Friday, October 22, 2021

Friday Favorites


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Favorite Book Bag

The perfect book bag to carry all the scary Halloween, mystery books to read this season


Favorite Tee

I think this is just the cutest. They have it in Orange too which I would want in BOTH colors.


Favorite skirt

I love a long skirt... & this color! Yes please.


Favorite Tea Bags

This is so smart. You should click over just to see all the different shapes of tea bags.
There are some cute ice skates that would be precious during winter.

Favorite  Halloween Tier Tray

I saw this the other day in Target & thoughtit was so darn cute.
That fence around the edges!!!
I know some of you are so cute at using tier trays for the cutest decorations too - not just for sweet treats.  But load that baby up with some candy too - either way, its cute!

Favorite Mug

The most beautiful artwork of Princesses - all around the mug - the other side has Cinderella, Aurora & Rapunzel. So dainty.

Favorite Funnies

... me every time I cant give one of my dogs cheese because it upsets her stomach but I give it to the other dogs

... me trying to figure out all the planners I want to use in 2022

... me at 4:00pm when I realize I am on vacation for a week!!!!

Happy weekend Y'all!!!!

(Side note - I dont know how my blogging will look next week - I may just stay away from a computer totally.... or I may be on 50 times a day... I'm going where the Vacation winds take me)

Thursday, October 21, 2021

Thankful Thursday #331


This week I am Thankful for:

Lunch with friend
I love catching up with friends & beautiful weather that lets us get together & lets me still sit outside. 

Pumpkin Creamer
Tis the season! I need to stock up on this to get me through all the Holidays. I'm not a fan at all of peppermint coffee so I need to make sure I have some festive creamer till the end of the year.

Crisp Air
I'm so glad to get a break from the humidity. It was sticking with us through October but I think we're finally done with it till Spring.

All the Princess Masks
My sewing coworker is at it again! I had a bunch of left over princess material & asked if she could make me some masks with it... she was on vacation & came back with 7 brand new, Disney everywhere masks for me. I am SOOO excited. They are all so beautiful. 

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner
You know i love me the Show Us Your Books link up each month. Steph & Jana celebrated their 7th year of doing it & did a giveaway for the month. & I found out I won something in it- YAHOO!!! I got to pick a book out of the options they had & I cant wait to get it now. 

Joining with Leslie & Jennifer to spread all the gratitude

Tell me something good from your week

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Wednesday, October 20, 2021



Joining Joyce today for her lovely link up

1. Do you (or did you used to) watch talk shows? Which are or were your favorite? 

I can remember growing up & my grandmother had to be home to watch Phil Donahue.  Remember those days? Phil & Sally Jesse Raphael - my go to muse for glasses inspiration.

I also remember on summer breaks, I would stay up late & watch David Letterman with my mom. I can remember laughing till I had tears.   Stupid Human Tricks... was there anything better?  

I did love me some Oprah back in the day too... but I just dont really watch too much talk show TV any more. I'll catch some clips here & there - but its not like the days of yore... or a few years (decades) ago.

2. Would you describe yourself as resilient? If so what do you think makes you that way? If you answered no explain why? 

I think we all are resilient if we're still making it through a day.  Do I FEEL resilient - not on most days.  I'm a big baby who wears my heart on my sleeve so most days, I feel like I take a beating... but I get through each day - so resilience is just the end result for everyone.   Deep thought of the day.

3. What parts of life have surprised you the most? Explain. 

2 things instantly came to mind....

1. How selfish people are in this world.  Humans are their own worst enemy.

2. How fast it goes by.  I can remember my grandmother telling me when I was young that the older you get, the faster it goes. Boy oh boy - she wasn't lying. I just see a toilet paper roll... the PERFECT description of life.  Those last parts of the roll dont have as big of a turn before its back at the start... it really is crazy.

4. Why do you live where you live? 

I lived in Louisville my whole life - & got married & moved just 5 miles away from where I grew up / my childhood home.  Hubby wanted to get out of the city - out of Louisville  & get to the country & I wasn't all about that idea.  He drove me to so many homes to check out & I just felt like we were driving for HOURS to get to these places.

He took me to a home where 5 dogs came running up the drive when we pulled in.  I was hooked. LOL. Seriously - all it took. I mean, I loved the house too... But its so funny how those first few months felt like the drive out to my house was forever long.  Now, I'm so glad its away from the city & now that my family is all out in the same are, it worked out even better.  Wouldnt want to be anywhere else.

5. A memory from this week that made you smile? 

Hubby found an old picture of us this weekend from when we were first dating.  (I dont have a pic or I'd post it - I have a STORY up on IG or FB where you can see it though - hurry, you got less than 24 hours - LOL) ... but we look like BABIES.  I said, "Can you believe that was 29 years ago?" ... Hubby didnt believe me. He said its not 29 - its 26.  To which we had to have a math class saying that yes, we're celebrating our 26th anniversary next week - but we were dating 3 years before that.  Hubby's jaw dropped & he gave a big "Whoooaaa"... tell me about it. ... remember when I just talked about time going so fast. Yep. Exhibit A right here.

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

Got my first Hello Fresh box & so far, I'm excited. Hubby enjoyed the first meal I made - which is a big accomplishment. I'm finding I need to read the recipe before to be prepared. I may even prep the food the night before because the one thing I dont like about cooking is all the chopping & dicing & all the pots & pans that are involved.  When I got done with the first dinner, my kitchen was trashed. I think if I were more organized, it would be a better experience.

I've already looked at next week's menu & I'm super excited.  Let's see how this goes.

Monday, October 18, 2021

The weekend its cool out but my face is on fire


Fall has arrived! Whooo - hooo!!! 

Storms rolled through here on Friday evening & left us with some crisp, fall, cool weather. Making me so happy.  I know it'll really make our leaves start to change really soon.

I'm anxious to get through this week because we have a coworker on vacation & I'll be covering for part of her job which will make my week zoom by faster... plus, we're on vacation next week so I really WANT this week to zoom right on by.

Here's just a little look back over the weekend....


I cooked... on a Friday. That never really happens. By the end of the week, I jsut want to get some take out & do nothing but relax.  I dont know what made me want to just cook.

I cut up some zuchhini & yellow squash & onions.  Mixed in some taco seasoning, black beans & let it simmer in enchilada sauce.  It turned out DELICIOUS.  It got thicker the longer it simmered. I put it in some tortilla's with some shredded cheese on it - look at me! I was super proud of myself.

I ended up taking my leftover to mom's & hung out with her for awhile.

Came  home & finished watching the Curious Creations of Christine McConnell.

What a weird show. It's corny & strange but it was just one of those shows I could put on & just zone out.  There's a weird back story to the episodes with some cheesy "monsters" that Christine houses - but she makes the most incredible cakes & desserts & even little crafts.  Some of them -my goodness - they ae so detailed & ambitious - but they are gorgeous.  I want to do the Halloween candle she made!


I woke up around 6am... sigh.... But I just stayed in bed & relaxed catching up on some Real Housewives.  I got some hot coffee & broke out my Pumpkin creamer. I'm weird about my pumpkin coffee.  I dont want it to be too much.  This is my favorite brand of creamer anyways & their pumpkin is delicious - not too much - just perfect. 

I also grabbed an Apple Fritter & had the most Fall breakfast you could have.

I then started watching Season 3 of YOU. I am so excited about this. It's so warped... but I cant wait to see how Love & Joe settle into the married life as parents.

I didnt get too deep into it - just one episode - because I was heading out to meet a friend for lunch.

We went to my favorite Chicken place - which shocked my friend Kelly because chicken place? Yep - they have some vegan chicken that I love.  They have this kale salad with the vegan chicken on it & it is so good. Its so big too - I can make 2 meals out of this!  Plus, they have outside seating & you know me - I'm still not going into restaurants.

But it was just so lovely to see my sweet friend & catch up on all the latest.  We try to get together every few months to just chat away & get all the latest.  She always makes me smile & brings me so much joy.

I ended up stopping at Starbucks & picked up a Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew because I had on the shirt & was feeling all the fall vibes... plus, I was picking up some food for Hubby & I knew the line would be long at Culvers.  I'll sip in pumpkin peace thankyouverymuch.

I spent the rest of Saturday sitting outside & reading & playing with the dogs & then went in to watch a few more YOU episodes. I'm trying to not binge it all at once. 

I was trying to soothe my face the whole night too.  I had tried a new Neutrogena face cream because I gotta do something for this aging skin... & I have not been great at using moisturizer. I go for the best - I got some with retinol. I've been using it for about 2 weeks now & my skin has gotten so smooth & I feel like I can see a difference. Except starting a few days previously, I could feel some burning in spots on my face.  By Saturday, my face was on FIRE. It was blotchy & hurt so bad all over.  Total Retinol burn! I didnt even know that was a thing because I dont ever use face cream.  OHHHH - I know about it now.  I wont be using this any longer & tossing what I have remaining.  


We woke up & it was so chilly in the house.  We checked the temp & it was in the 30's!  Break out those cardigans & comfy sweaters.

I made some breakfast & then did s ome work on my planners.  I am really enjoying working in my Passion Journal where I have been using it as a Faith Journal.  I've been doing the She Reads Truth studies & it works so nice for me.... (Side note - you can get these journals today for 40% - my affiliate link is at the top of the blog)

I put on my sweater & headed out in the sunshine & finished reading the book I was into. I just really enjoyed this so much.  

I went out into the woods with Hubby to see more of his hard work he's been doing clearing out the trees & making some paths for us to walk.

I started a new challenge I'm doing for myself.  I found this cookbook while I've been clearing out my book shelves.  I love a cookbook that doesnt have a ton of ingredients. & I probably got this a long time ago because there's not a lot of vegetarian recipes in it. What I do like about this cookbook is its broken out into seasons (Fall/winter/summer/spring) - I looked through the desserts & some of them sound delicious & with only 5 ingredients - not hard to do.  So what's the challenge? I'm going to try & make a new dessert every weekend.  Why not?  Try to see what I can learn - & the Hubby loves him some sugar so I know he'll try everything I make.

I tried the Peanut Butter Bars for the first challenge......

mmmm.... welllllll.......

I dont think it turned out very well. I'm not sure what I've done wrong.  I dont think it set up like it should. Its not like a "bar" at all.  It's still sweet & yummy - I mean, its got 2 sticks of butter in it & 2 cups of powdered sugar & a cup & a half of peanut butter - how can it NOT taste good?  It  just doesnt hold good - & then the butterscotch topping is strange. You put it  in the fridge to set up & maybe you dont LEAVE it in the fridge after? I dont know.... at least I tried.

I went over to take my mom to the store & then just started relaxing to get ready for the big week ahead.

A weekend well done.

Do you like pumpkin flavoring for coffee?

Have you ever had a retinol burn on your skin?

Do you like trying new baking recipes?

Friday, October 15, 2021

Friday Favorites


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Favorite Halloween Project

I love some crafty project & Gingerbread houses are always fun!
& not just for Christmas!!!
They are cheap enough too that you can have some for a Halloween party - or get for the kids/grandkids to do Halloween morning & eat at the end of the night!

Favorite Halloween Sweater

OHHHHH - giving me some preppy Halloween vibes!

Favorite Halloween Baking Pans

A mini cake pan! SO FUN!
Can you imagine pouring WHITE CHOCOLATE over these skulls & give it a real bone look!

Favorite Fall Decoration


You get 3 little Wooden signs. They are small enough where I think they would fit on some tiered trays too.  Cute sitting on tables anywhere too.  

Favorite Rug


This would be great for Fall in the living room.
Just the change of a rug makes a room look so different.
This is so beautiful for all of Fall through Thanksgiving!

Favorite Halloween Dress


This is a perfect dress for Halloween
An instant Wednesday Adams dress - or the triplet susters from Sabrina
Throw on a witches hat & some stripped leggings & a cute witch!

Favorite Holiday Mood Setter


I always love these candles for the holidays. I always use them for Christmas but they'd be so cool out for Halloween too.  The Hubby hates candles around the house that are lit so this is a great option to have the feel of candles without the danger. So many in this bundle you can group them together or sepreate them in different counts around the house.

Favorite Funnies

.. when I watch people go into space for a 10 minute ride

... my dogs barking at me when they are trying to let me know its dinner time & its still an hour to go

.... me at 4:00pm today

Have a great weekend!!!!

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