Wednesday, November 30, 2016


Currently eating:
Blue Apron! I made squash for the first time! & it was AMAZING!  This whole dish was. Ricky was eating it & said, "I have no idea what I'm eating, but its delicious!" SCORE

... I will say, I made another Blue Apron dish last night. ummm... not so good. Some sort of sweet potato au gratin. Nope. It took me 45 minutes to make this dish & we ate what we could in 5 minutes. Neither one of us liked it. I made a salad with it that wasn't even great. It had blue cheese, apples & pistachios in it - sounds good - but the blue cheese was so strong, even me, a cheese loving fool couldn't handle it.

Currently Sad about:
Gatlinburg.  I am just devastated at the destruction the fire has taken in the Smoky Mountains & in the town.  I've gone there for vacation as long as I can remember & to know some of the landmarks that are usual stops are gone? Breaks my heart. & to think of all the wildlife hurt & all the damage to the trees.  & don't even bring up where they had to abandon the animals in the Ripley's Aquarium (which I think they all are OK).  It's just tore me up with every picture posted from the area.

Image result for gatlinburg fire
We've eaten here many times...
It's crazy to me to see places I know by heart in pictures with flames surrounding it.

Currently Working On:
Wrapping. My kitchen counter has turned into wrapping central.  We had to eat dinner the other night standing on the edge of the counter.  I need a good wrapping system because right now, its like ribbons, bows & paper & tape have exploded in my kitchen. Who needs to cook -the perfect reason to eat out for the whole month of December.

Currently Watching:
Anyone else watch the show last night that started with Leah Remini & her documentary on Scientology on A&E?  Oh my goodness... that stuff is just SCARY to me.  But I'm so intrigued by this show & will be watching it every week - FOR SURE!!!

Image result for leah remini scientology and the aftermath

Also, all about the super hero shows. Ricky & I watch Supergirl, The Flash, & Arrow but we DVR them so we can do it commercial free. We are currently like 6 episodes behind on each one of the shows. So we need to huddle down & get to watching REALLY soon!!!

Image result for supergirl flash arrow

Currently Listening To:
My goal in 2017 is to save, save & save some more. I hated paying off that dental bill this year & its inspired me to put my nose to the grind & really work on saving more. I really spend a little too free-spiritedly (Ricky would say AMEN to that) but I've been hooked on some Dave Ramsey podcasts lately.  He's lighting the fire under me to get down to business (to defeat the hun!!!... sorry, couldn't resist) on building up my savings.  I didn't even know he was on iTunes to listen to until recently - now, I listen to about 3 hours of his podcasts a day.  #nerdalert

Image result for dave ramsey

Currently avoiding:
The scale. After Thanksgiving, I'm not going near it with a 10 foot pole. Sorry.  I'll check it out at the New Year at this point.

Currently Reading:
Magnolia... These two! They are the cutest couple on screen - even cuter in their book. I'm almost finished with it & have loved every second of it

Image result for magnolia story

Currently planning:
All the Christmas doings. So much going on. Between shopping & getting things done & Christmas parties & activities, December is BUSYYYY. My calendar is looking like a football game play. (is that a thing? I'm acting like I know football talk)

Currently Playing:
Enchanted Tales.
Oh my gosh y'all. I can't stop. I saw a thing on this from a Beauty & the Beast site & I started playing it like 3 months ago & not one to brag, but already up to level 17. I'm so addicted. Ricky laughs at me every day when I'm rushing to check on my Belle & Cogsworth characters.  Its just so cute. I even had my Grands playing it when they were up visiting. A family friendly game. & family includes 44 year old women who are ENCHANTED with fairy tales

Image result for enchanted tales game
With characters like this - how do you NOT play?
Currently Aggravated about:
I got a new computer at work while I was on vacation... & with it came a new keyboard.  Nice, right? Except this keyboard is going to be the death of me.  The space bar?  You have to POUND it to make it work.  For example, I've had to correct 5 words just in this paragraph becauseitdoesntspace.
I feel like my fingers are going to come out looking like Arnold Schwarzenegger in a few months.

Image result for Someone Using a Keyboard GIF
pretty accurate on how I look using my keyboard

So tell me what you're Currently up to today!

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

I really really REALLY would love your thoughts on this....

I need some opinions... some real & honest thoughts here.

It's that time again.  The time I want to go bang my head in the wall repeatedly. 
Open enrollment for health insurance.

Image result for bang head on wall gif

Not the greatest of topics, but I really am curious what some of you would do.

I'll try & make this a little less painful for you as it is for me, but I am honestly loosing sleep over it.  What to do -what decision to make - what plan to go with.  It's miserable.

First, I'll remind you - I've worked at my company for over 24 years now... & a few years ago, they took away our health insurance because it was 'costing them too much'... when we all suggested for them to let us pay our whole premium ourselves so the company wouldn't be out a penny. Just so we have a decent plan to deal with.  Nope. No go.

So most of the employees are now without insurance at our work (notice I said "most"...don't get me started) & we have to go through this whole nightmare of getting insurance on our own.

Image result for obamacare funny

It used to be, I could get insurance from a few vendors. I've used Humana, United Healthcare & Anthem... but now, since Obamacare & the nightmare that has been, the only option we have now is Anthem. Every one else pulled out of it. They don't even offer insurance anymore for an open enrollment. How crazy is that?

So... when you have no options, Anthem can feel free to jack up that price & even better? lower the care of the plan.

What are my options?  Really - nothing.  Get reamed over by Anthem I guess....

Image result for anthem

Except... I've been looking into Medi-share.

Image result for medi-share

That's a Christian based plan that isn't 'technically' insurance - but works like insurance. 

You pay a monthly "premium" (its not called a premium but uses another term in this plan) & you pick a 'deductible' amount - again, different terminology - but the same idea.  & once you hit that deductible amount, they say they cover 100% of the medical expenses - as long as you go to the doctors under their network... which is the same as Anthem.

& the good thing, all my doctors are under their network.

As well as all the hospitals around the area.

& remember, with Anthem, I'm not allowed to go out of state for medical help. It all has to stay in-state... which wouldn't be a problem if I didn't work in Kentucky & do so much in Kentucky.

You'd think they'd have rules for people that are so close to state borders... but I guess not.

Image result for makes no sense gif

On Medishare, I can go to any doctor in the network regardless of state.

AND.... if I go with Medi-share, I'll save about $130.00 a month!!!! That's a lot of money.

I almost want to sign up for that & bank that extra $130 in a savings in case something horrible goes wrong - or to help me pay the $2,500 deductible if I needed it.

I'm just scared... Medi-share feels risky.  Even though I know it shouldn't. It's just new to me.
The idea that you pay funds & it goes out to pay for other's doctor's bills every month is pretty cool to me- they even send you a statement showing who you paid for so you can even pray for them. I LOVE that...
but Medi-share can turn doctor bills down for payment if it doesn't fall under certain guidelines.  Most of them, the ones based on Christian behavior, I'm not concerned about - its the ones that I'm reading about people say they don't pay because they consider it 'pre-existing'.

So here's a little breakdown

$420 a month
$2500 deductible - but once reached, still have to pay 30% up to $6100
Can only stay in state
Does offer a prescription card
$40 doctor visit - $500 ER visit - Specialist, 40% of office visit
Covers Routine exams

$280 a month
$2500 deductible - pays 100% after that (so they say... I'm so skeptical)
Can go to any doctor anywhere as long as in network
Offers a prescription card but its not a lot it offers - a friend told me she saves more using that app Good RX
$35 for any doctor's visit in network - $150 ER visit

Here's the thing too - I've never reached my deductible in the past... oh.... maybe 10 years? Thank you Jesus no need.
I haven't even been to a doctor in the past 2 years for anything other than my routine exams....
which if you notice, it doesn't cover at all on Medishare.

The lady at Anthem told me, if you're going to pay for something, you should get something out of it, huh? ....coming from a insurance company that is great at screwing people over, I had to laugh a little at that comment.

Image result for really gif

The only doctor's visits I do every year are my OB/GYN visits for my PAP & mammogram - which neither would be covered.  Colonoscopies are not covered. 

I will say, I did look up how much a PAP & mammogram was out of pocket - it was surprisingly less then I thought it would be.

& sorry, the irony isn't lost on me that a Christian based company doesn't pay for things that an organization like Planned Parenthood does provide for a discount.  ... we won't touch that subject... but yeah.  Irony.

I just feel like its all a big gamble with your life & health.  A huge roll of the dice.

Do I pay the higher Anthem fees & not once again reach my deductible & loose all this money?  But stick with a more known insurance?
Or do I try out the Medi-share & see if it works for me & then risk if something happens to me health wise, that they will cover it?

I don't know what to do.

You can ask Ricky - I have asked his opinion about this at 3am when I can't go to sleep over worrying about it.

Is worrying a pre-existing condition? 
If so, I'm screwed at either place.

Tell me your thoughts... PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'd love to hear them.

Know anyone that has dealt with Medi-share?
Anyone else struggling with health insurance?
Anyone have an aspirin for this headache from all the lack of sleep & head banging on the wall?

The deadline is looming on when I have to decide.... the grip is tightening around my neck... & my wallet.

Image result for dont know what to do gif

Monday, November 28, 2016

The weekend that I ate all the food & shopped all the shops....

So many happenings... such a good long weekend... such a nice time off work....

I legit teared up with real tears when I had to set my alarm clock to go back to work today.  How pitiful is that?  Dorothy was right though.... there really is no place like home. Especially when home is sleeping till 8 am every day & waking up with dogs snuggled all around keeping you warm on cold mornings.

... excuse me while I go have a small pity party again about being back at work....

But it was such a long weekend so I'm just going to do some highlights so we can get through this post before tomorrow's ;)

...finally got through Gilmore Girls Season ONE... while everyone was excited about the new one out on Netflix, I'm just now on episode 7 of season 2. I figure by summer, I'll get to the new show that everyone is apparently freaking out about the LAST FOUR WORDS!!! ... I'm anxious to see if I can make it months without finding any spoilers. Odds arent in my favor. I know this.

... made my usual Thanksgiving day creation. Pumpkin Pie. Its basically the only Thanksgiving day staple that I'm good at.  I only make these things twice a year too - Thanksgiving & Christmas.  I'm all ready for the Christmas pumpkin pie now.


... I ended up doing my 5k after my pies were done.  I actually was proud of myself on this one.  I havent ran in the LONGEST time & havent even worked out at all being on vacation so that I did a pretty decent pace for me, I was patting myself on the back.  Thanksgiving food earned!


.... My brother & sister in law hosted Thanksgiving.  & it just is easier to separate than to try & make both families dinners because they are usually the same time as each other, so Ricky headed to his family & I headed to mine.  We're used to it. Always sad to be away from each other on the holiday but we make it work.

... how cute is this? My nieces did 'place cards' for everyone.

... my brother's broccoli cheese casserole is the only reason I look forward to the holidays. I honestly could eat the whole container of it.  Its AMAZING!!! ... & so cheesy. The reminder that I really did need to do that 5k before I ate.  #carbfest

... my nieces had just gotten this mini pool table. Let me tell you - we had some FUN playing that little thing. It was NICE too - like a legit pool table with real shooting sticks (I dont even know the 'real' name for them) & the balls were good heavy miniature balls you'd find on a real table. It was super cute.  We had little tournaments against everyone & we had the best time of laughing & screaming.

... I had to take a picture of Madi with her hair down. She ALWAYS has it up in a pony tail, mainly because she's playing basketball 90% of her life & the other 10% she's into something active - who can bother with hair doing all that?  She looked so cute with it down... & was so embarrassed every time we'd point out her hair was down.

... my mom brought the Left, Right, Center game that we played for awhile until the twins started to loose & then they were like, "lets play something else"... to which they brought out Frozen Match game.  Greeaaattt - a good game for someone who cant remember what they just ate.  But shout out to me... I almost beat Madi. Lost by only one match.  HOLLLA!!!


... I was so happy when Ricky came home & brought me some potato candy that my sister in law had made. I havent had that in FOREVER & it just reminds me of being little. My aunt used to make it & I always thought there was nothing better.

... I may have had that potato candy for breakfast the next day.

... Ricky had to work on Black Friday.... BOO!!!!  But he had worked the Saturday before so he got off work early, so I got ready & drove down to the shopping area to meet him so we could tackle the stores.  Tackle we did.


... I honestly can't believe we were out Christmas shopping. How is it that time already?

... Someone told us not to go to Denny's because it took over an hour for their food.  We're not big Denny's fans but we kept hearing people around us saying restaurants were so busy.  So we decided to go with somewhere fast. HAAAA... sorry - I had to laugh at the word "Fast".  We went to McAlisters, which we usually get the food in about 5 minutes...We ordered, there were no seats - we had to sit at the bar little area.. & we waited... & waited... & waited. We sat there for 45 minutes before our food got to us. & we got veggie chili & grilled cheese. Nothing crazy.  We were both so frustrated but then sitting at the bar, we could see the workers & see & hear their frustration.  We felt so bad for them in the end.  I bet they were all exhausted at the end of their shifts.  One of the guys told us that a few of their workers walked out & quit on them earlier. That's bad timing.


... Out shopping, I saw 7 of my past photo clients!!!  I love the people I am meeting through that work & so cool I run into them every now & then.

... we shopped & shopped & shopped some more.  I was so exhausted & walked out the store amazed that the sky was still a little light. I would have sworn it was like 10PM ... & it was only 5:30. haha.

... I drove by Starbucks even thought I needed a boost but didnt want to be up till midnight.  For the record, I didnt stop one time at Starbucks over the Thanksgiving weekend. What is wrong with this picture!??!!?


... started wrapping presents.  I REALLYYYY cant believe its the start of the Christmas season now.

... Got to gather all my goodies I got for myself on Black Friday deals.  & yes, I got Zoolander 2.  I wanted to see it so bad at the theater & it was $4.00 - even if its junk, its better than having to Redbox it.


... Saturday had me watching a Fixer Upper marathon while going on a wrap fest.  Two rolls of tape down.

... We ran down to take advantage of some sales at Target one last day & ran out to get some dinner.  I had taken then picture at a stop light.  Ricky was like, WHY? I told him, "Because I'm a blogger, that's why!!!"... I had to laugh because I said this picture perfectly describes us as a couple.


... Sunday, we actually didnt have MSM because of Thanksgiving & it worked out perfectly that a friend of ours was preaching at his home church. I can never make it on any other Sunday so we took the opportunity to go hear him.  It was just the nicest place. Everyone was so friendly & welcoming.  I was so impressed.  Its a 'pop up' church - they have to put everything up on Sunday morning & take everything down at the end of the service & store it all & repeat again the next week. I can't imagine the work that goes into it.  & yet, they all were so uplifting & cheerful.  & most importantly, loved hearing our friend stand before a congregation & deliver God's word & message. So glad we were able to make it.

... Ricky & I had a quick lunch & then I ran down to do one more photo session for the year. I actually dont schedule anything from Thanksgiving to the New Year but when this sweet girl got engaged, I'd drop everything to take her picture.  She's Chasity's sister but more than that, I just love this sweet girl. I've watched her grow up myself into the most AMAZING & BEAUTIFUL woman.  She messaged me & said, I know you probably can't but I want you to do my engagement pictures".... stop right there. I wouldnt allow her to let anyone else do them ;)  & we really lucked out too because the weather this past week was rainy, gloomy, cold. This day was cool, but PERFECT for a late November photo session day.  I cant wait to share these pictures.  & cant wait to see this beautiful princess enjoy her engagement as she plans her big day to her Prince Charming.

... got home in time to do bills, which I'm so glad to pay the final payment on my dental bills for the year.  I owed well over $4,000 on dental bills just for this year & was determined to pay it off before any interest was due on it... I love a good year free of financing... & while I had to the end of January to pay it off, I went ahead & took care of it. It is always so freeing to be out of debt.

... Spent the rest of my night uploading pictures & mourning the fact that vacation is over.  Now to tackle December & the holidays.

... excuse me while I go finish that pity party & then get back to work....

How was your Thanksgiving?

What was your favorite food to eat?

Any Black Friday shopping?

Did you get yourself anything?

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Its Thanksgiving ... the best day ever for Thankful Thursday!!! {#99}

Related image

I didn't plan it in any way - I just started doing Thankful Thursday some time in 2015 just because I wanted a reason to make me look for the good in EVERY day - especially the bad & rough days...

& here we are over a year later... & its Thanksgiving. The perfect day to give thanks.  The day people really take the idea of being thankful to heart, even when we all know it should be every day of your life.

I had to laugh when I was looking at the dates & the number of posts I've done link up withs & was so hoping it was 100.... its the number nerd in me that wanted it to line up.  But we're at 99.  Still pretty exciting regardless!!!

So today, I know most of you are celebrating the day with your family & friends.... enjoy your day!  Be thankful... today... & the following day & the next & the next....
So much to be thankful for!!
Happy Thanksgiving!!!

This week I am Thankful For:
{Numbers go with One-Thousand Gifts Journal / just ignore}

1011 / Chase Credit Card company. On top of their game. Someone tried to slide in a charge for a LOT of money at Target somewhere across the world & they got it & blocked my card. Kudos to them. This is the 2nd time this has happened to me.  I appreciate they are staying aware.

1012 / Sweet hubs gave up parking spot.  Y'all know I meet Ricky every Wednesday for lunch.  Well, its downtown & the parking is sparse & the parking lot is even sparser (is that a word?) ... Ricky & I got there at the same time & he got the last parking spot & then saw me pull in.  He ended up moving his car & parked down the road so I could stay in the lot. Ahh - romantic gestures are still alive.

1013 / The beautiful last few days of the warm weather.  I soaked up every moment of them.

I took every possible lunch outside during the warm weather

1017 / Got my closet changed & organized.  & have 2 huge bags of clothes to donate too!  I even have a bag of clothes I'm taking to a local store that buys clothes because I have a bunch from Old Navy that still has tags on it, never even wore.  If I got $5.00 for the whole bag, it'll cover lunch. I'm good with that :)

1018 / Movie date with the twins. One twin wanted to see it, the other didn't really care - they both were belly laughing through the whole movie of Trolls. It really was cute.  I laughed a lot too. & there's a ROLLER SKATING SCENE!!! HOLLA!!!!


Image result for trolls movie roller skating

1019 / Church.  I just love my church.  The message this past Sunday was so good & hit me right in the heart. & the worship? It just brought tears to my eyes.  God is ALL up in that place!

1020 / The youth in our church. One of the senior high girls that volunteers in the middle school ministry actually gave the message for the day. She is so impressive. IMPRESSIVE y'all. She's going to make the world an amazing place. I love being so inspired by our future generation.


1021 / Day with Ricky.  I have been so busy lately, I decided to 'schedule in' a free day. & LOVED every minute of it. Ricky & I went for a good long lunch, got some shopping down, just enjoyed a Sunday afternoon all to ourselves. It really has been a long time that has happened.

1022 / VACATION!!!!! Especially this holiday week!

1023 / Finished wedding pics. I love finishing up a big project.  & cant wait for the bride to see her day laid out in front of her.

1026 / Hair Day.  Any time my hair gets this straight & my color pepped back up?  I am thankful.  I can't believe it - my next appointment is in 2017. SAY WHAT?!?!!?!?!?


What are you Thankful for today?

And again... Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Monday, November 21, 2016

The weekend gearing up for Thanskgiving... & a Etsy Coupon!!!!

Honestly, I'm shocked its Thanksgiving week.

I should believe it because the stores are full of Christmas decorations & the Christmas crowds & I already started picking up a few things for Christmas gifts.

Notice how all that "Christmas" screams Thanksgiving?

I'll never get over how that has changed over the years.... just chalk it up to one of those things that makes me sound old because I say, "When I was young, we celebrated Thanksgiving before Christmas" #thegoodolddays

The one good thing about Thanksgiving week?  I AM OFF WORK THIS WEEK.

I usually save up my vacation days for the end of the year because I'm one of those people that worry that anything can go wrong in life so I store up all my days in case I need time off for said worrying... so yeah, I just had a vacation 3 weeks ago... & now off again this week.  I dont mind it at all.

The end of the year is always so hectic anyways, & I'm ready for some time off after storing up my vacay time so I'm just going to enjoy this week...

... & by enjoying this week, that involves

* putting up my Christmas tree & all our decorations
* start wrapping presents
* try to get a dent in my shopping list
* finish editing my last wedding
* celebrate Thanksgiving
* do a Thanksgiving 5k
* take care of insurance stuff ... blah...

So its going to be a busy week as we gear up for the start of the holidays.
Tis the season.

All of this to say, I may not post here the next few days.  Of course, I'll do a Thankful Thursday - because HELLO!!! Its Thanksgiving. Love to have you join me in the link up.  I know most people aren't around blog world on Thanksgiving - as it should be - but if everyone is full & laying on the couch in a food coma, stop by & share with me what you're Thankful for.

& Friday?  I'll be up early doing some Black Friday shopping.
& by up early, I mean staying in my jammies & blankets shopping online!! :)  The hubs has to work.  Throws a kink in our Black Friday shopping.  BOO!!!!

& speaking of online shopping, I'm now offering a coupon for my Etsy store.  15% off any order now through Christmas.  Just use the code XMAS 15


I'm going to be adding like 5 new products this week too - so keep an eye out for some great new items!

... & oh yeah, my weekend was great.  Freezing since the temps bombed on us, but great.  Productive getting my closet switched over & organized, had some girl time with my nieces, had a great time in church with my MSM girls.  Even laughed a lot watching Trolls.  A total thumbs up weekend.

Now to continue it through till the next one....

How was your weekend?

Start your Christmas shopping?

Whats your Thanksgiving plans?

Friday, November 18, 2016

Friday Favorites

Just a little side note... I've noticed a LOT of bloggers that I can normally REPLY to, its been turned off again... Blogger, for some reason does that every now & then.  Your comment comes as a "No-Reply" account... so if you haven't gotten a lot of replies back from others, you  may want to check that.  At the bottom, above my comment section, is a way to check that you're E-mail is turned on for comments ;)

Favorite Christmas Idea

Santa Claus Cookies - easy Nutter Butter based cookies to make with your kids that are fancy enough to give to your friends.:

Favorite Reminder

faith tells me that no matter what lies ahead of me, God is already there:
Favorite Baby Item

Favorite Beauty & the Beast

Beauty and the Beast ❤ #beautyandthebeast #waltdisney #disney…:

Favorite Book Fun

Great Christmas idea for those of you with loads of books... You know who you are!:

Favorite Shirt

Christmas Snowflake Letter Words Print Hoodie:

Favorite Peencha

And this couple won’t let water get in the way of their love. | 21 Pictures Guaranteed To Melt Your Icy, Stone-Cold Heart:

Favorite Funnies

When your friends won't stop at every bookstore...:

This was made for my hubby...

Funny Pictures Of The Day – 36 Pics:

Funny Pictures Of The Day – 38 Pics:

The World Is Still Reacting To Donald Trump Winning The Election With Some Hilarious Memes – 50 Pics:

Funny Pictures Of The Day – 36 Pics:

.... the vegetarian side of me speaking out when someone wishes me a Happy Thanksgiving

.... when I walk away from buying a pair of boots I love

... every time I'm with my friends

... when you just try to ignore all the comments going on about the election

... every time I get on the scale

... me at 4:00pm today

Happy Weekend Y'all!!!!

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