Thursday, September 16, 2021

Thankful Thursday #326


Hey everyone!!! Happy Thursday!

Still on the hunt for a laptop.  I've been trying to research to find what I need for my photography - editing pictures.  That's just confused me more. I still am holding hope I get one real soon. I do still have my laptop that I used for work & try to use that solely for work - even though I'm back in the office. I dont want to mess it up should we ever be at home again (wishful thinking)  

Joining up again with the lovely ladies who are all about spreading joy & smiles - Leslie at Once Upon a time & Happily Ever After & the beautiful Jennifer from Overflowing with Thankfulness ... be sure to stop by & give them a visit!

This week I am Thankful for:

ColorStreet Nails
My friend quit selling these nails a while back & I just didnt get motivated to wear the ones I have left... & let me tell you - I have a STASH. I could probably change my nails every week for the next year & still not buy any new ones.  But another friend - 2 actually - just started selling them & here I go again. I'm ALL IN. They just make me happy to make my yucky hands look better. Plus, I forgot how they make my nails grow! They give my nails that are normally so frail & brittle, have protection on them. I'm super excited for the holiday nails that just came out so yep, that stash will be growing.

These are so fun - they turn from blue - to green - to purple
depending on the light

Wedding worked out well
So... leave it to me. I've pulled something in my leg - like bad - like cant walk right - still feeling like a muscle is torn in it.  It couldn't have come at the worst timing too. I was supposed to 2nd shoot a wedding with my cousin this past weekend.  When I wasn't able to take a step or stand up for longer than 2 minutes due to pain, I knew I wasn't going to be able to do this wedding. Well, my cousin is just the sweetest soul in the world, more concerned for my leg than anything else & she ended up handling the wedding on her own - LIKE A BOSS. She said it all went great & I have seen a shot from the day already & its gorgeous - cant wait to see all the rest of the pics. I hated missing out so much because 1. I love 2nd shooting 2. I LOVE weddings & 3. I love spending time with my cousin. ... I hope there's more down the road. Where I dont need to be on crutches.

Best Hubby
Me being down & out with my leg has just messed up everything. All the routines. All the things that need to be done. Hubby has been the best at picking up the slack though. Getting dinner going - picking up things - feeding the dogs. I dont know how I would have gotten through without him.

New Brush
My momma gifted me this new brush & I'm so excited to try it.  Its the ProCabello Ionic Hair Straightener Brush. I dont know how well it will straighten because my ends are a frizzy mess, but I think it will help on some frizzy days try & smooth it down. Plus, I used it once just to get a feel of it - I dont know if its the "ionic" part of it - but it left my hair SO SOFT!!!!!  I'm looking forward to seeing how this does for me.

Tell me something good about your week!!!

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Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Show Us Your Books {Sept 2021}


Sorry I'm still sort of MIA - I'm still on the hunt for a new computer. 
Luckily, I update my Book list as I read so I had this post ready to go...

Still hoping to be back to blogging regularly soon!

Not a Happy Family
**** / Really Liked It

Quick Summary:  A wealthy couple is brutally murdered & the 3 kids that are set to inherit millions were the last to see them at a Easter dinner - did one of the kids do it?

I dont usually do mystery books but this one really held my attention.  I was guessing up to the end & kept switching my thoughts all the way through. In the end, it was a fun ride into a twisted & damaged family.

The epilogue is a must read to wrap up the story if you pick this one up.

This book has short chapters & different sections in each chapter - when things are broken up in short segments, it just makes it easy for me to read - holds more of my attention.  

Glad I chose this as my Book of the Month pick for August

"... now she thinks about the family taint - the streak of psychopathy that has run through the Merton family.  She wonders if it lurks hidden inside one of them"

The Girl in the Mirror
DNF / Didnt like it

Quick Summary: Twin Sisters Iris & Summer look identical on the outside but totally different on the inside. When Summer needs Iris's help on a yacht trip, only Iris gets off - but she takes on the role of Summer to step into her life. 

I just couldnt.  This book just felt GROSS to me. I got through 25% & was like NOPE. 

From the get go, you just how demented Iris is for her hate of her sister , how jealous she is of her, how badly she wants her sisters husband & then there's a will thrown in from their dad that states his full millions of dollars will go to the first person who gives an heir. Iris's goal in life, as a young pre-teen is now to have a baby, no cares for her family - greed all the way.

When it got to the point where there was talk of a step sister getting pimped out to get married as soon as she hit 18 so she could get pregnant & get the money, I was like, I'm out. 

It may be a twisty good book in the end, but I was just so grossed out by characters & the plot of the story.   Stuck to my 100 pages rule - if I'm not into by then, its gone... I'm good with passing on this one.

>>> No quote because EW! <<<<

Side note - I went & found a podcast that talked about the book so I could hear how it all played out. I think I would have been so confused at the end & it was still EW!

So We Meet Again
*** / Liked It

Quick Summary:  Jess Kim gets unexpectedly laid off her job & moves home only to find her childhood nemesis Daniel is also home. Can Jess work with her past enemy to use their business skills to create a new career path?

I stumbled upon this at the library - it was totally in the wrong place so I felt like it was a sign I was supposed to pick it up.

It was a cute & easy read.  Started off really strong, making me really laugh out loud & enjoying the characters.  

I thought the frenemy store line was cute - but it took too much of a "business speak" route that i didnt care for in a cute rom-com & then it just felt unreal a little bit. I mean, who posts one video & all of a sudden gets all these business deals laying out in their lap?  

All that aside - it's just a cute little read. Not a MUST read - but a good book to sit out & just pass the time well enough.

“Because love wasn’t shown only with the acts of cooking and feeding. Love was also about not giving up on the other person.”

Tell me what you're reading this month

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Thursday, September 09, 2021

Thankful Thursday #325


So, this week, & probably for a little bit ahead, I may be a little MIA. 

I had an issue on my computer pop up & it was telling me to do this & that & click here & there & me having no IT knowledge, I'm like sure - let me click this... & beep, bop, boop... my screen is doing all sorts of things & then it runs this thing across the bottom saying it would take a few hours. I think, ahhh - its fixing it.

Nope - it wiped the full hard drive out.  Now, its a shell of a computer. I had no idea it was going to do that.

Needless to say, I'm going to have to go get a new laptop because blogging from a tablet aint no fun.

Anyone have any tips or tricks on finding a good laptop? 

Life is always full of fun stuff, huh?

Anyways - be sure to stop by & visit Leslie at Once Upon a time & Happily Ever After & joyful Jennifer from Overflowing with Thankfulness who are also hosting so you can still get a daily dose of goodness - not just gloomy computer talk.

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Wednesday, September 08, 2021



Havent joined in with Joyce over at From This Side of the Pond in awhile & happy to get some blogging inspiration... click the pic or HERE & go visit and/or join in.

1. Something you've done recently that required you giving 110% ?

Living... basically just living through a day.

Between the stress of everything & it just ramping my anxiety up to the 110% level, my blood issues bottoming out, it honestly is taking everything in me to get through the most basic of activities.  Something has to give.

2. What task-sport-chore-hobby-activity have you participated in or completed, that if judged, would land you a perfect 10?  

Why is this so hard for me to think about? I'm someone who always sees faults in everything I do. Even in my knitting, I always say you can count on at least one missed stich in there...heck, I cant even SLEEP well enough to get a perfect 10.

I'm going to say Buying Planner supplies - that's a perfect 10 - LOL. 

3. What are ten of your favorite things right now? 

10??? TEN???? Let's see what I can come up with

1. My Passion Planner Daily - (I've added a link at the top of my blog & its my reference link so be sure to check it out through that tab)
2. Dog snuggles
3. ColorStreet nails - I've been hooked again on them & they're making my nails so long
4. Cooler weather - at least not scorching humid days
5. My Library
6. Pentel EnerGel .7 pens
7. Maybelline Eye Brow Pencil
8. My heating pad
9. Wireless Earbuds - I've been using these on walks & didnt know what I was missing.
10. Mom is doing so well being home.

4. Nine times out of ten I _________________________.

... have a book within arms length of me.

5. Where were you when the world stopped turning, twenty years ago this week? 

Oh my gosh - I still feel all the emotions of that day. & cant believe its been 20 years. I was at my job & we heard of the first plane & went to watch the TV for the latest news & ended up seeing the 2nd plane go in the other building LIVE.  That feeling of "What did I just watch" has never been more surreal than in that moment.  We all sat in that reception area all day long watching it all unfold. My manager/friend has text me every year since I left that job & gives me a note reminding us being together through that day. She recently passed away & this will be the first year I wont get her text on that day - making it even sadder for me.

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

I think I'm doing it - going to do a kitchen renovation.  & probably not a full gut renovation - y'all that do that are CRAZY! Would I love to do that - have a whole new design? Absolutely... do I think my anxiety & check book could handle it - not for a second. But I have no idea what to do.  We have oak cabinets that were special made - everyone that has seen them tells us not to change them because they are worth some bucks & it would be a shame to mess them up. I'm not opposed to keeping them but I dont know what goes with oak.  All the cabinets - the pantry - our trim - even the trim inside of our door frames are the same oak.  I want a wood floor but think it would be too much grain if it was on the floor & also in the cabinets.  I need help y'all!!! I know some of you are so good at design ... give me some ideas on what works well. I'm looking for new floors & counter top colors I should be looking for.   

Tuesday, September 07, 2021

One Sentence a Day {August 2021}


Another month behind us... 31 sentences to wrap it all up!

1 - Sun / I was so proud of myself for figuring out a computer problem & fixing it myself #tookHOURS #PullingOutMyHair

2 - Mon / Mask Mandates are back in effect at work #sogladIamBackIntheOffice #eyeroll

3 - Tues / First day of school in our area & my twin nieces are JUNIORS in high school. #unbelievable

4 - Wed / Covid is breaking out everywhere again, including my mom's rehab center & the rates are just soaring up on a crazy trend. #peoplestillrefusingthatvaccinethough

5 - Thurs /  Mom got to come home after a little over a month #homesweethome #catssohappy

6 - Fri / Stopped to pick up dinner to go & had to wait, which left me spending all my money at Hobby Lobby #treatyoself #allthestickers

7 - Sat / Went to pick up cupcakes to take to our 'new' neighbors to return the favor from 20 years ago #circleofneighborlife

8 - Sun / I just needed a day to do nothing & relax #missionaccomplished

9 - Mon / YUCK BLAH & UGH is the perfect description of my Monday #appropriate

10 - Tues / Left for work to get down to the end of my road & my crown popped off making me just turn around & go back to home to work from my computer there. #dentalvisitintheafternoon #missworkingfromhome

11 - Wed / Pretty ticked off when I'm told not to tell anyone that I still have lung capacity issues since I had COVID because it "makes me sound dumb" & "long term effects arent true" #saywhat? #LongHaulersisLegit 

12 - Thurs / I'm pretty sure my mom's cat hates me now after having to round her up & take her to vet. #notherfavoritenow 

13 - Fri / Sticker shopping & picking up pizza is the best way to start a Friday #TGIF

14 - Sat / Why am I waking up on a Saturday at 5:15am? #NOTFAIR

15 - Sun / I love when I finish a book on a weekend #WhoDunIt?

16 - Mon / Got my credit card statement & reality check on how much I spend on stickers is legit #treatyoself

17 - Tues / So you're telling me vaccinated people may have to get ANOTHER shot while people still refuse to get ONE? #dontknowhowtofeelaboutthis

18 - Wed / I gotta start getting back on liquid iron or something because I'm living in a lightheaded & dizzy world. #gonnapassout

19 - Thurs / Finally got my oil changed now that I'm driving to work again & actually putting miles back on my car #oneyearofsavingmiles

20 - Fri / Stopped at the library on my way home because my card needing renewing & of course, came out with 3 books checked out. #haventcheckedoutbooksinforever

21 - Sat / Reminder I'm old when I pull a back muscle from doing actually absolutely NOTHING #THEPAIN

22 - Sun / Just basically stayed in bed on a heating pad for my back because I'm 105 years old #mybodyisanyway

23 - Mon / ... ANDDDD we have another grandson with Covid #VaccineFDAapprovedtoday #DOYOURPART

24 - Tues / I love watching Glow Up on Netflix but I dont understand the judges who like the ugliest make up designs #DingDongmyButt

25 - Wed / 3rd grandson going for his Covid test now #thisiscrazy 

26 - Thurs / I nearly blacked out at work & truly felt so horrible all day long #Scarystuff #NotCovid #JustGetMeInBed

27 - Fri /  I was so happy to have a day off work & had a friend come over for some front porch conversations #SharingtheBookLove

28 - Sat / A relaxing reading day #muchneeded

29 - Sun /  Took my mom & we ventured to a new little grocery store the next town over & it was just so cute & gave me old school vibes #HadThatSmell #LikeFreezerBurn

30 - Mon  /  Happy my hematologist got me in to take my blood to check all my levels after having some rough days of feeling bad #IMayHaveToDoMoreInfusions #CRYING

31 - Tues / .... ANDDDD my results are back & they're the second lowest ever. #GREAAATTTTTTT

Tell me some things that stood out in your August!

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Friday, September 03, 2021

Friday Favorites


Click Pic for Link

Favorite Frother

I need to get a new one of these to take to work now that we're back in the office.
I love mine & was using it every day while home... a few times a day...
would be nice to get some frothy coffee at work - where you need comfort more than ever.

Favorite Beauty & the Beast

Look at this phone case!!!
They're sold out but I need to get on the waiting list for when they get more.
They have so many different Disney Princess designs too!!!

Favorite Outlet

I need this for behind my coffee bar - it slides sideways so the plugs arent sticking straight into the back of the table.  Or, you CAN switch it to face forward if you need it to!

Favorite Microphone

In case you missed it, Hubby got a little karoke machine (uses it to play his music) but he loves the microphone on it & makes sure to use it when he needs my attnetion.
Well, I feel like this could give me some equal playing power!

We actually got this for someone for a gift one year & they LOVED it.
Plus, I've seen it on Real Housewives of Potomac - LOL

Favorite Dog Toy

My boys would LOVE this!!!! 
Launch those babies far!!! Wear that puppy OUT!

Favorite Earrings

Favorite Powder

Because ... that name! LOL
But seriously - the reviews on this are great!
If you sweat a lot during the summer & get that yucky burn... or even for runners!
I know in my running days, I would have totally snagged this up!
This has over 18,000 reviews so how am I just now hearing about this???

Favorite Bedding

I just think this would be cute to have on the bed for the Holidays.
Give that Buffalo Plaid look - add some holiday pillows, it'd be a cute way to make your bedroom a holiday place too.  For under $30.00 for the duvet & shams - its a cheap holiday investment

Favorite Funnies

... when I find out a reason I feel so bad is my blood levels...
But that also means I'm going to have to go through infusions again

... me basically every time I get on Facebook & see posts people obviously never check to see if its legit


... me at 4:00pm today

Happy weekend Y'all!

Thursday, September 02, 2021

Thankful Thursday #324


Joining with the precious Leslie at Once Upon a time & Happily Ever After & joyful Jennifer from Overflowing with Thankfulness to host all the gratitude.  So thankful to have these ladies join in with me - It's been such a highlight to check in with each of them & have encouragement with them & prayers lifted for one another. They really are just a light in my week.  Be sure to stop by their blog & check out their latest blessings.

This week I am Thankful for:

Ozzie not broken
This dog.... he's always into something & tearing something up. Well, this past weekend, he nearly tore HIMSELF up.  I was outside reading & the dogs were running to the fence to watch the neighbors dogs & I had my head down & then look up & see Ozzie sitting in front of me holding his paw up.  I thought he was just begging... & nope. He started crying. He couldnt walk - couldnt straighten his leg. Hopping on 3 legs. When he laid down, he couldnt straighten it & just kept licking it.  My poor baby.  We called around to vets & of course, nothing was available - but our vet did work us in the next morning at 10am.  ... Ozzie was kenneled up for the night, making him a VERY unhappy puppy - but he just couldn't get comfortable.

Hubby ended up making a kenneled area with pillows in the bedroom so he could be near us - & luckily, the next morning, he was able to straighten it out.  In the end, it isn't broken!  just sprained... & we kenneled him up for a little bit longer... & now, he's back into tearing everything up again. Life is back to normal. Whew! I'll take chewed up things over a broken puppy!

Day off work
Working from home, I just never really took a lot of days off.  I mean, how hard is it to walk down a hall & sit in your back bedroom to work? Now that I'm back in the office, give me ALL the days off. I got to take 2 days making a long weekend & it felt glorious! Looking forward to getting in more days the rest of the year.

Blood Check
I am so thankful my hematologist office got me in same day, the day I was off, to get my blood checked. Got the results back & as expected... I'm bottomed out. The 2nd lowest its ever been for both hemoglobin & ferritin. Yepppp.... I think infusions are back in my future. Dang it.

Fall Spurting Up!!!
I see it everywhere!!! Decorations coming out - all the beautiful fall things for sale in stores. Just makes me happy! ... we even have pumpkins/gourds growing through the fence of our neighbors. I keep going back & checking these little pumpkins - they make me smile. My dad was such a fan of pumpkin & gourd painting - I know he would have loved watching these things grow & seeing if he could snag them up to do some art on them.  I would love to pick these myself & do some hand lettering on them for some fall decoration. Its been fun watching them grow too - I go back & have taken pictures of them since they were buds. Hubby asks me why am I taking pictures of pumpkins? I dont know... I feel like they're under my care - LOL.

Book Clearing
I am so excited to clear my shelves... & rest assured - I'm making room for more books - LOL. I am loving my Book of the Month books - how uniformed they are. They'll look so beautiful on my shelf together. I want to color coordinate them too.

& I'm still of course keeping my all time favorite books. My Harry Potter & Anne of Green Gable series arent going anywhere.  

But its been so fun for me to share my books with friends who are book lovers as well. Glad my books are going into good hands.  It's even brought some good visits from friends, giving me a chance to catch up & chat. 

I'm really wanting to get my coffee room all ready for the cooler weather so I can sit in there & be cozy & read all winter long.  I'm on my way!

Tell me something good from your week!

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