Thursday, October 31, 2019

Thankful Thursday #244

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This week I'm thankful for

Yep, this was on the list last week too, but we had a big stormy day & I was even more glad to pull in the garage to get out of my car & not having to make a mad dash to shelter.

Surprise Lunch
Loved getting a text at 7am asking if I wanted to meet for lunch from my beautiful Church Sister, Mandy.  She popped into downtown to meet me & it was just the break I needed in the day to catch up & chat & laugh together. I just love this incredible woman so much!  She just SHINES Jesus!!!

MMAB Group
We had to skip our last Women's group with our wonderful host being on vacation so it was great to be back together to catch up on life & talk about prayer & encouragement

Calendar pages
I'm on the fence about using my Plum Paper planner or the Happy Planner - which I'm EXTREMELY intrigued by... I bought all the Happy Planner stuff while it was on sale & had a Michael's coupon. So which do I use for 2020? My work sister uses her Happy Planner & she "Frankenplans"... y'all - that's a word that is used in planner communities. Have you ever? I love it!!!  But its taking multiple planners & mixing them up - because you can do that with a Happy Planner.  She had an extra November & December so she let me use them & put in my planner so I can give it a try before 2020 to see if I am feeling this planner. Excited to give it a try!

Good nurses
My mom had to go to the ER & was then admitted last week & she just had the kindest & sweetest nurses. I always tell them all when they take such good care of here that I'm always in awe of people who can do that job. Not my calling. So grateful for those it is!

Medicare / Insurance
So thankful that mom's Medicare & Insurance helps cover her little stay in rehab to strengthen her up.  I dont know how people survive - literally survive - without insurance.  It's a crazy world we live in.  Sickness, aging - all big business.

When we had to find a rehab for mom to go to, I am so glad that you can go to someplace like Facebook & put the word out for recommendations.  They came in pretty swiftly & a lot of people agreed on certain places.  Experience is the best recommendation there is & I'm grateful for people to share their thoughts.

What are you Thankful for this week?

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Wednesday, October 30, 2019

What's Up Wednesday {October 2019}

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What We're Eating This Week
Being on vacation this week, we'll just be eating out & going with the flow!!

What I'm Reminiscing About
Harvey's baby pictures came up since his "Gotcha Day" was popping up in my Timehop. 6 years ago.
It's crazy to see baby pictures of Harvey & see how he's starting to turn into a mature man now.
I'm not ready to call him "old" yet.

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Image may contain: dog

Oh my heart... I'm so glad he got to learn from the best... miss our Sydney girl so much!

Image may contain: dog

What I'm Loving
Learning all about The Happy Planner & all you can do with it.
Love that I got this Faith Planner too... really excited to put this to use!

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Click pic to see this

What We've Been Up To
We've been super busy it seems lately
I have Bible Study & Youth classes - Ricky's had dart ball games & checking out some UK basketball
Then add in Ernie's agility classes that have been wrapped up & taking care of horses & keeping up with 4 dogs... we've been busy busy busy

What I'm Dreading
Time change.
The WORST time of the year!!!!

What I'm Working On
Trying to get my Plantar Fascitis from hurting.
Man oh man... this baby can be pure misery!!!

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What I'm Excited About
We got this little thing for Bruno to help him walk with his back legs!!

I can NOT wait to get him in it & see how he moves.
He has one back leg that is just dead... it crosses over the other & it trips him up.
He doesnt cry with it, it never seems to hurt him - I just think with his old 19 year old hips, its just shot
So we're going to try this out.
Being blind, we're gonna need more space for him to "roll"

What I'm Watching / Reading
Super excited about another season of Survivor... it never gets old to me

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& also loving another season of The Masked Singer

Image result for masked singer season 2"

Of course - no brainer - stay out of my way on Monday night with Dancing with the Stars
Loving me some James Van der Beek
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What I'm Listening To
I found a new podcast that I've been enjoying.
It's all about talking about food as thy medicine & talks about myths & facts about food.
I love this sort of geeky stuff

Image result for culinary medicine podcast"

What I'm Wearing
I just took advantage of Old Navy's $10.00 dress sale & snagged up 5 new Swing dresses.
I love wearing these for winter with my leggings & boots.

Long-Sleeve Jersey-Knit Swing Dress for Women

What I'm doing this Weekend
I honestly havent given it much thought
I'm sure coffee & books will be involved somewhere there

What I'm Looking Forward to Next Month
Putting up the Christmas tree.
Christmas aggravates me... but I do love the glow of Christmas tree lights shining in my living room on dark nights & especially on mornings with my coffee in hand.

What Else is New
Something new? ... making my first car payment for November 1st.
Still loving my car though!

Monday, October 28, 2019

Still living a Happily Ever After

Sorry I wont be around much in Blog Land today...

We'll be off celebrating 24 years of marriage!!!
24 YEARS!!!

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& how do you celebrate 24 years?

By waiting for plumbers to come.  Excited stuff?  It is to me.
I've been wanting new faucets in my bathrooms for the longest time.. I'm not too needy. I'm not even asking for new counter tops or new vanities. I just want new faucets.  So we're having a plumber come out & put in new bathroom faucets in all the bathrooms & even a new kitchen faucet. 
Not only a new faucet in my kitchen - a new sink!!!!   
Talk about romance!!!!

We'll also be checking in with my momma - most of you all know she's in the hospital since last Thursday. She'll be in there for a little bit.  I'll get more into that later... 

But this is what Happily Ever After looks like.

I remember walking down that aisle, so young & in love & excited what the future would hold
You have an idea of what you think Happily Ever After will look like, dont you?

Me & my daddy... gosh - I miss him
... think I looked like a happy Bride??? HAHA! That face!

The future never ever looks like you think it will turn out, right? I'm sure there are some people who probably have the life they envisioned... & I salute you.  But I guarantee even then, its been a different road to get there.

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Life has those ups & down... those good moments, those bad moments, those life changing moments... the ones that involve life & death... pure happiness & total heart break.  This is what marriage is.  This is what the fairy tale is.

& I'm happy to have this man next to my side.  
The one God led me to .  
The one who picks me up when I'm down.
 The one who stands up for me. 
The one who looks out for me.  
The one who is my partner in this crazy ride.

Today, we're still living that Happily Ever After... 
& still looking forward to every day, every moment that we add another chapter to the story.

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24 years & still smiling

Friday, October 25, 2019

Friday Favorites

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Favorite Halloween Tee

Come We Fly T-Shirt

Favorite Banners

OK... I love a double use product.
One side is perfect for Halloween

the other, perfect for Thanksgiving!!!

Favorite Bathroom Helper

This holds your shower curtain in place!
WHAT??? Genius!!!

Favorite Pumpkin

Click pic for directions on how to make

Favorite Fall Hat

Nordstrom Refined Floppy Wool Felt Hat

Favorite Feet Help

I actually got a similar one of these to help with my plantar facisitis
The one I got has a space for both of your feet.
You can feel it just digging into the inflammation - love it!
This one is only $6.95 - cant beat it!

Favorite Slippers

I always want new warm slippers for the cold seasons

Favorite Push Pins

When you have cubicle walls, cute push pins are a must!

Favorite Motivation

300 Motivational Inspirational Quotes For Success Life Sayings 49

Favorite Funnies

Morning Funny Meme Dump 36 Pics

... how I feel when I sneak to go to the bathroom at 2am to pee & dont wake up the dogs

GIPHY! ( June 18, 2014 at 06:58PM

... me at Hobby Lobby on a SUNDAY!!!!

GIPHY! ( July 14, 2019 at 02:06AM

... when the hubs tries to fold his shirts the Marie Kondo method

GIPHY! ( October 3, 2019 at 03:56PM

... me at 4:30pm today

GIPHY! ( July 30, 2013 at 11:17AM

Happy weekend y'all!

Thursday, October 24, 2019

A badge, cutest clothesline ever & Thank you Christopher Columbus {Thankful Thursday #243}

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Things I'm Thankful for this week:

Columbus Day
This was the first Columbus Day in my life that I was off work.  It couldnt have been a more beautiful day too.  Ricky even took off & we just really enjoyed the day going out for breakfast & getting some errands ran.  There's just a slower pace in stores during weekday mornings.  I'm jealous of everyone who gets to live in this speed.

Agility Night
I'm so super impressed with Ernie & his ability to take on these challenges.  I totally thought the teeter totter was going to freak him out. Nope - he just randomly runs across it for fun now.  No fear at all.  He has the best time too - you can see it in his face. Do dogs smile? I believe they do.

This is the after effects of Agility night... a Sleepy Ernie!!
That tongue y'all!!!!

Fall Thunderstorms
I am just a sucker for thunder & lightning... so when it happens in fall, I love to sit back & watch them move through - bringing in that cool air with it.  The sound of all the rain just lulled me to bed this week.

New Hat
I've been on the hunt for some cute girly looking baseball caps... & when I saw this one at Hobby Lobby - I knew it was a must have for me.

Picture Clothesline
I got this little string of lights from Target for $6.99 & draped it across my desk at work.  Love bringing a little SPARK into the day - a little light - a little happiness.  It had come with some clear, speckled clothes pins & they were cute, but I have a wooden sign I got from Hobby Lobby that I have on the side of my desk....

so to keep it matching, I got some wooden clothespins to hang my pictures with.

I love having faces of the ones I love right in front of me now at work.
I also love having some scripture that I letter there as well - some days, I'm just on repeat with those scriptures.  Be near Lord!

New Starbucks Drink
I was coming back from my lunch with Ricky on Wednesday & it was so chilly. That bone kind of chilly - where its been raining & damp & the temps were in the 50's. I wanted something warm to drink & didnt want usual plain coffee - also not a fan of pumpkin spice latte, so looked through the rest of their drinks.  I decided to try a cocoa cloud macchiato.... I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised.  Which I'm even more glad about since a Tall cost me nearly $5.00 - OUCH.  It better be yummy with that.

Ricky's Job
My momma's furnace was out & with the beginning of cold weather, we had to get it fixed quick.  She had called a repairman & he gave a price & OUCH. The part alone was super high.  Well, Praise the Lord - my hubby works at an heating & AC supply warehouse.  He was able to get that same part for more than HALF of what the repairman was charging.  That helped my momma's pocket!

I haven't gone a 5k in forever.  & I'm so out of shape now, its RIDICULOUS ... RIIIDDDIIICUULOUUUSS!!! It's actually shocking how out of shape I am now compared to the days where I always had a half marathon in front of me.  Guess that's what your life crumbling around you will do to you.  But I'm trying to CAST MY HOPE INTO THE FUTURE... & with that, I've got plans to do more races. Get back in shape.. so you start small. & last week, I started over with a new training plan I created. One that is the most humble of training plans... but it'll work for me. & i started with a few days of 2 mile walks & some weight training & weekend 1 on Saturday - a 5k.  I did it.  It was tough, it felt foreign to this body who could easily do 5-6 miles a weekend... but its a start. Glad for new starts.  Over & over.

Garage clean!!!!
I can finally get my car in the garage! FINALLLLLLLYYYY!!!! Just in time for winter & cold air! No more scrapping my windows, thankyouverymuch

What are you thankful for this week?

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