Thursday, February 28, 2019

Hidden bakeries, date nights & I always knew I was Belle....{Thankful Thursday #210}

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This week I am Thankful For:

Hidden Bakery
A coworker had heard of a new bakery going in around our office but we couldnt place where it was. So 3 of us went out to try & find it - & man, let me tell you - its TUCKED away in a building.  No signs. No directions to lead you there. We just happened to stumble upon it.
But let me tell you, the hubs was one happy guy when I got him this cinnamon roll & brought it home to him from there.  Maybe its good its tucked away so they have plenty of sweet treats left over.

Furnace Decision
OH MY GOSH - why was it so hard. We had to pick which furnace unit we were going to go with & Ricky just made it so hard. I think its because he works in that area so he didnt want to mess up. I mean, we did just buy a whole new unit about 4 years ago & it's already junk. Yikes. #showmethemoney .... but I just imagine its like when I go pick out yarn. I know the difference between yarn & YARN... the good stuff. Sometimes you can know too much.  So after a week of Ricky trying to decide between 3 different units, & me basically telling him to just flip a coin or draw a name out of a hat... we decided on one. WHEW!

Free flowers
I stopped at Kroger Clicklist to pick up my groceries on a Tuesday - which threw me off anyways - but they came out with a HUGE bundle of flowers & said they were giving away flowers left over from Valentine's Day & did I want some? WELL YEAH.... They were gorgeous!! They did have a few dead flowers in them - but they have turned out to bloom into the most beautiful bundle. It's been 9 days & the bouquet is still on my table looking GORGEOUS!... this makes me want to treat myself to flowers every few weeks. It's just so pretty to come home to.

When I got them

What they still look like!!!

Wednesday dinner
The hubs took me out to dinner before our HSM home group since I dont get to see him at night on Wednesdays - I get home at 10pm & he's already well to dream land by then. It was really nice having dinner on a weeknight like that - the place was empty & it was just like a little romantic dinner.

30% off yarn
I have a big project I'm working on & went to get yarn, not knowing there was any sort of sale - so I was SUPER excited when I saw there was a sale on ALL yarn.SCORE!!!!

Daily Grace App
I swear, I dont get paid by Daily Grace (I should - I promote them enough - HELLO Daily Grace - you can just pay me in highlighters & coffee cups).... but if you haven't checked out their app, you should. They offered a new bible study on the Trinity on their app & its so super in depth!!! I just bought their next bible study (on Romans) & as soon as I got it, they sent me the code to download it on the app as well so I can have it with me anywhere.

2nd week in a row - Friday dinner
What's happening with us?  We went out to dinner last Friday, which for the day after Valentine's - kinda expected... but to have another Friday night dinner?  It felt like we were dating again & living that young, carefree life.

Since I was on my own going to the infusion center, I found a pedway that connected the parking garage to the hospital - which made it so much easier & felt safer for me to walk alone downtown.

I still can't believe how good I felt the day after my last infusion.  I remember a nurse telling me, "you've forgotten what good feels like" & Sunday I looked at Ricky & said, 'Is this it? Is this what good feels like?"... I'm horrified its a passing phase. I want to feel like this all the time now!!!

Valentine's Roses
So speaking of my free flowers, my Valentine's Roses that Ricky got me 2 WEEKS AGO ... they still look beautiful too.  It's like I'm Belle or something with all these roses around me :)

Image result for Belle beauty and the beast rose

What are you Thankful for this week?

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Wednesday, February 27, 2019

What's up Wednesday - February 2019 Edition

What's Up Wednesday Graphic

What We're Eating This Week
Trying to focus on more & more veggies.
Especially the green kind - the kind full of iron & good for the blood.

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What I'm Reminiscing About
Race season kicked off around here last weekend & it just made me super sad.
Man... how I miss running.

What I'm Loving
It's lighter on my drive to work & loving the light later into the evening.
I know the time change is coming up & is going to jack that all up - but it just gives HOPE of Spring!

What We've Been Up To
Trying to fight the battle of a muddy kitchen floor.
We have had rain since... I'm pretty sure its November.
Seriously - its been the WETTEST winter ever.
& my dogs dont give rain & mud a second thought. So its been a lot of paw wiping & cleaning & mopping the kitchen floor.
I honestly just go to Sam's Club & go through a whole huge bulk container of Swiffer WetJet clothes in just a little over a week.
The struggle is real.

What I'm Dreading
Hearing so much in the news that people aren't getting back anything like they usually do - has me a little nervous. We have used our tax return every year just in time for our property taxes for the year.
So yeah... I'm anxious to see how it all works out.

What I'm Working On
Getting my iron up in my blood.
I'm on a mission man... I'm looking at unique things to try, liquid iron to see if it upsets my stomach, watching the diet more closely.
GOTTA get ahead of this.

What I'm Excited About
Getting our new furnance!!!
Ours has been out for the past 3 weeks & the cold air is coming back on Sunday through next week (#ugh) so I'm looking forward to a.) not walking around my home in 10 layers of clothes & b.) not having to use the Emergency Heat on our Heat Pump. It makes the bill go up SO SUPER HIGH ... I'm expecting my electric bill to be around $700 next month with all this :(

What I'm Watching / Reading
After my last infusion where I was in bed all day Saturday, I ended up binging the first season of Good Girls... & really enjoyed it.
It's like a nicer & gentler Breaking Bad.

Image result for good girls

What I'm Listening To
Now that I'm sitting in the middle of a lot of people, I keep ear buds in most of the day & podcasts are my new best friend.
I'm super excited that my pastor has started a new Podcast called One At A Time... I just love our Pastor, Kyle Idleman. You should totally take a listen & hear these incredible stories of changed lives with the message of Jesus tucked in each one.
This is really new so there's only a few - so you can get caught up.

Image result for one at a time kyle idleman

What I'm Wearing
Still about anything warm.... sigh...

What I'm doing this Weekend
More infusions....
& getting our new furnace put in.
It's only been out for 3 weeks. Geez.
But just in time because the high on Sunday is supposed to be in the teens.

What I'm Looking Forward to Next Month
Having these iron infusions BEHIND ME!!! & hopefully feeling better!!!

Bonus Question: What's Your Favorite Board Game
I'm a big fan of card games - but as a board game?
We really like playing Sequence - which ironically is a board with game cards.

Image result for sequence

When Ricky had his hernia surgery a few years back, we literally played this like 15 times a day.

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Monday, February 25, 2019

The weekend I left my 2nd infusion looking like Hitch....

Here we are with another weekend behind us... & round 2 of 5 down of the iron infusions....

This one went much better - still not great though.

First of all, it was a nightmare dealing with the doctor's office last week. I had called them & told them about the weird side effects from last week, & the high fever for so long was really concerning to them.  So they told me NOT to go back to the infusion center, but come to their office to have them done so they can monitor me.

OK... this was so frustrating because it was like they didn't understand I have a JOB... a job I NEED.... a job I love.  That was the whole issue about finding me this infusion center that was open on the weekends.

The nurse was SOOOO rude to me on the phone when she kept telling me I had to come there & I told her I wouldn't be able to take off 3 hours to do this during the week... & then reminder her that the fever was 3 hours AFTER the infusion anyways - so being there for the infusion wasn't really for any point to 'catch' anything.  The nurse just kept interrupting me & then said in the most hateful tone, "Just call me when you decide what you want to do" & hung up.

Image result for confused gif
Literally what I looked like talking to this woman on the phone

What I want to do?  WHAT?

So the rest of the week, I kept trying to call to see what I should do - my options to them were, I'm going to the infusion center or I'm done. I am NOT going to lose  my job over this.

& then the doctor's office wouldn't call me back.  I even asked them one day to PLEASE call me back & for them to leave me a message since it's not easy for me to talk on my phone at my desk.

They called... & didnt leave a message.

I was so frustrated with all of it.

Finally, on Friday, a much friendlier nurse called me & told me to go back to the infusion center & if I had issues, go to the ER.

OK then... at lease I had some direction.

Cut it to Saturday morning where I told Ricky there was no point for him to go with me because its just boring sitting in a hospital all morning long - especially when he needed to work on cleaning out our basement where we'll be getting our new furnace put in next weekend.

I get to the infusion center & the nurse was like, "Oh, the doctor called & wants a premed of steroids, Tylenol & some Benadryl"... well, that would have been super nice for the doctor's office to tell me some time during 100 calls I asked for them to tell me what I needed to do.  #grrrrr

If I had known, I would have definitely had Ricky go with me.  Because I am a WIMP on Benadryl. Like, it knocks me out flat cold, like I was in a ring with Mike Tyson & got the right hook to my jaw. OUT!  & I knew I wouldn't be able to drive home taking that.... so I told them to skip that part of it.

The premeds were an additional 30 minutes to run through the IV....

& then the nurse got ready to infuse & told me, "We're going to expand it to an hour"... I was like, "We did an hour last week - can we do longer this week?".... She then tried to convince me I had it for a half hour last week.

Let me back up & let you know - this nurse didn't seem to know anything. 

I had asked her what the steroids were for exactly - why they would give them to me... her response was "I dont know - I can ask someone. I just know its the doctor's orders"... m'kay then.

& then she tried to put my IV in the SIDE of my arm. Never saw that before. & mercy me - it hurt SO BAD.  It burned like someone was putting a hot needle though my skin... I had instant tears & she said, "Does that hurt?"... nah, I just like wincing in pain with tears streaming down my face for the fun of it. She had the nerve to say, "This is what I do on everyone else - why wont it work for you?" & then proceeded to pump some saline through it - I literally CAME OUT OF THE CHAIR - it was like FIRE being pumped through. I screamed "GET IT OUT OF MY ARM".... & I can tolerate some pain, let me tell you!!!....when she took it out - blood gushed EVERYWHERE.  Like it was a blood bath.

& then she said, "You're just a special little flower, aren't you?"

Image result for are you kidding me gif

I literally wanted to say a few rude things back to her but was just so over the whole thing at this point.  Seriously?

This nurse didnt even help me during the whole time. My last nurse?  She gave me a pillow, a blanket, a drink - checked on me if I needed or wanted anything.  This nurse offered nothing. I sat in this chair for 3 hours with my flannel shirt bundled up behind my head & she never offered a pillow.  She was HORRIBLE.

So yeah... call me a "Special little flower"....

I want a shirt with that on it now.
I'd love to wear it the next time I knew she was there. #grrrr #evenlouder

You can see the mark on the side of my arm where she tried to put an IV in
... have you ever seen an IV go in there?  So strange.
My arm was blood stained so bad from all the gushing.
I had told her, "I am here to try & KEEP all the iron I can"
... she didnt find it funny

I finally got her to extend the infusion to an hour & 45 minutes... I wanted 2 hours but she only would go for 1:45... dont ask me why...

In the end, I was there 3 hours....

Is this irony that I'm reading a book about vampire slayers while getting better blood?

But the last 45 minutes, I told her my face was feeling funny.  It had this "cold" but "hot" sensation under my eyes. It was so weird.  It just didnt feel right.  & the feeling kept going down the side of my face.

I asked the nurse, "does my face look OK?" & told her how it felt. She literally looked at me across the room & said, "Yeah, you're fine" & took the needle out of my arm & said, "Bye"

Oh my gosh... I never have been so happy to just get away from someone's presence in my life.

But as I was walking out to my car, I could feel my face just getting colder but hotter.... it was so weird.

I get in my car, look in the mirror - & the whole side of my freaking face is swollen!

Related image


I called Ricky so upset & about ready to have a panic attack... which gave him a panic attack because he was far from me... & then I just cried the entire way home.

I think if I was able to take the Benadryl, it would have been OK.
We did see that one of the more common side effects of the iron I'm getting is swelling of the face. That would have been nice to know - but instead of my wonderful nurse, it was Dr. Google that gave me the news.

The GOOD side of this... because let's try to dig in & find good.... I didnt feel as bad as I did last week. 

Sadly, I did have a fever... but it only got to 100.4 & it only lasted an hour & a half & not 8 hours.

& the BEST thing? I felt AWESOME on Sunday. Seriously - AWESOME!!!  I felt like I had energy, I didnt have chills, or a fever or feel really weak or shaky. I dont know if it's the infusions helping - or if it was the steroid I had - because I know steroids can give you that UMPH sometimes too....

So, while it was a tough ride this weekend, I made it through this one ....better.... I guess....

I may have more bruises on my arm from a crazed nurse..... but I'll take it.

My goal is to make it through my next infusion - & I'm praying my first awesome nurse is there. I found out the nurses work there 7 days on, 7 off, so I'm thrilled I wont see this nurse next week.  & once I have this infusion, I go back to the doctor so they can test my blood to see where my levels are at. My PRAYER is it's doing so well, that I dont have to go back for the last 2 infusions. 

I believe it can happen, right?  Believe it with me & pray for me, will ya?

So I'm hoping this energy & good feeling lasts - at least through another week... Heck, I'll take a good DAY at this point in my life.


Friday, February 22, 2019

Friday Favorites

Image result for knit by gods hand friday favorites

Favorite Pillow

Promising review: “This is my new favorite cuddle pillow! It’s so soft and the perfect size for hugging. The description says white but the cover is a light pink. I was happily surprised to see the cover completely comes off for washing! The Velcro is pretty thick, so this will last forever hopefully. I’m buying a second one just in case this one ‘walks’ away with one of my teenagers!” —ABB

Price: $27.99

YES!!!!! I want a couch full of these!!!!

Favorite Kitchen Lovely

Favorite Sweatshirt

The Try Guys Keith & Ned & Zach & Eugene Sweatshirt

Anyone else love The Try Guys?
I think they are just so funny together

Favorite Faith Reminder

Favorite Beauty & the Beast

Lavinia Nail Artist on Instagram: “"Quando sembra non succeda più ti riporta…

There's actually a whole Disney line of these where the artist uses different nail polish bottles & brushes - they are beautiful!

Favorite Sweet Treat

The box includes four heart decorated cookies and four undecorated cookies. Promising review: “My brother is in a permanent care facility. It is pretty challenging to find him something for a birthday present. I sent him these cookies as a surprise. He said they were packaged very well and had a lovely presentation. And he would not be shy about telling me if they weren't. They were promptly sent in two days. But, he waited to actually munch on them until the day of his birthday. He said they were just too pretty to tear into. I'm sure he was proud to show off his new little treasure to the staff and other visitors. They made a small statement that he is loved by family. We so appreciate this company.” —SoExcitedUsa

Price: $14.95 

I think these would be amazing.
Oreos.. covered in chocolate.
What a beautiful gift to send someone!!!
They have ones with basketballs or Baseballs on them too instead of hearts for the guys or sports gals in your life!

Favorite Bracelet

Not only is "Let It Go" one of the (dare I say) most EPIC Disney songs of all time, but it's also a pretty damn inspirational mantra. Wear your fave saying up your sleeve until Elsa blesses us with a new one in November.Get it from AdelineQuinnCo on Etsy for $16+ (available in three colors).

A bracelet to get you ready for Frozen 2....
Or just a good life motto to hang onto

Favorite Funnies

Afternoon Funny Meme Dump 36 Pics

Afternoon Funny Meme Dump 31 Pics

Afternoon Funny Meme Dump 31 Pics

Afternoon Funny Meme Dump 38 Pics

Morning Funny Meme Dump 37 Pics
(for me, its typically a knee or shoulder)

Afternoon Funny Meme Dump 34 Pics

.... when Thursday rolls around each week

GIPHY! ( March 22, 2013 at 08:42PM

... when I notice all the weight that's creeping up on me

GIPHY! ( May 31, 2018 at 04:18PM

... when I walk by the bedroom & see my dogs all snuggled together sleeping

GIPHY! ( June 23, 2017 at 03:48PM

... when someone asks me if I'm going to watch or even care about the Oscars

GIPHY! ( December 21, 2013 at 05:01AM

... me at 4:30pm today

GIPHY! ( February 18, 2019 at 03:14PM

Happy Weekend Y'all!!!

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Joggers, flowers & I'd love for life to me a musical.... {Thankful Thursday #209}

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This week I am Thankful for:

Pumpkin seeds back in
ok... I shouldnt like these - they are full of vitamin B which aggravates my neuropathy - but they are just SO GOOD. & then Amazon stopped making them & I went into a sheer panic. So you can imagine how I reacted when I got the text it was back up for sale. Yes, I had a notification set to let me know when they were back. I might have sang a Hallelujah chorus.

Comfy Sweats
I bought a pair of joggers from Kohl's before I had my surgery - just ordered two pairs that were on sale. Didnt really care what they looked liked - just wanted something comfy for the weeks at home laying in bed. BUT MAN OH MAN - these things are my ultimate favorite. They are so warm, & SOFT & comfy... & CUTE!   I need to look through my online order to get some more.  I honestly want a few pairs of them. Stock up on something you find, right?

A beautiful place to read
Sometimes, a beautiful place to read is just good for the soul.  Makes me feel like Belle a little bit.

No Follow up appointment
So I went back to the colorectal surgeon to go over my latest CT Scans.... which showed NO abscesses or fistulas. PRAISE THE LORD!!!!  I told the doctor about my pain & she told me that with having 3 surgeries in this area over the past 9 months, there's going to be a LOT of scar tissue.  & this just isn't a place that you can rub & work out scar tissues.... awkward.... so she said I'm right at the 2 month mark after surgery - which is when the scar tissue really tightens up, so she's not surprised about my pain.  & she said it WILL get better. It can take 2 months up to a year.  I'll take the 2 months side please... but happy to know that there is light at the end of the tunnel.  & do you know - I walked out without a follow up appointment. I haven't walked away from a colorectal doctor without an appointment since April 2018.  I almost skipped & twirled & broke out in a musical scene on the way to my car!!!

Image result for musical singing gif

Valentine's Roses
I always hate when the hubs gets flowers just because I know the price of them go up like 5000000% on Valentine's Day... but man, it is always nice to have them sitting on the counter when I come home on Feb 14th.

Valentine's Dinner a day late
We typically dont do dinner for Valentine's Day & we REALLY dont go out on Friday's - so I was surprised when the Hubs called me on my way home & asked if I wanted to go out for a V-Day dinner.  & man, we had some yummies. We even ordered an appetizer of pretzel bites & now, I have a new favorite thing to eat.

I saw this book SOMEWHERE & was so excited to see the premise about it - its part of the Buffy The Vampire Slayer world... which I was OBSESSED with that show. We even named our yellow lab we had after her.  & this book just came out but I took the chance to see if the library had it - & VIOLA! Sure enough - got it on hold & picked it up the next day. I cant wait to dig in!

Ricky by my side
I was so thankful my hubby was next to me the entire time I was in the infusion center. It's just nerve wrecking being in that sort of environment so it was nice to have someone help take my mind off things.

Fever broke
Whew... that first infusion was ROUGH.. (I'm still not feeling back to normal - like I know what normal feels like at this point)... but that fever was awful. I literally was shaking SO BADLY from chills that my Garmin was picking it up as movement / walking. Glad it broke about 8 hours later & didnt come back.

What are you Thankful for lately?

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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Let me introduce myself....

I love that my blog buddy over at Sparkles & Lattes did a post to "Re-introduce" herself ... & asked for others to answer the questions too.

This is perfect if you're a new reader or just getting to know one another... so let me introduce myself :)

Image result for let me introduce myself meme

1. Where do you call home?
Kentuckiana... which is Kentucky & Indiana combined... & basically how it works.  I live in the country in Indiana, but work in Louisville, Kentucky - so I'm basically made up of two states in one in my every day life.

2. What jobs have you held, and what do you do now?
I worked at my last job for 25 years - which still blows my mind I was at one place for so long - but I've always been about the numbers.  I love the accounting side of things... not necessarily the financial side or tax side. BLEH.  I always enjoyed the Accounts Payable or Accounts Receivable side.  So color me all shades of happy when I have now ended up back in the world of Accounts Receivable.  I love doing daily deposits & seeing money flow in.  

Image result for show me the money

3. What is a secret (or not so secret) talent you have?
Is it weird to say I dont think I have a talent. I mean, talent to me is something you're naturally born with ... I dont feel like that's me. 

I guess my talent would be I could eat a ton of food & then be hungry an hour later... does that count?

I'll say... maybe.... I'm good with directions. I can go somewhere once & I can find my way back to the same place - even years later. I'm pretty good at finding my way from place to place too - like a good sense of direction in general. Just dont ask me which way North or South is when I'm standing in a place. Heck, I dont even know how to work a compass.

4. What accomplishment are you most proud of from the past year?
Surviving... seriously.
After all the surgeries & pain I've lived in ... & surviving this world without my daddy. Yeah - surviving works for me.

I'll also add I'm proud that I was able to speak at my daddy's funeral. I feel like he would have been proud of me for that.

5. What is one concert or show you'd love to see?
Harry Potter & the Cursed Child .... SO WANT TO SEE!!!!

Image result for harry potter cursed child broadway

6. What type of person attracts you (not romantically, just generally)?
People who are full of laughter... or make others laugh. I'm all about JOY shining from others.

7. What is something you can't stop daydreaming about?
I've been toying around with some ideas lately... something I'm even afraid to daydream out loud about... maybe I'll share soon enough. Praying about it actually.
Until then... I'm daydreaming on what a clean house would look & feel like.

8. If you could eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Mexican... give me Mexican.
...It's so vegetarian friendly with all the beans & rice....
"Mexican" counts as a meal, right? does in my world

9. Favorite place to go on vacation?
DISNEY WORLD... come on... if you dont know that about me, you dont know me at all.

10. What's something that is calming to you?
Reading. Give me a comfy couch or chair, with a cup of coffee & a good book & I am totally zen.
Image result for reading beautiful drawing

So feel free to grab the questions & introduce - or RE-introduce yourself to all your readers.

Monday, February 18, 2019

The weekend I tried my first attempt at being an Ironwoman... & failed miserably.

This weekend was it... the first of five iron infusions.

... & mercy, did it not go well.

Of course it didn't. This is my life we're talking about. Sigh. ....
I dont mean to sound all "glass half empty" but man, when it comes to anything medical or health or anything that revolves testing or medicine - forget it - it's just not my gig.

Anyways - I was so anxious on Saturday heading to my first appointment.

I had a text that told me where to go & an address & then we get downtown & can someone tell me why there are NO ADDRESSES on ANYTHING?  We literally ran up & down the block between different medical buildings trying to find the right one. Finally, after finding the only one that was open, we figured this had to be it.

We get in & they take me right back & I was really surprised on how it was set up. I had an image in my mind how it would all look & I was totally wrong.  This was set up where we got our own room.  & I was immediately offered a pillow, a blanket, a drink - anything I needed.  The nurses were so helpful in trying to relax me.

& relaxed was something I was not. My blood pressure totally reflected that.

The nurse explained everything to me that was going to happen - got my needle in - & left me settled back in my recliner for awhile & Ricky next to me to cheer me on.

Of course, I felt like I could feel the stuff going in my body - like I could track where it was going those first 15 minutes ....its going down my left leg... it coming up my right side now... its going down my right arm. Ricky told me I was crazy - but I'm telling you - I could feel it.

But we spent the time talking & laughing & watching Dr. Pimple Popper - which totally left me gagging & hiding my eyes most of the time.....I'd never watched that show before & I may never be the same just watching the episodes I saw this time.

I made it through the infusion with no allergic reactions & everything seemed good to go. After the half hour period where the nurse had to watch me & make sure I was evaluated safe enough to go home, we were outta there. & I felt great!  No issues.

I will say, I did have a little headache, but I think it was because I was so hungry. I was nervous eating before I went & by this point, it was late afternoon.

So we stopped & got some lunch & even ran into Sam's Club.... & of course, stopped in Starbucks for my first cup of coffee for the day - at 2pm!!!! Yikes

.... then I got home....

It was right at 3pm.  It was like someone hit me over the head with a Feel Horrible Stick....

I started feeling so worn out - like fatigue that was indescribable.  I felt like I could hardly lift my arms & legs up.  & then, I started getting chills. AWFUL chills.

Ricky asked me how I was feeling & I told him "Just fine" - because he had tickets to go to the UK game in Lexington & he was so excited about this big game... I didnt want him to stay home & miss it, so I just told him I was just tired from the long day... to go on to the game, I would feed the horses & for him to have a good time.

So he left... & I took my temperature & I had a fever. Well poop.

I hurried over to my mom's to feed the horses & I honestly didnt even think I was going to make it.  The fatigue was ridiculous. I just stood in the middle of the barn, hugged Cochese & cried big tears.

I headed home & checked my temp & it had gone up higher.... & the chills just kept coming... & the light headed feeling & the pounding heart rate.  I got a little nervous actually.

When my fever got up to 101.8, I jumped in the shower because I thought I was going to end up in the emergency room.... my brother was on stand by if I needed him & my friends reached out & told me they could be at my house in 2 minutes if need be.

When I got out of the shower, it actually helped me feel better.

I also had two dogs that wouldnt leave my side watching over me all night long.... these two worry when you dont feel good. They sense it & wouldnt leave my side. Like - LITERALLY - my side....

But I got a seltzer water & some saltines & got back in bed, turned on our infrared heater & it was so bizarre, because I could feel my strength coming back.  As much as I could feel it all draining from me, I could feel it coming back.  & my temp started coming down.  It was 100.8, then 99.2 & then I fell asleep.

I woke up around 3 am & it was 99.0 ... & then woke up at 6am & it had finally broke & back to normal. Whew!!!

I still felt really 'iffy' the whole day Sunday.  My head still hurt, I was just breathless with every word I'd say & I would have waves of just 'icky' feelings... so I played it safe & stayed home from church & just basically stayed in bed the entire day. Especially because they say that effects of the infusions can last up to 1-2 days after... sometimes a week. GREATTTTT.....

One good thing - I had fun binging The Umbrella Academy all day on Sunday on Netflix... I have 2 episodes still to go.

Image result for the umbrella academy

So yeah... my first experience wasn't all that great. I'm sort of nervous about going back next Saturday.

The nurse did tell me if I had any issues, to let them know & they could slow the infusion & that sometimes helps with symptoms.  I'm glad my dates are on Saturday so I can literally take my time getting the infusions. Its like Ricky said, if it takes 6 hours to drop & not cause these issues, we'll do it.

To be safe, I'm going to call my doctor too to let them know about the issues I had to see if they recommend anything different or even a different medicine.

I also want to check to see if its normal for your urine to be bright yellow after this. Its like when you take a B vitamin & it can turn all yellow in the toilet where you pee all the excess vitamin out - that happened to me after the infusion. Ricky said, "Great, you're probably the person who cant absorb iron"... yeah... my luck.

The one funny thing... the nurse asked me if I was obsessed with eating ice & I was like, "OH MY GOOOSHHHH- you have no idea".  Ricky just looked so dumbfounded & the nurse was like, "What's wrong?".... he was like, "Is that a real thing?" & she went on to tell him that everyone that comes in with iron deficiency anemia has horrible cravings for ice. Ricky thought I was making all this up. He even said, "Did she tell you to say that to me?  Are you all pulling a prank on me?".... I'm just glad to know my ice addiction is a real thing. She told me at the end of this, I should have no cravings for ice at all... which blows my mind. My freezer will be glad for the relief.

So there we go... one week down.  Dreading next week.  & anxious to see if this will all be worth it in the end.

Pressing on!!!

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