Monday, April 29, 2019

The weekend we went to the church of Marvel

Avengers Assemble....

You'll have to excuse me. I'm still geeking out over the weekend. 

Ricky's world basically centers around all things comic books... especially Marvel.  So over the years, when all these Marvel movies have come out - starting with the Toby McGuire version of Spiderman, we have been there for them all. 

With this one coming out, Ricky was literally giddy excited.  It's basically how I was when Beauty & the Beast live action remake came out.  Nothing else mattered in the world but getting to the theater on opening weekend.

Friday night, we actually got on line to order tickets after hearing about all the theaters sold out.  & man, were the shows sold out. There wasn't many options left for the weekend... & we knew we wanted to go to the theater that had the recliners.  If you're going to spend over 3 hours on your back side, you want to at least be comfortable.

We finally found a showing at 11am on Sunday... which meant I was going to have to miss out on church.  But this was for the happiness of my marriage ... & for the sake of the world :) At least in our little comic book loving mind, that's the answer to everything... the greater good of the universe.  Be your own super hero when you can. haha... I told Ricky we could make that time. & booked the tickets.

So what did the rest of the weekend look like?


* Ricky may have the Avengers to look forward to - but my excitement for Steven Curtis Chapman's concert in just 3 weeks ... so I was listening to my playlist of all his songs on my drive home from work.

* I had to get refreshed on all the little details of Avengers: Infinity War so I watched it all over again on Friday night.  Man, that's such a good movie. & I still remember being so shocked at the ending of it.


* I woke up to watch the KDF Mini Marathon. Yes, my heart was a little sad & I was a little depressed watching the race... but I didnt realize that the race was even televised for 2 hours - so that was nice to experience it this way.  & yes, gave me motivation to get back at that starting line next year. 

* Ricky had to do some Home Depot shopping & I always clean best when he's not home, so I was on a roll getting some my house really cleaned up.  I mean the kind of clean that I was exhausted afterwards.  The kind of clean that had me at nearly 10,000 steps from just walking around the same area all day long. 

* After getting to a stopping point in cleaning the rooms I was working on, I took a read break.  The sun wasn't out but I still wanted to sit outside... so I took a blanket & went to my outside chair & got in a few chapters.  Until it got too chilly & I just went in & read in my library... more cozier, for sure.

* Ricky had to feed the horses & Bruno had actually woken up earlier than usual, so I wrapped him up & took him with us. He always loved a good car ride - he'd bark at anything & everything that went by.  But since he's lost his sight, the joy of those car rides have changed.  Some times he actually freaks out a little bit in the car now. Dont know if its all the sounds, or if he just gets confused on what's going on... but this time, he really enjoyed this car ride.  He was just relaxed & enjoyed being in my arms.  Even more - he just loved going to my mom's.  She was in her recliner that rocks & she held him & rocked & rocked & rocked.... that poor little guy just sunk into her arms like butter & fell asleep. Snoring & all. My mom was like, "What is he doing?" - because his snoring was going through is body.  She was even like, "just leave him here & come back later"... poor boy.  He was so happy.  I may have to have my mom babysit him a few evenings.


* We headed out early to go eat breakfast.  I love our little local breakfast place. All the waitresses there are just the nicest - & remember us every time we go there. That "NORM" feeling is the best.

* Ricky was so excited, he could barely contain it. He is notorious for being late EVERYWHERE we go.  Like, if we're 5 minutes late, that's early to him (DRIVES ME NUTS)... but we ended up getting to the theater 55 minutes early - haha! I convined him to at least drive to Starbucks to get a coffee to sit out in the car & drink before we go in.  He agreed to going to Starbucks, but it was about GULPING the coffee  - he wanted to get in & get our tickets.  So our 3 hr movie turned into 3 hr & 35 minutes of sitting in the movie seats. Thank GOODNESS the seats are comfy.

* OH MY GOSH... that movie.  I totally won't do spoilers... but if you have seen it this weekend, message me so we can talk about it. So many emotions in it.  I literally laughed - (A LOT) - & was shocked & cried... I mean, it holds all the feels in this one.  & I left with a lot of questions too... it's just a whole lot to take in.  I mean, I seriously can go see it again & try to digest everything that happens.  & everyone talks about that 3 hour movie time?  I wish it were longer. No joke. It FLIES by.... & kudos to me - I didnt have to pee one time. I think I forgot to even breath most times, much less have to pee.

& again, no spoilers, but there is like a 10 second blip of FEMALE EMPOWERMENT that I totally was fist pumping in excitement over.  Marvel, you are awesome.

* We stopped on the way home to pick up some salads from Topp't for dinner since we both weren't hungry after the movie.

* Horse stall cleaning time.  I was actually COLD out there.  The winds shifted & it was so breezy & chilly.  I guess we got the tail end of the cold air that dropped snow on Chicago - bless you all that are dealing with that. I think I'd just hole up if we got snow like that in Spring.  UGHHHH. The worst.

& that was it... calling it a weekend.

I got a lot accomplished... including having my brain all in a frenzy over the Avengers.    I honestly can't stop thinking about it.

Who wants to go back & watch it again with me?  Let's go...

How was your weekend?

Did you see the movie?

Does it exhaust you to clean your house?

Want to come rock my little blind guy?

Friday, April 26, 2019

Friday Favorites

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Click pics for links to products
... nothing is ever affiliated... just helping ya out!

Favorite Bracelets

I love having scripture where you can see it easily...

Favorite Jacket
J.Crew Perfect Raincoat

I love a good rain jacket for Spring
.... & really love this color
& they have it in my favorite color of all - camo green!!

Favorite Why Not? Item

Get it from 3DPrintedByBrian on Etsy for $5.60+ (available in two colors, and two sizes).

Because its kinda stupid... kinda genius

Favorite Beauty & the Beast
Product Image of Cogsworth and Lumiere Pouch Set - Beauty and the Beast # 3

Favorite Sweats
Nike Logo Sweatpants

Favorite Candy

Includes one of each: Flake, Picnic, Double Decker, Crunchie, Dairy Milk, Starbar, Wispa, Dairy Milk Caramel, Twirl, and Curly Wurly.Get it from Amazon for $11.20.

... because I've had friends send me some of these chocolates...
& they are DELICIOUS!!!
Now, you can buy this set yourself - how fun is that???

Favorite Patio Bistro Set
Suncrown Outdoor Rocking Wicker Bistro Set

Give me rocking outside on any beautiful day
... or maybe even a rainy one if I'm under a covered porch
... & this set is under $150.00 too - NICE!
Even the cushions nearly cost that any more!

Favorite Funnies

Morning Funny Meme Dump 35 Pics

Afternoon Funny Meme Dump 35 Pics

Morning Funny Meme Dump 36 Pics

Morning Funny Meme Dump 36 Pics

Afternoon Funny Meme Dump 37 Pics

Morning Funny Meme Dump 34 Pics

... when I hear someone correcting the boss

GIPHY! ( December 4, 2013 at 11:16AM

... when I feel like I made healthy choices for the week & the scale still went up

GIPHY! ( December 21, 2013 at 07:06PM

... when the dogs tear something up but they just look so darn cute & sorry

GIPHY! ( April 16, 2019 at 02:20AM

... when someone takes my favorite parking spot at work

GIPHY! ( February 10, 2019 at 09:30AM

... me at 4:30pm today

GIPHY! ( April 8, 2019 at 10:36AM

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Cheesy goodness, Cuba living & all God's people {Thankful Thursday #218}

Image result for thankful thursday knit by god's hand

This week I am Thankful for:
Cuba Update
I loved getting together with my 2 HSM girls that went on the Cuba mission trip during their Spring Break. I wanted to hear all about it.  Loved seeing it through their eyes & all that God showed them & worked through them.  I can already see glimpses of how they are changed from it all.  Makes me wish everyone could have a moment like this .... seeing parts of the world that have less than we may have & still have MORE JOY than we could even imagine.  That has to shift perspective in your world.

Coffee Run-in
While I was waiting for those two girls to show up at the coffee shop, I hear when I walk in, "Rebecca!" & it was one of my old youth kiddos from years before.  She's actually 25 years old now (I've been doing this WAYYYY too long) & I just loved sitting with her for 30 minutes & catching up & hearing how her life has been going & her family.  It's funny because I didnt even mean to get to the coffee shop that early, but I just knew to go in there when I did... & so grateful I did so we could have that time to chat.  I always love seeing how my past youth kiddos lives are treating them.  Once my youth kiddos - always my youth kiddos!

A Classic
I grew up with Vick's Vapor Rub being like the BEST MEDICINE EVER.  My dad would lather that stuff all over me whenever I was feeling bad.  So when this sinus infection knocked me on my rear, I pulled out my trust jar & took it with me everywhere I went.  It does wonders to help me breath!

Hot Coffee
When you're feeling bad & your throat hurts so bad, a hot coffee at work feels like good medicine!!

Dogwood Tree
I always LOVE LOVE LOVE when our tree blooms right at Easter.  With the story of the Dogwood tree & how it connects to Jesus crucifixtion, it makes it even special to me when the timing is just right.  Never heard of the story of the dogwood... click right HERE to read about it.

Ricky feeding dogs
Feeding 4 dogs is a chore every night... & when I'm sick, I just can't. It's not just "feeding" them - with Bruno, you have to sit & make sure he can get the bowl. It's a half hour thing to hold him, watch him, feed him.  So I was super thankful that Ricky took it on while I was down & out over the weekend. Whew!

Its like the angels sing when you go in & aren't feeling good. All the stuff you need in one place... plus they have the best chocolate covered raisins :)

Harvey's Ear OK
So when I came home from church on Easter Sunday - I gave all the dogs welcome home loves & then looked down to see blood on my hands - WHAT IS HAPPENING???? & then see Harvey - WHATTTT ISS HAPPENNIINGG????? - turns out, Harvey's ear was bitten through. Want to care to guess who did that?  Ernie has this thing that he likes to "lead" Harvey via his ear.  He's constantly grabbing his ears & tugging him.  & when a neighbor walks by our gate/fence, Ernie freaks out & grabs Harvey's ear... so yeah, lift a prayer for Harvey's ears because they have years of stress ahead.  We thought he'd need a stitch on them, but so far, its hanging in there. We're trying to keep Ernie from grabbing it till it heals - which is like telling the sun to stop shining.

Cheese Pizza
I mentioned this yesterday - but I am legit CRAVVVVINGGGG cheese pizza ... so when I wanted one on Easter & mentioned it, my sweet hubby went to feed the horses & then ran out of his way to pick me up one & brought it home.  YUM!  Best Easter dinner ever

God's Servants
I know that Easter weekend is like the Super Bowl of church services... & I know how hard the staff at our church worked.  There were 6 - maybe 7 - services at our campus alone. From all the people who sung, played instruments, taught the kiddos, rocked the babies, directed traffic, handed out bulletins, opened a door, gave a "hello".... this is what CHURCH looks like.  & I'm grateful for every single person.  Especially all the pastors everywhere, leading services in all the places, delivering a message that may not otherwise reach people.  That's the day people will go to church for family members that dont typically let their shadow pass through the door - so it's a lot to deliver the right words that can change someone's life.  Bless all the people who worked so hard this past weekend.

Our Risen Savior
Yes, I am always thankful for this - but on Easter, the day we focus on the resurrection of Jesus & what that represents for us, I am thankful. To think how life would have no meaning & purpose without the sacrifice He gave for us, the ones He loves enough to give all for.  I am just grateful for all Jesus has done for us & still does for us in every day we get to take a breath on this earth... & for the gift of eternal life even when we leave this world.

So what are you thankful for this week?

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Wednesday, April 24, 2019

What's Up Wednesday

Image result for whats up wednesday mix and match

What We're Eating This Week
I've been craving cheese pizza this week
... dont ask me why...
Cravings have no reason or purpose, right?

What I'm Reminiscing About
It's one year ago this week that my first emergency surgery happened.
I can't believe it's been a year & I'm STILL in pain.
So aggravating & frustrating... but I can still remember every bit of this like yesterday. Maybe because the pain is a great reminder.
... & I remember my daddy being there with me at the hospital too in the ER & after my surgery... but wasn't there 5 weeks later at my 2nd emergency surgery.
All that just shows - live for today - ENJOY today - you never know what tomorrow holds.

Image may contain: 1 person, sitting and sleeping
My dad took this picture & was so excited to share it because I always am the one taking pics of him after his surgeries ... man, little did we know that we only had 2 more weeks with him :( 

What I'm Loving
I just got some of these silicone face scrubbers from the Dollar Store.. OH MY GOSH - they are fantastic!!! I love the way they clean my skin. When I rinse off the soap after lathering up, my skin feels so smooth & clean.
I gotta get more of these.

What We've Been Up To
So April was about doing a lot with our Emmaus community - which is a Christian group of people that have been on a specific retreat ... but I had 2 of my Framily that went on their 'walks' & it was exciting to see God work in cool ways through that.
... Also, we had mom's hospital stay...
.. & April is back to HSM Home Groups on Wednesdays
... & the beginning of allergy season kicking in full force
& of course, EASTER

What I'm Dreading
We're just days away from the one year anniversary of my daddy's passing.
It's been making the memories flood back... not like they ever are too far away...
But just dreading the day... but also a little thankful to get it behind it.
Like reaching that "one year mark" really changes anything....
or makes it any easier...
but it does feel like an accomplishment of some sort

What I'm Working On
Cleaning out my closet.
Transitioning from winter to Spring/summer clothes... its gonna be a chore.
Where's Marie Kondo when you need her?

What I'm Excited About
Finally!!! After 5 years... FIVE YEARS!!!... Steven Curtis Chapman is in concert in Louisville.
Ironically, on the 1 year anniversary of my daddy's passing... I truly believe my dad planned that to make the day easier for me....
But I got tickets literally the MINUTE tickets went on sale - so yep, once again, Mr. Chapman will be seeing my face right there in the front singing right along with him.

Image result for steven curtis chapman tour

What I'm Watching / Reading
I just binged through The Imposters 2nd season - loved it just as much as the first season!!!

Image result for The imposters season 2

Also just finished Sabrina on Netflix... not sure how I feel about it - its SUPER dark & I'm not sure I care for it... glad that it didnt end the season on a total dark note - but UGH..

Image result for Sabrina netflix

& just started Lucifer. My dad loved that show so much & I've been enjoying the first season.. almost through

Image result for lucifer tv show

Also started Legacies ... being a huge Vampire Diaries & The Originals fan, I'm glad this came to Netflix. I could never remember when it was on till more than half way through the season.

Image result for cw legacies

What I'm Listening To
Not for the easily offended - that's for sure... As most comedians are.
So inappropriate most of the times
... but man, Sometimes I catch myself laughing way too hard.
Amy stopping to puke mid-podcast due to her pregnancy is also a fun little bonus... UGH
I just love comedians though.  People that can laugh at life in its hardest times & find humor in the worst of situations?  I love those kind of people.

Image result for amy schumer podcast

What I'm Wearing
Some April looks this month
... I'm proud of myself for even remembering to take pics...

What I'm doing this Weekend
I dont think I have plans - but that usually turns around by Thursday or Friday.
I know its a big race day around here - & Nashville (GO JULIE GO!!!) & would actually like to run down & cheer on the runners.

& of course, Sunday is our HSM group - always love Sunday

What I'm Looking Forward to Next Month
I'm taking 2 days off in May - the anniversary of my daddy's passing & the day after - just to take some ME time... & actually go back to the doctor about my pain (BOO) but I'm just looking forward to a day off work. I havent had a day off since I came back from my surgery in December.

Monday, April 22, 2019

The weekend I was so grateful to make it to church on Easter Sunday

Image result for he is risen
Praise the Lord... He is Risen!!!

I hope everyone enjoyed their Easter weekend!!!

I just love Easter & all the JOY that comes from it ... & I had so many plans for the weekend....

but life - & pollen - & sinuses were like a big NOPE!

Image result for allergies meme funny

I was looking forward to going to my old home church for their Good Friday service. I LOVE a Good Friday service.  That sort of service that really focuses on the reflection of Jesus being crucified.  The kind of service that leaves you walking out with a heavy feeling of what actually happened.  The grief sitting on your chest knowing the pain & suffering our Savior went through.  Yeah, I actually look forward to that... because it sets you up for SUNDAY!!!! & know ITS COMING!!!!

But when I got home from work on Friday, I literally crawled straight into bed.  I think I even still had my work clothes on... & tried to get in the Easter mood by watching a documentary on Netflix about the week leading up to the crucifixion... the dad from Downton Abby was the guy leading it.  It was really interesting... until my medicine kicked in & yeah....I was out by 7pm

Image result for allergies meme funny

I woke up Saturday feeling even worse....

I get like this every year.  The watery eyes, the sneezing that won't quit - which if you remember LAST April, is when the sneeze - & I mean THE SNEEZE - that caused my year long of surgeries happened... so I'm really pensive about sneezing.... but my throat closes, I can't breath - its just miserable.  & then it throws me into a sinus infection.  Because I end up with a fever.

& on Saturday, it was day 2 of a fever... so I just decided to stay in bed.  I was super bummed about that because I had once again had plans ... this time, I was going to go see my friend in a production of Mary Poppins & I was going to be able to sit with her kiddos - who are some of my past youth kiddos (once my youth kiddos - always my youth kiddos) & I was so looking forward to it.  Because one thing about me you must know.... I want life so badly to be like a musical.  Break out in song & dance any time & I'm ALL in - so a production that has song & dance? Give them all to me!

Image result for life as a musical

 I was so looking forward to it - but yeahhhh.... I did good to get a hot steamy shower to open up my head.

I knew I had to make it to Easter service though....

I woke up feeling a whole lot better Sunday morning - Praise the Lord... actually woke up around 6:00am - (Such a bummer on a weekend)... but I made some breakfast for Ricky & I & we both headed out to our church.... THAT WAS SUPER PACKED!!!

We usually sit in the front row because I get super claustrophobic in the aisles of our church... nope.  Wasn't happening this we went the total polar opposite & sat in the very back row of the balcony... It worked well for me because we sat at the top of the steps so I didnt have anyone in front of me & I felt like I had breathing space. Whew!

But let me tell you - EVERY SEAT was filling up in that place. I LOVE seeing a church over flowing like that.  & it was such a good message, ending with a challenge to be baptized if you believed who Jesus says He is... & did what He said He'd do... the whole reason we were celebrating Easter.  & so many picked up on that challenge.

I say it every time - I dont have to know you to cry at watching your baptism.  Complete strangers lined up, getting in this tub of water, professing the statement of faith & DUNK!  SPLASH! NEW CREATION!!!!  When people come out of the water with smiles on their face, or hands lifted, or tears flowing... all the chills. All the emotion.  My new sister or brother in Christ right there.  I LOVE IT!  It never gets old to me.

At one point, the bassist in the band was playing & looked over & his wife was in the baptismal with their two children... he just dropped his guitar & ran over to be next to them.  Yep - tears.

It was a perfect way to celebrate our Risen Savior!!!!

Ricky & I left from there & of course, stopped at Starbucks before heading home.

This is what I called my "Grown up version" of an Easter basket :) 

& by the time we got home... I was feeling bad again.  Just worn out... not at the top of my game.  I just  laid down for awhile & then went to my mom's to attempt to take her to my brother's who was having an Easter lunch & egg hiding thing.... but I had a fever again - DANG IT!!!! ... so mom just sent me home & I got back in bed to binge some more Netflix.  UGH.

At least I made it through the service feeling good & got to still celebrate Jesus's resurrection...

& feeling so blessed to be able to do it safely.  After hearing the news of Sri Lanka, my heart just BROKE.  That picture of Jesus with blood spattered on it?  We take for granted so easily the freedom we have to worship in this country... & forget even more casually how many people reject & hate for us to have that freedom to worship our Lord.

Image result for sri lanka church explosion

Bless the people who were affected & the families that lost loved ones on the Holiest of Holy Days.

So how did  your Easter weekend go?

Did you celebrate?  If so, what did you do?

Are allergies kicking you in the face too?

Friday, April 19, 2019

Friday Favorites

(Click pic for links to items.... nothing is affiliated... just helping ya out)

Favorite Best Friends Charm

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... for you & your dog!!! 
How fun is that??

& to follow that up....

Favorite Tee Shirt

Favorite Laundry Item

Promising review: "I don't know what kind of sorcery this is, but these things work. It used to take three cycles to dry my comforter and bed sheets. I'm one of those set-it-and-forget-it people, so I'd always forget to turn the dryer back on for round two and three, which meant that at midnight, when my husband and I were about to pass out from exhaustion, I'd remember the sheets and comforter were still in the dryer, undoubtedly damp because I didn't run them through the dryer another two times. So I finally bought these puppies and as usual, I dried the comforter and bed sheets once, and forgot to check on them. That night, my husband asked where our sheets were since they weren't on the bed at bed time. Then he groaned, and asked if I remembered to really dry them. So I checked the dryer and lo and behold, they were dry! I have actually remembered to check the dryer once after drying the bed sheets and they were dry as soon as the first cycle was over. So, it's a miracle. These things work. TL,DR: I'm bad at laundry; these make me good." รข€”GabbyGet two from Amazon for $8.

Laundry Dryer Balls - Making your laundry super cute

Favorite Fruit Bowl

Get it from Amazon for $33.73 or Wayfair for $36.99.

It's like something out of the game Mouse Trap 
(Anyone even remember that game?)

Favorite Counter Saver

Get it from Bed Bath and Beyond for $9.99 (for six).

Little trivets to keep the HOT pots off of your counter!!!
& look fancy while doing it

Favorite Beauty & the Beast

OK so this ceramic cup is actually for display only, but I own it and can promise you it's the cutest thing you'll ever spend your hard-earned dollars on.Get it from BoxLunch for $15.90.

Because who doesn't really want a Chip cut to drink out of...
how happy does this make you?

Favorite Self Care

After sitting all day in a chair at a desk, doesnt this just look good for your back?

Favorite Funnies

Morning Funny Meme Dump 36 Pics

Morning Funny Meme Dump 36 Pics

Afternoon Funny Meme Dump 34 Pics

Afternoon Funny Meme Dump 34 Pics

Afternoon Funny Meme Dump 34 Pics

Afternoon Funny Meme Dump 33 Pics

Morning Funny Meme Dump 35 Pics

.... the hubs when I start talking about a coffee bar
... & then move on to a whole kitchen renovation

GIPHY! ( July 17, 2018 at 05:51PM

... when my dogs go potty as soon as I let them out the door & I dont have to wait for 30 minutes minutes of slow strolling in the yard

GIPHY! ( June 22, 2015 at 03:43PM

... when the hubs tells me my credit card bill is in after I went shopping for spring clothes

GIPHY! ( May 23, 2017 at 04:19PM

... me at 4:30 pm today

GIPHY! ( November 14, 2018 at 08:50PM

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