Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Making the most of every opportunity...

Our Pastor has been talking lately about how you dont have to stand on the street corner & yell about Jesus... or you dont have to say Jesus' name in every conversation when you talk to someone. If that's your calling - that's fine - but you dont HAVE to! Sometimes, you just have to SHOW the love of Jesus & then people will naturally want to know how you can love like that... or why you want to love like that....its a natural progression of sharing your faith.

Today, I was reading some scripture for the day in Colossians I came across this:

Live wisely among those who are not believers & make the most of every opportunity. Let your conversation be gracious & attractive, so that you will have the right response for everyone -Colossians 4:5-6 (NLT)

I hope you feel a sense of burden or relief off your shoulders with those words - "Make the most of every opportunity'.... I know I felt it. I felt like I didnt have to carry a burden that I HAVE to save all the lost! I know I want the lost to be saved - but its not all on me. Its a collective job. And my job is to make the most of the opportunity I have.

For instance - my opportunity may be to just help someone in the store who cant reach something & then give them a smile & wish them a nice day... then maybe its the cashier's opportunity to show a tad of grace & so on & so on... & somewhere along that road, it will be someone's opportunity to introduce Christ to that person. And I think we will ALL have that opportunity to be the one who introduces someone to Christ... but no pressure to force it on everyone... make sense? Hope so!

And the last part of that verse really hit me too! We live in a world where we want to share OUR opinions, OUR thoughts - heck - that's why I have a blog! - but the words "Right response for everyone"... what does that mean? And all of a sudden - the word LOVE just came to me. How can LOVE not be a response to everyone? How can it ever be the wrong response? It cant be! And who is LOVE? Yep... God....

Look for your opportunity today to show the Love of God!!!

Monday, September 28, 2009

The muppets, some slips & the BAAAZZZZZ

Before we even get started... the MAN is in the house... Baaaaazzzzz... the maker of Moulin Rouge & Strictly Ballroom AND Romeo & Juliet... love this dude!

We get started with Joanna & Derek - I still dont dig this girl. Cant help it. And WHO in the heck decided she needed to look like Rapuntzel tonight? That was some massive hair....

Natalie & Alec - the Million Dollar Mermaid! This girl, I think could be the diamond in the rough. She was so elegant & I thought she did a great job. Of course, judges had to pick on the one thing she mentioned in her piece - that she holds her breath. Would they really have known that if she didnt say anything about it? hmmm...

Chuck & Anna - SCARY... only word I can think of... dude looked like he would KILL you if you said anything bad about his dancing... so moving on....

Melissa & Mark - love the polka dot dress & the shoes. Jive was just a little too much for her little Sabrina the teenage witch feet.... they needed some magic put on them.

Michael Irvin & Anna - He definitely has improved his dancing. But no wonder - the man is working like 20 hours a day & says mantras of "I know pain".... that makes dancing sound like SOOO much fun

Debbie Mazar & Maks - this is why I'm going to like this couple - she's already telling Maks to quite talking to her like an idiot. She's going to be a good equal for him. And this couple is pretty darn smart! Using Baz's own soundtrack from Moulin Rouge. I'd choose them to win just for this dance with this song alone! ... who says I'm not easily swayed.

Louie Vito & Chelsea - again - his smile is going to pull him through the competition... not his dancing... but it IS just a darn cute smile! Aaron Carter & Karina - Who picked that music? The Muppet Show Theme? Seriously? All the music out there in the world & you pick the theme to the Muppet Show? weird.... I will give it to Aaron though - even wearing that hideous green suit - he did dance well!

Kelly Osbourne & Louie - I LOVE this girl. I love her face gives it all away - when she messes up & when she's happy. Poor thing obviously messed up - but I love that Tom whispered to her "Dont give up" & that her mom gave her the fists of "HANG IN THERE".... I just want to root for her!

Kathy Ireland & that hottie Tony - "Shall we Dance" from the King & I... weird costumes... stiff dancing... but smiles always on her face...you gotta like her regardless of how bad her dancing is.

Mark & Lacy - a stumble at the beginning - but the master martial artist recovered like the grasshopper he is! And Lacy just looked so cute in her 1940's look...

Mya & Dmitry - OK - besides Dmitry looking disturbing as a nerd with his FLOOD waters - not even HIGH waters - this dance was A-MAZ-ing!! She looks like a pro!

Tom Delay & Cheryl - Poor guy... I really like this guy. Seriously - compare him to the likes of George Hamilton & Jerry Springer & some of the older guys of the past seasons. This guy really has rhythm & can dance. But my heart broke for him at the end where he stumbled & almost dropped Cheryl. The look on his face just about killed me.... he looked so disappointed & like he let Cheryl down. It just made me sad..... I dont know why - but I like this guy!

Donnie Osmond & Kim - I've been waiting all night for him to dance!!!! And I wasnt disappointed... cant say anything bad about this guy!!!! Glad they saved him to the end...

So who do you like? And did you notice all the dances seemed WAY short tonight? Or is it just me? Thoughts? Who do you think is going tonight? I'm thinking Kathy... lets talk some dance!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Wrapped in Love

What is "Wrapped in Love"? It's our new Knitting/Crochet Ministry that has started at our church!

You all know I love knitting... well my sister friend Lynn is just as nuts about it as I am... maybe even more so when it comes to socks! This woman can CRANK them out!

So we were going through a Knitting Shawl Ministry book one day & she got a fire lit under her about forming a group in our church & asked if I was up for it. Seriously? Me? Up for knitting? That's a no brainer!
We decided to call our group "Wrapped in Love" - why? Because we are going to take our shawls & donate them to the center where my dear friend Stephanie took her chemo & where our wonderful sister in Christ, Vicki, is currently taking treatments.

Me & Steph

Our beautiful Vicki & her daughter, Sha

If you never have been to an oncology center (& I pray you haven't) then you know the atmosphere of people sitting taking their treatments. It is full of nurses & doctors that have such encouragement on their face - its full of people who are fighting with all that they have - & its full of people who you can tell are struggling. Well, in their struggles, we want to bless them - to let them feel like they are wrapped up in a bunch of love... more importantly, wrapped up in Jesus' love.

We have some wonderful ladies at the church that are on board (including Vicki herself!!!) & we are excited about where this is going to lead. We will take these shawls, or lapghans (or eventually socks & hats) & pray over these things before we send them out. God knows who they will go to & God knows how this will touch them... somehow, someway...

Here is a picture of our "Wrapped in Love" Gang & a picture of the beautiful shawl that Lynn made. It is freshly prayed over & had a specific person its going to that is fighting her fight with cancer.

If anyone is around our area, we meet every 2nd & 4th Thursday at our church.... we'd LOVE to have you! And dont be afraid - we teach new students too... give you a taste of yarn & blessing others in the meanwhile... what a good combo!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Six Word Saturday

Do I want to do it again?????.....

Look what came in the mail....

If you cant see what that is - its an early application for the Mini Marathon for 2010! I made it a goal to do it for the first time last year... & lived to tell about it...

So do I want to do it again? I saw that application & my stomach dropped, but my spirits were raised... dont let the scared face fool you... I'm actually thinking about doing it again! ... OK, maybe the scared face is a little real! I would like to beat my time from last year though. And now, I know what to expect... so I think I can be even more prepared...

13.1 miles... time to get ready for it all over again!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday Fragments

Friday Fragments?

*COUNTDOWN officially begins! One week from today, guess who's coming in!

*And look at Julie's cute little pregnant belly! Cant wait to rub it & talk to it so this new little grandbaby can her his Nanny & Pappy's voice!

*Julie had her ultrasound this past Monday too... so guess what we're having.... ANOTHER GRANDSON!!!!! WHOOO HOOO!!!! Look at this little face... isnt it already the most precious face! And picturing Isaac as a big brother is just blowing my mind!!!! Now... gotta get them all to move up this way... missing them already is insane... add another baby in the mix, & I think my heart is going to explode with missing this gang!

*If one of these boys were by his Nanny... I think I'd have to dress him up for Halloween... I saw this on Etsy & with Ricky's love of KISS, I'd totally have to dress one of these grandsons up in this! Isnt it great!

*Spat of the week: Fall Decorations!!!! I pulled out some of my pumpkins & Fall leaves & haunted houses & put them up on the sly... why the sly? Because Ricky has always said from the time we've been married - NO DECORATIONS until October!!! HUH? I dont know why - but he's always said that. He was deep into a game on x-box & I pulled it out & decorations went up... he came up & immediately said "Its not October"... needless to say - I'm not taking them down!

*Anyone else see "Modern Family".... I laughed so hard, I had tears coming out of my eyes!!!!

*DOES ANYONE KNOW WHY?.... when I am doing Jazzercise & lift my arms above my head to do anything overhead - like overhead presses or tricep work, I feel like I'm going to black out!!! Anyone know why?

*CUTENESS ALERT!!!!! - My dad was sitting with the twins & my mom put in a Sponge Bob movie. My dad said "Oh God, not him again" - Sophia said "Papaw, you said a bad word" - dad couldnt figure out what he said. She repeated what he said & then said "How would you like it if God would say "OH TOM!!!!!".... pretty smart for a 4 yr old!
Hope everyone has a Fabulous Friday!!!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Who wants one?

I think I found my next knitting project....

Anyone else want one? I mean, doesnt everyone WANT to go around scarying children as you walk down the street?

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Our backs...

There was a story from my lesson Sunday that has still just been burned into my head... which means I gotta burn it into someone elses head.
I am - admittedly - not a sports fan. But I was reading about Dave Dravecky. He pitched for a major league baseball team until it was discovered he has cancer. He ended up loosing his pitching arm to the disease & his career was shattered. He wrote a book called "When you Can't Come Back" & he discusses how his pains & trials ended up drawing him closer to God then ever before. But look at this one paragraph that just changed the way I looked at trials...

"Someone once said the difference between American Christianity and Christianity as it's practiced in the rest of the world has to do with how each views suffering. In America, Christians pray for the burden of suffering to be lifted from their backs. In the rest of the world, Christians pray for stronger backs so they can bear their suffering.... That's why we look away from the bag lady on the street & look to the displays in store windows. That's why we prefer going to movies instead of hospitals & nursing homes."

I don't know about you... but I don't want to turn God into a cosmic vending machine, or a genie out of a lamp... "Please Lord, take this away".... & blink, its done.... I want to go through trials saying "God, help me deal with this - make me stronger so I can get through it with Your Power!"... what a difference...
Maybe then, if we are strong enough to take the burdens on, we'll be able to help others & take their burdens on us as well...

Lord, may be all pray for stronger backs....

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Ladies Night

Here we go again... Ladies Night! Diving right in...

*Debi Mazar & Maks - First, I gotta say, I love an Italian chatty girl! I love that she irks Maks too! But chatty chic has some clumsy legs - doesnt she? Hopefully she'll get some strength in them. All I could picture too was Batman Forever - I dont know if I ever saw her in anything else. Its going to be fun to watch her & Maks together though... for sure! *Melissa Joan Hart & my Fav MARK!!!! - Does this girl age? She still looks like Sabrina the teenage witch! And Mark is a fan of that show? OK - now I'm worried about my little favorite guy!

*Mya & Dmitry - DANG... she has the arms, the grace, the beauty... & Len's gotta go & be all grumpy about the choreography... this is going to be a fun couple to watch this year!

*Kathy Ireland & my 2nd Fav TONY!!!! - OK - I dont get it... why are models the most uncoordinated people ever? Seriously, its really weird. I am totally rooting for her now though just for her shout out about "doing anything because of God who gives me strength".... Oh yeah - a shout out to God! GO KATHY... GO GOD!!!!

*Natalie Coughlin & Alec - never heard of this girl - but she's an athlete & athletes do well... except maybe Michael Irvin from last night... but she's going to be pretty good too, I have a feeling. Now if only Alec could look like he is enjoying himself... doesn't he always look miserable?

*Macy Grey & Jonathan.... Lord, give me strength! I dont think this poor woman could even walk a chalked line in a sobriety test... & they thought she was endearing & honest with her dancing? And then her COMMENT at the end????? Oh wow... dont even want to talk about it... not so endearing anymore...

*Joanna Krupa & Derek... Anyone else watch the challenge she was on with Terrell Owens? If you didnt - let me tell you ... she called Terrell Owens useless... a horrible athlete ... & a few choice words. I totally lost respect for her on that show... I hate she can dance because I dont care for her... Plus, she's got on the dreaded fringe pants... DOWN WITH THE FRINGE PANTS!... Hey.. I know what I can be for Halloween now... I gotta get my hands on fringe pants!
*Kelly Osbourne & Louie - OK... I'm still tearing up!! First, to see this girl smile is great - her whole face just lights up! And I love her honesty - she's too funny! (my dancing right now... I would say is crap).... but Sharon & Ozzy at the end... the way they were crying... (Speak amongst yourselves... while I cry... a litle more....) was that the sweetest thing ever????? I loved Kelly ran over & hugged & kissed her parents. Just shows - even in all the wackiness - they are a family full of love... dang ballroom has me crying!
What did you think? Who's your favorite lady? Are you on Team Maks or Team Karina? I'm team Maks all the way!!!!
I'm calling a Finals with Donnie Osmond & Mya... with FINGERS CROSSED for Kelly Osbourne to round it out! .... thoughts?....

Monday, September 21, 2009


Now, you all know I cant just let the premiere of Dancing with the Stars go & not say anything about it... you know me better then that!

And yeah, since I dont want to write a 10,000 word blog with so many contestants... & its JUST THE GUYS!!!!... I'm going to just give some quick thoughts on all the dancers tonight...

So the Pro men start us off... oh, how I missed you Mark & Tony... How cocky you still are Maks ... how good to see you back Louie!

We kick it of with Aaron Carter & Karina - All I can think about are her pants! They are the same ones she wore in the Emmy's! At least get a different color! And why are the Backstreet Boys all there? Aaron wasnt IN the group - his brother was. Anything to get voters to vote.

Chuck Liddell & Anna - Dont know who this guy is & I think I'm afraid of him. He just looks mean... & to be honest... Anna isnt a favorite of mine... I really dont know how long this guy will last.

Mark Dacascos & Lacy - I think he'll be the Gilles of the season. I remember him from "Double Dragon" with the dude from Party of Five... anyone else? "Kung Fu Fighting" for the song? Seriously? Original Much? But I did like the dance... but how are the judges going to yell at him for doing kung-fu moves to a song called Kung-Fu Fighting? Stupid judges....

Ashley Hamilton & Lady Legwarmer - I never knew how much his smile looked like his dad... didnt know he was a comedian... really? Nothing else much to say about him when it comes to dancing... Oh... painful!!!! My eyes...

Donny Osmond & Kim - This guy HAS to make it to the finals! I literally sat & clapped in my own room with no one around me when he danced... WHY? I dont know... but he made me so happy with his dancing! And the judges give him a 7-6-7???? HUH? They're going to pick on him! I've always loved Kim too so hoping this is her year!!!! ... and did anyone else see Jermaine Jackson sitting with Marie? I guess big families that were raised in entertainment stick together...

Louie Vito & Chelsea - another guy I never knew before. "Little Dancing Hobbit" - yeah, I think Bruno hit it on the head. This guy is TINY! I dont think he'll last long but he does have an infectious smile! But Chelsea also made it to the final four with Ty last year & he too had an infectious smile... so who knows.. maybe this will be the dark horse of the gang?

Michael Irvin & Anna #2 - First, I dont like this Anna either... HOW did she get voted in last year? I always said it was rigged. Second - OK, a football player with no feet that dont move well? Doesnt sound good for him.... But his competition with Jerry Rice is pretty funny.

Tom Delay & Cheryl - OK - I'm going to give it to the dude.... I think he did pretty darn good! The judges were harsh on him - but I really think he did better then Louie, Chuck & Michael... no doubt! I was really impressed... but I think they all want him to fail so badly that they'll keep giving him low marks... Go Mr. Political guy!!! (I know nothing about politics so I dont even know what he did... or still does???... )

Did you watch? What did you think? Who was your favorite guy? Mine is TOM BERGERON!!! That's one quick witted man... excited to spend another season with him!

Bring on the ladies... let's see how bad Macy Grey REALLY is!!!

What Difference Do it Make?

You have to visit my Book Blog to check out my latest review of a book... "What Difference do it make"... I'm telling you - it is worth your time. This book is so touching & just stirred my heart...

Go check out the full review....

Gold, Cow Poop & a Bolt

Weird title? Well, those are all things I used as an example of my lesson with the kids yesterday in church. Not literally the cow poop though... But I totally should have! If it wasn't for my gag reflex, it would have REALLY made a memorable lesson!

So what was the lesson on? It was based on James 1:2-4

"Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance. Perseverance must finish its work so that you may be mature & complete, not lacking anything."

First though - its important to look at this verse with the word JOY in it different then we may think. We think God wants us to handle horrible things with a smile & a happy heart? No way... God knows the emotions we feel & I don't think He expects that from us at all. "Joy" in this case can be traced back to actually meaning "Confidence"... confidence in God - that He will come through for us... AAHHH - that makes me feel so much better! So I don't have to put on a fake smile in troubles & say, "Because I'm a Christian, I am going to face this like Pollyanna"... nope - no need. I can face trouble & say, I have joy... "I have CONFIDENCE that everything is going to be alright!"... that's a relief!!!

So where do the examples come in? Perseverance = Gold!!!! Have you ever seen how gold is processed? Its melted down to a liquid & all the impurities rise to the top where it can be skimmed off the top. Then its formed into whatever you want it to be & it hardens stronger then before because the impurities are taken out! When you Persevere, you become stronger!!! You get melted down & you get the bad stuff skimmed out of your life & you harden up stronger then before! Oh yeah... good stuff!!!!

Mature = Cow poop! Yes.. again, remember I work with Jr. High kids & any talk of poop is fun for them! But think about it - cow poop is nasty, stinky & who wants to deal with it! But what does it do? It makes plants & flowers & trees GROW! Its the oldest knows fertilizer there is! So we can look at trials in our life as stinky & nasty... but they ultimately make us grow! Right? Oh yeah... lesson out of cow poop! You wont look at it the same!
Complete = Bolt! Now, we wont ever be complete until we reach the other side of Heaven - but we have to keep working to be as complete as God calls us to be while on this earth. How complete is that? Just striving to be more Christ like! So I showed the kids a big bolt! Asked them if they were on a roller coaster - the highest in the world & this bolt was what was holding your seat belt on... what if it popped off? Would you be scared? Would you feel as safe? Probably not! And its such a small thing compared to the big roller coaster! But its the bolt that makes the ride feel "complete" - safe! So troubles in our life can actually COMPLETE us... they can make us grow into a more Christ like person! Someone who gets more complete with every lesson learned!!!

I just asked the kids to remember what Jesus said in John - "In this world, you WILL have troubles - but take heart! For I have overcome the world!".... You WILL have troubles... but find JOY! Have confidence that God will get you through it again... & again... & again...

And if you have too - remember Gold, Cow poop & a big bolt! God's example is in everything!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Six Word Saturday

Totally enjoyed a day off work

Ricky & I took a day off work yesterday & it was wonderful! We ended up sleeping in till 8 - or, at least, I did (you all know Ricky is still up at 5:30!) & then we had some breakfast, took it easy & then headed out for the afternoon. Nothing planned really except a 30% off at Kohl's! I think we spent close to 2 hrs there. I did an experiment of "Stacy & Clinton" style - I went & tried on things I normally wouldnt wear. Let's just say there is a reason why I dont normally wear those things! But I did end up with a beautiful pair of dress pants I wouldnt normally wear. Now - to find a top to go with it... ugh... a woman's job of shopping is never done - is it?

We then ventured for some lunch, & headed to Pet Smart to find some steps that can help Sydney. She's an Australian Shepherd & they are notorious for bad hips, & with her 10 yr old birthday in November, her hips are starting to kick in. She's not able to jump on the bed like she used to or get in the car like a puppy... so we found some incredible sturdy steps... now, just getting her to learn to take steps instead of jumping. 10 years of habit is going to be something to break.

Side news: I finished the cutest "Hermonine Hat" (Pictures to come) - I finally got to watch Mamma Mia (just joined Netflix & am loving the ease of getting movies) - our flying insects seem to be gone - got a birthday party to go to today for a special little boy!!! - & now, I gotta head out to the recycle center.
Let me share a few pics from last Saturday & the fall festival with the twins...

Heading out for the road trip...Sophia has my friend Chico with her - showing him love. Madi is into "Shrek" & nothing can distract her!

Madi waiting for the parade to start....

Sophia waiting patiently for the next float that is throwing out candy! Girlfriend went running after it & came home with a BAG FULL of it!

Me & the girls on the porch of my aunt & uncle.... they've since gone to be with Jesus, so its crazy to see the "next generation" sitting here... my brother & I spent many a Fall Festival on this front porch...

Stopped for Ice cream on the way home... little posers?

Its all about the Sprinkles!!!! It was hilarious! We were sitting there & a kid came up to the window & he was sporting the "style" of wearing the saggy pants - where his underwear - or pretty much his WHOLE BUTT, was showing. Sophia was sitting there eating her ice cream, looked up & saw it & just started laughing & said, "Look at his butt!"... I thought we were all going to die... needless to say - he pulled his pants up!
And yes, that is Madi... DRIVING!!! She's 4 yrs old & a pretty dang good driver! They have a very long drive way & she gets on daddy's lap - afterall, her feet cant reach the pedals - & she can take the curves & turns! By the end of the drive way, she's using only one hand with the other arm leaning on the window.... I was in awe!
Hope everyone has a great Saturday!!!

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