Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Dang it! I've got a problem & I dont know what to do.... the problem is involving PAIN too!

The mini-marathon is coming up in 3 weeks... just 3 weeks! Well, I'm up to 6.5 miles - which is good, right? Now the bad news...

A few weeks ago, I pulled my inner thigh muscle - its not a groin muscle - its an actual inner thigh muscle.... It goes too low to be a groin muscle...

I was on the treadmill & thought it was a muscle cramp. I got off, worked it out, but the pain still lingered. Well, I ran the next day & WOW - the pain was there! The problem now, its getting worse each time I walk or run.... & today, I am in serious serious pain!

I know I'm supposed to let it heal, but the marathon is in three weeks!!! I'm only half way there too in mileage & need to keep going - so how am I supposed to let it heal and STILL train?

Last night was the worst - we had our youth small group (HOLLA!) after I ran & I thought I was going to scream in pain... actually, I did scream when I went to cross my legs!

Who knew when you actually lifted your leg to walk, or much less walk up a step, its those inner thights that do the work... I know now! Honestly, it hurts to lift my leg an inch to take a step!

WHAT DO I DO????? It hurts so bad, I dont have a choice but to not run tonight... but I know its going to take longer than a day to heal... & time is ticking....

I'm so mad....stupid thighs... I never liked them anyways!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Dancing with the Stars!!!

Before we get started - I say it all the time - but I'll say it again... GOD IS GOOD!!! Denise went home last week!!! I didnt think it was possible! Even when it was down between her & Holly, I thought, Holly is going to be heading back to her reality show life... then my prayers were answered! Denise is gone! So anxious to see how tonight goes...

Its Monday & its LLLLIIIIVVVEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here we go!

OH NO - a Double Elimination this week.... big news!!!! Tonight are two new dances - the Argentine Tango & the Lindy Hop... they all sound like fun to me... let's get this party started!

#1 - David Allen Grier....Do they really have Lindy Grooves??? I wanna go to one!!!

YIPEE... that was so cute!!! I just like the guy! And he did a cartwheel!!! And he did it well too!

YES - Carrie Ann is finally giving him good reviews - the others not so much - she's right - he's not the youngest & he did really well... I would have totally passed out!
Scores = 8, 7, 7.... ok - fair, I guess... I still think they are too rough on this guy!!!

#2 - Lil Kim & Derek - the first Argentine Tango - Derek is learning it with Kim... wow... anxious to see how this works for the two of them..

Holy cow - did you see that lift? She was beautiful - perfectly straight!!! Dang - I dont know much about this dance... But I know it looked fantastic! The lifts & legs were beautiful... that was incredible!!!

"That was more than a tango - that was the enticing tail of a beauty... that was...-" forget it, he's just going on & on... he liked it! -Bruno
Scores = 9, 8, 10 OH MY.... the first 10!!!!!!! Bruno is in love!!!!

#3 - Chuck & Julianne...Poor guy - Julianne is bringing up childhood horrible memories of him landing on his head. She finally is pulling it out for him... he was really scared! I still say - Julianne is his biggest cheer leader.

That was very cute... Julianne is like a rag doll! I think at one point, he was going to throw her up so high she was going to touch the ceiling. It made my stomach jump! She has to weigh all of 50 lbs!

Bruno is extra orange tonight.... I just noticed....
Score = 8,7,7

Chuck - I agree - you shouldnt look forward to landing on your head! And Samantha Harris... how I tolerate you....

#4 - Lawrence - Oh my - the Argentine Tango with Edyta...

"I'll still be married after this dance - right?"... with this hot woman - good question!
Oh we get to bring in Alec.... Winner of Season one - which I still think is a joke - Kelly Monaco was HORRIBLE - watch the tapes - I dont lie!... love to see the Alec & Edyta dance! What a beautiful couple!

I'm finding the Argentine Tango involves very loosy knees.....

Didnt take my breath away... nice - but I dont even think I paid attention to it...
Scores = 7, 5, 7

WHAT - did he say Boyz II Men... yipee!!! Loving all the throw back to the 80's & 90's!!!

#5 - Ty.... OK - I'm confused... they are showing Steve.... There it is- video mishap.....the Cowboy!!!!!

Uh -oh ... a fast dance.... can he do it???? We see the dude has strength!!! He's throwing Chelsea EVERYWHERE! & he looks so tiny himself. Cowboys must have a secret super hero power!

YIPEE... I thought he did so well! He is just so adorable - even when he dances! A standing ovation - he deserves it! It may not have been perfect, but he was just the cutest!

"You so would have kicked Jewel's butt" - how funny is that!!!
Len is now speaking "country" - that's the effect of Ty-love!
Scores = 9, 8, 8

#6- Steve & Karina... here we go.... a reminder of how the votes saved him after the worst score in forever years...Fans LOVE him... Love the look on his face when Karina screams!
Oh no - he's gotta be sexy & strong- this is going to be interesting!
"The judges hate me - the fans love me" - he's got that right!

Who are all those people on those rollie things? He's getting a fan base - in the end of this, Steve is going to be a STUD! Or at least, a motivational speaker....

Waiting to hear the judges... I know they are going to yell at him again... I'm cringing waiting...

".... that just felt really long" - Carrie Ann
"... I admire your spirit..." -Len - at least they gave that to him! Even a "well done"!!!
Scores = 4, 4, 4.... he even looks happy at that!

"We grew 20%"...proof he is a genius - how did he figure that out so quickly!

#7 - Melissa & Tony - here's my hot couple!!! They are like a brother & sister... looks like he's going to be tossing her everywhere too...

OK -I think I held my breath! He almost just dropped her on her head!!!!!!!!! How they recovered from that! I would have peed on myself!

I keep thinking she looks like Minnie Mouse in the polka dots... a beautiful, adorable Minnie Mouse!

She looked like one of the girl pros! Len is so right - "You have potential to go all the way"
I think only a Dallas Cowboy cheerleader can keep up with that!

And only Tony can pull off pink shoes....
Scores = 10, 9, 10.... YES... 2 10's..... The highest score of the competition! Totally deserved!!!

#8 - Holly.... oh no... let's see - Argentine Tango - that involves moving the legs... so far, she's not been very good at moving her legs in any dance....we see she pulled something in her ribs... these dances are killing these people.

What just happened? It looks like part of the routine was lost.... She just always looks so confused on the floor (or the stool)....oh, this is painful........ I'm foreseeing really bad scores...

They at least put in a cool trick. Dont think its going to be enough to make the judges up the score any... oh, cringing again....

"Drop the Barbie - bring the Vixen" -Bruno

The judges are being nice this week! I hate when they are harsh! You can give criticism in a nice way....they are doing that very well this week... making me feel happy even in the worst of moments!
Scores = 5, 6, 5.... really that was fair - that's what happened - she fell off the stool!!!

#9 - Steve O.... oh, it hurts me to see him hit the stairs every time... please stop showing that clip! OUCH! He has the Lindy Hop with alot of information & this guy forgets the simple steps... is he going to make it through?

He was a clown? WOW - that doesnt even look like him! I thought Lacy was not thinking clearly bringing that in... makes sense now!

A Rockin Lindy... doesnt Lacy look like Katie Perry in that outfit?

OK - he made it through without hurting himself... I guess thats all I can say about that...

Hey - Carrie Anne & Len just said what I said - he made it through without anything dramatic!!!
Scores = 5, 5, 5 - the crowd is booing - I think its more than fair!

#10 Gilles.... He's doing the Tango... he looks the part already - all he has to do it stand there.

Can I take Cheryl's place & tell him "Act like you're in love with me?" - hehe!!!

OH MY GOSH... all I can say - that was HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think I sat here with my mouth open the whole time!!!!!

Tom even said "That was fierce".... Carrie Ann is fanning herself... WOW!!!!!!

I think I'm going to rewind it & watch it again.... that was incredible!!!!!

Carrie Ann is blushing!!!! She couldnt tell the difference between the professional & the dancer - exactly! And did you see his wife? She's stunningly beautiful too!!!! They are going to have beautiful babies if they dont already!
Scores = 10, 10, 10.... NO WAY... a perfect score already this season... SO DESERVED!!!!!

I gotta watch it AGAIN!!!!!! It was INCREDIBLE!!!!

#11 - Shawn... gotta feel a little pressure following that up.... the outfits look interesting though - the girl is a gold medal winner for flipping & Lindy Hop requires flips? I'm expecting big things!!!!

OH MY GOODNESS... Mark in a unitard! "I wanted to laugh & point" - Shawn is such a cute teen!

That was the perfect dance for her with all the flips! Girl is just a little tiny bunch of muscle - isn't she!

Judges are not happy about the tricks & said her dancing suffered... I can see that. But why not show off her skill? Girl can FLIP!
Scores = 8, 8, 9

So another night of dancing done! Gilles for SURE is the best of the night... WOW! And Melissa is second right behind! What a great night... this is probably one of the best years of dancing!

Who was your favorite of the night? Did you want to put a rose in your mouth? Or do you want to go to a diner now & look for a sock hop?

& more importantly - who are the TWO people you think will go home tomorrow?

Quiet you...

I am so blessed.... I get to sing with our church band every 3 months & I so enjoy being up there worshiping! One of the best parts, I get to stand next to my incredible friend Lynn & laugh & just Praise God together ... plus, girlfriend can HARMONIZE!!! She makes me sound good when I'm not that good of a singer!!!

The one thing I love about being up there though is being able to see things from a different view. I love to look out on my church family & see their faces as they worship. Some of them, they just sing along, watching the screen, some of them just stand without flinching - or even moving their mouths!!, some of them have their hands raised in total worship - some of them, you can see the love of Jesus all over their face as their heads are raised high & voices are belted.... Its a great sight.

A few weeks ago though, one of the nursery workers had to bring up a child from downstairs that could NOT be comforted... this poor little girl just wanted her mommy. We were up front singing & we could see it all... the worker bringing the crying girl in - the girl virtually JUMPING into her mother's arms & yet, she still just cried. Her mom took her outside for a bit & returned - the little girl screamed & cried again, but after awhile, she settled down.

Why do I bring that up? Because my memory verse for the first part of the month has been Zephaniah 3:17

"The Lord your God is with you - he is mighty to save. He will take great delight in you, he will quiet you with his love, he will rejoice over you with singing"

What I saw just really brought out the part of the verse that said "... he will quiet you with his love..."

You know when you see a baby crying - they just wanted to be comforted, they just want to be held. Holding them is not helping the "problem" or taking away physical pain or heart ache - but its just comforting them with love. And eventually, the tears will cease.

I thought of how we go crying to God & he holds us like that - how He quiets us with his love... he lets us lay in his arms & cry & he will tell us the same thing we tell a crying baby in our arms... "ssshhh, it'll be alright"....

May God quiet us with his love when we feel the need to cry out to him....

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Cooking FOOL!!!

It was Spring Break around here for us. Now, while I didnt get off work & had a normal DAY schedule - my nights were freed up. Usually, I'm running to meetings, youth events, Bible studies - lots of stuff always during the evening. I only had one quick event Wednesday, but the other days - FREE!

So guess what I did... I cooked! GASP... I KNOW!!! I cooked three meals during the Monday - Friday week!!!!!

I got the new "Kraft Food & Family" magazine - anyone else get it? I love it - its quarterly, & its FREE! I scanned through - found some ideas - actually wrote down ingredients that I needed & went to the grocery on Monday. Now, remember - I dont do this..... it felt so productive to me!

The first night - I made "Cheeseburger Joes" .... mmmm... it was like a home made sloppy joe thing with BBQ sauce & extras added in. It was soooo good - but all the BBQ sauce gave Ricky reflux so he enjoyed it while he ate it, but that night & the next day - not soo much!

Then, I made something called "Mac Chicken Cacciatore"... SO simple & so yummy! Ricky is so weird about cheese & it calls for a Mac & Cheese part of it - so I ended up making him a side of something different. Luckily for me - I got to chow down & even had extras for lunch the next day!

Then last night, I made the Piece-de-resist-ance! (Is that how you say it?) In my world - I can say, I made the Mac-Daddy Dinner!!! It was called "Weekend Lasagna Toss"... Oh my word... I feel like a true Rachel Ray when I say it was YUM-O!!!! And it as so simple!

Here is where Sydney sits while I cook... not fun since she's right in the line of the sink & the oven... she's prime for any droppings of anything. I make myself a gymnist straddling over her & balancing on one leg.... doesnt it look like she's getting ready to say something?

And I didnt think to take pictures of my other "feats"... but this one - I'm telling you - it was awesome! (& SOOOO easy & fast!)

After my meal - we got to see Isaac on our Xbox live... I cried like a baby... he's getting so big! We havent got to see him walk like he does now until last night... I just teared up!!! WOW - its amazing how big he's getting & we're missing it... sigh... He was confused how we were waving to him on the TV. I told Julie that when he watches Elmo now, he's going to think "Is he looking at me like those other people on TV?"

But after a night of a big meal & seeing his grandson - this is the after effects... Ricky knows how to PARTY on a Friday night! Bruno was happy... any reason to snuggle!

Hope you all are having a great weekend!

Friday, March 27, 2009


Satan has been on my butt lately... dont know why, but I'm telling you - he's been throwing some stuff at me lately. The kind of stuff that makes you questions things, question paths your on, question what your doing.

I was talking about some of these things with a friend, & he said to me "Maybe your being tested?"

I thought - dang, I always hated tests! Even in school!!!

But I can see what he's talking about - don't you feel sometimes like Job - that God gives permission sometimes for Satan to tempt us & that God sees what we're made of?

And I thought about tests - even though I've been out of school for awhile - I can remember them! What did you have to do to pass a test - you had to STUDY! You had to PREPARE! You had to be READY!

Did you ever forget a test was coming & you have that panic feeling of, "How am I going to make it through?" - or you just sort of gave up & just expected to fail, as you circled all the "C's" - isn't that they said the average answer is - the letter C?

And can you remember the difference when you were ready for that test? You went in & sat in the chair with a straight back - just asking for the paper - with a sort of attitude like "Let's do this - I got you!"

So Mr. stupid Satan... I'm digging deeper - I'm reading my Bible even more, even getting some advice from the MAN himself... so bring it on! I'm ready for any test! And I'm prepared to PASS! NOT FAIL!

You ready for a test? Let me tell you - if you havent had a test of any kind lately that challenges you, I bet a Pop Quiz is headed your way!

Thursday, March 26, 2009


It is a rainy morning....like the kind you can hear coming down hard outside your window kinda morning. I have always loved heavy rains - the sound of them, the smell of them - they are just relaxing to me. But I dont like driving in them!

Puddles scare me & I'm always afraid I'm going to spin out when I hit a big one. I also hate when it rains so hard that your wipers cant keep the window clean & I feel like I have to get up close to the steering wheel to see better.

I was sitting at a stop light & I was watching the rain drops hit my window - the wiper would come across, wipe it clean, but before it could even make the return trip back across the window, rain drops were all over it again.

A little later, the rain had slowed where the wipers had cleaned it totally & then the rains picked back up, & even on high, there was NO WAY the wipers even looked like they were working.

WOW - I could see how problems hit us like that. Sometimes, they come down where we can handle them, wipe them out quickly....sometimes, they come faster where we can wipe them out but other problems keep arising.... & then, there are the storms of life! Where no matter what you do, you cant get on top of it! You feel overwhelmed - like nothing is working - you almost think, "Why bother?".......

I ran in my work for cover & am still watching the rain.... & it hit me.... the rain isn't going to last forever.... the sky will clear again.... the sun will come out & dry everything up....everything will be calm again soon.....

If you are going through a storm right now & you feel like your "wipers" arent doing anything to clear that window - hang in there.... God will be bringing out that sun soon.... you'll be OK... blue skies WILL return!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Get to know us...

Saw this little "getting to know you thing" & thought it was fun. You get to know me & Ricky better - & if you already KNOW us - you'll get an even better kick out of it!

What are your middle names?
Mine is Jo (Rebecca Jo) & Ricky's is Dean...yes, Ricky Dean... is that country or what?

How long have you been together?
We started dating in 1992 & got married in 1995... wow... the 90's!!! Long ago!

How long did you know each other before you started dating?
Long story... but quick version - we have passed each other in life my WHOLE life... he was the guard at the skating rink I skated every week.... he bought my best friend's camaro.....I remember him coming through my line at the grocery store I worked at.... & then, we met up in 1992 when I was working at the skating rink....Fate kept bringing us together

Who asked whom out?
I dont even remember... how sad is that... I'm assuming he asked me....

How old are each of you?
Seriously? I didnt see this question or I wouldnt have done this.... oh well - I'm 37 & he's 47

Whose siblings do you see the most?
I would have to say mine - my brother lives like 5 miles from me!

Which situation is the hardest on you as a couple?
Probably our attitudes... totally different... he's such an pessimist while I am such an optimist... those clash alot. You'd think its good - which it is - sometimes - but can cause alot of arguements when making decisions....

Did you go to the same school?
You noticed - we were 10 years apart so it wouldnt have mattered - but no, I went to a Traditional school that was downtown... he went to the neighborhood school

Who is smarter?
Truly - we are opposite on this too.... I am book smart - love to read - love facts... Ricky is very common sense smart! He can figure things out from a different perspective. I will say though - the man is a GENUIS when it comes to numbers... he can work things out in his mind that amaze me!!!

Who is the most sensitive?
Oh please.... I cry daily - what does that tell you?

Where do you eat out most as a couple?
Lately - we're digging "Five Guys Burger & Fries" - how healthy does that sound? But we prefer to go to Olive Garden if you're talking a more formal place....

Where is the furthest you two have traveled together as a couple?
That would be to Vegas in 1999 with some friends.... I was petrified! We flew home in a lightening storm. It was 3 am - everyone was sleeping... I made Ricky wake up...I wasnt going to die in my sleep!!! & he wasnt going to sleep soundly while I was having a heart attack!

Who has the worst temper?
Temper? Probably me - I'll admit, I'm hot headed!....but Ricky panics the quickest & his temper can fly when he panics....dont know if that's the same, but I dont want to go down by myself on that one!

Who does the cooking?
HAAAA... all of you that know us just laughed - didnt you? Hey - I did make supper last night, Thank you very much!!! And for the first time in all the years we've been together, Ricky made me a grilled cheese sandwich.... I thought I was going to cry... seriously!!! But if cooking is making a meal once every 2 weeks - that would be me!

Who is the neat-freak?
That would be me....but I dont know why I bother... its a loosing battle!

Man - I'm seeing how opposite we are on this thing!

Who is more stubborn?
Oh, I hear laughter already again.... But hey - we're alike on something! I believe we are equally stubborn... is that a good thing? I dont know...we have gone days - & by days, I mean over a week of not saying a word to each other.... we'll both be so stubborn we wont give in.... things turn into a competition & when it comes to competition - oh man.... BRING IT ON!!!

Who hogs the bed?
The dogs....enough said!

Who wakes up earlier?
Oh please.... Ricky, even on the weekend, is up around 5:00 am.... dont know whats wrong with the boy! One year we went to Gatlinburg & took Steph with us - she thought I was joking - we were literally up & out of the cabin before the breakfast places even OPENED!!!!! How's that for a relaxing vacation?

Where was your first date?
We went to the Olive Garden for my 21st birthday & then went & saw the movie "TOYS" with Robin Williams... Oh my - that was the worst movie EVER... & I like anything..... We both fell asleep in it.

I think the military could use this movie for torture devices... seriously - its that bad!

Who is more jealous?
Ricky is....he's even said, "If you're not jealous, you're not afraid of loosing what you have"... stupid excuse to me...I hate jealousy!

How long did it take to get serious?
I think we were always serious when we dated because we were good friends before we dated - but I think with Ricky having marriages before me - it took him awhile to let himself get "really" serious. He always said after his divorce, he would never marry again - & then he said, "I had to go & meet you"

Who eats more?
That would be me.... Ricky's a little guy! Now he can put away the sweets & the sugar - but when it comes to meals - I'm the hands down winner. Sadly...

Who's better with the computer?
Oh my... hands down on this - me again! Ricky is not really ever on the computer to know how it works that much. And if anyone was with us when we got lost going to Believe - you'll know Ricky is NOT handy when it comes to QUICK answers on a computer too.... (now you click what? And then what?)

Who drives when you are together?
Probably half & half... only because I'll puke to most places we go to if I'm not driving....the joys of car sickness.....

There you go... more insight into our kooky marriage...

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

He's coming!

My dad gave me a phone call to tell me what my niece, Sophia just said.

First, let me tell you - the twins are going to a pre-school at a Christian church & having their "Bible Study" & learning all about Jesus.

Did you know Jesus could walk on water? They can tell you all about it.... their papaw tried to tell them he could to... smart girls didnt buy it for a minute!

Well, dad said him & Sophia were in the back yard - she was climbing a tree & watching the sunset. He said all of a sudden, she just got a look on her face, put her hands to shield the sun from her eyes & then said,

"Papaw - I see Jesus coming!"

Dad said he just laughed...he told them that Jesus was coming back but he'd be on a white horse like Cochese, the one he has... with the girls being mini cowgirls & horse lovers, that made the girls even MORE excited about Jesus coming back!
I love that she was excited about seeing him though.... she wasnt afraid - she was ready! She was probably thinking, "Come on Jesus - let's play!"

You ready to see him? You excited about Him coming back? What we can learn from the innocence of a child!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Dancing with the Stars!!!

Its Monday - its 8:00... and its LLLLLIIIIIIVVVVVEEEEE!!! Time to see what this week holds!
Gilles is the dreaded stair slipper this week! Every week someone is sliding... I'm waiting for a BIG FALL before the end of the season!
First up - Denise Richard! Tonight is the Samba....Oh my goodness... to get Denise in the mood - Maks is dressed up in a hot pink dress... I dont want to see that ever again!!!
OK - we're 10 seconds in & I can tell, its horrible... Latin dances are not this girls thing.... If the judges give her good scores... I quit.. never watching again...... this is a train wreck... make it stop!!!!!!!
Len said she did well... WHAT? She did a good job? WHAT?????
Bruno & Carrie Ann gave the truth.... it was horrible... this is the first dance I think deserves a one!........I'm hurting for this girl..... Scores = 5, 6, 5 (I think that is still too high!!!) Oh my - that was the worst dance ever!!!!
#2 - Chuck Wicks....Julianne is being a bossy boss now... (Me & Ricky would kill each other!)
It was a smooth dance...not exciting, not spectacular- but very nice. Julianne is so cute how she's his biggest cheerleader.
Len said it right - it was good, but not great yet. ... Scores = 8, 7, 8.... seriously? 8's? It was good, but 8's???? I'm shocked....
#3 - Holly Madison is up! Samba means shaking everything... Miss Playboy Bunny is having troubles in practice... Demitri is getting frustrated.... I think its the knee high socks that are getting to him.
She's a whole lot like Denise Richards... long pretty legs, but man, there is no movement in these ladies...She looked so scared too....
"That was rough to watch" -Carrie Ann
"That was like a match - hot at the top, cold at the bottom" -Len..... Scores 5, 6, 6
Ouch - Demitri didnt deny at all missing Jewel because Holly is a challenge... Tom just said it right "I'm sure Holly feels very reassured now".... OUCH!!!!
#4 Steve O & Lacy....Foxtrot! I always want to give Steve O a cough drop....oops - also some soap for that mouth... that was a line of beeping happening!
AAHHH - he looks like Pee Wee Herman with that tie... I like ties though!
He looks so scared & confused....Oh poor guy... he just stumbled into the steps... not another injury! That looked painful!
We just heard a shout out from the audience "You Rock Steve O".... did you see who it was????? It was BENJI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Benji being the Benji -the winner of So you Think you can Dance.... Benji that is Lacy's brother.... I totally love that guy!!!! Sorry - distracted!
Oh, he is limping... he's in pain....Its his ankle & his back. Scores 5, 5, 5
So far, no one is shining tonight.... we need some sparkles & fringe flying soon... this is a sad night so far.
#5 - Lawrence - Samba... uh-oh... so far, in the words of Shaikra - Hips dont lie.....
Dude knows how to train... he aint giving up... he gets the award for Practice King! Fingers crossed he does good after all that training... poor guy even had to give up golf & he "dont give up golf for anything!"... (That was cute)
My first observation... its got a very disco feel... I feel like the 70's were back. Everyone loves disco though!!! Second - how in the world does Edyta keep her outfits on... man, that woman & her costumes blow me away!
Scores = 7, 6, 7.... seems fair.... lets keep dancing!
Had to run to the frig for another Diet Sprite during the break... I did a Samba walk all the way... SCORES - 9,9,10
#6 - Shawn & Mark... ahh - just love Mark! How cute is she showing her friends talking to her on the computer with Mark sneaking in & they all giggling how cute he is.... love seeing that she's a real teenager!
That was so beautiful.... so elegant.... I was just smiling the whole time.... she's so impressive for a 17 yr old!!!
"you looked like a beautiful, elegant Princess" - Carrie Ann.... Yep!!!
"Best dance so far" - Len
"...a beautiful, bejewled hummingbird...." -Bruno.... love him!!!
Scores = 9, 9, 9 .... YIPEEE!!! totally deserved....
Did he just say Hall & Oates are preforming tomorrow???? Seriously? Flash back to the 80's... loved them!!!!
#7 - Gilles.....and the Samba.... oh my.... in all red..... is it going to get hot in here?
His momma is coming from France to see him - how sweet is that!!! I love he asked Cheryl to not be mean to him in front of her. Oh no... mom tears... makes me want to cry!!!
Dude has hips & shoulder action... but I think he did OK... I can't tell... all that red seriously has my eyes burning... that was the brighest outfit I've ever seen.... I'm not even lying - I'm seeing red now looking at this monitor!
"...you just made a hard dance look easy" - Len
"...you shook things I didnt know guys could shake" - Carrie Ann - guess that says it all, doesn't it?
Scores = 9, 9, 9.....YES!
#8 - David Allen Grier...Good, I'm ready for a laugh...& the judges better be nice this week... this is my hot spot this year... they are so mean to him!!!!!
OHHH - he did so good... looks so smooth... now if they are mean... I'm going to be upset...
"...what a transformation" -Bruno
"Two snaps up" - Carrie Ann.... FINALLY!!!!!!
Scores = 8, 8, 8....good, I'm not mad now at the judges...David has proven himself!!! Even breaking out in song "These are the greatest judges in the world"... how do you not love this guy?
#9 - Steve - the Apple Man..."gotta get loose, bouncy & sexy" - this man just makes me smile! ... "hips of fury"....
OH NO - an injury!!! Having injured a hamstring myself - I know... that is PAINFUL!!!! ... he is such a trooper! He wont give up...
Dude knows how to bounce.... & did she just make him do the worm?... & what the heck was that ending... that looked vulgar! Oh my......Even Karina is embarassed!
"... the novelty wears off...." - Carrie Ann... the sad thing - its not a novelty to him - dont make him sad!!!
I hate that.... he is doing his best - he's having fun - dont make fun of him... poor guy!!!
He's got a standing ovation from the other dancers... very nice!
Scores = 4, 3, 3.....what??????? I have to say - Denise was worse than him... If I was in the audience, I'd be booing too!!!!! They only did that so he would be voted out.... not right, not right at all!
#10 - Melissa & Tony ...my girl & my guy....How nice was it for Tony to go with her to her office & pack up. But I have to ask, why did she have a huge football in her office? Oh, I have Beauty & the Beast everywhere in mine - I guess I cant judge. When Tony asked her if she's alright, made my heart sing. He's such a gentleman!
Just starting off, there is that smile! This girl looks like she's having the time of her life just being there! I just love watching the two of them.... love seeing how they disguise that tattoo on her back with bejweled things....
"....beautiful to look at - easy to love" - Bruno.... HA - take that Jason!
OK - Carrie Ann is criticizing... there is where I get ANGRY... just because they are good - she starts to judge them differently. She assumes if they are good they take to this dancing easily - the look on Melissa AND Tony's face when she said it was easy for her said it all.... the judges are not fair - I'm telling you - not fair!
Scores = 9, 9, 9.... cute - Lawrence has to take her golfing because of a bet!
#11 - Lil Kim.... I just like hearing Len say "Lil".....she's got the Samba... I'm having faith in this girls hips!
She definitely has some hip action - that fringe was FLYING... she looked a little lost though & some steps missed... she's looking confused even now standing in front of the judges....
"....it wasn't perfect, but you sold it to me" - Bruno
"You have a bionic booty" - Len
Carrie Ann is driving me NUTS - "Yeah, you made some mistakes, but you went for it - great job"... but yet she gave Melissa criticism for little things... that's what shows they dont judge fair... this girl missed full steps...Oh, the angst of life - hehehe!!!
Love the dancers all were shaking their booty for her.... that was hilarious!
Scores = 8, 8, 9
#12 - Finally - Ty doing the Foxtrot... holding out hope since its not a Latin dance.
"Pretty cool, huh?".... how do you not just fall in love with this cowboy?
OH NO... the professional slipped...looked like there was another misstep... I think it was her dress... it didnt even stop Ty!!!! He just kept going... He was incredible.... He didnt even stumble when she tripped!
"... you're carving out of a stiff piece of wood, a mini Fred Astaire...." -Bruno
Scores = 8, 8, 7.....even with a fall!!! He said "We didnt practice that one".... he's so charming!
Another night of dance done..... If I had my choice - Denise would be GONE! But you know its going to be Steve O or Steve W. Both of them seem to be accident prone anyways... maybe its for the best.
Best of the night - Probably Shawn... she was just like Carrie Ann said - a Princess....
Did you watch - what did you think? And if you dont watch - why not? Doesnt it make you just want to dance? Gotta go do my salsa walk now to go take my bath!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Twilight.... the Controversy

Oh yes... I was excited about this weekend!!! Why - Twilight finally came out on DVD... I was so anxious for the behind the scenes stuff. Love always watching the "making" of things. So excited to see the movie again too in the comfy of my own home.

I have to say though - lately, Twilight has been quite a controversy in my life. Why? Because being a youth leader, & working with the youth seems to clash with the idea of this being a "vampire" movie.

I can understand when people say that vampires are evil or wicked, & I totally appreciate that everyone has an opinion and is entitled to it. Truly - you're not going to find anyone else more willing to listen to your opinion - doesnt mean I agree though :-)

I have heard it was strange that being a youth leader, that I went with a group of girls from church was odd. The thing for me - these girls asked me to come along, & I'll be happy to spend any time with them doing anything.... & they are the ones who recommended me read the book & got me hooked...Of course, I'm interested in what attracts these kids & was totally sucked into the story.... I can totally see why people get drawn into this.... the story of trying to find happiness - the story of a family surviving together - the story of a romantic, perfect man?

I was even given an article from a Christian magazine saying how "wrong" Twilight is in the Christian community. I have to say - the article was obviously biased & one sided & I just had to laugh & toss it aside. Again, I understood the points it was making, but if you KNOW kids are watching it & reading it - why not put an article about how you can TEACH from it instead of pointing fingers on why you SHOULDNT watch or read it? We, as Christians, know that MILLIONS of girls are watching & reading this - why judge anyone for it? Instead, find a way to reach those MILLIONS to redirect focus on another aspect of it!

That right there, I guess is my issue & my stance .... while I do believe its not a movie like "Fire proof" or "Facing the Giants" - its what the kids are watching & while it may have some issues - there are really some good things there. I am for finding the GOOD in things - not focusing on the BAD! After all - there are witches or evil in every Disney movie... what do you do with those?
I even told my fellow youth leaders that I can see incredible points that could be used as a Bible Study.

*Bella is looking to this perfect man who can offer eternal life... not saying that a vampire is the way - but cant you see where that can spurn off into a great discussion about how we need Jesus for eternal life?

*The obvious battle between good & evil....& yes, they are vampires, but the "father figure" believes they still have a soul & should do anything to protect others & they dont harm people themselves.....

*The Cullens - the good vampires - do everything they can to not "conform" to the world they are EXPECTED to be in as vampires... what a lesson there!

*The head of the family, Charlisle, was a minister before he was turned.... depth in that message - he remembers who he is - the reasons he believes he still has a soul - he has so much compassion for people

*The idea of Edward & how he is willing to protect Bella for any cost - that he is always there watching her & there to offer her security in dangerous situations.... another point to make to reflect how Jesus is ALWAYS with us - no matter where we are - & he wants to protect us - protect our hearts... I'm telling you - I can go for days with how things could be turned into something GOOD!

*And being a leader for young girls - I do want them to see an example of a man who is a gentleman - who has manners, who is not "pushing things" in a relationship - someone who has respect for his girlfriend. Edward is known as the perfect man... dont you think there'd be some qualities that you can enforce youth ladies to keep an eye out for?

*One of the biggest things for me - in the end when Bella sneaks away from the people who are protecting her in order to keep her safe. She already fled to save her dad's life - even hurt his feelings in order to make him let her go - she's willing to sacrifice herself just so everyone will not face danger... "Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends"..... that's what instantly came to mind.

*The fact that these characters too abstain from premarital sex is an another awesome thing to focus on....

Again, I can see what some people say - But I just like to remind people that we are surrounded by things that you could find evil in.... can you find good things in the things that are around you?

Especially if you have teens & youth - they are going to watch & do things you may not agree with!! But wouldnt it be better to be ready to find a lesson to turn their focus back on God with it....

And finally, I can guarantee you - if those girls ask me to go see "New Moon" with them... I'll be the first in line to stand there with them again ....... anyone that wants to join us, come along! :-)

Friday, March 20, 2009

Lucky way to start the weekend!

Now, this is a way to start a weekend!!!! I come home on Friday & have two packages in the mail. The first was from a new blog buddy that I am just loving getting to know. Go visit Lauren - she's fantastic.

She had a contest on naming her Ford Focus & I gave her my name of "FLO" - with the idea of when you are driving down the road in your car, sporting, you should just "flow" along... Lauren dug it... YIPEE! She told me she was going to send me a surprise in the mail.... talk about a surprise!!!!

I got a gift card for Olive Garden - which is PERFECT timing because we used a gift card we got for Christmas there last weekend & I found a new favorite dish & am dying to try it again.... now, I have an excuse!

She also sent me a Starbuck's gift card.... with all the talk of coffee going on in my blog the other day, she even gave me two choices she recommended & I promise Lauren, I'm totally going to go try it... I'm excited about it too!!!!

Isn't this girl so thoughtful & sweet!!!! Thanks so much.... now I have not one, but TWO things to look forward to because of you.... You totally made my day!!!!

And then..... I got another package in the mail....This one was from Pam at "You're Going to Miss This".... this is an amazing mom & woman! She had a contest on her blog & gave away so many incredible things. I was blessed to win this box of Scripture Cards from Beth Moore on Faith! I LOVE it... it takes me back too.

When I was growing up, we had a little holder that held business cards looking things that had scripture on them... I always loved to pull them out & read them even when I was little....I put this box on my kitchen table too.

Thank you Pam!!! I am so going to enjoy memorizing these Scriptures too - especially for Beth Moore's Scripture Memory Challenge... how perfect is that!!!

And Ricky wasn't left out! He may not have had packages in the mail - but he had puppy love waiting for him to start the weekend....This is an every day thing if Ricky will do it... the dogs just get so excited when he gets home - he'll lay in the kitchen floor & they take their turns laying on him, getting attention.... I dont know who's more spoiled - the dogs or Ricky!

Thanks again ladies!!!!

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