Friday, July 29, 2016

Friday Favorites

Favorite Transformation

The Best DIY Craft Ideas Of The Week – 21 Pics:

Favorite Shirt

This cute and comfy light weight baseball tee is the perfect every day wear for our stylish swHw women on the go!:

Favorite Crafty Tip

making seaglass.:

This would be great for holidays.
Go to the Dollar store & get some cheap vases & paint orange for Halloween or Thanksgiving - green or red for Christmas.  What a fun thing to try out!

Favorite Jewelry

Steampunk Camera Ring Adjustable Sterling Silver Ox par bellamantra, $28,00:

Favorite Beauty & the Beast

The footstool from “Beauty and the Beast.” | 27 Dog Halloween Costumes You'll Want To Steal For Yourself:
OK... this dog looks so much like Bruno
... I think if I had this, I'd have it on my grumpy old man every day

Favorite Book Thought
Too Many Books?:

Favorite Funnies

Funny Pictures Of The Day - 40 Pics:

Funny Pictures Of The Day - 37 Pics:

Funny Pictures Of The Day - 37 Pics:

Funny Pictures Of The Day - 37 Pics:

Funny Pictures Of The Day - 39 Pics:

... when I'm going to grow too old for Disney

... when I go into Youth Group without my coffee

... when I'm running late to leave for work & the dogs give me sad eyes for treats

... when someone tells me how to do something I've been doing every day for the past 25 years

... when the dogs want me to get up & play on the weekend

... how I feel about the Presidential election

... me all day because I've been off work!!!

Happy Weekend Y'all!!!

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Dollar Bins, bad knees & I'm Elsa... {Thankful Thursday #82}

In what ways has the Lord been good to you? Psalm 13:6 “:

This week I am Thankful For:
{The numbers go with my One-Thousand Gift Journal / so just ignore them}

657 / Bad Knees.  I was out at lunch & saw a man in a wheelchair with what looked to be like a condition he has probably dealt with his whole life.  He was getting along just fine, but as I watched him cross the street in his chair, I thought about my knees. They may hurt & I may complain a lot about them, but they are able to let me walk & do things some others may never get the chance to do.  I immediately felt grateful.  #perspective download free The free information was a big help overcoming physical pain This ended my suffering:

659 / Groupon!  We got Krispy Kreme deals & tickets to a concert we were wanting to go to. With Ricky not working, we can use all the deals we can find at this point.

661 / Our boy being 3 years old.  He truly is our baby. Spoiled baby at that. He got lots of treats & extra frisbee tosses for the day.

Harvey Dent:

664 / Bonnie & Clyde's Pizza. Yes, I talked about it yesterday as well. It really is a treat when we get to have it.

665 / Air Condition.  When it feels over 100 degrees & humidity is pretty much air so thick you can cut it, walking into a house with air conditioning HAS to be the small but similar sensation of what its going to be walking into Heaven.

666 / God's grace. Yes, I'm a number nerd so when I got to #666 in my One Thousand Gift journal, I made sure that that number had GOD written all over it!  & yes, I AM thankful for the grace given to me every single day.

668 / Starbucks gift card.  My sweet friend surprised me with a Starbucks gift card for doing headshots of her husband.  It was SOOOOO not expected & I didnt want anything for taking 3 pictures, but she blessed me with it anyways.  Y'all know that was used up on Saturday night. haha  Didn't even make it in my wallet for 24 hours.

670 / Target $1.00 Bin. Do you stop & look every time you walk in too? I get so caught up in those bins.  But I found those alphabet stickers, perfect for my Bible Journal - & that Weekly pad that is a mouse pad. Its perfect for work.  The journal wasn't $1.00 but I'm always thankful for a new journal too.

Fun stuff:

672 / Celebrating my daddy's birthday!

673 / CAKE for EVERYONE! I didn't know my niece (that has diabetes) was going to be at my dad's or I would have brought something sugar free for her, but she was allowed a piece of birthday cake to join in the celebration.


676 / Ricky emptying dishwasher.  It's nice having a house-husband ;) He's been emptying the dishwasher for me.  He even straightened up his bathroom closet this week. You can tell the man is bored out of his mind with recovery if this is happening. But it sure makes my life easier.

677 / Bookstore. So I recently discovered that I can get to a bookstore at lunch & spend a good 30-40 minutes in there at work. This could be dangerous. REALLLLLLY dangerous.

What good things have happened in your world this week?

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Birthdays, beauties, basketball & bridges ... Project Life Week 8

It's been a busy week.
October has usually been our busy month with birthdays & celebrations but July has become a new busy month. My Mother in laws birthday last week, with my parent's anniversary, & this week was my dad's birthday AND let's not forget Harvey Dent in that mix now.
Lots of moments to capture

Hope you enjoy WEEK 8 of Project Life

I sat behind this bus going out to lunch one day & was like, WHAT DOES THIS EVEN MEAN?
But then reading it, some of it is just good life motivation.
Thanks bus for the random weird advice.


Last week's picture was the sun setting on one bridge
... this week,  I got a sun rise over another bridge.
I think I may print out both of them & put up in my house somewhere


Thursday was our baby boy's birthday
3 years old. Can you believe it?
I can't.  
We looked back at his pictures when we got him. Such a pup.
He brought so much happiness in our house - especially after we lost Sydney & Buffy.
Dogs are just the best creatures.


Friday held head shots of our girl & I know I put up one the other day, but I had to share another one  (I could share another dozen really - its hard to pick just one)
but proud of the changes she's made in her life & the beautiful person she is. Inside & out.


OK ... this sign & this place looks totally shady, right?
But I'm telling you - if you're driving down Dixie Highway & you see this sign.
STOP!  Get out & go in.
Don't be afraid of how old & run down the place MAY look
because it holds lots of wonderful memories from many years of people going in & getting the best pizza in town. 
Seriously - the best!

This is what Saturday held when it was 100 degrees out.
Harvey wanted to play - which lasted all of under 5 minutes.
It was like 3 ball tosses in the yard & he ran right past me with the ball in his mouth & came back inside & laid down on the cold floor right by the air vent.
I dont blame him one bit.

It was a Happy Birthday on Sunday for my daddy.
He's one happy man when he has his girls around him
... & his horse..


This girl right here? 
I'm predicting it right now - she's going to get a scholarship for basketball one day.
She's so good.
Always has been good with the B-Ball... but she can really play with the big girls.
She may not have the height, but she's got the skills.


This girl... it freaks me out sometimes with the things she says or does
or the way she moves.
I really do see myself in her.
Watch out world.. 2 of us out there!


Madi is working on spinning the B-Ball on the tip of her finger.
She's doing it really good too!
But I love this picture of her proud Papaw watching her.

I could have sat here & listened to the 2 of them talk, or argue, all depends on all you look at it - for hours. They are so funny together.
Growing up.  Almost teenagers.
I just can't deal.

Told you - SKILLS!


Her sister is spinning a ball... 
Sophia was happy that she was able to just catch  a ball that was thrown to her. 
We're on the same level of sports ability.


I have so many containers of yarn... & I think they all are so beautiful.
But this one? That green hat has been sitting unfinished for probably 2 years.
I really need to get this baby done.


Hope you've had a lot in your life to capture this week!

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

To the woman that feels like she's falling behind on the time line....

This past week, I saw on Facebook a picture put up by my friend, with another friend in it.
It was a picture of the 2 of them, including about 6 other friends - all of them had gone to high school together.

I so loved seeing a group of girls that are now in their mid 20's that stay in contact & keep up with each other's lives.  That alone is such a blessing.

But what made the picture even more special - they all had a baby in their arms.  One of them actually had 2 babies in her arms.

I saw that picture & just smiled. The cuteness of all those babies together.  The precious relationships these girls have with each other.  The way they'll continue to do life together in this season of being a new mom. It's just all so sugary sweet.

... & then the longer I looked at it, a little twinge in my heart ached.

Mainly because I know there is probably someone missing from that picture.
Maybe a friend that also hung out with them in high school, but as an adult, maybe in a different stage of life.
Maybe she's single.
Maybe she doesn't have a baby.
Maybe she's not even sure where her next paycheck is coming from.
.. or not even sure what direction she wants her life to go in.

Not that she was excluded by any means, but she just doesn't feel like she fits in this group anymore.

It's funny because there for some strange reason seems to be this 'timeline' that people expect women to follow.  & while I do love that you hear more & more women going against the grain of that time line (girl power!!!) I sadly think society judges a little if you don't fall into this chart of things that must mysteriously exist somewhere.

I mean, look at the whole magazine hunt that is constantly on Jennifer Aniston about rumors of her being pregnant. It's because for some stupid reason, the world feels like she's an attractive, successful person - she MUST have a baby to make her life complete.

She told Allure: "I don't like [the pressure] that people put on me, on women – that you've failed yourself as a female because you haven't procreated. I don't think it's fair. You may not have a child… but that doesn't mean you aren't mothering – dogs, friends' children." Jennifer added: "This continually is said about me: that I was so career-driven and focused on myself; that I don't want to be a mother, and how selfish is that." 

I remember getting out of high school & I luckily found the love of my life when I was 20 years old. Fairly young.  I didn't think I was young then.  I got married at 23 & when I see people at 23 years old getting married now, I think, "You're just a baby"... funny how time distorts how you see age. I felt so grown up then.

... but babies never came for us.
At least not babies that made it full term.

Its not something I ever talk about. Mainly because I just don't. I dont find any joy in talking about it so why do it?

What I do know is it did make me feel like it has put me on the outside of many groups of women.
& its not even because anyone MAKES me feel that way.
it's just an inner thing inside that makes you feel different.  An outsider.
I think culture just has a way of weaving in like that sometimes.

And let's just hold up... turn the brakes on this because this didn't mean to take a turn into a sad pity party in any way.

...what I thought about was that young girl that might have seen that FB picture of those moms & their babies & thought that they didn't fit.  & yes, while I felt a little heavyhearted for a moment, I immediately thought of how much I wanted to encourage those same young ladies.

Through my own life of experience, I have seen a little of how this works...

Mainly that you are on your own road.... There are so many different paths.  & it's not always going to fit into the life of 2.5 kids by the age of 28 & a perfect husband that does it all ... oh yeah, & a dog named Max.

It may be you are running your own company, or you actually prefer to be single or you just haven't found that person that God is leading you to, or you know your heart isn't pulled to be a parent now if ever, or you're traveling the world... so many directions you can take in life.

The cool thing about whatever your life does looks like right now?  God can use you.
Wherever you are at. Whichever path you are on.

That is so reassuring to me.  Mainly because I feel like I've lived it.  I've seen how it works.

I truly feel like God has used me in ways that I know He couldn't have used other women.
As I've seen God use other women in situations & ways that I know I could never have stepped in & filled.

God needs me on this path I've been on.
God needs you too sweet sisters!
Wherever you are at.
Every single one of us - all in our unique places.
He needs us to be kind to each other.  To reach out to others.  To love on His children.  To lift one another up.

You can be the face & hands of Jesus wherever you are at - to someone who desperately needs it.

I also find it funny how now, when I'm in my Bible Study group, I look around & see so many different stories. Lots of young moms.  There's some grandmas in there. There's young single ladies.  There's divorce. There's many years of marriage. There's career oriented women. There are women who just want to stay at home.  ... but what happens when we talk?  We all share our experiences because there's SOMETHING SOMEONE can always connect with.

I love this picture because I think its just as precious as the picture I first saw on Facebook of the young mom's with the babies.  That first picture represented to me marriages, family, friendship.

But this picture does too.  In its own unique way.

I just feel like we get out of high school & out of college & we have such expectations of what our lives are going to be.  We see it happen in our friends lives.  & it can be discouraging when our own lives don't turn out like that.

Take heart!  In the end, no one's lives turn out the way they expect.  Years pass & everything changes.  Friendships will alter.  Expectations will shift.

I just want to pass on encouragement today.  I'm not even sure what really prompted this whole thing today. Maybe one person out there needed to hear this today.  I pray so.

Stay YOUR course.  Keep your relationship with God first priority. He will be the one who will go down the path you are on ALWAYS.  Through every phase, through every year, through every event.  God wants to use you wherever you are at on that path.  Be open to that.  Be joyful about that.  Don't loose heart.

You do fit in somewhere.  God's going to make sure of that!

Monday, July 25, 2016

The weekend that we celebrated my daddy, in a magical place, with a selfie stick....

A Heat Dome...

That's what they are calling this heat... & I AM NOT LOVING IT! Not one bit.

All I thought about all horrible heated weekend long is that I'm betting those two weddings that I went to last weekend? I bet those brides are just on their knees thanking baby Jesus that they didn't choose one week later for their wedding date. Whew!

I'm looking forward to this week - its going to be a short one! YES! Since Ricky has had to take all his time off for his recovery, he probably won't be able to take off on our usual week in October with me (cue sad face & cue tear running slowly down my face...dramatically)... so I'm going to take off Thursday & Friday to spend with him.  A long 4 day weekend.  Nothing makes a Monday better than to know you have a short week.

But let's not jump ahead of ourselves. Let's take a quick glance back to the weekend & see how much fun it was.


... I left work & headed the opposite direction of home. I headed over to see our baby girl, Lindsay.  Remember where I mentioned that she's back in town & looking for some acting gigs around the area?  Girlfriend needed some head shots... & when she has a step mom that has a camera & kinda enjoys taking pictures, all she had to do was ask. I was there.  She was so much fun taking her pictures because her acting side was coming through & with every click I took, it was a different look.  We totally got a good variety of pictures.  I posted just a few on Facebook if you're my friend (if you're not, why not?) & saw them, but I got 20 pictures of her... I love them all.  She's definitely a beauty, isn't it?  She looks so much like her momma... but has her daddy's love of rock n roll. For sure.

... being out in that area, that only meant one thing for dinner. PIZZA!!!!  I've talked about it before - Bonnie & Clydes Pizza on Dixie Highway is the best pizza in the entire world. Seriously.  The entire world.  I will say though, I was so scattered brained going in.  I forgot my coupon - which you NEED a coupon, lest you spend $50.00 for 2 pizzas... so I go back out & get the coupon.  Go in & pay & get the pizza.  I left my phone on the counter... ran back to get it & get out to my car... to notice - I FORGOT THE PIZZAS on the counter. What was happening to my brain?

... we all know what happened to my brain.  I needed my Friday Starbucks celebration!  I immediately snapped back to normal after that.


... our Friday was so much better with an extra episode of Big Brother. I know - cheesy - but I get so hooked on this show every year.  I wish they did it like the UK Big Brother - they show an hour recap every night on tv. I'd never leave my room.


... Break out the angels singing.  I slept till 9am. 9AM PEOPLE! I dont remember the last time that happened.  & in all honesty, I probably could have slept later. I have just been exhausted lately.

... I spend most of my morning cleaning. Doesn't sound too exciting, but I had my jams cranking & didn't mind doing it for some reason.  Maybe all that sleep just makes cleaning not so horrible?

... I headed over to my precious friend's house to do another quick head shot session.  Pictures needed for business purposes this time. I asked him if he wanted to hit some of the same poses Lindsay hit the day before - those cute poses with the hands in the hair, smizing at the camera.  He passed :) .. though his wife did say that would make her day to get that as a birthday present. Wouldn't that be hilarious?  I totally had flashbacks of George Costanza.

hahahaha... Sorry Heather, you WONT be getting these pictures of your husband

... So my friend has 3 kids that I ADOREEEE - like 'adore' isn't a big enough word to say how much I love them.  One of them, I just found out, is going to be in my Youth class starting next week (THROWING CONFETTI) & she is starting a little business in making natural dog treats - she wants to take her earnings & give back to animal charities.  Just a small example of her heart & why these kids are amazing.  But she gave me a sample to take home to my dogs.... they were a TOTAL HIT!!!

If you are in my area & have some doggies & are interested, let me know & I'll connect you up to her :)

... I got home & needed to work out.  I have been DYING to run. Like, I've been so sad about not being able to do it.  I wrapped up my knee, got my tablet with Gilmore Girls fired up on it & headed to the treadmill.  OHHHHHHHH MAAANNNNNN... the pain. My knee was aching & hurting so bad. BURNING.  I had to have a little pity party after that. I didn't stop though. Got in nearly 3 miles.  I thought, my knee is screwed up anyways - what's it going to matter to keep going now.  I know I'll get grief about that... but some people will totally understand it.  & I'm stubborn.  So there's that.

... Ricky was so ready to get out of the house & we needed to go to the grocery so we had an exciting Saturday night at the grocery.  But can I tell you? I now want to do ALL my grocery shopping on Saturday night. It was so empty, peaceful. No lines. & I was there as their Starbucks was getting ready to close down, so they took all their pastries & broke them up for samples to get rid of.  WIN WIN! ... I even bought a book in the grocery. I never buy a book at the grocery store.  But they had Girl on a Train on sale for $11.20... why not?  That's how you splurge on a crazy Saturday night.

Saturday night grocery shopping....glad there's a #starbucks in here... with samples of cookies 😍 #starbucksonice #mangotealemonade:

... sleeping till 9am has one drawback. I wasn't sleepy at all around bed time.  That was a little aggravating.  I thought about reading but got caught up in Legally Blonde.  I love Elle Woods.


... Church time! I'm going to LOVE this series that just got started on the Power of Words!

... grabbed a birthday cake & headed over to celebrate my daddy's 72nd birthday!!!!  Doesn't he look good for 72 years old?  I love he has kept his red hair through the years.


... Made my day even better when one little blonde girl opened the door. I didn't know the twins were going to be over there.  They are SOOO funny to listen to now. Such "SISTERS"... argue over the funniest little things.  They are polar opposites so that doesn't surprise me one bit.  But you can totally tell they love each other & dont want to be without each other.


... So if you haven't ever noticed or heard around these blog parts, my mom is sorta, kinda, HUGELY obsessed with the color blue. So when its dad's day, I try to do everything NOT blue. Give him a blue break in life.  But the only decent birthday cake was blue.  Sorry dad. My mom was thrilled though & had to pose with this cake.

My momma looks so beautiful here.... I love this picture of her
... we were still in the Heat Dome & the temps were still near 100 degrees, but I'm so serious when I say my parents house is in a different weather zone. It's ALWAYS nice over there.  Their house must be on some sort of hill or right in a wind line that they get the primo air because there is always the coolest breeze there.  Ricky & I were sweating walking from every building to our car all weekend, but we all sat outside on my parents porch & it felt wonderful. Warm, but a nice breeze. Its like the place is magical.

... while we sat outside, I mentioned our #VincentsRockSunday  (if you dont follow me on Instagram, again, WHY NOT?) & said we need to get everyone in for the picture.  Break out the selfie stick.  I loved my dad getting to play with it & seeing how it worked. It made for some fun pictures.



I'm not dramatic or anything
... I came home with intent to make out my bills... but nah. I decided to wash my hair, get my planner together for the week & play with Harvey.  A perfect wind down to the weekend.

So how was your weekend?

You living in the HEAT DOME?  
(Anyone else feel like Tina Turner should start 
singing at any moment?)

Any celebrations happening?

What day do you grocery shop?

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