Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea

Friday - Friday - Friday....I wish you all could hear the different ways that each way, I say that phrase in my head.  One day, it may be like Rebecca Black... the next, it could sound like a car salesman doing a commercial... the next, its just a lovely little Broadway Jazz Hand way of singing it.  My head is a fun place to be.  Lets see where my brain leads us in Fragging today...

So yes, some of you sent me messages checking on Buffy (THANK YOU! for asking - so sweet) - And yes, things, um... got moving nicely.  She's back to her Ball-catching-play-every-minute-of-the-day old lab.

BUT!!!! I come home yesterday only to have Bruno laying in the kitchen floor, not able to get up.  Something had to happen to him during the day because he's hurt his back legs.  One leg more then the other.  He couldnt even stand up.  I carried him out front & he just wanted to lay down.  I waited for Ricky to get home so we could take him to the vet.  Ricky walked in the door & Bruno didnt even care (that's SO not normal) - but when Ricky asked him if he wanted to go "bye bye" he got all excited.  We ended up stopping at a park & let Bruno out - he started walking better - even chased a dog there.  So we just sat at the park for awhile  & Bruno was doing better.  We decided to take him home & wait a day or two before we go to the vet for a $500 bill where they tell us to let him rest.  This morning, he was walking MUCH better - but geez... what is going on with my family - my arm, Ricky's foot, Buffy's massive eating, & now Bruno's legs... we're falling apart in the Vincent Household.


Fall allergies are in full force. I'm waking up with my eyes crusted together... isnt that fun?


I mentioned last week that "Vampire Diaries" is my guilty pleasure.  It TOTALLY still is - but one I'm not ashamed to talk about (or stare at picture after picture on Pinterest)... but my REAL guilty pleasure?  DANCE MOMS!  On Lifetime... I have so enjoyed this season.  Its all corny, stupid & fake during arguments ... but I love it.  Love all things dance.  I just know I shoulda been a dancer!!! ... I'm just watching because I know one day, that little girl on there, Madi - she's gonna be on So you Think you can dance!  I want to be able to say, "I remember her on that TV show"... because its so important to be able to say that...


I'm still loving Grey's Anatomy...
SPAT OF THE WEEK:  Birthday Presents.... so our Gorgeous little grandson has a birthday on Monday.  He's going to be 4 years old (can you believe THAT?).  Since he's in another land... the far away land of Texas... we have to order his presents & have them sent to him.  So being he's a "boy" - Ricky gave me the instructions on what to get him.  I have to say, I think I'm pretty good at picking out presents anyways - but NO - I was under strick instructions on what to get.  So when I go to order gifts, I see things I like better - still in the superhero realm of gifts, but I just think some things are better.  Men dont think of the little things - like I know Isaac likes his super hero figures to be "hinged" more the ordinary - he likes to move the arms & legs.  The ones Ricky wanted me to get werent like that... Oh, that's just a small part of the spat... we actually argued over hinges on a action figure.  No joke... So in the end, Ricky went & ordered some more things because my picks I guess werent up to par.  Geez... In the end, Isaac ends up a winner - he's getting 3 boxes delivered to his house.  He's gonna want more spats between Nanny & Pappy if it turns out like that...

BTW - I cant wait to see which present Isaac likes the best... Julie, if its Ricky's - dont let him know - PLEASE! :)

PS - I wont even add in the fact that we "spatted" about Ricky saying "Super Saver Shipping" about 538 times too... Try saying it really fast... now imagine someone saying it repeatedly... I thought I was going to jerk his tongue out if he said it one more time... which made him say it at least 236 more times...

Anyone take Acai Berry's for their health?  I read it was good in inflammation & have been taking some everyday... wondered how or if it works for anyone else...


And people wonder why I dont care for clowns?

I think our Fall is going to be ugly.  There are certain trees that turn first & are always that BOLD first color of the season.  All those trees?  The leaves are dead & just falling off already... dont tell me Global Warming doesnt exist.

Hope everyone has a Fabulous Friday!!!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Why fishing disturbs me...

My Prompt I'm choosing for the week:  #2 - a memorable fishing trip

I'm not a good "outdoorsman" - or outdoors-woman, I should say.

I'm not a camper... I like indoor plumbing.

And I really, REALLY dont like to kill animals.... even fish

I used to go to the lake though with my grandparents quite a bit when I was little.  It was always nice because my aunt had property down at Rough River - a good hour & a half drive & we were "away". 

I always liked going because it was just fun to be away from home... my cousins were normally down there... & this "camping" definitely had indoor plumbing.  It actually had 2 bathrooms - many beds - a 2 story house.  Now THAT's camping!

But the family were big fishers.  We were out on the boat all weekend long.  I just like to go on the boat rides & then as a "preteen" - the main important thing in life was working on my tan.  (My wrinkled skin just gave a big sigh...DONT TAN YOUNG PEOPLE!!!)

There were usually 2 boats down there that everyone would use.  A big Pontoon boat where everyone could snack, talk, have fun hanging out - & a fisherman's boat.  Where the SERIOUS fishing went on. 

For some reason - goodness only knows how it happened - I ended up on that boat with my grandfather.

This was the boat that would so slowly as you were dragging the line behind you - you had to be quite to not scare the fish - this was where the fishing world lived. (how DID I end up on that boat?)

I dont know how since I was the person who would secretly go behind people who caught fish & "Accidentally" let it slip out of my hand back into the water. I'd give a whisper of "you're FREE!" - & I think the fish even winked at me sometimes.

We're moving along - slowly - quietly... my Papaw gets a bite.  He pulls in a fish & I'm like - "UGH" because I knew it was going to cause a big mess in the boat because this was a BIG FISH! & it looked funny too - like it was a sword fish.  The most bizarre thing I've ever seen. But he didnt bring it in the boat...

instead, he kept it on the line & took the boat closer to the shore line.

He then... oh Lordy... I'm getting all sweaty & shaky thinking about it again...he took the fish & pulled it up on the shore line.  He then proceeded to take the paddle out of the boat & BEAT.THE.FISH!!!!!


Like standing up in the boat screaming like my grandfather had lost his mind!  NOOO!!!!! WHHYYY??? I think people had to hear my scream for miles!

Papaw told me that this was a 'gar' - whatever that is.  And he told me they were "useless" - you couldnt eat them & they ate all the fish that you COULD eat... so he wanted to make sure it didnt get any other fish.

I was so disturbed...

still am...

this happened like 30 years ago & I can tell you exactly where the boat was at - what the paddle looked like - remember standing up rocking the boat while I was screaming.

I think my Papaw just laughed at me... I refused to stop screaming & crying though until he took me back to camp.

... I dont think I ever got back on that "fishing boat" again...

...& now, I just invision a horrible remake of Nemo in my mind... see?  disturbing...

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Adele Cover

I've been obsessed with Adele for awhile...

"To make you feel my love" ... shut up - one of the best remix songs EVER

her new CD is incredible too.  Its one I listen to constantly & know I'll never get tired of it.

When "Someone like you" got released on the radio, I was giddy because its my FAV FAV FAVORITE song on the CD.  No one can sing like she can....

... & then I heard this cover of the song...


If you have a minute - listen to these two!  I had to post it just so I could have reference to check it out whenever I wanted... A-MAZ-ING!!!!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Run in the Rain...

I'm getting into the bulk of my training for my next half marathon...

That means on the weekends, its my "long runs" - I add one miles each weekend until I get up to 11 miles... not sure why training doesnt ever really take you to the length of the actual race, but they dont.  They say that "adrenaline will push you the rest of the way".. funny...

So this past weekend, I was up to a 7 mile run... & it was a busy day.  I had an Engagement Photo Session in the afternoon  & then I knew I'd just want to go home & edit pictures, so the morning was the only time to get in the miles.

...only to wake up to see the morning was pouring rain... I'm talking POURRRINNNGGG rain.

What do I do? Get on the treadmill?  While I do love my treadmill - I can only usually bear about an hour max on that baby... so I choose to do my run in the rain.  Afterall, if it rains on race day, I'm still going to do the race, so might as well train in it.

Let me tell you - it was like God was having a talk straight to my heart during this run...all the pain I'm in lately & feeling like there is a dark cloud over my head in life every day right now, there was so much that stood out to me as I was going through the miles....

*I had to be prepared for this run... had to make sure I had a hat on to shield my face - had to make sure I didnt wear my "good" shoes - had to make sure I wore long sleeves to shield from the cold of the rain.  .... made me realize that we know "rainy" times are going to come.  Am I preparing myself?  Getting God's word deep in me to equip me for the road ahead?

*Something positive I noticed?  The air while running in the rain was cleaner - fresher.  It seemed easier to breath in & out.  The colors were also BRIGHTER!  The greens in the trees & on the grass were so vivid & bold.  There was even beauty in watching the water trickle down roads & paths & over rocks & streams.... make me realize that there is beauty to be found in the "storms of life" - they can actually bring out some beautiful things that you wouldnt really notice before.  When you're forced to look at things differently, you see things differently - & that's not always bad, but a wonderful learning experience - & sometimes the trials can help you take a deep, refreshing breath.

*I saw blue skies up ahead & knew for sure the rain was going to stop - only to see the grey clouds shift & cover up the blue... God spoke to me that while we may see openings & think the clearing is up ahead, we have no control over it.  Things will play out how they are supposed to & I just have to keep on moving along.

*One of the biggest things I learned - I thought at first that I could run under the trees that cover the road.  Find a little bit of shelter.  But what I quickly learned that those leaves that were overhead would drop even MORE water.  It was like the leaves would hold water & then release it all at once - extra doses of water.... It made me realize that I needed to keep my pace - not slow down under these shelters thinking that they were the answer.  No - the answer was just getting to the end - not stopping.  The places that you think you have shelter in arent really shelter at all, but cause more problems.  Keep pressing on till I'm home!

*Then the coolest thing... I actually got used to the rain.  It didnt really even phase me anymore.  I was already wet & you can only get so wet... The coolness of the weather made my run better - I was content.  And I was heading down a hill & all of a suddent, I realized... the rain had stopped!!! I didnt even noticed it at first!!!!.... it was like when I finally submitted to the rain, the things I was going through, then God brought an end to it.  I actually laughed out loud while running when I realized it had stopped & I didnt notice.. it was like I wasnt focusing on the bad stuff anymore & the perspective of it all was realized..... praying my perspective of the pain I'm in right now changes & that it will one day be gone & I stop & realize that I made it through this "storm"

... next time it rains in your area - strap on your shoes.  Not your good ones though - be prepared :)... & see what God has to speak to you.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Hoping for Poop!!!

Yesterday morning, at 5 am, Ricky woke me up.

First, yes, Ricky gets up even on the weekend at 5 am... he's always done that & I think he's insane...anyways...

he wakes me up to show me a bag of dog food that was ripped open.

Ricky had picked up a bag of Beneful that we will put in the bottom of the dogs food.  They get IAMS every day to make their coat shine & it really seems to be good for them.  But its gotta get boring - so we just add the little treat at the bottom of their bowl.  Well, Ricky had bought a 15.5 lb bag & sat it next to the garbage can, not emptying it into the dog food canister & he went to bed.

Apparently in the middle of the night, our yellow lab, Buffy, discovered this bag in the kitchen & thought, "Now THAT's a treat"... she ripped the top off & dug in.

The funny thing?  The top of the bag was perfect straight across - like she even took scissors or something.  We cant figure it out...

But she ate a little more then the top quarter of the bag - so about 4 lbs of food....

Buffy has been known to eat full bags of Dove chocolate (on multiple occassions) & other things that she shouldnt have as a dog & it doesnt seem to phase her.

Last night - it all started to phase her. 

let me add, I was gone to our church Senior High Small Group only to come home & find Ricky had fed her dinner like normal.  NOOO!!!!!  Her belly would have enough in it to last for awhile - I'm sure.  So she is stuffed like a turkey.

But last night, I woke up at 2:00 to her whining.  Her belly was hurting her.  We took her out front (its the place you can always guarantee they'll do their "business")... nope - no business.  She tried like 4 times to go & nothing....

Ricky took her outside this morning before he left for work & she still cant go to the bathroom.

She's acting OK - wagging her tail - wanting to run & play - even wanted a treat when I left for work. (Sure - let's add MORE food in that belly.. dont think so...)

So I'm hoping when I get home today, that belly is gonna be a little bit down... that she's going to go to the front yard & show me she's got her "routine" back.  If not, we may be heading to the vet tonight.

I've never hoped for poop more in my life then today....

Friday, September 23, 2011

Mommy's Idea

Happy First Day of Fall Y'all!!! Fall is my favorite favorite FAVORITE time of the year.  Its full of birthdays to celebrate - its our anniversary - its when we take VACATION (28 more days away - who's counting) & its just perfect weather.  Chilly in the mornings & evenings & cool during the day.... perfection!  To celebrate the beginning of Fall - let's do more things that start with "F" - like Friday Fragging!!!! FUN!  Fabulous! FANTASTIC!!!... (I'll stop now)...

1 in 3,200 ... that's the odds that a piece of satellite can hit you on your head today.  I'm sorry, but those odds are kind of good - not in a good way, but a bad way too.  We have a mega church in our area & I told Ricky this morning - so fill up that church this morning & at least one person in there is getting smashed today!  If the lottery had those odds, I'd play... Keep your eyes toward heaven today!

With the new morning traffic, so many people suggested "Books on Tape" - my new route actually has me driving past our library - so last week I stopped in.  First, I have to say, our library is AWESOME!  Even has a coffee shop in there & tons of comfy areas to sit & read.  So I found the Book on CD section, grabbed one that I had actually read before - I wanted to see if I could follow it & I had read this book YEARS ago so the details were sketchy.  Know what?  I'm having the hardest time keeping up with it.  I've discovered I'm too ADD to listen.  My mind wonders too much... I cant focus on the story.  I thought at 5:00 am on the road, it would MAKE me focus on something other then wanting to fall asleep at the wheel - but my mind is constantly working.  "What do I need to do today" - "What do I need to pick up on the way home" - I go over lessons for church in my mind - Ricky calls me at least twice to see where I'm at .... I think I just need to stick to Broadway Tunes on my ride in.  My mind can stick with dramatic songs....


Fall TV Starting!  YAHOOO!!!!  Of course, with my new early bed time, I'm having to DVR most of my shows - but so far, what I've seen - I think "The Office" is going to survive without Steve Carrell.  I had no idea that Pam was really pregnant!  There was the surprise of the season for me!  Another Office Baby - yipee!  .... Why oh WHY did they put "The Sing Off" against "DWTS"?  I'm still angry about that!..... Glee didnt impress me too much with the first show.  But glad we're getting more Blaine! ... "Vampire Diaries" has now become my guilty pleasure!  Its better then ever.  I can watch that "Damon-Stare" all day long! 

What Fall show are you happy about?
Source: via Rebecca on Pinterest


With the pain I'm still in with my arm, I've told Ricky I've diagnosed myself... I have "Miseritis" .. makes sense since I'm in misery all day long now.  I'm going to patten that diagnosis.  Just wonder what the cure for it is...

SPAT OF THE WEEK: BIKES... (before I start, I know this one, a lot of people will be agreeing with Ricky on this (Mom, Dad, I'm talking to you) but it still was a spat - its still an ONGOING spat - so I'm fair in sharing things, even if I dont like it.)
So I'm trying to do more cross training  - my half marathons are just in a few weeks!!! GASP!!! - & I loved the spinning class I took.  But the schedule isnt working for me to go.  So I remember we have bikes.  3 actually.  Ricky used to love to ride his bike when we lived in Louisville early in the morning.  I asked him if I could use his bike to ride myself.  Know what he told me?... NO!... He got ready to pull them down (they are up on the wall so the tires stay good) & then said, "Um, you know what - no, I'm not going to get them down for you" - Wh wh what?  He went on to tell me that on top of our roads being hilly, curvy & dangerous (country roads) - I'm the most clumsy person he knows & he knows that I'll fall off the bike somewhere & break something.  wh wh what?!?!?!  So I put on a helmet & showed him that I can fall & be OK.  He said I'd need more then a helmet & he still refuses to get the bikes down.  Fine - I hff'ed - I'll get them down myself.  Well, he's gone & put stuff in front of the bikes that I cant reach them now!!! DANG HIM!!!! ... I told him that this just means he has to now buy me a stationary bike.  I bet he'll still expect me to wear the helmet riding that thing too!


My latest food addiction - Mustard Potato Salad from our grocery's deli.  I've been stopping & getting 2 lbs of it every Friday.  Everytime I pass the frig, I grab a fork & take a bite.  This addiction needs to break quick - it cant be calorie friendly.

Speaking of food addictions - I've got to make some of these for Halloween.  (Pinterst is Da BOMB!)

You take a Keebler Fudge Stripe cookie, turned upside down - put a Hershey's kiss on top & just pipe some icing around the edge.  Instant Witch Hat!  How cute is that!  ... & forget CUTE - how YUMMY!

Hope you all have a FANTASTIC FALL FRIDAY!!!!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Why Tom T. Hall is sending me to therapy....

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Let's go back in time. 

...WAYYYYYY back...

we're talking in the 70's.  Late 70's - but still the 70's.

I was in first grade.  Miss Clayton.  She was the first grade teacher I had that I loved.  I remember she was a "Miss" & not a "Mrs." like the other first grade teachers & wondered why she wasnt married because she was pretty wonderful.  Aren't all first grade teachers wonderful?  After all, I loved school & loved to learn & loved everything about first grade - so of course, Miss Clayton was the cherry on top of the educational sundae.

...until one day...I saw her ugly side...

After lunch, we would have "music time" & she would put on a vinyl album... yes... the school assigned record player of the day - they were massive!  And you can imagine the sound quality.  But it was great after our lunch time & our milk break, we would have some time to sing along & clap our hands to some music.  First grade songs are always so catchy & peppy & full of fun.

So tell me why.... WHY????... one day, she put on Tom T. Hall.

I can honestly remember this like yesterday.  My despise for country music started young I assume.

At the end of the song, Miss Clayton said, "Did everyone love that? Want to hear it again?"

I raised my hand & she called on me, "Yes Rebecca?"

"Miss Clayton - I did not like it & dont want to hear it again".... momma didnt raise someone to hold back the truth. 

(I just saw Tom T. Hall got inducted into the Kentucky Music Hall of Fame this year... hate I missed that)
Well, Miss Clayton must not have been in a good mood because then she told me, "Well, Rebecca, you can wait out in the hall" - & she told me to take my chair out in the hallway & wait while the class listened to the song again.

Now, I'm the kid who NEVER got in trouble in school...

I dragged my chair in front of the class out the door... the drag of shame is what I call it now.  All the other students staring like, "Ohhhh - you shouldnt have said anything"

I remember sitting in the hallway hearing all the clapping & singing again... of that horrible man, Tom T. Hall.

When the song was over, Miss Clayton came & got me. 

OK - this enforced me to never do anything wrong again in school. Sitting in a hallway by myself in a 100 yr old school building was just plain creepy...especially for a 6 yr old.  I never wanted to have to do the "drag of shame" again... it formed me into a pretty good student the rest of my 12 years.

....on the other hand... I cringe anytime I hear the sounds of Tom T. Hall.  Its actually a running joke in my family.  If he was ever on The Grand Ole Opry, my parents would yell for me to come see... even up until I got married & moved out - I'd still get a phone call letting me know what he was on.  And even now, I'll still get a random email every now & then with a You Tube video of, as I call him, he-that-should-not-be-named.  Forget Voldermort... Tom T. Hall earned that title YEARS ago...

See the effect a teacher has?  34 years later & I'm still needing therapy over it all.....

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Anyone want to come to my party?

You may not want to....

because its a pity party...

& I've got a big ole party hat on... & a carton of cool whip to go with it.

This came in the mail & I was excited to try it....

See?  Even fingers crossed...

I've been taking it for one week today....

& nothing... nada... no change...

if anything - its worse.

I've been dealing with this tendonitis now for about 3 months.  3 MONTHS!  I get so frustrated when I hear it can last up to 6 months - even a YEAR!  And because its my RIGHT ARM - its not like I can let it rest - so I'm expecting it to be on the long side of healing... if it heals at all...

That's where my mind is at right now - not sure its going to heal at all....

It hurts when I work on a computer - it hurts when I knit - it especially hurts when I workout... what the heck am I supposed to do?  Sit in a room & not move?  Ice on it doesnt even really help anymore. 

The Hubs ordered me a compression sleeve to see if that would help when I run - & even if it'll help when I work on a computer.. I'm willing to try anything at this point...

stand on my head?  wear ballet shoes?  Dye my hair blue?  If it works, I'll do it....

I'm trying to find the blessings in this... to see God doing something wonderous behind the pain... to see His hand working in this.  Trying to figure out why its taking so long to heal - to find any kind of relief...

I'm thankful for the example of my friend Dawn who has shown how to keep faith & a God driven heart in the midst of pain.  She has gone through knee surgeries & her words & strength inspires me... check her out.

I also know that physical pain is just as bad as emotional pain & I know that many of you are going through that with loss in your lives, waiting on God's timing in many ways, just pain in different ways.

So let's cancel that pity party... I just need to see how God is working in this...

& I know that so many people are posting this song right now, but I'm clinging to it myself.

...when darkness seems to win we know, that pain reminds us, this is not, THIS IS NOT OUR HOME...

Techno Bible

I was sitting in the back row with a bunch of our awesome youth Sunday in church.

The Pastor told us to turn into our Bibles...

This is what I saw when I looked down the aisle... (& yes, that's mine as well on my leg)

Its not like the Bibles of the old days, where you hear pages turn... but you see people with little contraptions in their hands... smart phones, ipods, ipads... the Bible of today.

I have to say, I love my paper Bible - just as I love REAL books.  I havent made the switch to a "reader" yet - though I am drooling over Kindles & may put it on my wish list this year.

But one of the girls in the youth group showed me how to download it on my ipod & it was free - so I gave it a go.

I have to say, I was impressed.  With just a touch of a button, I can find my book - then my chapter - then my verse.  And then with just another touch, I can change my version.  I can also highlight & save & "write" notes to save for anything that strikes me.  All on this little handy dandy ipod.

What a world we live in...

Believe me - I still tote around my Bible.  I've got too many notes in it - parts of me... I'll always keep it - but how handy to know I always have the Bible near me when I want to look something up.

How about you?  You use a Bible app?  Do you see that same thing in your church?  The kids holding their "Bibles" in their pocket?  Hey - there's worse apps they could have on their phones - right?

Monday, September 19, 2011

Others see...

(I used this example in our middle school lesson for Sunday)

Its no secret that I'm a dog lover.  If it were up to me, my whole backyard & house would be full of dogs that needed a home.  But its not up to me.  Ricky put the reign at 4 dogs - which I cant complain.  My house is always full of a wet nose to rub up against you, or a furry back to lay on or rub whenever you want.

When we got a phone call asking us if we could take in Bruno, Ricky was a bit hesitant.  But I begged him - afterall, this poor little dog needed a home & I gave my best impression of puppy dog eyes.  Ricky gave in & said we would give it a try.

We were told this was a Carine Terrier - something we didnt even know what kind of breed that was.  The wonders of "Google" soon told us that it was the same kind of dog that Toto was in The Wizard of Oz.  Who doesnt love Toto?

Ricky went & got Bruno & I sat on the front porch with the other dogs waiting anxiously for our new family addition.  But when I saw Ricky's face in the car coming up the drive, I though, Uh-Oh - something's wrong.  He got out of the car with Bruno on a leash... um.. no, he didnt look like Toto.  More like a chubby Toto that got stick in a powdered donut factory?

He was nervous & probably not used to other dogs - so when our dogs went to greet him, it wasnt a pleasant hello.  Bruno was snippy & growled & lunged at our babies.  Not a good start at all.

Ricky was immediately saying, "We're not keepig him"... but I kept begging him to give it some time.

Over the next few weeks, I gave Bruno the attention... it worked out well because our other dogs think Ricky hung the moon - or at least is the creator of the wonders of treats & dog food - so they were sticking with their master.  Me & Bruno - we became great buddies.

I could never sit down without him being in my lap - I learned he had to cuddle with me everynight - I learned that he would follow you everywhere just to be near you - there always had to be some part of him that touched you... I found that he is the sweetest dog.

Ricky soon noticed this from a distance... & before I know it, Ricky would sit down next to me & try to lure Bruno off my lap to come to his... he'd give Bruno treats so he'd follow Ricky now instead of me...

Ricky wanted to share in this relationship that Bruno & I had...

There's a quote that says, "Sometimes you have to watch someone love something before you can love it"

What a perfect example of how the world watches people that are Christ followers... & what a difference it can make in their lives.  Afterall, if someone sees your relationship with God & they witness the things that He is doing in your life, it may draw them closer to Him... they may want to experience the same relationship themselves.

People can be leery & not sure of this "God thing"... but if they see first hand the way God works in a life - especially someone they KNOW - what an amazing witness.

So share all that God does for you... let others know the things He does for you daily... the way He blesses you.... it may make all the difference in the world for someone.... someone may just want that same kind of relationship in their own life.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea

Its Friday... Thank GOD!  It has been a LONG week with this time change I'm dealing with.  And we were told yesterday that it could take up to 4 months if they can repair the bridge & up to 4 YEARS if they have to replace it.  By the time 4 years passes, I think I'll age 28 years... its like dog year calculations getting up at 4:30 am & what it does to a body.  To get my mind off this nightmare, I'm just going to frag.

To try & find the positive in life, going into work early also means I get off work early - so I get off at 3 & its taking me 45 minutes to get home so that's nice to be home before 4.  Its going to better because the time change for the Fall is nearing & that means it gets dark by 6.... I can now get my running in before it gets dark!  Look at me finding a silver lining!!!!!!


Yes - I know my blog is messed up again ... sigh... the designer had accidentally deleted my file from Photobucket so it has to be redone.  But she lives in a time zone that is like 8 hours ahead of me so we're having a hard time with her getting access to my blog to make the changes.  ... again, sigh....


Yesterday was GORGEOUS around her.  A real fall day!  Temps in the 60's - blue skies - cool breezes!  So I take my dogs out in the back yard & play with them.  I ended up going to get my camera to take some pictures of my babies, when I was walking & not looking what I was doing.  BAM!  I kicked my bare toe in the corner of a concrete block.  It looked like someone chopped my toe off!  Blood EVERYWHERE!  I actually ripped my toenail off.  It was just hanging by one little piece.  I had no idea a toe could produce so much blood!  And my dogs are so nervous when they know something is wrong with me or Ricky so they were running around me trying to lick my toe.  It was quite a sight me jumping around screaming, trying to keep my foot high where dogs couldnt lick it, blood dripping on their heads & me trying not to drop my camera in the midst of it all.... ahh, the moments of life....

I'm totally in LOVE with this idea that I found on Pinterest... you take a picture on your anniversary & then hold the picture for the next year's anniversary, then the next year - so on.  Can you imagine how cool it would be on like your 10th anniversary - 20th?  50th?!?!?!?!  Pass this idea on to every newlywed to start immediately!

Source: None via Rebecca on Pinterest


I took my first spinning class last night... (with my bleeding, toenail-less pinky toe)... it was pretty cool!  Except for my "seat area"!  OH MY GOSH!  How do you train THAT area?  My post on DailyMile was, someline like, "the pain in my lady parts was too distracting from the other pain." ... if you've ever taken a class, you'll underestand that comment fully!!!!  I had jokingly told someone I was going to put kitchen towels in my pants, around my butt... now, it doesnt seem so funny & sounds like a brillant idea!

Can you tell I like pinterest?  You can embed the pictures so it doesnt take up room in my space saving picture area... SCORE 1 for me!

SPAT OF THE WEEK:  Painful Revenge!!! .... So Ricky is constantly on me at home about my tendonitis!  "Dont get on the computer" - "Dont knit" - "Dont do that workout"... it gets on my nerves.  So what happens to Ricky this week?  He had heel spurs & they are flared up.  He can barely walk & when he does, its like on his tippy toes (he's a pretty ballerina) to get the weight off his heels.  So I've been yelling at him everytime he's on his feet now... ahh - sweet revenge.  But the weekend is coming & we were glad for Ricky to get off his feet & let the heels relax some... & then, what does he do?  Someone at his work asked if he would trade with him to work this weekend... Ricky said OK!  Really?  He can barely stand as is & now he's going to only have one day off his feet.  I told him not to ever say anything to me again when I do something to aggravate my arm.  ... (really, that's why I love Ricky - he changed days with this guy to help him out... thats my generous man I love... but dont tell him I said that)

And wanted to show you that we dont spat all the time - we can actually look happy :) ... I just have to post this mainly because I've been with Ricky for 19 years & I think we have 3 pictures together.  And 1 of those is our wedding picture!  He just refuses to take pictures... so for him to actually take a picture - & one he APPROVES of?  The world must be coming near an end....

(This picture is worth taking up space on my file)

Hope you all have a FABULOUS FRIDAY!!!!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Thursday Letter: Shermon Minton Bridge

I'm always writing letters in my mind... to people, to things, to events, to just about anything.  So I'm going to take my Thursdays & make it a day to write a letter... you'll never know who, or WHAT, you'll see a letter to.

Today's letter goes to the Sherman Minton Bridge...

For those of you that dont live around here, its a bridge that has shut down because of cracks in it - it has messed up our world around her... I'm talking MESSED UP!!!!!

Dear Poor Little Sherman Minton Bridge,

I'm sorry you have a crack in you, but I hope you know that your little crack has caused a HUGE crack in my mind.

With this crack, we now have to send 80,000 people over the other bridge that connects Indiana & Kentucky.  And it seems those 80,000 people are heading over at the same time of the morning. 

Mr. Bridge, you must really smile to see all of us sitting dead still at 5:30 am, thinking that we must really miss you... & I do!  I get all sniffly thinking about how much I miss you.  Afterall, I now have to get up at 4:30 am - & its changing my life!  I have to get to bed at 9 pm & this is messing up my TV time - & you know how much I love my TV time!  I didnt even get to see the Finale of Big Brother last night.  And how am I going to live without Private Practice when it comes back on?  Or even my Housewives of New Jersey?  I gotta have my dose of Joe & Melissa to get me through the week.

I also now get to start my morning in a horrible mood.  Afterall, when you sit in traffic at 5:00 am - 6 am with the other 79,999 people of the area, it doesnt make you think of rainbows & butterflies.  No, it makes you think of getting out of still-cars & kicking someone's car in & yelling at them for cutting in front of you when you've sat there for 10 minutes & havent moved but an inch.  But then telling them that Jesus loves them & to have a good day.... gotta keep a Christian attitude in all this...

There is a rumor going around about what really caused this crack... I'm hoping this is just a rumor.  I'd hate to think that the next thing that could come will be the Marshmellow man from Ghostbusters.

Mr Bridge, they are saying this could go on for up to a year.. if not you know if you have insurance to cover my mental health bills that are going to come in from this whole experience?  I know you're the one that needs repairs, but I think I'm going to need repairs for my heart attack waiting to happen & my stay at the local "resort" (which is code for a place that has padded walls).

I have to let you know as well that this bridge closing is affecting my health.  I'm now not able to drink lots of water, or even DIET COKE, during the day because I know I have a trip to go home & you never know how long you can be stuck on the road.  Do you know I'm turning 40 this year & my bladder doesnt hold as well as it used to?  And forget about thinking of eating something heavy before hitting the road... these are just nightmare situations waiting to happen....

Can you please pass word to the local news stations too that they too are adding to our sanity when they tell us to take an "Alternate route".... because there are only so many ways to cross a river.  So if they mean by "Alternate route" some sort of contrapation that can carry me across water, then there's only one other option to go.  I'm thinking of buying a raft, or a kayak...I'd swim across if it wasnt for all the drug needles, traces of cocaine, & probably occasional stray dead body that would hit me in the head.

I never realized how much we needed you ... I'm sorry I didnt say it to you earlier... but as soon as those roads are open (WHENEVER that is) I'll be sure to shout a big HALLELUJAH as I'm riding across your back.  Never again will I take you for granted.

Hope to see you soon... very soon...

Missing you,

Your biggest fan
Rebecca Jo

Monday, September 12, 2011

The post I cant even type without CRYING my eyes out....

Look at this young face...

Its my friend Ryan with his momma, Stephanie back in 2004.

This picture was actually when she got good news of her cancer & he flew out & celebrated with her...

It was about 3 years later that Steph lost her battle...

How I miss my friend... but how blessed we have been to have Ryan & Stephanie's family in our life.

Ryan ended up staying around the area so Ricky & I just have loved him like our own family... always have.  He's just the most amazing young man.

See, he's always loved me :)

We have watched him grow up, graduate high school, watch him become a man really.... tried to help him when he lost his mother, who passed away only a few years after his father.  We watched Ryan make career decisions & go through training to become a firefighter... what an job to respect.  We also watched him as he met the girl of his dreams...

Holy COW... I was LARGE! .. & look at Ricky's HAIR! Old picture arent always fun to look back at!

You have to understand - Stephanie ADORED Ryan... It was actually comical & we loved to tease him about it... so I know how much she would have loved to see this day that he would take the title of "husband"....

Women of Faith 2005... we wore our tiaras ALL weekend
For the record, Stephanie & I went to a Women of Faith in June 2005 & there was a young lady that Stephanie & I kept talking about would be perfect for Ryan... her name was Chasity.  Of course, they were still both in high school & probably too young to think of dating seriously.  But Stephanie already adored the young lady that Chasity was & I know she saw the amazing woman she would become too...

So it was no surprise when Ryan & Chasity both took paths that led right to each other...

Stephanie had passed away before she saw this... but I truly believe she knew...

The wedding was this past Saturday.

We knew it was going to be wonderful, but hold all the bittersweet memories of the people who were missing - Ryan's parents. Particularly for me, my best friend... Steph...

Ryan entered the church & had two white roses & took them up front to the empty chairs that his parents should be occupying... cue the tears from the beginning...

Chasity was gorgeous (not a surprise to anyone) & the ceremony was just perfect for them - laughter & personal things said ... it was perfect.

It was time to give the roses to the mothers & Ryan took a white rose to his new mother... & then Chasity had a rose... she took it to the empty chair....

I thought I was going to loose it... along with everyone else...

The wedding ended with the pronouncement that they were HUSBAND & WIFE!  YIPEE!!!!!!!

So excited for the day.

We head to the reception & all the fun starts... getting to chat with Steph's family that I hadnt seen in so many years & just talking to friends & enjoy the moment of the day.

I was holding this girl when Stephanie passed away... she was just a baby... a sure sign on how long my friend has been with Jesus

So I'm talking to a friend when someone comes & grabs me & says, "They're dancing!" - I didnt even know. (They had forgot to announce it over the speaker)... so I run only to catch the end of their first dance.

Then its the father/daughter dance.  That makes me cry anytime anyways... but they danced to Steven Curtis Chapman's "Cinderella" ... so it was even more amazing... so special - so lovely....

Then the time for the mother/son dance.  It just made me choke up anyways just imaging the pride that Steph would have dancing with her son... Ryan took his new mom with him to the dance floor.  It was wonderful... This family is just perfect for Ryan & have already taken him in as their own child... its like God made sure Ryan had this new family to marry into.

Then all of a sudden, my friend Erica tells me, "Give me your camera'... I was like, "HUH? Why?"...

only to look up to see Ryan coming towards me...

Wait...what?  What's happening?

Ryan had danced half the dance with his new mother in law & then came & got me for the final part of the dance.

I dont even remember it, but everyone said I kept saying "Shut up... Shut up...Shut up"

I couldnt even look up at first!!!!

I just remember bawling... crying so hard I was sobbing...

I couldnt even look up - I just buried my face in Ryan's shoulder & told him that I'm actually speechless... & that NEVER happens!!!!

Ryan said some things to me that I'll cherish forever while we danced... I said some things to him as well, but for the life of me, I dont even remember... he may not have understood anyways since I was all blubbery...

(I'm getting all choked up again thinking about it)

Telling him he's made me UGLY now with all the crying :)

I ended up crying like every 15 minutes for the rest of the evening :)

I just felt so honored for that privilege... to dance with him in honor of his mom... definitely not in the place of his mom, but in respect for my friend.

Dang it... I cant even type about it without tears flowing...

I tell you what... that Ryan... he's something...

Ricky & I adore him & have always thought of him as family & now we're excited to think of Chasity as family too....

I will say it was one of the biggest surprise I think I've ever had in my life ... I will never forget the moment...

I just felt honored & blessed... no other words...

Love having one of the best moments of my life captured... Words cant express how I felt... Thank you Ryan - you are an amazing man that your mother would be so, truly proud of

Not sure what to think....

First, I cant wait to post about my friend's wedding & the surprise they had for me...

But my pictures are at home... & I had to leave for work at 5:15 am this morning - only to sit in traffic for over an hour (we have a bridge shut down in our area)... that's another story for another day.

I wanted to tell what happened to me at the chiropractor Friday though...

I'm a little confused about it & not sure what to think.

So when I go, they do a muscle stimulation on it, ice up my shoulders & arm & then put a laser treatment on it that is supposed to break up the inflammation.  The doctor said I would feel a difference after 2-3 treatments.  Well, as of Friday, we were on treatment #9... & still, I'm seeing NOTHING... no change - maybe even worse.

He told me he didnt think this was working - so he suggested to me this new product by Univera... its actually something he said works on severe inflammation.

The kicker?  Its $50.50 for a bottle of 60... & he wants me to take 6 pills a day!! So that bottle will last me 10 days!!!  But he did make the point that I'm paying him $45 a visit, 3 times a week already - & its not really helping - so this would be better financially & he said he feels like its just wasting my money right now to come to the chiropractor.  So I go ahead & order 2 bottles at his recommendation.

But then I get home & read about Univera & see that is an "financial opportunity" - almost like an "Amway" sort of thing & I'm wondering if he's just selling it to me to get some money out of me because he knows I'm about to leave there anyways because its obviously not working with what he's doing, so let's get some money someway, somehow...

or is this legit?

I actually wont know how it effects me until this week because my pills will get in supposedly on Tuesday...

And it seems like its all natural stuff, but there is a "pattened" ingredient that only this company has that involves some sort of megadoses of Aloe Vera & I guess that's the "miracle drug"...

I just dont know what to think...

I just hope it doesnt give me the trots ... (that's for you Joe - haha!)

Anyone ever heard of Univera?  Any thoughts? 

Friday, September 09, 2011

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea

Is it Friday?  I'm so confused with a Holiday on Monday - & then I took off on Tuesday, so its only been a 3 day work week... do you KNOW how miserable & LONG next week will feel for me?  Oh geez... we'll worry about that when we get there - until then, let's FRAG!!!!


I'm now doing deep tissue upper body massages for my tendonitis.  Now THIS is therapy I can deal with... ahhh!  I'm going for my 2nd trip today after work.  I had to laugh when she would massage my arms & each of my fingers... they popped - every one of them.  My body is just full of SNAP, CRACKLE & POP!!! I will say, 2 days after the massage, I felt sore in m neck & shoulders - where I actually should be because she digs in with her fingers to try & break up some of the inflammation.  How crazy is that? That's like Ninja-skills by making someone sore with just the touch of your finger tips!   Needless to say, I'm tired so I have a feeling I'll be snoozing during today's massage... heaven....

My Erin Condren Daily Life Planner got shipped yesterday.  I'll be like a little kid sitting, waiting for the mailman to come now!  I'm just a sucker of having anything monogrammed or having my name on it! I'll be sure to take a picture of it when it comes in... I'll probably be hugging & kissing it too...

(Mine is in shades of pink... & will have a big REBECCA JO across it... cant wait!!!)

I had the twins after work yesterday.  Madi was going through all my drawers, in the kitchen, in the foyer, in the living room - she loves finding things.  She pulled out a little hand held game.  I'm not even sure what it is - maybe a handheld poker, or word scramble game - its so old, it doesnt even run anymore.  The batteries are probably older then she is in the thing.  She looks at it & turns it around in her hands & then brings it to me & says, "Is this the kind of thing you take with you when you go to the toilet?" - I just laughed & said, "What are you talking about?" - she said, "My dad likes to take games with him on the toilet & sit & play for a long time" ... hahahahahahaha!!!! I had to tell that story just to embarass my brother... that's what you call PAYBACK ... you know, the brother/sister kind.  Love ya Tony!  & remember, your kids tell everything on you! :)

me & my brother during Christmas 1970-something :)
I'm so upset they are putting Dancing with the Stars up against The Sing Off... & up against the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills!!!!  Life decisions can be so hard sometimes!!!!


I went to our local Health Food Store this weekend & am now addicted to the place.  If only because of a product that has 2 words.... VEGGIE CHIPS.... Oh my goodness!  They are like Ruffles Potato Chips, but made of carrots, real potatos & spinach... I'm glad I have a members card for rewards if you spend so much money, because I have a feeling this lady is going to be in there quite often. 

I also got my dog some treats from there that have only natural items... I'm trying to convince Ricky to try them :)  He said he would if I would... but they have buffalo in them & this girl still hasnt had red meat since January.  If it wasnt for that ;)


SPAT OF THE WEEK:  Car Keys .... I've had to leave for work like in the middle of the night to get there in time since they have shut a lane down on the bridge I have to cross.  Not really the middle of the night, but 6:00 am still feels like its kinda too early.  Anyways, I'm on my way into work this week when my phone rings - its Ricky, FREAAAKKINNNNGGGGG out!  "Where are my car keys?" - I said, "like I would know?" - because he is the type of person who even though we have a key holder, he will just toss them wherever, whenever.  He may toss them when he walks in the door, so they could be in the kitchen draw, on the fridge, in a bowl in a cabinet (that's happened - believe me) ... or he may walk downstairs & then toss them in his recliner, in the floor, on the TV... you get the point - he makes no sense with the keys - so when he called me screaming like I took his keys, I just said to him, "Calm down & dont forget to shut the door" - because when he gets frazzled, he'll literally walk out the door & forget to shut it, the garage door, anything... so that just made him madder.  I think he was yelling something at me when I just happily & merrily said, 'OK sweetie, good luck finding them & have a good day, love you"... I could hear the screams going when I hit the lovely red button on my phone.  ....

FYI - he found the keys in the back garage later that day

Your tip of the day!!! Isnt this AWESOME?!?!  A magazine holder!  I'm totally heading out to some this weekend!  I HATE having those boxes stacked on top of each other in a cabinet, only to have them all fall out when I open a door... This is reason #578 why Pinterest is incredible

 Hope you all have a fantastic Friday!!!!

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