Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Don't get Sidetracked....

I don't know about you, but I find life is so good at tugging on us trying to side track us lately.

I pride myself in being someone who is focused.  (Hey, Focus was my word of the year last year... holla!)  ... well, not all the time.  But I feel like when I'm into something - I'm INTO something.  At least until the next thing comes along & I'm into that.

Well. Maybe focused isn't so much the word I'm looking for that screams "ME!".

But man... today's world is so fast paced, so many things pulling at me, its so easy to loose my attention. 

Busy schedules, running here & there, trying to exercise to take care of this aging body, trying to run a side business/hobby, trying to find time for family or even a quick phone call, trying to get my house in some sort of shape that doesn't have me on a program on TLC, trying to keep up on everything going on around me, trying to find time to even take care of myself - which by the way, don't even look at the cuticles on my nails, & of course, I gotta get in a few rows of knitting  - & definitely gotta keep up on the latest pictures on Instagram... I mean, how will I live if I don't see if Derek from Dancing with the Stars hasn't posted if he's back in New York or back in California.


It seems like everything is important.... when in reality, a lot of it is just distraction.

I can't even imagine what it's like for mom's who have children who have schedules that are busier then some adults I know.

We are all busy busy busy busy and then an extra dose of busy on the side.

I know I have a lot on my plate. 

But I also know its Holy Week. 

There's something about Easter week that just makes me want to stop for a minute.  Take note of what the day is in this full week that has Jesus headed to a cross. Reflect on the things that happened to Jesus every day... leading up to RESURRECTION DAY!

I challenge you this week, as I challenge myself.... Don't get Sidetracked (Proverbs 4:27 NLT)

Let's focus this week on what Jesus went through ... what He did for us... the sacrifice He made on our behalf.

All the distractions will be there after Easter... waiting on us to come back to.

You know they will.

But maybe this week will stir up a little bit to make us want to stay on this path.  Devote more time to Him.  Put aside the things that don't really matter.  The things that may pull us away from knowing & learning more about Jesus.  The things that may push us away from being the Christian person & having the wonderful full life that God intended for us....

it all starts with intention of not being sidetracked....

Keep vigilant watch over your heart;
THATS where life starts.
.... Keep your eyes straight ahead;
ignore all sideshow distractions.
~Proverbs 4:27 (MSG)

Monday, March 30, 2015

The weekend that UK made the final four... or so I heard...

It's Monday... blah... just blah....  that's just another word for Monday.  Blah. 

Happy Blah-day.

The weekend?  Not so blah, but a lot of busy.

Saturday had me driving out to meet a family that wanted a picture with their grandchildren.  I was worried because it was pretty dang chilly.  The high was only 42 degrees & with kids?  You just never know how they will handle the cold.  It's always easy for me as the photographer because I get to keep my coat, scarf, hat & fingerless gloves on... but I ask for everyone else to take off their coats & think WARM THOUGHTS.  I will give it up to the kiddos.  Out of 6, I think only 1 really suffered from the cold... & he was totally not even complaining - it was just a reminder to take his coat off over & over.

Grandparents / grandchildren

I was pretty happy when I was on my drive home & found gas for $2.37!  It's been on the rise around us & I stopped to top off...

glad I did...

I ended up sitting in traffic for about an hour & a half - at THREE different spots on the way home. 

I don't do traffic well.  Like, seriously - I have panic attacks sitting in traffic.  All that stop & go motion?  Car Sick.  That feeling of being in a place I can't get out?  Yeah... I'm ready to do 2 things. 1.) Curl up in a ball in my car & cry or 2.) get out of my car & run down the middle of the road screaming.  Both perfectly normal reactions to traffic.

I stopped & picked us up some dinner - glad to get out of the car for a minute - & then headed home... only to leave as soon as I got there to go see my mom & dad & to see my nieces.  They just got back from Florida & I wanted to see everyone.  I've been so busy that I haven't got to see what was going on with them lately so off I went....


with strict instructions to be home by 8:30 from Ricky.

Why?  Because one of the twins LOVES basketball... & hates UK... & Ricky knows if I watch the game, UK usually looses & he said he knew she would make me watch some of the game, jinxing the game.  Geez.  Anxiety much?

But I was a good wife & came home & started editing pictures while the game was on.

A lot of whooping & hollering going on... a lot of "Are you STUPID?"... a lot of running up & down the steps.  I just go into my own world & shake my head yes or no when Ricky runs up to tell me something.  I know how this all works when UK plays.  Just keep my mouth shut.

Ricky came up & was like, "We're out of the game... no way we can come back... I can't even watch" & he stayed in my room with me & laid on the couch.  Poor Harvey was a nervous wreck with Ricky yelling & crawled up on his chest & just laid... like, "its going to be OK dad"... it was so funny.  But Ricky said, Let me go see how its going to end.  He goes back down stairs & I hear "YEEEAAHAAAHAHAHAHAHAHHAH"... & hear him running back up the steps.

"WE'RE TIED!!!!"

Oh Lordy... hang in there Harvey Dent.

Before I know it, I hear Ricky running up & down the stairs screaming, WE WON!!!!

All the heart attacks.

Ricky always lets me watch the game AFTER the game. He keeps it on his DVR so he can re-watch every little thing & I do get to see parts of the game then. I guess I can't jinx things after the fact.  Thank goodness.

Sunday was another busy day with our Orange Sunday where I was able to dance on stage... give me a stage & I'll dance any time...

Ricky & I went to Target for our weekly trip & then headed to a restaurant that has like 10 TV's - right in time for the UL game.  I had to remind Ricky to keep his mouth shut every time UL scored & the place was full of clapping... & Ricky would be the only sole clapping when Michigan scored.  I reminded him that the lesson in church was about PEACE... keeping peace instead of causing arguments... did he not pay attention?

We headed home for the rest of the game...

just in time for me to leave & go meet my next Bride & Groom.  Talks of wedding over chai teas - good times.

I got home just in time to get ready for The Walking Dead Finale....

My heart is still pounding.  Loved loved LOVED the finale....

This was the point I think I basically stopped breathing

But I'll admit, I do have a Walking Dead hangover this morning.  I'm exhausted.  I stayed up to watch The Talking Dead & then watched part of the encore of the show...

so yes, Blah-Day is sponsored by coffee.

So another busy weekend down... & guess what I didn't do.

You guessed it... clean the house.

So be it.

What was the highlight of your weekend?
You watch any basketball?
Was it cold in your neck of the woods?


Friday, March 27, 2015

Friday Favorites....

Favorite Craft Idea
Very cute, so many possibilities.
Do you know how many Beauty & the Beast quotes I could make on lamp shades?!?!!?
 Favorite Beauty & The Beast Item

Beauty and the Beast Belle's Book Necklace - Prince Charming.....love Beauty and the Beast!!

I NEED... like NEED this necklace
... I'm now singing the song "Belle" in my head...
Favorite Purchase of the week
Sleep Right Dental Guard

The way I grind my teeth, I gotta have a mouth guard.
I had one made at the dentist years ago, but my problem is my teeth have shifted.  So my mouth guard actually HURTS now.  If you look to get one, you see everything out there is the kind where you put in boiling water & then bite into. I've tried so many of those & it NEVER works.  Enter this that I found & broke down & bought this week. No boiling required.  & its so comfortable - WAYYY more then the guards that cover your whole mouth.  This just keeps your teeth separated so they don't touch.
My favorite Animal of the week ... & Knit...
Favorite Quote
Have Courage & Be Kind Printable from the Cinderella Movie. #printable #cinderella #cinderellamovie
I'm so obsessed with this now after seeing Cinderella!!!!
Favorite Season Finale
Mindy Project

I wont spoil it for anyone that may not have seen it yet,
But I love a good season finale that leaves me smiling or sighing.
I just really like Mindy & Danny together.

Favorite Dance of the Week
Patti LaBelle... In Da Club!!!

Oh my gosh! I thought Ms. Patti would be one of the first ones out, but I so love her.  She's in her 70's for goodness sake!  ... & lady has RHYTHYM!!!
I have my favs (Team Derek for always & ever)... but I love watching Ms. Patti & hope she goes far!

Favorite Funnies

Funny Pictures Of The Day - 62 Pics

These People Knew How To Have Fun .... I want me & Ricky to do this with Roller Skates!!!!
I SOOOOO want Ricky & I to do this for a Christmas card on roller skates!!!!

Funny Pictures Of The Day - 62 Pics
....Now, it costs a LOT of money for someone else to be in charge of my hair....

Alien Balloons: Expectations Vs. Reality... I don't know why... this made me laugh for like 10 minutes
I honestly laughed at this till I had tears


How I feel when someone told me they had a busy weekend ahead
... of going shopping...
... Oh please... let me explain to you what busy weekends look like
How I feel when everyone around me is talking NCAA brackets

How I would be if I ever got close to Steven Curtis Chapman

How I feel when I hear overhear things at work I shouldn't

My 4:00 dance of the day

What is a favorite of yours this week?


Thursday, March 26, 2015

Thankful Thursday {Link Up #12}

Thankful Thursday
Hem your blessings with thankfulness so they don't unravel.
~Author UnKnown

This week, I'm Thankful For:

... sweet friends that reach out to me with what God has on their heart for me.  I believe God can speak through others & I am so thankful when others take that tug & follow through with it.

... my biggest cheerleader.

... glimpses of Spring. Today, its cold... tomorrow, its going to be cold. Saturday - cold. BUT, we are getting warm days thrown in every now & then. & daffodils are blooming & our Dogwood tree has buds.  The hope of Spring is something I'm thankful for.

... speaking of Spring, I'm also thankful for daylight well into the evening.  It makes me happy to eat dinner & to still see out into my yard.

... Kleenex.  Yep, I mentioned this before.  But with a runny nose - STILL!!!!! - I've gone through so many boxes.  Kleenex has become my best friend.

... PEACH IS BACK!!!  I stopped for a Green Tea at Starbucks Monday & guess what they asked me, "Do you want peach in that?".... I literally gasped & said, "WHAT?!?!?!"... it's in early!  Last year, it didn't come out until SUMMER & even then, it was a rumor that peach wouldn't come in at a lot of stores.  I guess Starbucks got the memo that people love their Peach Green Tea Lemonades because its in already for SPRING!  YAHHOOOO!!!!!!!!

... friends that invite me to go to the movies.

... my new cup.  I used to have my old office decorated in Beauty & the Beast.  Since we moved offices & I don't have an office anymore, I have no where to hang all my pictures.  But I still like to sport my Beauty & the Beast fandom. My screen saver is Beauty & the beast.  My desk accessories are Cogsworth & Lumiere.  & I just got a new cup to hold my water. 

What are you thankful for this week?
Thanks for linking up & join others to see what they were blessed with this week

Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Currently I'm Feeling:  Overwhelmed. 
Just a lot going on with trying to get my office organized, a lot of photo meetings & appointments, trying to fight this stupid sinus infection & dental issues... just a lot on my plate right now.
Currently I'm Loving: Flip Flops!
It's going to be in the 70's today!  Let's not look ahead & see its only going to be in the 40's the next few days through the weekend, but TODAY, currently, its going to be in the 70's.  I have broke out the flip flops for the year.  I love when I don't have to worry about shoes.
Currently I'm Smelling:  Nothing
My stupid sinuses.  They are BURNING like the dickens now.  That can only mean that they are ready to fall out of my head - right?
Currently I'm Starting:  a new knit project
I have been playing around with different ways to hold my needles & wrap my yarn.  While that may not mean much to some of you, it means tons to me since I haven't been able to knit with real needles with my shoulder / bicep tendonitis. I have a skein of yarn that I have been LOVING but couldn't find the perfect project for it on the loom, but last night, I broke out needles & casted on & got an inch of the ribbing done.  I'm so excited about it.
Currently I'm Finishing:  A Bible Study of Hebrews
I've loved going through it - especially with my journal Bible.  It feels funny to go into another book of the Bible but that's what I'll be doing tonight.
A page out of my Journal Bible
Currently I'm Hoping For:  Dental problems to ease up
So yeah... I had to go to the dentist for a tooth problem.  The dentist thought it may be because where I grind my teeth, my back tooth, that is root canaled & crowned, may have shifted & it was hitting wrong.  She drilled it down a bit & it eased up... .but the pressure is back.  BUT, all my teeth on that side of my face hurts thanks to my sinuses.  So I'm hoping that my sinuses clear up & my dental problems ease up.  If not, I have to go to an oral surgeon & get that tooth cut out since it's already root canaled.  It would be too fragile to pull like a normal tooth.  ... I'm getting woozy thinking of all of this... so I'm REALLY hoping everything eases up ... & soon. I have a dental appointment to get cleaned & checked on next Wednesday.
Currently I'm Listening to:  My Podcasts
I found yesterday in the world of Podcasts a thing called "Afterbuzz TV" which has people talking about a show that just aired.  Ones like Revenge, Scandal, Once Upon a Time... this is right up my ally.  I've actually gone back & listened to all of the podcasts about Once Upon a Time... & today, I'm going to listen to the ones about Scandal.  I can talk TV all day long.
Currently I'm Eating:  Cadbury Eggs
I have an addiction...
Those little chocolate goodies just get me every year.
Currently I'm Considering: 
What to do with my photography
I enjoy doing photography.  I enjoy meeting people & capturing moments for them.  But I'm really considering what to do with it for the future.  Life holds so much stress already & I'm considering if this is a stress I want to continue or if I just want to let it go a little bit.  Between the time it takes to invest in editing, traveling, the work in it, much less the stress of trying to please a client, I'm just in a mood where I'm weighing options.
So what are you currently doing?

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Podcasts .... Give me some good ones!

I'm a little slow in the world of technology.

I try not to be. I remember laughing at my grandparents when they didn't know how to work the buttons on a VCR or how to get that blinking light off of it.

Fast forward to a world of electronics in every thing you do in life & I don't laugh as hard at my grandparents.

As my mom always has said, "Where you are, I once was... where I am, you will be"

Deep thought of the day....

Anyways, technology has brought me to the world of Podcasts.

Well not so much technology but as a way to save my sanity at work.

With my desk sitting in the middle of a room where people are constantly walking by me & just plain noise is the background sound in my life, I am trying to block things out. 

Enter the idea of Podcasts.

I kept seeing everyone talk about Serial & I was curious what that even was.

Downloaded iTunes on my computer, downloaded the series & LOVED it....

& then started looking through other podcasts.

I've found some I have already really liked. 

There's one that recaps The Walking Dead... this funny (& heavy on the language if you listen)

& I've found a lot of my favorite pastors & follow them

& love finding funny ones & ones that are based on health & just pure entertainment

But I'm still a little lost trudging through this big world of podcasts....

So fill me in on what I need to be listening to... what I need to be downloading.

Something I can get lost in at work & make my day go by so much easier.

Help a girl out....

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