Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Half way through the week... & a LEAP DAY!!!  What an exciting day.  Perfect for Hodgepodging!!!

1. The Hodgepodge falls on the last day of the year this year, a leap year. How will you spend that extra day?

OK... this questions confuses me.  "...falls on the last day of the year this year..."
So I had to pull out  calendar & the last day of the year is on a Monday, not a Wednesday.
And why would we care about the last day of 2012 when its only February?

Does this question mean today?  Not the last day of the year?  I'm so confused...

If it means what am I doing today?  Obviously trying to figure out this question...

2. What has recently required a leap of faith on your part?

Taking my Neurotin... this whole neuropathy thing.  Its making me put faith in medicine - which I hate.  And also calling on my bigger faith - ya know - the one in God.  That His plan for me is still on track... even though this neuropathy has made me pretty miserable.  God's still in control, right? ... yep... faith in that question makes the answer YES!

3. We're one week into the season of Lent...are you marking these forty days in some way? Giving something up or adding something extra to normal life? How's it going so far?

I just talked about this in my Friday Fragments.  I grew up Baptist - so that's not something we did, giving something up for Lent.  I like the concept, but find it odd.  Its like a blog friend said to me, its funny when people give up things like Facebook, or chocolate... like that compares to what Jesus went through?  Let's try not eating for 40 days... now THAT would be recognizing the season of Lent.  But who am I to judge... heck, we Baptist didnt give up anything :)

And for the record, I'm no longer Baptist, but belong to a Christian Church - which also doesnt give up anything for Lent... the fun of denominations...

4.  When was the last time you sat beside a fire?

We got a new entertainment center back in October that has a fake fireplace in it ... but that baby puts out the HEAT!!!  It warmed up our whole living room... so when our heat was out in December, I'd be found every night in front of it with a blanket wrapped around me.  If you saw me, you'd think it was a cozy, romantic spot.  For me?  It was a spot to stop shivering & to survive cold chills from sucking the life out of me. Once our heat got fixed, I dont think I've been back in front of it...

5.  Surf and turf is on the menu. Do you order as is or do you ask for just the surf (lobster), just the turf (steak) or a menu so you can select another option?

No steak for me... I dont eat anything that has four legs :)  And the surf part?  Never ate a lobster in my life.  I cant... I see them in the tanks in the store & feel so badly for them.  With their little claws all taped up.  Just waiting to be dropped in a boiling pot of water?  Who can do that?  I want to release them all... if only I were near salt water.  I'd have a grocery bill that was insane if that were the case.  Sending them all back to nature... run lobsters, run! (or whatever they do... run probably isnt the appropriate word?)

6.  If you could have any television show back, not in reruns but in new episodes, what program would you choose?

This is so funny because, no joke, I was thinking of the show I missed so much just this morning...

Source: via Rebecca on Pinterest


It was colorful, funny, mysterious, had a great romance, had musical moments in it, had a knitting detective, and had Kristin Chenoweth.... is that just the perfect combo?  It makes me so sad it got canceled...

7. They say an elephant never forgets. These days would you say your memory is more like an elephant or a gnat?

What was the question?

8.  Insert your own random thought here.

Storms are rolling in today... I always worry about my doggies.  3 out of 4 get scared to death. 1 especially FREAKS OUT... like will climb on your head & claw your face until the thunder stops.  When we're not there, I can just imagine him running around trying to find a head to jump on.  So I worry about them while I'm away. 

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I may be obsessed with an elf...


I can admit my addictions..

That's the first step, right?

Its not Diet Coke this time... its not even something Disney related, or running related.

(It could be my love for Cadbury Eggs...but not today's confession...)

Today, I'm admitting my addiction to a man who I lovingly call, "My Dr. Elf"

Dr. Oz!!!!

Doesnt he look like a little Elf with his ears?  I just picture him shooting arrows on "The Lord of the Ring" Movies... (Sorry, its how my warped mind works)

I noticed my addiction when my husband looked at me this past week & said, "You're sick, you know it?"

... that's always eye opening...

Hey - so I want to know the things to make me more healthy.

And if that means recording every episode

... & watching them with a notepad so I can write down notes, then so be it.

And if that also means creating a spreadsheet with all the information I write down - then so be it again.

Yeah.. I really do that...

But ask me about Vitamin D & I can enter it in my spreadsheet & see all the things he's talked about it for.

Tumeric?  Oh yeah, the best spice for cancer...
Alpha Lipoic Acid?  Great for stress...
Protein?  Eat it within 30 minutes of waking up for keeping your body energized.

I'm full of useful information

All because of my little Dr. Elf.

... & laugh if you want... but hopefully I'll be in my 80's & still feeling good.

heck, what am I talking about - I'm 40 & falling apart...

but I'm still holding out hope that when I'm 80, I'll feel good :)

Monday, February 27, 2012

Wekend Roundup

Weekend Roundup:  What happened, what I thought, what my weekend looked like...

* Got to enjoy some girl time at a coffee shop after work.  Always fun to sit & gab with girlfriends... No Chai Tea for me this time.  I checked out calories. YAZZHAA!  So I got Hot Chocolate with Soy.  Gotta be better.

* Started the frig cleanout... & by cleanout, I mean just taking off everything on the OUTSIDE of the frig!  Dang - Didnt realize how many magnets I had.

* Delivery of the new refrigerator was at 7:30 am (WHAT? Who delivers that early?... apparently Home Depot) so had to get up at 6:30 to clean everything out.  Take the frozen stuff downstairs to our other refrigerator & purge all the stuff in the frig.  Nice to throw lots away.

*IT'S HERE!!! I did take pictures - but didnt get them uploaded - but you'll see my new baby this week... I need to name her.  Any ideas of a name for my Stainless Steel piece of Beauty?  Maybe when I put her picture up, we'll be inspired for a good name.

* I've moved up on my Neurotin to 2 pills a day - we'll try that for a week & possibly build up to the 3 a day that he wants me to take... still? No effect on me though :(

* It was FREEZING Saturday - but I went running outside anyways.  In snow & wind.  The snow was nice.  The wind?  Not so much.  My lips are STILL wind burned.

* Finished my book - "150 Pounds"

* Ricky went out for dinner & was gone for like 2 hours, shopping at Walmart. I was STARRRVVINNNGGG by the time he got home.  On the menu?  Veggie Pizza.  I'll always go for that.

* Had Jr. High Small Group on Sunday... I love when we have small group.  We get to divide up & I love talking with a group of girls.  Giggles are infectious.

* Got to do an engagement session... it was beautiful weather.  Sunny & in the high 50's.  Just lovely!!!  My "assistant" got to go with me for the first time.  So glad she's working with me.  Made life so much easier & relaxed & she did a fantastic job.

 ... & the couple?  Stunning! 

There was a basketball game going on in downtown which we werent expecting so it made up move the location to a different area.  But it worked so well because I pass some places on the way to work I've always wanted to photograph & I finally got someone in front of a wall I've been drooling over...

Tell me how awesome this Green Wall is!!!

* So the editing begins.  I didnt watch one bit of the Oscars.  I will be in Edit-Mode all week.  Which is why I didnt up load the frig pictures.... why look at a refrigerator when you can look at beautiful faces instead.

Here's to a great week... we'll be having Spring Temps here so I'm looking forward to some nice runs!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea

Its Friday...Fragging time...

I'm a little on the bummed side today.  I should be on my way, or already in Disney World right now.  The Disney Princess Half Marathon is tomorrow.  That is my dream race... I want so badly to run in a tiara & tutu with Disney characters all around me.  Come on - even if you arent a runner, doesnt that sound like fun?  So I'm having a small pity party today & keeping hope that next year will be the year I make it to the Disney Finish Line!!!


One thing that made me excited this week... BEAUTY & THE BEAST!!! It seems to be everywhere!  First the 3D release at theaters - the Belle on "Once Upon a Time" - now, I just read that ABC & The CW each have a show based around Beauty & The Beast!!! ... be still my heart.... They said that ABC's version will be more fantasy (ala "Once upon a time") where The CW's will be like the old TV show with Vincent & Katherine.  The show that I still watch over & over on my VHS tapes.  Its true.  My DVR will be full from recording & saving all these episodes.

Doesnt the Beast look kinda like my husband?  Long red hair?  Furrowed brow?  And hello?  VINCENT as his name?  ... & you wonder how he stole my heart?  Think we just found the answer! :)
Source: via Rebecca on Pinterest


Weirdness!!!! .... so at the neurologist, they took blood to do some tests.  It hurt like a SON OF A GUN!!!  It felt like the needle was huge!  This whole week, my arm has been killing me to even touch around my elbow. Yes, its bruised to every shade of purple, blue & green.  But the other night when I was in the shower, I noticed how my arm was hurting so bad on the outside of my elbow... guess what?  There's a bruise there!!! On the exact opposite side from where the needle went IN my arm.  Its like the needle poked all the way through my arm!!! What the heck was that nurse doing?  I've never seen (or felt) anything like it...


I was raised Baptist.  We never did the whole Lent thing.  We had Holy Week, but nothing to give up during the 40 days before Easter.  Now, I feel weird when I keep seeing everyone talking about what they're giving up & asking me what I'm giving up.  I need a witty remark when people ask... like "I'm giving up giving up stuff"? 


We're getting an early wake up call in the morning at my house.  And I will be so glad to wake up.  We're getting a NEW REFRIGERATOR delivered tomorrow!! YEEE HAAA!!! We actually bought it on Black Friday - in November!  Yes - November!  But they sold so many they it had to be back ordered.  And now, finally, 3 months later, we're getting it!  Its a stainless steel, double door, freezer on the bottom beauty!  I'm just excited to have a frig with an ice & water dispenser on the front.  I've never had that in my life.  Its the small things that make me happy...


I want to go see "The Lorax" so badly... Being a nature loving, green freak, I think I'm gonna love this...

That Dr. Suess... he was a pretty smart dude, wasnt he?  Such deep thoughts...


Spat of the Week:  Trying to Kill each other? .... So you may have read where the neurologist asked me if my husband may be poisoning me... & then you may have read where Ricky almost choked to death on a Twix bar driving home.  If you havent read these things, then where have you been?

Anyways, for Valentines Day, I got Ricky a bunch of candy.  That little fella can eat the chocolate & loose weight from all the movement of his jaw (How unfair is life? I gain weight from giving him candy)  But in the cute little Valentine box of chocolate I got him were mini Twix bars.  I mean MINI... like you could swallow them like a vitamin.  But Ricky opened them up & looked at them, then looked at me, then looked at them & looked at me.  Then he said, "I KNEW IT!  You're trying to kill me"  I just laughed... he was more on the serious side.  And do you know, the box of chocolate is STILL sitting in the cabinet - untouched.  Now you have to know my husband can inject chocolate in his veins - he loves it that much.  But yet, he still wont touch the chocolate I got him.  He really thinks I'm trying to kill him...

If he doesnt touch it by this weekend - I'm eating all the chocolate... & then I'll gain 5 lbs & then there will REALLY be a spat happening!


Speaking of killing, here's your "Thought of the day"

Hope you all have a Fantastic Friday!!!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Yes, I'm calling God "Waldo" today...

(This is also part of the lesson I taught on Sunday... if you missed the first part, check it out right HERE )

Do you have something that someone made you? 
An old blanket that a grandma crocheted?
It may be hideous now, with those horrible colors from the 70's... you know the ones, the greens & oranges.

 ... I shudder...

But you have these creations & you love them because they were made for you.  There is heart in it. Love.

I have my photo book that my friend Chasity made for me this past Christmas.  I leave it on my side table in the living room.  Not because it holds my pictures, but because when I look at it, I see all the work Chasity put it in for me.  She took the time to download my pictures, upload them in this book, organizing it for the best effect, all with me in mind.  So when I look at this book now, I see Chasity's love for me...

Now look at the things around you... the things God created just for you.  Do you see Him?  Do you see how He placed things & people & situations in your life because He loves you & thinks about you & cares for you?

Have you ever looked at a Waldo book?

Trying to find that little dude in the midst of all the chaos that is distracting you?

I have a book even better then a Waldo book - its a Beauty & the Beast "Look & Find" book... its pretty awesome,  I must say.

When my grandbabies were up for Thanksgiving, I would go over this book with Isaac.  He got pretty good at finding the objects in it.  By the end of the week, he was a pro. 


Because he knew where to look.  He was trained in finding the things he needed to.

So are our hearts trained to find God in everything?  Are we looking for him?  Because He's there... even when we dont look for Him, he's still there.

Today, let God be your Waldo... (you can even imagine him in a red & white striped sweater if you want)

 ... but search for Him today.

In the creation around you ...
In the smile of a stranger...
In the food you are provided today...
In the shelter you have around you...

... in the pain that are you going through & growing from...

Be excited when you find him... just like when you find Waldo...

You can say today, "I FOUND HIM!!!!"

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Its Hodepodge Day... I always look forward to this day because I know we're half way through the week :)

You can click the button below & join in...

1. February 22nd is National Be Humble Day...what makes you proud? What keeps you humble?

I actually looked up the definition of "humble" because though I know what it means, I wanted a definite wording to go with it... it showed, "Modest, respectful, lowly". So actually my answer for both proud & humble is the same...

Teaching the youth for so many years makes me proud.  Especially when something I say really hits home with the kids & they get it... & getting to baptize a teenager?  Oh wow - that's such a proud moment... but tucked in it all, the most humble feeling ever.  I know God is the one moving, not me.  I know its God that touchde the heart, not me.  I stand respectful & lowly in His presence as He works in these situations.

Dang... it got deep in here quick today! :)

2. Where is the catch-all (aka dumping ground) in your house?

My poor kitchen counter.  It can never stay cleared off.  Literally, when I clean the kitchen, it wont be 10 minutes & there will be newspaper, mail, keys, cell phones, Bibles, pictures, vitamins... I could go on...& on... & on...

3. Do you make it a point to visit State/National Parks when you travel or even in your own hometown? What's your favorite?

The only National Park that I care about ever visiting?  Gatlinburg... love that place!  I'm such a mountain girl.  But other national parks?  I have no idea... dont even know any where I live.  How sad is that?  I do have a park down the road from me though with a killer playground & running path.  Does that count?

4. How would you define honor?

All I can think about when I hear honor, is the movie "Mulan"

Think I watch too much Disney? 


 5. Angel's food or Devil's food-which cake do you prefer?

Angel food for calorie wise choices... Devil food for the taste.  Kinda goes appropriately with their names, huh?

6. What's the most recent road trip you've taken? Where did you go and how many hours did you spend in the car? Do you like to zoom to your destination without stopping or leisurely wind your way there with stops along the way? What is your car snack of choice?
I feel like everyday with the bridge closed around here has been a road trip. Whew! ... I dont do road trips often.  I'm a car sickness - motion sickness - move me too fast sickness - kinda person.  I literally get sick even sitting in traffic.  That little stop & go movement?  I have gotten out in the middle of traffic & walked up & down the road just to get air because I would end up with chunks in the floor of my car. (There's your pleasant thought of the day)....

The last road trip I guess I took was to Cincinnati when we drove the youth kids.  There is no stopping & being leisure when you have a van full of other people's kids.  You just want to make it there safely. 

When Ricky & I travel - he's not a "leisure" kind of person either.

Nothing about traveling is fun for me... nothing....

7. Recent headlines told how a preschool child in NC had their packed lunch from home taken away and a school lunch substituted by a school inspector who deemed the homemade lunch unhealthy. Reportedly the parent was then billed for the school lunch (chicken nugget meal) although an update to the story says the parent was not billed. The inspector was conducting a routine inspection of the classroom-he/she was not there solely to peek in the lunchboxes. The packed lunch contained a turkey and cheese sandwich, an apple juice box, a bag of chips, and a banana. You can read the story here. Your thoughts?

Being someone who is starting to get VERY interested in nutrition (Hello?  Have you watched "Fork over Knives" yet?  Or "Food Matters"?) I worry so much about the food that the kids of today are being fed. 

It says the inspector said the lunch "didnt meet USDA guidelines"... & chicken nuggets are a part of those guidelines?  Geez... no wonder obesity will make this next generation die younger then their parents...

Here is a kid that their parents took the time & sent a decent lunch with & they take it away?  How about focusing on the kids that have no lunch at all & are hungry? 

I could get on a soap box here... & I dont even have kids in school...

The world is going Craaazzyyyyy!!!!!

8. Insert your own random thought here.

As of today, the Neurotin for my neuropathy?... doing diddly squat.

I'm supposed to be taking 3 a day, but just taking 1 a day right now.  I cant imagine taking 3... the 1 pill is making me dizzy & tired.  3?  I'll be in a coma.  See?  I just dont tolerate medicine.

In other words?  I'm screwd...

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Running right by...

Some of you may remember this picture from a race I ran in October...

If you dont remember, this is me nearing the turn to go to the finish line. Ricky came with me on this race... but he totally almost missed me.  He was leaning up against a pole, just relaxing, thinking about things.

The whole time, I was coming down the road, saw him from a distance... but saw that he didnt see me.

I just knew he would see me - after all, I was the ONLY person on the road... the sun is shining right on me - I have on the brightest blue shirt. How can he not see me?

He totally wouldnt have... when I noticed he was in his own world, I finally yelled, "Do you not see me?" & then he fumbled like something off a movie with the camera & snapped this picture ... but I guarantee you, I could have run right past him, crossed the finish line & then came back & stood next to him & he still not notice me.

This picture & example was perfect for me to start me lesson with the Junior High kids on Sunday... we were talking about how we miss God all the time.

How we're too busy with life... we're on the go all the time... we've got so much crammed in a day...

& even when we DO stop? We're not really stopping... just like Ricky, we're thinking - we're always wondering what we're doing next... always worrying about how things are going to go. We're seldom IN a moment.

In the Bible, God got a hold of Moses attention by a burning bush... that didnt burn... (cool, huh?) But did you notice what the Bible says about that:

Moses saw that though the bush was on fire, it did not burn up. So Moses thought, "I will go over & see this strange sight - why the bush does not burn up."

When the Lord saw that he had gone over to look,
God called to him from within the bush, "Moses! Moses!"
-Exodus 3:2-4

It was only when Moses STOPPED & NOTICED the bush, did God speak...

What if Moses was too busy to stop?
What if he was thinking of how he was going to tend his sheep?
What if he was worried about his brother trying to find him?
What if he was just distracted by life?

...what if he walked right by that burning bush...

Would God still have spoke out to him?

We dont know...

But we do know that God wanted his attention... & He got it.

So is God trying to get your attention? Do you have burning bushes in your life?

Are you running right past them?

Notice God today.... He may be trying to get your attention.

Check out this video... its a great one... 1 minute long...

Its Easy to miss something you're not looking for...

Monday, February 20, 2012

Weekend Roundup

Weekend Roundup:  What I did, what I thought, how my weekend went...

* I had an Iced Chai Tea for the first time on Friday... I went to meet a client to deliver a photo order & had to wait.  I am happy to sit anywhere with my Kindle so I got a drink.  Never had a Chai Tea before so thought I'd give it a go. OH.MY.WORD.... I was in heaven.  They asked if I wanted whipped cream - I said no.  I think if I had added that onto it, it could have possibly been the best drink I've ever had.

* I bought Coconut Oil ... my friend Erica keeps talking about everything you can do with it.  After seeing it on Dr Oz for a recipe to make a healthy muffin in a mug for breakfast in under a minute, I had to get some.....I'll let you know how the muffin turns out.

* THE BRIDGE OPENS!!!!!!!!!.... People, I'm telling you - it has been a nightmare around here for the past 6 months with our bridge closed.  Its added 20 minutes on a one way trip just to work - has made my fuel cost for the week increase - has taken a toll on my brakes sitting in traffic for hours ... its just been miserable.  But the nightmare is OVER.  They said the bridge should be open in March, but it opened early.  When they came on the news & said it would open on Friday, I literally got teary eyed.  Whew... I cant believe we survived.  I was thinking it was going to be the Promise Land & I wasnt sure I was ever going to see it.

* Ricky worked on Saturday - which used to mean I would sleep in peacefully without his racket going on.  But no - he's worse then a kid - turning on every light as he's getting ready & making an even LOUDER racket.  So I'm up earlier then normal on Saturday... oh well - gave me time to make a nice big breakfast.

* Whitney Houston's funeral... my goodness... I can't believe how amazing that was.  I started watching it & knew I had to get my run in before it got too late so I DVR'ed it... I was gone for over an hour & it was STILL going on... all I can say?  I want to find a black Baptist church... those people know how to WORRRRSSHHHIPPP!!!!!

Other thoughts of the funeral?
~ Tyler Perry?  A-maz-ing... is he a pastor?  Because if not, he needs to be.
~ TK Jakes.... his 5 minute message was probably the best sermon I have heard on love & Jesus in a LONG time. 
~ Why did Jessee Jackson look so bored during the whole time... while the other pastors were standing, praising, worshiping...
~ I love Bebe & Cece Winans... need to find my cassette that I have of them :)
~ Loved that their brother was the pastor giving the final message... he was incredible
~ I had to laugh at the white lady with the big afro hair that was eyeing Alicia Keys down while she was performing... she distracted me the whole time.
~ A friend of mine told me that at their church (that is similar) that they have a nurse that is there to pass out orange juice for the diabetics & if anyone passes out or any other emergencies... I thought she was kidding & then saw the nurse walking around giving assistance there. 
~ I think Piers Morgan excited reaction for the gospel music, the messages & the love of this church was so inspiring.. made me excited to think the world was also getting excited - seeing a good side of Christianity!
~ Kevin Costner went on too long & talked WAY too much about himself
~ I cant look at Dionne Warwick now & not think about how nasty she was on "Celebrity Apprentice"
~ When they raised the casket at the end, with "I Will Always Love you" playing & Cissy walking behind?  I totally cried...

* Ricky got me this for Valentine's Day... I have been on a chocolate fix all weekend!!! ... Isnt this the cutest way to get candy?

 (He got me this balloon too for V-Day... it plays 'You're the one that I want" from Grease when you touch it.... he knows my Broadway loving heart)

* And speaking of chocolate fix?  My dad brought me over a Hershey Pie from my amazing parents... I mentioned one on my blog the other day & lo & behold - I now had one.  Notice that I said "HAD" ... I gobbled that baby down.  (Its a frozen dessert if you're wondering what that is... I call it "Chocolate Heaven on a plate")

* I lead the message for the Junior High kids on Sunday... my friends & fellow leaders told me that they thought it was the best message I've ever given... that made me proud.  Keep an eye out - I'll be sharing parts of that lesson this week.

And to make your Monday... some GOSPEL!!!  Honoring a friendship too... (& you have to watch or fast forward to the end just to see Ellen who was hosting the Grammy's)

For my momma... & look in the choir - Cissy Houston :)

Friday, February 17, 2012

So whose trying to kill me?

My neurologist appointment was yesterday.

I only had to wait 6 weeks to get in... which felt like an eternity.  But the day finally arrived.

With my hands & feet still feeling pain, burning, a vibrating sensation - in other words - MISERY, I was anxious to see if he had any answers.

The guy was very nice... spent lots of time with me... asked lots of questions... did a lot of "close your eyes & touch your nose" things.

I passed all the neurological exams with flying colors... he said my reflexes were beyond excellent, & I was challenging him to push harder when he was checking my muscle strength.... bring it on Mr. Man!!!... until he made my bicep tendonitis hurt. OK - dont press that hard :)

The only thing he found bizarre in my testing was my hands.  I showed him where the palms of my hands are so sensitive.  He looked at my hands & looked longer & kept rubbing a part of my hand & then said, "I've not seen this before"... then he said, "Have you had any big muscle decrease lately?"... huh? 
Well, I have this 'thing' sticking up in the palm of both of my hands that run straight up to my middle finger.  I told Ricky many time that it hurt ... ends up, the doc said that is my tendon ... & it sticks up in my hand.  He said he's never seen a tendon stick up in someone's hand like that...

...leave it to me to have weird stuff....

so then since I passed all the exam fun, we start talking about what's going on.

Its just common questions on when everything started happening.

I explained to him that I believe it was that steroid that started everything.  He didnt agree.  He said that if I had a steroid shot in my arm a few weeks before & had taken a different steroid pack before that, that this steroid shouldnt have had such a big effect on me. (I personally disagree - I have researched & found that this steroid particularly HAS caused neuropathy... but I wasnt about to argue with a doctor)

But he said I definitely have Acute Neuropathy... Acute because it came on so suddenly. 

Now why it came on so suddenly was the question. 

So he starts asking questions... Am I doing any reconstruction around my house?  Is there painting going on anywhere around me?  Am I in a new building at work?

no... no... no....

Then he asks me these questions, right in a row, without stopping....

"Have you been around any heavy metal?" - to which I interrupted & said, "Yes, my husband listens to it everyday"(... I did get a chuckle from him on that one)

"Have you been exposed to any poisons?  Know of any lead you could be around? How is your marriage?  Have you had contact with any arsenic?"



I literally stopped him & said, "Wait - did you just ask me about my marriage in the middle of all these questions about poisons?"

I think he was shocked when I stopped him... but then he said, "As a neurologist, you'd be surprised what we have discovered about people being poisoned by someone they know"... I started laughing

... but he was dead serious... He went on to explain how people can easily be poisoned & they dont realize it until they have these sudden neuropathy symptoms.

WH WH WHAT?!?!?!?!?!

I assured him that my husband has never cooked for me & the only way he could slip me arsenic was by injecting it into a York Peppermint Patty... which he is so good about bringing me home to me every day

.... that screams love... not "must kill my wife"

But the doc told me to start noticing if anything has changed... any new make up?  Facial cleaner? Any new product I'm using that could contain metal? ...

I will say, I did get a new facial cleaning system for Christmas .... I looked at the ingredients last night & half of them, I cant even pronounce, much less heard of it before - so I have no idea if that could be the culprit.

In the end, he has no idea what could be causing it - so down to the lab for blood drawn ... that's always good times.

They are testing to see if I have:
*  diabetes - which I would be shocked if I have... with all the exercise & semi-healthy eating I do?
*  any vitamin deficiency  - which I'm curious about myself since I havent eaten meat in over a year... I'm already anemic so anxious to see if that has effected me any
*   for any rheumatic issues - arthritis, lupus - he said he did find it odd that I have so many aches & pains for someone who exercises so much.  I told him I thought I had aches & pains FROM exercising so much.  But with the tendon in my hand, my bicep tendonitis & constant knee pain, he was interested in this test.
*   & he also wanted to check my blood for any sort of toxic poisoning... I'm REALLY anxious to hear about these results.

He wanted to do an EMG but I asked him to wait on that since I'm self insured & my health insurance is probably already going to be INSANE with the rate at renewal time with the MRI, & all these doctor visits & potentially a shoulder surgery... he agreed & canceled that test but said if its not better in a few weeks or these tests show nothing, then we may have to do it.

So in the end, I left with a prescription for Neurotin.  I told him I hate hate HATE medicine....(He probably HATES people like me as patients) .... I asked what the side effects were & he said "drowsiness" - I told him I was the kind of gal that would take a sinus pill & be knocked out for 2 days.  He said people take up to 3000 mg a day of this pill but he wants me to take 100 mg.. I said, "Can I cut that in half?" - he just laughed at me.. but I was dead serious.  He said he actually wanted me to take 100 mg 3 times a day - & I said ok, "I'll compromise, I'll take one pill a day"... he just laughed & shook his head at me...

yep - he probably wishes I woulda got pushed off to anotherneurologist...

so we wait for the test results - we see if this neurotin helps.

I asked if I would have to stay on this med forever.  If the neuropathy was caused by some sort of environmental cause (aka being poisoned by my husband.... KIDDING!) then my nerves would heal... abet SLOWLY... but eventually I would be able to get off the medicine.  If its from another illness (diabetes, vitamin deficiency) then we could work on that cause & hopefully stop the neuropathy as well.  But if its just neuropathy with no real reason (which also happens sometimes) - then yes, I may have to stay on Neurotin for the rest of my life...

dang it... I hate medicine...

so we'll see what happens.  I go back in 8 weeks... welcome to the world of getting in the cycle of doctor's visits.

...sigh... heavy sigh...

but at least I'm praying I get some relief...

& even more, that I'm not being poisoned...

....that's always a bummer...

Thursday, February 16, 2012

I want to do this run!!!

I want to do this race...

how much fun would it be?!?!?!?

But the closest it comes to me is in Nashville...

I may have to go down there & do it...

... or maybe, just at any of the next races I run, randomly throw colored powder at people. 

Think anyone would mind?

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Hodgepodge day... another exciting Wednesday to see how others answer the same questions as you & you see how different you REALLY are... at least in my case :)

You can click on the button & join in if you want...

1.  George Washington - Abraham Lincoln - Thomas Jefferson ... who would you most like to meet & why?

I almost feel an obligation to pick Honest Abe since I'm surrounded by his history where I live.  AND - get this - this will impress you... in the history books of his life, my ancestor down the line actually was Abe's friend... had a part in showing Abe the hardship of the slaves.  Its true.  My dad can give you all the details & names.  Me?  That's all I know of the story off the top of my head.  History isnt my strong suit.

But in reality - I'd love to meet George Washington to see if his teeth were really wooden.

2.  What's your favorite chain restaurant?

Olive Garden... & you can't imagine how long it took me to think of this answer.  I was going through all the places we eat & I was like, "Nah,  I can take it or leave it"... but Olive Garden?  Oh yes please - everyday.  Unlimited soup & salad says it all.

3.  When you look back on your life, do you imagine you'll think about the goals you failed to meet with regret?  Or will you look at what you accomplished & say: it was good?

I'd probably point out to everyone else their accomplishments, while looking at my own life with regrets... I tend to see the best in everyone else's lives but the opposite in my own life.

 ... dang... now I'm thinking of all the goals I've failed at already in life ... Thanks a lot Hodgepodge...

4. Grapefruit-take 'em or leave 'em? Given the choice between an orange and a grapefruit which would you choose? Would you prefer it served as is or squeezed into juice?

Fun Fact - I've never had a grapefruit... or even grapefruit juice!  I do love me some oranges.  Especially Naval oranges. ... Oh, & it must have salt on it... yum!!!!

5. When was the last time you cleaned out a closet? Is there a closet in your home that currently needs cleaning? What are you waiting for?

I clean out my personal closet every season.  It needs it by the end of each season.  Starts off so pretty & neat - clothes & shoes in order.  By the end of the season, its like something off Hoarders.

6. You get to have lunch with three famous people...who would you like to see round your table?

1. Steven Curtis Chapman - totally a given - did you expect anyone else?

2. Hugh Jackman - I can have SCC & Hugh Jackman arm wrestle - or have a sing off to see who wins my love the most.... (Fun Fact:  He played Gaston in "Beauty &The Beast on Broadway")
3. Neil Patrick Harris... just because he's fantastic.  I think we'd be BFF's....

 7. On a scale of 1-10 how would you rate your ability to parallel park?

9.5 ... I'm the bomb-diggity!  I actually had to learn quick. My high school was in the downtown area & you had to parallel park to get a close spot... so I was perfecting it at an early age. Going up on a curve totally doesnt count - right?  Then yeah, a 9.5!!!

8. Insert your own random thought here.

I've already read it, but I want to read "The Hunger Games" again before the movie comes out... cant wait to see it come to life!!!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My dog loves phone calls...

I've always said that Australian Shepards are the smartest dogs around...

Sydney has always been aware of "people" things...

Like TV's, or sounds from the radio... & even phones.

I had my mom on the speaker phone this weekend & Sydney heard her voice.

Sydney loves my mom.

When we lived 3 miles from my mom, she would go over at lunch time & let Sydney out... & she would always bring over a Happy Meal from McDonalds...

... no wonder my Sydney has always preferred french fries...

But Syd heard the voice & she just kept staring at the phone & turning her head.

So we told her to talk to grandma...

& she did...

she'd just keep whining too

Isnt that pitiful?

Then when we hung up?  She ran to the kitchen window & kept staring at the back yard... that's where she looks when she knows its time for Ricky to get home ...

yes - she knows when its 5:00 too (no joke!)

But she must have thought that since her grandma wasn't on the phone, she was going to come in that back yard any minute... with french fries...

Don't tell me my fur-baby isnt like a real baby to me :)

Monday, February 13, 2012

Weekend Roundup - Full of Pictures!!!

Weekend Roundup:  The exciting stuff that my weekends are made of...

* I went to meet a photo client to deliver some pictures... I love meeting at coffee shops.  Especially when they have gigantic sugar cookies... & I actually got a cappachino ... Hello Sugar Rush!!!!

* It turned COLD ... Mother Nature totally faked us out with all the warmer weather.  We had Winter Weather Advisories all night long on Friday.  I wanted to go out & cover my poor tulips but it was late, dark & cold...

* This is what I woke up to on Saturday morning... I was going to run outside, until I saw the temperature said, "Feels like 9 degrees" ....

* While on the treadmill, I watched "Golden Child" .... I forgot how funny that movie is
" I...I...I ....IIIIII.... want... the kniffffeeeee...... Plllllleeeeaasssseeeee"
Eddie Murphy was so funny back in the 80's

* Isnt this little tray cute?  Clearance at Target for $7.00 ... bargain!  The top tray spins too so you can have them going difference directions - or if you have something "taller" on the bottom rack, it would make room for it.

*  I watched "Dear John"... I was expecting it to be sadder then I thought.  (IF YOU HAVENT SEEN IT - STOP READING)..... I heard from so many girls that it was "so sad" so I just expected him to die in it.  When he didnt, I was confused.  How messed up is that that I was upset he didnt die?  I usually expect the worse with Nicolas Sparks stories too.

* Another weekend picture of Buffy sleeping... a dog's life is rough... or should I say, RUFF ... I couldnt pass it up...

* Whitney Houston dies?  Ricky came in & said, "its all over Facebook, RIP Whitney Houston" ... I thought it was a joke... didnt Bon Jovi "die" a few weeks ago?  But then I turned on CNN & couldnt believe it.  So sad...

* Another "feel old" moment?  None of the Junior High kids in the youth even knew who Whitney Houston was.... I tried to explain she was the big star of the day when I was in high school.  I said, "It would be like Taylor Swift dying when you are 40 yrs old"...they gasped & almost cried at the thought.

* Homemade chocolate cookies... I made them thick & huge... Ricky literally ate 5 of them in under 5 minutes (Do you remember the choking story on Friday?  Yeah.. that gives a good clue on why he chokes.  EAT SLOWLY!) ... then I came home from church on Sunday, ready to have one... but no, he ate them all. Saves me calories.

* Got my taxes done on Sunday....

* Did my taxes while watching "The Notebook"... Nicholas Sparks didnt disappoint on that one.  I cried - even though it was like the 583rd time I've seen it...

* This is what Bruno was doing while I did taxes... isnt his fat body, in his little bed the cutest thing? ... & look?  I found a toy under the couch....

* In church, the girls I sat next to made these little "goblets" out of gum wrappers... who knew you could do that?  This is the same girl that taught me how to make roses out of Play-Do... cute roses too.  I had someone put their hand down so you could get a good perspective of the size of these things :)

* Grammy Thoughts?
 - I dont care for country music but I'm getting the biggest crush on Blake Sheldon
 - is Katy Perry a little angry?
 - Adele is A-MAZ-ING! ... show em how its done.  Sing with a modest dress on & no dancers or special effects - just the voice.  Go girl!
 - Only in America can someone who beat up  his girlfriend get an award & people stand & applaud him. 
 - Why did Taylor Swift look so confused when people gave her a standing ovation?  Has that never happened in her life?  That "shocked" reaction just irks me.
 - Jennifer Hudson?  Fantastic... only she could pull off Whitney's song...
 - Love LL Cool J had a whole room of artist have their heads bowed in prayer
 - Beach Boys - still trying to figure out if they were lip synching

Hope the week is a good one!!!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea

Friday...& its cold... & its supposed to snow today.  I guess its winter & even though we've been used to 50 degrees most of the days, we're due some actual winter weather.

(Which just reminded myself that I need to go home & cover my tulips... I'm a sucker for trying to make sure my flower survive!!!)

While I sit & worry about all the Spring flowers, lets frag...

If you saw yesterday's post - I'm still Flu-Free
.... maybe snorting sanitizer actually works...


Are you watching "New Girl"?  Oh my goodness... its probably one of the funniest new shows out there... Zooey Deschanel is adorable... & the guys are hilarious! 

Its still not "Modern Family" funny to me, but its close.

Its been "College Week" on Jeopardy... the only time I'll watch the show because it makes me feel smart.  And the only time that the show has categories like "Current Movie" or "Pop Culture" ...

makes me miss the days of "Rock & Roll Jeopardy" on VH1 ... I would KILL on that show!


This dry air with the heat running in all the buildings is killing my nose... I'm averaging at least one nose bleed a day. 
(Maybe snorting sanitizer isnt that smart?)


My dad sent me this picture of him in this stroller... isnt it the cutest? 

Ahh - metal must be comfortable to take a nap on....

But he saw on some antique road show thing that a similar stroller sold for around $1,500 ... see?  All those Hoarders out there?  They may be onto something.


There will be no SPAT OF THE WEEK this week... in honor of my husband who ALMOST DIED yesterday!!!  No joke!  He stopped at the gas station for his daily root beer & candy bar.  He got a Twix & he said he was driving home & took a bite.  Well it got stuck in his throat.... like REALLY stuck.  He couldnt breath.  He said he started to panic so bad because he was starting to black out.  So he ended up stopping the car - IN THE MIDDLE OF THE HIGHWAY - & got out & started RUNNING up & down the road trying to get someone to help. 

NO ONE HELPED!!! Everyone drove around him!!!! Are you KIDDING ME?!?!?

He said he saw the place where I get my hair done.  The owner is from our church & 9 out of 10 times, the place is full of people from our church - so Ricky said he started to run that direction... but he started passing out... he fell to the ground, & when he did, it must have moved the candy bar & he said he could breath. 

Is your heart beating as fast as mine?  I was stunned when he told me the story... I think he was more stunned then anything. 

No more Twix Bars for him... unless he counts to 100 with every bite...

The thought of the whole story trumps any spats of the week... for sure... but as long as he chews well through next week, we'll return.  Probably a spat on chewing itself.

Are these the most AMAZING socks EVER?????  They even knitted them around actual heels...

My question... how short of a skirt do you have to wear with these? 
& how thin do the top of your thighs have to be to pull these off?

Hope you all have a fantastic friday!!!!!

Thursday, February 09, 2012

...In Hiding...


... I'm hiding...

...from germs...

I swear, I think they're out to get me.

It started with one co-worker... then another... & then another.  Next thing, the whole office has been running to the bathroom, holding their rear end and/or vomiting - only to go home & disappear for the next few days.

Know that our ladies room is only a one toilet bathroom.... great...

I have been walking around the office with my can of Lysol & my hand sanitizer.

No joke - I even put my hand sanitizer around my nose in case a germ tries to get up my nose.

Then, yesterday I get a call from The Hubs that he's not feeling good...

He came home yesterday  moaning & groaning.

I try to have sympathy... but when it comes to germs, I'm a "run for your life", fend yourself kinda gal.  I do try to help, but from a distance.  I'll make dinner - I'll ask how you're doing - I'll get you what you need & try to make you comfortable (by tossing a pillow or blanket at you)... but dont make me touch your head to see if you have a fever & dont ask me to touch anything you've touched.

And NOW... literally as I type this... my co-worker that started the whole germ around the office had to go pick up her daughter from daycare because she's sick...

what do you think is going to happen?  Round 2 in the office?

...geez... I hate flu season.

I'm trying to stand my ground.... with Lysol & sanitizer as my choice of weapons...

...wish me luck...

PS... for the record - this is how extreme my germaphobe is.  Friday, during our Children's Ministry event, the kids were tossing beach balls around.  Anytime any of the kids would toss them to me - I literally would do some amazing soccer move & kick it with my knees or feet & scream "GERMS" so I couldnt have to touch it. 

Kids + flu season + flying balls = Ninja moves for me

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Hodgepodge ... Love is in the air

I love Wednesdays now .... its always fun to Hodgepodge... its just fun to say.  You can Hodgepodge yourself if you want.  Just click the button below.  And then you too can make the word Hodgepodge a verb.

1. What is something you are loving right now?

My Kindle... I'm talking LOVE... true love.  Like, "how did I live without you before we met" kinda love.  Like, "never leave my side" kinda love. 

2. Paris, Venice, New York and Rome are considered four of the most romantic cities in the world. Of the four, which one would you most like to visit?

Because you will NEVER find me going out of the country, New York wins it.  (A plane ride for THAT long?  I just got dizzy and threw up, all at once)... but actually New York is somewhere that I long to go to.  For the romantic side?  Heck no... to see Broadway shows & sing & do twirls in the middle of Time Square, kinda like Mary Tyler Moore.  Also want to go for a run in Central Park & see if I make it out alive & not mugged.  Romantic?  Nah... but sounds like fun!

On my bucket list.... see, NY isnt all about romance

3. Are you a romantic?

I want my life to be like a Disney Princess movie... give me a Prince, a beautiful gown & a saving kiss anyday... not to mention, random outbursts of songs about love.  So I think that answers the question clearly.

4. What's your favorite love story made for the Big Screen?

Hello... the greatest love story of all... (You know I'm gonna say it) - Beauty & the Beast.... seriously!  All about love from the inside... growing friendship... a daughter that loves her father enough to save him.  Doesnt get any better.

(Isnt this picture awesome?)

I will say my other favorite is Moulin Rouge... but I stop it before she dies at the end.  That ruins any great love story.  And forget she's a prostitute... that COULD ruin a love story, but all us fans of Pretty Woman knows it only makes a love story greater!

5. Everyone loves Pooh bear and friends....which character are you most like and why? Click here for help in answering this question.

Take the 100 Acre Personality Quiz!

Yep - I'm chubby & love honey... seems about right...

Wait - did that little result box call me "a bit slow" ... how did they see my running pace/time?  Amazing!!!

6. What's the best chocolate something you've ever eaten?

My mom's Hershey Pie... mmmm... its like a big, fluffy, frozen Hershey bar in a pie crust.  You'll even get hunks of Hershey bar in it... Oh my... I havent had one in years & now I'm craving one...

Mom... dad... you listening?

7. Share a favorite quote about love.

"... & they lived happily ever after"

8. Insert your own random thought here.

All this talk of love, I gotta think what to get Ricky for Valentines day now... guys are so hard to buy for.  I'll probably get him another Maglite Flashlight - wrap it in a red bow.  Maglite for him = Kindle for me.  We all have our things in life we love.

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