Thursday, November 25, 2021

Happy Thanksgiving {Thankful Thursday}


Hope everyone is having a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Always much to be grateful for....

Hope you are feeling the thankfulness in every day, not only today.

... now, BRING ON THE CARBS!!!!

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Friday, November 19, 2021

Friday Favorites


Click on PIC for link

Favorite Birthday Gift Idea

You can get a candle made for the birth date of your choice.
Isnt that a cute personal gift!?

Favorite Apron

I honestly can watch Great British Banking Show over & over ... & over again

Favorite Earrings

You can even mix & match these!!!!
Or if you have multiple piercings!

Favorite Change Holder

Oh my gosh - I remember having so many of these as a kid... & always struggling to open them - LOL
What a fun stocking stuffer.
I want the COFFEE MONEY - there are more on the site.
I think I also need the BOOK MONEY holder

Favorite Cardigan

& every single one of them look so snuggly & something I want to live in all fall & winter long!

Favorite Craft Cart

I'm instantly thinking of a Planner organizer
but this really works for a wrapping station too for Christmas!

Favorite Craft Kit

I love little kits that let you try out something to see if you enjoy a new craft.
So many cool necklaces or bracelets you could make.
A cool gift for a teen too!

Favorite Funnies

This aint even a joke - this is legit me!

Is this true??? That's terrifying!

Also me!

... the hubby every time I want to put up the tree before Thanksgiving

...  me to Hubby when the Christams tree goes up anyways

... one the tree lights are on all night long in the darkness

... me today because I'm off work & planning out pulling out all the Chirstmas stuff

Happy Weekend Y'all

Thursday, November 18, 2021

Thankful Thursday #335


This week I am Thankful For:

Free Book
I got my book in the mail from Steph & Jana from winning in their anniversary giveaway.  I'm so excited to read this too!!!

Sam's Scan & Go
I'm telling you - I need every store to do this.  Made it so easy to shop & just avoid all lines.  

Boys Vaxed
With the new age limits being lowered for vaccines, Julie had her younger 2 boys to get their first shot.  They are such troopers.  Being in a home where THIS is what their mom does, they understood it all & Julie said it makes her proud when they explain it to the people giving the shot on why its important to get.  

Book Nook
I mentioned this name of my coffee/library room on Monday. My friend Karen reached out & gave me that idea for that name & I instantly loved it - mainly because when I was little, there was a little tiny used book store down the road from us. It couldn't have been bigger than some bathrooms I've been in .... but my mom would take me there on the weekends & she'd get new Barbra Cartland novels - & I would get to pick out a new book too. I actually STILL have some of my Family Circle & Dennis the Menance books I got from there. They're probably worth money actually!... but it was such a homey place. So tiny but crammed with books everywhere. I can still smell it just talking about it.  So when Karen said Book Nook - it instantly took me back to 1977 & gave me all the heart feels. I like my room to have that same heart feel space. Book Nook may be the official name of my coffee / book space.  ... feel like I'm gonna have to design a chalkboard idea to make it official

Fall Colors
They're fading away quick now - but I just always love the beautiful fall trees & colors.  Everything has had such an Orange Glow to it & I dont think there is anything prettier.

Joining in with the precious Jennifer & Leslie... Love to have you join us sharing some great blessings in your life lately!

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Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Keeping it Together... making 2022 choices

Hosting with my awesome planner buddy Lauren from Shooting Star Mags

Well - look at me. I've been a big fail for the past few months - but you know I'm still planning away.  I cant believe we're coming up to the end of another year & time to make the plans for what to use for 2022.  Which, can  we stop & think about that year... 2022. I honestly was driving into work the other day & Prince's 1999 was on & I honestly can remember singing that thinking 1999/2000 is so far away!!! & how, its SO FAR BEHIND US!!!   Nuts!

I have made it through the year with my Passion Planners.  I'm proud of myself for making it through the year in one planner.  Well, kinda - I mean, the Daily planners are quarterly - but yeah, the same name brand.  Am I going to stick with that for 2022?  Wait till the end to find out.

There's all my Daily planners for the year.  I am finishing up with the pretty pink one. I figured with the holidays in it & a big milestone birthday, I'd do a pretty one for the year. But I really did enjoy just the plain black ones because I had fun putting some vinyl stickers on it making it mine.

Here's just a few of my spreads in my Daily Planner just so you get a little memory of what it looks like inside.  & reminder - you can see all my planner spreads on my Planner Instagram account - Name is PlanninginFaith (Click on name) ... Also, I'm going to be doing a GIVEAWAY soon - I'm giving away a 2022 Passion Planner AND a Daily Planner - it'll be up in just the next few days!!!

I add a little bit of personality by using stickers but still adding my own flare.  I put the little doodles around the big sticker on the bottom.

& because I need more space on some days for work, I end up drawing my own lines in the open space - it works really well for me to continue the work lines a little bit more.

& here's my October spreads that I used in my WEEKLY Planner.  I really enjoy using it for more of a Memory Planner than anything. I dont take it with me anywhere - I just fill in thoughts or highlights of my day - or even add in pictures that I print with my Canon Ivy Printer.

And because I use my Monthly in my Daily Planner for appointments, I really had fun when Passion Planner had a challenge in October calls Pashtober where they gave a list of doodle challenges.  It was so fun to do every night to just play around with the drawing.

You'll see a tab at the top of my blog that will link you to Passion Planner. It is an affiliated link that gives me a little commission if you use that link.  You can also use REBECCAJO10 to get 10% off.  & if they have a sale that gives more than 10%, my code will match what the latest sale/code is.  Or you can click on the link & that will also give me the credit.  I promote this planner because I really like the paper, the way its made - plus the company gives back so much to the community & environment.  It was created by a young girl in her garage & it has just blown up for her & its just going to keep growing!

Now... am I going to use Passion Planner next year?  

I'm going to use the Weekly Spread one FOR SURE.  I like how it lays with the binding. & the paper is amazing. I use markers & it just doesn't bleed.  That's why I use the journal for my Bible Study.  I've been using them while reading the daily devotional/study on She Reads Truth.  Saves from buying teh books, which take up a lot of space because some of the studies are 2 weeks long.  After cleaning off my shelves, I know how many Bible Study books I have - so I really am enjoying that I can put a full week on 2 pages - this will last me through all of 2022!

As for the Daily Planner? .... I'm still on the fence.

I used the Amplify Planner the year before & I REALLLLY REALLLLY liked it for work.  it has a lot of space for work lines.... & its a planner that has a monthly layout, a weekly layout AND a Daily layout!   The thing that is really making me want to go to it is also that I'm back to work - in our iitty bitty tiny cubilces.  So my desk space has gone down so much.  The Passion Planner lays flat... which you wouldnt think takes up a lot of space, but it really does.  The Amplify Planner folds on a spiral ring so I can fold it & it would fit on top of the work calendar I have to keep on my desk anyways....

We shall see... I feel like I so enjoyed the year in a planner - why mess it up & change anything, right?  

All the Planner options!

& I'll leave you with one more code...

I was so lucky to be a part of the Winter Rep Team for Mariatalianplans .... which is a small business ran by the sweetest lady who is a young mom.  She creates some of the cutest stickers & had her own little "mascots".  If you buy any of her stickers & use the code REBECCA15, you get 15% off.  

And you get the little freebie that she created just for me.

I mean... come on... coffee & reading?  Perfect!

I buy so many of her stickers just because they add so much personality in just a few little stickers spread out in your week.  Plus, look at all these holidays ones I just got!!!!

Sorry so long - that's what happens when I dont join in for awhile.

Have you made your 2022 Planner choices yet?

Do you use journals?

Are you also an inner 8 year old who loves stickers?

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Monday, November 15, 2021

The weekend I broke out my winter coat


I want a re-do for the weekend please! It was so chilly, windy, cloudy, rainy - just everything you dont want for a weekend.  We had to crank on the heat, & I even pulled out my winter coat for the first time this year!  And SNOW FLURRIES!  Noooo!!!! I'm not ready for this.  

Friday, when I got off work, I had a lot of stops to make.  I needed to take come curtains back, I picked up some dinner, I had to pick up some things for mom. Plus, it was cold, windy & rainy.  That's no fun kicking off the weekend.

All of a sudden, driving to mom's house, the sun started peeking out - I was basking in that sunshine for the few minutes I saw it - the only time we saw it this weekend.

I got home & Hubby & I had a movie night tucked into our basement. I got some pizza & we were excited to watch the new Marvel movie on Disney+ .... it did NOT disappoint. It had the good mix of martial arts, super hero stuff, some great humor, cool effects - all the great things Marvel does. We really enjoyed it.  

Saturday - I woke up at 4:30am.  Stop it. This is not a joke.  My body is just playing tricks on me at this point. I refused to get up & move. I just laid there & ended up dozing off for about 45 minutes - but close to 6am, I gave up & just got up.

The gray was all around & I said I timed my "Book Nook" to be done just perfectly (thanks Karen for that name idea for my room)  - because it just is so perfect to watch the fall leaves fly by, read my book & snuggly with my dogs.  

I got up & worked out - LOOK AT ME!!! - & then afterwards, I decided to turn on the Hallmark Channel & catch a Christmas show - so cute. They're all so cute. 

Hubby & I had to go out & pick up some things & made a stop at Sam's Club. I used my app for the first time - has anyone ever tried it?  Its called something like Scan & Go.... OH MY GOSH - technology is amazing. You just download the app & you scan the items as you walk around the store & when you are ready to leave, you just click CHECK OUT on the app & that's it - no line to wait in.  It gives you a code on the phone to let the people scan on your way out & easy peasy!  It was so crowded in the store too - so it was so nice to just breeze by everyone!  They also had deals that if you use it, it saves you more money.  Like, I bought a 72 pack of K Cups of the Starbucks Holiday Blend - using the Scan & Go, it gave an extra $4.00 off - so got it for $24.00!  Which is crazy because a little later, we went to Target - & a 44 pack there was $32.00.  that's a HUGE difference.

I hated being out shopping in the time change.  We came out of Target at 6:30pm & I honestly thought it was nearly 10pm. LOL

We got home & it was just so darn cold - we had to really crank the heat on.  BRRRR... winter is here!

Sunday -  I had another early wake up call - all in thanks to Ernie! That dog was on a barking spree & woke me up at 1am.  I got him in & at 1:30am, I was up again. At that point, I was so aggravated, I couldnt go back to sleep - so I ended up watching Great British Baking Show at 1:45am... geez.  I was just glad it wasn't a work day - I would have been so mad.  

Luckily,  I did get back to bed around 3am... just in time for Hubby to let Ernie outside at 3:30 to BARK AGAIN. OH MY GOSH!!!!  

Needless to say, I was just feeling groggy & off all day Sunday.

Tried to work in my planner in bed Sunday morning & Ozzie wanted all the attention

I stayed in bed late & ended up watching the Downtown Abbey movie. How late to this game am I?  I really enjoyed it though.  Good to see all the characters again.

Hubby & I ended up watching the new Ryan Reynolds & The Rock movie on Netflix & it was really fun.  

All the binge watching - this is what you do when its so cold!  We had snow flurries all around too - which made me just want to get a blanket & never leave my couch.  I did try to convince Hubby to bring the Christmas tree in - at least get it up. I told him we'd decorate it next week - but he wouldn't entertain the idea. He's not a fan of putting it up a week before Thanksgiving anyways - he wasn't going for 2 weeks before.  Scrooge.

I did end up going out in the afternoon to take mom to the store & luckily, on the way home, we saw little slivers of sunshine... but the wind was so nuts. It was like we were driving through leaf tornados.  It was really kinda beautiful.  

The rest of the evening was just laid back - doing some cleaning up around the house - putting up a shelf in our basement for storage - washing my hair - thinking of the week's clothes for work..  Exciting stuff, right?

How was your weekend?

Was it freezing where you are?

What's the last movie you watched?

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