Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

I love Halloween! Its probably in my top two holidays (Easter is my favorite)! I know some people dont like the idea of Halloween because they see the "evil" in it - but for me - its just fun dressing up. I dont think kids really think of it as an "evil" when they are little - they just want to put on some fun costumes & get some free candy - who doesn't like that? I can see & understand where there is a fine line where things can cross into a bad side of Halloween - but as long as parents are watching & in charge of events & parties & things kids are involved with - you can make Halloween whatever you want it to be.

Can you remember some of the costumes when you were little?

Of course, I remember the costume that everyone had back in the late 70's - the home made "Hobo" - just grab mix match clothes - put dirt on your face - instant costume! Being from a home where my dad has always loved horses & is a cowboy at heart - there is always accessories for the cowgirl look. My mom made me an angel costume one year for a Christmas play in church & that costume came in handy many times for Halloween (see - putting some good in the holiday)

Anyone remember those old plastic face costumes with the little sheet of plastic that had drawing on it? My parents didnt ever let me get one of these - my costumes were always home made - but for some reason, one year, I was Casper (maybe that's a time when my mom was down with her back surgery?) - but I can remember how HOT it would get under these masks. I literally was sweating & couldn't breath under it - & the eye sight through these things were HORRIBLE - come on - tell me you all remember these things too. If they still make these - they should be illegal - they are dangerous for kids!

(The picture really resembled exactly what the costume I had looked like - though that box looks way older than my years.....I'm not THAT old!)

So have fun tonight with your little ones - make the Halloween event fun for them - sneak some of the candy out for yourself!

I'm looking forward to tonight myself - Ricky & I are getting dressed up ourselves for a Fall Party with some friends......I'll snap some pictures & post them up later.....I cant believe Ricky's actually going to dress up - I had to find him a costume that would work with his "man diva" is that?

And here's what the twins are going to be this year. I can't believe Sophia isn't a Princess & Madi isn't Spiderman....see - Halloween is the time to break out of the box & be whoever you want to be!

And Julie said that Isaac will be dressed as a frog tonight.....cant wait for those pictures myself! Isaac has teeth now - will Julie let him gnaw on any of that chocolate? Or will mom & dad be taking advantage of his cuteness & the stash he's going to get? Hmmmm.....
Happy Halloween everyone!!!! Be safe!

Thursday, October 30, 2008


The cutest thing happened to me yesterday - my cell phone rings & I can see its my brother's number. I pick it up only to hear little voices saying "The Pledge of Allegiance" - the whole thing! It was the sweetest thing ever! They learned it in their pre-school & now my brother said every time they see a flag - they break out in their Pledge........these girls are growing up so fast!

Doesn't Sophia look thrilled? - I'm digging her hat though! Madi is being so patriotic!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I love sweets....who doesn't? Actually I did know a girl who didn't care for chocolate. I thought she was a little crazy personally! But when we have candy around the house - especially in times of Halloween - which is stupid because where we live, on a country road, we get not one trick or treater - but we should get candy - JUST IN CASE! (We've been in this house 8 years - still not one - but this may be the year!!!) - sorry....but when there is candy in the house, I am so tempted. To walk right by it & not grab "just one"....its so hard.

And then I think of other temptations in life that we face. Are you ever tempted to yell at someone because they cut you off in the road & act like there is nothing worse in life that what just happened? Ever give them the sign that "they are number 1"?

Ever been tempted to say something smart back to someone because you feel like they smarted off to you first? Ever been tempted to take a pile of post-its from work because they'll never miss them? (I'll be the first to say I've done that - without even thinking....I'll be in a rush & writing something & its time to go & I just take it with me as I'm writing down the steps....). Ever been tempted to fall along with a crowd even though you dont agree with what they are doing?

The thing is, there are so many temptations in our life - big & small - they are everywhere. Alot of times, we fail when we get tempted. And how many times, do you see we set ourselves up for temptation? Just like the candy in my house - I shouldnt even HAVE it there - there's really no reason! And normally, I fail at the temptation of it......

What I noticed reading my Bible this morning - in Matthew 4:1

"Then Jesus was led by the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted there by the devil."

WHAT? He went there TO BE tempted - he knew what was going to happen!?? And look at that - he went anyways & the best part - the devil didnt succeed in any of his temptations!!! WHOO - HOOO!!!

I love all the stories of Jesus in the gospels - what an example of how we should live! But I see Jesus doing this just so thousands of years later, we can read it & see, when we are faced with temptations.....we CAN overcome them!!! Can you imagine how mad the devil was that he couldn't tempt Jesus? Love it!! Stupid devil!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


AAAHHH - look what I just got.....what a sweet hubby! (Sorry pics not great - phone camera)

Happy Anniversary!

Wow - today, I've been married 13 years!!! (And I actually had to check my calculator to make sure that was the year we were on) Where does the time go?

Its so fun to think back on your wedding day. The build up to it - finding the perfect dress - having fun at showers - seeing all your family - hanging out with your friends - it all comes together for those few minutes of a wedding ceremony. For our 13th anniversary - I'll let you in on how Ricky proposed - it was so cute.

It was Christmas Eve 1994 & we had been dating for over 2 years at this point (3 years by the time we got married) & Ricky took me to the jewelry store to let me pick out a Christmas present - how fun is that!! I ended up picking out this beautiful gold band that was plain, but very pretty. He told me I couldnt get it until the next day for Christmas - OK - I can wait a day. So I went to my home & got ready & then ended up meeting up with Ricky later that night - we would have Christmas Eve with his friends. I talked them all into going to my church for the midnight service. Ricky at this point was not a church goer, nor his friends - so I was excited they came with me.

We're sitting in the church - it was beautiful - nothing but candle lights & just the whole Christmas atmosphere - its midnight - its crowded with families celebrating Jesus.....then, we get to the point where we all have candles & the person on the end lights the candle & passes the light down to the next & to the next.....I got my candle lit & as I turned to Ricky to light his candle - he slid my engagement ring on my hand & asked me to marry him!!!!!!!!!! It was so sweet!!!!!

We got to Ricky's home with his friends & I immediately called my parents. I said, "MOM - I got a ring" - she said, I know.....she thought I was talking about the ring I got to pick our for Christmas. I told her - No! I got THE ring!!! It took her a few minutes to get it! I asked Ricky if he had it planned & he said no - that's why he took me to the jewelry store to pick out something - he had no idea he was going to do it, but he said he just felt it was the right moment when we were in church. Did he carry the ring around waiting for the right moment always? I dont know.

But its funny because I loved my ring & he said that he originally had another one & he took me past a window that had the exact one in there & he said I looked at it & said, "That is the ugliest ring I have ever seen!" - he said his heart dropped & he took it back the next day & got this one. Well - he did a good job on this one & he refuses to show me what the original one looked like.

So here we are after 13 years of marriage - 16 years of being & downs - tears & laughter - good times & bad....I guess that's what marriages are made of - sticking together through it all.

Happy Anniversary Dude-y!!!
(Dang - we look YOUNG in those pictures!)

Monday, October 27, 2008

Just listen words to explain....just listen to this little boy & a call he made.....

Not much

Wouldnt it be great if it didn't take much to get our faith & our belief stirred up? I thought of this as I was reading in John. In the first chapter, Jesus finds Philip & tells him to follow him. Philip has to run & find his friend Nathanael. As the buddies are chatting it up - Nat (I'll nick name him....I like nick names) is even making fun of Philip saying that this can't be the person that Moses & the prophets talked about. He even makes the comment that nothing good can come out of Nazareth (vs 46)

So here comes Jesus strolling up.....He makes a comment about Nat "Here comes an honest man - a true son of Israel" (vs 47) - Nat is surprised & asks Jesus how he knew that about him.

"Jesus replied, "I could see you under the fig tree before Philip found you" (Vs 48)
Its so funny - Nat's reaction right after that (vs 49) - "Nathanael replied, "Teacher, you are the Son of God - the King of Israel!"

Jesus asked him, "Do you believe all this just because I told you I had seen you under this fig tree?" (vs 50)

YEP.....that's all it took....not much for his faith & belief to kick in.....isn't that awesome!

I think of people who have witnessed miracles, seen the beauty that God has created, see daily works in someone's life - how God loves someone even if they reject him - & yet, they still turn away from Him. But our buddy Nat - it didn't take much for him to know who he was talking to!

That we would always feel the pull of God in our hearts easily & openly in our lives....

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Knitting & an award

I'm so excited. I finally got in the mail a blanket from the Charity knitting group - which is called the Midwest Oddball Baby Blanket Knit a long - which takes the Great Lake States (& I didnt know that included Indiana???) - but no matter - the blanket came in the mail. I'm the next in line to knit on it. The picture is the blanket I receive & I will be adding on 4 inches of another color. I'll post a picture of what I add to it when its finished - almost done. That's the benefit of being on vacation - able to knit alot.

But it was so fun because I had some goodies in there too - Tracie sent me 2 skeins of yarn, a note pad & a cute little card - how fun is that? I'm going to be working on 2 more blankets - so now that I'm involved - can't wait to get them in the mail!!!!

I also wanted to take the time to thank my blogging friend at Be thou a Knight who sent me an award. I'm excited about this one because it says I'm Kreativ!!!!! I love getting fun Blogging awards!

I have to name 6 things that make me happy & then pass it on to 3 fellow bloggers....

So, the 6 things:

1. Holding Isaac in my arms

2. Awesome worship music & singing with other Christians...such a neat feeling

3. A good hair day

4. Hearing people laugh

5. Scrabble matches

6. A knitted project that comes off the needles & turns out perfect!

Who do I pass this on to?

I have to send it first to my friend Lynn who is the most creative person I know in so many ways - in writing with her words, in her crafty life of knitting & sewing & everything she does - she COMPLETELY deserves this award

Then I have to give it to my friend Chandra who is so creative in her new job of making tutu's - check them out - they are adorable!!! I'm still saying I'm getting one myself!

And finally - I'm sending this award to Auburnchick who is another amazing knitter & is the most generous person I know with her knitting. She's constantly making gorgeous projects & sending them to friends & family & to people she doesnt even know.

So all 3 of these ladies for sure deserve this award - Congratulations! And thanks again Lianna for the award!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Vacation Pics

OK - I wont go on & on because I know alot of people dont enjoy looking at others vacation pictures, but I have to say something about it - it was just a great time watching how big our grandbaby has grown & what a handsome little man he is! He's such a little flirt! So put aside all the dental problems & migraines & let's focus on some good!

We got to our cabin - which the trip is supposed to take about 5 hrs - with a baby & traffic in Pigeon Forge & Gatlinburg - it took us about 8 hrs!!!! The cabin was beautiful & homey & had plenty of room for Isaac to crawl around & get his energy out!

This is my son in law, Steve, doing his Forrest Gump impression. They have a "Bubba Gump Shrimp" which has the BEST shrimp EVER! Talk about yummy! And it was so fun because we were in there when it was 80's hour (which was between 2-4...hmmm - 80's HOUR? - go figure) Isaac was dancing to the music & loved it - his Nanny is going to teach him the best of 80's music - maybe throw in a few 80's dance they make Parachute pants for babies?

We rode a skylift up to the top of a mini-mountain & enjoyed the view. Isaac slept all the way up but it didnt take long for him to enjoy the view himself. It was perfect weather - in the 60's in the day, not a cloud in the sky & the mountains were starting to change colors - it was another reminder of how awesome God's creations are!

See - he wasn't about to miss out - didn't care about the mountains - too busy watching the people!

There were plenty of pumpkins & fun Fall decorations so Isaac got a great photo shoot! He drew crowds! People stopped & were talking about taking pictures of him themselves because he was too cute - see, I'm not biased!

We had some awesome meals & Isaac was getting into the pancake action sitting next to his mommy. Everyone wanted to drive up to the top of the Smokies. I've been up there a countless number of times & with my headache & my ability to get car sick too easily - right after breakfast didnt sound like a good time for me to travel. So I stuck behind in Gatlinburg by myself to shop while they ventured to the top of ole' Smokie. The picture above is one of the little areas I found where it was all decorated & it was so fun in there. Being by myself - I dont meet a stranger. I shopped for awhile - found a discounted book store & walked out with 10 more books & then found a bench in this area. I then had some neat conversations with some amazing people while sitting here. People are just so nice & the world seems like a small place sometimes. It was fun having this time to myself - much better than throwing up in the car.....glad to meet up with my family when they ventured down out of the mountains.

Of course, boys will be boys (& I guess girls will be girls - Julie & I spent a good half day shopping at an outlet mall) & they wanted to race some cars. Ricky is #2 - with Steve coming out of the gate last. They hit the Nascar center. They were such losers!!!! Literally - they came in last & 2nd to last!!! Of course, it was the cars fault....of course!!!!

We had to stop & eat at the Apple Barn in Pigeon Forge - a tradition. There was an hour & A half wait (which was pretty good) & I just love this picture. Isaac got to crawl all over & just enjoyed himself so much outside.

This was the last morning before we were leaving in front of our cabin. I cant even put all the fun times down - so many. I laughed so hard my stomach hurt at times - enjoyed Julie & Steve so much & of course, made me so sad to see Isaac leave again. We ate so much food that Ricky & I are probably going to fast the rest of the week. Besides the small yucky stuff with my dental woes - it was really a perfect trip......and plans are already in the works for next year!!!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Just got home!

After the LONGEST drive of my life getting home - with a migraine & crying from leaving our grandbaby at the airport in Knoxville - we finally got home just about a half hour ago. We're not even going to unpack the car until tomorrow & I've got plenty of video & pictures to upload so look for a big ole' post!!!

Gotta say - weather was perfect - the grandbaby is PERFECT (aahh - ready to cry again from having to leave him) - spending time with Julie & yes, even my son in law was great - it was just a wonderful trip!

Quick dental update - we weren't even on the road for an hour & my temporary filling popped out of my mouth on the drive.....yeah, my teeth & migraines were the worst of the trip - but I survived - & baby love & hugs & kisses heal all that quickly!

Look for more tomorrow - gotta love on my fur-babies now & get in my own are very tiring!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

He's here!

My grandbaby is here! How can you not smile with a face like this looking back at you? He's just completely entertained by the dogs. Isaac will take his hands & just push them away if they bother him, but more than they bother him, he's going up to them & taking his head & rubbing it against the dogs heads & backs. Its too cute!

Only down side - my infection is really pouring out of my gums right now. Dont know if thats a good sign - is it all coming out? I dont know....but its making me feel funny - horrible headaches, nauseated, just feeling "off" somehow. Pray for me that I feel back to par at least by Saturday when we take our road trip out of town.

More pictures & videos to come - that's for sure! How can I not take a hundred pictures of this face?

Dogs love Isaac eating...lots of food hitting the floor! Look at how long his legs are!

Isaac crawled right up to Buffy & rubbed his head against hers....he's not intimidated at all of Buffy's size.

Isaac took this stick (his favorite toy of the night) & just wanted Bruno to play with it along with him. He couldnt figure out why Bruno wasnt having as much fun as he was.

Sydney used as Isaac's back rest. He loves to rub her hair because its so soft.....

Money & Teeth

Man - right about now, the two are intertwining with each other & causing a pain in my behind!!!!

I just spent 2 hours in a Endodontist's chair - why? Another root canal...& get this - it was on a tooth that has already HAD a root canal!!! I never even knew that was an option or a possibility!

Well, my abscess was sticking around & I was afraid to go on vacation without having it looked at. Has anyone seen my luck lately? I knew I'd be down in the middle of the mountains & have the worst tooth ache ever. So my dentist got me in yesterday afternoon & made me an appointment ASAP. Apparently the infection has eaten away my bone in this root canaled tooth & it was leaking out poison - that was what the abscess was. How gross is that?

So I had to go in & get the infection taken out this morning - which was painful & horrible! And then I got news that my OTHER root canaled tooth is doing the same thing - but as of right now, its holding I had the appointment for next Thursday to do yet ANOTHER root canal & another crown.....well, there's the money side. I'm spent! Literally! In the past 3 months, I have now spent over $3,000 on my teeth & still am having problems & still need work done. Can anyone say "FRUSTRATING"?

One of my dearest friends, Lynn sent me a text this morning reassuring me she was praying for me (I SOOOO needed that) & sent me a verse from Jeremiah to hold onto as I went in for this next procedure. Jeremiah 29:11 "For I know the plans I have for you", declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you & not to harm you, plans to give you hope & a future."

And I read on through verses 12-14 "Then you will call upon me & come & pray to me & I will listen to you. You will seek me & find me when you seek me with all your heart. I will be found by you", declares the Lord, "& will bring you back from captivity."

I have to say - I am feeling very overwhelemed & beaten in every sense of the word right now....but these verses just comforted me the whole morning while I was laying in the chair with particles of teeth were flying all over my face & drool was going down my chin.....

That the Lord is wanting nothing but good for me & that he hears me when I'm crying out to Him.

I loved the verse that said we will find him when we look with ALL OF OUR HEARTS!!!! Not just these moments that are bad & you need His help, but even in the good - when we are constantly crying out to God in every situation - to praise him, to cry out to him, to thank him - with EVERYTHING in us.....

So once again - I've got a puffy jaw & anxious because in all this bad - there is good.....ISAAC WILL BE HERE IN LESS THAN 2 HOURS!!!!!!! I'm just wanting to love on that baby & Julie & I have a feeling that will take all the pain away......

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Love of Money?

With the economy like it is - this video says a WHOLE lot......

Secret Worship

I heard the craziest thing this morning on the radio. You know how there are jobs out there called "Secret Shoppers"? Their job is to go into stores & look at things from a buyers perspective but they also have a check list of things to look over. Like, were products easy to find - was the customer service helpful - was the store clean....that sort of thing.

Apparently, churches are now spending thousands to send in "Secret Worshippers"....huh? Its sort of the same concept. Someone comes in with a check list of sorts & see how a church functions. Especially a new person visiting. The facts showed that visitors look more at why they WOULDN'T come back to a church instead of why they WOULD - so that's why this was set up.

The secret worshippers look at the length of a message, the worship music, how easily accessible the entrances are, can they find the rest rooms, are Sunday School rooms easily marked, is Child care available - just every little thing - its inspected.

But is this a good thing? Granted - it would be nice to find out areas that need to be worked on in a church that may be keeping people from returning - but it's just a little scary to me to think that other things get focused on more than the message that is heard. If you start nit-picking (or in my world KNIT-picking) at every little thing - you're NEVER going to make everyone happy - & then is your focus going to be off the main thing - GOD? Delivering a message that hits home & to the heart? But if no one is coming to your church, who do you deliver a message to? I guess its a fine line that a church has to tread.

So, be on the watch - if you see anyone with a clip board walking in your church....maybe you are being hit by the "Secret Worshipper"!!!!! What a crazy world we live in!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Its been a busy few days - with the twins birthday & getting ready for Julie, Steve & Isaac to come up (only 2 more days!!!!!!) & just every day events ..... and the dental nightmare I'm still in - I've been running around with my head cut off.

Let's start with my dental nightmare. I NOW have an abscess on my gum. Yeah - sounds like fun - doesnt it? I've been taking antibiotics for it but its not going away. I'm at the point where I'm trying to "ignore it away" - think it'll work? Its not really painful or really swollen - just a white dot on my gum at this point. I just want to put a needle in it & pop it but Ricky yells at me each time I say that. Oh well - I'll be spending the whole day in 2 different dentist chairs next Thursday so I'll see what they say then.

Last night was the small group for the jr/sr high girls. We had 7 girls show up this time - & it was so good! Our topic was "I have a messed up family" out of the book "Secrets every young woman keeps" always, we had some good laughs & some good discussions. These girls are just awesome & I am so blessed with every opportunity I have to spend with them. These young girls are going to grow up to be some mighty young women for God!!!! I already have them freaked out because next week - the topic is "I hang around people I shouldn't".....that's going to be interesting!!!

Some AWESOME dear friend Ryan - HE MADE IT IN THE POLICE ACADEMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All those prayers that I've asked for him over the past few months - they have been answered! He got the news yesterday! He goes to orientation in 2 weeks & starts the 7 month journey in the Police Academy. I was calling him "Officer" all night!!! He really needed some good news & this is just so exciting for him! Now, we need prayers to continue to get him through the Academy & now with his journey in this field - it'll be a constant prayer of safety! God is good!!!!

And I'll just end this randomness with a picture......I was doing the white load of laundry & felt like I was folding white t-shirts forever!!!! I ended up counting - there are 47 t-shirts here!!! These are Ricky's white ones - not even his colored ones - & not even ALL his white ones - his drawer is still full of them.....OK - I may have an addiction to yarn - but I think last night after my back was KILLING me from folding all these shirts, I think I found what Ricky is addicted too. I made him come look & count them all. What did he say to me this morning? Do you know if I have any clean t-shirts? Sometimes, I could punch him!

Hope everyone has a great Tuesday!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

I love to party!

Oh yeah, I'm a party animal! I hit all the 4 yr old parties!!! Yes - it was my niece's birthday party & it was so much fun! It started with the "date" that I had with them Friday night. It was just too much fun taking them in the toy store & being able to run & look at everything & they were so good about their decisions.

Sophia wanted yet another baby doll - this girl LOVES her babies....& a stroller for it & a diaper bag full of bottles, diapers, changing pad - such a mommy herself.

Madilynn - she went in with the idea of getting a guitar. We found one - a real one too & then she changed her mind - she wanted drums instead. Hey - I dont have to listen to it so I just get what she wants. She also found some Spiderman snow boots that she fell in love with. I knew Spiderman had to be in there somewhere.

Dinner was so much fun too - the conversations we had just crack me up. I cant believe they are old enough to even HAVE conversations with. I just adore these girls.

So their party was today & their new friends from their "school" showed up & I just had a ball playing with them, jumping in their "bouncy" & just getting to see how cute 4 yr old girls are! And boy, was I jealous as anything. My sister in law has a friend she works with that made their cake - & it was BEAUTY & THE BEAST!!!!! I asked the lady if she can go ahead & put me down for one in December for my birthday!!! It was amazing! And yummy! The icing - holy cow - I think it was a whole days worth of calories in that alone....but calories dont count at a birthday party, right?

These girls are just the apples of my eyes! And now, we're counting down until Isaac gets here - Thursday......Ready for some grandbaby love now!!!!

And you have to watch the video (after all the pics) - it made my whole day......on the top of the cake was the rose in the dome. When they were getting ready to take it apart to cut it - you'll see what Sophia says - its only 19 seconds - it wont take alot of your time.....but it made my whole weekend!

Sophia & her little friends from school. All these girls were just too precious!

This little boy is the son of my brothers friend. He is the most adorable little boy who's hair is OUT OF CONTROL!!! It constantly looks like his finger is in an outlet - it works for him though!

Getting ready to cut the cake. Sophia was going nuts about the icing. She always loves to run her finger through the icing & eat it - can't do it with this sort of icing. So insteand she just poked at it the whole time. See Madi - she's about over the birthday celebration at this time.

Sophia modeling one of the new outfits I got her - it has the Princesses on it so she "called it" before Madi.....And then she had to model it....A total & complete ham!!!

While most of the kids were having fun jumping IN the bouncy - Madi was testing her Spiderman skills by climbing the net on the outside!!!! This girl knows no fear!

Me & Sophia....we held the camera out & snapped it ourselves so a little close....

Everyone should have to go to a child's party - it just makes you happy!
And now the video.....(& listen close - a girl after my own heart - she tells me I can lick the rose!)

Friday, October 10, 2008

Costume Idea

So Ricky & I are going to a costume party for Halloween on Halloween night - soooo excited! Ricky isn't one to dress up, but he's been trying to think of some ideas - slowly moving into it. Me - I LOVE to dress up - anything I can be - its the one time of the year that people dont look at you dumb! So I'm driving into work this morning & it hit me....the PERFECT costume for Ricky.

Follow me......I thought we could take an old t-shirt & write the lyrics to "Never Going to Give you up" by Rick Astley & then we could take some dinner rolls & glue them to this t-shirt......since he is Ricky - he would literally be a RICK ROLL!!!!!!!!! I loved this idea! I called him all excited. His response........."You need to call people & talk on your way into work so you dont sit & think by yourself"......I was too proud of my idea. Ricky - he just laughed at the idea....

If you dont know what I mean by a Rick Roll - I would be shocked......but here's an example where someone got Rick Roll'd on TV.....

Thursday, October 09, 2008


October is a busy birthday month for our family - & today, it continues. Today is my twin nieces 4th birthday! I can't believe it! It just seems like yesterday we were sitting in the waiting room waiting for my brother to come tell us they were here. Sophia was first with Madi following 2 minutes later.

It was so funny because we got to go back & sit with Juli (my sister in law) & hold the babies & check on everyone - well, Ricky & I were the ones back in the room at the time they were ready to move Juli & the twins up to the baby floor. Policy states that the mom is supposed to carry the baby in her arms for the "ride" to the elevator & up to their rooms. On the way, the medicine hit Julie & she got sick.....really sick.....My brother grabbed Madi & yelled at me to take Sophia away from her & the funniest part was Ricky - he started running down the halls like a mad man trying to find help, towels, anything.....Julie still laughs about it. She said she was sicker than a dog & all she could focus on was Ricky's hair flying up the hallway & then down the hallway....he was definitely entertaining to watch. Needless to say, she felt too weak to carry the babies so the nurse told my brother to keep carrying Madi & I could carry Sophia. We rounded the corner to where all the family was sitting & my mother saw me carrying a baby. Her face cracked me up - she instantly thought I took the baby & WOULDN'T hand her back over.....would I do that???? Possibly....anyways - it was all with permission.

It made me very nervous to know I was holding this person who was all of 15 minutes old & so tiny & just so beautiful. I tell Sophia all the time I took her on her first elevator ride & she makes me carry her - even now at 4 yrs old - to re-enact the moment. How cute is that!

And they are CLOSE to each other but so different from each other. Its so funny to see how two babies born 2 minutes apart can be so different in personalities & things they like. God made us all unique - didn't he!

So - another year has gone by -& these girls are still the light in my eyes & so many others! And I'm excited because I get to go on a twin-date with the girls tomorrow to let them pick out toys & take them out to dinner. I'm looking so forward to that.....nothing like having conversations with 4 yr olds that can make someone's day. I'm sure I'll have a story or two, along with pictures, from the evening

Happy Birthday Sophia & Madilynn! Aunt Bec Loves YOU!!! (I taught them that sign language before they were old enough to talk!!!!)

Look how big they are now.....pumpkin painting time!

Pumpkin Masterpieces complete!!!!

Wednesday, October 08, 2008


I have to say - lately, it feels like a heavy weight is looming around. It just feels like there is such an attack on my church family & our church in general & it just feels like its been coming to a volcanic eruption lately. What does that do to me - make me worry! I am a worrier. I know I'm not SUPPOSE to, but I can't help it.

What's going on? Well - let's name a few.....Our church just sadly lost our senior minister who resigned this past Sunday. It was hard to see an awesome man leave. My husband is fighting his panic attacks which has us visiting emergency rooms at a spur of a moment now because it feels like his life is ending. I have friends who are facing huge decisions in life right now, whether it be a career, or relationships or finances or where God is calling them - so many heavy things. There are kids in the youth that are being faced with major decisions and some of them are striving while others are failing & it just breaks my heart. Finances are becoming such a burden lately with the economy & the stress of finances alone can tear someone up. Our girls are spread out across the country & the closeness that was there is gone as they've grown up. I'm telling you - Satan will attack in any way possible right now.

But something keeps sticking out to me. Its funny because I love my blog buddies & there are some amazing Christian women out there with lots of wonderful things to say & I honestly kept running across the same scripture on many of the same blogs - & then in Bible Studies that I would read daily & this same verse, over & over again comes up.....God saying something?

John 13:7 "Jesus replied, "You do not realize now what I am doing, but later you will understand"

WOW - that just hits me in every area where I don't understand what's going on. Talk about trust & faith. I can look at every situation that I mentioned above & even more that I didnt even put down & remember - GOD IS IN CONTROL! I dont have to understand right now because God is working out HIS plan & that's all that matters. And He never said it would be easy - just that we love & trust him through it all.

In the meantime - I think I need some luxurious yarn to knit away my worries.....hey - we all deal with it in different ways! :-)

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Yarn for men

Who says Yarn isn't for men? I must find this guy & just hug him for being so brave in his boldness of yarn! It looks like he's crocheting....I would love to see what he could do with some knitting needles!!!!

Sunday, October 05, 2008

What a weekend!

It was a big weekend - full of fun, friends, blessings & of course, ups & downs.....

Friday, my hubby walked in the door with a rose for me. How sweet is that? It was the perfect rose, & it just made my day. That was a good way to start off the weekend.

Saturday morning, I got to go meet up with some friends & watch their son play football. Having Ricky's girls all grown up, I completely love to enjoy everyone else's kids - & there is nothing as fun as kids & sports. The way they play it "all or nothing" - I just smile at them. And the little cheerleaders are just too adorable - everything about it just makes you happy. Oh, to have the energy & pep of these kids! Was I ever like that? I dont remember.... guess its been awhile since then.

And Sunday was the big event for Stephanie's Hope Scholarship Fund - the event that was planned in memory of my friend Stephanie which raises money for a scholarship for people who want to go on a mission trip. There was a BBQ lunch & it was just a perfect day for the event. People came out & supported it & it was just well received.

It made me miss my friend so much on a day where it seemed like certain things could fall apart - but then you do an event like this & see that no matter what, people are good, people are full of support & God is full of love that He shows through different ways. I know Stephanie would have been so happy for the funds that were raised & the idea that it will help someone fulfill a dream of going on a mission trip around the world.

It was just awesome to see so many people who knew Steph & those that didn't know Steph there to support this new Mission Event. Oh - that those that never had the opportunity to know her ......if they could see what an amazing person she was......but I think they see it through her kids - her son, her daughter & her grandkids were all there working & serving. What a testimony her family is.
(The picture is one of Steph's grandbabies working to serve the drinks - how big she's getting!!)
And for those of you that didn't get to see the video before of what this event is for or all about, here is a little bit of info about it. I can't wait to see how God will bless people through this fund & to see the things God has in store for the future events. Nothing is too small for God! Expecting great things!!!

Friday, October 03, 2008

1 year old!!!!

I can't believe it - the cutest grandbaby in the world (a little biased?) is one year old today!!! Time flies! It feels like yesterday he came into this world - with the early appearance that he made! And now, a whole year has gone by.

It breaks my heart at times like this that we are so far away from him - but I'm holding onto the fact that he's going to be up here in a few weeks (actually less than two weeks from today). Julie, Steve & Isaac are coming up & we're going down to Gatlinburg to enjoy the Fall weather for awhile & Ricky keeps reminding me that although I dont get to be with Isaac on his birthday, I'll get him for a few days all to ourselves. Looking so forward to that! Julie said he's into EVERYTHING now! He can get around now by crawling & it wont be long before he's walking! He'll be something for Ricky to keep up with too - as hyper as Ricky is!!!

So Happy Birthday to our little Texan! Nanny & Pappy can't wait to get our hands on you!!!

(Here's Isaac when he made his early entrance in the world - poor baby went through alot!)

Look at him now!!! Look at those teeth poking out too! I love Julie's face right behind him too - what a good mommy!

And look at that grin - he's definitely his Pappy's grandbaby - ready to get into trouble at all times!

Thursday, October 02, 2008

When it rains it pours

Amazing! I am going over to my mom's house to celebrate her birthday & right as I am pulling into her drive way - I'm noticing that my tooth feels funny. I look in the mirror - ITS BROKE!!! Now, let me remind you - I just had to get a crown on 3 weeks ago for another cracked tooth! This is my 5th broken tooth I've had in the past few years! I was so mad!

I ended up going to a new dentist this morning - mine was on vacation. I have to say - this is an awesome dentist though - very nice, very thorough, everything was very modern & they used the latest technology (how cool are digitial x-rays!) & he gets in & looks. Where my tooth broke - it loosened up the filling in the tooth before it - & lo & behold - the tooth above it is also cracked & broken - Broken tooth #6!!!! What the heck!

So I got all ready for tooth #5 to get a new crown & I have to go in 3 weeks to get my #6 fixed as well. I'm getting tired of having my mouth ripped into - tired of paying for crowns too!!!!!!! This is so frustrating!

It was interesting though - the way the dentist said to me as he tore away the old filling & ground down the tooth that was broken. He said, "We broke it down, got all the decay out & now, we're going to build it up strong & ready to go"

Yeah - I find God in everything - even laying there with drool going down the side of my mouth - I thought of God. How he breaks us down sometimes to get the decay out. Sometimes it deep & He has to drill in DEEP - & its painful & not fun & you end up numb sometimes. But then you get built up shiny & new - strong- ready to go again!!!!!

And God can do it without the need for dental insurance....whole other topic - dont get me started!!!

I will say though - I did have a good thing happen today - I got another blog award from my blog-buddy Becky. You know she has to be amazingly cool with a name like that! (WINK!)

Thanks Becky!!! And I know there are rules that go with it - but today, I have to say, I'm not all that into playing the rules - I'll get back to it though!

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

My Mom

I have to give a big ole' shout out to my mommy! Today is her birthday! She's hitting a milestone birthday too - I wont say because she'll probably bop me on the head if I did, but this calls for an even bigger shout of


My mom is an incredible woman! She has always been someone who tells it like it is, but keeps a sense of humor in everything she says or does. No one in this world can make me laugh like my mom! She is the type of mom who all my friends didn't mind hanging out with. She is always up for a game & fun! I can remember my mom always playing games with me, Yahtzee, Trivial Pursuit, card games of every sort, & yes, Scrabble!!! I had a whole room full of board games & my mom was always up to play whatever. I can remember summer breaks of staying up late & watching old TV shows - "George Burns & Gracie Allen" & "I Married Joan". I remember watching my mom crochet a baby blanket anytime she heard someone was going to have a baby. Maybe thats originally where my love of yarn came from - I saw it around my house all the time - always had my own blankets that she crocheted.

My mom has always been my biggest encourager too. It was funny because I can remember my Karate tournaments & while my dad & brother also were involved in the martial arts, they would always be nervous for me during tournament times. My mom would be standing on the side lines screaming "Kick their butt!!!!" She always cheers me on!

And my mom has been a huge spiritual guidance for me. She always had records playing in the house that was praising God - & I can always remember her being active in our church along with my dad. I can always picture her blue bible when I think of her. I never could figure it out because it has a sword on the front of it, but if you turned it upside down, it looked like a cross - I never knew which way it was "supposed" to go - but either way works. My mom always showed me the importance of God. I value her opinion even to this day on anything spiritual!

And if you know me - I'll tell you - you know my mom! Ricky & my dad are sure to remind me all the time that we sound just alike in things we say or do. I can tell you - I do have her sense of humor - & I do feel like I have her easy going personality & her ability to befriend anyone & talk to anyone. I think I had the best role model ever growing up!

Yeah - so on her birthday - I just wanted to share how cool my mom is - she's awesome, amazing, beautiful, wonderful - everything good! My mom rocks!!!!

Happy Birthday Mom - I love you!!!!

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