Thursday, April 30, 2009

Bag worms

....they give me the whilly's!!!!

Is this a problem that is all over the US? I dont know - but every year when the trees around here start blooming, you can see these little webs start forming!

Ricky & I keep an eye out on our trees every year because you have to get ahold of them as soon as you see them, because you have to get rid of them or they grow, FAST & they can damage & kill your tree. I cant tell you how many times I've looked out & said, I see one & I have to point it out to Ricky so he knows where to spray at.... & I tell you what, its crazy because the next day, there will be another two or three starting up! Exactly the reason you have to get them right away!

And have you ever seen what's IN these things???? OH my - this is where the whilly's come in! They aren't called "Bag Worms" for no reason! There are hundreds of little worms inside of this cocoon that are squirming around... UGH... I now feel like they are all over me...(Anyone else now scratching their head or their arms?)

Ricky's good about killing these little monsters!

Driving down the express way, there are hundreds of beautiful blooming trees everywhere. But you can see trees that are COVERED in bag worms. These trees do not get treated - & you can tell, when the other trees are fully bloomed & ready for summer, these trees are damaged, not as beautiful as they should be.

It also gives me the creeps to drive by them & see these poor trees being taken over by this cob webby looking mess of nastiness! I'm always feeling like these worms are dropping on my car...ewww....

But it really struck me this morning driving down seeing these trees if we don't take care of sin in our lives, how it can keep growing, how it can kill us, leaving us where we wouldnt bloom as beautiful as we should be able to! How it can kill parts of us that have a hard time recovering! How nasty it is!

And then I thought of these trees that could never get the treatment it needs because they dont really belong to anyone - they are just on the side of the road! And how the trees in our yard, we take care of - killing these little boogers!

Do you realize that you BELONG to God! He can give you treatment - the healing! He has the power to kill the sin! But how many dont know that - or want to accept that? And then the sin just keeps killing....

Who would've thought that a bunch of worms could remind me of belonging to God & His healing....

OK... gotta go scratch my head some more now!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I just had a few pictures from the weekend & thoughts that I had to share

*First - you gotta see another one of our youth girls from prom! This is Jasmine....I love, love, LOVE seeing these girls getting all glam'ed up - they are such incredibly beautiful girls on the inside & out... they just make me smile every time I get a chance to spend time with them! I think she looks like a candidate for Miss USA!!!!

*Here is yet ANOTHER awesome youth! This is Ash! She was in her school play - which was Beauty & the Beast! Hello - two of my favorites - the best play in the world & an incredible young lady... I'm totally there! This young lady has such a heart too - she was the youngest on the last mission trip to the Domican Republic that was sent out & she has such a servant's heart! She got to play Madame de la Grande Bouche..... how fun is that! I kept begging her to get me a part as a villager... SOMETHING! Oh well... I'll con someone someday to let me in this play!

*I have to show this.... this is how many steps it takes to do over 13 miles! Yep, that says over 34,000 steps!!!! WOW! That will be probably be the only time that there will be that many numbers on my pedometer! Until next year!

*WHOOO HOOO - the 5th book in the Blossom Series of Debbie MacComber came out today! And Amazon was spot on - had it on my door step when I got home! If you've never read this series - its great! Especially if you love knitting... but its a great story even if you dont! Cant wait to get back in touch with these characters

*Anyone else excited about Friday... the release of Wolverine!!!!! My husband has bred me in the ways of X-men & all super heros! Seriously! He will take his Marvel or his DC Comic posters & quiz me who each super hero is! I'm pretty darn good if I do say so myself! But we would watch X-men every Saturday together when we were first married! And then the movies come out - oh, we LOVE it! And it doesn't hurt that Hugh Jackman is Wolverine! I just cant wait!!!!

*Finally.... YES... Melissa survived Dancing with the Stars!!! I was sitting on the edge of my seat tonight thinking she may go.... it was my six votes that saved her - I'm sure.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Queen Bees, Happy Days, & Team Beyonce!

My body hurts after the mini.... I cant imagine ANY dancer feeling like this... but then I remember all the trips to the ER & surgeons & crutches & ambulance rides through this season.... maybe dancing IS worse than a Mini Marathon
Oh well - we're dwindling down to the final six & its Monday so we're LLLIIIVVVVEEEE!!!!
Wait... we're just starting & what is this craziness in Dancing news??? Tony D is walking down the ballroom staircase alone & Melissa is not here???? WHAT??????? How did I not know this... how can the show go on? How can I stand seeing Tony D with such sad eyes... I'm going to puke! Who cares about the Teams now... where's Melissa!!!!!!
We're starting the show anyways without her... sigh...
#1 - Gilles & Cheryl - OK - I'm not complaining anymore about my soreness...we see yet ANOTHER injury! Gilles shoulder has had it! You'd think the injuries would be done when Steve O & "Apple Man" Steve left... apparently not!
And then with the joys of Cheryl barking at him all the time - I so badly enjoyed seeing him drop her on her head. Is that bad? Cheryl just doesnt seem like oodles of fun in the practice room! The girl is determined for a third mirror ball!
So they Linday Hop... it was cute, I guess. I was distracted by those obnoxious colors & those unseemingly high pants. Who tightened those suspenders? In the end, all I could think of was Arthur Fonzerelli!!! Am I the only one who thought the Fonz was standing there for his scores? I was waiting for two thumbs up with an AAAAAA!!!!!!
Scores - 9,9,9
#2 - Lil Kim & Derek - We get to see the Paso tonight! We know this girl can make some angry faces...she's spent time in prison for goodness sakes! But Derek keeps referring to her as a Queen Bee.... I'm not sure I understand that analogy - especially visualizing a Queen Bee who's trying to do a Latin Dance with a touch of Martial arts... I'm so confused!
But you know its a good dance when Bruno stands & yells "The *itch is back" & everyone cheers at that response! um...... ok! If doing a Latin dance earns you that name - I'll be sure to never dance that dance myself!
My question - who was the Lil' woman in the audience? Is that Lil' Momma? She was so tiny!!!
Anyways - the scores were 9, 9, 10...
#3 - Chuck & Julianne - who cares.... Melissa is out...
No... I'm joking (sorta) - but we got a reminder of how good Chuck did last week! He is just happy from seeing Julianne's face smile! Dont you think this has to be tough on their relationship? Every year they make it seem like Julianne is in love with her partner - & the year that she really is - I just think its weird.... maybe its just me - but she's getting on my nerves & I hate that because she's always been one of my favorite professionals.... its just too giggly girlfriend Barbie to me.
Anyone else notice - we're 3 for 3... all three guys so far have JUMPED off the stage! Are men allergic to stairs? I'm waiting for the season when someone jumps off & lands on their face! You know they have ambulances near by anyways!
So everyone liked this Cha Cha Cha... again - I'm not digging this dude! I dont think he did good but the judges are calling him a contender. Really? I just think the judges are trying to keep young love alive for Chuck & Julianne - that's my theory anyways....Scores = 9, 9, 8 (Thank you Bruno for at least giving a 8... )
#4 - Shawn & Mark - We get a visit from Mama Ballas! I have to say, I had enough of Daddy Corky last year with Chloris... Oh geez - flashbacks of him dragging her across the floor in Hip Hop gear! Anyways - Mama seems so classy & smooth & full of advise! I wanna come from a dancing family!!!! Mom .... dad... why couldnt you have done the Samba around the house when I was little? Maybe you did & that's why I love dancing so much now & I just repressed it... I'll schedule a counseling session for that!
But I LOVED Shawn's Samba!! If Melissa is out - then I now am rooting for this girl! She has always been a favorite of mine - but I'll shoot for a Gilles - Shawn match off in the finals now! And Len is all grumpy about it? WHAT? He liked Chuck & not this? This is when my angry eyes come out - but Carrie Ann saved the day!!! Who would have thought! Scores - 10, 8, 9! I actually screamed "In your face LEN" when I saw that 10!!!! Who knew Dancing with the Stars could make me so violent!
#5 - Melissa & Tony - So we see what happened - that pesky rib injury strikes again! Girlfriend has been throwing her body every which way but loose ... & I do think those ribs got loose afterall!!! A trip to the doc shows a fracture! Poor thing!
So they play the rehearsal footage & that's how they judge..... I'd give a 10 just for her dancing in such low rise jeans... holy cow! How did those stay up?
Everything about this is heart breaking to me... Tony's sad eyes, knowing Melissa is somewhere watching heart broken - knowing that she even TRIED to do it in pain tonight.... this poor girl has had enough sadness in her life with that dorky Jason aka the Loser Bachelor! All my 6 votes are going to her tonight! Scores - 7,7,7
#6 - Ty & Chelsea - before we get started here, I have to say, I was gearing up for "So you Think you Can Dance" & was catching up on videos on You Tube from that! I honestly think one of my all time favorites dances with was Chelsea doing the "Bleeding Love" dance... anyone else see that one? How far our little Chelsea has come...
OK - onto Ty! How can you NOT love Ty more with each week! His smiles & his innocence, his charm is just adorable!!! And first Fonz for the night - & now, does anyone else see it - he looks like Ron Howard!!! Except I dont remember Ritchie Cunningham with guns like that! YAHZAAAA - who knew bull riding was the way to go for incredible arms! I see a new work out DVD coming out soon!
The Salsa... hmmm... was it what you would call "Professional"? Probably not - but how can you not smile when you see Ty? And you can see his cowboy skills of working a lasso - did you see him WHIP that girl around! Scores - 9,7,8.... truthfully, he probably should be the next to go... but this cowboy now has new fans that love him!
Time for the Team Dances! I loved this last year...
TEAM MAMBO!!!! Its got Tony D AND Mark? I can already tell you this is going to be my team I like! And then they break out "Single Ladies" by Beyonce? Oh - ask the girls in the youth.... I sing that song 99% of the time we're together!
Everyone had smooth moves - it was great... & then that ending - the guys pulling a Justin Timberlake & wearing the Beyonce outfit????? Seriously - could anything be better? Apparently so because the judges didnt think it was that great - Scores 8,8,9... I would give a 10 just for the guys in their outfits! Come on judges - sometimes its just about fun!!!
TEAM TANGO!!!! First thing I noticed in pratice - Cheryl gripping... can someone please drop her on her head again? They are meaning business! And we see it from the beginning with the Stars being showcased & not only Gilles without a shirt, but look at Ty! Good thing he got spray tanned!
But they rocked it! Poor Kim - she fumbled & even made an "OHHH" face... but it didnt even matter! They rocked it! Ty was smooth & Gilles - dang - once again, I'll say it - he can do no wrong! Scores - 9,9,10!!!!!
For entertainment - Team Mambo won for me - for dancing, Team Tango...
Its been a night of drama... injuries... team work... & Happy Days Flashbacks...
Who did you like? Are you just as upset about Melissa? Do you think its time for Ty to go or has he lassoed your heart too?
And just because I've been singing that song in my head all day - here's Chelsea in the coolest dance....

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Passing Up

So, the day after.... I'm actually better then I thought! Now, dont get me wrong... I'm SORE as anything... if I sit for long - it takes me some painful motions to get up & moving - but once I'm on the move, I can keep going... I didnt think I'd be able to move AT ALL!!!

Thinking back on the race, there is so much that stands out to me - but one thing really struck me over everything else......

Starting off, I had the advice to get in the front & move with the crowd.... well, obviously, those are more trained, professional runners. What did they do - they just past me up... & when I would get to a time when I would have to slow down - all I was seeing were people's backs just running right past me! Let me tell you - it was very discouraging!

Then, I would get my wind & pick up my pace & it was such an encouraging thing to pass people myself... It was like, YES, I'll be ahead of you & you & you... but then the next mile, they may pass me up again...

Its such a weird feeling.....

At one point, at my weakest after mile 10 - I actually kept my eyes down at my feet because I was TIRED of seeing people pass me up - it was taking all the life out of it for me... it was like it was sapping anything left....

Applying that to our race in our Christian walk, do you ever look around & see people who just seem to "GET IT"? How it seems that things go so well in their lives & they must have it all together? That everyone is passing you up getting their life on track? You only see the back sides of people who zoom past you?

Or are you so excited thinking you are the one who has it together - just like the pride I would feel in passing someone up? Do you get that feeling inside that says, "I'm better than you are?" in the sense that you feel like you are closer to God then maybe someone else?

The funny thing in the end to me.... yeah, they may have been different times & at different paces, but we ALL crossed the SAME finish line!!!!!

And I think that's what really hit me... none of it mattered. Not the point that people got there before me or after me....

What a difference it made too when I didn't focus on everyone else too... when I would look at my feet & listen to the beat of the music I was listening too & focusing on myself & what I could do... it made me feel stronger. Do you watch everyone else & take your focus off your relationship with Jesus? Too busy comparing it to others thinking, "Why cant God do for me what they've done for her?"....

I dont know... I just feel like Jesus wants the same for us... its not any better that someone may be "closer" or "slower" in their walks with Him... just that we make it to HIM - the ultimate finish line!!!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Anything is possible!

I did it... I'm sitting at home now - just finished up going 13.1 miles!!!! I DID IT!!!! I now believe anything is possible!!!!

It started off with the alarm going off at 5:00 am.... it was a quite ride to downtown Louisville! No traffic anywhere & my nerves getting the best of me.
We got downtown & the shuttle buses were crazy - I've never seen so many people in my life! Are we ALL crazy? But I got to sit with a cool chic from Georgetown, Kentucky who was running her 2nd marathon. She was so encouraging & I loved the ride with her. The down side - it was a bus ride & I was looking at her during the conversation - which meant, yep, you know me - I was getting CAR SICK!!! BLAH... This is me getting off the bus & waiting for the sun to rise to get this party started...

But we got our spot in the line & we were off!!!!! Oh man... the energy was pushing! I was making GREAT time... We head into the dreaded park - & I got 4 Miles in under an hour! For me - that's a personal best! I know the winner of the race was about finishing while I'm still under half way - but from the very beginning - this to me wasn't about ANYONE else BUT ME! This was a challenge to myself - FOR myself!
The run through the park was rough! Hills!!! I took the advise & walked up the hills & ran down the slopes, but man it was over & over... Coming out - I was half way! YES!'s a picture of middle of the park.... (& notice the guy on the left? I called him the Ronald McDonald man - he was dressed in such BRIGHT red & yellow!!!)
Then the cool part - running in ChurchHill Downs- the home of the Kentucky Derby! That is the 8 mile mark! It was cool because horses were running... Look how happy I'm still looking here... & notice my pile of Kleenex in my pocket. With the sinus infection, I was prepared! And had to have something to hold my phone for Tweets & my camera for my blog! (BTW - I saw someone who stopped me & said they know me from my blog... HOLLA!)

Then BAM... we hit about mile marker 10 & I hit what they say "THE WALL"!!!! Oh dang... my legs were cramping & I think my blood sugar really took a nose dive! I had ate at 5:00 AM - & had nothing but water for 5 hours & whoooo buddy... I started feeling BAD! I thought I was going to pass out... dizzy & light headed.

I have to tell you - if my husband wasn't with me - I dont know what I would have done! He pushed me when I was feeling funny - took care of me! He even ran up ahead of me & ran into a store & bought me a Diet Coke to try & get my sugar back up!!!! Everyone even "AHHHH'ed" for him when he gave it to me. Now you have to know - Ricky could have done the whole marathon in like under 2 hours - he even went ahead of me - at MY request, I didnt want to hold him back - but he ended up waiting for me at the end of the park because he said he wanted to do this with me.... Yep... I fell in love with him all over again today!!!

But we made it! We took that curve at the last mile & could see the finish line & it was like "LETS DO THIS"... we took off!!!! & with everyone on that final stretch screaming & cheering - when I crossed that finish line - I had tears in my eyes... I'm a sucker - I know! But I had tears in my eyes because I knew there were so many people out there who didnt think I COULD do this...& you know what - I was one of them... I doubted myself & wasnt sure of my own confidence! To prove everyone & myself wrong - it was the best feeling in the world!
So here I am after crossing with my metal!!! And that picture right there is the first time I stopped my legs since the starting line!

And then the real test - getting those legs to move again to get to the car! OH MY!

So we ordered some food that offered curb side service & came home & had some lunch.

Believe me - I've got all sorts of things that went through my mind while I was going through this "adventure"... I'm sure the blog will be full of insights on how God pushes us in this Race we're in... I saw so much of Him throughout! Its going to take me some time to stretch, relax & put my thoughts in order! The main thing is LITERALLY:
"I have fought the good fight - I have finished the race - I have kept the faith"
-2 Timothy 4:7

And one final THANK YOU!!! To all of you who have left me comments - emails - thoughts, ENCOURAGEMENT!!! You have no idea how helpful you have been to me! When I doubted myself - people I have never met in person have inspired me to push myself harder.... Words arent even enough .... so to all of you.... I am sending you big ole bloggy hugs!!!!!

Friday, April 24, 2009

What have I gotten myself into?

Yep... that is the look of fear in my eyes....

Tomorrow is the day....

13.1 miles....

We'll see how it goes....

& you all know me - I wont be your typical jogger out there! I'm planning on taking my phone to Twitter my way through (also to call 911 if need be) & I'm taking my camera to document the way....

To be continued....

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Little April Rose

I'm not even sure how I came across this blog... but this young first time mother is carrying a terminal baby inutero. The path this woman has been going on is heart breaking, but her strength is amazing. Her faith in in her Heavenly Father & she's relying on Him...

We've been praying for this baby - April Rose, for awhile now.... & you have to see the video to see what's happened. No one knows what this means in the end... but one day of good news is something I'm sure April's mommy could use!

If you get a chance, stop by HERE & leave a little thought..... & keep praying for this baby!

Our God is a God of MIRACLES!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Demon: a Memoir

So I just finished this book a few days ago. I have to say - it really shook me up! Its weird because when I started it, I wasn't into it at all - then it took a turn & it drew me in ... then it just left me disturbed.

I would really compare it to Frank Peretti's "This Present Darkness" or I have seen it compared to C.S. Lewis "The Screwtape Letters"... but it really does make you think about the Spiritual Battles that go around us.

The book is about a demon named Lucian who finds a book publisher & wants to tell him his story - his memoir. It is a Biblically based book with references in the back where the ideas came from for these demon "rememberances" of his life.

The first thing though that knocked me off my feet was the idea of Lucifer & his fall. How we dont really think of him falling before man was created. But how long had it been since he was thrown out of the God's prescence? How long did he sit & stew & plot & hate before man was even created?

And then when man was created - Lucifer & the fallen ones saw something they had never seen before - GRACE! How they must have hated that even more - that God loves us enough to be merciful, even when we fail over & over.

Here's an example of what Lucian says when he sees someone accept this grace & mercy of Jesus:

"I'll never forget the first human I watched receive it, this gift. Before my very eyes, he changed from a shattered thing of darkness, like a mirror reflecting nothing but shadows no matter which way its fractured surface turned, into something whole, reflecting El's radiance, so that I had to - could not help but - turn away. On the outside he was still flawed. But the soul inside had come ALIVE, as though all defects had been erased"

The view of things through another perspective is wild!

And while you do read some insightful things - as the creation of man - or the birth of Jesus - or the crucifixtion of Christ & how the demons knew what was happening when man did not... there are some views that seem to be truthful - but sometimes the truth hurts:

"I see more judgement from churchgoers than anyone. In fact, I have a theory. I think they secretly delight in the shortfall of others. It relieves the pressure of having to be so holy. For a body of people who have received so much grace, they exhibit a stingy amount in return"

OUCH! But truth....

And Lucian talks about how he gets so tired of people of asking "Why do bad things happen to good people? His response "There are no good people"

A demon - who does not understand grace!

This book also shows the trickery, the scheming, the harmful & hurtful ways that demons work in todays time... & that's what shook me up! Because again, there is a bit of truth in it.

The more I think about this book now, the more I feel like its really opened up my eyes to new things. I know it is a book that will stick with me for a long time....

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Calling Creative People!

OK - Saturday is the day... the dreaded day - the count down is on.... the Mini-Marathon - 13.2 miles!!!

Against all better judgement, against the injury in my inner thigh (that yes, is still very painful), against the ear infection that has me on antibiotics & caused me to get a shot, against tons of stuff - I am going to attempt it!

The furthest I got to running is 6.5 miles before I blew my thigh out... so this should be interesting. Ricky is going to do it with me... but he said he's bringing his roller skates with him!

I told him I'm packing in my little arm pocket - my cell to call my dad if I have to - money for a cab if I need it - or better yet, money for a restaurant if I'm out there too long - stop for some lunch! I KID!!! Or am I? hehe!!!

But - anyways - what I need from you... I was wanting to make a T-shirt to wear for the day... something creative - something funny - or something that even preaches! Something to go on the back or the front... ideas?

I thought about having something like "Only here by the Grace of God" - which preaches...

Or I was thinking something like "Please tell me to keep going" on my back & see how many people do it!!!

Right now - my thoughts are "God - PLEASE get me through this!"

Share your creative ideas, you creative people!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Dresses over the face, Stars designing & group FLASHBACK!

I've got a shot in the butt today - it hurt like a son of a gun - my head still hurts - I had a long Board Meeting at church... to say today's been rough is an understatement... but you know what - Its Monday & we're LLLLIIIVVVEEEE (well, techinically I'm a little delayed due to the Board Meeting - but by DVR laws - I'm LLLIIIVVVEEE!!!!!)
Just looking at the stair descent - can I say I'm already in love with Gilles & Cheryl... she looks like Belle!!! And you all know my obsession with Belle!!!!! And Gilles definitely has Princely looks...
Oh yeah - costumes are designed by the Stars... no wonder Edyta is covered up - we heard her partner thinks she's allergic to clothing... apparently not - & not allergic to massive amounts of fur by her face...... Let's get this party started!!!!
#1 - Melissa & Tony - my prediction was they were going to work on getting "ballet" out of her...we are seeing she's going to go "ManEater". All I can think about once again is Darryl Hall & John Oates... is there a underlying theme this year? And who knows better than Man eating then the Desperate Housewives. Did anyone else think Teri Hatcher & Melissa had a little resemblance? Maybe Melissa can take Edie's place on the show now (is Edie dead? I don't watch it - just saw it on commercials)
But the Argentine Tango suits her well - LIFTS with SPLITS - long leg extensions & the best - Tony in a suit with snarl! He is getting one point just for that face through the dance - so in that competition: Mark = 1 Tony =1 - the night is young - Mark can pull ahead!
Wonderful dance & the judges agree except grumpy Len had to see one little fumble??? WHAT? Oh - its too early to get angry... Scores - 10,9,10... Go Melissa!
#2 - Lawrence & Edyta- OK - I am shocked Edyta danced so much with this coat on - Knew it had to be ripped off at some time! And yet, she was still covered... & I guess she wanted to cover up everything because her dress ended up covering her face!!!! That's the sign of a professional - when your dress is covering your face & you keep up! LT was a little bit miffed from it though & he just seemed to lose it for me - but once again - the judges thought he did pretty good! WHAT? I literally saw him standing there with his arms to his side looking lost! And again - I'm not a judge - but is THAT a dance move? If it is, I know quite a few killer dancers then! Scores - 7, 7, 7... I'm saying its getting time for LT to go back to his golf games... sad, but true.
#3 - Lil Kim & Derek - They get the SEXY dance of the Rumba & yet, Kim is wanting to take some of her sexiness out? I'm not even sure if that is possible! We'll see... wait a second - in the practice, wasnt there a chair involved with a dramatic kick? And now, no chair? Oh, Derek is such the teaser!
And can I ask - does anyone else think those "Sheet dresses" are flattering? I dont get them - I think I'm going to go pull out my Belle Sheets & drap it around me - see if I feel like a dancer.
But all in all - the judges said they expected more - or as Bruno put it "Taking the raunch out of Lil' Kim is like taking the Tequila out of a Maragarita"... OK - I can honestly say, those words in BLUE are probably the first time they have ever been mentioned on my blog!!! But the scores were 9,8,9
#4 - Chuck & Julianne - SAMBA? I remember from years past - the Samba is Julianne's best dance! And probably one of my favorite is when she danced it with Apollo Ono in their tiger striped outfits... "I want to move it, move it".... remember that one???
And we see a outfit has been recycled - Gilles red hot outfit has now been switched to Chuck... it honestly is STILL hurting my eyes! The red though must be lucky because he did a really good job! The country boy has a little moving going on! "I want to move it, move it"...I think he's scared of loosing Julianne if he messed up the Samba!!!
The judges are all for it too... but can I say, I absolutely hate it when Carrie Ann gets up & does a little move!!! I thought she was a professional dancer & she pulls out the "Cabbage Patch"???
Well - the scores reflect they loved it - 9, 9, 9 .... that's all Chuck wanted! The happy couple remains the happy couple!
#5 - Ty & Chelsea... Its the waltz... I can already tell you, I'm sure the cowboy has this! He is made for ballroom... Latin - not so much - but we'll be happy its a ballroom night for him! And how cute was that story Jewel told about him telling her to "Hold this" & gave her some wildflowers? She's right - his cowboy ways & his Manly Man attitude does make his style of romance fit! I'd "hold" flowers from him, sitting on horse back! Very sweet!
And yes - he once again pulled it off! It was funny though because my husband came through right as he was on & I said, "Look at his poor face - he looks so scared" & Carrie Ann said the same thing... I'm going to get up & do the Cabbage Patch dance now since I'm so much like her!!
Scores - 8,8,8
#6 - Shawn & Mark - I was going to take off a point from Mark for his horrible impression of Michael Jackson - but I wont because he was such a good sport at dancing throughout the night & on the road....good job Mark! ... so stands at Mark = 1, Tony = 1 - could the group dance make the guys pull extra points?
Holy cow! Girlfriend has hip action tonight in this Cha-Cha-Cha! I want to add another CHA just because it was so fun & cute! She totally didnt look 17 years old tonight - & didnt she help design the dress? A little flashy & risky... short! But she's just adorable! Every time I see her & Mark dance - I just smile... & its not just because I heart Mark... Shawn is just ADORABLE - no better word! Hip Shaking Adorable tonight! Scores - 9, 9, 10!!!! FINALLY - cutie pie got a 10!!!! She should have got all 10's in my opinion! She's a gold medal gymnast! She needs 10's people! She's used to them!
#7 Gilles & Cheryl... doing a waltz ... & in a yellow Belle-esque gown? oh, I have a feeling in my gut I'm going to like this!!! I'm just glad he's not in leather... he's been in black leather for far too long! And do you really think Cheryl thought that synchronized swimming would matter - or did she just want him shirtless again? Cheryl is a slick one like that!
The Waltz is such a princess dance... I dont remember Belle breaking down in the Splits though... I still say this man can do no wrong! And that HE designed this dress??? Oh SNAP - I love him even more now! Scores = 9, 9, 9
BRING ON THE GROUP DANCE!!!! We are reminded that this is not for scores - which is probably smart since Ty is having poor Chelsea act like a bull??? WHAT? Anything for fun!
And if they had to judge Chuck on the wig? I didnt even know who it was at first! And poor LT - I was cracking up at him just standing there! His football move worked for him though!
Carrie Ann is so right - the girls BROUGHT IT!!! how cute where they! I'm just glad Holly wasnt there - if she fell off a stool - do you think she'd be able to stand on the platforms? Doubtful....
And in the running for favorite dancer between Mark & Tony - I am giving Tony a point for throwing Melissa in the air in splits & making sure she didnt crash her head! And the argyle sweater was cute too... Mark = 1 Tony =2
So what did you think? Is it time for LT to go? Is Ty going to make it through another week? Will Chuck & Julianne have their country fans pull them through once again? And did anyone else want Cheryl's dress & gloves besides me?
Until Next week Dancing Fans!!

Happy Birthday Julie

Today is my oldest "Bonus" daughter's birthday! And I say "Older" with quotes because is she creeping up to her 30's??? NNOOOO!!! She's not there yet!!! Just in her "late 20's" now but she's like I was - I so totally dreaded getting close to 30... now, I just forget how old I am... maybe its because of the age.

I just wish Julie was close by... times like this is when I absolutely hate there are so many states & miles away!

And for those of you who dont know this awesome young lady... let me tell you who she is!

She is a precious soul who has such a loving heart... she loves her family & is willing to do whatever it takes to take care of them.... she takes her family as a high priority -

she is a wife who married her high school sweetheart - & is devoted to her husband in every way... she met him at such a young age & knew she was going to marry him. When people would tell a young couple they would never last - she knew... she's such a good wife - believes in marriage with everything in her....

she is an incredible mom who is raising such a precious little boy (who I think is the most handsome little dude in the whole world!) ... she adores her son in every way - & who can blame her when those beautiful blue eyes look at you!!! - but I'm most excited about the way she's going to raise her son - in giving an example of a relationship with God! Mommy is a word that just fits her so well!
she is a friend who goes out of her way to support her friendships & takes them totally to heart.... she has kept friendships that she has had since she was a young girl - even through moves & distance - she values the people that are - and have been- in her life

she is extremely intelligent... working on her PhD to become a scientist - the way her brain wraps around these things just blows me away ...

she is a genius in the kitchen! She can make some incredible dishes - & is all about the natural foods & spices... I LOVE when she visits because we know we're going to get a sample of her fanciness.. & my kitchen actually gets USED!!!

Most importantly - she is a Godly woman - a woman who loves the Lord - is thankful for Jesus - lives by His word - & makes decisions to reflect it. She dedicates herself to her church, & she is not ashamed of her love for Christ.

And I'm proud to say too - she is more than a daughter to me - she is my dear friend...

I love you Jules!!!! Happy Birthday Princess!

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