Thursday, January 19, 2023

Sleep? What's sleep?

 I used to be a gal who could sleep through anything! ANY... THING!

There's stories y'all... big stories. Of big loud noises, of earth shattering noises, of people trying to wake me up... ya girl? Not even phased by it.

Those were the wonderful restful days of long ago.

Since going through perimenopause, sleep has become a frenemy.

First, I start nearly ever evening with a panic attack. Perfect for restful recharging, right?

Seriously though... I'll be tired, ready to doze off & I turn the TV off, or turn off the light & close a book & as soon as I close my eyes & roll over with the blanket nicely tucked up under my chin 


Pure on panic attack. 

I feel like I can't breath - I feel like I'm dying - imagine what it feels like to die - pretty much am reassured that THIS is indeed what it feels like to die. 
Well - needless to say, my eyes are immediately as big as plate saucers & I'm sitting up in bed trying to get my breath.

Every..... night.....

I've been trying all the tricks to go to sleep. Nothing helps.

I end up turning the TV back on & I end up putting it on a baking show. Doesnt matter which one - just any baking show.  Give me all the Great British Bake off's - I also have Discovery+ with no commercials so I can watch everything on Food Network without pause.

This is my lullaby. 

Poor Ricky... he says how he hears all the baking stuff throughout the night. I try to keep it low... but I need the sweet sounds of "Soggy bottoms" to get me drifting off.

THEN... when I get to sleep - its inevitable that our old gal, Zoe has to go potty.  Of course she does. Its usually when a downpour of rain is coming in too.

EXAMPLE - just last night - she needed to go out - in a storm... & I put on my sweater & tennis shoes - yes, that I keep at the ready because this is my life.  I go out in the rain & MUD PUDDLES everywhere! & of course, what do I do - slide in it like I'm going for home.  Sure - because who doesnt want to slide into a mud puddle at 1am.

... .sigh....

I finally get her to sleep... turn on another episode of Kids Baking Championship because the sounds of kids freaking out over their (insert any desert I'll never be adult enough to make) & I'm drifting off again.

ONLY to be waken up with a nightmare.  Last night, I woke up & sat up & was like, that was the worst dream ever. I dreamt my dad has died. .... seriously... that is what I sat up & thought.

& then I realized... wait, he really did pass away. Like nearly 5 years ago.  

It was the most surreal thing ever.  Sure - let's bring on another panic attack at the realization that my dad has been gone nearly 5 years.

& by this point, its nearing 3 am... just in time to drift back to sleep to hear Ricky's 4 am alarm clock.

Oh, & dont forget the Aussies having their whimpers to go out because its muddy out  - we mentioned this right - so the doggie door is on.  Ernie hears every coyote cry outside & wants to go outside & sing the song of his people with them.

Needless to say.... if you see me & I have dark bags under my eyes ... & I'm drifting off... & I look like a train ran over me... know I'm doing my best on 4 hours (if I'm lucky) of sleep.

Are you a good sleeper?

Do you have a bedtime routine?

What wakes you up through the night?

Has your sleep changed through the years?

Wednesday, January 18, 2023

The year starting off with a ... fizzle...

 I came into 2023 with the idea that, YES! I'm going to be the blogger I once was!

Posts 5 days a week....

Photos that are beautiful or fun... showing life all around me...

Sharing thoughts & updates...


Geez - How is it January 18th & I've posted a hand full of times. 

Where is this magic elixir to get my blogging mojo in full gear again? Because I need it.

I honestly just dont know what happens with time anymore! 

 I used to come home from work & get in a work out, make dinner, clean the house, play with the dogs, read a few chapters & then sit down to blog.

... now?

I feel like I get home, have to take a 10-15 minute sit down to just close my eyes & rest.  I then make dinner because Ricky is getting to bed early & then once the kitchen is cleaned - its time to feed the dogs & its dark & cold & I just want to sit in my chair & read. 

Work out - nope

Cleaning - maybe picking up a sock on the floor

Blogging - totally out of the question.

I just feel like time rushes by so fast from 4:00 to 10pm - where does it go? & honestly - I get home around 5 & that just leaves 5 hours - & that's if I'm lucky.  Some nights, I'm beat & in bed by 9... so 4 hours. How are you supposed to get life done in 4 hours?

I honestly dont know how you moms do it with kids to have to get in all THEIR stuff too.  I applaud you.

I think it has to do with the time too - where its dark so early. Though, let's rejoice - we are on the back side & getting more light every evening.  I noticed this past weekend it was nearing 6 pm & it wasn't TOTAL blackness... just getting dark. BRING IT ON!

But in the summer, I know I'm outside with the dogs or reading till 9pm... I dont feel like the world is shutting down at 6pm when its cold & dreary.

... alas...

I'm on a mission - not a New Years Resolution - because we're 3 weeks into this baby! but I'm going  to try & get my schedule back in check.  

Get that work out in as soon as I get home so no "tired" excuses.
Put that laundry on while I work out.
Get in the routine of making dinner a little later - but not too late.
Keeping that kitchen cleaned up as I go while cooking (i'm good at that anyways but can always improve)
Get back in my 15 minute clean up routine... I have a system - I should post about it.
... & that there - a blog inspiration idea! ... get back to blogging.

Get it ALLLL done

I'm a person of routine. I need it - I THRIVE on it.  Just gotta get the right schedule going...

... but you wont see me missing out on my nightly reading time... that routine - here to stay!

Are you a routine person?

Does your schedule change in winter?

What time do you usually make dinner?

Friday, January 06, 2023

Friday Favorites


Click on Pic for link

Favorite Laundry Helper

Silicone dryer "balls" ...errr...cacti
These are supposed to grip hair off your clothes when tossed in your dryer... & somehow make the drying process faster? Not sure how that works but that's what people are saying. I just want all the hair taken off. Between me & Ricky with long hair & our for dogs - I can put these to the ultimate test!

Favorite Ice Tray

I mean... these are PERFECT for any winter drinks

Favorite Pasta Friend

OK... I just want this to see it work.
The reviews are good on it - but you toss this in a pot of boiling water with pasta cooking & it sings a different song - & each song, you know how long the pasta has been cooking! LOL
How nuts is this?  So you know when its been 3 minutes, 7 minutes, etc.
What a fun goofy present to give to the cook in your life!

Favorite Conversation Starters

I have an app with conversation questions that I would always use for my youth group.
One question can get people talking.
But I think this is fun to just have in your purse/bag if you get together with friends & break them out to let the stories flow.

Favorite Gift for Men

Being from Kentucky, an even BETTER gift for men.
I know the Holidays are over - but start buying for 2023 Christmas - or even a birthday!
But a lip balm that tastes like bourbon! 
Plus - men are hard to buy for - this is a cute little easy $5.00 gift

Favorite Hair Clips

I keep seeing these on TV on stars getting their make up done.
These are supposed to not leave a weird crease in your hair while you're pulling your hair back for make up - or cleaning your face - or when you're in the tub!
I totally am trying these!!!

Favorite Weather Helper

If you have a favorite jacket/coat that doesnt have a hood on it - & you know its going to snow or rain, you can get this & put on under your coat - & BAM! A hood!

I have never seen anything like this before!

Friday Funnies

Happy Weekend!!!

Wednesday, January 04, 2023

A few of my favorite things....

Ricky & I didnt buy anything for each other last Christmas.  We dont need anything because we always just buy whatever we want. #adulting ... but, it made Christmas so ho-hum for us.  It felt like just an ordinary day last Christmas.  This year, we made a deal to just spent $50.00 on each other - & let's just have fun. It was just the idea of having a gift to open & not know what it was & to have fun... & it was just perfect.  Just a little something - & we had such good laughs.  

Here's 2 things Ricky got me...

I had been wanting one of these because I follow a Vegan cook on YouTube & she makes the best looking veggie burgers...

You take 1 can of black beans - put in this baby & chop up .... 1 cup of oats - put in this baby & make oat flour.... & put those in a bowl & add in 1 cup of a spaghetti sauce & you blend & make patties. The burgers look so good. & SO SIMPLE! You can always add in chopped veggies if you wanted to... but I'm trying it.

Plus, I am always chopping stuff for my Hello Fresh boxes so I'm so super stoked to put this to use.

I AM IN LOVE!!!! These things are AMAZING!  
I have a blog friend, Brianna, who posted these on her IG one day & I was all starry eyed about them. I had them in my cart for the longest.... & so FUNNY STORY...

If you put things in your cart or "save for later" - your Alexa will tell you if things go on sale or lightning deals. Well, these went on sale.  Alexa said it out loud & I had said, OHHH - that's a good deal!.... so I order me a pair that night. It was on lightning deal & it only lasted a few hours.

Fast forward to a few days later, there is a package on the front porch & the shape of the package, I knew it was my slippers... but Ricky grabs the bag & says its for him..  We have an understanding during Christmas not to question packages on the front porch. If  you say its yours, no questions - no looks, just ignore what you saw. 

But I KNEW it was the slippers!!!.... & then the next day - my slippers appeared. UH OH

I did what any good wife does... I hid mine in the back of my closet. I thought, I'll see if he really did get me slippers & if not, I'll just pull these out later - he wont even notice.

But on Christmas Day - yep! He got these for me - same color & everything - HAHA! 

So Shhh!!!! I've returned mine & will be buying me another color down the road... fingers crossed for another lightning deal! If not - no cares, I'm still getting them - they're THAT amazing!

Satin Lined Beanie

A friend of mine at work said she got one of these to try & she loved it. Her dog ate it after one evening... & I feel that to my soul.  But she said it made her hair feel so silky & smooth the next day.  I've been having a LOT of issues with my hair getting tangled when I sleep lately (what am I doing???) so I had mentioned this to Ricky & he remembered I said that. Look at him!  This was a total fun surprise

... Ricky also got me a BEAUTIFUL Cardigan sweater... I dont have the link to it - but Dude did good! I was pleasantly surprised. But it s a long camel color cardigan that has the coolest sleeves on it & cable knit down the front & is long & so cozy.  I applaud him... & he definitely went over the $50.00 limit.

Oh yeah - he also got me some Gryffindor socks... he said he found those at Home Depot & had to pick them up - LOL! Home Depot? Alright then!

What did I get him?

I found this fun little gift I had to get him when it popped up in my Instagram feed

This is the Avengers pack... & I got him the Purple set... they are just too cool. All of the face cards are Marvel characters.  They make these in different things too - Star Wars, Harry Potter - in all the different house colors! (I want some of those)... they are just a fun add in for a gift.  Mark that for next year for your guys!

Rally House UK Camo Hat

This hat has a little bit of a story too... So online, you can click & see - its says $35.00. - even NOW, it says that. But when we opened it, it has a price tag on it for $24.99! SAY WHAT?  I took a picture of the hat & sent to Rally House & they credited it back to my card - but geez!!!! That's sneaky... & bad business. You're already paying $7.99 for shipping online - just put online what the price is in the store - & ON THE HAT!

& also... the best part of Christmas... I got him 10 bottles of these!!!

This is like GOLD to Ricky.  & you think how long it would take you to go through 10 bottles.... I bet this is all gone by Spring!  Fire sauce on EVERYTHING!!!!

So tell me about your favorite gift you got this past Christmas?
(& yes, its 2023 & I'm still talking about Christmas)

Do you have set rules for gifts with your spouse/ family?

Tuesday, January 03, 2023

The weekend I got older

 Yep... I know I never got around to sharing more about Christmas & the holidays. This is just how I roll lately. I never uploaded the pics... & I never got a post going because it was a CRAZY week last week. .... so. Like I said, it was lovely.. minus the -7 temperatures, that felt like -35 degrees... & snow... & everything frozen. That was nightmarish! 

It was so cold, I took Zoe out & she literally peed & then SCREAMED OUT - like GET ME OUT OF THIS! I'm with you baby girl!

We even had ice INSIDE our windows!  We moved our curtains & I guess where the curtains were keeping the heat away from the windows, yep, ice - like I could SCRAP it from the inside. I didnt even know this was possible!

Since there's no pictures of my decorations, here's just a quick pic of how beautiful my brother's house was decorated for Christmas...We got to spend Christmas Eve over their house playing games & having the best time laughing.  

He just makes his home look so beautiful... this isnt everything either.... all of it magical.
Plus, this is the drive back to his house... with the snow, it made it even more magical.

But we moved on & the weekend...well, Friday was my birthday! Another trip around the sun!  51 years old. It really makes me shake my head some times because ... WHAT? .... HOW?.... WHEN?... I mean, we get "when" but it just is mind blowing how fast the times goes.  I dont feel 51. Even saying it feels weird on my tongue.

I told all my coworkers that my job makes me actually age on my birthday, because its always a mad house on my birthday with our department at work.  We work in finance so the end of the year, its NUTS.  Not a good day to have a birthday.  But, I made sure to stop on my way into work to snag up my free drink at Starbucks.  Its the only time I smile when I place my $8.00 Chai Tea order... give that baby to me for FREE!

Birthday girl 12/30/22

& then my coworkers make the day so nice too... 

My sweet hubby was waiting for me to get off work too so he could order my favorite pizza... Bonnie &Clyde's... you've heard me talk about it before. Its the pizza to beat all pizza. He even got pineapple on it for my birthday. Dont come at me about pineapple on pizza - its DELISH!

He even got a candle for the cake he got me... how cute is that!  You cant see it, but there's 2 on there.  Way better than 51.

Saturday... we had to go into work to finish up year end stuff.  The day just felt so weird with that. We got in at 9 & when we left, I was just feeling so confused what day it was. & the time flew too so that made it feel even more confusing.

I picked up some dinner for Ricky & I, as well as a dozen Krispy Kreme... which SOMEONE inhaled 10 of them by midnight....

But we ended up staying up till midnight! Look at us! It felt like an accomplishment!  It was close... Hubby was nodding off starting around 11:15 but he fought so hard... & we got to ring in the new year!  HAPPY 2023!  I think Ricky was sound asleep by 12:03pm.  Of course, in true perimenouse fashion, I then couldnt go to sleep.... Perfect time to finish Emily in Paris.

The rest of the weekend... very laid back... no make up... sweats, dont even know that I brushed my hair.  

I just relaxed - we watched a lot of movies - I read some - did a LOT of laundry & a LOT of cleaning... & got all my Christmas stuff down. Always so sad to get the house back to 'normal' - though we do have a bare tree still standing.  I needed to order a new tree bag & it wont be in until the end of the week, so we'll see if the tree gets put up next weekend... or if it stays up till February - as tradition usually goes.

How was your weekend?

Did you make it till midnight on NYE?

Do you go out for NYE or stay home?

When do you take your Christmas down?

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