Thursday, August 30, 2018

Michigan! Family! & tearful coffee dates {Thankful Thursday #185}

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This Week I am Thankful For:

Michigan Mug!!!
The mugs are still coming & y'all! I just get all teary eyed with each one!!!! I am loving collecting them & seeing all the states & what are represented on each one - it makes me feel closer to all my friends knowing more about where they live. & just the thoughtfulness of the time & effort to get these mugs - I cant tell you how its making my heart just sigh with love for every single person who has sent me one!!!  A huge THANK YOU to my friend Christina - my fellow book lover, knitter & fitness lover keeping age away best she can!  Big HUGS to you my sweet friend!!!!

Aunt help
Mom had to go to the doctor's office on a day my brother had to work - so it took a village. My brother dropped her off at my aunt's house as he went into work.  My aunt then took my mom to the doctor's office & stayed with her there... & I went to my aunt's house to pick mom up after I got off work & got mom home.  I dont know what we would have done without my aunt's help! Family matters, dont they? Priceless!

Beautiful Day Break
We had one day where we got a break from summer... & coworkers were like, "let's go breath some fresh air" - I was in. It was so nice to just walk around a few blocks & take in the sight of downtown & inhale the stinky air of downtown.

Prescription Difference
My mom got a new medicine to try & when I went to the pharmacy to pick it up, the tech was like, "You may want to wait before pulling out your wallet".... the total was $260!!!! YAZZZHAA!!! & she told me, "Have your mom call & ask them to send it in again & ask for pills, & not capsules"... we did that - & do you know I went back to get her meds & the same pill in this form was $1.67. Are you KIDDING me? How is that possible? I'm just glad it is!

Long lost friend
We have friends that went in the mission field a few years back. & they've been back - which I found out, OVER A YEAR - how did that time go by so fast???? - but I got to have coffee with my friend Kim on Friday after work.  It was such a good meet up just to see her & catch up on life & where the Lord is leading her & her family right now - but mainly because she lost her daddy less than a year ago as well & man.... there's just nothing like daddy's girls that can get together & talk about how hard life is without them.  The emptiness.  The hollow feeling.  Just to sit & talk without feeling like you're being judged about the emotions you're going through. It was such a healing time with her. I hope we get together again real soon.  I just adore her & her gang!
... & I also hate I'm slacking at getting pics with people... friendships & relationships & moments need to be documented. Not just because I have a blog (which there's that) but I also love the memories myself to look back on.  I gotta get my game in check on this.

Make it to HSM
I talked about this on Monday - but so grateful I was able to leave work early to get to my HSM girls Sunday. I dont take for granted one of our meeting times. The next 4 years are going to go by so fast & then they'll be gone to college ... & I'm going to be standing next to all their parents crying with them. "Where did our babies go?"... let's not talk about it just yet.

What are you Thankful For this week?

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

What's Up Wednesday - August 2018

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What We're Eating This Week
I wish I could tell you I was joking...
but I am SO strangely addicted to these sunflower seeds.
They are AMAZING!!!!!
They have nutritional yeast on them giving that cheesy flavor... & they are just the yummiest.
I end up buying 2 bags at a time now on Amazon... so $20.00 worth of sunflower seeds.
It's becoming an issue.

Click for link to buy 
(not affiliated)

What I'm Reminiscing About
This is probably going to be the answer to this question for quite a long time.
... still have days that I can't believe my daddy is gone.
It's all just so unreal.

What I'm Loving

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I saw something with one of my library book stops but didnt give it any mind
... until I really dug into it & WOW!!!!
I am loving it!
Most libraries participate in it - but you just need your library card & log in info & you can get all sorts of e-books, audiobooks, music & movies - all for free.
I've been all about the audiobooks since I can download the app & listen to them on my phone. It's been nice to do on my drives to & from work & during draggy parts of my day or for walks at lunch.
I've downloaded it on my Kindle Fire as well to read some e-books.
Check & see if your library offers it!

What We've Been Up To
Surviving work.... the summer mowing.... a 18 year old blind dog who is hanging by a string.... a puppy that is still tearing everything up he can...handling new routines...pain & health issues.

What I'm Dreading
I'm going to a new specialist surgeon next week to check out my abscess issues.
Things still aren't fully healed... & I'm HORRIFIED of more surgeries
& even more HORRIFIED of another reoccurring abscess.
I'm hoping the surgeon will check me out & give me straight answers that gives me some sort of path of healing with the option of surgery being the final thought.

What I'm Working On
Trying to work on myself.
I have been trying this week to experiment on working out in the morning.
I'm NOT a morning person when it comes to exercising.... but I just dont have time anymore at night when I get off work. There's always something that has to be done & exercise gets pushed to the side. So I'm trying to see what its like to get up even EARLIER that 5:15am to get in a sweat fest before I head into work.
Wish me luck.

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What I'm Excited About
All things FALL!!!!!!!
Break out the pumpkin decorations!!!!!

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What I'm Watching / Reading
Totally jumped on the bandwagon & watched the Netflix movie, To All the Boys I've Loved Before - mainly because I loved the whole series of books. Wonder if they'll make the other books now with the success it got.

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Also, my current Read

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What I'm Listening To
Reckless Love by Cory Asbury

What I'm Wearing
Just a lot of swing dresses & sun dresses still.
I'll even wear them on the weekend - just comfy.
Give me dresses & sandals all summer long.

What I'm doing this Weekend
Not even sure.
I may have to work ... plus, I know we need to make a cemetery trip to my dad & put new flowers out.  Plus, my house is a DISASTER & I really need to tackle some areas of the house.
I'm not sure what the weekend holds. I just know it will involve church & hopefully some reading and/or knitting somewhere tucked in.

What I'm Looking Forward to Next Month
We're kicking off a small group series with our HSM kiddos every Wednesday evening.
I'm looking so forward to that time to connect deeper with one another & to really get into God's Word.  We'll spend the first hour with all the 9th graders... boys included (cue all the giggles) ... & then the last hour, we dig into the study we are doing.  Should be interesting.
& should be really tiring. That means I'll be getting home anywhere from 9:30 - 10pm on Wednesday's.  Lord give me strength - especially for those Thursday morning workouts.

Monday, August 27, 2018

The weekend that wasn't....

I am so lost on what day it is....

Why?  Because we had to work Saturday & Sunday.  Talk about confusing for a Monday.

I'm sure the dogs are even more confused too since Ricky also had to work on Saturday - so an empty house on a Saturday?  Let me tell you... they KNOW what day a Saturday is - & they look forward to it - as do I.  So when both Ricky & I are walking out the door in work clothes, I know there was some head tilting happening.

My work just got a new computer system that they've been working on for nearly 2 years & this weekend was the release of it.  Actually today, Monday, is when everyone else gets to play in it - but since the computer system was down last week for all the transfer of info, the Finance Department had to go back & re-enter all the work from last week into the new system.  Hence, the weekend work.

On the weekend, it kinda looks like a jail, right? :) 
It was just weird being in the building with it so empty... & DARK
this pic doesnt really reflect how it looked with no lights on ... felt SO mssed up

All I can say is - it has thrown me off.  I'm a schedule person by nature so I'm just thoroughly confused.

I will say, I am so grateful for my supervisor though - she's incredible.  She told me to go ahead & leave early Sunday so I could make it to church for my HSM girls.  I was beyond thrilled. I didnt think I was going to be able to be there & I HATE missing a Sunday with them & that time to learn together & worship with one another.  I walked in 5 minutes before service started ... & was truly worshiping Jesus to be there.

Anything else happen over the weekend that was exciting? hmmm... let me think....

* it got hot again - that's not fun. Like stupid, yucky, humid hot.

* I got to watch the final season of The Originals - which, let's note how stupid I am. I kept seeing things out there about the finale & I was so confused because I didnt even KNOW the final season had begun to play - I was waiting for it... & then I found out the whole season was out on Netflix. I have no clue how I missed the entire season.  Truth be told though - I was glad to just binge all the way through without having to wait & no commercials.  I ended up staying up till 1:30am on Friday watching it & then got a few of them in on Saturday & finished up on Sunday. .... & if anyone loves The Originals & has watched it - please dish with me. I'm SOOOO NOT a fan of that finale. SOOOO not a fan!!!!

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* Ricky & I snuggled in Saturday night for a movie night. & FINALLY got to watch the lastest Avengers movie. WHAT THE HECK PEOPLE?  Why didnt anyone warn me about the ending?  I just must live in a bubble of some sorts - first The Originals - & then the ending of that movie?  I could hardly handle it.  Ricky & I sat with our jaws dropped for a few minutes after it was over & then talking our theories on what's going to happen in the next film.

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* I did zero house cleaning & zero laundry.  There's that.

* I did get to get some knitting in though - finished one hat & started another.  Cool weather is around the corner!!!! Maybe.

So here we are...On a Monday... This is going to feel like the LONGEST WEEK EVERRRRRR!!!!!

Tell me something good about your weekend!

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Hay girl... hay! {Thankful Thursday #185}

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This week I am Thankful For:

Colorado Mug
My sweet brother & sister filled up my Colorado coffee mug spot!  & by brother & sister, they are married & NO, not related. They used to live here & be a huge part of my church family & they both have just felt like family to me - so yeah, my brother & sister, who are husband & wife. haha.  Anyways, I was so surprised to see a package in the mail from them ... with the most heart felt card - I totally cried. I miss my framily & am determined to get out to Colorado & visit them one day!!!

Adorable Shirt
OK... I just want to take all my blogging friends & hug them for all the encouragement & love always sent to me.  This past week, I got another package in the mail & opened it up to find this shirt inside ... with the sweetest note (& wasn't one bit surprised that the stationary was Disney!!!).  I just adore this sweet Florida girl & am so touched she thought of me to send me this shirt.  Thanks so much Heather!!!! (if you havent been to Heather's blog - check her out - she's A-DOR-ABLE!!!!)

... & can we stop & give her props for her adding a Gaston stamp onto my envelope!!!!

& how cute is the packaging??? She is just overflowing with cuteness here!!!

Perfect for a Florida girl!!!

Y'all... I cant help it. I am thankful for new pens. Like I NEED new pens... but I can't help myself!
Especially when they're on sale. Just set that hook out because you're going to snag me in!

Lunch with Church family
I got to enjoy lunch with two of the staff at my church that lead the Senior High Ministry. First, I appreciated that they ventured downtown so I didnt have to leave my work building during my hour break (Panera to the rescue) & Second, I just love getting to talk to them & learning more about our Youth Minister, Caleb.  His preaching is phenomenal. Like, I even asked him if his goal is to have a church of his own one day - his messages are that good.  It was just nice to take an hour from work & relax with my precious & dear church family. Love them so much!

So this horse thing is new to all of us since dad is the one who did all things horse. Me? I'm all things dogs.... horses were dads thing. I of course would love to love the horses & pet them & ride them... but taking care of them? Yeaahhhh... new...... So we didnt give it any mind to keep the hay stocked up & then realized we were running low & we couldnt find dad's contact where he used to get some bales for the horses.  & its not like you can run down to Target & pick some of it up. (but wouldnt that be wonderful????)....  Kind of a panic sit in.  So I turned where I usually do in a panic - Facebook. I posted on there for people to give me some recommendations (which many did & I'm grateful for that) - but I also had a friend that took it one step further & said, "Come over & get some bales from our house to hold you over"... how stinkin' KIND & generous is that????  We were in dire need for the horses dinner for the night so Ricky & I drove over - & we loved getting to catch up with her husband too - plus got to love on some goats - & I just cant say how helpful & amazing that gift was to us.  It's so funny that our old church family from Greenville is still one of the most cherished things in my life, even today, after all the years.
Thank you again Manias family!!! We love you all so much!

I'm not typically a nap person. They make me feel funny.  But Sunday, I came home from church & just felt BLAH.  Like I had no energy & I just felt off.  I ended up laying down & falling asleep for 2 hours.  I woke up feeling even more BLAH - but it wore off after moving around 10 minutes. I think I needed that nap more than any nap I've ever needed before.

What things are you thankful for this week?

Tuesday, August 21, 2018


OK... last time I did this was in October... so I could basically do a 20 page post since then... But Amazon will only let me go back 6 months anyways - oh well - I'm sure there were some good things in there... but still lots of good things the past 6 months. 
So let's jump back into this

& as always, I have linked the item to the pic & description - & no, I'm not affiliated or getting any profit off anything- just sharing with you.

I've been really happy with this. It holds it up really well to watch some Netflix on my counter & it feels really sturdy & nice. You can get it in tons of colors too but I did get it in the black. #classic

I actually got this to start my half marathon training & then that went bust.  But I've been wanting one of these forever & glad to have it - because I WILL train again for another race... some day. But at least I have it.  What it does is you can set it for intervals - so I would set it for running so many minutes & then set it to go over another so many minutes that I would walk.  You can set it for a number of intervals - or count it down from 99, which would basically get you through a half marathon easily (hopefully).  I've heard great things about these & the few times I used mine, I really did like it.

Revlon ColorStay Pressed Powder, Light/Medium, 0.3 Ounce

I've gotten so lazy lately & get most of my make up off Amazon. 
What can I say? Heck, its cheaper in some aspects anyways.  

I got this to carry all my stuff to work.
I get so jealous of people who go to work & dont need to bring anything but their purse.
HA - not me. I need a bag for my Erin Condren planner, my bullet journal, a Bible, a book (or two) plus pens & notebooks for thoughts.  It's basically 20 lbs by the time I'm done with it.
But I really love this. The color is nice, the quality is great.
& I need to learn how to use the charger that is built in it for my kindle and/or phone.
I can imagine it would be wonderful for travel too.
It's regular $69.99 but right now, its marked down to $29.99!!!!

How did we give our dogs pills before these things?
These are the best invention ever!
Makes it so much easier to give meds - they squeeze so easily around the medicine & you can SQUISH it where its hard to ease the pill out & eat the yummies.  
My dogs are pros at eating PB or cheese & then dropping the meds.

Neutrogena Rapid Tone Repair Dark Spot Corrector with Retinol SA, Vitamin C, and Hyaluronic Acid to Diminish the look of Skin Discoloration and dark Spots, 1 ozh

I'm not really good at moisturizers or face creams. They always break out my face so badly.  But I thought I would try this after seeing Nicole Kidman promote it - because the power of advertising & mind tricks.  But I will say, I do really like this stuff. It's not broke my face out yet! So that's good! & it makes me want to try more products in this line.
My face needs it.
& this is cheaper from Amazon then it is at Target!

& that's it for now... making it through April's purchases! YIKES! 

Still a long way to go.

Thursday, August 16, 2018

New roads, more mugs & a different view!!! {Thankful Thursday #184}

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This Week I am Thankful For:

Roads open!!!
They have been building our new Convention Center for the past 3 (or is it 4) years!!! It's been a mess downtown. & while not ALL the roads are open (there's still one more) - they've opened up all the area to the center & opened up the center itself. It's beautiful! Smells like a new everything. New carpet, fresh pain, new furniture.  & that the roads are open is so nice. I can now come out of the garage & take a different way to get to the expressway & when its not backed up, its faster than the way I go every day. Nice to have options!

Free cookies
... not that I needed it...
& I did give one to Ricky.
But when I ordered from Panera the other day, they totally left out half of my order. I noticed it when I got back up to my desk.  So after trekking back down & showing them the bag, the manager got me the rest of my order & was like, Come with me -  & put these 2 cookies in my bag. Sweet treats help any bad situation seem better.

MORE Starbucks mugs
I think these may be a new love language for me. 
I didnt get one - but TWO new mugs this week!  The one from Texas came from my cousin that lives down that way & sent it home with my aunt that was visiting. & the other one from Florida? The PRECIOUS Terri from Your Friend From Florida - which indeed she is! - sent this up to me.  Isnt it so fun & colorful with the green & pink?  I just love love love my blog friends.  (& if you havent ever checked out Terri, you're going to love her & her husband Joe so much!!!!)

OK... so I'm addicted.  I got the notice awhile back from my library that they would be using the app Hoopla where you can access more books, movies & music. I AM IN LOVE!!!! I have since downloaded 3 books, 3 audiobooks & havent even checked out the movies yet.  I may have to. All of it - FREE!!! I've put the app on my phone & on my tablet & on my Kindle Fire.  I need to see if my Alexa will play my audio books since its on my Kindle Fire now too - that'd be SUPER nice!

Best vegetarian burger EVER!!!!
I went out to lunch with some coworkers last Friday & we tried a new place. I got a sandwich that was honest to goodness the best thing I've ever had in my life. I just keep dreaming about it.  Which means I've already convinced Ricky we have to go try it soon too!

Supporting our girl in the pageant
I just am so happy that our girl WON the pageant this past weekend, but loved even more seeing her friends celebrate her victory & them cheering her on the whole while. 

New lookout
My brother made Baby a new lookout from her stall in the barn. She's still not fully tame so we are really careful on letting her out & letting her roam - but we dont want her sheltered up to a stall her whole life - so she's loving this new little view from her stall. She loves to come over & kiss your hand & just watches her big brother all the time now too.  Plus, all the breeze! Ahhhh - she's one happy little girl.

What good things are going on in your life right now?

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

A Day in the Life....August

I always love seeing others do these sorts of posts. The kind of peeking into someone's every day routines & worlds & what they experience & see.

& I always wanted to try & do it the 10th of every month & I thought, "I'm doing it this time around" & was pumped when I got up, started taking pics & then about 2 hours later, when I get to work, I realized it was the 7th & not the 10th!!! haha... Leave it to me. But I rolled with it anyways.  

Anyhoo... it's still a day in my life - even if its not the 10th.  & I'll try & make the 10th a goal for the future to see what it looks like every month.

& let's kick it off...

- Alarm goes off at 5:05am & I hit snooze so yeah... stumbling up at 5:18 to get out of bed.

- Breakfast was a piece of toast & two eggs... with dogs all around me waiting for their piece. Yes, I make extra eggs so they get some for breakfast #spoiled

- I remembered my gas tank was sitting on empty so I left a little early, around 6:30am, to stop & fill up my tank.  At least it was a beautiful morning.

- Ended up getting to work a little bit early too - 7:15am - I typically park in the same spot in the parking garage every day & this is the view I have every morning.

- Free tomatoes from a coworker who totally has a green thumb. She's been bringing in the stash all summer long & these babies go QUICK!

- Just a lot of work happening today.  & this is my view from my desk.

- Lunch was a half of a Mediterranean sandwich & a half of a quinoa salad.  Delicious!  I love having Panera in our building. I can usually get something different every day of the week for lunch without even having to go outside.

- But I did indeed go outside. It was a decent feeling day & I needed some fresh air so I took about 15 minutes of my lunch & walked around the block. You never know what you're going to see walking in Downtown every day.

- Checking in on my dogs from work & seeing them live the good life.  Stretching out & sleeping in the shade in our back yard, playing with each other & taking more naps. I may be a little jealous.

- The backside view of my parking spot at the end of the day....

- & I'm outta there! Work day done.

- Didnt get a chance to go home. Traffic was bad & I had to head straight to the beauty shop to get those gray roots covered up!  Please Lord. Have Mercy.

Before hair appointment - #hotmess

- & things in the world always look & feel much better when the gray is covered & the brows are tamed back down!  I still also have no idea how beauticians have the magical ability to make my hair so straight. I honestly have NEVEEERRRRRRRR been able to duplicate the same look. Or feel.

- Time for my Bible study. I need to do a post on this. I purchased the workbook from She Reads Truth this go around & thought it was a waste of money - but let me tell you, I have so enjoyed having this workbook while using the online devotional. I may have to try another one to see if its just this study or if this is what is going to work for me for a daily dig in the Word.

- & because I didnt get home till late & finish my bible study till nearly 8pm, this was my dinner for the night. Nutritious, huh?

- Totally already sucked into Bachelor in Paradise on Day 1.  I know its the most corny & ridiculous show, full of beautiful people who just want promotion so they can sell things on Instagram - but I still have to watch it.

- Ended my night with a new episode of Younger! I just love this show - anyone else a fan?  #TeamCharles #Always!!!!!  I need this show to be an hour long though. The 30 minutes is just too fast!!!

- & then I had to go back & watch my Real Housewives of OC... so my TV didn't go off till near 11:30pm

& there you have it - exciting stuff - huh?

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