Friday, March 29, 2013

Easter turns me into Arsenio Hall

I know, I know... its usually Friday Fragments

Bu I just feel funny doing anything but talking about what the day is

Good Friday

The heartache before the joy - the tears before the smiles - the brokenness before the wholeness

The day Jesus was crucified ... died... for no sin he committed.

Jesus called out with a loud voice, "Father, into your hands I commit my spirit"  
When he had said this, he breathed his last. 
~Luke 23:46

Good Friday always just tugs at my heart.  Makes me so sad to think of the events that happened.

I can't even stand to watch "The Passion of the Christ" because it's just so violent - so hard to take in - hard to watch anyone go through that much pain.
I'm talking about ANYONE... much less the Son of God.

But Thank God for His scripture & his words that reminds us that:

Weeping may last through the night 
- but joy comes with the morning
~Psalm 30:5

& what a morning it was...

That man who everyone saw beaten, had nails driven through his flesh, had been speared in the side... THAT man was alive & walking around & talking with people...

Everything he said was truth....

I just love Easter ... everything it stands for... everything it is.... all the reminder of the HOPE we have

I hope you all have a wonderful Easter weekend, celebrating out RISEN SAVIOR!!!


 I know its always a solemn time, but I always want to give a big Arsenio Hall arm circle-fist-pump thing & scream out! WHOOP WHOOP WHOOP!!!!


(If I were back in the time, I'd be the loud disciple that they wouldn't write about in the Bible... I'm sure of it)

Doesn't it pump you up too?  Its worth celebrating!  That's for sure!

Source: Lya on Pinterest


Thursday, March 28, 2013

Meatless ... a year later...

Its been over a year now with some changes in my life...

I gave up Diet Coke last March ... still can't believe I did it... & now, when I see anyone drinking soft drinks, I cringe.  I hate I drank so much for so many years knowing what it does to your body.  But at least I stopped.

The other thing, I gave up meat last February.

Here I am a year later...

I've been very happy I made those choices.  I'm just someone who always wasn't a big 'meat' person anyways.

& its not really that hard to do.

Some restaurants make it harder then others, but what I've found is there are plenty of sides on any given menu to fill you up.

Since giving up meat, I will say that my Irritable Bowel Syndrome has 99% disappeared.  I would have bouts of some angry belly going on at the most inconvenient of times.  But since giving up meat, I don't think I've heard my stomach groaning at me in months!

I'll also say that my skin has changed.  I used to fight so badly adult acne.  Seriously - it was worse as an adult then when I was a teenager.  But I notice now that my skin doesn't break out anywhere near the way it used to.

& I know giving up meat is a lot for people - but I found this article in a vet's office & loved it.
It was about healthy eating & the effects of just cutting meat a little out of the American diet.  The difference it can make.

I keep hearing of more people doing "Meatless Monday's" ... & maybe stretch it to 2 or 3 days a week.  It significantly makes a difference.

& I will say, I have had some struggles with how my body feels... I think its mainly because I've always had blood issues... anemia.  My blood has always been low.  They don't know why - I've even had to go to a hematologist & they couldn't find out anything unless I wanted even more extensive testing & research.

Hey - I'm OK with feeling run down & tired - done it my whole life - as long as it's not something obvious - I don't need to be poked & prodded to find out more answers...

But I have felt the effects in my training for the half marathon.  I really feel like that's been the downfall of my time this year.

& believe me, I know if I ate better, it'd probably not be an issue.  If I incorporated more greens, more fruits & veggies (though I do basically eat more fruits & veggies now then I ever did)... but I know my diet is still slacking.

I can tell I'm Vitamin B12 deficient ... I could feel my anemia coming back & researched what a B12 deficiency looked like.  They might as well put my picture up there.  Complete with the white spots on my skin from the lack of vitamin boosting the melanin. & come to find out, you get B12 mainly from animal products.  Great.....

The best way for a vegetarian to get B12 is through dairy & eggs.  I don't drink milk.  I only drink soy or almond milk which holds no B vitamins.  I'm not a big dairy person truthfully.  I like cheese, but don't eat it but probably once or twice a week.  I do eat eggs - but usually just on the weekend. ... so there goes my B12

So recently, I'm dipping my finger back into a new way of eating

(Had to look up how to pronounce it - its like "Pesk-a-tarian"

It incorporating seafood.  Which is great for Omega 3 & good for the heart, if you eat the right seafood.

I think my body is screaming for something... so I'm going to see how it reacts to eating just a little bit of seafood.  Maybe one meal a week.

(Forgot to mention:  Since I had my neuropathy issues before, I can't take Vitamin B supplements... my body just doesn't react well with supplements... that's what they think caused my nerve damage last that's the reason for wanting to eat my vitamins instead of taking a pill... )

I promise you though, I'll never eat anything that walks the earth... no chicken, no cow, no cute little piggy, no turkey - nothing that breaths air .... I can't make myself do it.  It nauseates me to even think about it.

I still will be using my Herbivore cookbook & my eMealz vegetarian plans

So we'll see where this next year takes me... if seafood helps my body... trying to incorporate even MORE veggies.   Its about doing what's good for a body - right?

Are you willing to give up some meat?

What changes have you made in your diet to feel better?

Are you a milk drinker?

Wednesday, March 27, 2013



 Hodgepodge Day!!!

1.  What are your plans for Easter? Are you cooking a big lunch or dinner? Dyeing eggs? Attending a sun rise service? Eating too much chocolate?

I'm usually at church from sun rise to the afternoon ... probably not an exception this year.  We always enjoy the sunrise service because no one else makes it :)  It's not crowded, plenty of seating, & I just always like the first service of the day.  Plus, it leaves it open for us to volunteer with the kiddos in the other services.

My other plan?  Knock out any kid that tries to take my Cadbury Eggs away from me... don't think I wont do it either! :)

2. What is something you feel too young to do?

I feel way to young to be dealing with the aches & pains I have...

Arthritis in my hands & knees?  At my age?  Just not cool

I may ache for a day or two after wards... but I'll still have fun!

3. "Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs..."

Of the characteristics mentioned in the Biblical definition of love, which do you find most difficult to live out and why?

Dang - this is just too hard... too inner-perspective for me.

I'll ask The Hubs which one he thinks
... & then I'll probably end up punching him in the face for his answer

... so let's just go with "not easily angered" :)

4.  What's a springtime flower you associate with your childhood?

I'm not sure if its a flower... but a yucca plant.  They bloom up these huge tall flowers at the beginning of Spring...

Source: Christie on Pinterest

The drive way at my parents house was totally lined with them on both sides - so you'd pull up & see nothing but these tall flowers all along the side.

We used to call it "Yucca Lane'

(I feel like Elf... "Yucca" - that's fun to say.... Yucca)

5. Ever sung karaoke? If so what's your go-to song? If not, and given the opportunity, would you?

No - I've never sung karaoke... but I'm always singing.  Literally, everywhere I am, whatever I am doing, I'm usually singing a song.

So, if my life is a karaoke stage - then YES! :)

My "go-to" song is usually the last song I heard on the radio, in church, or on TV... I'm not above singing commercials for hours on end.  

6. What is something you keep in a basket?

I have the cutest basket my sister in law gave me for Christmas one year - it holds all my gadget chargers.  My Kindle, my FitBit, my camera wires.... all thrown into one beautiful basket that you can tuck in a cabinet & not see all the wires.

The key is to figuring out what wire goes to what....

7. When was the last time you felt foolish?

When I totally got called out for not knowing how to spell "Pterodactyl"... I always thought was with a "T" - not a "P"

So I had a group of youth kids whipping out their phones to Google it & show me I was wrong.

I just started yelling, "Your schools are wrong, the internet is wrong - I am right - I'm older - now shut up"

I'm such a good leader

8. Insert your own random thought here

I remember growing up, when I'd spend the night at my grandmother's - she'd always put a scarf or something around her hair so it wouldnt mess up during the night.

I need to try something like that...

I wake up & my hair has all kinds of dips & grooves where I must pound my head against the head board all night long (How does my hair get so tangled & permanently gel-ed to my forehead?

Maybe this should be my answer to #2 - something I'm too young to do... but I need to sport a scarf around my head at night...

Look at this vintage night cap I found.... very Downton Abby - isnt it?

Source: Ann on Pinterest

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Rodes City 10K 2013

Rodes City 10K - this is my favorite race.

Not sure why... I think I like the distance of a 10k.  Its challenging, but not horrible. & this course is fun & interesting & its always full of people & energy...

This was my 4th year doing this race.

Headed to pick up my packet & we got some extra swag, which was fun!  Starbucks Iced Coffee - yum! & some Biscotti Spread.  I had no idea what it even was - but mercy me... its like crushed graham crackers in a jar... of angels voices... its THAT good :) 

The shirt from last year's race is probably one of my favorite - it was on St. Patrick's Day last year - so it is green & so soft.  This year?  its that weird yellow color & it is the stiffest material!  
Oh well, cant always get it right!

Race Day:  We wake up at 5:30 & eat something.  I do at least.  Ricky isnt a breakfast eater so he said he would pass.  I asked him on the way if he wanted to stop at the donut shop since he runs on sugar anyways.  He almost considered it.

It was warmer then we thought, 40 degrees... the forecast earlier in the week was calling for rain & low 30's - so I was glad to wake up to see a 4 in the temperature.  
I also didnt mind the clouds because we run straight towards the sun rising & its BLINDING 
This year - no worries on that

I actually layered up too much & as we were leaving the car, I took off my jacket... & I'm so glad I did.  In that first mile, I was just perfect - warm but not over heated.

We got to the Start right as they were finishing up the National Anthem - which we knew the beautiful lady singing - so glad Ricky got to hear her.  I've heard her the past 3 years

So literally, we stood at the start line for like 5 minutes & we were off.  Able to slide right in the front of the line & get going.

Things I remember from each mile:

Mile 1
* 2 girls had on Wonder Woman socks that were AWESOME!  They had little capes on the shins of their legs on the socks too!  Me want!

* Passed some convenient store where they must have been serving something for breakfast.  The smell was HORRENDOUS.  Everyone was grabbing their nose passing by

Mile 2
* A lady from our church ran by & said, "I knew his hair anywhere" - talking about Ricky's pony tail .... you can't miss it

* A guy was standing on the side of the road with a Starbucks in his hand... he was holding it in the perfect position where someone could grab it like a water stop.  I asked Ricky if he dared me to run by & grab it.... I got a "NOOOOOOOO" from Ricky.  Buzz kill! :)

Mile 3
* Tripped over a big rock... & try to recover in the crowd by screaming "Watch out for the rock" ... I'm the race road examiner

* YES!  There is a store that sells meat of all kinds & the smell every year makes me gag... literally... & this year?  The store is CLOSED!  No meat smell!  YES!... but saying that now, I feel bad for the owner.  Economy troubles must not benefit rare meats

* Favorite part of the race... a nice down hill turn that takes us back to the turnaround point.
* Hit the 5k at 2 minutes earlier then I did in the race 2 weeks previous.  That made me feel better with having such a bad 5k in that race.

Mile 4
* Ran into a friend who was making me laugh at all the pins she had to put on herself while running because her underwear was falling down..... laughter makes a mile go by fast!

* Ricky, myself & my friend came across a photographer on the course & we all hammed it up & waved & he took the picture... I hope that was the official photographer of the race & we are able to snag that picture up!

Mile 5
* A guy on a ladder with a sign that said, "God, Country & White Castle" ... there ya go! 

* Saw a lady running in all white - a white tutu, white gloves, white compression socks, a tiara... on her back?  A sign saying that it was her wedding day!!! She was running the 10K the morning of her wedding!  I LOVED that!

Mile 6

* A guy was on the side lines to the corner of the finish & his voice was GONE... but he just kept on screaming, "YOU'VE GOT THIS!"... "You are STRONG'.... "This is your own marathon"... I have to say, I know he probably still can't speak, but I appreciated it so much!

* A girl who was having an individual race with me has passed me with about a half mile to go... we got to the end & Ricky said, "Are you going to let her beat you?"... that did it... I turned on the fire.  I sprinted the last .25 of the race... & passed her right at the finish - HA! (Its also those mini races with individuals that push you)

* Pushed myself so hard on an empty tank that when I crossed the finish line, I thought I was going to pass out.... like they say, "If its pretty, you didnt push yourself hard enough"... I wasn't pretty!
Thank goodness for Panera Bagels & Powerade at the finish line 

Finish Line picture

The only downfall of this race - the start line & finish line are not even close to each other.  So we had to take a shuttle to get back to our car.

Then it was time to think about EATING!!!!

I wanted to get to Cracker Barrell just to get Steven Curtis Chapman's new CD - the only place they are selling it (besides online)... so we said, 'let's go up there'

YES!!! GOT IT!!!

But we got there & there was a wait... & honestly, I'm not that big of a fan of Cracker Barrel, so we headed back to what is becoming a race tradition - Panera Bread... yum!!!

The day ended up being beautiful... the sun came out, the weather warmed up... it was a perfect day!

I used this race as my 10K for my Viritual Race at Run with Jess:

Look at my cute Zoe & Bruno... they want a medal too

So that meant I got a medal for my 10k.. which always makes everything better!!!

In the end, I think I did decent with my attitude... I still wasn't thrilled with my time.  But I did set a time I wanted to beat, & I beat it by 5 minutes - so that was great.  This race was still 6 minutes slower then my PR on a 10k... which isn't that great.  But its not my SLOWEST 10k either... so I'll take it.

.... Oh, not only did I get a medal, have a good time running, & got a SCC CD?  I also got the Les Miserables DVD that evening... so yeah, it was a pretty awesome day...

Now, onto the Papa John's 10-miler next Saturday....

Monday, March 25, 2013

On Flu Alert...

I was going to do my Race Recap today - because the weekend was pretty laid back except for Saturday - Race Day...

But I don't have time today

My manager has called in sick at work with the flu .... the nasty, both ends, never stopping kinda flu....

& I've got double duty to knock out today...(no pun intended there)

& a whole office to Lysol down

How is the stomach flu still going around?!?!?!!?!

Just this weekend, I think I saw at least 5 posts on Facebook talking about how this stupid stomach flu is wiping out entire families.

Oh Lordy - just when I thought it was safe to put my hand sanitizer, green tea & Lysol away?

It's all back on my desk....

Stay healthy everyone!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea

Friday... thank you Lord


Tomorrow is my 10K
I'm going in with a new attitude

I really am just going to try & check myself this time
No negative talk
No worries on time
Just crossing the finish line & knowing I accomplished something
(Watch, I'll have another pity party next week in a post)
NOOOO - I'm not!

My split personalities are coming out


I'll be doing the race tomorrow in 30 degree weather!

This is my 3rd time doing this race
... the past 2 years?...
The temps were in the 50's at 8:00am
Beautiful, spring, sunny days

this is just messed up


Speaking of messed up....

we're expected to get around 4 inches of snow on Sunday

I think I could punch Mother Nature in the gut about now

I've yet to see a bloom grow on a tree

It IS Spring?.... right?

Source: viaRebecca on Pinterest


I'm going to admit it
I was sad to hear of the Ryan Seacrest - Julianne Hough break up
Like they're my best friends or something

I just thought they were so cute together


I have always loved to color
it is a stress reliever for me

I've stepped it up from crayons to markers though
Its like I'm a pro color-er

But if you like to color (or if you have kids who like to color)
check out this page
Free DISNEY coloring pages!

Thank you Pinterest for that heads up!


Deep thought of the day:


Hall & Oates are coming to town for a concert

I even thought about getting tickets
As a child of the 80's - I grew up with their music

Maneater - Out of Touch - Rich Girl - Kiss on my List - Sara Smile
good stuff right there!

I saw this Halloween costume & about died

Source: viaMaura on Pinterest

You too can be BOTH Hall & Oates


TV Time:

Dancing with the Stars:  Oh yeah - its back!!!  I'm already in love with Kellie Pickler.  I think Derek must have something in his contract that says, "I get the cutest lady & the one with the most potential every year"
The football player?  He got on my nerves acting like he was out of breath.  Really? Stupid
Disney Kid is gonna rock it this year - I can tell

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills:  If they bring Faye Resnick in next year, I'll have to quit watching.  I don't think another person on TV has irritated me more then this lady that just randomly shows up to every event.
I read that Adrienne didn't even show up for the reunion & wont be back next year.  Didn't phase me one bit, but scares me now that there is an opening on the show.

Once Upon a Time:  Is Snow really going to turn dark?  Say it isnt so :(
We got to see Sheriff Graham!  I posted on their Facebook page, "Come on, this is a town of magic - you can find a way to write him back in the story line!"
& did I see our beloved Pinocchio coming back?

Survivor:  I love Malcolm.... I hate Phillip's pink underwear
....enough said


OK - Time to wrap it up...I could chat all day long
Hope everyone has a Fabulous Friday

Thursday, March 21, 2013

What I'm loving right now...

After all the talk of my FitBit & the so-in-love relationship I am having with it, I thought I'd share some other things that I'm loving right now

1. The Host - by Stephanie Meyers

I've been wanting to read this, but new books keep coming out so it got pushed down my list of books to read.  Then the previews of the movie came out & I was reminded why I wanted to read it.  Its now on my Kindle & I can't put it down.  I was walking around reading it last night while making supper.  I better read it fast... this book is over 600 pages long! Don't know if I'll have it read by the time the movie comes out.  If not, I'll wait for the DVD.  Gotta see how it ends in the book first.

2.  Yogi Tea

I drink this Raspberry Passion every morning at work.  It is so yummy.  I also have a Sore Throat Comfort at home for when my throat gets the best of me.  I dont know what's in that stuff, but its amazing the way it coats a throat!  I love them even more because of this...

They also put the coolest little quotes & sayings on the label.
Its like a fortune cookie for tea drinkers

3.  Tresemme Dry Shampoo

My hair gets oily quick.  Having long hair too, it takes time to straighten it, or curl it every time I wash it, so it bites to have to wash it every day.  I find ways to give my hair a few days in between washes, whether that be a head band, a pony tail, a new style.  But this stuff is fantastic.  You spray it in, let it sit, then comb it through & my hair looks really fresh & clean for an extra day of not worrying about washing it.  I've always heard of others talking about dry shampoo - I never knew how awesome it was until now!

4.  Almay One Coat Mascara

I have tried every mascara.  I'm rough on my eyes.  Always rubbing them - watering when running - long days.  This is a great mascara that really tends to last well to the end of the day.  & I haven't used the water proof.  I hate tugging so hard on my lashes to get water proof stuff off.  But this does pretty well, without the tugging.  Its cheap too so I don't mind replacing my mascara every 3 months like you're supposed to.

5.  Ironman Gravity 4000 Inversion Table

this is my new best friend.  I really think this, along with my Turmeric  has helped my back where its not unbearable & has kept me running.  I get on it every night after I exercise or run & it just seems to pull my back where it should be.  Its very relaxing too - after you get used to it.  I used to feel like the whole thing was going to tump on me & I'd be so stiff & jumpy on it.  Now, I'm good not to fall asleep on it.  & no, I don't go 180 degrees.  Ricky does - not me.  I'm good at a 45 degree angle - just enough to get the pressure off my back.  This one even comes with a lower lumbar pillow that you can use if you want... its awesome.

6. Pink - Try

I'm so obsessed with this song right now.... I know the song is about a relationship, but the chorus, "Gotta get up & try" - I am singing that LOUD when I am running.  Good running mojo right there!.... this video, very So You Think You Can Dance - right?  Pink is pretty dang awesome!

7. Les Miserables - DVD

yeah - its not out to Friday, but I'm already loving it!  I saw it in the paper on Sunday that it was coming out & screamed to Ricky "ITS OUT!"... I put it up on Instagram & Ricky just commented on it simply, "no" :) haha!

Anything you're loving right now that I should know about?

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


1. March 20th is the first day of she a lion or a lamb in your part of the world? 

Neither....She's a hormonal mess in my part of the world...
Literally have gone from warm 70's, to snow & ice, to thunderstorms, to floods, to winds that are crazy - all within a 48 hour period

& the first day of Spring, we have snow flurries.

This time last year, it was warm & comfy & all the things Spring should be.

I keep hashtagging everything as #mothernaturehaslostit

2.  What's the most dreaded task on your spring clean to-do list? Do you have a 'plan of attack'?

I guess I need to even think of making a Spring Cleaning to-do list...

HAHAHAHAHA..... that made me laugh..... hahahahaha!!!!!!

3. 'em or hate 'em? What's a favorite dish you make using peas?

Blech.... hate 'em

It is funny because I have an oversion to them.  I see them & I have the easiest gag factor around... peas, corn in food & that c-word, all can do me in every time

...but saying that, I can remember my dad forcing me to eat them.  Not like holding me down & pouring them down my throat kinda force... but one of those "looks" that tells you that you BETTER eat them.  Nothing warns like a parent's "look" :)

He had grown them in a garden one year & told me I had to give it a taste... I remember it wasn't horrible & I may have actually enjoyed it.

But I've since shaken that memory & turned on my gag reflex again when I see them.
The power of the mind.

4.  Do you feel under appreciated?

Yes... pity party, group of 1, this way please

Really it depends where you're talking

In my home?  No - my Hubs doesn't make me feel under appreciated at all

Work on the other hand?  No raises in our company for the past 5 years... yeah - that has a sense of a smack of under appreciation... especially when you do things that the Manager cant even figure out... simple things... frustrating!

5.  Have you been using Google Reader? If so, what are you switching to now that GR has announced retirement? If not, how do you read your favorite blogs?

I made the switch to Blog Lovin'

I've seen other sites, but they seem more 'tablet' friendly then PC

It made me weed out a lot of blogs since you have to open them up completely to check out the post, but its also made it easier to comment - & who doesn't love a comment on their blog?

I feel like I'm missing people though... so if you're on Blog Lovin, follow me (the button is on the top right) & I'll follow you back

6. Anne Bradstreet is credited with the following quote~

"If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant; if we did not sometimes taste of adversity, prosperity would not be so welcome."

Agree or Disagree? Why?

I do agree with that... why?  Because I used that quote on a winter picture I took last year & it makes me seem smart to say I used it because I knew what it meant :)

really... I do agree with it... you don't know the taste of sweet unless you know the taste of sour...

& that is a quote directly from ~Rebecca Jo.... BAM!

7.  When did you last 'spring for something'? What was it?

A chai tea for a friend... because everyone deserves a little chai tea in their day

8. Insert your own random thought here?

So I'm finally through Downton Abby Season 2... heading into Season 3.... 

& thanks to the wonders of the internet, I already know the ending of Season 3 (Thank you Entertainment weekly & Pinterest for posting pictures) .... oh well...

I'm in it & I'm watching it all the way through to the heart ache

I just love Anna & Mr. Bates ... I gotta get this t-shirt too
(& if he's free in season 3 - don't spoil this one thing I don't know about!)

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

If I were Oprah...

If I were Oprah, I'd totally do the "You get a car... & you get a car... & you get a car"

But instead of car, I'd make it a FitBit... "You get a Fitbit... & You get a FitBit"

Believe me, I'm not getting reimbursed or given anything for this.
I bought one totally on my own & this is just how much I love this little gadget.

The relationship started when I saw my friend, Carolina Girl talking about it
Well, we're like twins - except we look nothing alike :) - but we would be BFF's if we lived closer to each other & I trust everything she says.  She was the one who started talking about this little gadget.

You talk about fitness gadget's & my ears are all perked up.

I found out another friend of mine had one, until her daughter had lost it in the land of child hood play-land - but she loved it too when she had it.  Another trusted opinion.

So I headed over to Amazon & ordered one. (When I ordered it, it was $10.00 less then it is now... price has now gone up... WOW!  I'm glad I ordered it when I did)

Got it & charged that baby up... & instantly fell in love.

So what's so great about it?

First, I like that you can wear it easily.  The case it has straps onto anything.  If you dont have pockets, ladies, you can even strap it to your bra.  The case is tight too where it doesnt feel like its going to fall off of your pants.  I've wore it running & it never even jiggled.

I also love that it's pretty accurate.  My pedometer I was wearing before was never that accurate.  I would run a half marathon & at the end of the day, my pedometer said I went 10 miles.  Obviously wrong.

I LOVE the web site.  The FitBit links up wirelessly to the web site & contains all your information.  How many steps you have taken, how many floors you've climbed (the hills I run count as floors, I love that) - you even can have friend & compete to see who gets the most steps.  If you're competitive, you'll love that.  You also earn 'badges' that lets you know of your accomplishments.  I strive every day to try & get a 10,000 step badge.... its the little things in a day.

This is just a screen shot of my FitBit activity when I got to work .. 

You can sync your FitBit if you have an iPhone & use the app, but my red-headed-step-child Android doesnt do it.  So I actually bought another sync unit (its like $9.99) & put it on my work computer so my FitBit links up at work & I leave my other one on my computer at home.  I'm always around either one of these computers, so it works out fine.

I also love that it syncs up with My Fitness Pal... so I enter all my food there & see my calories, but my FitBit also takes in consideration the calories I'm burning moving around.  LOVE THAT! You can also enter your food on the FitBit site as well if you're not on My Fitness Pal.

Something I've also never seen before - it tracks your sleep & even gives you calories burned throughout the night.  (YES - extra calories!) But it will show you when you wake up & when you're moving.  You put it on your wrist & I guess the movement of your hands lets it know when you are awake & moving.  I don't think its 100% accurate - but its pretty good.

Shows your ACTUAL sleep... all those pink lines are all the time I was up in the night... That was pretty legit thanks to my dogs :)
It has an alarm on it as well that vibrates on your wrist so it doesn't wake anyone else up. I've yet to try that.  I've got enough stuff waking me up :)

I don't know if you're into fitness gadgets, but I think this is something everyone should have.

If you have one, let me know what you think...

If you have any questions, just ask - I'll be more then happy to answer

Now I've got to go walk around my office to get in a few more steps for the day :)

Monday, March 18, 2013

Weekend Wrapup


* Stopped at the grocery.  I was starting to go on Wednesday, but every time I was going then, someone had already snagged up all the Sparkling Water at Kroger.  So I went back to Friday & lo & behold - they had 4 cases (its all they store.... c'mon Kroger - get more Sparkling water)... so I win - I bought all 4 cartons & this person is going to come in the week & find Kroger is out.

* Got caught up on my Real Housewives... both Atlanta & Beverly Hills.  I heard that Adrienne wasn't coming back next year.  I can only say, "who cares".  She hasn't even been on much this year & when she's on, its only drama & ickyness


* Ricky had to work today, but no sleep for me.  Had to take Zoe to get groomed.  When her hair starts to grow out, its like POOF... & we gotta keep her in check because she'll get matted up so easily.  So off to the groomers we go.

* Came home & knew today I needed to get in 8 miles... so I got it in while the sun was shining.  It was so warm - in the 60's... but WINDDDYYYY!  I swear, I think at one point, my legs were moving, but I wasn't going anywhere.

* Got my miles done & looked down at my new shoes.  My toes have already bore a hole in them.  These shoes are less then 2 months old.  What is the deal with my toes?  I must run with them straight up the whole time.

* Went & met with a couple who I will be doing their engagement pictures & possibly their wedding.  I love talking all things wedding.  Such happy planning.

* Had to wait to pick up Zoe from the groomer, so stopped at Goodwill.  Found a game for the twins to keep at my parents - Pictionary for Juniors.  They love to draw & have you guess what it is - so now, they'll have plenty of ideas on what to draw... also found a book about running & a guy who visits tribal cultures to discover how they can run for MILES, sometimes faster then animals & not get injured & how their stamina works.  Got it for $1.50... hardback.... I was excited

* Hubs was tired from a day of work so we just went to a local restaurant for a quick dinner.... we both were a tad grossed out when we each had a hair in our salads.... eewwww....

* Couldn't go to sleep for the life of me... at least it was Saturday


* Church... glad to see some kiddos faces I hadn't seen in awhile.  They looked like they had grown so much.  I can honestly tell when kids grow in a week.  Its weird - some kids walk in & I'll say to them, "You've grown over the week" & I'm dead serious.  Its like they're weeds growing so fast!

* Leave youth & open the door & WHAT!?!?!?!? SNOW!!!!!!!  I mean, slippery, icy snow.... (wasn't I just in shorts running yesterday?)

* Headed out to grab some lunch at our local Sunday place.  The waitress knows us know & just says, "Sit here, I'll get your food" :)

* Tried to get to Starbucks to get a pick me up with the zippo sleep, but the roads headed down to get to the next town were all blocked off thanks to the snow & ice.... (wasn't I just sitting on the back porch reading yesterday?)

* Just headed home & got caught up on the season so far of Survivor.   That Brandon Hantz... how did someone not tackle him when he poured out all the beans & rice?  Those Hantz people need some counseling... badly

* Ricky & I had a movie date in the basement...

I honestly laughed so hard throughout the whole thing.  Its not realistic.  Really?  Kevin James is gonna take out professional UFC fighers?  But it was funny... & I loved Henry Winkler in it.  I just look at him & can't believe he was the Fonz.

* Once Upon a Time .... this show just keeps getting better & better

So now, its Monday... & it's thundering & lightning (wasn't it just snowing yesterday?) & I've sat in traffic for a half hour barely moving... next to a semi with flashing lights.  I'm so car sick right now & feeling like I could have a seizure from the flashing lights all morning...

its gotta get better - right?

Happy Monday everyone!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea 



Yes, I'll join in the riot of Google Reader
I cant believe they're shutting it down!

I had a mild panic attack when I saw that yesterday morning

But I did find somewhere else that isn't AWFUL

It's similar.... but different

You can't read the full posts like you could in Reader
but at least you can keep your blog lists together

I like it because its simple to add & remove people
Good ole Blooger hasnt been letting you delete blogs that you follow
& I had a whole list of blogs that quit blogging & I couldnt get rid of

I also like how simply you can categorize your blogs there
AND... if you have an iPhone, you can download an app that lets you see your blog list on your device

I'm an Android user.... the ugly step child of the phone world


I'll use this Protest Sign for Google Reader

... & anything bad going on in the world...


I have to say, I think I did pretty well with the time change this get-go
Usually, I'm in a coma for the first week

.... this probably means some time this weekend,
I'm gonna just fall on my face sound asleep...


I dont talk politics around my office
mainly because my manager is the WRONG political party ;)
But I know she's just not worth wasting breath discussing things with because she's not a good 'listener' 
....has her mind made up & that's that

So we steer clear of conversations

It seemed our political views came up full force when this happened

I was mad... I actually like Elizabeth
she's a little TOO right winged for me, but I like her opinions on some things
she's not afraid to speak out

When I mentioned I was upset if she leaves, you'd thought I said, 
"I hate America"... with a spit & a shooting of the middle finger

I finally had to just go in my office & play some Steven Curtis Chapman to calm down

FYI - I'm thrilled Joy is leaving

& the crazy thing?
 I watch The View probably 3 times year :)


My frags are kinda long today, arent they?


The Bachelor:  I didnt care for Catherine
so BLAH on that ending

I do like Sean's sister!
Know that she has a blog & she's blogged throughout the season?
She seems amazing

I want to be a distant cousin of this family

I also cant wait to see if Sean has the moves for Dancing with the Stars


Never fear
... I'm finally getting into Season 2 of Downton Abby

I'm trying to take my time with this one & season 3 because I know it'll be awhile before season 4 will be out to watch... right?

How many seasons ARE there?
I'm so confused


Is it me or does Mariah Carey look totally bored on American Idol?

I only started watching again when that one girl sang the Colton Dixon song!

I have to say, no one really impresses me so I dont really care about the show
But its just interesting to watch the dynamic between Mariah & Nicki
... a fight is GONNA happen... 
we know that - right?

By the way, Bon Jovi preformed on the result show?
he was actually in Louisville singing LIVE the exact same time the show was on
so that was taped
The tricky edit of television


Funny of the Day:

Anyone else remember this game?
I think I just discovered where my anxiety comes from

I'll shut this down...
I'm just too long winded today in frags

Hope its a Fabulous Friday!

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