Thursday, May 31, 2012

Wonder about the story...

I took this picture a few weeks ago

I had gone to the doctor before my last half marathon

& while I was getting ready to get out of my car, I saw this....


this man came riding on his motorized wheel chair from across the parking lot

 & he got closer to this fire truck that was just sitting there

... no firemen anywhere...

& he got closer & just stopped

... & stared at it...

took in every bit of it

& I had to capture this moment

wondered if he was a fire fighter himself back in the day

wondered if he worked on a truck like this before

wondered if he always dreamed of growing up as a little boy
to someday drive a vehicle like this

I had to take this picture because I wonder what the story is for this man....

...everyone has a story...

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Wednesday... its already been so hectic at work... its our Board Meeting day, which means I've ran around my office since 6 am with my head cut off...

Now its time for me to take a breather & Hodgepodge a bit...

1. What can the average citizen do to honor a military veteran and/or those currently serving?

I'm anxious to hear others answers on this because I'm not sure myself.
The only person in my family that was in the military was my grandfather.  As a kid, I didnt 'get it' or appreciate what he sacrificed... but now that I'm older & see how NUTS the world is,  & hear the stories & see the pictures & know people who have loved ones, it becomes reality of what people give to serve our country... so I'd love to know how I can honor those who are so brave.

One thing I have actually done before.. I've seen people in uniforms - especially in an airport - & I've thanked them... just a quick "Thank you for serving" ... & the expression I've gotten in return?  Yeah - I think a simple "thank you" put a smile on their face.

2. Besides a flag, what is something you own that is red, white, and blue?

I cant really think of anything ... anything that had those colors usually is a piece of clothing with a flag on it... so that technically doesnt count...

& I know I dont 'own' them, but the first thing that came to my mind was my parents - haha!!!  My dad is a red head, my mom is ALWAYS wearing blue... & they're white... so there you go :)

3.  Does love really conquer all?

This again will prove how weird my mind works... first thing I thought of was a battle in the Lord of the Rings movie-kinda-feel.. & someone storming a castle with a bunch of roses & saying "I LOVE YOU" ... not gonna work...

But I think love can ONLY conquer all if its from both sides... you can love on one end, but if its not returned... then its probably not conquering nothin' ...

4.  Strawberry shortcake or blueberry pie?

Tricky... I usually pick pie over anything... but then you throw strawberries in at me & then you mess me up.... me love strawberries...& all you teacher-friends of mine, I know that sentence isnt correct in grammar terms, but when I think of strawberries, I think of my 3 yr old self... so its appropriate...

Can we just make it a strawberry pie? ... with cool whip....

5. Do you share personal stuff with your hairdresser?

My hairdresser & all the hairdressers in her salon are awesome... so yeah, I'm usually sharing personal stuff... if I'm not sleeping... mmmm.... hair brushing & fingers on your scalp during a shampooing? 

I'm usually just drooling from falling asleep instead of gabbing...

6. Does money lead to selfishness?

I wouldnt know...

Anyone want to give me some money & I'll test out the idea myself?

7. What piece of furniture in your home most needs replacing or refinishing?

My purple couch in "my" room... I take naps on this couch, I sit & knit on one side so the arm rest is pushed down... the other side is the dog's seat & they have the cushions messed up... I put covers over it to help hide it, but covers are just ugly too... but its oh-so-comfy....

you may remember this picture of my KT Tape sun tan... but look behind me... that's the couch... with the dog on it... covered... & looking awful...

I do a 'daily picture' on another site & you will usually see a different dog on there every day

8. Insert your own random thought here.

I get so tired of working out so much, trying to eat healthy & still being so.... whats a political correct term.... 'fluffy'?... its frustrating...

I wont rant on about it... but feeling fat-frustration lately... blame it on the closet change I did over the weekend.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Weekend Roundup

Weekend Roundup ... plus a day...

I'm so messed up... repeat to myself over & over - "Its NOT Monday - its Tuesday"

Here was my weekend


* Ricky worked this morning - but no sleeping in for me... got up & made some breakfast - wanting to get my run in before it was too miserable with the heat

* Went for my run early ... it was still too hot.  The humidity was INSANE & I literally was a sticky, sweaty mess.

* Cleaned up & ready to tackle my project of the day... MY CLOSET!!!

* Took me 3 hours - but it is so clean & organized now.  You cant tell from this pictures (weird angles wont let me snap a pic) - but my shoes are straight in boxes - by season... my clothes are organized... my knitting goodies are all in a tote labeled... my t-shirts were weeded through... I love just standing in my closet now

* I have 3 HUGE bags of nothing but clothes I got rid of... & still have a ton of clothes... & still feel like I have nothing to wear

* Grill out time... we made corn on the cob & mushroom burgers... yum!  Plus, some fresh Kale ... while watching "Princess & the Frog" ... that's just perfection to me.


* Miss the beginning of church for a Family Session... we were scheduled for 3:00 pm but it was going to be the hottest day of the year, so this family was wonderful to move it up till 9:30 ... it was still HOTTTTTTTT - but nothing like it was in the afternoon.

* These were my first "returning clients" :) ... I did Ashley's Senior Pictures last year... made me feel good to know they enjoyed my work so much that they'd come back

* Also my first session with a doggie... they're like working with children

* Chasity assisted me (she's my photography angel) & then we had to BOLT to Jr. High Small Group... we arrived a few minutes late & sweaty from the shoot - but glad to make it

* Ricky & I claimed it "Date Afternoon" & spent the day together...

* A Date afternoon of course always includes Target!!! ... which has Running Skirts on sale for $12.99 ... buy 'em up ladies!!!

* We went to the Japanese Restaurant... mmmm....

* Had to run out to the Senior High Small Group... loved our conversation on "dating"... the guys got to ask questions about girls & vice versa... loved one of the guys questions was "Why do girls have to go to the bathroom together?" ... trying to learn that one early I guess...

* Ricky drove his bike over to the small group & I drove him home... look at Ricky being Mr. Lance Armstrong :)

* We came home & watched "MegaMind" ... I was cracking UP... only to find out that Will Ferrel was the voice of the blue-dude... then it made perfect sense

* Ricky made me a bowl of popcorn during the movie.. I'm not a big popcorn fan - but WOW... it was the best tasting popcorn ever.  Come to find out - it was "Theater Butter Popcorn" ... after he told me that, I felt like I should run another 5 miles.  Didnt even want to look at the calorie count.

Monday (I wish every Monday was a weekend roundup day)

* Got up with intentions to do an early morning run outside ... but it was SIZZLING... so just stuck to the treadmill.  A fan blowing in my face is much nicer then 90% humidity at 9 am

* I want to be Kelly Ripa

* Our Memorial Weekend dinner consisted of Papa johns pizza... I'm addicted to pineapple on pizza now

* We watched "Tower Heist" ... wow... Ferris Bueller is looking OLD!!!!!

* I finished up my DVR with the Merlin finale shows ... now I'm sad its over & cant wait till next season

* We sat out front with Sydney for a bit & she discovered something we have... BEES!!!!! We had a bad time with them in our mulch a few years ago... in my best Poltergist voice... THEY'RE BACK!!!!!!

* Ricky went to war

* Our poor Sydney was stung... she's so allergic to everything & instantly swelled up.  We've had to do Emergency Runs to the vet before so she could get shots - so we keep Benadryl on hand... except what we had had expired. DANG IT!  So Ricky went out to get some more... & we live in the country & our only Sav-a-step was closed... so he had to drive further down to find a store that was open.

This was the intial swelling - it got much larger & ROUNDER :(

... her swelling went down in about an hour... not completely, but enough to where we knew it wasnt going to be an ER trip....

So it was a busy, fun, hectic, sweaty weekend.... I'll take more of them... especially if it involves 3 days!!!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea

Before a LONG weekend
(Thank you Sweet Jesus!!!)
Let's frag...

So much for Spring
Its going to be over 95 degrees here this weekend
& I've got a Family Session to photograph on Sunday
It was scheduled at 3:00 pm
Right when the sun could offically BAKE you
So we moved it up to 9:30 am
I can photoshop some shine off a face
...dripping sweat?  May be more difficult...

Still in Smart Phone Heaven
I downloaded the apps for some games yesterday
My good ole faithful - Words with Friends
& a Word Search
& Bejeweled (Love to not blink for minutes at a time playing this)
& some sort of basketball shooting game
& Sudoku

Now, I can sit with someone & not listen to a word they're saying

Any games I GOTTA have?


Finales - part 2
Dancing with the Stars:  SO happy Donald won.
I was rooting for Katherine
But just glad William didnt win.
I didnt want him to win because he was just hot
& while I loved Katherine, Mark has gotten a tad cocky
so loved in the end, Donald & Peta took it all

If it wasnt going to be Colton, I'm glad it was PPJr
... & when he teared up at the end?
Forget it... I was blubbering
I know he's 20 yrs old, but when he walked off the stage to go to his parents -
he looked like a little boy
America got this season right!

Revenge: HOLY COW!
Now THAT's a finale
(dont want to give anything away if someone hasnt seen it)
But I totally cried (stupid surprise crazy ex)
& I totally gasped (she's not really dead, right?)
& said WHAT? (she's still alive?)
Confused?  Good... watch it - its a fantastic show!

I cant find summer shirts I like ANYWHERE
t-shirts looks too frumpy
the prints looks too 'tropical' aka: STUPID
things are too low cut
I dont like sleeveless
My drawer is full of Old Navy T-shirts & I need to find something else
Any suggestions?

Got the cutest running skirt the other day at Kohls
We walked out & the buzzer went off
The cashier just said, "you're fine" & sent me on

I went to put on the skirt this week
... the stupid security pin was still on the side of the skirt...

I love this idea... a shower rod on the OTHER SIDE of the shower
to hang baskets... get it off the surface of the tub

Its been 3 months now since NO DIET COKE
... I kinda miss it...
but remember all the junk in it & wont drink it
... just miss the taste of something different


Because we havent seen the Ridicously Photogenic Guy in awhile....


Spat of the week:  Whose the HOTTEST?
... & not hot as in the Ridicously Photogenic Guy
... or Hugh Jackman
... or in my case, Emma Stone ... I know, I look JUST like her... right?
I'm talking about whose the hottest in the sense of dripping sweat.
My AC in my car is broke... my compressor is out... lovely
Ricky's car he drives to work - it works, but it just takes a bit to cool down
So everyday, when I get home from work,
I'm literally nauseated from a 120 degree interior
But Ricky say's his car is hotter..
...something about the interior, the color of the car...
all kinds of scientific stuff
... that he has no background in science...
So its probably going to come down to see who can wring more sweat out of the back of their shirt at the end of the day

I'll wring the sweat out of my shirt...
Anything to win an spat


Hope you all have a wonderful Friday
& a fantastic Memorial Weekend!!!!
Stay cool ... literally & figuratively :)

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Wednesday... Hodgepodge time..

 1. What's something you miss about the 80's? If you're too young to miss the 80's how about the 90's?
I miss the 80's HAIR BANDS!!!!  ... it was rock... but understandable rock...
I think 'rock' of today bites.  Its either so hard that you cant even understand the words & its just someone screaming... or its so 'moody' - the "Nirvana" type of mood thats just not rock.
Def Lepard, Motley Crue, Bon Jovi, Poison, Survivor, White Snake... some good stuff
I could listen to Hair Band Rock Ballads all day long too
 I also miss mixed tapes, blue eye liner, side ponytails & Aqua Net bangs ... you had to be there to appreciate that stuff...

2. Do you have a library card? If so, how often do you visit?

My mom used to take me to the library all the time when I was little - I LOVED it - like a little Matilda - but opposite of the parents who were crazy & didnt want their child to read.  But the same with the little girl who loved the read.

Now?  I just got a library card not too long ago - but have only been once.  I just find it too convenient to buy the books on Amazon & have them delivered.  My checking account would probably be happier if I went to the library more.

And now with my Kindle?  I dont even have to wait for deliveries.. instantly to my e-reader.  Inventions are GOOD!

3. What's the secret to success?

Attitude & Acceptance.
..or just finding the secret on Pinterest
Source: via Jane on Pinterest
4. This is National Backyard Games week...what's your favorite backyard game?
First of all, it would have to be the Front Yard games for me... or else we're tromping in dog poop... not fun makings for any kind of game.  Unless its a "Fear Factor" kind of game...
But we're Southern Folk & that brings the game of Corn Hole.. Ricky's really good that game. Me?  With my screwed up shoulder?  I cant toss anything anymore.  My backyard - or front yard - game of choice?  Reading in my rocking chair... is there an Olympic event for that?  
5. If I dropped by today what would I find on your coffee table?
Is it bad I dont have a coffee table?  What constitues a coffee table?  Is that a side table - I do have one of those... but when I think of coffee table - I think of 'in the middle of the room, in front of the couch' thing.  Nope - dont have one.
All my other tables, if we're counting those, in the foyer, in the corner of the living room, by the couch... only thing on them are pictures... & lamps...
a simple gal... with simple tables
6.  Do you own a bicycle? When was the last time you rode a bicycle? Is that something you enjoy?
Yes - we do own a bike..
I talked about this not too long ago.... I cant ride them because my husband put them out of reach from me.
Seriously!! He put them up in the rafters of the garage so I CANT ride them.
With our country roads, he said he knows I'll either a.) get hit by a car on the country roads or b.) come flying down the hills & fall & bust my head or c.) DIE going up the country hills...
So I have a Spinning Bike... does that count?  & No - I dont enjoy it.  My butt hurts WAY too bad everytime I sit on it...
7. What's your favorite cheese?
Mmmm... cheese.... mmmmm....
I love Hot Pepper cheese... I love mozzerella... I love cheddar... my fav probably will be Swiss cheese though. 
But trying to go Vegan, I've been buying Vegan Cheese made from soy... its not as bad as you may think... but my heart still goes out to Swiss...
8. Insert your own random thought here.
So I found the answer to my question yesterday about Instagram...
There's a site - that will show you your friends pictures from Instagram & let you find others & follow them as well...
Its like a Facebook status or mini blog, but in pictures - get to see people's lives in action - love that

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Y'all know I like photography & all thing pictures

& I've been seeing "Instagram pictures" everywhere... I mean EVERYWHERE...

On Twitter, Facebook, even contests with the best Instagram picture

So that was of course, one of the first apps I downloaded

& I got registered

Here is my first Instagram picture I took

Not very exciting - I know....

it was taken at lunch yesterday while I was setting up my account - hence the silverware sitting in the middle of my desk

Yes, I was watching "The View" with the President visiting for the day

So, I know since I'm one of the last ones to get this app & jump on the Instagram-wagon, tell me what I should know about it

... is there a way to look at everyone's pictures OTHER then the phone? Not an online place that stores the pictures?

... & let me know if you're on there so I can follow you

My name on Instagram is the same as my Twitter name - rebeccajoknits

even though, with my bicep tendonitis, I havent knitted in awhile...
that's another story...sigh...

So give me some downlow on some Instagram knowledge

Monday, May 21, 2012

Weekend Roundup

Friday Evening

* Got caught up in my Housewives of Orange County... Its nice to DVR & watch 4 episodes at once... Something about Vicky constantly shaking her head "No" whenever anyone says anything, it just gets me so irritated.  I couldnt fall asleep until late.


* Got to sleep in till 7 am ... which yes, that's sleeping in for me. Remember, my alarm goes off at 4:30 am ... so 7 am felt like heaven.

* It was warming up QUICK & we needed to take a car to the shop for new tires, but Ricky was so kind & let me get my run in first so I didnt have to do it later... in 90 degree temps

* .. the humidity was still crazy at 8 am & I was a sweaty mess

* A Quick wash up & we're off to drop off a car... & while we waited, we stopped by T-Mobile since it was next door to the tire place.  We've been with T-Mobile since they were GTE South (anyone else remember that?) ...over 10 years... but we made the step.  We are in the world of Smart Phones!  We got the Samsung Galaxy Blaze with 4G ...I just want to check out the apps now!!!

* Even better?  I found a running skirt at Target on clearance for $12.00 ... you'd think I'd won the lottery when I found that in the store!

* We stopped at the local ice cream shop on the way home... I got a Reese's Yogurt... & was ready to hurt at the end ...

* FINALLY got to upload some pictures I took 2 weeks ago... they were a surprise for a family member so they were kept on the downlow... but now, I can share this beautiful family...

I just love the way they're looking at each other
... you can swoon now...


* Got to teach the Jr. High gang about dating... it was fun because I got to remind them that I was once a Jr. High kiddo myself... & it just felt like yesterday I was in their shoes.  Time really does fly by...

* Came home with intentions to clean the house - or work on that closet I was wanting to get at ... nope, I didnt... I just wanted to sleep & take a nap. I just ended up playing with my phone & getting some new ringtones.  Yes - when my phone rings now, it plays "Party Anthem" ... Everyday I'm shuffling...

* Ricky made me put his ringtone as the "Superman Theme" :)

* Back to church to hear my buddy Ryan give the dating lesson to the Senior High... it was his BEST LESSON EVER... so powerful & real... I told him, it makes me so proud to see him becoming this wonderful speaker to these teenagers... I remember him IN high school & now, he leads them... makes me teary eyed

* Home & just sad that there is no more "Once Upon a Time"

Let's hope the week is wonderful!!!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea

Friday... fragging time


My goal this weekend?
Time to pack up the sweaters & sweatshirts
& break out the tank tops & shorts
The scary part of the task?
I'm going to try to organize my shoes
Know what its like to have 7 boxes of running shoes
& 30 pairs of Old navy Flip Flops?


These are AWESOME!!!
I got some Greek Yogurt with Honey & Strawberry
You put it in a sandwich bag, cut off the end & pipe onto wax paper
put in the freezer
& enjoy the cold YUMMY that follows!!!

I've been in BUG HELL this week
In my window at work, I've had termites flying all around my head,
crawling in my window sill
& worse?  All over the baseboard of the floor
... right by my purse & bag...

But no one would do anything about it
What kind of work conditions IS this?
Finally, yesterday, I walked in & saw the 'swarm' again
& said, HECK NO!
I was on the hunt for bug spray at 6:00 am
That's a harder task then you think
.... & now, you can be itchy with me....

Dont know if its the new vegetarian/vegan diet...
but my blood pressure?
Averaging about 95/65
Hope that's a good thing


Finale Season:
Grey's Anatomy - while VERY sad, I was disappointed
Vampire Diaries - I cried, I gasped, I cant imagine next season
Once Upon a Time -  FANTASTIC!  Belle is back!!!!
Private Practice - a baby without a brain?  Could you BE any sadder?
The Office - Dont even care anymore

Cant wait for Dancing with the Stars!!!

& the REVENGE Finale...
but the dog dying?  Shut up... I was ugly crying like no other...

Funny of the day

Spat of the Day:  Windshield Wipers
Mother's Day - it happened again
Rain... & Ricky driving
& for some reason, he feels the need to NEVER turn on his windshield wipers
... & I'm talking DOWN POUR RAIN...
where you cant see out the window at all
I asked him, "Can you really see out that window?"
to which he said, "It looks totally fine to me"
...which totally scares me now that his vision normally looks
like rain covered windows...

I think I'll drive more now


Have a fabulous Friday all!!!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

why I dont like May 17th...

Today is May 17th

... its a day I dont ever forget...

Its been five years today that my friend, Stephanie, has gone to be with Jesus

(From our Gatlinburg trip - 2004... the funnest trip EVER!!!)

I was thinking of how much has changed in five years.

... I have 2 grandbabies... Steph would have LOVED their blond hair

... her son has gotten married... to a girl that Steph picked out a LONG time ago

... her oldest daughter is getting ready to get married ... Steph longed for her daughters happiness & would have loved to see her find the perfect man

... she has a new grandson that she would have kissed until those adorable lips fell off

... her other grandchildren are growing up into beautiful people

... I hadnt started in photography yet... Steph would have loved to check out new places to use as settings

... I hadnt started cooking like I do now - especially healthy, vegetarian/vegan dinners... Steph is the one who came to my house the night before Thanksgiving & laid EVERYTHING out for me to make my first Thanksgiving dinner at my house

... I hadnt run my first race ... I told Ricky I know Steph would have been at the finish lines of my big races with signs... Ricky said, "I dont think so... she'd be RUNNING it with you".... true... so true...

Its wild to see how life goes on...

But you never forget the people who mean so much to you & make your life a happier place...

& I cant wait until I get to Heaven & see her & hear everything thats happened in the years for her!!!!  The things she's experienced with Jesus & all the people she loves in Heaven...

I bet her list trumps mine...


Today is also the one year anniversary of when my Papaw fell & hit his head - which he passed away 2 weeks later from...

I still think about that & get so upset that this strong man, who lived through World War II & so much 'life' - ended up falling down the steps & hitting his head.  I get so ticked off about it...

No - I really dont like May 17th...

I think I need some chocolate today of some sort...

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Same words... different meaning

I dont think we realize the power in our words...

A coworker of mine needs to be out next week to be with her husband...

The timing falls in the time of a payroll that is very time consuming...

when she's not here, I do it...

I dont mind doing it.. it makes my day so busy & overloaded, but that means that time flies by & before I know it, its time to go home

... yipee for busy days...

But when she told me she was going to be out, she said,

"You have to keep it up & have it ready to be sent by Wednesday"

... yes, there was emphasis on the 'have'... & we're talking about delivering these words not in a friendly, kind tone.... at all...

OK... I expected to do the work... no one else can do it ... that's not the issue at all

It was just the way it was said

...& now my attitude about it is just grumpy...

...those words, "You HAVE to"...

does that throw anyone else off?

Like, if she said, "Could you help me out & do the payroll?"

what a difference that would make...

...& even if a 'please' or 'thank you' were in there?  Knock me over!!!

I know its my job - & I'd do it regardless... but like I said, its about the words that were used & the way it effected my attitude about it.

If I was approached nicely & with courtesty, it changes the way I feel about it...

But as I try to learn from things in life, I thought about this ....

How many times in life do people say things so coursely without even thinking?

Seeming to be 'ordering', instead of 'asking'...
Seeming to be in charge, instead of wanting to work together...
Seeming to be selfish, instead of caring about others...

I know it's at work a lot...

but how about even in our own homes
How we speak to our spouses, our children, our family members...

Do we speak without thinking how it really sounds?
Do we realize how much it affects the reaction & attitude of others?

It's really opened up my eyes on how I say things...

Today, I challenge you on how you speak, what you say, & most importantly, HOW you say it....

A gentle answer turns away wrath,
but a harsh word stirs up anger.
Proverbs 15:1

If you can - watch this video... its under 2 minutes... & so powerful & a great reminder of this whole point....

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Walk this way...

I love this video...

but the funny thing?

I've walked like this for quite awhile...

ask Ricky...

Now, I just need to get a gang to join me...

what should our gang colors be?  Neon?  Or something glittery?...

Its gotta have FRINGE too :)

Monday, May 14, 2012

Weekend Roundup


* Stopped by the grocery intending just to pick up a few things... left spending $110.00 - how does that happen?

* I got my Starbucks Carmel Frappaccino ... FINALLY...

* Glad I had something cold - I got stuck in traffic on the way home.  My AC is broke in my car & I had $110 worth of cold stuff... I was in mid panic sucking down that Frappaccino in a nervous reaction.

* Ricky had to work on Saturday so he was in bed early... for some reason, I couldnt sleep & not tired at all.  Perfect time for me to catch up on my DVR.  And I noticed I was 3 episodes behind on Housewives of New Jersey (Teresa - you are INSANE) & Housewives of Orange County (Heather - I want your house)


* Ricky was working & this was the first Saturday in MONTHS where I had no early plans... so I'm up at 6:30 am anyways... ugh...

* got a nice run in early... & the humidity was already full force...

* I made DRIED BEANS!!!! For the first time in my life!  Yes, I'm 40 & this is the first time... but better late then never.  I soaked them the night before & then put them in the crock pot .. everyone said I needed to put pork in them.  but I loaded all kinda of spices in that baby & even added potatoes, &  it was DELISH!!!!  A little slab of multi-grain, warm bread to go along?  Yes - I'll be doing this again soon.

* Headed out to meet some Prom Party People for some pictures...  Downtown area is a great backdrop

 * Prom ladies are always so beautiful... I love to see how the styles change through the years...


* AVENGERS!!!!!  Oh my GOODNESS... that movie is pretty epic.  I actually did a fist pump, ala Arsenio Hall & cheered & clapped my hands at parts... & of course, was the only one in the theater who laughed TOO hard at parts...

Source: via Rebecca on Pinterest

* I got a new running skirt... that has like pleated ruffles on the butt...

* Got to spend a great day with my momma & family... & do you know, I didnt take one picture?  It must have been the dreary, grey, rainy day.

* My parents both have knee problems, so I took some KT Tape over & taped them both up... they were amazed... actually went right online & bought 3 rolls for themselves.  No one believes the magic is does until they feel it for themselves ...

* Ricky told me I need to get a job as a KT Tape representative... they actually travel to races across the country & do demonstrations... I need to apply...

* I got to clean out some old drawers I had as a teenager while at my parents... found some great 80's stuff... as well as old pictures, cards, clothes... & my wisdom teeth.  I think I should make a necklace out of them.

* Got home to watch my DVR steaming... Celebrity Apprentice finale - Survivor finale - & Once Upon a Time Seaon Finale... I didnt get to see the end of Apprentice, but did watch the other 2... going to miss Once Upon a Time this summer!

Hope the week flies as fast as the weekend did!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday Fragment

Mommy's Idea

This may very well be the most random, useless, no-sense Fragments ever..
My brain is hurting... or you could call it a headache... but I tend to think its my brain
So I'll just give what my aching brain can offer
Let's frag


Its finally felt like Spring around here...
days in the 70's - cool - no humidity
Thank God because my AC in my car broke
& I hate getting out of my car with a shirt thats stuck to my back with sweat


We've got to go see it this weekend
or my marriage may be in trouble

Ricky is still upset he didnt get to see it Opening Weekend

I reminded him the same movie that played last weekend
is the same one that's playing this weekend

Anyone see it?
Is it fantastic?
I have a crush on Robert Downy Jr. anyways
(no... nowhere like my crush on Mr. Steven Curtis Chapman or Mr. Hugh Jackman)
so I'm looking forward to it

Source: via Marisa on Pinterest

The weird item in my co-op basket this week:
Russian Kale

It looks almost furry & really rigid
Have no clue what to do with it
but will attempt my first try at Kale Chips tomorrow

I've learned if you dont know what a veggie is,
slap on some olive oil, garlic & salt & put it in the oven
... it makes everything taste better...


The Voice:
I quit watching awhile back
But geez...
I keep hearing about Christina's hatred of Adam's guy, Tony

maybe she's just uncomfortable in those dresses that are squeezing the life out of her?


Celebrity Apprentice:
I hate Lisa got kicked off...
maybe its because she's a loud Italian, but I loved her
I just dont want Aubrey to win.
Just marry her off to Mr. Trump's son & she'll be happy
I want a Clay Aiken - Arsenio Hall Finale

But Mr. Trump likes big boobs - so I'm predicting Aubrey is in the finale


This week has been
Happy Hour Frappaccino week at Starbucks
... & I havent made it one time...
I'm so disappointed in myself

but I WILL go this afternoon
I gotta get in at least one

maybe I'll make up for lost time & get 5
& have the most epic BRAIN FREEZE EVER!!!!


I have to say, the 80's did something right
When I went running yesterday, I had on
Neon yellow shorts, neon pink tape on my knee, neon green tape on my arm,
& my running shoes are neon green/blue
... let me tell you...
Neon makes your skin look TAN!

I forgot how it did that
Guess its the glow of the hideous colors
... & I LOVE IT!!!...

next time I wear all that
I've got to remember a side ponytail & some blue eye shadow

By the way,
I actually did kinda look like those girls at the bottom yesterday :)


Spat of the week: POP Chips & M&M's

Set up the story:
We're leaving Nashville last Sunday.
We had breakfast around 8:30 am... it was now 2:30 pm
I was starving...
so we had some Pop Chips in the car
I opened them up & only had like 5 chips when Ricky was like,
"DONT EAT - we're going to eat on the way home"
OK - I'm just ate those to not pass out at this point

So I end up falling asleep on the ride home & when I wake up,
we're already just an hour out from home

We pull over to get gas & then talk about where we're going to eat...
But then Ricky says, "Give me those M&M's in your purse"
I get them out & then it hits me

He got upset with me about eating 2 hours ago & now he's going to eat M&M's as we're trying to find a place to eat?
I reminded him of that

Let's just say,
the M&M's ended up getting thrown out the window at 70 mph
& we didnt end up eating until we got home
... & then we got pizza from the gas station...

I'll never look at a bag of Pop Chips & M&M's again the same...

FYI - Ricky brought home a bag of M&M's a few days later
we just looked at them & laughed


Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Letter To...

Dear Internal Clock,

When I woke up this morning & saw the room was still dark, I thought I had plenty of time to go back to sleep.  But that's when I rolled over & saw it was 4:45 am

I laid there confused for a few minutes.  Is that right? What day is it? Who am I?  Where am I?  I tend to be a little fuzzy headed in the wee early hours.

We both know that my alarm clock goes off at 4:30 am... we know that too well.  I know you realize that because I seem to always wake up a few minutes before it goes off.  Its either you're doing Mr. IC ... hope you dont mind that I feel so close to you, that I can call you Mr. IC...or its my dog's doing.  Bruno does have a tendancy to bark at the most inappopriate times.  Like when he knows I have 30 minutes until the alarm goes off - why bother to go back to sleep?

I laid there & when my brain came back online, I remembered the day before & I hit the alarm clock funny.  With the buttons touching each other, I must have turned the alarm clock off. 

Remind me Mr. IC to write a letter to the manufacturer of these clocks that must think that tiny, little fairy hands turn off the buttons ... and they forget that its in the pitch dark as well...

So I just wanted to write you to thank you for waking me up, Kramer style.

Now, if you could get the weekends from the weekdays straight, I'd appreciate it.

Your Sleepy Friend

Wednesday, May 09, 2012


Wednesday in Norweigan means "Hodgepodge"
(sounds about right?)

So let's get to it...

1. What's a pet peeve you have when vacationing?


Because vacation means travel... & travel means I turn shades of green or white ... & usually have my stomach protest any kind of movement...

Doesnt vacation sound like fun for me?

2. Are you a light packer or do you need everything in your closet plus the kitchen sink?

I'm fairly easy... I can get everything in one bag...

usually because I know that no matter where I go, there's a Walmart near & I can run & pick something up... from shampoo, to make up, to flip flops...

I had a friend, that when her mom would come visit her, she'd come with nothing.  Then she'd go to Goodwill & buy a few days worth of clothes - it would cost like $10.00 - & then at the end of the trip, she'd just donate them back.

Cheaper then the cost of luggage on a plane...

3. What's the best lesson a child ever taught you?

I could talk on this forever... but here's just a few...

...giggling is fun...
...take naps to rev up some energy...
...take time to play....
...believe in simple things...
...skip whenever possible...
...everything tastes better with ketchup...

4. Share one piece of advice you'd give a recent graduate as they attempt to enter the job market?

Keep your car clean...

I have no idea what that means ... that just came to mind....

I'll probably think of a deep, purposeful meaning in it later...

5. What's your favorite lemon something?

Lemon cake is wonderful... Lemon Bars are delish...

but I'm a simple gal & love me some Lemon Heads!

Love when you get the REALLY sour ones that make your jaw pucker  up!

6. Flat sandal, wedge, heel...your favorite footwear?

I'm usually a flip-flop, or flat sandal kinda gal.  My feet cramp up if I'm in heels too long.  I do like wedges - but always feel funny in anything that makes me taller.

But lately, I've got more running shoes then anything else.  Just bought another pair because they were half off ... which translates to "MUST BUY"...

I actually take better care of my running shoes then any of my other shoes too - only wear them for the work outs, unlace the shoes, box them up afterwards.  Its kinda odd my obsession with them.

7. What do you like best about a beach holiday? If you're not a beach lover (GASP!!) what do you dislike the least?

I've said it many times... give me mountains over beaches... I'm not a beach fan.

From water that you cant see through, which means creatures are around you & you have no idea what's ready to bite your toes off... to the sand that gets in places sand should NEVER be... just send me in some tranquil mountain.

I'll take a bear over a shark anyday

8. Insert your own random thought here.

Did you see where a  paralyzed woman finished a marathon 16 days after it started??? She had some sort of robotic contraption on her legs... but FINISHED!!!

But they wouldnt give her a medal because her time disqualified her... REALLY??


But the goodness of people!  Some others came to watch her finish & gave her their medals...

I cried when I saw this story!!

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