Monday, March 31, 2014

The weekend I got conked on my head.....

For the record... I have on flip flops today!  The first of the year!! YAHOO!!
.. & I didn't even take time to paint my toe nails.  Screw it!  I've got on FLIP FLOPS!!!
If only for one day...

But enough about Monday - here's how my weekend went...


* I started a new Bible Study... I always love Beth Moore's stuff.  I've had this for awhile & never brought it out - must be God's timing because I'm ready to dig into it & see what He has to say to me...

* Stayed tucked in my room.  UL/UK Game... I know better then to raise my head - I'm like a turtle...

* Poor Harvey isn't used to Ricky's basketball "game voice"... poor dog was shaking. I know he was thinking "What did I do wrong this time?" I kept hugging on him & letting him know he was a good boy.

* The whole area was watching the game... I was watching Survivor.  I've had the whole season so far DVR'ed & hadn't watched any of it.  I'm all caught up now.  I just love this game.  So embarrassing how long they kept the one 'brain' girl that was hopelessly awful.  J'Tai or some kind of drink sounding name...

* Fell asleep without knowing who won the game.... afraid to ask...


* Woke up in the middle of the night with the tv on (we leave it on for Sydney to watch... yes, for our dog to watch tv) & heard them say, "Kentucky won...." - my eyes popped open - WHAT?!?!?  & found out that indeed Kentucky beat Louisville.  Then noticed my husband sleeping with a smile on his face.

* I did something I've never done before... 10 miles... which I have done before, but this time it was done on my TREADMILL!!!  I never have done anything over 5 on there ....
Its possible!!!

* It was only possible because I had my new tablet on the treadmill with Disney movies playing.  Thank you Frozen.

* I had to head over & do a headshot session for a woman... the whole time, she talked about how much she hated looking at herself & how ugly she was & how she hated to have her picture taken (she needed them for a web site)... the amazing thing?  She was beautiful!! She had fantastic skin for a woman her age & I think I caught her beauty in the pictures... hope she sees it. 

* Took my mom to the Dollar Store ... I never plan on buying anything there when I take her, but I walk out with a bag full every time. 


* We had to take Bruno for an early Grooming appointment so we visited another church down that way ... its like the biggest church around - the one we visited was actually a satellite church.  It was pretty awesome & we got to see some old friends that go there now.  Nice to get a different view sometimes.

* Ricky & I had the best afternoon while we waited for Bruno to get finished.  We went to Target, to the mall, out for lunch, he even surprised me with a new pair of Brooks running shoes we found on sale.  I'm an official Brooks girl now - 2 pair!

Photo: My baby got a sister today  ;-)
The black & purple ones are my new shoes...fancy...

* Bruno... I was so frustrated that his face was still so long, even when I told them when I dropped him off to please make sure his beard was cut down... did they hear me say, "DON'T cut his beard down?" It was OK though because I'm a pro at trimming the dogs faces so I got him home, took him outside & pretended I was a kid in my own beauty salon.  Clip clip.

At least they brushed his teeth

* HOLY NAILS BATMAN!! looked at the bill & they did a service called "Nail Grinding"... it was an extra $21.00... OUCH!  But I will say, his nails were nice & smooth.  No snagging on anything.  The total bill though was $61.00 ... for 1 dog... reminder: we have 4 dogs.  Note: I need another part time job.

* Headed to do a photo session at a friend's house for her twin daughters who are getting ready to turn 10.  Funny thing?  I never knew they were twins!!! I knew they were sisters... twins?  No clue. But they are so much like my nieces, I was freaking out. I was ready to set up a play date for them...

* UK Game... yep... here's the story you're DYING to hear... or better yet, the one that almost KILLED US!!!

OK... so I know to stay away from Ricky with the game on. I got home from the photo session, went into my room & started working on pictures.  Ricky keeps running in & out of the room telling me "We're up... we're behind... we're going to win... we're going to loose"  All the while, Harvey freaking out not knowing what is going on.  Other dogs are sleeping - they're pros.  All of a sudden, I see a young guy riding a bike up our drive way & our neighbor's dog running towards him.  He's not the friendliest dog so Ricky ran outside to tell him not to turn his back on this dog.  Well... the game only has 56 seconds left at this point... & this guy is talking to Ricky about our roof.  I was like, "Is Ricky really going to miss the game for this guy?"... so next thing I know, Ricky is running in, doing an OJ run over the dogs to get back to the TV to see that UK is down again...

(anyone remember that OJ Simpson commercial from the 70's?) haha!

So I knew Ricky was going to be mad he missed the last part of the game... & Sydney was wondering why her dad just sailed through the air over her, so she went to his door & stood...

me, knowing what I know about Ricky, knew he would come out FLYING out the door & I was afraid he was going to run into her & knock her down.  So I stand over her to block her...when I was right, Ricky comes storming out of the door...

& he throws his hands in the air screaming, "That idiot made me miss part of the game & now we're down...."

Now, when he threw his hands up in the air, he knocked down his chin up bar... right on our heads. Well, I didn't know it hit him.  It came down right smack on my head & I instantly fell down, everything a little fuzzy & I couldn't even open my eyes.  Usually, Ricky is on top of checking on me & he was no where to be found.  I just had dogs all over me licking me while I'm screaming... & at one point, I said, "I just got hit on my head!!"... because I thought, He just ran back in to watch the game & left me here...

only then did I open my eyes & see him laying on the floor holding his head too... & he's bleeding!!!

What in the world?!?!?

He checks to see if I'm bleeding & I just tell him to leave me alone a second... we finally get our wits about us, get up & struggle to the couch... Ricky runs in the other room & then comes leaping out like Peter Pan screaming, WE WON WE WON WE WON WE WON!!!!... all the while, holding his bleeding head.

With both of us ready to pass out on the ground, he missed the last shot...I think... its all fuzzy...

Goodness gracious... that was the roughest win for both of us...

How was your weekend?
Did you get conked on the head for the UK game?

Friday, March 28, 2014

Friday Fragments

Half-Past Kissin' Time
Friday Friday FRIDAAYYYYY!!!!
It is a sea of Red & Blue around these parts today...
Louisville vs. Kentucky
In the March Madness Tournament - Sweet 16
This is serious business around Basketball Country
.... I just need to find somewhere to hide during the game tonight...
Ricky tends to get LOUD during the games, causing the dogs to shake & wonder what they did wrong.
So if you need us tonight, I'll be tucked in a back room with shivering dogs.
Good times!
Fridays are tough on me anymore.
I have Scandal Hangovers...
Me on Friday's at work
...unless you want to talk about Fitz or Jake...
I usually DVR some shows & not worry about seeing them,
but I can't miss Scandal
... & when it goes off, I'm usually sitting with my jaw dropped so it takes me another half hour to get in bed..
Making me need to stop for a LARGE unsweet tea at McDonalds on my way to work
I watched 2 documentaries in one day about food & medicine
& environment & toxins
... I'm ready to hide in a cave...
with lots of fruits & veggies
I really do think American's have no idea of the truth out there though.
Honestly - physicians are fired from their job if they talk about natural treatments... that's scary to me.
We're a world where medicine makes money
& the more medicine you're on, the more medicine you need.
Facts are facts
& people don't want to look at facts about nutrition
I don't understand why people are so easy to ignore this
I want to know everything I can about it
I had to run into Walgreens for a quick pick up
.... I've learned I can't run into Walgreens for anything quick...
I usually get side tracked by make up, or vitamins
yesterday, it was the Office Supply aisle.
Ohh... cute notebook... must have..
which means a new pen.. must have..
Office supplies gets me every time
I forgot my phone at home Wednesday
...I've never felt so lost in my life...
I drove to the bank at lunch & was scared to death my car would break down.
I stopped & got lunch.  I told Ricky that I stopped in the parking lot to get my food out & these suspicious looking group of people were walking by (everyone looked suspicious when I didn't have my phone) & I thought, "I need to call Ricky if they try to attack me"
Ricky said, "You wouldn't have time to get your phone & dial me anyways"
My response? "Yeah, but I could call you after to complain about it to you - that's what phones are for"
Speaking of phones
Slamming A Phone Shut Was Awesome Stuff…

So sweet....
Some days you get ice cream... some days you don't

Need to show this to our new grandbaby William :)

 I'm really glad you're here


Thursday, March 27, 2014


Join along with these awesome ladies
03.20.14 Pooper Scooper
How's that for a first picture to be thankful for?
But hey - with 4 dogs in a yard, if we ever want to walk around normally instead of tip toeing everywhere, well, let's just say, I ain't picking stuff up with my hands.
This little thing is a LOT to be thankful for.
03.21.14 Free Starbucks Drink
My favorite thing about being a Gold Card Holder are the free drinks you get after so many visits.  It's always a dilemma for me to figure out what I'm going to get.
Do you go for the Trenta of yummy goodness... which usually equals to about 750 calories... ouch!
Nope - I stuck with a healthy 100 calorie, but equally yummy drink of Very Berry Hibiscus.  Even stuck to the Venti Size.
03.22.14 William in my arms
Finally got to hold this little man in my arms.
Newborn babies are the best because you can just hold them & stare at them
& they just lay & stare back... & hopefully no spit up happens there either.
By the way, I made it out spit up free!  SCORE!  Something else to be thankful for :)
03.23.14 Tablet Cover
Went to meet up with my next Bride & discuss wedding goodies & took my tablet with me.  Totally forgot that I had bought this tablet cover from Avon like a year earlier... before I even HAD a tablet. How's that for wishful thinking?
But it was so darn cute, I had to have it.
I just love that green.  The picture doesn't even do it justice.  Its that Kelly Green.
I want to carry my tablet everywhere now.
03.24.14 Veggie Chili on a Cold Winter Spring Evening
I can't believe how cold it is again...
but the perfect reason to have hot chili...
& yes, we use Super Hero bowls around our house
... only because they don't make Disney Princess ones :)
03.25.14 My Buddy
We don't take for granted one day that we get to spend with Sydney.
I was watching TV & looked down & saw her looking up at me.
Made me wonder if she appreciates every day she gets to spend with us too.
03.26.14 Purple Day for Emily
It was Purple Day to support those with Epilepsy
& of course, I have to find some purple to put on.
Surprisingly, I don't have much purple in my closet - I need to change that.
But I'm so thankful for the progress that our friend's daughter, Emily is making with her battle with this condition.  It's thanks to Medical Marijuana that has made the difference... & thanks first & foremost to God.  We know that.
My friends had to pack up & move to Colorado to change their daughter's life... & it has... it's changed all of their lives.
How people don't support medical marijuana - its beyond me.  Let someone in their family NEED it to save their life & see how quick they finally look at research of it & see what it can do...
Ignorance is stupid
How's that for the smartest sentence in the world!
Here's my incredible friends with their AMAZING daughter!
That sweet face is the face of medical marijuana working
What are you thankful for this week?

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Why Noah makes Christians look bad

I'm excited about the movie Noah coming out.

We saw a glimpse of the previews back in August at Women of Faith... one of the first previews allowed out... & I was pumped! 

Russell Crowe!  Jennifer Connelly! ... HERMOINE!!!!

Big stars in a BIG production of a Bible story... I am so excited.

& now its ready to come out, & what happens?  Controversy.  Debate.  Arguments.

I don't get it...

If you haven't heard, people have their angry eyes on because they say that the movie isn't exactly "Biblically correct".  There is too much artistic interpretation about it in some people's views.

Well, to that, I say, there hasn't been ONE Biblical movie that has been exactly like the Bible says.

if you think about it, even "Passion" - one of the biggest Biblical movies - it has artistic interpretation.  No where in the Bible does it say anything about Mary having images of a child Jesus falling to the ground at the same time she saw him falling to his knees with the cross on his back... or when it showed her above the cell that held Jesus & she knelt & put her head to the ground... that's all movie production.

I didn't read anywhere about this scene in the Bible
And Noah has movie production in it as well...

But what if someone... ONE PERSON... sees this story & thinks, "I want to see where they got this story from"... & they open up a Bible or they look up the Bible online & read it...

& what if they want to know more & read on...

But people, I feel, want to put on their "Christian hat" & stand up & say, "nope, that's not how the story goes".. & refuses to go support a movie that is out of the Bible.

That's sad to me...

If you think about it, if you ever hear a sermon in a church or on the radio, or even reading a Christian book - its all about personal interpretation.  I mean, I just did a whole 25 minute lesson to the kids on one verse...

Abraham BELIEVED the Lord, & he credited to him as righteousness.
~Genesis 15:6

A whole lesson on BELEIVING in the Lord... off of one verse.

Do you think I added my own thoughts on it? ...of course.
Do we listen to others put their own opinions & thoughts on it?... all the time.
Does that mean everyone is right in their own view?  Of course not...

But I think when the Bible gets attention, its an opening we can take to have GOOD discussions about - support it - get people talking about the Bible & the amazing things God has done...

Not focus on things, that in the BIG PICTURE of God working, doesn't matter...

Now, I haven't seen the movie yet... & I may see it & come back & say, That movie was the stupidest movie I've ever seen in my life...
But I'm going to see it & form my own opinion... & that's OK.... that's OK for everyone.

I'm just not grasping the point of Christians arguing about a movie about the Bible before anyone's seen it.

Isn't the world against Christians & anything focusing on the Bible already.  We don't need to help the world along with their quest.

I didn't see anyone out protesting & arguing on the radio about The Muppet Movie, or Divergent... but Christians?  We find a way to argue amongst our own about God's story that was played out from the beginning of time...

Its like my parents have always told me... Christians can turn more people away from God then anyone else...

I am excited about the movie... even knowing that Noah never had a daughter.  But still knowing God created this flood & this promise to His people... & I'm going to take in the visual of how that MAY have looked...

Anyone else going to see Noah?

What's your favorite Biblical movie?

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

I actually know songs from The Gatlin Brothers... oh my....

The other day, a friend of mine at church was talking about different radio stations. 

She actually told me she was disappointed in me when she saw on Facebook that I had 'liked' a local pop radio station. I laughed at that, & then confessed that I don't even really listen to that station but I do listen to their morning show on the way in.  I like funny people, plus, they always would talk about The Bachelor on Tuesdays morning, so there's that...

Ever have those drives into work where you argue with the radio when they say things you don't agree with... but you're too lazy to call in & state your own opinion.  That's me every day.

But we got talking about the radio stations we like & some of our love of the 80's great music.  Our conversation switched to country music, which I have always been vocal about it not being one of my favorites.  I mean, a whole group of people like a song about a red solo cup?  My point & case is made & closed...

Really?... Really?
Side Note - I will say some of today's Top Hits are just as ridiculous... I cringe every time I hear BeyoncĂ©'s "Drunk in Love" ... this whole generation needs to plan on being messed up thanks to most genre's of music. 

OK - back to my original thought...

There is a thing though as "old country" & a local radio station plays it.  She told me to check it out because it reminded her of music she grew up with.

So I get in my car, find the station & ended up knowing a lot of the songs, surprisingly.  I saved the station in my preset & I'll come across it every now & then.  Every time I turn it over on that station, I usually end up singing along, & the funniest thing is, I'm singing with a confused look on my face wondering how I even know this song.

"All the gold, in California, is in a bank in the middle of Beverly Hills, in somebody else's name...."
Holy 70's Batman....
its an 8-track

I honestly sang this whole song & cracked up that that was even possible...

I always say my head is full of useless information... old country music just made the top of the list.

I realized this is music my dad would have playing the car when I was little & we would be driving around... in our groovy black 70's van that may or may not have had carpet on the walls.

It's funny because I was thinking back of the music I grew up to. 

My dad always had country on... he is a cowboy at heart after all so that makes sense. 

It's also something that I just thought of... I don't think I've ever heard my dad sing... not one note.  Not even in church.  I wonder what his singing voice sounds like...

Now, I sing constantly... I try to turn every day into a musical... & I think I get that from my mom.  She was singing all the time... & she had music playing too.

Every Saturday, which was cleaning day, the big piece of furniture that was longer then the wall, but was also the radio & record player, it was blaring.

anyone else have one of these babies?

Usually coming out of that was The Gaithers, or Evie - the tiny little 4'7" Christian singer... but I remember mostly a lot of Dolly Parton.

Country with attitude & sass?

Maybe this is where we got the idea of
the bigger the hair, the closer to Jesus

Its funny how important music plays on you growing up...

& how it sticks in your brain when you don't even realize it.

Now, let me sing some more Gatlin Brother songs for you....

What songs do you remember your parents playing all the time?

Any weird genre you're embarrassed to say you know a lot of songs?

Did your parents sing when you were little?

Monday, March 24, 2014

The weekend that we got to hold Will....


* Ever forget you have to go to the bank because your mind is just about getting to Starbucks? ... yeah... me too... I remembered after I sucked down the last bit of my drink.  Sorry, but Starbucks is my celebration on Friday after work.

* It was so beautiful Friday.  A taste of Spring.... just a taste.... & I headed to the park to do my run because I knew the weekend was going to be busy. I think everyone else thought of the same idea. It was swamped.

Even the ducks were out...
& dared you to make them move

* I was on a mission to clean my kitchen... & it took me 2 hours. Geez.  Its amazing how out of control counter tops can get with papers & magazines & just plain junk.  I even moved everything around & put up some appliances to give more room.  I just stared, with my droopy sleepy eyes, afterwards & appreciated the work done.  (Because I know its going to be short lived)


* Nashville bound!!!!

* Stopped at Panera on the way for breakfast on the road.  I got their granola strawberry yogurt parfait.  Can I just buy that granola on its own?  it was like little bites of heaven in my mouth!!!

* What is it about sitting in a car for 3 hours that exhausts you?

* So before I got to love on Will, I had to be attacked by Superman guns from my other cutie pie G-Boys ...

* Isaac always had since he was a little tiny baby, made the cutest faces... I love an expressive kid...

* Here's what it was all about... getting our hands on William.  Its so freaky because he looks exactly like Isaac did when he was little.  Its like a time warp of some sort...

Ricky with his 3rd grandson... where does the time go

* We can't go to Nashville & not stop into Sip... its the only place we've still found dark hot chocolate with a shot of espresso... yum!!!

worth driving 3 hours just to drink this

* It was amazing the difference in Nashville then at home.  They actually had GREEN grass & buds on trees... I was so jealous.

* Julie wouldn't let me take Will home with us... dang it.
He's so adorably perfect

* We had to head home the same day because Sydney needed her medicine & we couldn't leave her over night... so back on the road for a late drive home. 

* I was car sick from the minute we got on the expressway, all the way home.  That was the longest 3 hours of my life....


* I woke up STILL a little nauseated... car sickness ain't no joke.

* WHAT THE HECK... it was freezing outside... Spring is a myth in these parts.

* Merge!  I laughed so hard.  We were playing Catch Phrase with the kids & the word was "Fire fighter" .. you know you can't say any part of the word.  This kid said, "He fights fires"... sometimes you just have to shake your head at kids that don't know how to play games. My mom had me playing every kind of card game, board game, game game, that existed when I was just learning to speak... so when kids don't understand how to play an easy game, it blows my mind.  I have to laugh at some of the kids.

* Got to meet with my next bride whose wedding is in 2 weeks.  She is the most laid back bride I have ever met.  Its an outdoor wedding & with the weird weather we've been having, her mom was freaking out ... the bride?  Just kept saying, "Its going to be OK... its going to work out"... I love a bride who doesn't take things too seriously.

* My copy of Frozen was in the mail from the day before!! YES!!!!!!

* It was National Puppy Day... Ricky kept saying Harvey isn't a puppy... he's not even a year old, so I say he is... heck, I think our 13 yr old Sydney is still a puppy...

* Staying away from Ricky... UK playing... He ran out of the room a half dozen times screaming, "I'm going to pass out"... "I'm going to have a heart attack"... nice

* I'm all caught up with The Walking Dead that I now can watch it on tv... CLAIMED!

* We had to crank up the heat over night... this is ridiculous

How was your weekend?

By the way - I picked a winner this morning for my book giveaway on Friday...

the winner?  Deidre from Raising Future Esthers ... yippee!!! 

Friday, March 21, 2014

Friday Fragments... with a GIVEAWAY!!!!!

Half-Past Kissin' Time
Friday... FINALLY!!!!


Yesterday was SPRING SPRING SPRING everywhere...
but I'm sorry... I'm still bummed...
I have YET to wear my flip flops & I have yet to even think about the need to switch over my closet from heavy sweaters.

We're getting snow again at the beginning of the week

I may have made this face when they said temps are still getting in freezing levels
... AND a chance of snow...

This isn't the March Madness everyone is talking about.

I have yet to see one bud on a tree
... I'm depressed...

... & I don't have mine yet...

My order number at Amazon
 Come on Amazon!!!
Get it to my house today please so I can sit in the cold & at least SING about it


By the way,

This does NOT apply to me

It TOTALLY bothers me in every way at this point


I've always loved Jen from The Little Couple

I have watched her when she met her husband Bill & they got married
& built their house, & going through their adoption process
... which the episode where they adopted their daughter Zoey - so sweet...

Jen is just amazing.  The awesome inspiration of not letting ideals of people stop her. She is just kind & thoughtful & so intelligent...
& now, she's fighting cancer... & sharing that with us as well.

I just have such respect for this woman & her family.
Anyone else watch this?


Its amazing how TLC has such an amazing woman on their network
& its the same network that has Honey Boo Boo


So is anyone else following "Grandma Betty" on Instagram?

Her name is: grandmabetty33

her grandson made her an account & posts pictures & videos of her.
She's battling cancer, but my goodness... this woman's attitude is incredible.
I tear up a little at each picture she puts up.
FOLLOW HER - you won't regret it.


On the radio this morning, they were saying that the new movie Divergent isn't all that good.  Dang it. I'll have to check it out, but now, I may wait to see it on DVD.
I really want to read it first anyways.

That gives me a chance to see the new Muppet movie instead!!!

 I grew up with the Muppets.  Watched their show every week.
Had their board game. Had real Muppet puppets.
My brother used to do all kinds of comparison to me & Miss Piggy
... a whole other story...
but it just reminds me of being a kid

Plus, COME ON... Tina Fey, Ty Burrell & Ricky Gervais?
I gotta see this!

I gotta find a kid.
When previews of it was on when we took my nieces to see Frozen, they were both like, "Blah"
WHAT?  What is wrong with kids today!!!


Me today



Scandal... anyone else watch?

I can't even speak about it.
I was doing the ugly cry last night

those are my tears raining down



I was given a copy of Angie Smith's book - Chasing God
& they are letting me give a copy away...

I'll just pretend its because Angie Smith is my best friend & she's really the one behind me being able to give this away...
she's cool like that.
(I just KNOW we'd be best friends... & we'd be the coolest redheads around)

So just leave any sort of comment about any of the Frags today,
but just type in "YES to Chasing God" anywhere in your comment so I know you want to have a chance at winning it.
Some people may already have a copy, it may not be something others are interested in
... that's cool...
I don't want to force a book on you :)
So if you want a chance at getting a copy, just speak up :)

I'll do a random draw on Monday Morning.

Hope its a Fabulous Friday!!!


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