Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Scripture OVERLOAD!

I just realized that I hadnt put up my August Scriptures for the Siesta Sisters Memory Challenge... & now, I'm picking out my September one.  So why not put them all on for one day?  Who says that Scripture OVERLOAD is a bad thing?  I'll even add in a few comics for smiles ...& some thought... here we go :)

August 1 Scripture:
I know the Lord is always with me.  I will NOT be shaken, for he is right beside me.
-Psalm 16:8 - NLT

Simple enough ... powerful!  Love the idea of letting NOTHING shake me up! 

August 15 Scripture:

But sin didnt - & doesnt - have a chance in competition with the aggressive forgiveness we call GRACE.  When its sin versues grace, grace wins hands down. 
-Romans 5:20-21 (The Message)

Isnt that a great visual.  Grace beating down sin!!!  And I love the wording of "Aggressive forgiveness"... think of someone who is aggressive.  Someone who keeps going for what they want until they get their way!  That's Grace!  Punching down sin until it overtakes it!  Oh yeah!!!

September 1 Verse:

Give your entire attention to what God is doing right now, & don't get worked up about what may or may not happen tomorrow.  God will help you deal with whatever hard things come up when the time comes.
-Matthew 6:34 (The Message)

I found out yesterday that my health insurance only covers 2 doctors visits a year... a YEAR people!  So I went into worry mode last night.  I have 10 more months in my year on this policy.  I went a 3rd time to a doctor & the bill was $215 since insurance doesnt cover anymore doctor's visits... can you imagine how much it will cost if anything serious happens to me this year?  So I found this verse this morning & am tucking it DEEEEEEEEEEP in my heart to remember everything will be OK - no matter what.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

puddy face

OK ladies, I want to hear from you... & guys too, if you fit in with this... I don't judge :)

I am in a search for a great makeup - more specifially, a good foundation. 

I've always used Neutrogena over the years but I can see the good ole age thing creeping up on my skin now.  I will be the big 4-0 in December (... I just got dizzy actually typing those numbers... is it true?... let's not talk about it & move on....) but my skin has definitely changed a lot over the past few years.  I bought the Cover Girl foundation that Ellen uses - because she's in her 40's & the commercials make her skin look great.  It has nothing to do with Photoshop or anything - right?  But I hated the make up!  It feels like there is a layer of puddy on my face when I wear it.

It doesnt help that lately, when I run & I'm out in the sun, its KILLING my skin.  I'm so dry - but everytime I put on sun screen or a moisturizer, it makes my face break out like a 13 yr old back in middle school.  Plus, I'm seeing so much sun damage from freckles & sun spots - add in the sweat that is running across my forehead & down my face too. (Again - why does running have so many downers that come along with it?)

What do you use?  Is it "light" feeling?  I want something that looks smooth but covers...

Give me your tips on great looking skin.

C' a lady out here... a wrinkled, sun spotted, freckled lady... pretty, huh?

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Project 365... 2011: Week 35

OK - these are going to be quick & unedited... I am so busy right now - have over 75 pictures to edit, have a house to clean, have chiropractor appointments, have to train for the next race I'm running, have a practice & a worship session for a children's program... I cant breath right now in other words... so here's a quick run through of my week

Sunday - August 21 - Back in the trailer... The jr high got to move back in our trailer.  It was cleaned out & set with lights & it looks fantastic now...

Monday - August 22 - Happy 8th Birthday Bruno...

Tuesday - August 23 - Beautiful storm clouds... it didnt even rain - just got cloudy & looked like it was going to... but isnt it beautiful

Wednesday - August 24 - Part Family Dinner... my dad had to pick up my nieces after school so he took them, me & my sister in law out to dinner.  Its always great when we can get together.

Thursday - No Pic

Friday - August 26 - Belle Surprise!!! ... Look what I got in the mail today for a surprise.  Lauren, You are adorable - Thank you! :)

Saturday - August 27 - Jordan Session - I took one of my favorite people in the world out for a 4 hour photo session... these pictures are going to turn out amazing... here's just a sample.  Keep an eye out for more.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea
Friday... hip hip horray... FRIDAY!!!!

This weekend is the Ford Ironman Competition ... a true Ironman with all the swimming, biking & running 26.2 miles.  And I'll be there!!!!... as a volunteer!  You didnt really think I was going to be doing all those things, did you?  I'm still impressed this butt of mine can do 13.1 miles - add in all that other stuff & I think Mr. Death would be at the finish line waiting for me. I do, on the other hand, get to work at a water booth & hand out cups to these amazing athletes, rooting them on!  I need to have Ricky run to me while I hold cups of water to practice the hand off... At least I can now say, I was involved with the Ironman Competition (it stil sounds good)

I get horrid car-sickness.  And what makes it worse sometimes?  Traffic!  That constant stop/go/stop/go motion... (I'm turning green thinking of it).... so guess what's fun right now?  They shut a lane down on the bridge to get from Indiana to Kentucky - which I have to take every morning.  It's going to be shut down for 2 months too.  I'm now leaving home at 6:10 am to get to work by 7... this is going to get old QUICK!

I may, or may not, have eaten a whole bag of peach gummy rings by myself in a days time....

I'm kinda excited that Facebook has kicked up technology & brought "Words with Friends" to the big screen... & by big screen, I mean my computer.  Its handy to have it right in front of you instead of having to pull it up on the ole ipod... now if they can do that for "Hanging with Friends"

I watched a marathon of "Extreme Couponing" last weekend on TLC... wow... I know some people who save money with coupons - I'm a believer in coupons - but WOW!  I just dont get how they get all those coupons.  Do they go & buy 100  papers every Sunday to get the inserts? Is that cost ever factored in?  I cant see having 2,439 bags of ramen noodles, but I do like the idea of stock piling laundry detergent & things you know you'll use on a constant basis.  What blows my mind too is how they have 5 baskets full of products & then they get it all in a car like a Honda Accord... THERE's the miracle, right there!


Isnt that a cool tattoo?  There are really some neat "knitting" ones that blow my mind!  This one, at least, you're always getting a pat on the back!  (oh, I crack myself up sometimes)

Spat of the Week:  Reality TV ... OK, this is fresh. As of last night.  I am a Big Brother Addict!  Ricky just kinda comes & goes, asks what's going on, doesnt really care ever since the days of Dr. Will.  So he sat & watched it with me last night - for those of you that dont watch it, it was a big night last night - it was a surprise double elimination.  Well, there is a couple on there, Jeff & Jordan, that is A-DOR-ABLE - & cute & sweet & just fun to watch.  You root for those people.  Well, to make a long story short, Jeff got kicked out last night in this surprise elimination.  I was irrate - screaming like my dog had been stabbed by this reality back stabbing person that turned on Jeff.  But then Ricky defended the elimination saying how it was "all good game play" & how "that guy seems cocky anyways"... Oh NO he didn't!  He doesnt even watch the show enough to connect with these people like I have! Jeff, Jordan & I are a team... in my  mind. We had the biggest debate on good game play, when you start playing with values, when you care about people in a game... I think Mark Burnett of Survivor was taping us for our own show.

This morning when I woke up, I honestly said - the first words out of my mouth - "I still cant believe Jeff got eliminated" & then I looked at Ricky & said, "Shut up" before he could start with me... there's our morning conversation :)

First Day of School Pictures!!!

My Nieces - First Grade... can you believe how big they're getting?

Isaac, our grandbaby heading to Pre K ... look at that hair... & how cute is that Buzz Lightyear Packback?  Can eat him UP!

Hope all the first days of school have gone smoothly for everyone

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The "After"...

I've wrote about many things that come to mind about running & how it relates to life ... even how it relates to our spiritual walks in this world.

The prepartion for a race... making it through the times you feel like you cant go on when you're only half way through the miles... crossing that finish line with pride...

... but something hit me that I never really thought of before... something they dont really tell you when you run a race.

See?  You know when you go to the starting line, you know there is a race, you know there is a finish line & you think, 'That's it - I did it - its over' ... but its not over...

Once you cross that finish line - you usually have to walk a good distance to get out of the way of the other runners - you then have to usually wait for a bus or tram to get you back to your car that is parked across town, or you can even walk or still run back to your car if its not too far.  You cross a finish line, but you usually arent heading home until a good 30 minutes later, if not longer...

But that's what we dont really think about... the "after"

Because the "after" is when you are exhausted, tired from giving everything you've got, when you feel like you cant take another step.

...the "after" is when the soreness comes in, when the healing starts in the muscles & the blisters & the achy feet....

...the "after" is when you just want to relax & lay down & rest...'ve finished the race, but the "after" is still with you for quite awhile...

We forget there is an "after" in the hard times in our life.  A time where we go through rough patches, times that just knock us off our feet & we SURVIVE, but the "bruises" of that time still are around & it takes time to heal.  Words someone said... hearts that were broken... fights that happened... lifes that were changed.  Its those moments that you know you're OK - you crossed the finish line - but the aches stick with you for awhile.

... but you get stronger & you heal & you get back on the starting line of life & you go into another race.

So I just wanted to let anyone know that is in that "after" period - someone who is coming out of a hard time, a rough patch, a storm in your life... if you're still hurting, or healing - its OK!  You're on the backside of it.  You will heal!  You will get your strength back!  You will be stronger to stand at the starting line of the next race in your life, ready to tackle it all again!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My first visits at the Chiropractor

I was leery... wasnt sure this was the smart thing to do.  But pain will make you do things you dont think you'll ever do.  I made an appointment at a chiropractor.  I did have friends that highly recommended this particular one, so I trusted their word & headed to see him.

He poked on my arms, sending me off the table in pain, to let me know that I do indeed have Bicep Tendonitis... I never knew it could hurt so bad... he said it could be a result of running & the repetitive motion of swinging my arms.  How stupid is that?  Running even injures my shoulders & biceps?  that's just messed up!

But he took x-rays & I headed back yesterday to see what the results were.

He showed me how my neck now has no backward-C-shape in it anymore.  Its just kinda straight.  He said it looks like about 10 years of wear & tear on my neck.  Sitting in front of the computer - knitting - maybe even a little bit of whip-lash?

He had me hold a 5 lb ball in my hand, with the wrist backward.  That was easy enough - but tilt the wrist up where you loose that curve in the wrist, & my forearm muscles had to kick in to hold the ball.  That's what happens to the neck & shoulders - it compensates for the curve being lost.  That made so much sense when I felt it in my hand.

He also showed me in my x-rays where my shoulders & hips are off... like a few milimeters of being level.  Doesnt sound like a lot, but apparently, it makes a difference.

The good news - he said they can completely help me & it will take the pain away in my arm in probably 30 days!  YIPEE!!! But that also requires 3 days a week of visits & adjustments for a month... & since insurance doesnt cover it, this is all coming out of pocket.  I was talking to Ricky about it & figuring out the finances of it all, but he said if it helps with the pain, then we'll just figure out a way to take care of it.  I'll be counting my change & rolling that up... is it tacky to pay a chiropractor in rolled coins? :)

I already have slight relief today in my arm after one treatment....

tomorrow, we'll start traction actually on my neck.

I also learned in my xray that I have staples inside of me too! WHAT?!?!  He asked "You had your gall bladder removed?" - I asked him how he knew - he said, "Right here, there's staples"... I had no idea.  I thought they just sorta stitched that up where they removed it.  Great... I'm going to be nervous about medal detectors now.

I will say, I'm a scared-y cat when it comes to everything there.  I even asked him if its even possible that he snap my neck & I could die.  He tried not to laugh... but hey, it could happen, right?  I've seen plenty of movies where people grab a neck, snap it in a way that looks very easy to do & that person is toast on the ground.  He assured me that I had better odds of getting hit by lightning on a sunny day then him snapping my neck to kill me.  To which my response was, "so there are odds that it CAN happen?" ... he just shook his head at me.

He did do an adjustment on my neck that wasnt too bad... what hurt more was the pressing on my spine & that pop... tolerable, but uncomfortable. 

When he was finished for the day, I told him I wanted to buy a shirt that said, "I survived my first chiropractic visit"... he said he needed to have shirts at the front counter to buy.  If anything else in life, I'm thinking of new ideas for people :)

Keeping fingers crossed, prayers lifted that this takes my pain away completely!

Are you a fan of chiropractors?  Does the "popping" bother you?  ... & more importantly, did you die when they snapped your neck?  Zombies, feel free to comment today :)

Monday, August 22, 2011

Women of Faith: Guest Blogger

Welcome my sister-friend, Lynn who is Guest Blogging for me today about the weekend at Women of Faith... its not the experience I thought would happen, but just read along... you'll love Lynn's writing & love to see God's plan at work....

Hi, my name is Lynn, and today I am stepping in for my dear sister-friend Rebecca. Sorry if you were looking forward to hearing from her today, hope I don't disappoint!

A few weeks ago Rebecca received a wonderful opportunity from Book Sneeze, one of the sites she does books reviews for. She would be sent TWO tickets to see Women of Faith (WofF) in Indianapolis in exchange for writing a review on the event. Not one to turn down a great time, she eagerly accepted, and knew just who she wanted to take. She had a cousin in Indianapolis who she just knew would love the opportunity to attend this event with her. The wheels were in motion, she was PUMPED as only Rebecca can be pumped.

I was also going to be attending Women of Faith that weekend with two of my daughters and a group of women that one of them knew. We had ordered tickets earlier in the year and were also excited to be going. This would be my 4th Women of Faith conference and I was excited about the prospect of getting to spend some time with God AND my girls! Not to mention that I was hoping to hook up with Rebecca and her cousin for lunch!

Right before the event Rebecca found out that her cousin would be unable to attend, and that as it turned out, it was not a good time for her to go either. Despite the fact that I already had a ticket, she called and asked if I would like to take her two tickets. They were FLOOR tickets, third row. And if you've ever been to WofF you know that those seats are the BOMB! So without much hesitation (okay NO hesitation) I gladly accepted her gracious offer. I even told my younger daughter that she and one of her friends could use the tickets on Friday night so that they would have a great view of the concert that evening. I could hardly wait to leave the "nosebleed" section on Saturday morning, getting "up close and personal" with Lucy Swindol was top on my list. But, I just have to say, that my plans and God's plan for those tickets did NOT mesh... at all!

On Friday evening, as our group made its way up to the 19th row of the balcony section (literally five rows from the very TOP of the arena!) I found myself telling God how thankful I was that the next day I would NOT have to be climbing those stairs! I got myself settled into my seat, praying that I would not topple down that steep incline, and I began to focus my attention on the task at hand... worshiping God along with 10,000 other women. That is when my daughter, Chandra, pointed out to me that one of the young ladies in our group was having a meltdown in the row behind us.

As I looked back, this young lady whom I had just met, was having a panic attack. Complete with sobbing, crying, and hyperventilating, she was a wreck! I watched as her friends began to console her, and I watched as their efforts failed. So, being the oldest in the group, and a person determined to mother all those who cross her path, I got myself up and made my way to her side. I asked her what was wrong and she sobbed that she was terribly afraid of heights. Oh my, that was NOT good considering how high up in the arena we were! So I told her that we could move down lower as I had noticed several empty seats in the area and she just looked at me in disbelieve and sobbed, "I can't get down from here! I don't think that I can even get down when this is over."

I begin to talk to her, telling her that I knew how terrible heights were, and that I totally understood how she might feel that way, but that she was there for a reason and that she just needed to forget where she was, and focus on God and what He had in store for her that night. Then I laid my hands on her head and said a prayer for her right then and there. I asked God to calm her nerves, to help her to focus on what he had in store for her, and to just place his hand on her and fill her with a sense of peace. After our prayer, I patted her back and returned to my seat. A bit later she sent word down that row that the prayer had worked. Thank You Jesus!

As I settled in again I felt God urging me to give up my Saturday tickets to this young lady. And after a little battle between the "good Lynn" and the "bad Lynn" I knew exactly what I had to do. At the end of the night I told this young lady that I was giving the two tickets to her for the floor seats, because I knew that if she had to climb those stairs the next day that she would not return. I fully believed that God had something amazing in store for her and that these tickets were truly meant for her, not me, and not for Rebecca and her cousin. She was hesitant to accept them, but I told her that God had placed this on my heart and who was she to argue with God!

On Saturday I met her in the lobby and handed over the tickets. And at lunch, she was beaming from ear to ear. Not only was she excited about the conference, but when she and her friend went to their new seats, she was actually among women who had been on an Emmaus walk with her recently. She was having a wonderful time and God was speaking to her in amazing ways.

I had to laugh as I walked away from her, because I found myself amazed at how God's ways are not our ways. You see, I know that this post should be about the speakers (who were totally amazing! I LOVE them all!). I know that it should be about the singers, who can bring you to tears one minute and have you dancing in the aisles the next. I know that I should be telling you about all of the wonderful books that were available. I know that it is what the Book Sneeze people would like to see. But GOD is bigger than BOOK SNEEZE. I am amazed that path that was taken to make this young lady comfortable enough to hear His word.

From Book Sneeze to Rebecca, from Rebecca to me, from me to a young lady who was desperate to leave and not return to hear the words God wanted her to hear. A winding path that to many seems disjointed, but to God... it made perfect sense. God is the author of ALL things, and He leaves out no detail, no matter how small!

So thanks Rebecca for allowing me the opportunity to see God at work! I was truly blessed!

For His glory....

Be sure to stop & visit Lynn at her blog:

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Project 365... 2011: Week 34

Sunday - April 14 - Pretty Pictures... I finished up the Senior Session with this beautiful young lady!  It was great seeing her again & just great spending time with her & her aunt.  We even got stuck in a downpour & ended up sitting in a house & waiting it out for 30 minutes.  I love adding in "chatting" into a photo shoot... let it rain every time if it'll give me good time to talk more :)

Monday - August 15 - Editing.... taking pictures of me working on a computer, working on pictures?  Well, it just didnt work out... but that's what I was doing....

Tuesday - August 16 - Same as Monday....

Wednesday - August 17 - Surprise on my porch ... I came home from work to find a bag of yarn on my front porch.  I'm thinking it came from my neighbor who told me she had a bag she didnt know what to do with.  I THINK its from her... its a mystery... If I get surprise bags of yarn everyday, it would be a good world.

Thursday - August 18 - KT Tape to the rescue again... but this time, not my knee.  My shoulder & bicep & whole arm has been aching for a while - just getting worse.  So I am trying the tape to see if it helps...

Friday - August 19 - First Chiropractor Visit ... I was a nervous wreck.  He poked & touched & said I definitely have "Bicep Tenonditis" & some inflammation in my neck.  He said that its probably from the repetitive motion of running & swinging my arms, plus add in the computer work I do all day & the editing on the pictures in the evening - constant moving my arm & using that bicep. Greeaaatttttt!!!!  I go back on Monday for a treatment plan. They put electrodes on my shoulder & a massage table for 15 minutes & it felt like HEAVEN!  I'll go back every day for that!

Saturday - August 20 - SHAVED to the bone!!!... we took our dogs to the groomers & we got Bruno back & I feel HORRIBLE for him!  I dont know if someone new was trying out a new thing on him or what - but someone SHAVED him to the SKIN!  I mean, it was red & raw & the fur that was left, you could get the "choppy" of the razor... he was miserable too.  I just kept taking cold wash clothes & rubbing him down with it.  I need to find a new groomer...

(Can you see on his back side, the black showing through?  That's his SKIN!)

Hope you all have had picture perfect moments this week!!!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea

This has been the SLOOWWWWEEESSSTTTTTTT week EVVVEEERRRRRR!!! I hate when that happens.  Hopefully taking the time to frag will make today just make up for Monday - Thursday... let's give it a try & frag away...
Today I'm doing something new.  I'm going to a chiropractor for the first time.  I'm a tad on the nervous side too!  I keep having problems with my shoulder & neck & its bothering my arm.  Everyone is telling me praises of a chiropractor so I'm going to check it out.  I had to go to physical therapy a few years back for my shoulder & the therapist would 'adjust' my neck & every time he did it, I would literally scream like he was stabbing me.  I could never get used to it.  So I'm kind of nervous about it - but everyone says that a good chiropractor wont do anything I'm not comfortable with.  I told Ricky this morning where my insurance papers were in case the guy snapped my neck & killed me... Ricky just shook his head &said, "think you're a little over-dramatic?" ... nooooo wayyyyyyy!!!!


Isnt it crazy how you try to get healthy only to make things hard on your body.  Running has made my knees hurt, my hips ache, my quads quiver (that's fun to say together), & now is probably causing my neck/shoulder pain... being healthy is DANGEROUS! ... gotta love it!

Speaking of healthy - someone was asking me questions about exercise & food & then they said, "You're the healthiest person that I know" ... I almost spit my Diet Coke in their face from laughing....

And still going with the 'healthy' theme - let's talk McDonald's Happy Meals :)  I have to say, I love that you can get a chicken nugget meal & the whole thing is under 300 calories.  Those little fries are the cutest thing ever! I have an obsession with things that are minature versions of bigger things - so I almost didnt eat them - just wanted to hold them & say, "Ahhh - how cute".. .but I was hungry... Love they put the apple dippers in them instead of the cookies too!  Good for McDonalds for trying to make kids a tad bit healthier!

The coolest thing about the Happy Meal too was you could go online & enter a code & they would plant an apple tree... I LOVE stuff like that - help the environment any way you can!

... & I got a Clumsy Smurf toy... dang it, I wanted Smurfette...


I think at my parents house in the basement, my Smurf Mead Binder is still on the shelf.  I need to get it out & take with me on my photo shoots to hold the paperwork.  I'd be the coolest photographer ever!

....I'll never look at chopsticks the same....

SPAT OF THE WEEK:  The Lint Trap... Ricky doesnt fold the clothes in the dryer.  That's not the spat - that's actually what I prefer.  He can't ever fold anything to my liking anyways.  That's not to be mean or snooty....Come on everyone - you know the way you fold towels is the ONLY right way to do it... the spat comes with the little lint thing you clean out everytime before the next load.  I've noticed lately that it's empty when I pull it out... & the lint?  Its laying on the floor in front of the dryer. HUH?  Is it somehow falling off of the netting & falling under the dryer onto the floor?  ... um... no.... I asked the Hubs yesterday, "Are you cleaning the lint thing?" - to which he said, "Yeah" - with a beam of pride on his face.  To which I replied, "Are you just throwing it on the floor?"... to which the pride kinda feel off his face & he said, "yeah... I didnt see a garbage can anywhere" ... so the floor is the best option?  And for the record, the garbage can is literally hitting your butt if you bend over to pull the lint trap out of the dryer.  The laundry room is like the size of a walk in closet... not like the garbage can is hiding somewhere & you could miss it..... and really? the biggest question for me is that he just wants to walk in & empty the lint thingie without even pulling the clothes out of the dryer? (please, no folding though)... I'm married to one weird fella! ... (& yes, I do love all his weirdness... sometimes)

FYI - No, I never did find an answer about the "mystery picture" ... Someone sent me a picture that was VERY similar (Thanks Bug) but this was a nighttime photo that we had.  The search is still on!  ... & who knew there was so much "Rapture art" out there! ... I may need to create a new Pinterest file for that category! :)

... OK - no... the day is still laying long ahead... what are ya gonna do?  Hope everyone's Friday is FABULOUS!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Mystery Picture?

OK - this is vague... but let's see if it strikes a bell for anyone or if anyone knows what I'm talking about.

See this picture of me & my dad? 

Try not to pay too much attention to how dang cute I was... or how off my lazy eye was. (Am I squinting)... or pay too much attention to how much I have always loved boots.  Honestly, I think I would wear boots in the summer - I have always loved knee high boots...

Anyways, draw your attention above my head to the picture on the wall...

I'm trying to find a copy of it somewhere - or the name of it... SOMETHING about it

I can remember this picture growing up.  It actually scared me - gave me the creeps. 

You obviously cant see it very well, but it is a picture of a city from afar & in the picture, there are people DYING , & you can kinda make it out - lights going up to heaven.  There is like a car accident - with a light coming out of the car going upward... there is a hospital in the background that has MANY lights shooting out of it... just different lights representing life going to Heaven...

What a weird picture - huh?

Can you see why it would give me the creeps as a little child?

But now, I'm dying to see another picture like it to get a better look at it...

See if I'm even remembering it right...

Anyone have any idea what I'm talking about?  Seen anything like it? 

...its possible it may have even been on black velvet... tell me that's not classy :)

Monday, August 15, 2011

the life in knitting....

So I mentioned in my Project 365 that I went to a bridal shower on Saturday. 

When I knew these two were getting married, I instantly knew I was going to knit a blanket for them.  For a few reasons.... Ryan's mom was my best buddy & we were knitting-sisters.  We used to have so much fun going yarn shopping, looking at patterns, sitting & knitting & talking & laughing for hours on end.  And I knew she would have knitted her son a blanket for a wedding present if she were still here.  I wanted to take that task on for her. 

I also wanted to do it because I just plain love them... these two are just perfection together & I wanted to give them something that I created with my own hands.

I actually started on this blanket at the end of December.  Bought some yarn, didnt like the color & ended up going & buying more yarn.  12 skeins to be exact.  And I end up using every last bit of it as well.  This blanket took me over 6 months to the end, it fits a queen size bed.

When Chasity pulled it out of the box though, it was just so neat to me to see it in her hands.

Afterall, that blanket went with me in the hospital when my dad was having tests on the tumors in his back & I sat in the waiting room with my mom & uncle waiting for the doctor to come out....

That blanket was with me at birthdays & Fathers Day & Mothers Day - time celebrating with my family.

That blanket has been in my hands many times when my nieces have asked me when I'm going to be done with it so I can work on their teddy bears they want so badly.

That blanket was in my hands while I sat at the bed side of my grandfather in Hospice, waiting for his long life to come to an end....

That blanket was in my hands on days I was lazy & just wanted to sit on my couch... on days I was sick... on nights I couldnt sleep... on mornings that I had a few minutes before I had to walk out the door...

So when Chasity held up that blanket, I just saw my life in it... the times that have gone on in my life for the past few months...

...& then to see it in her hands - at the beginning of a new marriage - I think of the life that it's going to go through with the two of them... the new home it will go in, the new life these two will create together, the years of snuggling in it, even a new family down the road, family members joining to get warm with it.

So much more life to see...

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Project 365... 2011: Week 33

Sunday - August 7 - End of the day.... today was a busy day.  I went to church & had a great time with the youth gang.  Then I went out to lunch with some friends.  Then I just 'piddled' around the house cleaning & reading & laundry.  But I forgot to take pictures of any of the day.  So I grabbed my camera & this was the last thing I saw before I crawled into bed.  NO - not my vacuum still sitting out - but the cutest little puppy wishing me sweet dreams :)

Monday - August 8 - Still learning - Still am loving trying new stuff.  Do you know this was my first time using Bisquik?  Told you I dont normally cook.  But this is a biscuit bottom with roasted chicken on it & cheese with Turkey-bacon on top.  Ricky was like, "Um no...." but then he tried it & ate half of it.  It was really good.

Tuesday - August 9 - Mother/Daughter Shoot... I had this young lady in my MIDDLE SCHOOL class in youth group.  And she leaves for college on Sunday!  WHAT?  We were going out to dinner to chat before she left but her mom asked if I could take some photos of them before she left.  Well, of course I can! :) I cant believe the time has flown & she's off to spread her wings....

Wednesday - August 10 - Hello Boyfriend... Yes, I'm loving the new CD of Steven Curtis Chapman's... did you doubt I would?  Look at that face... more handsome with every year of age.  How unfair is that with women, it doesnt work the same way?

Thursday - August 11 - Back OUTSIDE!!! ... the weather broke &  I was able to take my training out on the road again.  Felt so good to breath actual fresh air while panting for my life :) While my lungs likes it, my butt & legs didnt... Hello again Mr. Hill.

Friday - August 12 - There's a new one.... I had to get some wrapping paper & a card for a bridal shower for Saturday when my eyes immediately scanned this section of Hallmark :)  I guess there's a card for everything anymore.... I have to say, I know everyone came over to see what I was taking a picture of in a card aisle after I walked away.

Saturday - August 13 - Bridal Shower ... I cant believe my friends wedding date is a month away now.  Wow!  But we got to celebrate the beautiful bride with a bridal shower.  Such a fun time.  Keep an eye out as I'm going to post a picture of what I made for them. :)  I love this picture though as the bride's mom just is smiling so contently behind her.  What a fun time....

And here's a bonus picture from the shower... why I love my friends :)

Hope you've all had picture perfect moments in your life this past week!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea

*Stop the press... it was in the 80's yesterday.  It felt like a little piece of heaven.  I literally didnt want to stay indoors.  I got home, got a book & sat out in my rocking chair & read for an hour.  Went & got my running stuff on, went out for a trot enjoying being off that treadmill.  Made it back home, got my book & headed back outside again until it was too dark to read.   I think God created hot or cold weather so we'd stay indoors & watch more TV...

**I now know what "mindless eating" means.  Ricky had picked me up a York Peppermint Patty (yummm) one day.  I got home from work, saw it & was hungry so I opened it up.  Bad thing, I was doing like 5 things at once.  Sorting mail, giving the dogs a treat, getting something to drink, taking off my shoes & I think doing a little dance in the middle of it all.  Then I look & notice the wrapper is empty & I'm thinking, "Did I eat it?" - I honestly didnt even remember it at all.  I mean, I remember putting it in my mouth - but it was like it was so fast, I didnt even taste it.  Isnt that weird?  ....What a waste...

***SCHOOL SUPPLIES!!! I have no little kiddos going to school... but I have always loved & still to this day, get excited when I see all the aisles full of school supplies.  There's just something that speaks to my heart when I see binders & notepads & pens & little gadgets that are stupid, but you feel like you need.  Like a tiny stapler that wouldnt hold 2 pieces of paper together.  Get me to the Disney notepads & I'm all giddy too, knocking down any little girl that is trying to take the last of the Belle folders.  Yes, I will knock them down if I have to.  School supplies is some serious business.

****Speaking of school supplies, I've discovered I'm a pen snob.  My work purchases pens all the time, but I'm so picky.  I want a specific kind.  Its a cheap pen too (thank goodness) - but its the Bic Ultra Round Stic Grip ... in the Medium Point (dont forget the 'point') I love the way it writes - love the grip on it (it doesnt go too far down or too far up) & the lid is perfect for biting & chewing when stressed or thinking.  Do you prefer one certain kind of pen? 
I must have gotten the 'pen thing' from my mom.  I just had a flashback of a blue pen that had an eraser on it (remember those? erasable pens?) that she would leave in her purse & dare anyone to touch.  My pen snobbery has been passed down from generation to generation.

*I didnt think it was possible - but with watching just 3 hours of "The Bachlor Pad", I have discovered I now hate Vienna more then ever.  How can one person go through me like she does?  And are you telling me to just not watch it?  Well, then where else would I sit & yell "you're an idiot" on my Monday nights?

*Note to Self:  Read Labels in the store.  I bought an avacado dip at the grocery, only to get it home & read the labels & see it had NO AVACADO in it... Say what?  It was more sour cream & flavoring & a green dye. 

*Finally, The SPAT OF THE WEEK:  Installing our router.... If you saw over the weekend, our router went out on Friday last week.  We got a new one but the dreaded time came - to install it.  Whenever anything has to be "installed" - "put together" - "taken out of a box" - its a for sure argument.  I could pick so many examples just from this, but I'll just go with "the CD".  We opened the box upstairs & then while Ricky took the router & the installation CD downstairs, I fed the dogs.  I went downstairs afterwards only to have Ricky say, "What did you do with the CD?"... I tried to tell him he took it with him when he went downstairs.  He was convinced I brought it down, which turned into he was convinced I threw it away!!! How did that turn into me throwing it away?  Because he says anything that is lost, I throw away.  Guess where the CD was at?  Behind him on the floor.... I love being right....

*I'm wanting to go see "The Help" so badly this weekend... & no, I still havent seen "Harry Potter" - I'm so disappointed in myself... movie fail!

Hope you all have a Fabulous Friday!!!!

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