Friday, January 30, 2015

Five Favorites on Friday

ONE // Scentsy Peony Petals

Oh my word.  If you have a Scentsy warmer & you want the smell of Spring in your house to get the winter blahs out of your head, then get this.  I just ordered some scents for a warmer I forgot I had to bring to my office.  I opened this up & its an instant favorite. I ordered another one for my home but now I think I need to order a case.  Plus, its Hot Pink wax... an extra bonus of happiness.

TWO // Writing Fonts

Calligraphy can really add some elegance and whimsy to your invitation envelopes. But if they don’t fit into your budget or you are feeling crafty, then check out these DIY calligraphy tutorials to try it yourself. Each has their own tricks and techniques to fake a calligraphy look. DIY Calligraphy Using Gel Pens How To …

I really love doing a journal every day with my Bible Study, but my handwriting just isn't all that great... especially when you see all the cute faith journaling things out there.  So I'm on a mission to find some ways to make it more fancy.  If you need me today, I'll be on Pinterest looking up things (like I'm not on Pinterest all day every day) ... anyone have any tips, hints, sites or ideas about this, send them my way.

THREE // May Designs

With my word of the year being CONFIDENT - how do I NOT get this? #maydesigns

I have so many May Designs journals, I don't even know what to do with them all.  I have a stack in my drawer ready to go whenever I need one.  It's so addicting to go on their site & just create fun designs.  But when I saw the one pictured above - I HAD to get it... & now I think I want to order like 5 more to get me through the year.  With my 2015 word of the year being "Confident" ... well, can you blame me?  Tell me you all have my back when Ricky asks me why I have 5 of the same journals....

FOUR // Princess Mug

Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at

I think I pretty much need this mug... in every color.  Especially in yellow #IamBelle

FIVE // Taylor Swift Mash Up

My blog buddy Meg sent me this video after we got talking about some of our favorite songs off of the new Taylor Swift CD.  I just love the song "Style" ... so when she sent this to me - I instantly fell in love with it.  I just love when people do creative Mash-ups anyways... enjoy this today...

Happy Friday everyone!!!

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Thankful Thursday #4 {Link Up}

You pray in your distress & in your need; 
would that you might pray also in the fullness of your joy & in your days of abundance.
~Khalil Gibran

Another week to be thankful! 
I have so loved seeing what some of you have linked up with...
always excited when we have someone new that joins in...

Rules are simple... just do a post on what you're thankful for this week - big or small - the point being to find things every day that you are blessed with... link up... go visit someone else on the list.. Easy enough.

What I'm thankful for this week:

... So thankful for my scan results being OK.  Hearing the words like tumor, blockages, cancer, well, they can get my nerves all in a frenzy. I am praising Jesus that nothing serious was happening.

...A free Starbucks drink!  I stopped the same day of "result day" to get a drink in celebration, only to find out I had a free drink on my card left over from my Birthday. Apparently, they gave me TWO free drinks this year.    To celebrate for free?  Even better!

... My sweet husband.  He only gets 30 minutes for his lunch break but still took time from work to come to the doctor with me to find out the results.  He even ran & got me lunch once he found out everything was OK & brought back to me knowing I had to get back to work myself.  I can't tell you how much I love this nerd.

...Knitting friends who share patterns!  My incredible blog friend Cathy is also a loom knitter & I see in her Etsy store these adorable headbands.  I asked how she was making them & she sent me the instructions.  I have been on a headband craze. I think I have 8 made already.  I can make about 1 an hour.  A great way to make use of scrap yarn too!

... A wonderful visit with my family... & finally celebrating Christmas.

... Julie & the gang having a safe trip up & a safe trip home.  I always worry when they travel.  Julie, Steve & the baby also traveled to Florida & back the few days before their trip up... so its a DOUBLE Thankful that they were safe in both trips.

... Harvey Dent being such a good dog with the boys.  I love that my Grand-dudes love dogs & that Harvey loves them.  It made me choke up at one point because William was sitting in a feeding chair - the same one we had Isaac in... then Luke when he came along... & I thought of when Isaac was a baby & Sydney sat at his side waiting for food to drop.  Here was Will, but with no Sydney.... but he did have Harvey right next to him & I thought, at least Will doesn't get left out of having a buddy at our house.

... More sunlight in a day!!!

... A new flavor in this Natural Bliss coffee creamer.  If you've ever tried to read the labels of a normal coffee creamer, I would lay money you couldn't.  Words that aren't even pronounce-able (like that word)... this Natural Bliss coffee is basically cream & sugar.  I ADORE the Vanilla... but saw this new flavor & was so happy.  I found out by a friend that they also just came out with Cinnamon! Hmmm... I must find.

...Hot tea with honey on cold days when throats get scratchy.

... Gilmore Girls getting me through workouts on the treadmill... also that our local TV station plays Hot in Cleveland.  I'm able to catch up on past episodes.  Betty White is just the best.

So what are you thankful for this week?

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Confession Hashtag Time

Confession Time!!!!

... For the first time this year, driving in at 6:50am, I could see a little bit of color, other then BLACK... the horizon had a slight lighter shade to it.  I'm holding onto hope that Spring is getting closer & closer!!! #winterIhateyou

... I really like to cut coupons.  It's a childhood thing. My mom used to let me cut out every coupon that came in the Sunday paper & then she'd save the ones she would use & toss the ones she didn't want.  Something about cutting on those dotted lines makes me happy.  #couponcuttingismycraft

... I've got the hubs on a Green Tea kick. Time to head to Amazon & move my subscription order of Green Tea K-cups to a faster delivery date.  #boosttheimmunesystem

... I gave my hubs his first lesson on how to use the Keurig... he made his own tea this morning.  #proudmoment

... why do 'higher ups' at work have to change things around, that don't ever involve them & only involves you.  #ifitaintbrokedontfixit

... I saw where yet ANOTHER woman came forward about Bill Cosby.  I love that Larry Wilmore even acknowledged this & said "How many more do we need? That’s like if Bill Cosby drugged and raped every U.S. President from George Washington to John. F Kennedy.” I don't get how this man is not having charges brought against him, or that people are saying that he hasn't done anything wrong. #famemakesyouinnocent 

... I will be glad when the Super Bowl is over so I don't have to hear about "deflategate" any more. #stupidwordsof2015

... I am excited to see the Super Bowl only to see the new Budweiser commercial with the yellow lab puppy  #ImissmyBuffy

... Speaking of puppies... we really are looking for another one. Harvey Dent needs a friend.  Someone to either keep him out of trouble... or help him get deeper into it.  #ahousefullofdogsisahappyhouse

... I am so sorry for everyone that had to deal with all the blizzard snow, but I'm secretly thanking Jesus it didn't come anywhere near here. #snowandIdontgetalong

... all the gifts are gone in my house... my tree is still up.  #goingtomakeitavalentinetree

This could very well happen at my house this weekend!

... Did anyone else think the dress the girl got to pick on The Bachelor for her Cinderella night was the ugliest dress ever?  How did this dress reflect ANYTHING Princess?  The Bachelor wardrobe department needs to be fired over this one.  #gotdiamondearringsthough

... Did you also see where that sweet girl that Farmer Chris's sister picked for that date has a Playboy past?  #fooledthosesisters

...I have this goal of getting 10k steps in every day on my FitBit.  I finished doing a good, fast paced workout yesterday - went to look at my step count, knowing it was going to hit my goal.... & I didn't have on my FitBit. It was still on my pants I wore to work.  NOOOOOO!!!!!  Ricky told me, 'You know you made your goal for the day'... yeah, but my FitBit doesn't.  I was more upset about this then I should have been. #ineedconfirmationinlife

What do you have to confess this week?

Making Melissa

And don't forget - tomorrow is the link up for Thankful Thursday!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

A Gratitude Journal... for your spouse....

I wish I knew where I saw this.

Another blogger was talking about this idea & I totally picked up on it... so I'm going to share.  If you are the blogger that thought of it, let me know!!!  Sorry I'm not giving credit where it's due.  I'm totally not taking claim on this idea... but I love it... & am excited about it!

What is this idea?

A Gratitude Journal...

But not just any Gratitude Journal... its one you make for the one you love in your life.

I bought this cute little planner at Target & the idea is simple.

Every day, you write down something that your loved one did that makes you thankful for them... it can be something they said, something they did... I have even used things like something that Ricky has done for others that has impressed me & touched my heart.

It doesn't have to be complicated.

see... simple things that mean a lot....

& at the end of the year, you give this journal to your loved ones so they can see all the small things that make a difference to you.

It's even better when they have no idea that you're doing this... what an amazing surprise to present to them.  To let them know you've been aware of all the things they do - big & small - that makes your life better.

What a cool idea to do for your children as well.... wouldn't that be neat to go over at the end of the year with your child & let them see how kindness, sweetness, graciousness reflects back to their parents?

We're almost done with the first month & I have to say, I really have enjoyed every night grabbing the planner & writing down something...

It's just a really good way to look at the ones you love in a different light.  Even on those days when things are rough, or little small spats get in the way - its a good way to put things back into perspective... to see the big picture....

I know we're already a month in the year... but its never too late....

Grab a planner today & get started.....

I thank my God every time I remember you
~ Philippians 1:3

Monday, January 26, 2015

The weekend we had Christmas... in January....

It finally happened.... the gifts are gone from under my tree.... yahhooooo!!!!

In exchange for that?  I have about 4 huge piles of trash - from wrapping paper, boxes, toy boxes & about 1 ZILLION little plastic ties that hold toys into the packages.  My goodness.  Is all of that really necessary?

Let me not jump too far ahead.

Friday, I had intentions of getting home & cleaning my house to get ready for my company.... but I ended up falling asleep about 8... with my clothes still on, while watching Shark Tank. I was just exhausted.  Who knew that jeans & a sweater could be so comfy.

Who also knew that sleeping in your make up makes a scary sight when you wake up the next morning?

Ricky got up early on Saturday because he went to help a coworker move.  Ahh - my good hearted husband.  On his feet Monday - Friday & worked all morning lifting refrigerators, ovens, washing machines... he may be little, but he's mighty.

That left me at home by myself with the dogs to clean up & get done what needed to be done.. making cookies!  #grandmotherduty

When my gang arrives, it always blows me away the difference in the boys.  We try to see them about every 3 months if possible, but the changes are still crazy dramatic.  Isaac this time has his top 2 teeth already grown in... Luke is still skinnier then a rail but changing from blond hair to brown... & Will?  He is the incredible eating baby.  This little dude will eat anything & everything.  He turned 11 months this weekend & he's in 18 months clothes... & some can be kinda snug...

It wasn't long before Pappy got home & the boys day was made... they love their Pappy....

It was such a beautiful day on Saturday - chilly, but the sunshine felt wonderful.  So the boys got to run off the energy from sitting in the car on the ride, & wear down Harvey Dent in the meanwhile....

This one was just an observer
... won't be long before he's out running with the pack....

Harvey just LOVES these boys... I am really excited how well Harvey did with them this trip.  He really contained the barking & was so good at watching over them & loving & protecting Will.... so glad we have him in our life.

It also wasn't long before the question started, "When are we going to open gifts?" ....

We made a plan, that basically bribed the boys to eat a good dinner before we opened gifts.  It also involved going to Sam's Club so Julie & Steve could get the new Keurig 2.0

I've never seen a baby love a visit to Sam's Club more then this one

... & also so I could get to Michael's for the yarn sale that was going on. 

Can I say I love that I got so many emails that reminded me of this sale. I have good friends in my life....

I knew I could get away with going to Michael's because Julie was with me... Ricky would have humph'ed it off but when I have back up on looking at yarn... success!  Ricky said he blames Julie for all of this anyways - she was my knitting guru.  yep - blame her.  In the end, we both came out with a bag full of delish yarn.

We had to wait for a table 5:30... what is that about?  I will say, Ricky & I were even young in the crowd that was eating early.  The boys were anxious to eat knowing that presents were next up, so waiting for a table for 30 minutes, in a tiny little space, with 3 boys... whew!  Lets just say when they called our name for a table, it was like being called to the Promised Land.

Dinner ate.  Full bellies.  Time to head home....

The boys wasted no time in putting on pj's & running to the Christmas tree....

Ummm... can you feel the excitement?

I have to say, it was kind of nice having Christmas a few weeks AFTER Christmas... good to have that feeling more then once a year.  I say we spread out Christmas all year long... my tree is still up - I'll just leave it there & start putting presents under it again.  Sounds like a plan.

Didn't take long for the boys to rip right through...

William just loved the excitement & of course, was thrilled with the paper & boxes more then anything else...

Two of my favorite moments of the whole evening... I made Isaac a knitted hat.  He opened it up & I said, "Nanny made that for you"... he put it on, smiled at me & said, "This is the best hat in the whole world".. & he kept making comments on how much he loved it.  What kid does that?  He honestly has the sweetest heart .... so aware of people's feelings.

I knitted this bear hat for Luke... I had to laugh because while one is gushing over their hat, Luke just growled at this & threw it in the pile of  'not toys'... I basically had to beg to even get a picture of him with it on :) #oppositebrothers

The other fantastic thing I loved... one of my gifts from the gang... this Canvas... I am so in love with it.  I can't even decide where I need to put it.  I am even thinking I want someone to paint this whole thing as a mural on a wall... wouldn't that be AMAZING?!?!?!

I'm just glad to see someone else recognizes my Princess status.

The other funny thing of the night was watching Harvey Dent with the dinosaur that we got Isaac... this thing will walk on its own & have sensors that tell it when something is around.  Isn't there a movie about this... where these sort of things go crazy? ... nevermind...

We finally got the boys to wind down by putting in The Incredibles & soon it was bedtime...

.... only to have Isaac wake up SUPER early on Sunday so he could open another toy...

aahhh ... the Christmas spirit lives on in January...

I had church on Sunday & then we just sort of relaxed a bit before heading out to a late lunch before the gang had to pack up & head home...

It's still never easy to kiss those little faces good bye...

I'm just glad we finally got to get Christmas in... glad none of the boys had any sort of flu happening anymore... & glad we got to bring some joy to their faces....

I think I am the winner at having the best weekend....

Friday, January 23, 2015

The results are in....

Yesterday was the big day... the results of my scans.

I have to give myself a high five for keeping my nerves in check all day.  It must be noted that I get nervous to walk into a doctor's office to pick up a prescription at the front counter... doctor's office freak me out.  Full of sick people... full of germs... full of bad news. 

I want to thank my work for putting off moving our computers forward where I had to do a whole years worth of fixed assets update in one day.  Keeping your mind busy helps with nerves. I'll remember that.

The key to not getting stressed out

I get to the doctor & I literally can't even sit down in the waiting room.  Why?
1. I see all the germs on the seats from where sick people have been (I am ate up - I know this)
2. I had such nervous energy
3. Hey, let's get those FitBit step count up by pacing.

The nurse calls me back & as we walk in, she shuts the door behind me & says, "Well, I guess you heard your scans were all OK...."...

WHAT?  My heart is leaping.  No... no one called & told me... is this really surprising with the way this doctor's office has worked so far?

I told her no, I didn't know that & then she said, "Yep, everything is fine.... Oh.... wait a second...............................................".... & then nothing.........her looking at my records

My eyes were the size of half dollars & I finally said, "Don't tell me OH ... Wait a second... & then not tell me what you are looking at or for!!!"

She laughed & said, "Oh no honey - everything is fine. I'm just looking at measurements of your organs."

Well, I'm glad she found that so dang funny....

& wouldn't words other then "Oh... wait a second" have been more appropriate.

It's no wonder my blood pressure was 145/85....

The doctor came in & told me that everything looked perfect.  Not even a sign of a fatty liver which is common for someone my age, & with someone my weight (shut up)... hey, at least I have a skinny persons liver. HA!  I always say I have small wrists.  Now I'll add I have a skinny liver to that.

Don't pass judgment.... there could be a skinny liver in there :)

But my pancreas looked great, my kidneys look perfect, & even the arteritis flowing to it all are flowing perfectly - no blockages anywhere.

& then she told me they had actually checked for bone cancer as well - she told me that was her fear with this pain & the worst case scenario. 

SAY WHAT?!?!?  Bone cancer? ... We just watched our dog suffer for 8 months with bone cancer.  All I can say is THANK YOU JESUS I didn't even know she was checking for that.  I wouldn't have even been able to function with that news.

But all is well....


The down side....She put me on the table & pressed on my side & mercy, goodness gracious, give me strength, dear Lord... the PAIN!!!!

Still as fresh as the first day.  It literally brought tears to my eyes.

She told me that we have now checked all the internal organs so she doesn't feel like its anything serious.  She then felt my back muscles & said that it feels like the muscles on that side of my back are sticking out further then the other side... & she said she honestly feels like my body is out of alignment.  Especially my ribs.  Somehow twisted.  & if they are pulling out of alignment, she said those muscles that are connected - those intercostal muscles - are being pulled the wrong direction, laying on nerves & bone in the wrong direction.  She said that would explain why none of the strong anti-inflammatory medicine hasn't helped at all.

So, she's sending me to a chiropractor.  I will say, that's why I love going to a DO instead of a MD.  They think more 'alternative'  & out of the box - not more of the path of medicine & surgery. 

She did say that if none of the adjustments work in a few months with that, then we'll do an MRI & then maybe we will have to see if something needs to be surgically adjusted .... let's not even think of that path.  I'm putting hope in the idea that adjustments are going to work.

I'm just so thrilled that nothing internal is going on.  I was so fearful.

But I walked back into the office after work with my hands in the air & said to my co-worker, "I'M GOING TO LIVE"... that's how I felt all day yesterday... & today... & I'm sure tomorrow.

Liz Lemon Yay!

I'm going to live with pain apparently... but I'm going to live.

I mentioned yesterday on Instagram that I'm really going to try to learn what God is telling me or showing me about this pain.  He always has a lesson in everything... He REALLY must be trying to make a point with me & this.  The pain is 2 months old on Sunday (geez) ... but as long as its nothing serious, I can learn to live with pain.  Don't we all do that anyways.

So I'm going into the weekend one happy girl...

So Happy!

& I seriously want to thank so many of you all for the texts, messages, emails... the sweet words of assurance & prayers & good vibes.  I loved opening up my inbox & seeing words that were telling me that "I know its going to be fine"... "Have faith about it all"... "God has got this".... I am surrounded by so many amazing people.  People that I know are faithful in prayer & abounding in encouragement.  I have been blessed.

Happy Friday everyone!!!!

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