Friday, July 31, 2015

Friday Favorites ... where 2 Jimmy's make the list...


Favorite Check List / Book Item

Rory Gilmore Reading List!!!
Download a free printable checklist with all 339 books in the Rory Gilmore Reading List. It's already formatted to be a booklet when printed! Punch holes in the spines and add it to your A5 or Half-Size planner.

I was so excited to see this reading list!
You can print out the list that has a check mark area for you to keep track.
Who doesn't' want to be like Rory Gilmore!


Favorite Person of the week
Jimmy Kimmel

I can't even talk about the whole Cecil the Lion deal... being such an animal advocate & lover, I have so many emotions about this whole tragic murder of this animal.
I loved so much seeing the emotion that it brought out of Jimmy Kimmel on his show... & loved that he is trying to help make something good come out of this horrific event.

Favorite Harry Potter Wedding Ideas

Check out these awesome ideas to incorporate Harry Potter into a wedding day


Favorite Beauty & the Beast

"A thing must be loved before it is lovable." - G.K. Chesterton Belle by jenelloboogie on tumblr

I am so in love with this print!

Favorite Video

Jimmy Fallon is just the best at lip syncing
... but I gotta give it to Tom Cruise. He rocked it out.

 Favorite Hack for kids

someday i'll be the cool mom who shows her kids how to make one of these. :) Under the table hammock

Isn't this a cute idea?
If I had a little one around my house, I'd totally do this while I'm in the kitchen to get them to calm down a little.
I want a big table so I can do an adult version!
Favorite Funnies
working-with-idiots-funny-quotes_clickypix - Clicky Pix


when life comes at you with surprises
Cute! {GIF}

every morning at the start of my workday

me going to see Steven Curtis Chapman every time I can

when I'm waiting on my manger to leave so I can too

your life
 your life
when the clock hits 4:00 on a Friday


Happy Friday Y'all!!!

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Thankful Thursday {Link up #30}

Thankful Thursday

Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow.

This week I am THANKFUL FOR:

... more good news for my uncle who was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.  They told him that only 5% of people with that type of cancer ever go into remission.  Well, look whose in the 5%... his last scan came back & no signs of cancer!!! PRAISE JESUS!!!!

... a sweet lady from Instagram that also Bible Journals sent me all these goodies in the mail!  I was just expecting a few book tabs... but look at ALL THE FUN STUFF!!! I cant wait to use these in my Bible..& to be thankful for such thoughtful people!!

Look at all the fun stuff to play with!!!!
... Baby Emery is healthy & momma is doing great after her delivery. 

... Got to meet our new neighbors & they seem to be 'animal people'... makes me so happy. You have no idea how much I prayed our new neighbors wouldn't be people who hated dogs.

... finding books I've been wanting for awhile on clearance!!!!

... laughing so hard you have tears stream down your face.

... people who give wise, Godly advise.

... Air condition!  At work, in my car, at home.  I can't imagine not having it. I see people riding with windows down, or windows open in their homes & I am so thankful to walk into a house where I can be comfortable in!

... I had 5 people link up with me last week.  That made me so happy. I am thankful for everyone that takes the time to join in with me!

What are you Thankful For this week?

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

What's up Wednesday

Linking up with the ladies for the end of month fun!
What we're eating this week...
I've been addicted to Edamame this week.
Sam's Club had individual bags in their freezer section & I think I've made a bag every day this week. 
What I'm reminiscing about...
How my nieces can be starting middle school today...
I remember holding them right when they were born... & now swimming in the big pond.  Where does the time go?
What I'm loving...
I always used Pandora at work or at home but just finally uploaded the app to my phone & have used it while running lately.
I wont do it all the time because I don't want to eat up my 4G - or whatever it is what I'm limited on - but it is nice to put it on the workout channel & have some new beats in my ears.
What we've been up to...
working... working... more working... & a little bit of extra doses of working...
Oh. And desperately needing a vacation.
What I'm dreading...
School starts here today.  & with that, comes school buses & a WHOLE lot of extra cars on an already shut down road.  Traffic is already miserable enough but I'm so dreading all the extra.  I'm just wanting to pack my car with snacks, a cooler, a few books. I have a feeling I'll be spending WAY too much time in there.
What I'm working on...
Laundry... always laundry
What I'm excited about...
Merge Camp!
We're getting ready to hang out with 21 kids at our youth ministry's camp.  This will be the 3rd year of it & the kids look so forward to it. & while its exhausting & I can sleep for 24 hours straight afterwards, its always fun to hang out with the kids, talk with them, see them in a fun environment & have some great talks about Jesus.
What I'm watching/reading...
Just started this book & already wanting every single person I know to read it.
It's funny but informative & I'm loving this man's journey!
What I'm listening to...
I'm all about the podcasts right now
& this is what I'm listening to right now
.. his messages on John the Baptizer...
What I'm wearing...


I honestly wear flip flops every day from the moment its above 60 degrees until there is snow on the ground
What I'm doing this weekend...
I actually have a slow weekend planned.
Gotta get in my run & then I'm meeting with my next bride whose wedding is in a few weeks & getting all the final information.  Time to write up her wedding day schedule.
Exciting stuff!
What I'm looking forward to next month...
Women of Faith!!!!
Going with some of my favorite girlfriends & just looking forward to worshipping with a few thousand other ladies!
What else is new...
Babies everywhere!
Every year in my photography - there seems to be a trend.  Seniors - weddings - engagements.  This year? It's all about babies & maternity sessions.
& so far, the girl count is winning in the baby race. 
Bonus:  What will you miss most about summer?
Late night light skies! 
I can already see the time change.  My car lights stayed on when I pulled out of the garage this week & it made me want to tear up a little.  It's also totally dark at 9pm now. I like when its still light up to 9:30.  When that sun starts setting earlier & earlier - I get more & more depressed.
Grab a question & answer it... or join the link up & answer them all
Just let me know if you do so I can come see your answer

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

{No Eraser} What I wake up to in my bed....

This is my view most nights when I am drifting off to sleep...

More proof....

No - Harvey being the thing I wake up to is NOT the point of the post. 
Talk about anti-climatic... I would be the worst blogger ever if that was on...

But its obvious Harvey Dent is a bed hog.

I can't say it's his fault. We raised him to be a cuddle bug. 

But he was also like 55 lbs lighter at the time & didn't take up much room. 

Here he is now at 2 years old & about 65 lbs... & loves to be right up with his mommy & daddy. 

His preferred place to be?  On our pillows. 

Every night, its a rush to get to bed before him.
Or if he is already there, you have to take off running like someone is at the door & then throw a toy & RUN FOR YOUR LIFE back to the bed before he sails over top everything & tries to get the spot back.

Or you can just count it as a bonus workout when he lays there like a 65 lb. slug & you have to slide him over to where you want him to be. He will literally just let you shove, pull, lift, whatever to him & he's just like, "I'm on the bed - I can touch you - I'm good"

So, I wake up in the middle of the night - 4:00am to be precise - & see something that made me jolt up.

Here's the climatic part if you were waiting...

I see Ricky standing on his side of the bed with a HUGE OBJECT in his hands, being hoisted up really high.

Now, I ask you to think about waking up out of a dead sleep & see a shadowed figure holding something large over top of you...

Straight out of a horror movie!  Or one of those Law & Order shows. I wouldn't know - I've never seen one but I think everyone else knows it has something to do with crimes - right?  I think I'm right.

My years of martial arts training kicks in ... & I just basically almost roll off the bed & nearly scream.  Thank you Kung-Fu instructors for the security you have given me.

I did get my voice under me to finally say,

Because if someone wants to kill you in your sleep, the decent thing is to ask & hope for a clear answer first....

... except Ricky wasn't trying to kill me.  Whew!  That's always nice.

But he is standing there with a large object in his hands...

& down on the bed it goes.

A TV tray.

In his spot... completely open... laying on its 4 am.

Turn your head sideways.  That's what I see laying next to me in bed.

& all I hear from him, "I don't want Harvey getting my spot"


Apparently this is Ricky's trick.

If Ricky has to get up in the middle of the night to get a drink of water, go to the bathroom, or let Bruno out (a whole other story - our dog wont go outside unless lights are on in the enclosed room - #spoiled) he told me that he takes the tray & lays it in his spot & across his pillow so Harvey doesn't' jump up & snag his place.

Pretty smart.

No less terrifying when you experience it.

Now, it's nothing for me to wake up & see a TV tray laying on its side on my husband's pillow.

Life is fun sometimes.

Just wait till Ricky wakes up & sees a vacuum cleaner laying on my pillow one day.

Monday, July 27, 2015

The weekend that had me seeing a lot of pink...

I'm grumpy... I mean GRUMPPYYYY this morning.

I just didn't want it to be Monday.  Not yet.  One more day.  Please?

There's just never enough time to relax on a weekend. Not in my world.  I need a weekend for my weekends.  I still say a 4 day work week & a 3 day weekend needs to happen.  Where's Mr. Trump?  If he becomes President -I want it to happen.

Did everyone just shudder at the idea of Donald Trump becoming President?


Friday was my daddy's birthday so I got home from work & waited on Ricky & we headed over to congratulate him on another year of life

Hello to me in the reflection of the window
You don't know the hassle I went through to get a cake that was all one flavor. I guess the new 'hot' thing at the grocery is half & half cakes.  Half white / half chocolate.  As much as I love chocolate, I think chocolate cake is disgusting.  Just give me a PLAIN CAKE PEOPLE!!! ... They finally found one in the back of the cabinet....

& then I realized that I shouldn't even care.  21 Day Fix don't allow a big hunk of birthday cake.  Shucks.

But it was fun talking to the girls as they are gearing up to start middle school on Wednesday.  They are really excited about it.  Growing up. I don't like it one bit.

Saturday had me up bright & early to head down to Target.  I had 3 baby showers for the weekend & was going in it completely not prepared so I was at Target's doors when they opened.

It's a 2 fold situation on being at Target that early.  The crowds were non-existent.  Thumbs up!  But the workers are in full force in every aisle stocking up.  Thumbs Down!  I mean EVERY aisle, carts, people in red shirts & khaki's.  Move on people. Let me through. I have a lot of pink I need to get here.

Let me tell you - shopping for 3 baby showers at once?  I think I heard my debit card cry ... ouch!  Ricky's mouth even dropped at my total.  I asked him if he'd rather me just not have friends or family?   ... I never did get an answer on that one...

But we got home early - even stopped for an early Starbucks treat.  & then I had an hour to get my run in - so off to the treadmill I went.

Then it was time to get cleaned up & pick up my mom & we headed out to my cousin's baby shower...

We were only there for a short time & wish I could have stayed longer but I already had plans for the evening... but I didn't walk away empty handed. In just being there an hour, I walked out with a door prize. BAM!  Go me! :)

Baby shower

I had to run & do some quick things in Louisville & then drive all the way back home, get mom  home, run to pick up Ricky & then we headed over to our friends house for a game night...

I think we all needed a good fun night together...

We introduced them to the world of Password - a classic Ricky & I love... & then broke out the Headbandz ....

I am AWFUL at this game. 

I think I was the only one that was still on my first card at the end of the game....

Let this picture be noted of all the tears on my eyes where I couldn't get the answer & everyone was laughing because ... DUH!!! ... I knew I was a building.  I was given the clue that "You love someone who is there"... So Chasity WORKS in a hair salon & she just kept holding my hand & telling me to look at her & try & guess... I was blank.  I could not have been more blank in my life.  It's so dang frustrating!  ... but the best time!

I get hair salon when this guy gets Spiderman... really?  You can see behind him - & in the above picture where the whole basement is red - he's a Spiderman NUT. 

This game was rigged.

No... I'm just dumb.

But I still love a good game.

Sunday had me up doing my workout before we even headed to church.  Yoga.

Ricky ... & Harvey... even joined in a little bit.

Ignore Ricky's pants are inside out...he does that all the time
I think he's trying to start a new fad
Then it was time to head to Merge for Small Group Day.  I love our conversations range so much.  We ended up talking about ring worm, essential oils, throwing rocks at brothers heads... & of course, Jesus :)

I had another baby shower right after church but ended up not getting out of church till it was too late to make it on time... & I'll be seeing that momma soon anyways so I'll take her gift later.  Drats.

But that left time for Ricky & I to go out to lunch & then we ran into some old church friends.  It was so great to see them & to talk about the church they are going to & just get their thoughts on some things.  It's like my mom said - God put them in the same restaurant as us & had me missing that baby shower for a reason.  It was great talking to people I trust their opinion on & has such biblical wisdom.

Ricky & I then left to run up to the hospital to see our friend's new baby!!!  This is the couple I just did their maternity pictures less then 2 weeks earlier.  This baby made an early appearance.  But is perfectly healthy & beautiful!

I have just been loving getting my hands on all these new babies lately!!!

But another girl... MORE PINK!!  GIRL POWER is everywhere!!!!

We got home just in time for us to make out bills... which reminds me I'm going on a spending strike.  Seriously.  SERIOUSLY!!!... & then we went outside & was able to meet our new neighbors!  How funny is it that the wife - whose name is BECKY :) - comes from the same area Ricky & I come from in Louisville.  Like her family lives in the same area my parents lived in - she went to the same high school Ricky did - we all knew the same street names we talked about.  Small world man... small world...

But it was great talking to them, meeting them, getting to know a little bit about them...  excited to finally get to chat with them.  Good neighbors are a blessing - we've learned that through the years with our amazing neighbors we've had.

& then... whew... it was late.

& time for the weekend to end.

I honestly couldn't believe how fast it all went by... I can't believe how many miles I drove this weekend... I can't believe how much fun we had.

It was definitely a memorable weekend!

How was yours?
What was the best thing you did?
Did you get to rest any this weekend?  (If so, I'm jealous)

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