minute the blurry left eye) & reading some labels up close was a struggle. So to put my readers on & off a dozen times isnt the best thing either.


My first CONTACT picture... I feel like I look weird without glasses now

So I dont know what the answer is going to be for my eyes.... maybe I'll get used to the contacts... maybe I need to try bifocals again. I dont know.  Knowing me, I'll just end up in my Walgreens readers for another year & try again next year.... geez.

The rest of my weekend was making it through the rest of the Gilmore Girls series... which I was surprised to see each episode was like a movie - like an hour & a half long. I really enjoyed it - seeing people come back after the years.  Totally cried about Richard passing away - which I knew he really did right before they started filming these. But everyone looked so good! I was most shocked at Ms. Kim... she looked EXACTLY the same! So did Sally Struthers. 

The end of it all though - I literally GASPED. WHAT??? They HAVE to have more now - right??? There has to be a new show.  I know its been over 4 years since that was made. WHERE IS THE NEW SHOW? I need to know what happened after that last line!  .... I'm so late to this party.

Nothing else really exciting happened...

A lot of puppy watch... little booger is always into something & I feel like I need  to pay Ernie a babysitting fee because he's the best at playing with him & wearing him out.

Mom update... she's still in rehab. I talked to her quite a bit when she moved into the new rehab but then she stopped calling & I havent been able to talk to anyone in the rehab facility for an update.  It's a different one than she normally goes to & where she used to go - I'm used to them calling me with updates & scheduling ZOOM calls to talk to her team that works with her.... this one has been radio silent. I'm going to be calling & hounding today until I get in touch with someone & get some news.  

It'll be 2 weeks tomorrow that she was taken away in the ambulance so I would suspect she's COVID negative now.  Glad that's behind her.  You never know what you're going to get with COVID - I hear every day of someone who has lost a family member or friend from this pandemic.  Did anyone really expect this time last year that it would still be around & still be such a part of our lives?

Well... time to get some coffee & play with this puppy so I can put him in his play pen so I can start work.  The one good thing about him is for my blog. Hubby leaves at 5:30am & I get up then so he can have a good 3 hours of play before I work at 7:30 (Hubby gets him up around 4am) & that gives me time to blog.  Again - thanking Ernie for running him across the kitchen & the yard while I'm typing right now.

Hope you all have a great Monday & an even better week.

Do you wear contacts? Give me any tips or tricks.
Do you have to adjust to them like glasses?

Do you wear bifocals?
What's the trick on getting used to those?

Did you ever watch Gilmore Girls back in the day or binge it on Netflix?
What did you think of the way it ended?

What show with a lot of seasons should I binge next?

Friday, January 22, 2021

Friday Favorites

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Favorite Blanket

You can actually write whatever you want to whoever you want.
Great for Valentine's Day with a love letter
Or a letter to your mom for Mother's Day
Or to a child leaving to go to college!

Favorite Chess Board


You hang this on the wall & you & your chess partner can play it whenever you walk by.
Isnt that so fun!!!

Favorite Coasters

These are too funny - they prop up on your nose & give you a different face.
Here's an example... great for a party. (Once parties become a thing again)

Favorite Light

Looks like the moon!
What a beautiful little glow for a room at night
Basically an adult night light... 
I'm sure a kid would love it too
You can even make it bright white or the softer warmer light

Favorite Tennis Shoes

Because I'm a sucker for anything gray

Favorite Candle

This would have to smell heavenly, right?

Favorite Sleep Mask

I love me a sleep mask - but this one has bluetooth for music.... which when you have a puppy that whimpers to get in bed with you, I would appreciate some nice tunes in my ears instead.

Favorite Tooth Brush Holder

Because minimal looking things make me happy - but also, it wouldnt get GUNKY at the bottom like most things- or easier to clean if it did.  They're made out of CONCRETE!!! Who knew!

Favorite Funnies

... when I get a 5000 calorie drink at Starbucks because I got out of the house during a Pandemic

... when I'm walking for exercise but see a dog in someone's yard

... me waiting in the car when Hubby goes in Home Depot

.... me at 4:30pm today

Happy Weekend Y'all!!!!

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