Monday, November 30, 2015

The weekend that my world is spinning... literally...

Oh gosh...

I'm back to work after a week of sleeping in... not wearing any make up... staying in sweats, yoga pants & workout clothing.  I'm depressed to say the least.

& especially after seeing the pile of work waiting for me.

Didn't I just do this?

Its a two fold thing having 2 vacations back to back.

I'll get back to blogging tomorrow... hopefully...

I just need to get caught up on life... get back in the swing of things.

Yes, my Thanksgiving was nice.  We had perfect weather - I'll talk more about that tomorrow too.

Yes, my Christmas tree is up.

Yes, we started Christmas shopping.

Yes, Harvey Dent is feeling better.

& yes, I'm still falling apart.  Seriously.
My head has been killing me for about 3 weeks now with dizziness like I can't explain.  I'm used to being dizzy because I'm always the grown adult with ear infections that they try to get me to get tubes put in my ears.  But this has been a new kind of dizzy.  The kind that makes me sick & gives me migraines.  So I've had that to deal with for the past 3 weeks...

... on top of the tooth pain.  I'm scheduled to have a root canal retreatment next Monday on a day off work.  Great.  I'm still debating whether to do it because guess what? I have a NEW tooth pain on the other side of my mouth.

Is there someone playing a game with my life right now?

Needless to say, I've got to get back to work - even with the aches & pains...

things could ALWAYS be worse - right?

Even on a Monday.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thankful Thursday {Link up #46} THANKSGIVING!!!

It's Thanksgiving & I expect not too many people are around blog world today - understandably.  Everyone is with families & cooking & stuffing their bellies... but I've done Thankful Thursday all year long & its still Thursday & an even BETTER day to be thankful when its Thanksgiving... so its up.  Even if no one links up with me, I'm still thankful for all my blog friends... wishing everyone a wonderfully blessed Thanksgiving.

I usually do this for every week & what I'm thankful for - I may get a little bit more reflective today on this day of Thanks....

I am Thankful For:

.... Today is my brother's birthday!  Not just any birthday - he's 50 years old today!  Hello Old Man!  I would post a picture but he's pretty much the biggest recluse you could know.  Just imagine someone who looks totally opposite of me.  Happy Birthday Tony!

... my parents. I've had friends lately loose a parent & I cant even imagine it. I dont want to imagine it. So I am thankful that I still have both my parents who I love so much.

... time off work.  It's been wonderful sleeping in & not have to live by an alarm clock.

... & as much as I complain about it, I'm thankful for my job. It gives me freedom & is something that I'm comfortable doing & it pays me to where I can have a comfortable life.  My 24th work anniversary was last week.   Amazing.

... getting wedding pictures done & getting set up for my next wedding in 2 weeks.

... 24 years with the man that God brought me to & the love of my life.

... my sweet dogs that just bring joy on the darkest days.

... a home to come to every day.  It gives warmth, protection & safety.  Its where your heart is.  There's no place like home.

... my Bible Journal. I so love having time with God in this form of worshiping Him.

... there isn't a night that we go to bed hungry.

... vehicles that allow us to go where we want to go easily.

... such amazing blog friends who I've 'met' through the years.  We become so invested in each others lives & I love the special relationships that form.  When people email or text & we can laugh together, or talk TV together, or pray together. Its the best.

... family... all of them. My inlaws who I love so much - our girls & grandsons who are just so brilliant, gorgeous & wonderful (do I sound like a grandparent there or what) - my twin nieces - just all my family... near & far.

... even though we're hunting for a church home right now, I'm still so thankful for my church family that stay in contact with us & keeps the ties that bond still strong.

... More then anything, I am thankful for Jesus & the mercy & grace that He gives to anyone who accepts Him.  This world is just a blink... eternity is forever.  Only through Jesus can we experience the amazing life that awaits for us.  So thankful for the life He offers us.  Here & to come.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all

Be sure to take time today to count your blessings!

Wednesday, November 25, 2015


I Confess:

.... I really REALLY am loving not having to work.  So much that I know me. I'm going to be majorly depressed come Monday when I have to go back into the office.  #steerclearofme

... I have half of my Christmas decorations up.  I need one more tote that is too big for me to bring upstairs & I hate asking the hubs to do it when he's so tired from getting home from work.  Maybe I'll just open the tote downstairs & carry up everything one at a time.  #goodworkout

...I'm so thrilled at the results of Dancing with the Stars.  If you haven't watched it, you gotta know who won - right?  Its all over social media & taking over Good Morning America.... but I loved both Nick & Bindi & would have been happy with either one, but how could you not root just a little bit more for that sweet young lady?  #AlwaysCheeringforDerektoo

... I am a coloring addict right now. I think I spent most of Sunday & Monday coloring just one page in my book... & then messed up when I was down to the last color.  #storyofmylife

...I hate antibiotics #Stomachinknots

... I've been giving my dogs pumpkin for their bellies. It has seemed to help.  But now I need pumpkin for pumpkin pies & I'm betting the stores are out.  #atleastmydogsarebetter

... I need to make my Christmas shopping list tonight.  & watch my anxiety suddenly go up  #Toomuchtodo #toomuchtobuy

... I'm heading to the grocery early before it gets crazy with it being the day before Thanksgiving. Who am I kidding... I bet its still going to be crazy.  #tistheseason

OK - I gotta head out & beat the crowd to the pumpkin!

I know its going to be busy but the link up will be up tomorrow for Thankful Thursday on Thanksgiving!!!  
It don't get any better then that!!!

#Hashtaghumpday @ Life with Lolo

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Monday, November 23, 2015

The weekend we all are falling apart....

I'm dragging...

It's Monday.

& I'm late at blogging this morning.

But the good news is because I'm doing it from home & woke up at 8am & just now getting my coffee & sitting down.

.... & I needed that coffee...

I just got done cleaning up a load of doggie diarrhea.

Yeah - Monday is still Monday.

This week is going to be weird being on vacation & trying to get my house Christmas decorated (I cant believe its that time of year) & trying not to throw up (Thanks antibiotics - more on that later) & life is just tossing stuff around at us.

So just a quick weekend recap...

Friday night around 12 I woke up with the most excruciating gum pain I  have ever felt. What do you do at midnight when you have pain like that?  I just cry really hard.  That usually makes things better - right?

I ended up going to Google & looking what to do in an emergency & had my counter top full of everything to swish in my mouth... & then took about 1200 mg of Advil ... luckily, it got me to sleep.

But then we had to get up at 6am to get the dogs to the groomers.  These 7am appointments are crazy but the hubs always wants to get it over with.

Harvey Dent, not so much.

He's not a good traveler - he is a homebody.  He even hates being in the front yard with us - he just wants to be in his home, in his back yard, in his world.  So when we got to Pet Smart & we're taking him to the groomer's area, it wasn't too surprising to see him freak out & walk a whole aisle squatting with doggie diarrhea.  Hello 7am ... that's how you are welcomed.

Ricky & I ended up just going over to Panera for breakfast & then over to Walmart where I was excited about picking up some adult coloring things.

We had a few appointments we had to take care of & when it was over, Ricky went to pick up the dogs & I was finally on my way to ImmediDent - where their logo says, "You're Walk IN Dentist"...

... except when you walk in, they tell you they are full with appointments & they can't see you.

WHAT?  Why does your sign say, "walk in"?

I was so upset thinking I was going to have to go through another night of pain & just drove home a sobbing mess... & then thought, I'm going to call them & see if they have an appointment.

Yep... they had an appointment an hour later.

Thanks so much for letting me know that when I was standing in front of you crying.


But I ended up getting home & cleaning up my face & then heading back down to the dentist.

Leave it to me.  My back tooth that has already had a root canal & has a crown, apparently has an infection in it & needed to be retreated.

A root canal tooth that needs a root canal.

perfect.  Just what I wanted for the holidays.  Who doesn't love dental procedures & dental expenses?

So the rest of Saturday night just had me popping antibiotics & more Advil.  Good times.

But the rest of Saturday also had us watching Harvey because when Ricky went to pick him up from the groomers, Harvey got sick again in the back of Ricky's car.

I'm telling you, this weekend was NOT the best.

BUT....the rest of the weekend, Harvey has been trying to go to the bathroom & can't.  Someone has suggested that he ate something that has messed up his system.

Really?  Odds are favorably high on this.

So we're keeping an eye on him right now & I'm getting an appointment for him to go to the vet.

... but it was Bruno who got sick this morning....


So I'm wondering if the dogs have some sort of virus happening?  I don't know what's going on.

... back to the weekend...

Sunday, we ended up just lounging around & we totally missed church.  I used the time to catch up on my wedding editing because I was heading out to a friend's house to take family pictures.

This precious couple had all their family in from out of town for Thanksgiving & it was the only day we could take pictures.  It ended up being 38 degrees for the day & I thought it was going to be miserable.  It actuallly wasn't too bad really.  Of course, I had on 3 layers of everything...& the family was great & cooperative & we banged out a load of pictures in less then an hour.

So the rest of the night left me editing editing & editing...

watching The Walking Dead (FINALLY an answer!) & the American Music Awards....

& watching dogs & their pooping habits while I'm sick to my stomach because of antibiotics (I HATE antibiotics)

I've had better weekends - that's for sure.

How was your weekend?

Friday, November 20, 2015

Friday Favorites

Favorite Adult Fun


Adult Coloring is the new rage.
Which is weird because they don't call kids coloring, "Child coloring"
... & I've been coloring my whole life - I don't get it.
Anyways - here's a page with great ADULT coloring pages for Fall.
Perfect to do during Thanksgiving while you're waiting to chow down.
Link Right HERE

Favorite Workout Link

30-Minute Workout Videos

This page shows 10 separate 30-minute workouts all on one page
I love PopSugar & their free workouts.
They ain't no joke.
Link HERE  

Favorite Workout Shirt

Women's In Jesus' Name I Play Performance Shirt:

Favorite Beauty & the Beast

"It's Her Favorite Part Because...You'll See" Original Paper Art by Effie Snow of Belle from Disney's Beauty and the Beast.:

Favorite Hack

Downy Unstopables in wax burner

OK... I was originally going to put these Laundry Beads as a favorite because I love how clean they make our clothes. But then I see that this is a thing to try - to put in your burners & let the scent of clean laundry fill your house.
They say that when they melt, its liquid & it will harden right back up when cooled down.
I also read if the scent fades, just to activate it with a little water.
I'm going to have to try this.

Favorite Hack #2

Linen Storage Solutions for smelly old drawers. I already am in love with these lil balls for my laundry so when I put them into bags and into my closets... yup... it smelled even better!!! ♥ Nads!:

Since we're already using these little laundry things, I like this idea too!
I have a lot of these little bags that I get earrings in - put some of the beads in & put in your drawers to keep clothes smelling fresh!  LOVE IT!

Favorite Reminder

Mindfulness. Stay present!:

Favorite Funnies

I seriously laughed entirely too hard at this!!!:

The ombre hair trend. | 33 Things Your Parents Will Literally Never Understand:

It's true.:

The right man... oh wait, that's my dog. :):

.... when the hubs tries to load the dishwasher

.... on Saturday morning when I pull up my Instagram & see everyone doing races

...when my manager tells me I can't take a Friday off because she's going to take it off
... & then she comes in work anyways

...when Starbucks tells me they are out of pumpkin for the year for my pumpkin chai latte

.... when I see parents of the a bride or groom getting on the dance floor at a reception

.... when my wedding day gets way off schedule....

.... but when I end up catching up by the time the wedding starts!!! at 4:00 knowing I'm off work for a week!!!!!!

Happy Friday Y'all!!!!

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Thankful Thursday {Link up #45}

This week I am Thankful For:

... my Jamberry nails!  Weddings wreck havoc on my nails every time. Like, they ALL get snagged & break during the day.  I had on Jamberry's for the first time this wedding & my nails lasted the entire day! I actually bent back a nail & could feel it where it would have easily broken back but the Jamberry's held it together where I just had to file it back!  NICE!

... I had so much travel time this wedding between the chapel & reception. I'm actually thankful for it because it was the most I've ever gotten off of my feet during a wedding. Gave me time to drink a bottle of water & eat a protein bar.  That worked out well.

... I'm SOOO thankful the wedding was LAST weekend & not THIS weekend. Last weekend was beautiful - This weekend, its going to be in the 40's with rain & snow flurries. oh my word - it would have been a mess to have bridesmaids in short dresses in that!

... my editing is in full force & I'm making great progress so far.

... a sweet husband who remembers that I am out of honey & grabs me some while he is out.

... Chasity & all her help during weddings.  She keeps my mind straight, she helps the bride & bridesmaids & all the family - she's just priceless to have next to me.

... getting new pictures of our grandsons in the mail.  Gotta get new frames now for these pictures.

... Paying my bills. I say that because I paid my bills this week & get so frustrated after I'm done because its like, "where is all my money?"... but I need to rethink that & be thankful that I am able to pay all my bills every month.

... friends to text with during Dancing with the Stars.

... new shoes!  I love my Sketcher Go Walks & have been wanting the grey ones. I got them on sale at Kohl's & then had Kohl's cash & they had a $10 coupon & then an extra 30% off.... I ended up getting them for like $25.00 ... BAM!

What are you Thankful for this week?

Thankful Thursday

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Confessions... Team Gwen, health insurance & pants falling down


....I'm on the hunt again for health insurance. Another year of not being sick & not having any medicine means my cost goes up $160 a month for next year. Really? #ThanksObama 

.... I have random apps disappear off of my phone & I can't for the life of me remember what was there.  Just an empty space on my phone mocking me.  #loosingmymind  #mustnoteveruseitanyways  #probablyanappforreminders

... I like the whole Blake & Gwen thing.  I think they are both cute as can be.  I'm not a huge country music fan so I'm not a Miranda fan anyways. #DontTwitterFeudmeOverMiranda  #LastWeekConfessionReference  

... The hubs & I looked up Blake & Gwen's age. I was SHOCKED that Gwen is 46 years old!!! Can you believe that?  Girlfriend looks AMAZING for 46.  Staying pale her whole life is paying off for her now.  #Beautifulskin #TanningAgesyou 

.... I don't own a belt. I never really needed one until recently & now, I've seen how desperate I am for one.  Since loosing weight, my pants are all really big on me & I can pull them down without even unbuttoning them.  I have lost 31 lbs so far & I don't want to go buy new pants just yet because I still have another 27 lbs left to loose - so I'm on the hunt for a belt this weekend.  I literally had to walk with my hands in my pocket all day at work Monday. I'm seeing some pants aren't going to last through that other 27 lbs.  #CallMeTheFlash  

...Speaking of pants falling, my poor Father of the Groom this past weekend - they messed up on his measurements & he had to walk around the whole wedding with his hands in his pants holding them up. I thought he was joking & he looked at me & said, "seriously - if I take my hands out, I'm going to be standing here in my underwear"... that was a new one for me.  #WheresSafetyPinsWhenYouNeedThem  

... my favorite pair of glasses are missing. I literally have no idea where they went. I had them on my head all day long Sunday, used them to mark on my calendar with a phone call I was on, & then turned around & they are gone. Checked the back yard to see if Mr. Harvey Dent grabbed them - didn't find them.  Looked everywhere.  They literally just vanished. #Ofcoursemyfavorites  #only13pairsleft  #readingglassesaddict 

... the new little gadget on everyone's blog that has all the social media buttons that shows up on the left side of a blog?... that thing drives me crazy y'all!!!!  There's one type that I can find the little arrow to close it, but there's another one that doesn't shut - & it blocks your blog people. You can't read it unless you keep an inch open at the bottom to read the full sentence.  I am not a fan of this thing.  #moveittotheotherside  #gottabeabetterway  #cantseeyourpost

... I cant handle Facebook right now. I mentioned before that the picture of dead deer bother me but this weekend, OH MY GOSH - every stinkin' scroll down has a picture of someone so proud & smiling holding a dead deer's head up. I don't get it. I really don't.  I don't get the pride of taking a beautiful creature's life.  I'm not even joking when I say I'm probably steering clear of Facebook till it's all over.  #excepttoplaySongPop #judingyouhunters #whenishuntingseasonover?  

...I've never heard the word "Friendsgiving" until this year & I think I have heard it a dozen times every day this week. #VocabWordof2015 

... the whole refugee thing?  So sad & scary all in one. I hate the idea of innocent people suffering but I also feel like we need to be very leery & careful for our own safety. Aren't crazy people not above using women &  children as weapons?  I think when we get lax is when attacks happen again.  There are warnings threatening Washington DC ... those need to be taken seriously.  Sadly, I don't think there is any perfect answer. #weliveinacrazyworld #JesusComeToday final confession

What's on your chest you need to confess?

Don't forget to link up with me tomorrow for Thankful Thursday!

It's a HumpDay Confession Celebration - linking up with all these awesome babes!
#Hashtaghumpday @ Life with Lolo

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