Thursday, February 24, 2022

Thankful Thursday #346


This week I am Thankful for:

Telehealth appointments
I had a follow up call with my general physician & man, do I LOVE being able to do them on Zoom. No having to schedule time off work, no sitting in a waiting room. You get a text giving the link to the meeting & BAM - there she is. She has all the records right in front of her on her computer & we get to chat & go over everything & schedule the next follow up in a month - easy peasy. This is the future I envisioned as a child.

No Sleep Apnea
On the talk with my doctor, she let me know the results of my sleep study & ALL CLEAR. I didnt expect to have any thing show up - but its always a relief to get that confirmation. 

Cochese new coat
I got Cochese a new coat since he's getting older & he's just not growing his winter hair like he did when he was younger.  Dad always had a hard time finding one that fit him well - we got the length, but there's something about his build that just doesnt fit the coats right. I ended up finding one on Chewy's & it does really well!!!  My brother got it on him & he didnt mind it one bit. When he would feed Cochese, he'd put his hand under to check him & he said he was toasty warm! I said I need to stock up on these now we found one that works for him.  Even horses have different body shapes!

Clear Mammogram
I hold my breath every year when I get my boob squish done & have to wait for the results. I have gotten calls in years past on things found so when I got the mail & saw a letter, I was quick to open it & see the good results of this years scan.  Yahooo!!!!

If you follow me on my planner Instagram account, you'll see I've been using the Amplify Planner for 2022 (loving it so much) but they sent out their monthly newsletter & highlighted my account in it! It was so funny because I was reading it & was like, wait - that looks familiar - it was my name & one of my IG pics - LOL! What a fun surprise!

My mom lost her heat Friday night & I am useless in such things. My brother was at work - so one of his friends ended up going to mom's house to help her figure out the problem. Just thankful for people that help us out when they can - step in to fill the gap.  My brother has a good group of men as friends that are just so helpful to our whole family.

Glimpses of Spring
We had another warmer day over the weekend & I took advantage of it by going for a good hour long walk at the park. Along with half the town & their dogs. I loved seeing so many people out with their pets. I need to take one of my dogs with me. I always feel bad just taking one & no way I can get a good walk on with 3 dogs dragging me around.  But man, I soaked up the beautiful sunshine... come on SPRING!

Cup Holder
I think I mentioned last week or the week before how I got this amazing 40 oz cup. I am obsessed with it. It has me drinking all the water! Keeps ice in it all day - its easy to hold with the handle. I love it!  But I was having issues with it in my car. If it was full, it would stay up in my cup holder... if it was half empty, when I would take turns, it would fall.  I found this cup holder on Amazon & it is PERFECT! It holds my cup securely - full or empty -& I love it has a slot for a handle too so I can put mugs in it as well.  (HERES the link if interested)

Share with us some good things in your week!
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Wednesday, February 23, 2022

A brother & a legend... Skate on our friend!

 We are once again reminded how precious life is, how quick it can be taken & how comforting memories can be.

Hubby has lost yet another close friend.

If you recall, he lost his childhood friend, Ernie, a little over 4 years ago.  That was so hard for him.... & now, he's lost his closest friend, Tony C.

When I actually first talked to Ricky those 30 years ago , he was standing right behind Tony C - I can remember that moment.  They have been just the best of friends for so many years.  

Ricky V & Tony C. ... friends by life, family by choice.

Ricky actually met Tony when he was a teenager working in the local roller skating rink & Tony Champa was running it - Champs Rollerdrome.  Anyone in our area knows what this place is & how much it meant.

The way Ricky tells it, he sort of stood his ground on some things as a young employee & Tony ended up really respecting him for it - & they became fast friends after that.

It's so funny because they were opposites in a lot of ways - but had similar core values mainly & that's what kept them together. Plus, they loved to gamble together. Man, did they love some betting.  On horse races, on games - heck, anything they could bet on, like, "how fast will our food get here" - they just has so much fun with it & they took so many trips to Vegas together to take their fun up a notch.  They loved to play hockey together.  They just knew how to have enjoy each other's company together.  Ricky even said in all the years they have been close, he doesnt remember one fight they ever had.  They would disagree about some things - but it always ended up with them laughing about it & moving on.

Tony was sort of a legend in our area of town because he did run the local roller rink so nearly every kid in the area was around Tony at some point.  & he was so good at what he did. Such an outgoing personality - you knew he was in a room.  

& a heart on that man. He just cared about people so well.  He would do whatever he could to try & help whoever needed it & never wanted any credit for it.

He really was just the most incredible person.

Tony was the best man in our wedding - as was Ricky the best man in Tony's wedding & he & his wife Tammy were just so close to us.  You may recall if you've been around - just 3 years ago, Tammy passed away totally unexpectedly.  She was my age & it was a total shock.

To think that Tony is gone now - BOTH of them gone - just blows my mind....

Tony had come down with COVID right around the same time Ricky did in January but he didnt handle it well. It turned into pneumonia for him & he ended up in the hospital for treatment.  He had some other underlying health conditions, so once his body wasn't' handling the effects of COVID, it kicked off a wave of other things that just left things going downhill fast.  Tony had to go on a ventilator to help with his breathing & while they tried to take him off of it a few times, he just wasn't able to bounce back.

Ricky was able to be there with Tony's kids & brother to give all the love & support to Tony as he left this world to go to his Heavenly homecoming.  I'm so glad Ricky was able to do that.  He was also able to spend time sitting with Tony while he was in the hospital & I know Ricky values just having those moments just being able to talk to Tony & remind him of all the memories they had together.

This week is the funeral & it still just feels so surreal.

Ricky said that even when he didnt get to go see Tony a lot, he just always knew his buddy was there & now, he's not.  Its such a strange realization to know a loved one is no longer there to get in touch with or visit or laugh with.  Especially someone who holds so many years of memories with you.  Its such a loss.

I have so many more pictures of us together through the years - but this is the day before digital & I cant find the boxes with all the pictures... DANG IT! 
Digital photography has its benefits!

if you dont mind, lift prayers for Tony's children.  They are young, in their 20's (still young to me) but to have lost both of their parents in such a short time span - my heart just aches for them so badly.

& pray for Ricky. He's just so heart broken that he has yet lost another friend who he saw as a brother... they both saw each other as a brother.  Ricky's world wont be the same.

Hug your loved ones... give a call to let them know you're thinking of them... time is precious. Take advantage of it.

Friday, February 18, 2022

Friday Favorites


Click PIC for link

Favorite Mugs

Does anyone else read the ALWAYS & hear it in Snape's voice?

Favorite "Curtain Rods"

I didnt even know such things existed!!!
You put these on your blinds to hang your curtains!!!
So you dont need a rod drilled in above the blinds - GENIUSSSS!!!

Favorite Bubbles

What's so special about these?
They are made safe for animals to catch - LOL
They have a smell & taste to them... I wonder if my dogs would catch these?
I may have to try it when it warms up!

Favorite Mirror

I love big long mirrors!!!
This can be hung on a wall too & I like its not very thick.

Favorite Sticker

Speaking of mirrors... this sticker is perfect to go right on top
A needed reminder every single day

Favorite POP!

I'm not sorry one bit - I just LOVE Jeff Goldblum
So seeing this made me laugh so much!
& with him coming back for the last Jurassic Park Film - maybe we'll get another scene similar to this one.

Side note - anyone watch him on Disney+ - I just love this man so much!

Favorite Bike Helmet

It looks like a baseball hat!!!!
Ride in style!

Favorite Measuring Cups

If you have a boujee kitchen - this is for you!
Arent they so beautiful?

Favorite Funnies

Happy Weekend!!!

Thursday, February 17, 2022

Thankful Thursday #345


This week I am Thankful for:

Survived 3 hour wait
I still cant believe I sat in the doctor's office for 3 hours to see the Retina specialist. They had warned me that he gets behind because 1. he's very demanded & a great doctor & 2. he spends time with his patients - which I can appreciate.  But this was NUTS.  I'll give a break though because they had closed 2 days for the ice/snow storm the week before & had to get in all the patients that had to reschedule. I was one of them - I was one that was supposed to be in the week before.  But honestly... it didnt feel like 3 hours to me. I think because the ONLY available seat in the office was right by the door & the bathroom so I was constantly entertained by watching people & I ended up being the bathroom monitor - LOL... "Someone is in there" - "You need the key" - I think I should have gotten paid for my service.  

Look at how dark the sky was when I finally left

Kindle in the Eye doctor
When I wasn't doing bathroom monitoring, I was so glad I had my Kindle because having dilated eyes, things were blurry - but pump up the font on that baby & I got through a big chunk of my book sitting there so long!

No Laser Needed
The doctor said he actually found ANOTHER hole in my retina - TWO! But he said they have sealed themselves off so there was no need to do any sort of procedure to fix it.  Thank goodness - I was a nervous wreck thinking of a laser going through my eye.  Now granted - I have to go back in 3 months to see if the holes are healing - or if there's any more.... & if my vision doesnt get any better, we can discuss future treatments - which reading about them - EGADS! Freaks me out... but for the next 3 months, I'm going to take the positive.

Front Yard Frisbee throwing
Our back yard is like a muddy swamp after all the ice & snow... with the dogs tromping all over it - its just a MESS.  I need Spring to come so we can get grass happening back there.  I wont throw the frisbee back there because I'm afraid they'll fall & break a leg... so we've been enjoying front yard frisbee sessions. The dogs get so happy to go out there because they know - ITS ON... they could catch frisbees all day long. Pure doggie Joy.

Saturday appointments
I got my yearly mammogram done this past weekend & I just love they have appointments on Saturdays where I dont have to plan around work.  Plus, I honestly was in & out in less than 15 minutes.  I said that is a true WAM BAM THANK YOU MA'AM moment right there.
(Now fingers crossed waiting for the results - I always hold my breath)

Coffee Treat
After that squish squish - I decided I wanted to stop at Starbucks. I hardly make it there anymore... & I get there & the line was WRAPPED AROUND THE BUILDING! I had my Kindle so I was good. Do you know it took me 20 minutes to get coffee?  But mmmm... so worth it!

You can see the line goes up & turns left - I'm in front of the building & the drive thru wrapped literally around the building - you can see the actual window pick up on the far left on the side

Running Free
Hubby had forgotten  to lock the gate where Baby is divided from Cochese one evening & when my brother went over the next day, Baby was out in the big field with him.  They're fine together - we're more concerned that Baby could get out of the electric fence because she's so much smaller than the big horse - because obvs - she's a mini! LOL... But she was fine & I bet you, you had the time of her life that night running out in the big field with her brother.  It sometimes takes some time to wrangle her up to go back to her part of the field... nope - she was exhausted & wanted to get in her stall.  She had a successful night of fun. Party Girl!

Valentines Goodies
I came home from work to find the cutest little spread waiting for me.  Dark Chocolate candy & the most BEAUTIFUL flowers. I am obsessed with this little vase. This is a keeper - one I'll find a use for - its just so darn cute. I love that its short too! I think it will be cute in my kitchen table because it wont block a view across the table.  Hubby did good this year.

Tell me something good about your week!

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Monday, February 14, 2022

10 on 10.... or the 14th - Happy Valentine's Day!

 Always late to the party.... But fashionably late darling 

& its Valentine's Day so why not do this fun post on love TODAY!

Joining with Leslie for her fun 10 on 10

What was something you absolutely loved about 2021?

Working from home! Man, it sure was nice to have that extra sleep & saving the miles on my car & staying in comfy clothes all day.

Do you have an interesting love story you'd like to share?

I've talked about it before - but I love mine & Hubby's love story.  How we crossed paths throughout my whole life - starting at 6 years old. I cant wait to get to Heaven to see the whole thing behind the scenes - how many times we actually did cross paths when we didnt even know it.

What food do you love & must have on a regular basis?

I love me some dark chocolate that I like to have a on regular basis.
I am a routine person so I buy a lot of the same foods & have them on regular basis - not so much because I love it - just because its convenient.  But yeah, dark chocolate is one I'll put in the love list.

What fashion "trend" do you love? 
It doesnt even have to be a current trend.

I'm glad to see eyebrows come back!
They were so thin the past few years & I'm glad to see people getting their inner 80's Brook Shields back.  

What season do you love most?  Why is it your favorite?

Well, we know around these parts, it AINT winter.
I love me some Fall. Always have. 
Just the colors & the crisp of the air... it just makes me so happy.
Plus, that's our wedding anniversary which means vacation!

If you could be with a loved one who has passed, who would it be & what would you do?

This just makes me cry....
Man oh man - I have been missing my daddy something fierce lately.
I dont care what we'd do... probably go see his horses so he could see we still have them & they're in good shape.
I'd just want to hug my dad & hear his laugh

What would you love to accomplish in 2022?

I want to get so healthy & in shape... 
I dont want to have to worry about another TIA or a serious stroke.

Which do you love most: shoes, handbags, belts or coats?

Its been shoes & handbags for me.
I'll spend more on handbags, but I love me some cute shoes!
Need both for each season so a good excuse to always keep looking.

What love remains with you today?

I've always had a love for animals - always! Since I was a child, it was a passion of mine.  That love of animals is still with me & even stronger.
I think I need to get one more dog - LOL.
I say that jokingly - but we seriously have talked about it.

How do you show your love?  What is your love language?

I always go between Acts of Services or Gifts... which is really how I show my love too.  Apparently I feel like that should be everyone's love language! LOL

Friday, February 11, 2022

Friday Favorites


Click PIC for link

Nail File for Dogs

This is amazing! I'm always making my dogs run on concrete because its like a natural nail file - but this is fantastic for the winter months too!
You just take their little paws & rub against it & it smooths those nails down.
Reading the reviews - it sounds like it does a pretty good job.

Favorite Placemats

These are giving me SUCH warmer day vibes - but I love the natural look of them.
For $6.00 - what a beautiful way to dress up a table!

Favorite Lazy Susan

I love this so much! I think it would be perfect on my coffee bar where I could put more things since it spins - make it more easily accessible to everything on it.
I think I could use this in my kitchen too.

Favorite Comfy Clothes

This is labeled as PJ's - but I know my comfy butt would put on some cute tennis shoes & totally go to the grocery or Target in these.  There are so many colors too!  Get 'em all - my new uniform!

Favorite Chopper

My dad got me one of these years ago & I have lost it.
Cooking more with Hello Fresh, I really need to get a new one.

Favorite Valentines / Party Favors

I love anything "fidget-y" & these are awesome
little key chains!  They're perfect valentine's gifts or really for any kid's party.
... or adult... COUGH COUGH

Favorite Planters

This would be super cute on a book shelf!!!

Favorite Sweet Drink

You get 6 Hot Chocolate sticks... you just put it in hot milk & twirl it around until it melts & you have a yummy warm drink. 
Perfect for a little slumber party or girls night in!

Favorite Funnies

Happy Weekend Y'all!!!!

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