Wednesday, November 30, 2011

30 Days of Thanksgiving - Day 29 & 30!!!

I usually do it the day after, but I'm going to finish up on the final day of November...

(is it REALLY the final day of November?)

It's been really fun looking back at each day & finding things to be thankful for.  Especially on those days where it didnt feel like it was a great day, its a good thing to MAKE yourself search for things to be thankful for... because they are always there.  Big things, small things... things you take for granted... the surprises... the highs & even the lows... the smiles, the tears... Gratitude in everything...

November 29 - Thankful for TIME

This is one of those blessings in disguise... one of those things that is hard, but is good...

Since I'm not a parent, its hard... the world, other people - they can make you feel less then a person, less then a woman, since I dont have any children of my own.  Its funny how people treat you when they know you're 39 years old & you've never given birth.

...Funny how people judge you on how well your uterus works...  who knew?

But God takes ashes & turns them into BEAUTY... no matter how the world or anyone sees me, He sees me as useful..

& I try to take that extra time that I would devote to my own children & I like to invest it in God - particularly in other people's children.  Its why I love working with the Youth Group at church...

I feel like people who do have children are so busy in life (Dont see how some of you do it all) & I have this extra time that I can use to bless others... & in the end, I am super busy... & actually have no free time at all... but I feel its what God would have me do with all the time I have on this earth... working to serve Him anyway I can...

November 30 - this is the final one & such an easy one -
Thankful for my Savior, Jesus Christ!!!!!

All of the things in this world would be for nothing if it wasnt for the hope, the grace, the mercy, the eternal life we look forward to because of, & with our Savior, Jesus...

He is everything...

He is in everything we have to be Grateful for...

He is my Savior...

... & He is why we head into the Christmas season after a month of gratitude... to celebrate His birth!  Hallejuah!!!

Keep searching every day friends for things to be Thankful for - especially in this Holiday Season we are approaching!!!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

30 Days of Thanksgiving - Day 27 & 28

We're getting near the end here... a full month of Thanksgiving

November 27 - Thankful for LEFTOVERS

Julie & the grandbabies left on Sunday.  It was a gloomy, rainy, yucky day... the weather felt appropriate for the day. 

After they left, the house was just so quite...

Ricky wanted to go shopping but I needed to take a shower & didnt really feel like getting out.  So I just stayed snuggled at home & while Ricky went out skating, I just finished up the frig of Thanksgiving leftovers.  It was the perfect comfort food for the day.

.... but now, no more turkey, stuffing & mac & cheese for a while...

November 28 - Thankful for MY BLOGGY FRIENDS

Its a funny thing to think you 'meet' people through your blog & become friends, but you really do...

I not only get comments on here, but emails from some of my blog friends, & it makes my day.  You all have sent me the kindest words, hugs from afar, encouragement, prayers, smiles.... even cards, surprises made from the heart... so many things... I'm thankful for having such a variety of amazing friends that I hope someday, I get to meet in person....

& you all are spread out from New Jersey, to Florida, to Georgia, to Arkansas, to Ohio, to South Carolina, to Missouri, & even the west coast in Washington... I need to buy an RV & do a road trip! :)  Now THERE would be some fun blog posts!

Know that YOU are what I'm thankful for today!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

30 Days of Thanksgiving - Day 26

November 26 - Thankful for my big brother

It was his birthday on Saturday....

He's older then me...

by 6 years...

I like that...

I also like he's my brother....

Saturday, November 26, 2011

30 Days of Thanksgiving - Day 25

November 25 - Thankful for DEALS!!!!!!

Julie & I headed out at 5:30 am for some Black Friday deals..

only to see that most of them were gone since stores opened at midnight.

....That's just weird...

Didn't stop us from shopping.

We were out from before the sun rose, until the sun set...

.... we were exhausted...

... & a lot more broke...

but we got deals...

My major find?  I got me a new Spinning Bike... $450 LESS then original cost....

My butt when its sore in a few days wont be too happy...

Thursday, November 24, 2011

30 Days of Thanksgiving - Day 23 & 24

Its busy & I almost let today pass by - but what's doing a month of "thanksgiving" if I dont do it ON Thanksgiving?

So we're going to do yesterday & of course, today, THANKSGIVING today...

November 23 - Thankful for GIRLS NIGHT OUT!!!

With Julie being in town, during the week of the "Breaking Dawn" release, we knew we had to head out & squeal along with it... ahh.... the wedding scene...

So we met up with our friends Chasity & Audrey & ate some Panera Bread (our husbands wont go there so its the perfect place for a girls night out) & then headed to the movies.... Such a good time laughing with the ladies!

Novemer 24 - Thankful for THANKSGIVING WITH OUR FAMILY

I am just so thankful that we have Julie & her husband & our grandbabies with us this year.  Its never happened before & its such a blessing.  Lindsay is also supposed to come by - so 2 out of 3 of Ricky's girls with us?  A Thanksgiving miracle...  besides me cooking 2 turkey breasts & a dinner...miracles come in all shapes & sizes....

I know I've reflected on some fun, goofy, weird things to be thankful for... but today, it really is being thankful for a wonderful family - a home - food on our table - ABUNDANCE.... there's my perfect word for it...


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

30 Days of Thanksgiving - Day 22

November 22 - Thankful for our birthday baby...

... & yes, she's a dog... but she's still our baby... or as I call her, our "fur-baby"! :)

Sydney is 11 years old... I can always remember her birthday - 11/22/00 ... I'm a number gal afterall, so it sticks with me.

She's still got quite a step in her... & she's still beautiful & seems to be really healthy

We hope we have many, MANY more years with her...

she's truly part of our family

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

30 Days of Thanksgiving - Day 21

November 21 - Thankful for knowing the difference between a Banana & a Nanny

One of Luke's first words was "nana" for Banana's... he loves them.

So when I get him to say "Nanny" - he just says "nana" & then points to the bananas on the kitchen table.... EVERY TIME...

I even had him back in another room where there were no bananas & when I said, "Say Nanny" - he pointed to the doorway, letting me know the bananas were in the other room.

I've even stood with a banana in my hand, pointing to the "nana" & then to me, the "Nanny" .... Lucas just laughs at me like, "it's so funny that you dont get it"

Last night, we were in the back room & my son in law asked Lucas, "Where's Nanny" - he started to point to the doorway again.... when all of a sudden, Isaac runs in from the other room & points right at me &says, "There she is" .... ahhh.... there's my first grandson... he knows his Nanny

Then it was funny because Lucas laughed like, "my big brother just doesnt get it" :)

By the time they leave on Sunday, I'll be working on this feat of getting Lucas to say NannYYYYYYYY ....

.... or I'll be wearing a banana or the other

Monday, November 21, 2011

30 Days of Thanksgiving - Day 19 & 20

A busy, fun, great weekend....

November 19 - Thankful for STUDIO EXPERIENCE

I got to work with a set of twins to finish up their senior pictures.  They wanted more of a "studio" look for their second appointment.  I am more of a "natural" setting lover & wasnt sure about the studio deal.  But I did recently purchase a portable studio, complete with lights & have purchased some backdrops ... so let's give it a go...

A friend went with me to make the best of the time by changing lights & backdrops & it went so smoothly... & the results?  I was quite happy with them...

November 20 - Thankful for FAMILY VISITS... especially cute grandbabies!!!

Yep - the grandbabies are at my house!  With their mommy & daddy of course - all of who we are thrilled to have!  Especially for the Thanksgiving Holiday.  I just cant believe how big the boys are now.  Luke wasnt walking last time he was at our house... now to see him ZOOM - its quite fun to watch. 

And Isaac?  Full on conversations.  And there's nothing like a conversation with a child!  He was just excited to show his Pappy all his Ironman toys he brought with him.  I wish I could have recordered the seriousness he "presented" all the toys to Ricky. 

Its going to be a fun week....

(& yes, I've already started taking pictures... but just didnt get to upload any yet... believe me & trust me... they'll be coming soon!)

Saturday, November 19, 2011

30 Days of Thanksgiving - Day 18

I cant believe we're half way through the month...

its been fun looking back at what to be thankful for...

What I'm thankful for on Friday:

November 18 - Thankful for a Thanksgiving grocery bill that didnt put me in SHOCK!

I went to the grocery to get our Thanksgiving Day food.  2 turkey breasts, lots of stuff for sides, nuts for stuffing (why are nuts so dang expensive?)...

I was holding onto the counter while the total was being rang up.

It helped because one of the youth kiddos that used to come to our church was bagging my groceries.  So I just enjoyed catching up with him & seeing him all "grown up"... as in grown up, I mean a Junior in high school... but he was just a middle school kiddo yesterday...weird, huh?

Then the total...

drum roll....

WOW... It was like $50.00 less then I thought it was going to be!

That's a pleasant surprise...

Guess I can go buy some yarn now!  Or a winter-running-jacket...

.... or food for the other 6 days of the week....

Friday, November 18, 2011

30 Days of Thanksgiving - Day 17

Yesterday was just BLAH...

Have those days?

It was the kinda day where my shoulder was so painful that I broke down & made an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon...

It was the kinda day where our heat broke.... AGAIN....

It was the kinda day where we had to head to the ER because Ricky was having a panic attack... (we ended up not going in - we just walked around Target, which is a block away from the hospital & he calmed down)

It was just THAT kinda day....

So on some days, this is what I'm t hankful for:

November 17:  Thankful for THE END OF THE DAY!!

Somedays, that's the best thing to be thankful for...

& I was glad for it... to shut my eyes & get the day behind me...

.... & to hopefully start a better day today.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

30 Days of Thanksgiving - Day 16

November 16 - Thankful for REMINDERS

Watch the video...

Be reminded of the small things that we take for granted, that arent so small afterall....

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

30 Days of Thanksgiving - Day 15

November 15 - Thankful for HOPE

There are things that happen in life that just shake you up... things that don't seem real.

That happened to Ricky & I on Monday.

Ricky worked with the same people for 25 years... when you work with people for that long, you get to know them fairly well. 

There was one guy in particular that Ricky always chatted with, got along with, just really enjoyed.  They would share each other's frustrations on the job - have lunch together - watch each year pass by as they worked side by side.  Ricky even watched his children come in the business as little ones, & watch them grow as they have become young adults themselves. 

When the business shut down, Ricky & this man stayed in touch.  They formed that kind of friendship.  They still met up for lunch... this man even came to our house to help us out on home projects - clearing out an area of our property - helping us move out our washer & dryer - he was always willing to help Ricky in whatever he needed.

This man was at our home this past Saturday... he & his son came to pick up a truck that Ricky had sold him.  I was out running the race that morning so I missed his visit, but Ricky was talking about how nice it was to see him again & especially the son.  Ricky just really thinks the world of his son...

So when Ricky got a call on Monday morning, it knocked the air out of him.

This man, Sunday, had gone into the basement of his home & had attempted to take his life....

His son found him....

This man is now in the hospital, but is technically brain dead with no reflexes & no brain activity... today will probably be the day they turn off the machines that are breathing for him.

He was just standing in our house a few days ago...

Ricky is just so upset... trying to go back & see if he noticed any signs... anything that he could have made a difference in.  Ricky even said, "I didnt 'knuckle up' with him when he left - I just told him I'll see him later... what if knuckling up to him would have made a difference"... that just breaks my heart for Ricky...

But I just imagine how hopeless this man must have felt to go through what he went through to end his life.  How dark things must be to think that is the best route to take.

So today, I am thankful that I have HOPE... I have things in my life that makes it worth living... even in hurtful, painful times... Hope is still there of brighter days.

....You never realize how big a thing like HOPE is until you see someone who doesnt have it at all....

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

30 Days of Thanksgiving - Day 14

November 14 - Thankful for MASH-UPS!!!!

OH ... MY... WORD...

I saw this video & am in love.

Love mash-ups of songs...

& when its GLEE & when its Adele songs?


it made me happy today

Monday, November 14, 2011

30 Days of Thanksgiving - Day 13

November 13 - Thankful for "You Version"

My eyes have turned into old eyes... they dont see as good as they used to.

Plus, our lighting in our church just bites... its AWFUL!

I used to use my iPod & use the "flashlight app" to hold over my Bible to see during church.

Well, the good thing about working with the youth - they let you in on the latest stuff... & they all use this version on their phones - the "You Version Bible App"

I love it because I can make the print bigger & its BRIGHT..

& the coolest thing, with just a touch, you can change versions - which I LOVE to do.  Love parallel Bibles, but those things are MASSIVE to carry around.  Now, its light to carry around & I can check out all kinds of versions with just a touch of a finger...

even "Da Jesus Book" ... seriously - that's a version... I havent check that one out yet :)

Source: via Rebecca on Pinterest

Sunday, November 13, 2011

30 Days of Thanksgiving - Day 12

November 11 - Thankful for GOALS ACCOMPLISHED!!!

So the alarm goes off at 5:30 am

Ricky looks at me & says, "Dont do this"

...but as you saw what I was thankful for yesterday, I was determined.

But I promised him I had to walk a good 2 miles from the parking lot to the starting line & if my knee was bad, I'd not start the race. 

So I taped up the knees & headed out to Downtown Louisville.

I ran into some friends beforehand & that helped calm me down before the gun fired.  But soon, we were off, hitting the pavement.

I was just trying to slow down - not push too hard - keep a steady pace that was do-able.... & it was working... for a little bit.

Mile 2 was a water stop & I stopped running to get some H20...

I guess my downfall is stopping.. or moving... or both.. who knows.

But as soon as I got started after drinking my cup of water, there went my knee pain... I was at mile 2.50 - & it was BAD... worse then ever.  I just teared up.  What to do?  I wasnt sure.  I ended up walking to mile 3 & there was actually an ambulance there.  I almost stopped & thought they could treat me & take me back to my car.  But I ended up running (slowly) again & thought, "there will be another ambulance ahead" ... I know this because before a race, I STUDY a map.  So my next goal was to the next ambulance... how sad is that?

I kept on... & actually started doing fairly well.

I ended up feeling FANTASTIC at mile 5-8.  Literally, when I hit mile 5, it seemed like I just looked up there was mile 6...then 7.. I was on a roll... granted, it was still slow, but it was moving.  Its funny too because I had my iPod on my running play list & the music was frustrating me because I couldnt keep up with the beat of it.  So I switched it to shuffle on all my songs... I had so many Christian songs play... & I honestly think that's what pushed me these miles so well.  I had my man, Steven Curtis Chapman singing to me, had Skillet to rock out too - I literally was running with my hands in the air praising God during some songs... it made such a difference!!!!

Got to mile 9 & then BAM - the pain kicked in again.  I noticed that it was when I would extend my knee completely - straighten it.  It would cause a sharp pain... so I ended up running with a totally bend leg... I think it messed me up a bit changing my form. My back started hurting.

Then mile 10... another sharp pain.

I knew I came too far to stop so I just made the choice to walk the rest.  3.1... a 5k... I can walk that at a steady pace & I just wanted to finish.

I was making a decent time still walking - around 15:00/mile pace... but at that point, I've gone a long way & I was getting tired & the pain was wearing on me.

I hit mile 12...BAAAMMMMM!!!!!!!

The pain was the worst it ever was.  I would have probably stopped if it were any other mile... but mile 12?  Who stops at mile 12?  I could even hear the bands playing to the finish line from there.  I was determined. 

I kept hearing all the voices of every person who doubted me... of every put-down that I've ever heard my whole life... of the people who didnt expect me to finish... & it lit a fire in me & I kept my eye on the finish line.

It wasnt pretty...

I literally cried the whole last mile... I mean tears of pain... tears of frustration...

But I made it.

I dont even want to see that finish line picture ... I had my head down because of tears & the announcer even said, "Raise those hands up - be proud" ... I just raised my arms up but kept my head down.  It was so overwhelming. 

I DID IT!!!!!

I had a goal I worked on for 12 weeks... I wasnt going to let anything stand in my way.  That goal pushed me to the end.

& the fun thing... I now have more goals.. the running season starts in February.  Bring on the races in February, March & my 5th Half Marathon in April!!!!!

I cant believe I'm going to be 40 in December & I just ran my 4th Half Marathon... all in 3 years!!!!

SO yep - the medal is mine....

(Is that the coolest medal ever?  That's Maker's Mark wax dripped down the top of the medal)

Here I am getting home & my doggies all excited to see me. (look at those knees all wrapped up)

My knees deserve the medal. They are the ones who lasted & survived....

& FYI - after the race, I immediately went to the medic tent & got an ice pack & my knee now feels like it did when I started.... No extra harm done to it.

Now, I can rest for a few weeks.  The training starts back up in January!  ... BRING IT ON!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

30 Days of Thanksgiving - Day 10

November 10 - Thankful for Determination

The race is looming...

I'm not sure what to do about it...

& hearing people tell me I shouldnt do it.

But I had determination.

No matter what happened, I was going to TRY

... You'll hear how it went tomorrow...

(& if you're my friend on Facebook, you've already seen the end result)

Friday, November 11, 2011

30 Days of Thanksgiving - Day 10

November 10 - Thankful for STRENGTH!!!!

Tomorrow is my 4th Half Marathon.... & I think I mentioned, my knee got injured less then 2 weeks ago.

I've been in debate on whether to do this race or not...

Then I saw a picture of the medals on Facebook.  It got me fired up.

Then yesterday, I went ahead & picked up my race packet.  I figure if I dont run the race, I'm at least going to get a cool tech shirt for my entry fee.  But they had one of the medals there at the pick up location.

My jaw dropped... its INCREDIBLE... its the biggest medal I've seen - its heavy & its got Maker's Mark wax dripping down the top of it.  It got my engines rev'ed up.  I WANT ONE OF THOSE.

To which my mother reminded me that you dont always get everything you want... & the Hubs is telling me he's going to hide my keys so I cant go to the race... & to which co-workers are telling me I'm stupid for trying 13.1 miles on a bum knee... & I get that they are just worried about me & that these are the people who will have to listen to me moan & groan about the pain after the race is finished.

But then I have running friends that tell me, "Go for it" - "Just go slow & FINISH" - "You'll regret it if you DONT do it" ... & I get these are the people that would run with a arm or leg cut off - they would not miss a race for anything.

I've decided I'm going with the thought of just finishing... I'm not worried about time.  If I am the last one, then I'm just the last one... but I'll be even more proud that I got out there & did it.  Even in & through the pain...

& I'll be proud that I am finding more strength in me then I thought I had.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

30 Days of Thanksgiving - Day 9

November 9 - Thankful it didnt RAIN!!!!!

So... I'm apparently on a streak of just bad luck... which has been an adventure in trying to find things to be thankful in the midst of it all.

I'm driving home yesterday.

Had some gum in my mouth that had about expired its chewiness-limit ... there is such a thing & I know you all know what I'm talking about.  When it feels like you're chewing a hard rock that has the flavor of nothingness.

I went to throw out my gum... driving on the express way at 55 mph.

I roll down my window & throw it out & then roll up my window... simple enough...

but wait... its freezing cold all of a sudden.

I took over & see nothing but a corner of my window stucking up from the door on my drivers side.


That was the weirdest feeling ever trying to figure out what just happened. 

Where did my window go?  It defintely wasnt where it should be... as in UP in my doorway.

I literally just laughed till I had tears coming out of my eyes at the luck I've been having lately.  I guess it's what you call a "mental snap"?

But it had been raining all day long & the clouds were still grey & looking like it could pour any minute.

But it didnt... & that's what I'm thankful for.  Because I could see me driving with no window down (already in the 50 degree temps) & then rain pouring in on me too...

That didnt happen... & believe me - right now, I'm thankful for ALL the small things... it seems to be what I need to focus on lately.

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

30 Days of Thanksgiving - Day 8

November 8 - Thankful for being able to do what I love

It was a beautiful day so I contacted a girl who I had scheduled for Sunday to finish up her Senior pictures.  I asked if she wanted to meet after school - taking advantage of the perfect 70 degree, sunny weather.  She said it wasnt a problem & we met up...

.... only to get some beautiful pictures...

But I got the best compliment at the end of the session - her mom said to me, "This really suits your personality" ... she told me how comfortable I made her daughter (& her friends that came to another session). 

That just made my day....

I do love to meet people - & talk with them - & learn their stories & who they are, what they look forward to in the future... love to bring out smiles, or catch emotion in a face.

(These are her favorite books... & she's going to college to do something with English)

& I am so thankful for that opportunity to do all of that.

I leave a photo session every time so thankful to meet the people I just met & getting to know them... & thankful that I am so blessed to be able to do what I love... capturing a moment in time for each person.

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

30 Days of Thanksgiving - Day 7

Yesterday was a rough day...

It was Monday... my arm/shoulder is KILLING me worse then ever... my knee is still sore & its not looking good for the race on Saturday... it was just a BLAH day.

I kept thinking, "find something to be thankful for... find something"

Then, while I was working on pictures, my phone is going off saying I was tagged in some pictures on Facebook... It so made me smile & made me laugh & made me go down memory lane...

So, for this yucky Monday,

November 7 - Thankful for old family pictures

My cousin got ahold of some family albums & posted up some pictures.  My mom's side of the family is quite large & there always seemed to be something going on, so lots of picture taking opportunities.

Like my mom with some of her sisters... & yes, that's my mom in blue hair.  Dont think I didnt get my personality just by chance... & that little boy?  He's now in college....  And that little girl?  She's the grown up young lady that posted the pictures.  (When do they grow up?)

Here's one of my senior pictures... oh my... I loved that jacket.  It was Liz Clairbourne & I felt so "fashionista" in it.  My dad just called it my "Century 21 Jacket'... it really was the same color as the realtors jackets in the area. .... I think I needed an oil treatment on that hair.

Here's another one of my  mom with her siblings... there are 10 of them all together so some still missing.  Any family resemblence?

There were even some posted from my wedding... I so laughed at this picture.  This is before the wedding & its me & my youngest step daughter... (look how little she is.. she just turned 23 a few weeks ago! GASP!!!) But dont we look scared to death.  I remember that - it was getting close to start the wedding & I was anxious everytime someone knocked on the door.  I didnt throw up, if anyone was wondering.

And just to go back memory lane a little further - here's me with a few of my cousins.... Yes, I'm the one in glasses. ... Mercy, how we've all grown up....

So yeah.. for a day that started off bad & kept getting worse... it ended with fun family memories & for that, I'm thankful.  Memories are irreplacable.

Monday, November 07, 2011

30 Days of Thanksgiving - Day 5 & 6

I had plans of posting every day, but Sunday's apparently will be hard for me.  I literally left my house at 7:50 am & walked back in the door at 8:05 pm ... I didnt even turn my computer on one time yesterday.  But that's OK - we can do a weekend recap of my Thanksgiving on both days.

November 5 - Thankful for BABY SMILES!!!!!

I got to do pictures for an amazing family that I just love.  Joe and Erica are like family to me & I just adore their little daughter, Emily.  Emily is one special little girl too.  She is fighting a disease called "Infantile Spasm" - it doesnt sounds too "heavy" - but heavy is exactly what it is.  Its a fight every day for her.  Spasms & seizures.  That is what a daily life is for this sweet angel.  You can check out Erica's site & get more information on it - its so amazing to see the strength of this family.

But it was picture day for us!  I was worried when I got a call saying Emily was having her spasms.  I told them we could totally reschedule for another day but they said she should be ok after a bit, giving her meds time to work.

They ended up making it over on time & Emily was just ready to be a super model.  Look at this smile?  Only her mommy & daddy can make her smile like this... it just makes a heart melt.

Continue to lift prayers for this whole family... they are just amazing people

November 6 - Thankful for Youth Prayers!!!!

I could honestly pick so much from this day to be thankful for. 

* I got to take pictures of one of my favorite girls in her wedding dress getting fitted, BEAUTIFUL!

* I got to go to lunch with a friend I havent got to spend much time with lately & it was just like sitting back in your comfortable chair - its just nice & cozy to be there :)

* Ryan gave a fantastic message to the youth that I think was meant just for my ears... it was about how the "goal" we set, sometimes we dont make, but God blesses us along the way & we need to celebrate the journey.  With me wondering if I'm going to be able to do this race I've trained for 12 weeks - it was a perfect message for me.  I may not make that "goal" - but I have lots to celebrate that I've done over the past 12 weeks. 

But specifically for the day, I want to pick something one of the Senior High said in a prayer that touched me & made me so thankful. 

He said, "...prepare us God for the blessings you have in store for us today...."

I just LOVED that... Prepare us... because the blessings are going to be there!  Its like we need to be reminded to LOOK for the blessings that God pours on us because we can so easily over look them.

That's what this 30 days of Thanksgiving is about... & I loved that this young man recognized that himself for all of us...

So I'll echo that prayer probably every day... Lord, prepare us for the blessings you have in store for us today.... amen!

Saturday, November 05, 2011

30 Days of Thanksgivng - Day 4

November 4 - Thankful for WEDDINGS!!!

The other day, it was about pictures of weddings.  Last night was an actual wedding.

See these two?

(Totally snagged this picture from Andrea's Facebook page... dont think they'll mind showing how cute they are together here :) )

Yeah - they are like the perfect match.  They are both such Godly young people who have amazing hearts for serving God & serving others.  So it's amazing they have joined lives & will tackle the future together.

If that guy looks familiar, you've seen him here on my blog before.  He's the IRONMAN that I took pictures of a few months back. 

I've got a few things I'm thankful for too with the day:

*Thankful the weather cleared up & by wedding time, the sun was SHINING!

*Ricky ended up having to stay home because the guy came to fix our heat (see yesterdays post) so I went to the wedding alone... but there were familiar faces everywhere & I had so much fun chatting with friends I hadnt seen in awhile

*Thankful for JUNK to put in my shoes.  No joke - I kept stepping out of my shoes (not sure why?) so I ended up stuffing them with all sorts of things.  I put band aids in the back of the heel - put gauze bandages under my foot - even stuffed paper towel up at the toe to make my foot tight... it was a mess. I wish I took a picture when I took my shoes off & had all this random stuff stuck to my feet.  .... And the bad thing?  I'm telling everyone what's in my shoes.  I keep nothing hidden apparently.  Someone asked me if I had toys in there too?  Now THAT would have been awesome.  Randomly pull out a toy soldier or something out of my shoe... awesomness!

*And because you have to be thankful for small things - I had a great hair day.  Ladies - y'all know that's a great thing to have.

Here's to seeing what today holds to be thankful for....

Friday, November 04, 2011

30 Days of Thanskgiving - Day 3

November 3 - Thankful for a WARRANTY!!!

Remember back in the summer when I complained about being so hot because our air condition wasnt working?  ... (I complain alot, dont I?)

Well, we had to get a whole new unit.  It took awhile but we got it installed & the rest of summer was cozy & cool.

Now, winter is here.

...guess what didnt work?....

Yep - our heater!!!!

So we've had a few people come out to look at it & its led to one thing to another.  Isnt that always the way?

So last night, we thought we had it fixed.  Someone came over... worked on it & next thing I know, I feel the room warming up.


... then, all of a sudden it goes off... ok... the guy was adjusting something... then I hear this "WHOOOOSSSHHHHHH" sound.  And then that smell of a heater reeks through the house.. & the smell of burning.

That cant be good.

The guy felt AWFUL!  Which made Ricky & I feel bad for him... but then we felt bad for us too :(

He ended up connecting something wrong together because he thought it was blowing out too much air at once... & when he connected the wrong wires together, it blew up the unit...

our NEW unit.... sigh....

The poor guy was going to head down to the store at 8:00 pm to check about replacing our unit.  He would have been there until the middle of the night - so we assured him it wasnt horribly cold & we would be fine. 

So today, we'll make sure the unit is covered by warranty, which it should be & the guy is supposed to come back tonight to replace it.

.... why do I have a feeling something else could go wrong?....

But nope, I'm being THANKFUL this month.  & I'm thankful that we have someone coming over tonight - a warranty that should cover the unit & the hope that we'll have heat before it gets horribly cold. 

I'll add that this weekend, its going to be back in the high 60's so no worries of us shivering in our house.  ... looky there, something else to be thankful for - BEAUTIFUL weather.  It just keeps coming!


PS... a few of you have asked if you can do this yourself on your blog - PLEASE, join in.  Its fun to look back on your previous day & find things that your thankful for.  Nice to shift your perspective.  So just leave me a message to let me know you're doing it... & maybe you just want to do a weekly summary?  Whatever you do, let me know.  I'd love to be THANKFUL with you! :)

Thursday, November 03, 2011

30 Days of Thanksgiving - Day 2

Before we start on Day 2, I wanted to note - I went out to check on the horse from Day 1's "Thanksgiving Post"... you'll be happy to know, there's a brand new fence up covering the whole area where he got out.  No more horses in the street!.... at least not that horse... you never know what else you'll see on our street.  My favorite is when the vultures are sitting there, tearing out the guts of a dead raccoon & daring you to make them move... fun times in the country.

Anyhoo - moving on.

November 2 - Thankful for friends that distract me...

That sounds bad, but its a good thing.

I ran Monday & injured my knee.... the exact same knee, the exact same pain on the exact same hill that I hurt it last year.  I probably shouldnt have pushed myself so hard after my race on Sunday, but having a race on a Sunday messed up my training.  My long runs are on Saturday - not Sunday... who puts a race on a Sunday?  I guess the Big Hit Half Marathon does...

The pain isnt as severe today as when it happened.  When it did happen, I was a mess.  I was limping home for close to 2 miles & crying (more like snot snobbing) & yelling at life.  My race is in 2 weeks, how can this happen?  Why me?  You know - a pretty pity party on the side of the road.

But I am trying to take off the week & keeping it iced up & taking it easy.  But its been so dang hard to lay off of it.  Why?  Because its been BEAUTIFUL... I'm talking FALL BEAUTIFUL... the cool air, no humidity, in the 60's... & this is the last week before the time change so its still light out until 6:30.  One last week to get in some good runs....

not for me though.

So yesterday was even better - HIGH 60's.  I'm chomping at the bit to run... but my knee is aching & its just torture - physically & mentally.

Cue my thankfulness for the day. 

My friend, Chasity stopped by.  She wanted me to look at her wedding pictures... you dont have to ask me twice.  Pictures?  That are of their wedding?  I can look at wedding pictures all day long!  Especially when its the wedding of people I adore...

So she came over around 5:30 & we ended up looking at pictures & talking & laughing & just hanging out until after 9...

I just love these two people....

The perfect distraction from my pain - from my wanting to push myself - from having another pity party. 

Wedding pictures with a friend trumps any sort of frowny face anyday!

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

30 Days of Thanksgiving - Day 1

I'm taking on a challenge - to do 30 days of posts of things I'm thankful for.

& I know we can all say, "Family, friends, grace, love"... blah blah blah... :) 

I am thankful for those things - obviously - but these next 30 days, I'm going to post the day AFTER so I can find out what I'm thankful for that particular day.  Some days, there may be more then one thing - some days, it may be deep & profound  - (You all know I'm so deep & profound... dont laugh), & some days, it may be simple & fun & cute - (You all know I'm fun & cute... right?... right?)

So - without further ado...

Day 1 - November 1:  I'm Thankful the Horse didnt get hit!!!!


OK - so I stopped at the grocery on the way home. In my drive way unloading the loot & have to make a few trips.  On the last trip, I grab my bags out of my car, pull down my hatch back & turn around... to see a horse at the end of my driveway....

I literally turned my head, then did a double take, like , Hu-hu-huh?!?!?!

I had to think if I took some sort of medicine that was making me hallucinate - or if maybe that last Diet Coke was spiked with something.

Nope - a real horse was at my driveway.  Beautiful too - a white horse - exactly something you would think that if you were dreaming, you'd see that kind of horse.

I'm starting to panic because he's right at the end of the road & ventured right into the middle of it. 

Now, I live on top of a hill - either direction, someone could come up the hill & SMASH right into the horse.... so much for dreaming.

I instantly thought WWDD?  What would dad do?  & I'm not talking about my Heavenly Father here... I mean, my earthly dad...he's the horse master afterall.

I run in my garage & got 2 dog leashes & tied them together.  I figure I would try & get close enough to try & wrap around his neck & lead him somewhere.... where?  I dont know... I figure if anything, my dad would get a new horse for Christmas.  Or the grandsons would have a surprise at their door in Texas from Santa.  (How much would it cost to UPS a horse to Texas?)

But I hear a car coming down the road & I am FREAKED OUT!!!!!  I dont eat meat from anything that has 4 legs anyways - I dont want to see it get demolished in front of me either.  So I start running at the horse.  His tail went up & he looked at me & took off the other direction into a field - at least he's safe.

I took a few minutes so he could see I wouldnt chase him anymore & to get him to trust me.  He looked at me & then wandered over to some trees & then jumped over some bushes into a huge clearing... ends up - that was his home.  The house down the street has about 5 acres & its completely tree lined all around - but with fall & the leaves down, the horse found a clearing.

I ended up heading to the house to let them know their horse had found a way out - no one was home though :(

It was funny because as I was walking up their drive ( that was like half a mile long) - the horse ended up galloping to the fence & walked with me up to the house.  He then leaned over the fence the whole time I was knocking on the door like he was telling me "Please dont tell on me" - but I told him I was going to.... in the end, no tattle-telling happened.

When I get home though, I'm going to put a note on their mail box... it doesnt even look like there was ever a fence there so I'm not sure of the situation - but I just dont want to see a smashed horse on the road on my trip home... dead squirrels & raccoons & skunks are bad enough on country roads.

So ta-da... the kick off of things to be thankful for..

told you I'm not conventional! :)

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