Thursday, April 28, 2022

Thankful Thursday #355 - a first I know you'll be shocked by


This week I'm Thankful For:

Easy Crown
Look at it not being me with crowns popping off teeth. It was the Hubby's turn this go around.  What possessed him to get caramel & eat it, I'll never know.  Everyone that has a mouth full of crowns knows better... he had a temporary lapse of judgement.  The dentist got him in quick the next morning & luckily, it was a easy clean & glue back on - wham bam, dont eat caramel man issue.

Sweet email
I got the sweetest message from a friend that brought tears to my eyes this week.  She just reminded me that we should tell people what we can this side of heaven - how small ripples can go into big steams of water, making all the changes. When you see those effects in your life, let someone know what they did. I know for me - it touched my heart so much. I felt like the Grinch because I'm pretty sure my heart grew 5 sizes that day reading it.

One night, I just couldnt sleep with the pain in my arm (thank you bicep tendonitis for rearing your ugly head) & something - SOMETHING - in me, made me get up, & set the alarm on my phone.  Do you KNOW... something happened with all of our Alexa's in the house & the next morning, guess what woke me up? My phone - Alexa never went off. How crazy is that??? Those gut feelings? Listen to them. Big or small.

I was able to work from home on Friday last week because of Thunder over Louisville causing choas on our bridges in town.  It gave me a glimpse of what WFH on Friday's would be like - & let me tell you - me likey!!!!! It just made my weekend seem longer.  Just not driving - getting to stay in sweats & no make up.  I'm excited for it to become a permanent thing.

Church Sneak In
We went back to the church we visited on Easter this week. We just happened to be out running errands when I said, wanna go & Hubby said, SURE! Could have knocked me over. Granted, I had ZERO make up on & a shirt that probably wasn't the best church wearing shirt. It said, "LOVES ANIMALS - TOLERATES PEOPLE" - that doesnt really scream Jesus too much, does it? Kinda how I feel lately - Lord, forgive me..... but we have found a way to go in, basically up a back stair case & sit where no one else sits. We were able to sneak out too that way - avoiding ALLLL the crowds. We're like the mole people of church - I'm here for it!

OK - can  you believe I've NEVER EVER been to Aldi's??? I hear so much about it & never get to one that is near by.  When we left church, I asked Hubby if he minded going in & checking it out... I was SUPER excited about it. I found all sorts of yummies for vegetarian lifestyles.  I've been looking at actually more vegan cooking so I loaded up on more things too for that.  I will totally be going back. I found a Protein yogurt that I'm excited about - & lest we talk about the apple pie we got. OMGGGGG - it was like homemade. It wasn't sweet - but tasted so yummy with the best applies.  Hubby even wanted to go back the next day for another one of those!

Tell me something good about your week!

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Wednesday, April 27, 2022

What's Up Wednesday


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What We're Eating This Week
I made this Sweet Potato / Mushroom rice bowl yesterday & my goodness - DELICIOUS.    Thank you hello Fresh!

What I'm Reminiscing About
When I used to run.
Watching the Boston marathon & this weekend being the Ky Derby Marathon - man, I miss it. I dont know that I'll ever be back to running like that again... but never say never, right?

What I'm Loving
My new ice tea maker.
I used to use it just using a pot & boiling water  - simple.
But I like I can put ice in this & just press a button & go.
We're going through the iced tea now that its warmer & I can make a fresh pot while I'm cooking dinner - no burners needed.
Click HERE for the link to this one.

What We've Been Up To
Thinking about building a little pavilion/ gazebo type thingie back in our woods where the Hubby has worked so hard to clear out.
I would love to sit back there on beautiful mornings & lovely evenings - even more excited about it thinking about fall.
We'll see what happens.

What I'm Dreading
I hate April 27th.
That is the day 4 years ago I was rushing into surgery in 2018 that started my Year of Hell... & then 2 years ago, its the day that Bruno passed away.
& last year, mom had a trip to the ER.
& ironically, its the 4 month mark since my TIA - the 27th of each month, I mark it down as one more month out.
So I'm holding my breath today - woke up covering the day in prayer.
Give me a good day Lord!

What I'm Working On
Just starting a new Bible study with Lifeway - I havent done a workbook / video one in awhile so excited to get in a groove with it again.


What I'm Excited About
How sad is it that I dont have anything that comes to mind?
I'll be excited for tomorrow... just tomorrow in general.
Excited for new days ahead!

What I'm Watching / Reading
I'm just now watching Impeachment on Hulu ... whew!
Dont ever have a friend like Linda Tripp - that's for sure.

& I'm currently reading a book I put in for on NetGalley that is supposed to have a Practical Magic vibe to it.  I'm just about 20% in it so far & loving it.

What I'm Listening To
I've been listening to all sorts of medical & health podcasts lately.
I searched for some of the medicine my doctor had me take & there have been some pretty interesting podcasts talking about it.

I also started looking up podcasts about TIA's & strokes & have found some good information. 

I really like this one because he puts out quick listens each week over different topics - they're usually like 15 minutes - but they are full of great info. - all sorts of health - not just nutrition

& of course, listening to all my Bravo recap podcasts - its another crazy Teresa year so I've gotta laugh with everyone else about it.

What I'm Wearing
I bought these Chinos from Old Navy & love them - 
I actually got 3 colors of them - khaki, gray & Sunflower Gold.
The thing I like about them - they have elastic on the back part of the pants - so that button, while you CAN undo it - it deceptive. You can just pull these up & down.  I'll all about non constraining pants!

What I'm doing this Weekend
What do I do any weekend?
Just going with the flow

What I'm Looking Forward to Next Month
I dont have any big plans but more so, I'm just mind blown that IT IS MAY?
How did that happen? 

Friday, April 22, 2022

Friday Favorites

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Favorite Lipstick

I love these colors for Spring & Summer.
But these are supposed to be matte & stay for hours - even through eating.

Favorite Container

So cute to hold pods or K-Cups
Or even put stir sticks in it - or little packs of sugar or creamer if that's your thing

Favorite Who Knows Why

So this is a continuous water mister
... the first reason I wanted it is because when I want to put my little hair thinging in that curls my hair, I dont want or need to wash my hair every night - my hair is too dry for too much washing. But slightly damp hair works best for the curl - this is perfect to give me what I need.
... but then I see people use this for other things - like making their own air freshener - or using it for hair spray or insect repellant.  Even people use it for art things (says the person who is not artistic)
so - why not?  A item I dont know if I need or not but want.

Favorite Face Cleansing Product

OK - this is a new product I've been using for about a month now & am LOVINGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
... look at me using real face cleaning products- I'm telling you - I'm in it now to get my skin looking better #betterlatethannever
It is almost like a scrub but you use it every night to get your make up off & honestly - when I put it on my face & see my skin get all glowed up - & then see the wash cloth (OMG!!!) I am amazed every night how much makeup comes off.  My face is so clean afterwards.  
I just saw that it works on mascara too - I didnt even know that - so guess that I'm trying tonight!!!!

Favorite Summer Shoes

Favorite Hair Wrap

I love hair towels - they are so much easier on my neck & head than a regular towel. Plus, they absorb better. Mine are getting older & wearing out from all the wash... time to find some new ones

Favorite Tablet Stand

I need to get hubby one of these.
He lives on his tablet. I laugh because he wants these big ole 75 inch TV's - but yet, he watches videos on his tablet more than anything.
At least this will free up his hands

Favorite Funny

Happy weekend Y'all!!!

Thursday, April 21, 2022

Thankful Thursday #354


Today I am Thankful for:

New Coffee Shop
We have been watching a little bank being transformed into a new local Coffee Shop & it FINALLY opened.  Its right on the little highway we take in & out of town so its perfect to stop on my drive in.  Which I have already done multiple times - watch out wallet!  At least they have a rewards card.  I like that they open at 5am so Hubby can stop on his way in as well - which he has done multiple times.   I just like supporting local coffee shops anyways. 

Starbucks Run
....OK... I just talked about supporting local coffee shops - but I do still love me some Starbucks iced coffee. They're my favorite for iced coffee.  & we're getting in the weather now where I can walk over in the morning & snag one at work. Plus, the one closest to me finally started doing mobile ordering so its even better. I will always be a Starbucks fan.

The view from Starbucks - right to my building

Medicine Samples
Latest telehealth check has me trying a new migraine meds.  The good thing is my doctor was like, come & stop by & pick up some samples. Something nice about it too, the pill is only taken every other day.  (That could be easy to forget) But its a new pill & I have yet to start trying this becauseeeeee I looked up this new pill.. that has no generic alternative. COUGH COUGH COUGH...  this pill will cost me nearly $800 a month's supply - so 15 pills. OHHH MYYY GOSH.   But I am thankful for the samples - & I know my doctor had suggested if this works, she may know some programs that help pay for it.  I need to give it a try ... but Ooooofff - this one hurts.

Safe from storms
WOW - our area got a taste of the heavens opening up last week with storms roaring through.  Dropping some funnels clouds & a tornado too.  Scary stuff!  One of the touchdowns was near my aunt & cousin & I was texting her checking on them & they were in the bathroom with no power.  They came out with some minimal damage but so glad they were all OK. Like we said to each other - material things can be replaced - we just want our loved ones to be protected.  

You can see the skies - this was right before the storms rolled iin

Easter Service

I have not been inside of a church in over 2 years.  I've been doing it all online - which has been super cool for me because I like grabbing my coffee & staying in comfy clothes with messy hair & watching multiple & various messages from all over the country.  But I really wanted to go to church in person for Easter.  We headed off to go to a Saturday service thinking it was going to be a little more spacious & not the big rush of crowds for Easter Sunday. Pulled in & a BIG NOPE. The parking lot was overflowing.  We left. Not comfortable with that. We did some shopping & ended up being around the church for their later Saturday service - & it was PERFECT. Like Goldilocks finding that perfect comfy bed.  It was still crowded, but we were able to go in & get to the top of the section & there was no one around us close enough to be anxious about (for me anyways) & we got to worship & see an actual Pastor moving & talking. Had a great message to lift the soul for the Holiday & then we were right by a side door that we got to escape the crowd leaving too. A Easter miracle!  ... we did really enjoy it though where we're talking about going back to see how crowded their Saturday services are on a typical weekend. You all know you cant judge a church by Easter services. 

After Easter Service
It was such a nice evening on Saturday where me & the Hubby had dinner & after the service, ran over to the Pie Kitchen & treated ourselves to what we called, our grown up Easter basket.  I got a Cake Ball that was AMAZING.  I didnt realize it was chocolate cake & I'm usually not a chocolate cake fan but OH MY GOSH - this was incredible. So moist & just perfection in a little round ball of yum.

Tell me something good about your week!

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Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Hodgepodge Time


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1. What's something you wish you had spent more time doing when you were younger? Explain. 

I always say this - Skin care!!!!
I never used anything on my skin - heck, even in my 20's & 30's... everything broke me out. & even in my young days, it was slabbing on all the things to tan faster. Bring on all the wrinkles!!!! Geez.

My mom has the best skin & I remember her staying out of the sun. Why didnt I learn that by example?  Nope - instead, I take after my dad who stayed in the sun all the time & freckled up & down... he also had skin cancer removed all the time. UGH!

2. Who inspires you to be better. Tell us how. 

3. Share a money saving tip with us. 

Is this a joke? Did my Husband put you up to this question?

My worse habit is impulsive spending... so for me, to stop & think about it - it is what saves me money.  

Putting things in my cart & then coming back later in the day, it has saved me a ton of money - that's for sure.

4. It's National Garlic Day...are you a fan? Your favorite dish that includes garlic? 

What a stinky National holiday!
I am not a fan of garlic.  It's just too strong for me.  When I do a recipe that calls for it, I just skip it. I'm sure it changes the taste but i'm OK with that.

& to be fair, Garlic doesnt like me either. if I eat it, it just seeps through my pores. Its disgusting - I dont even want to be near me - much less anyone else.

I know its super good for you so I wish I could tolerate it - or even enjoy it... oh well.


5. Would you describe yourself as decisive or indecisive. Elaborate. 

I feel like for the most part, I'm indecisive... I hate making decisions & am awful at doing so. I think of every alternative - can give an argument for every choice made. I always said I'm the best at being the devil's advocate because I can totally argue both sides of issues or points.  That's also called a Lawyer. I should have been a Lawyer!  ... ironically, I always say Hubby would be a good lawyer because he WILL argue every opinion or thought. You can imagine the conversations we have...


6. Insert your own random thought here. 

FINALLLLLLYYYYYYY - we're breaking out of the cool air.  & we're bypassing right by Spring.  Its going to be in the high 80's this weekend - Geez.  maybe next year we'll get a decent Spring.   This was even the first year my Dogwood tree didn't bloom before Easter.  I'm scared that's some sort of Apocalyptic sign. I've never not seen that happen before... & in the world we live in - Apocalyptic doesn't' seem that far out of reach.

Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Likes & Dislikes {V.1}


I have seen my friend Stacy do this on her blog & I enjoy it each time she does it - so I'm joining in... can let someone else have all the fun!  Stacy does it weekly for the most part - I may do it monthly - or just whenever I get a full list.  Anyhoo... join in with us if you get a chance - lots out there to like & dislike in a day, much less a week or month.


More sunlight at night

Dog snuggles - especially on a weekend morning

New Stickers for my planner

My favorite coffee creamer on sale

Cadbury Cream Eggs

Cadbury Cream Eggs season is over (the scale is liking this)

True Crime Saturdays
... Hubby & I have gotten in the habit of watching a 20/20 or Dateline episode every Saturday morning while eating breakfast

My fan on my desk blowing air in my face

Podcasts that make me laugh


Medicine that makes me groggy

Muddy dog feet right after I mop

Kourtney & Travis Scott
-  no one needs to see them making out everywhere they go. Ew!!!

Political ads ramping up

Property Taxes

My Low Tire light that constantly comes on

Arm pain

The new trend in order to get a discount, you have to sign up for texts

Folding folded sheets

Share with me something today you are liking & disliking!

Thursday, April 14, 2022

Thankful Thursday #352 (with lots of pics this week!)


I've been on a kick lately buying stickers for my planner from Etsy shops to support small businesses.  & have gotten the cutest things. I feel like a kid when my packages come in the mail.

(NOTE - I am supporting the Etsy Strike right now where sellers are closing their shop for the week since Etsy is once again raising prices... when they came out as a winner during the pandemic - & now, charging creators more.  These greedy greedy corporations man!)

No Burns
Over the weekend, Hubby went to make some coffee in our Nespresso - put in the pod & went on his merry way... totally forgetting to put the cup under the drip. OOOPPS.  I happened to look when it started & screamed - THERES NO CUP! Hubby got up & ran in & instead of putting the cup under it - he put his hands under it to grab the coffee. WHAT??? It makes me laugh now because knowing he's OK - but that says so much about his thinking. Reactive.  Not necessary thinking clearly.  I grabbed the cup & got it over his hand & he had to run to the sink with hot coffee in his hands. Poor guy.  It hurt his hands for a bit, & he had a few little blisters, but it wasn't painful & healed right up. I think he'll remember that cup from now on.

New Rug
I just happened to pick up this rug to go under my sink over the weekend - it fits perfectly in the area & I love the print.

We had huge balls of SLEET on Friday night & then woke up to SNOW on Saturday! UGHHH.... but when I knew the temps were dropping, I cut my daffodils & brought them in. They have made me so happy all week!

I know a lot of you dont like masks (I mean, who really does?) but I know most people are with the attitude that the "vid is over... ohhhh, if only.  I'm taking advantage of sales of mask right now because I know when the cold air comes in the fall & winter, we'll be back in them.  & yes, we still wear them in stores that are crowded.  I dont fault anyone who doesnt wear them now - its not required - but for me, I just feel better, safer, in them - feeling like I'm at least trying to stay healthier.  I've always said well before March 2020, that I wanted to wear masks during cold/flu season - so now, its not so bizarre to see someone in a mask - yahoo! But I'm going to keep taking advantage of sales to get some cute KN95 masks!  I think there's a code still going online for Maskc for 50% off if you're interested.

Cozy Reading
On Saturday, it was so darn cold!!!! Forget reading outside... so I was once again thankful for my reading nook in my coffee room.  The dogs are all about it too.  Harvey Dent will lay next to me there snuggled ALL DAY LONG.  You can see Ozzie on the ground too next to me. Ernie was actually in there too - but was too far out of camera range. My Boys.

Holy Week
I have always said Easter is my favorite Holiday.  It just gives me chills to think about the week Jesus had - what he went through - for US.  Today is Maundy Thursday... the night Jesus washed the feet of his disciples as they shared their final meal.  

Did anyone watch The Passion that Tyler Perry did on TV a few years ago?  This scene where Judas betrayed Jesus... I watch it all the time. So smart with the music.

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