Friday, April 28, 2017

Friday Favorites

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Favorite Food


Mexican Cauliflower Rice Casserole
I need to find those bags of cauliflower that are already 'riced' up & give this a try.
(Click picture for recipe)

Favorite Dream Item

The Mosquito Thwarting Hammock - Hammacher Schlemmer:

I want this... NOW...
& if I ever did get this, you would never get me to come inside all weekend long

Favorite Half Marathon Motivation

"it's about conquering the distance...":

I'm going to repeat this tomorrow over & over & over!!!

Favorite Beauty & the Beast

Belle's Book Cafe Tee:

Yep... need this one too!

Favorite Bag

Bookaholic - For reading addicts - Totes - 1:

Yeppp... seems about right

Favorite Peencha

I don't know if this is appropriate here so I don't mind if it's removed but I just thought it so lovely and LOVE is a UNIVERSAL POWER and here it is shown in spades!:

Favorite Funnies


Funny Picture Dump Of The Day 34 Pics:

Funny Picture Dump Of The Day 38 Pics:

Funny Picture Dump Of The Day 40 Pics:

Funny Picture Dump Of The Day 38 Pics:

.... when the hubs can eat whatever he wants & I'm the one watching my diet

... when I give myself a pep talk at the start line of the the half marathon tomorrow

... how my 40's have been treating me

... when I'm at any social gathering

... me at 4:00pm

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Happy weekend Y'all!!!

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Coffee again, clearance & cheering on!!! {Thankful Thursday #122}

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Today I am Thankful For
{The numbers go with my One Thousand Gifts Journal / Just ignore}

289 / Tennis Shirt
My family all sports the WOOD shirt at my nieces game.  I bought one - she just always forgets to get it to me #preteenbrain ... but I FINALLY got it & happy to wear it!!

292 / New Colored Pencils
Give me ALL the colors!!!

293 / Lettering featured.
One of the hand lettering Instagram accounts featured one of my hand lettering pieces I did last week. I was so excited.  Made me feel a little encouraged in this big sea of amazing hand lettering artists.

294 / Coffee tastes good again!
After my stomach flu (... yes, that same stomach flu from January that has still wrecked havoc on me...) coffee just didnt taste that good.  Or it would at certain places & not others - places that I usually drank it from. & coffee from home? I just couldnt. I cant tell you how many cups I made & just threw away because it tasted so bitter & horrible to me.  But lately?  I've been enjoying it again!!! It's probably better for me that I wasn't drinking it - but I do love the kind of moments to sit with my coffee & read or bible journal.  & Yeah, I do love the caffeine boost on some tiring days.

295 / Left phone.
So Ricky has been having this horrible habit of leaving things at home that he needs for work... a lot of times, his PHONE. So he calls me & asks me to bring it to work & if I can drop it off at lunch, that's great. Well, I hate when he doesnt have his phone because then I cant get in touch with him (what did we do before phones? its not like its THAT long ago).... so I ended up driving to his work before I went to work so he could have it all day long.  That means I had to take a different route to get to my job.  When I got there, & my coworker was late, she came in & said, "Wasnt that a mess?"... I had no idea what she was talking about.  But the way I usually come apparently had an awful wreck & had traffic all backed up.  Who knew me having to take Ricky his phone - which I grumbled the whole time about - ended up saving me a lot of grief.  Ricky told me later I could thank him for leaving his phone. I told him not to push it.

297 / Clearance Sale.
While I am VERY sad Family Christian Bookstore is going out of business, I am excited about the goodies I got for 70% off!!!

My new Active Fit shirt & our new wall art!!!

298 / GPS Watch wrong.
OK... so my training runs lately have been HORRIBLE. Like my motivation has been down the drain.  It didnt help that it seemed like with every run, I was getting slower & slower - which I didnt think was possible.  Now, let me note that my Nike GPS watch bombed after the Papa John's 10 Mile race - but I found my original Garmin Forerunner... which is about 10 years old. But it still worked. Or so I thought. I was using it &it had my pace & distance SO SLOOWWWW that I was just getting so discouraged. Finally, this past week, when it said I wasn't even at 4 miles in 1 hour, I was like, THERE IS NO WAYYYYY - so I downloaded Map My Run on my phone & yeahhhhh - WAYYYY OFF!  Like my average pace was nearly 3 minutes faster than this watch was saying.  Let me tell you, I needed that boost before the race Saturday. .... needless to say, I'm on the hunt to get me a new GPS watch ASAP.

299 / New faces.
We had 2 new faces at our women's bible study group this week. That was fun Love how we have such a diverse set of ladies.

301 / Saw my MSM girls run.
It worked out so well when I went up to see my niece play tennis & she hadn't got a court yet so I had enough time to go over & watch my MSM girls small group get to run.  At first, I wasnt sure I was even going to find them in the SLEW of kids - but I got to the top of the hill & heard "REBECCAAAAAA" & they came running. Made my day.  I got to watch one of the girls run her race & then I watched my niece play.  After she was done with tennis, I went back to the track & ended up getting to watch another girl run as well.  Love cheering on these girls!!!

302 / Tennis Niece.
Sophia is just getting better & better with each match she's playing.  I'm so proud of her.  Hope she keeps it up so she can make the high school league one day.

So what good things are happening in your world this week?

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

What's Up Wednesday

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What We're Eating This Week

I've discovered these babies... & am loving them!
I'm all about a quick breakfast in the freezer when I am running late & these are fantastic.

& this has been my go-to lunch lately - especially with the nice weather so I can sit outside...
the quinoa salad (except I change out the kale for spinach) & tomato soup. Its just the BEST lunch!

What I'm Reminiscing About
CNN News

Did you see the latest news about diet soft drinks & how they can be tied to higher risks of dementia & strokes? ... I used to drink the daylights out of Diet Coke... I think back at it now & it freaks me out. I havent had a Diet Soft drink (any soft drink really) in about 4 or 5 years now. I am so thankful I gave those up... & dont even miss them now. They make me a little sick thinking about them actually.
I know its scary what sugar can do to a body - its even scarier to me what artificial junk can do as well.

What I'm Loving

Old Navy
Click pic for link to Old Navy

I found some white jeans I like. 
You cant even imagine the hunt I've been on - for YEARS - to find some good white jeans.
With the help of Beautifully Candid who turned me onto these babies, I was nervous about ordering another pair of jeans feeling like I was going to have to return them.
But I fell in love with these. They are a little long, which surprises me because most jeans are too short for me - but being summer, they are perfect to roll up for an ankle look.
Let's just say, I'm ordering another pair to stock up!

Side Note - I just looked back at my order & I had ordered TALL - that makes sense now.

What We've Been Up to

Trying to keep our little blind boy happy & safe.

What I'm Dreading

I had a sketchy mammogram come back last year & had to go back - that 2nd one came back ok - but I had to schedule for another one 6 months later... which is next week.
I'm dreading all of those nerves again...
If you want to lift up a prayer for me, I'd LOVE that...

What I'm Working On

Still working on my lettering & trying to add in some artist pieces to it...
I've had fun trying out new skills - trying out new pens, paper.
I just want ALL the pens & markers now.
Its not like my pen obsession wasn't bad enough before... oops.

What I'm Excited About

Getting my new treadmill delivered!!!
I CANT WAIT to play on it!!!

What I'm Watching/Reading
I mentioned Monday how I binged Trial & Error & the show The Imposters - totally love both of them.

Right now, I'm  into some oldies but goodies...

Image result for survivor 2017 game changers

Survivor just keeps getting better & better!  This season has been amazing to watch.  I never tire of watching human interaction & how its never easy to know what people are going to do - especially for a million dollars. 

Image result for scandal 2017

Scandal has really picked up its game this season.  Did anyone watch last week?
& FREAK OUT LIKE I DID? Didn't see that death scene coming.

What I'm Listening To

Image result for s-town podcast

Yep... I finished listening to the podcast everyone else has been listening to.
Not sure what to think.  It was just sad, & crazy & bizarre.  
& I'm not sure what the whole point of it was in the end... but it did hold my attention & I was anxious to hear every following podcast.  
Just shows how different people are in our own world.  The stories no one knows.
What did you think about it if you listened to it? I'm dying to hear others thoughts on it.

What I'm Wearing

 LulaRoe Alaina Mason

A bunch of LulaRoe!
My middle step daughter is selling the leggings now to raise money for a surrogate in her infertility journey so I'm all about supporting that as well as getting some adorable leggings.  She's been on top of letting me know when she gets in some leggings with roses on them.  I mean, as a Belle myself, I need all the rose things I can get.

Click the picture to visit her LulaRoe FB Page if you are looking for some leggings & want to support a good cause.

What I'm Doing This Weekend

Hopefully surviving 13.1 miles!!!! Fingers crossed!!

Image result for ky derby mini marathon

What I'm Looking Forward to Next Month

Memorial Weekend....
The kick off to some long weekends & time off work.

Be sure to come by Mix & Match Mama to join in   

Monday, April 24, 2017

The weekend that lazy slammed into my back....

I just want to know what happened to Spring?

Seriously... I sat in my house freezing, with the heat turned back on.  This isnt funny Mother Nature.

This weekend was one that originally started out one way & ended up a totally different direction.

I originally had 2 photo sessions scheduled but when the forecast turned on me, they got rescheduled & I ended up being a slug... & that's not a good thing. I was supposed to run 5 miles for my last long run. I'm telling y'all - I just couldnt make myself. Especially when it was cold out... & my treadmill has been threatening to throw me off of it (truth)... but we'll get to that in a second... but spoiler - I totally skipped my long run. for the 2nd weekend in a row..... BUTTTTT for the record, I'm going to try & get in my long run today since the sun is supposed to be out for the day & warm temps are creeping back up.

Anyways - Friday was the usual... grocery shopping, Penn Station with the hubs (this is really becoming our Friday tradition) & a bunch of lazy happening into the night.  Mainly because the hubs had to work on Saturday morning so he was in bed extra early, & when he's in bed, I dont want to bother him so I basically just keep the lights down in the house & do my old lady activity of knitting.  It's quite.

I ended up catching up on Trial & Error.  Anyone else watch that?  It reminded me so much of Park & Rec or The Office. I laughed so hard at it. & it looks like its going to come back... probably minus John Lithgow... but the rest of the cast is just as funny.

Image result for trial and error tv show

Speaking me of trying to be quiet when the hubs is trying to sleep - I was laughing so hard at this, it woke him up & he yelled, "Are you laughing or crying?"... it does kinda sound the same.

Saturday, as usual, when Ricky works, I'm up before the crack of dawn.  He gets up at his usual 4:00am so when he came in & woke me up at 6:30am & asked if I wanted to trim the dogs nails, I thought I was going to loose my every freaking mind.  6:30AM PEOPLE... asking me to work on the dog?? ... he sees nothing wrong with that at all. 6:30am is MID-MORNING to him.  Give me strength Lord.

Needless to say, when he left for work, I was bright eyes & couldnt go back to bed.  SIGHHHHH....

So I do what I like to do on my Saturday mornings... Bible Journal. & this time, I got to play around with these new babies ....watercolor gel crayons

I did a little IG Story on how I created this page too if you're ever interested in my bible journaling....

I loved how the color turned out.

& as usual, when the hubs is gone, I was able to get some cleaning done.  Got a few loads of laundry done... & then he called me & told me to head down the hill - we were going to look for a new treadmill.  YEHHAWWWW....

I had talked about joining a gym since my treadmill was on the fritz & Ricky reminded me how far away we live from the gym & its not really that convenient ... especially on days that I dont want to run outside anyways - cold days, snowy days, rainy days.  He's got a point. I do like being able to get on the treadmill any time of the day in my basement & not give two thoughts about it.

& I get that I just talked about not wanting to run anymore... but I still love a treadmill for walking & getting in my 10,000 daily steps.

So I rode down just to look at what my options were....

ended up going into the Family Christian bookstore where they are on their last week of being open. I'm so dang sad about this.  But came out with a few more goodies with everything being 70% off now.

Then Ricky got off work & met me & off we went looking for a new Milly.

We went to a few places & then I feel like I hit the jackpot!!!! I found one that was on clearance - half off & has everything I was wanting & plus some.  I am so excited about getting it.

Say Hello to my new friend

After deciding on that (it was like picking out a new car... geez...) I had to calm my nerves down - which means going to a craft store.  I came out with a few skeins of yarn & some lettering tools.

Ricky picked up some Chuys & I met him at home....& that's when the lazy really hit.

I debated doing something active... I mean, I just bought a new treadmill - active should be in my blood.  SHOULD is the optional word there.  Nope - instead, I ended up taking a shower & spending my whole night getting caught up & binging The Imposters. LOVING IT! I got through most of it... still have a few episodes to go...

Image result for The imposters tv

Our whole area was all excited about Thunder over Louisville - the biggest firework show in the US... me?  I just was happy to be under the covers, warm with my spoiled dog who just wanted to be held for hours on end.... that's the life.

He literally laid in my arms for 2 hours #spoiled

Sunday, poor Ricky woke up just not feeling good. He had a horrible head ache & he's having issues with his hernia again. He's in some serious pain... my poor guy... I'm afraid it could be his appendix too... he's just miserable, so he just stayed home while I went to church.

I left church to go to my women's bible study group. It was the last one in this study we are doing & not everyone could make it so we ended up having it at Q'doba so we could eat lunch together.

I was so giddy excited though when I walked in & saw a familiar face... one of the girls in our bible study group used to be in my youth class - Jordan.... (is this telling anything how old I am and/or how long I've been in youth ministry?)... but Jordan brought in another one of my old youth girls - they are like best friends & I ADORE both of these girls.  I especially LOVE seeing them together.  Their friendship is so special. They just make me so happy ... together? They make me EVEN HAPPIER.  I was expecting to see Jordan. I wasn't expecting to see Carly's face... so when I saw her across the restaurant, I ran across the place & grabbed her & hugged her so hard & didnt want to let go.  It made my day totally.  Such a fun surprise!!!

I was so glad she stayed with us during our study discussion too... I told her she's now a member & she's gotta come back.  It's in the rules ;) haha...I really am hoping I see more of her in our group.  We're such a diverse group of ladies - I know she would fit right in.

Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, people standing and stripes

It made me laugh so hard though when I was talking about the group of 7th grade girls I have now & Jordan & Carly where saying that they wanted to go meet these girls & tell them what it's like to be a "Rebecca OG"... haha... part of the original group of girls I've had.  I gotta tell you, it made my heart just smile knowing I have kept connection with so many of my girls through the years.  They are all so special to me... truly... 100%

I left our group & had intentions to go to Target but get this... I hurt my back getting ready for church earlier in the morning.

DID I JUST NOT TALK ABOUT JINXING MYSELF?  Yep... I just said last week I cant believe my knee / back / arm hasn't hurt during this training. Let me tell you - my knee popped Saturday night & feels off, my Bicep Tendon has been aching so much, I couldnt knit Saturday night  & yeahhhhh - I put on my jeans Sunday before church & turned & twisted my back. I was in such dire pain after our group, I had to just come home & lay down...

after picking up a Starbucks... of course...

But I KNEW I was going to jinx myself. Why did I even say anything?  I'm hoping its a quick muscle spasm thing.... geez....

So the weekend ended just as it began... on my couch... full of dogs laying all over me... I guess I can't complain.

How was your weekend?

Is it still warm where you are or you still riding a weather roller coaster?

Did you go to Thunder over Louisville - or even hear of it?

Do you watch The Imposters or Trial & Error?

Friday, April 21, 2017

Friday Favorites

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Favorite Food

Jamaican Jerk Spiced Grilled Eggplant!! A plant-based alternative to chicken and SO delicious! #vegan #glutenfree #plantbased #jerk #eggplant #minimalistbaker
Click Pic for link

Jamaican Jerk Grilled Eggplant!!!!
I am so in love with all the amazing vegetarian recipes out lately.

Favorite Info

Louisville City Guide

I always see the coolest things in other's hometowns & I always feel like our town doesnt have cool stuff.  So I loved this little reminder of all the neat things around Louisville.
Check it out if you live in the area... or if you're going to be visiting for Derby, here's your info you need.  Just CLICK the picture above to get to all the info.

Favorite Home Hack

diy pallet front deck:

OK -I've seen all you can do with pallets
but this may be one of my favorites!!!

Favorite Beauty & the Beast

Hermione and Belle - Lost in a Book by Apolar:

I love this so much....
The best of both worlds for Emma Watson - Belle with Hermoine.
All the YES!

Favorite Doodles


I am all about finding easy doodles to add personality to my hand lettering.
This is the kind of easy thing that's up my ally.
Add to any letter you're writing - any notebook - fancy things up a little.

Favorite Running Outfit

Princess Belle running costume. RunDisney 2015 :):
This girl is my hero

Favorite Peencha

Ooo gotta love the elderly:

Oh mercy... her sweet face

Favorite Funnies

Funny Picture Dump Of The Day 42 Pics:

Funny Picture Dump Of The Day 42 Pics:

Funny Picture Dump Of The Day 42 Pics:

Funny Picture Dump Of The Day 42 Pics:

Funny Picture Dump Of The Day 37 Pics:

Funny Picture Dump Of The Day 33 Pics:

... me every time we have to leave & the hubs is running late... (like EVERY Sunday!!!)

... every time I try to take a picture on a windy day

... when I have to go back to work after lunch on a pretty day

... when Harvey Dent doesnt let me love him after a tough day at work

... me at 4:00pm today

Happy Weekend Y'all!!!!

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