Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Show Us Your Books - November Reads


Another month down... & more books. 
I didnt do as good as last month - but I am well over my yearly goal I set on Goodreads - so that makes me happy

Little Darlings
** / It was OK

Quick Summary: A woman has twins & while in the hospital, a woman shows up in her room & tells her a story of how she will exchange her babies for creatures & no one will ever know.  After her babies disappear & are found, Lauren is convinced the woman did as she said she would.  Are the twins her babies or the Changlings?

OK - I read this the week of Halloween into November because I wanted something spooky.... & spooky it was. But it also was a little confusing to me.  

The idea of the book was interesting & creepy.  Parts of it left me a little lost but other parts held my attention & then the next little bit, I was confused.  In the end, are the twins really Changlings or has Lauren's past issues confused her.  It really did hold my attention to the end with the mystery of it all.

In the end, it was OK. I made it through the whole book so it held my attention enough - but is it something I'm gasping over - nah. & I DEFINITELY wouldn't recommend to any new mother to read - OHHHH NOOO WAYYYY.

“She had to play the game, even before she knew what the rules were.”

Oona Out of Order
**** / Really Liked It

Quick Summary:  Oona's birthday is New Years Day & when she is is waiting on NYE for the strike of midnight for her 19th birthday, everything changes. From there, every midnight on NYE, Oona jumps on her time line - falling into her life at various ages - going forward & back - piecing the parts of her life together.

I really am a fan of Time Traveler's Wife - love the book and the movie. This book gave me those same sort of vibes.  

I had a lot of questions reading it - any time you bring time travel in, I think you open a HUGE door of questions that have no answer - but you just have to remember time travel isnt real, so just go with it.

I just loved Oona - & the whole story was interesting how she goes from 19 to her 50's back to her 20's ... her finding out what's going on in her life.  The fun references in some of the ages were fun too - very Forrest Gump, crossing paths of famous people down the road.

The book has some fun twists & turns & I think I gasped a few times.  It also is heartwarming & moving... & really a great reminder to love the day you are in.

Totally recommend!

“Time heals all. But what if time itself is the disease?”

Five Total Strangers
** / It was OK

Quick Summary:  A blizzard hits when Mira lands on a connecting flight.  She wont get home in time for the holidays when someone she met on the plane suggests she ride in a car that they rented together to get home. Soon, in the ride, Mira realizes that these people dont know one another & one of them is determined to not let Mira leave.

OK... this book was just so MEH to me. I had such high expectations on it but it just got on my nerves. I didnt like the characters... I didnt enjoy the ending & the big reveal, which really gave no details on the WHY of anything.  

Throughout the story, we hear Mira say "I gotta get away from this car" - & she never did... or her saying "I have to trust my instincts" - which her instincts were THE WORST.  

I only stuck it out because I wanted to see who in the car was "the bad guy" - but even that was just a disappointment.

I wouldnt recommend this.  It would be a good Netflix made movie - with an updated script.

I Know Who You Are
** / It was OK

Quick Summary:  A famous actress is hiding a secret & one person knows who she really is. When her husband goes missing & she's accused of his death, will all her secrets come to light?

OK - I wanted to read this author's books after I read Rock, Paper, Scissors & enjoyed it so much.  This one had the very much same creepy, mystery vibe & I was anxious to see how this was going to turn out.

Little did I know that this was going to be one of the most difficult books for me to get through. Honestly - this needs some BIG TIME TRIGGER WARINGS on it.  There's disgusting animal abuse, there's child abuse, & the end of the story - I wont give it away but I honestly got nauseated.  If I didnt have only 30 pages left, I would have just put it down ... or thrown it if it wasn't on my Kindle. 

GROSS, DISTURBING, MESSED UP... how I would describe it.

I gave it 2 stars because up to the end, I was held captive at the mystery - even through all the horrors of the book... but the ending - took it down for me. 
UGH... where's the bleach for my brain.... nope nope nope.

I personally wouldnt recommend this book - but if you like disturbing, mental trauma, then go for it.

We shake the facts of what happened in our minds, then watch and wait while the pieces settle into fiction. If we don’t like the way the pieces fall, we just shake the story again, until it looks how we want it to.

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Friday, December 10, 2021

Friday Favorites


Click on PIC for Link

Favorite Socks

I'll let it pass there is no Belle... but these are still so cute
& there's all sorts of different characters if you click the pic for the link
Marvel to Winnie the Pooh to Toy Story to Sponge Bob!

Favorite Vinyl Player

Isnt this so beautiful?
It has AM/FM capabilities & the best part is you can operate it Bluetooth as well!

Favorite Drink Savers

I'm totally getting these... Hubby drinks root beer in glass bottles every day! 
These will be perfect for him! He loves those drinks too that have pure cane sugar that come in the glass bottles - This little package of a few toppers will be a perfect stocking stuffer!

Favorite Dishes

I've been looking at getting new dishes
I really like the edges on these plates!
& I think stoneware is just beautiful!

Favorite Earrings Backs

If you were like me & wore big & heavy earrings in teh 80's & 90's... 
Then you have ear lobes that struggle under the weight of earrings now.
You put these as backs on your earrings & they have support that keep them up!!!
I'm intrigued!

Favorite Soap

I actually bought these as little gifts for people last year!
They have little "paper" pieces of soap - so you can toss in your bag & when you're out, you can wash your hands much easier - especially without needing to touch more things. EWWWW
Its made for more hiking or camping - but I'm like, Hello Covid world - give me all the soap!

Favorite Purse Helper

I've been wanting to get a Bagnet myself!
I hate putting my purse on the ground & its even worse when there's no hook in a bathroom!
I looked on their  site & never even thought of some of the ways they use it!
I need to just order me a few!

Favorite Organizer

I've actually been wanting a label maker!
I could use it for so many things - a lot of ideas in my planners too!
I remember having a label maker when I was a kid & I would basically put a label on anything that was sitting around. I was dangerous. I can feel the labeling potential still living in me!

Favorite TV

OK - I get it - this is a major splurge!
But I've been seeing more people talk about them & after Biana talked about hers & showed how hers look in her new home, I really am more interested in these.
Gorgeous to display your pictures or art... & keep it functional too!

Favorite Funnies

Have a great weekend y'all!!!!

Thursday, December 09, 2021

Thankful Thursday #338


Let the good times roll...

Etsy Sell
OK - I totally forget I even have an Etsy store... so I was quite surprised when I ended up selling 2 items! SURPRISE! I really need to look at the store & see what's even still posted. I've created some new things that I never have put on there for sale. The cold season is the knitting season so I really need to take some time & do an inventory.... & get those needles a clackin'

Starbucks Pay it Forward
Hubby & I had stopped by Starbucks one day & was taken by surprise when we found out the person in front of us paid for our order!  That always just gives the warm & fuzzies - doesnt it - so of course, I paid for the person behind me. The cashier laughed & said this had been going on for about 10 cars now.  Love it!

Warm Days
We are on a roller coaster of weather.  Literally one day was in the 70's & the next was in the 30's... & we're back near 70 this weekend... to drop again.  But you can bet when we hit those 60's & 70 degree temps, I am one smiley, happy, giddy little chic over here. Basking in any day that isn't making my teeth chatter.

Mini Christmas Home
This was all the Hubby's idea.... he took our little tree house & put twinkling lights on it & then was super picky about what kind of wreath he wanted on it.  When he found the one he thought would look good - he got it & hung it & it just looks so darn cute now.  Now... the dogs arent a fan.... the lights twinkle & dance & change color & they are NOT here for it. The neighbors Christmas lights dont phase them but I think because these flash & are always moving, they go out & just bark at them all night long.  They're getting a LITTLE more used to it a week later... but what funny little puppies are my boys.

Kroger Fuel Points
I went to fill up the other day & got 50 cents off ... I felt like I hit the lottery!!!!

Holiday Books
I had been looking for what books to read for Christmas. I tend not to do Holiday books until Thanksgiving & after.  I was excited when my Book of the Month option was a Holiday book I saw a lot of people reading - SNAG! & then our book club chose a Holiday book - BOUGHT! & then my library came through with one I've been wanting to read - BORROW! So I'm set up to Christmas for fun cheesy Hallmark-like books!

I was a like a kid on Christmas morning last week when Annie Live was playing.  I love musicals & all things Broadway so much & love they have been doing the tradition of doing a LIVE version on NBC for the Holidays... though, I know a lot of people want to forget the Grinch version they did a few years ago.  I thought Harry Connick Jr & Nicole Scherzinger did a fantastic job. & the young actress who played Annie - what a great voice!  I was super excited to see Alex Wong as a backup dancer too! If you are a fan of So You Think You Can Dance, you know who he is!

& then Sunday, I watched Tick, Tick, Boom! on Netflix... SO GOOD. So amazingly good. I have listened to the soundtrack on repeat on Spotify.  I had no idea Andrew Garfield would singggggg like that!  & I never really knew the story of Jonathan Larson... my goodness, so heartbreaking!  I actually teared up.  If you love anything musical - dont wait another day - go watch it & fall in love with it like I have!


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Tuesday, December 07, 2021

One Sentence a Day - November 2021


1 - Mon / Coming back to work after a week off has to be the most miserable feeling ever #imissworkingfromhome

2 - Tues / I really am amazed that people I thought had really good sense honestly believe the DUMBEST things they "research" & find online #justbecauseyouwantittobetruedoesntmeanitis #thatwaslong

3 - Wed / First time turning on the heat for the year! #madeittillNovember!

4- Thurs / Starbucks Red cups are out for the year #herewego

5 - Fri /  I am never upset when a Friday goes by super fast at work #blinkandthedayisdone

6 - Sat /  Went out to look for some curtains & its looks like the shopping season has begun #socrowdedeverywhere

7 - Sun / Let the depression sink even further with the time change & its dark by 5:30pm #WHYYYYYYYYYYY

8 - Mon / I just had a really bad night where all I wanted to do was cry #seasonaldisorderalreadykickingin

9 - Tues / Glad to hear a friend is recovering after a hard few weeks of COVID #wereSTILLinapandemicpeople!!!!! 

10 - Wed / The bridge finally opened up making me ZOOM home & hit zero traffic #GLORY #HALLELUJAH 

11 - Thurs / A man who looked like an Angry Santa following me & track me down to curse me out for no reason whatsoever #whysoangry #calmdownSanta

12 - Fri / We had a movie night in our basement with hot pizza & the new Marvel Movie, Shang Chi. #lovemartialartmovies #oneofmyfavoriteMarvelmovies

13 - Sat / Discovered Sam's Club Scan & Go & I was so giddy excited about it #skipthoselines

14 - Sun /  We have our FIRST SNOW FLURRIES of the year. #sopretty #stilldontlikesnow

15 - Mon / The horses were at the fence waiting for us to feed them. #Iunderstand #puttingonthatwinterweight

16 - Tues / My new Coach bag that I bought for myself came in & I love it #treatyoself

17 - Wed / Took advantage of a warm day to go on a walk at lunch #inhaleitbeforethecoldcomes

18 - Thurs / Found out our youngest grandbabies & their momma & daddy all had COVID #itjustwontgoaway

19 - Fri / Back to the doctor for a scope on my day off #iwantabetterdayoff

20 - Sat / I pulled out some of my Christmas decorations & doing it a little at a time #slowandsteadywinstherace

21 - Sun / I finished both Charmed Season 3 and the 3rd season of The Travelers #movingontothenextbinge

22 - Mon / You know its going to be a Monday when you wake up looking like your eye exploded #ofcourse

23 - Tues / Ozzie tore up my book I was reading AND my book journal I've been keeping all year long #thisonehurt

24 - Wed / I blacked out in my eye driving into work which was terrifying & then had the most painful headache for most of the day #migrainemaybe #scaryasheck

25 - Thurs / HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!! #bringonthecarbs

26 - Fri / We ventured out to see if we could find any Black Friday deals & I ended up buying more online on my phone waiting in line than I did in the stores #justkeepmehome

27 - Sat / Christmas tree is all up & the house feels festive #falalala

28 - Sun / Didnt get a Hello Fresh box ordered for this week so off to the grocery we go. #iseehowmuchIlovetheseboxesnow

29 - Mon / WORSE.HEADACHE.EVER!!!! #migrainecity

30 - Tues / Ending the month with fresh new hair to wrap up this year #byegray

Good bye November - One more month to go!!!

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Friday, December 03, 2021

Friday Favorites


Click on PIC for link

Favorite Earrings

These Kate Spade earrings are perfect for any Holiday get together!
They're not too big or gaudy looking too - super cute!

Favorite Wireless Keyboard & Mouse

I just want to hit these keys on this keyboard!

Favorite Beauty & the Beast

The little dish has the print of Mrs. Potts & Chip on it too!!!!

Favorite Craft

This is one of those Diamond Art things to make.
I would be down to do a Disney Print!

Favorite Echo Holder

This is too funny! I've never seen anything like this.
But how perfect to put in a kids/teen... OK, a man's ... room!

Favorite Kitchen Cleaners

Favorite Funnies

... every morning when I wake up waiting to see what else is sprained, hurting or falling apart

... me at work watching my home cameras keeping my eye on the dogs

... me at 4:00pm today

Happy weekend y'all!!!!

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