Monday, December 11, 2023

The Weekend that was just the worst

 Man, I wish I could just start with something witty & fun & kick off a week with a cheerful little jaunt.  Nope. Not after this weekend... this was just not a good one.

You would think taking Friday off would be an even better excuse to have a good post for a Monday.

& you would even more so think that we're heading into the Holidays - bad things cant happen during the Holidays, right? Sadly.. not true.

Friday, I got the news that one of my dear friends passed away unexpectedly.  It was one of those moments where the air gets knocked out of you & it feels like time stops & the news you just heard cant really be the words that come together to form the sentences that just went into your brain.  

I know you all have seen her sweet face on my blog throughout the years.... my precious friend Kelly left this world to go sing front row in the Heavens for her Jesus.

The timing is just hitting harder to me because we were supposed to meet up for breakfast on Saturday.... but this actually started a week ago where I got a text last Saturday that she had a fall & wouldnt be able to meet up for our breakfast.

Bless her heart... a broken hip. That just sounded so painful & miserable & like some healing is going to be ahead.  We stayed in touch all week with texts & getting updates while her surgery kept getting delayed.  When she finally got her surgery in the wee-hours of the morning a few DAYS later (WHAT?) - I was so glad she would be on the road to healing.

We had chatted about what was next for her - going home? But she said she would need to go into Rehab for the recovery. Understandable. That's what my dad has to do with his knee surgery too.
& this was the last text I got from her....

Wanting prayers to be home for Christmas.  Who doesnt want to be home for Christmas?
& I know Kelly just wanted to be with her family & heal up surrounded by the ones she loved the dearest.

I saw my phone ring Friday evening with her name popping up on my phone & thought, Oh good - she's getting moved to rehab & one more step closer to home!  & then I heard the voice of Kelly's sweet sister. I just knew. My body just sort of tensed as she shared the news of what had happened.

I am so thankful that she called me & gave me the news & even more because this beloved woman just has the most gentle spirit & the words she shared with me was with grief, heartache, but already recognizing the celebration that Kelly did truly make it "home" for Christmas.  

Kelly to me was just JOY wrapped up in a body. I've been reading posts people have been putting on her Facebook page & it doesnt surprise me one bit that every single comment all points back to the same person who I knew & had the privilege of sharing a friendship with.  Just a person who fought to keep friendships alive, love spending time with you, loved listening & helping in any way possible.  Someone who loved her family so much & would love yours as well.  Supportive & encouraging.  .... but she was also real. She had no issues telling you if she didnt agree with you & could have deep, powerful conversations. & in the end, if you still didnt agree - that was ok - didnt change her love for you one bit.

I cant even begin to think how the loss of her is going to impact my life. I so enjoyed my brunches with her & sharing the latest stories in our lives & getting her advice on things, getting her wisdom.  To know I've lost that light in my own world, its just so heavy on my heart.

& all I keep thinking about it the light in everyone's world who knew her - how its going to change for so many. All her friends. Especially her family.  Her wonderful husband - her beautiful 2 children & new daughter in law.  Her siblings & all the nieces & nephews she had.  Her impact will be so greatly missed.  She was someone who was so active in church & singing & musicals.  The impact will be so wide spread.... but the legacy will also be.  

I know anyone that had the privilege of knowing Kelly is also going to take these part of her she shared with us & carry them on.  That's just the best thing we can do for her in these moments.

My last picture with her on our last Brunch we got to have

.... the rest of the weekend was just thumbs down too...

we ended up in the ER on Saturday evening.   Poor Ricky is dealing with kidney stones & he was in some serious pain where we had to get to the hospital. It just hurts to your soul to hear someone you love in so much pain & there's nothing you can really do for them.

I always forget that we live away from things until we have to get to the emergency room.... that is the longest 20 minute drive you'll ever take when you're rushing to get help.  (& 20 is a good fast time too!)

We got really REALLY lucky because Saturday evening - we expected a crowded ER.  We got in fast & we were out in probably 3 hours. The parking lot was empty.  There was no one waiting in the waiting room..... no cots lined against the hall - which we've seen many times in there.  Even the staff, I guess with the slow pace - everyone was so kind & helpful & cheery.  & the best part - they helped Ricky get a little bit of relief.

Now the fun part is for him to wait for these stones to move.... EGADS. Poor guy.

Yeah ... this was a tough weekend.  But really, its these sorts of days, weekends, moments - that remind us to appreciate the good days - to appreciate good health - to appreciate good friendships & loved ones.  You just have to find the lessons in every single day - especially in the heartaches, right?

Hug your loved ones today.... tell them you love them... things can change in your world in one day, one minute, one phone call. 
Especially with the Holidays - enjoy every good & small thing around you.

.....I love you Kelly & will miss you more than you could ever know.

Friday, December 08, 2023

Friday Favorites


Click on the pic for links

Favorite Light

It is no secret I hate the darkness in the house. I would love to keep this on to just give a room a warm feel. & the BEST part - you can pick that up & carry it!!!! So if you have a little one, you can use as a night light or for me, someone that gets up to pee 5 times a night, this would help not tripping over a dog!

Favorite Office Help

For under $10.00 - this would be a good gift for any coworker
& I like, its open on the bottom so you can charge your phone too.
As a post it nerd, I'd have this baby covered in 3.2 seconds

Favorite Artist Fun

How have I never heard about this??? 
This has everything already colored - you just make the lines... bring the picture to life.
I love doodling so this would be so up my ally!!!!
Great stocking stuffer for the teens in your life too - or the artist at heart!

Favorite Slippers

I love my slippers but they're slip ons ... & I tend to SLIP out of them when moving fast, or walking in the rain to take the dogs out. - so I like the idea of these covering the whole foot!!!
The reviews on them are amazing so I may have to get these to tackle the cold days ahead.

Favorite Bluetooth Headband

I got turned onto these when I was talking to Julie about how me & sleep dont get along.
She told me to get these to listen to a podcast, or music or something relaxing while I drift off... I've recently had a reallllllly bad round of tinnitus lately & silent rooms are like torture. & I cant listen to sounds like rain or oceans - it makes the ringing worse. But I can put on an audiobook or talking & it helps me relax.  A life saver. Plus, you can wear it walking or cleaning the house - when you want to listen to something without bothering anyone else.  I've actually bought 2 of these lately! LOL

Favorite Games

This is a total splurge! But its also SO PRETTY!!!!!

Favorite Shower Help

I have this thing & I really do love it - its the best thing for catching my hair & keeping my shower clog free. Especially with my long hair - how much I lose every time I wash it, its incredible. But this just catches so much of it from caushing issues. 

Favorite Egg Cracker

Why are the simplest things sometimes just the smartest?
This is for cracking your eggs to save it from spilling on the edge of your pan or on the counter top.
That ridge gives the perfect cut in the egg to split it - & then you can even use this as a spatula rest while you cook your eggs.  So smart!

Favorite Baby Carrying

Look at new moms in 2023 getting all the cool new things!

Again - SO SMART! An easy way to hold kids on "your hip" without having to make your back do that weird shape to make sure they stay up on your hip - & also do that lift, jump thing when they slide.  Just click on this "fanny bag" looking carrier & there is a SEAT for the kids to sit on basically!!!!!  How has this not been thought of before???

Favorite Funnies

This is one of those moments that I dont understand why this hit me as so funny
like - I had tears laughing at this ???

Julie - this is for you!!!!

Have a great weekend Y'all!!!!

Tuesday, December 05, 2023

Prime Purchases

 I'm joining in with Tanya for this month's Prime Purchases

... which - I'm going to have to put a limit on here because we aint got the rest of 2023 to post things. SO MANY BOXES! SO MANY ORDERS....

SO let's just do the past week's orders. (its bad ya'll)
I always said I can do this as a WEEKLY post. ... &I just may

But here's the latest buys

Salt & Pepper Shakers

I literally cried when my pepper shaker broke. The ones I used to have, they had a press in button on the side & 1/4 cup of the seasoning would come out the bottom. It was perfect for cooking. I cant find them anywhere.
But I found these & they have some good big holes to get the salt & pepper out. I hate those little fine holes where you have to shake forever to get any sort of flavor out.

Vitamin C Serum

Does this work? I dont know... but it feels good on my face & I feel like its doing something.
I am the WORST person to take skin care advice from, but I know that Vitamin C is good for the skin & body - so why not!  

Hobonichi Weekly Planner Cover

I actually got a beautiful blue color - looks like they're sold out of - but this fits my little pocket planner perfect to protect it in my purse. It has slots inside for credit cards if you wanted to use it as a wallet - or stickers, how I use it. Its real leather & feel like BUTTAH in your hands.

Neck & Shoulder Heating Pad

Hello frozen shoulder & bicep Tendonitis & every other body ache in my existence.
We actually have another one of these too - but Ricky wanted one too. He wanted it for basically something to help keep him warm. LOL - that works. 
But it does fit so nice & cozy around the neck. 
You can flatten it out too & use it like on your stomach or on your leg.

Oversize Hoodie

How have I never gotten one of these yet in my life?
This is the most comfortable thing to wear on cold days! ... & we know I dont get cold with hot flashes - but I like wearing it like this person - with shorts or leggings underneath - it doesnt get too warm for me - but it just the perfect thing to snuggle in while reading a book or watching a movie... or take a dog outside in the freezing nights.
I love in the middle - it has a pocket to hold your cell phone - I got a big kick out of it -but now, that pocket is my best friend.

Posting this - I just saw there is a 50% coupon for this!!!! SO it would be under $13.00! 
OK - I'm ordering another one!!!! LOL

Zebra Fountain Pen Disposable

This just feels so cool to write with.
Makes me feel like I should write by lamp light, & warm up wax to seal up a letter before handing off to a courier on horse to deliver.

Cardigan Sweater

I like trying sweaters from Amazon to see if I like them before ordering different colors.
I LOVE this sweater. I love the sweaters are long & give a gathered look at the bottom, or you can roll up.  Its not too heavy - will work in Spring & Fall so well too. 
As a knitter, I always love patterns in sweaters too - this is really nice.
I'm totally ordering me another color or two in this!

Dog Frisbee

If you could ONLY know how many frisbees we go through in our house.
Ozzie & Ernie always fight over the frisbee when one or the other catches it. The tug of war takes it toll on these way faster than it should... its a frisbee to catch - not a rope to tug on.
But our boys love to catch these things. & finding just the perfect one is a journey we're always on.

This one is comparable to the ones we always get at Tractor Supply - we'll see how long it lasts.

I'll draw the line here.... May do another post next week of more purchases

What's your favorite buy you've gotten from Amazon lately?

Monday, December 04, 2023

Weekend Highlights


Happy December!!!!

 I know technically Friday was December, but I totally dropped the blogging ball last week & missed posting anything.  Plus, it may be a little bit of denial thinking we're in the final year of 2023! How can it be?!

The countdown is on!

On the flip side - we're also on a good countdown ... Only 17 more days before the time turns & we start GAINING a minute of sunlight. This is how much I despise the darkness of winter. I CLING to the hope of more light. Even if its a sliver amount. & we're only a few weeks away from it. Which means, we have a few more weeks to endure the darkest moments of the year.  ... We got this!

What are some highlights of the weekend....

* Friday, I was so happy to work from home. I technically get 2 days a week to WFH but its the crazy time of year for our department & with a lot of vacation days getting in by all the coworkers, it was just easier to be in the office.  But I really just needed a break from the office & get an extra bit of sleep.  When I woke up & saw the foggy, rainy weather, I was even more glad I worked from home.  It was just a dreary nasty day the entire day.  I'm so glad I didnt have to get out in it.

* Dinner on dreary nights... grilled cheese & tomato soup. Classic every time.

*Advent calendars begin!!!! ... I normally get a sticker Advent calendar where I can get more planner stickers ... because I can never get enough planner stickers.  But this year, I chose to do one that me & Ricky can do together.  Plus, I'll admit - the Instagram ads got me.  It kept popping up in my feed & then I found out my friend Nathalie was doing one too... an Advent puzzle!!! Isnt that so cool?

Here is the LINK to the one we got....

There's so many designs.  & each & every day, you open a box & work the pieces. The next day, the pieces continue on to the portion you just finished.  & on the last day, VIOLA - a 1000 piece puzzle complete!  Its really neat too because the back side has the number on it to correspond to the box that the pieces need to go in so when you take it apart, you can put it back in the correct way to do again! Or trade with someone - or pass on.  Just a few days of doing this & we're loving it. It only takes a few minutes to put the pieces together but its just exciting to see the puzzle grow..... its not that hard if you wanted to order one & start a little late. You could even work it up to the New Year! That'd be fun too!

* More shopping...We're doing Secret Santa at work this year & I wanted to make sure I got everything done for that.  Well, at least everything. I have one other thing to get but I know what I'm getting - its just picking it up.  Success. I love marking things off my Christmas To-Do List, which hangs over my head & gives me oodles of anxiety.

* Holiday Book.... I finished my first book in December. & this is just the cutest read. Super fast - barely at 200 pages - & gives the most Hallmark feels you're ever going to want. If you see it at your library or in the store, its a great easy read to get you in the mood of Holiday miracles & community.


*Plumbing Wake up Call. ... Sunday, I woke up at 5:30am to hear Ricky freaking out in the kitchen.  Hearing things being tossed, lots of commotion - what in the world!!!!  I go in to see a wet Zoe laying on a soak & wet towel, everything from under our sink tossed everywhere - & basically, a little lake all over the kitchen floor.  oh mercy me! .... Zoe had ANOTHER accident (this is her 3rd in 2 weeks) & Ricky had tried to give her a bath to clean her up.  Apparently, while putting in the stopper, you have to press REALLY hard to get it to stick... & we guess that pushing hard pushed the pipe out of place under the sink - so basically, we had a water feature for free in our home. 

 It was an easy fix but a lot of hassle for clean up.  Lots of towels, a few paper towel rows & a confused old girl who was like, SORRRRYYYY!!!!!  Needless to say, we have to get the diapers on her at night & when we go to work.  I bought them but have put off on putting them on her because she's not going to be happy, but we also dont want her slipping & sliding in a mess while we're not there either.  Getting old aint fun if you're human or have fur.

* Speaking of old... we went to do the horses & I got to love on my mom's cat. Mom says she's not doing well.  You know how kids are though, when I'm over, she comes up to me like she's feeling fine just to slight my mom. LOL! ... but she has lost a lot of weight lately & she's getting up there in kitty-years too.  She still love a good butt rub & loves to MEOW whenever you stop by.  

* ALL THE HOLIDAY SHOWS! ... I feel like whenever we stopped for a minute, we watched a new Holiday show. Or at least I did. Ricky is one of those people that watch the first half & then falls asleep & then watches the rest of it later on his own.... men.

 Have you seen the new one on Netflix with the Freaky Friday vibe but with the whole family? I honestly laughed so hard at parts of this & just think that Jennifer Garner is just in that category of THE CUTEST EVER!!!!!  Her & Reese Witherspoon.  Can we best best friends please? Super cute! & perfect for the whole family to watch together!!!!

We also watched The Naughty Nine on Disney+ ... again, a perfect movie to watch with all the family.  I love a good sibling connection movie too - which both of these are.

& we got through the first season of The Santa Clauses. I dont know how we missed last year in this because it is SO GOOD! Especially if you love The Santa Clause movies.  Those movies have a special place in my heart since we saw the FIRST movie the same day we got engaged... so I just love the warm fuzzies it gives me watching these.  This series is A-DOR-ABLE! Love seeing some of the original cast still on & looking fantastic.  I cant wait to start watching Season 2 now!

How was your weekend?

Have you had any Holiday events yet?

What's the best Holiday book or movie you've read or watched this year?

Tell me you love Jennifer Garner too!

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