Friday, March 23, 2007

Again - another sock!

Here is the sock I'm doing on bigger needles - size 5's. This is the first time I've used anything bigger than a 3 and tiny yarn. It has gone alot faster - and the socks are nice and thick. They will be perfect for winter time. I thought about giving them to my brother for Christmas because he's allergic to wool, and this has no wool at all. But I'm liking them alot - soooo....yeah, I'll probably keep them myself. For notes sake - I have a big foot and my brother has a smaller foot so it's about the same size. The yarn is the Moda Dee Sassy Stripes. I would like to try some fetching gloves in this yarn. I bet they would turn out nicely with the stripes and I like the way the yarn feels. Do I hear another project in the works?

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Another Sock

Here is another sock I knitted. I just LOVED these colors. This is the Opal Yarn which I love for the patterns. I am getting more sock experience and am finding that I dont like the texture as much as I do other sock yarns, but I still can't help loving it because of the patterns and colors they offer. The only thing I hate about knitting socks - once you're done with one - you have to do another one!!! Oh well - Praise the Lord I have two feet - (Find the blessing in everything!)
The other gripe I have - I hate I have such big feet (Size 9) because it is so much more knitting to do to fit these Big Foot Feet! I envy the people who have size 5 shoes - socks have to be finished in half the time!
(Note to self - think of blessings!!)

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