Thursday, March 31, 2011

Get your "church on" in 1 minute

My buddy, Joe, used this video last night in the youth lesson...

I'm warning you - it will pump you up!

Its like getting your "church on" in 1 minute & 24 seconds...

RUN!  When you get tired... PRESS ON!!!!

The chains of death were cut by the cross....

Come on... get pumped up about Jesus today!!!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Going downhill...

I saw on Twitter the other day a tweet from a runner in Texas that said, "I want to move to a place with hills because my runs are so boring"

I quickly responded - "Funny, cause I want to move to a place that has flat land.. wanna trade?"

That's all I've got on my road is hills... & its tough to get up them.  But oh, so much fun to run DOWN them.  Gravity takes in and you just have to roll with it.  The easiest part of running...

Last Fall, acorns were falling from the trees & I was coming down one of the bigger hills, enjoying the 'ride' down, when all of a sudden, my foot hit a acorn & I did a not-so-elegant trip, trip, stumble, FALL ....

You know what you do when you fall first?  Make sure no one saw you...

Then I jumped up, made sure my leg was still intact.  It took a few steps to work out the soreness in my ankle, but all was well... besides a bit of my pride.

Its been probably 6 months since then, but now, everytime I go down a hill, I hesitate.  No more "just riding" down a hill.  I'm cautious.  I look for rocks - acorns - any round object that could be on the ground.  My eyes are down - I slow my body down from flying down the hill...

I'm almost afraid now...

There's fear...

& it holds me back...

It slows my time now.  It takes the fun out of the free ride down.  It gives me a feeling in my gut that I could easily fall.

Fear does that, doesnt it?  Holds you back...

While I know some fear is healthy (I dont want to run down a mountain at full speed & break my neck) - some fear does just that.. hold you back.

Have you fallen in something & now are afraid to try again?  Or afraid to put all of yourself into that position again? 

What's the worst that can happen?  Another fall?  That's ok... I may end up stronger running down those hills full speed.  Just as you may become stronger in your situation you're afraid of.

Let's put fear behind us... & RUN... FULL FORCE!

God did NOT give me a spirit of fear,
but of power, love & self- control.
-2 Timothy 1:7

Monday, March 28, 2011

Time for zeee Jive, a trumppalyne & a shout out to Charrlie Sheen ...

Week 2... I'm so excited to see how it goes.  Can Ralph make a definite stand as a real dancer?  Will Kristie be able to pull off Ballroom, which means classy?  Same for Kendra.  Will Petra be able to shake her hips in Latin?  Will we see love bloom between the Disney Princess & Mark?  All things I'm antsy to find out... so lets get this party started... we're LIIIVVEEEEEEE

8:00 - "They're back for one more time before the first elimination.  Those at the top will dance to keep domination... while those at the bottom will dance for redemption..." -Tom

8:01 - "For the last time before one of them has to say goodbye, let's bring out all our stars..." -Tom

8:04 - "Its going to take time... but I'm not easily discouraged" -Sugar Ray

8:05 - "This week is zee Jive" - Anna ....
"My biggest struggle is the jive is so fast" - Sugar Ray ".... this week is my rematch"

8:05 - ... starting out the dance in black & white.  It always makes me think my tv has blown a tube.  Stop that Dancing with the Stars! 

8:08 - "someone has to go home... based on that performance, I think you're in jeopardy" -Len

8:15 - "This week, we have quick step so we're going to work hard on getting rid of that tomboy inside of you" - Louis to Kendra

8:16 - "The quick step is all about being a lady... I'm not a lady" - Kendra ... "I need to shave"...

8:17 -"I dont feel beautiful... I feel like a boy... everyone thinks I'm that sexy, confident Playboy..." -a crying Kendra - "this is so much more about dancing to me.  This is about being someone I didnt think I could be"

8:19 - Tom whispering in her ear, "You didnt look like a boy at all.. in the least" - (She does look very beautiful with her hair pinned up)...Holly Madison in the house!

8:20 - "Its very tough being a lady, isnt it" - Bruno
"Elegance is a state of mind" - Carrie Ann

8:21 - "you are a self professed tomboy, but you were crying in rehearsals... why so emotional" - Brooke - aka Mrs. Pour Salt In Wound

8:26 - "I dont want Chelsea being eliminated first... so I'm pushing the boundaries.  Its still in the jive realm - just giving it more of an edge" -Mark

8:27 "I'm afraid you're going to kick me in the face" -Chelsea... "If I do, I'll get you an ice pack" -Mark  "Gee, that's reassuring" -Chelsea

8:28 - "I have a crush on your brain" - Mark, as he's rubbing Chelsea's head (mmm - sparks flying?)
"I dont usually get a lot of compliments on my brain" - Chelsea

8:29 - Jive via Crazy Circus!!!!

8:30 - "I love choreography like that... but I think there is a time & a place for it... & I dont think the time was now" -CarrieAnn
"This girl has fantastic potential... but not with dances like that" - Len

8:34 - WATER FOR ELEPHANTS PREVIEW... I'm DYING to see this movie... RPatz & Reese Witherspoon?  In a time period movie?  I'm soooo there!

8:38 - "... I have to tame the dancing beast for the Quick Step" - Cheryl

8:39 - "My wrestling trainers are nothing compared to Cheryl... I'm terrified of Cheryl Burke. I dont want her yelling at me" - Chris

8:42 - "... it was bright, breezy, good frame.. you did a good job" - Len
"All I can say is, I'm loving some Chris Jericho" - Carrie Ann
(It really was impressive... he was so "peppy" & light on his feet for a big muscle man)

8:47 - Thank you ABC for reminding me to set my DVR for the new "Body of Proof" - that looks like a interesting show.

8:49 - "The jive is hard for tall people... what am I supposed to do?  Get shorter?" -Petra. (OK - rub it in Miss 7 foot super model)

8:50 - "The trumppalyne helped me get over the fear of tricks" (she was on a trampoline... her little accent made it a new fun word though)

8:51 "This girl can go from uptown girl to floozie in the flick of a hat" - Bruno "you need to work on your core strength though" (That is what they tell EVERY super model... but I am impressed with her. Thought it would be way worse)
"Its a fatal combination.  Long legs, short skirt, bad technique...but I must say, she did it beautifully" - Len

8:59 - "Our 2nd dance is the Quick Step"- Maks ... "I'm assuming that means it has to be fast?" - Kirstie

9:00 - "Has it been just as difficult for your skinny partners to do the Quick Step" -Kirstie talking about her average has been loosing 5 lbs per week since dancing.  "So I have to make it finals to reach my goal (of 40 lbs)"

9:01 - "You know what Quick step means?  at least 20 lbs" -Maks
"Yeah!!! WINNING" -Kirstie (OK - she wins all my votes just for throwing a Charlie Sheen quote in there!

9:02 - a big ole lip smacker at the end of the dance with Maks & Kirstie... I think they are a fantastic pair

9:03 - "You are so in your element... I LOVE to watch you dance.  You are aware of your body....the connection between you & Maks will be unstoppable" -CarrieAnn
"You dont need to worry your weight when you have talent... & you have talent" -Bruno

9:05 - "I'm going to be honest with you - its jive or die time" -Mike "This week - the main motivating factor?  Explode Len & Bruno's face with my fire-y dance move"
"I think snot just came out of my nose" - Lacy from laughing

9:11 - DR DREW in the audience!!!

9:12 - "I've got good news... it was better then last week.  But dont get excited." - Len
"You look like a fly stuck on fly paper" - Bruno

9:14 ... oh snap... Chris Brown rehearsal footage... at least there was no throwing of objects... just dancing.  Keep Brooke Burke away from him.  If anyone is going to irk him with questions, it'll be her.

9:19 - "This is a typical ballroom dance (the quick step) - so I want to see Romeo be romantic in his move" -Chelsea .... "Like those abs" -Romeo ... yeah.... not so romantic

9:20 - "Chelsea wants me to be charming... I have no idea what that means.  I was born in the 1990's - not the 1900's" - Romeo (really?.... REALLY?)  Hey Generation Y - Romeo is throwing you all under the bus

9:23 - "You are the one to watch"- Bruno
"That was the best dance of the night" - Len

9:30 - "Its very difficult being criticized - but I'm going to take the judges advice..." - Wendy

9:31 - "I feel like I have to go like this" (Crossing arms while jumping)
"WHY?" - Tony.... "Because of MY BOOBS" - Wendy "NO one needs to see ALL that"

9:34 - "It's a step in the right direction..." - Bruno

9:40 - "We did that double turn & the crowd ROARED... its one of those moments I'll never forget" - Ralph

9:41 - "I'm the dad of 2 teenagers... let's face it... I have to make sure I dont embarass my kids" - Ralph "I know I can count on my family to tell me if I suck"

????Did he really name his son DANIEL?  I wonder if its because of Karate Kid?????

9:44 - HOLY COW.... DUDE CAN DANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  That was simply amazing!!!!!!

9:45 - "You have a HUGE likability factor...." -Bruno
"If you want to go further, you have to be sharper" -Carrie Ann
(Are these judges INSANE?  They are judging him like a pro & not the same as all the other stars... picking on his kicks?  Really judges?  Moments like this is when I'm screaming at the judges)

9:52 - "When I saw Kym do the Quick Step, I thought, why did I sign up for this" - Hines

(Yes Kelley - I also think this dress makes her look like a horse...)

9:53 - "I'm cooler then a polar bears toe nails" - Hines teaching Kym some "lingo"

9:55 - "I think Emmett has to retire his title of "Twinkle Toes"" - Carrie Ann
"I was very impressed" - Len
(Did Carrie Ann just burp?  What happened?  Bruno & Carrie Ann are laughing & Tom just said "Pull my finger" - LIVE TV people)

10:00 -"At the top forthe 2nd week in the row is Ralph ... & Mike is at the bottom" - Brooke

What did you think DWTS fans?  I think we have a competition!  I have 4 that I really like - Ralph, Hines, Kirstie & Chelsea... I even think Chris Jerricho could slide in there.  There are some good moves happening this year!    You picking a favorite yet? 

Did you think Mark & Chelsea were judged unfairly?  How about Ralph?  Who wants to see Dr. Drew dancing on next season?  And did you catch what happened with Carrie Ann?  Did she burp or what?  Tomorrow is elimination night... anxious to see how the votes will fall...Until next week Dance Fans!

is it possible to get frost bite in 40 degrees?

Y'all know I wasnt sure I was going to do the Papa John's 10-Miler or not..

Literally, as I was laying out my things & charging up the electronics on Friday night, I STILL wasnt sure. 

I wasnt feeling the best, I was tired & just not "feeling it"...But I set my alarm anyways for 6:00 am

It went off & I started the routine of getting ready.  Before I knew it, my knees were wrapped & I was dressed & I was still thinking, "Am I doing this?"... well heck, I'm already strapped up at 6:30 am - why not?

The thing about this race, where you have to park, its a good 2 -3 miles to even get to the starting line so it was warming me up before the race even began.

There is nothing like standing in a crowd of 9,000 other runners... NOTHING like it...

(Papa John's race from 2010)

Then the horn sounds... the beat of feet pounding the pavement.  Love it.

The route takes you down 3 miles into a park that is another 3 miles... 3 miles of SHEER HELL! - or knowns as "hills"... same thing, right?

In the park, I got really warm (yes, in the 40 degree weather) - so I took off my jacket.  Underneath, I had on a trainer shirt (the kind that wicks sweat away & has air holes for heat to escape.  Not a smart idea.  Before I knew it, I was FREEZINGGGGGG... I should have wore a tank top underneath & I would have been fine.  But I didnt.  It took me so long to take my jacket off, I didnt want to have to put it back on - so I kept treking on.  Well, when you run, you get extra "wind" blowing on you... I started shivering - no joke!  So I had to put on my jacket. 

Miles 6-8, I was feeling AWESOME - probably my fastest part of the race... then the weirdest thing EVER happened.

My stomach... it felt like razor blades were cutting me...

I put my hand on my stomach & felt nothing... it was totally numb.  I started to have a mini panic-attack.  Kept thinking, am I having a heart attack or something?  Even though I knew my heart is not in my stomach... but I've never had a sensation like that. 

I ended up lifting up my shirt & my stomach was literally turning blue... it was like a purple color.

I have never had anything like that happen in my life. 

I calmed myself down because I honestly started freaking out... knew I only had a mile & a half left to go.  Kicked it in gear & crossed the finish line.  But the bad thing, I still had a good 2 miles to get back to my car (GEEZ!!!) ...

By the time I got to my car, I was shivering so much I couldnt stand it.  I cranked up the heat all the way home (which is a 30 minute ride)...I was STILL shivering.  Walked in the house, immediately stripped off the wet clothes & got in a STEAMING shower... do you know when I got out, my stomach still had a purple tint to it & I was STILL freezing.  It took me about 3 hours to warm  up...

And I just felt funny the rest of the day... not sure what that was about...

I took about a hour nap & felt better after I woke up from that...

I'm glad I did the race though.  Have that feeling of accomplishment...

learned to never forget my tank top...

By the way - my knees didnt hurt ONE TIME!!! Had them both KT Taped up & even during the hills, I didnt have one ache!!!  Praise the Lord! 

maybe I need to KT Tape my cold belly up next time?

Onto the next race - the Kentucky Derby Mini Marathon!!! ... Hopefully it'll be over 40 degrees :)

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Project 365... 2011: Week 13

Sunday - March 20 - Big Sunday!!! ... all those people standing up front?  They were getting ready to get baptized.  How cool is that?  Plus we have many families join our church.  It was a great way to kick off Spring - a time of "new life" ....

Monday - March 21 - Start of a new season... getting ready to kick off the season to live-blog "Dancing with the Stars".  I was debating doing it again this year, but I just knew I'd be sitting on my couch with all kinds of observations anyways, so might as well - right?

Tuesday - March 22 - Check the Specs... I went to get my eyes examined.  I can tell a difference since I'm creeping to the big 4-0 (lets not talk about that please) ... but I used to wear glasses growing up due to lazy eyes.  I can kinda see the "lazy" coming back too.  When I get tired, they REALLY turn in.  So yep, I had to order glasses. I was there by myself so I had to rely totally on the young lady helping me.  She basically picked out my frames... I hope they look OK - I dont even remember what they look like... this could be scary.

Wednesday - March 23 - Broken Down... I was getting ready to walk out the door to go run & I thought, I better call Ricky & check on him before.  He was having problems with his car.  Lo & behold - he JUST broke down.  (How's that for instinct?) .... but his car was totally STUCK.  You couldnt even get it in Neutral so it just sat & blocked an intersection.  This cop came up & was so jerky about it.  He said "You HAVE to move this car"... well, its not like we wanted to have it in the way.  He took the keys & headed over to "move it for us"... well, what do you know... he couldnt get it out of park & couldnt do anything about it either.  I wanted to say "BOO YAH"... but didnt think that'd be too smart.  He ended up sitting behind Ricky's car with the lights on because people kept pulling behind & not notcing the car was BROKE DOWN.  (people really arent observant)  Thanks mom & dad for the tow truck...every year for my birthday, they renew my AAA Membership & it always comes in handy.  Nice to have...

Thursday - March 24 - The FRUIT of labor :) ... It was Board Meeting week at work.  They always end up getting things to eat for the meeting, but there is always left overs.  We get to snack on it afterwards.  I love when we have all that fruit there.  Its so easy to just grab & eat.  Probably the only time of the month that I eat the healthiest.  There's always donuts & pastries too but I'm good at just munching on the fruit...

Friday - March 25 - Janis Joplin? ... I had been letting my hair dry naturally & Ricky kept telling me I looked like Janis Joplin... do you think it looks like Rock-n-Roll hair?  I just need some massive dark eyeliner & tease it up some more & a 80's rock band may be calling me!

Saturday - March 26 - Papa John's 10 Miler... I did it... I think I'll do a post on it later in the week.  But yep - I did it... next race up is in 5 weeks - the Kentucky Derby Mini Marathon. 13.1 miles... Bring it on baby!

You want to join along?  Just click the button below & visit Sara who is so good at hosting Project 365.  You'll link up to many others doing the same thing... I love seeing everyone's lives every week. You will too.

Keep Clickin'!!!

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Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea

Its Friday... a gloomy, cold Friday...Let's Frag... maybe it'll brighten the day... (you can join along too, just click the button above)

Tomorrow is the last leg of the Triple Crown Racing befor the Half Marathon.  The Papa John's 10-Miler... I'm really in debate on whether to run it or not.  Mainly because I'm exhausted - not feeling 100% ... plus, the weather has shifted & its going to be 34 degrees at race start... OK - I've ran in cold, I can handle that.  But then there is a chance of rain/flurries.... NOOO!!!!  10 miles is enough torture.  Add in the cold - then toss in COLD, freezing rain & I'm thinking this sounds horribly miserable.  So I'm still not sure what I'm going to do.  The other factor - Ricky works tomorrow so that means I could actually sleep in peace - LATE... in a warm bed... see how I'm torn?  I guess I'll make my decision sometime before 8:00 am tomorrow... what to do... what to do...

Tomorrow is PURPLE DAY!!!!  You wear it for those who suffer from Epilepsy.  Knowing one of the cutest little girls ever, Emily - I'll be sporting my purple... (I need purple running tights!!!)... you can visit Erica's Blog (Emily's awesome mommy) to read more about it... Pull out that purple folks!!!

Did you watch American Idol?  I literally had a roller coaster of emotions.  When they announced Casey was eliminated, I was punching & kicking like a 2 yr old throwing a tantrum.  Then when they used the save on him - I turned into a 14 yr old justin-bieber-screaming-kinda-cheerleader!!!  I wonder if people dont like Casey or they just assume he's safe because he's so good.  What is it?  Do you like Casey?

I was wearing shorts at the beginning of the week... now today, have my winter coat back out...

Mother Nature is one moody little chick...



I've been letting my hair get a break from the heat of a straighening iron so this week, I've just braided it when its wet & let it go... ends up with a very 80's "crimped" kinda look.  Ricky saw me yesterday & said, "Whooo - you look like a hippie.. very Janis Joplin lookin'" ... This guy calling me a "hippie" when HE has hair to his butt?  ... Mr. Black Pot meet Mr. Black Kettle...

SPAT OF THE WEEK:  George Lopez.... Did I just hear all you women immediately take my side?  I think so... Did you hear George Lopez making his "joke" on Kristie Alley about calling her a pig?  That just made me so mad.  Leave the woman alone!  No wonder women have eating disorders.  Plus, she's 60 years old!!! Come on folks - I think she looks pretty decent for 60!  So I'm going off about George Lopez & Ricky was quick to remind me that I once said that that is what comedy is about.. making fun of people.  NO!!!! I didnt say it was about making fun of PEOPLE!!! Its about making fun of THINGS people DO or SAY!  Not about PEOPLE... oh my... it started off a "spat" like no other.  Ricky told me I'm just touchy about it because it involves "weight issues" & it if were something else, it wouldnt bother me as much.... probably so... dont tell him that... but it just made me want to punch both George Lopez AND The Hubs in the face... whatever the reason...

I still havent watched one game of the NCAA tournament... does anyone else not care?  HOLLA!


I saw this video & watched in sheer amazement.  I have used size 50 knitting needles & literally, my arms were tired from having to make such big movements.  This is amazing to me... I posted it on Facebook & totally cracked up when my son in law made a comment - "That's a big washcloth.... Maybe it will shrink in the the wash."

Hope you all have a Fantastic Friday!!!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

You are what you eat...

I love documentaries... I love Netflix just for that alone...

Yesterday, I watched one that has been out for awhile - "Food Matters" ... I sat with my jaw dropped for most of the documentary. 

Its a simple concept - "you are what you eat" ... but we forget what that means.

The part that got me was the discussion on pharmaceutical care & how much nutrition can make a difference, but yet, its not taught to our physicians in today's schooling/learning.  Why?  Because our country is fueled by "big companies"...

I cant do it justice to explain it... I just think its worth watching...

Something stuck with me - they were talking about how some medicines for chronic conditions arent made to cure... why would they?  That would mean you'd stop using the medicine... that is so disturbing to me.  But the idea is "There's no money in "health""...

Makes me want to learn more about nutrition - that's for sure.

And believe me - I'm not saying anything bad about anyone that takes medicine or against medicine in itself... but this is just eye opening.  I think its a side we dont ever hear about... or learn about...

But it does make sense what they say. 
By the way - since I watched this - I havent had a Diet Coke!  Now is that proof how much this documentary freaked me out?  :)

You can check out their site at:

Anyone else ever see it?  What do you think?

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Out of the mouths of babes...

I told Ricky it blows my mind that you can have "actual conversations" now with little tiny people that are 6 years old... especially when you remember holding them in your arms just a half hour after they were born. 

Last Friday, hanging out with my twin nieces, I had such fun talking with them too... so funny how their minds work.

Here's just a couple of snippets of some conversations:

Madi:  Aunt Bec, why do you have to sing all the time?
Me:  Because Madi... that's just what Disney Princesses do.  Dont you watch the movies?
Madi:  Oh ok.. that makes sense


(We were "mouthing" words & trying to see if the the others could figure out what we were saying.  Since we were in a Mexican Restaurant, I mouthed the word "BURRITO")

Sophia: Are you saying "Bears eat toes?"
Me:  Yes - because I say that phrase every day of my life
Sophia:  I thought so...

Madi:  Sophia is so good at making friends.  I'm just not good at anything! (that broke my heart!!!!)
Me:  Madi - everyone is good at something!... Sophia, tell your sister what she's good at
Sophia:  Oh Madi - you are sooooo good at learning 
Me:  See Madi - you are good at something!  You are very smart!  Not everyone is good at learning!
Sophia:  But I can tell you TONS of things she's not good at.
Me: Sophia, want me to tell you what you're not good at? Knowing when to stop talking! (said with a smile)

Sophia:  Look Aunt Bec! (pointing to her front tooth) Its loose & is going to come out anyday!
Me:  Hey - I lost a tooth last week myself! (I told her about my crown falling off)
Sophia:  What did the tooth fairy give you for it?


Madi:  I want to go to Build a Bear. (they got gift certificates for their birthday)
Me:  ME TOO!  I want to make a bear.
Sophia:  What kind of bear would you make?
Me:  A knitting, roller skating, reading Princess Bear!!!!
Sophia:  So it could have skates on its feet, a knitting needle in one hand, a book in the other & a tiara on its head!
Me:  Doesnt that sound like the coolest bear EVER?
Madi:  umm.... no....

Madi:  Where's your babies?
Me:  Right here (I was holding Bruno & Sydney was lying next to me)
Madi:  No!  you're REAL babies... didnt you ever have any?
Me:  (just shaking my head no... this conversation could go wrong quick)
Sophia:  You mean you're a grown up & God didnt give you any babies?
Me:  I didnt have any babies of my own, but I have lots of babies to love on.
Sophia:  So God didnt give you babies so you could love ME more?
Me:  That's exactly it
Sophia:  Ahhh.... (Really thinking about it)....that's so nice of God

....You just never know what a converation will hold with a 6 yr old...

Monday, March 21, 2011

wait... am I a DWTS "ho" too?

I cant believe we're going into the 12th season...I have bought a new laptop computer holder, complete with a pull-out area for my mouse so that I can get comfy on the couch with this season.  So I'm kicked back, ready to take on this season, ready to see the players out of the gate... who has rhythm... who doesnt?  and most importantly - who's going to be the first this season to wear those fringe-flying-pants?  Let's find out... because we're LLIIIVVVEEEEE!!!!

8:01 - "For the first time, lets bring out all our new stars...." -Tom

8:03 - who dressed Brooke?  She has one huge flower on her hip that is bigger then her whole body...

8:04 - "I'm Chelsea Kane... people know me from the Disney Channel"

8:05 - "As soon as I saw Mark, we had a connection" ... I would too... I love Mark!!!!  I see a potential love connection between these two... how cute would that be?  Mark with a Disney girl? Ahhh - I see blue birds flying around & deer walking through the studio ala Sleeping Beauty...

8:06 - Fox Trotting...Yep... Disney girl looks like a Disney Princess... we may have a winner here folks...

8:08 - "you're a young fresh couple & that was a young fresh routine..." - Len

8:15 - "How yoouuu dooinnnggg?..." - Wendy Williams  "All of my life, I've been told - too much, too loud, too fast - so I think Dancing with the Stars is perfect for me"

8:16 - did she just really ask Tony Dovoloni what his name is?  Has she never seen the show?  Who doesnt know Tony?

8:17 - FIRST TEARS OF THE SEASON.... "Crying to me isnt weakness... its a relief of stress... its who I am"

8:18 - Cha Cha to "I'm every woman" ... oh wow... that really wasnt good

8:20 - "I saw fear in your eyes... you need to release the beast" - Carrie Ann

8:27 - "I dont do touch down dances because I cant really dance" - Hines Ward ... umm... does he know what this show is about?

8:28 - "I've got the hips, I've got the swivel, I've got the swag" - learning the Cha cha with long-legged Kym.  Love her (sorry Auburnchick - I know how you feel about her)... I want her body though...

8:30... I ...see.... potential... (said in my best "Sixth Sense Voice")

8:31 - "Who knew under the helmet was all THAT... that was the most sparkly cha-cha ... your smile just lights up the whole stage" -Carrie Ann
"You carry on the tradition of football dancers who can dance" -Len

8:32 - FIRST BRUNO HIP SHAKING DANCE ... "stop it- you're scaring Len" -Tom

8:36 - "You just experienced your first Super Bowl Loss...." -Brooke ... nice job - let's pour some salt in a wound, or twist a knife in a heart for someone else.

8:37 - "I'm Petra Nemcov... I am a super model" ...

8:38 - "The first thing that went through my mind when I saw Petra was, "WOW, She's hot"" -Dmitry ... really?  She's a super model...  You expected her to look something OTHER then HOT?  GO button up your shirt dude...

8:39 "... I've had my pelvis broken in 4 places... I was in a tsunami..."

8:40 - getting the news of the tsunami in Japan.... "Its so hard to dance knowing people are suffering... I want to dedicate this dance to everyone suffering in Japan & to everyone who has been impacted by this tragedy"

8:42 - on their Foxtrot... "The whole dance had a grace & elegance... I would like you to work on your posture." -Len

8:48 "... son of one of the most infamous ballroom dancers since Kenny Main... Master P" -Tom ... oh my - Master P made Kate Gosslin look like she could host her own ballroom dancing classes...

8:49 - "Hey - wad'up?" -Romeo ... "I'm here for redemption" - talking about his dad getting a 2 when he was in the competition (wowwwwww)

8:50 -  "He's embarassed right now because he doesnt want to show his feminine side..he cant get past the part of not looking cool." -Chelsea

8:52 - "You did more dancing in 90 seconds then your dad did in 4 weeks" -Tom

8:53 - "you have sex appeal for days..." -Carrie Ann "You had missteps- but I see tons of potential here"

8:54 - Welcome back lady singer with the rhinestones in her hair & on her forehead...

9:00 - Jennifer Grey in the audience... Baby aint in the corner

9:01 - "I'm Sugar Ray Leonard... I'm a boxing legend" .... "Sugar Ray, I will "breeeakkkk" you into a dancer" - Anna said in the best Rocky's Draco Russian voice... it was kinda scary actually

9:04 - "You're obviously going to be a fan favorite.. you lit up the dance floor!  You had moments where you reminded me of Ben Vereen... But POSTURE, POSTURE, POSTURE" -Carrie Ann ...

9:05 - "Can I call you Sugar ... its like "Some like it Hot"" - Bruno

9:07 - "I'm a reality star" - Kendra "I describe myself as a tomboy... but a sexy tomboy.  I'm ready to take all my years of club dancing & turn it into elegant, ballroom dancing"

9:08 - "I'm glad I got partnered up with Louis... we both want to go balls to the walls" ... there's a comment you havent heard on the show before.

9:09 - "...maybe you should be a stripper" - Louis... "I was" -Kendra

9:10 - "This first cha cha is going to be HOT... not club hot... but CLASSY HOT" -Kendra ... maybe "classy hot" just involves keeping clothes on?

9:14 - there's Hef!  And Kendra's grandma!  I know this from "The Girls Next Door" :)

9:15 - "I love your spunk - that's hard choreography & you didnt miss a step.... but you have to work on your stops a little" - Carrie Ann

9:21 - "Wax on... wax off... remember that?" - Ralph Macchio

9:22 - "Ralph thought he had it bad with Mr. Miaggi... he hasnt seen nothing yet" - Karina ...

9:23 - ... wait - he's 49 years old?  where did he found the fountain of youth at?

9:24 - dancing a fox trot to "Aint that a kick in the head"... how clever are these Dancing with the Star people?

9:25 - "I've got the feeling that you're a GREAT STONKING HIT" - Bruno (it really was pretty awesome)
"That was an amazing surprise" - Carrie Ann
"Best fox trot tonight" - Len

9:32 - "I'm Chris Jericho - I've held 29 championships in the WWE.. & now I'm ready to DOMINATE Dancing with the Stars" ... I have no clue who he is... I know nothing about wrestling...

9:33 - you cant even hear the promo package because women are screaming in the audience... wow...

9:35 - "It was like a Chippendale Cha cha" - Carrie Ann

Question:  when did Kristie Alley get the title of "TV's most outrageous actress"?  What has she done that so crazy?  Seriously... I dont get this title they are giving her...Now say "outrageous" about Charlie Sheen or Lindsay Lohan, & I'm not even questioning it...

9:42 - "I'm Mike Catherwood & for those who know my voice, they know me as Psycho Mike"

9:43 - "Dancing is like walking... except not at all" - Mike "Before I came in here, I was wondering if there was a talented dancer inside of me... the answer is no"

9:44 - bad dancing aside - all I can see is Lacy's hair.  Couldnt they have done something with those roots?  That's not a good look for her...

9:45 - "Dancing is movement to music... you did move... there was music ... but there was little dance quality to it." - Len......"You looked like you were constipated" - Bruno

9:52 - Getting only score of 13... "13 isnt high, but its higher then my father Master P" - Mark
 (OK - I want this guy to stay just because he's funny... I love funny)

9:53 - "I'm Kristie Alley & I'm best known for doing comedy.. like Look who's Talking, or Cheers" - (read undertone of "worked in the 1980's")

9:54 - "You watch the show, right?" -Maks... "Of course I watch the show!  I'm like a Dancing with the Stars ho!" -Kristie

9:54 - I'm in total agreement with Maks - Kristie does NOT look like she's 60 yrs old! 

9:55 - Dancing to "F You" ...funny...

9:56 - "Look who's dancing!  I think we're just scratching the surface of what you can do. You're foot placement was the best of the night" - Bruno
"Are you "over 40"? You are WORKING it!" - Carrie Ann

9:59:  "At the top are Ralph & Karina... Mike & Lacy are at the bottom"

We're off to a new season... lots of good dancers this year!  I am excited about Kristie.  I do love a gal who is funny & says what she thinks.  I'm also excited to see Ralph do so well - but wonder what the Latin round is going to do for him.  And the unknowns?  Some good dancing going on!!! 

What did you think?  Did you feel funny seeing Hef in the audience ALONG with Kendra's husband?  Did you love Carrie Ann's darker hair?  Who was your favorite?  Who are you rooting for? 

Want to make an early call on who's going to win?  .... I cant even make that call... that's how good this year is going to be... Bring it on!!!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Project 365... 2011: Week 12

Want to join along in Project 365?  Just click on the button below to visit Sara's blog...

Sunday - March 13 - BEASTLY!!!! ... we met up with Lindsay & went out to eat, went shopping for awhile & then headed to go see the movie that I've waited for almost a YEAR to see - Beastly!!!! I loved it... but how could I not when its based on "Beauty & the Beast".  I almost had a heart attack though because the movie froze in the first few minutes of the beginning.  Then after no one got up in the theater, Ricky went & told the manager.  They restarted it, but the color was all messed up.. UGH!!!  Then, the big moment at the end... THE FILM SKIPS TO THE END... credit's.... it skipped over the whole ENDING!!! I literally screamed "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!" .... People were getting frustrated.  Ricky came to my rescue again & didnt waste time - he ran out to tell the manager.  They back tracked the movie about 10 minutes & this time, the end was played... whew!  They did end up giving up tickets to come back for another movie.  (ya think?) ... but here's Lindsay in the lobby with a cut out.  Ricky was too busy hiding from us.  I got giggling so loud about this because it really looked like it could be her!

Monday - March 14 - My first homemade soup!!!! ... & it was INCREDIBLE!  It was a chicken & rice soup I got from E-Mealz (LOVE them)... It was a-maz-ing.  Probably one of the best things I've ever made in my life.  Ricky told me to add potatoes to it. I did & it was such a good add-in.  He told me, "I want credit for that on your blog" - so there you go Ricky - your credit :)

Tuesday - March 15 - Siesta Verse .... I always love writing my new verse on my board at work... This one is a long one.  I've had to learn it in phrases... but I've already got it down (GO ME)

Wednesday - GOD Gonna Knock you OUT (devil)!!!! .... I saw a ring like this on Amy's blog (check her out - she's pretty fab) & asked her where she got it.  She sent me a link on Etsy & I immediately bought it.  Its a ring that goes over 2 fingers.  I put it on & Ricky was like, "That's like a gangsta ring... brass knuckles" ... so I told him its what I'm gonna knock the devil out with!  Appropriate because I was leaving to go to the Youth Group for the night :) 

Thursday - March 17 - Spice World ... Since I'm getting "into" cooking lately, I needed to see what spices I have bought lately.  I'm going to keep a list of what I have on the inside of my cabinet so I know what's in there & I dont end up buying 2 of the same spice... Score one for me on being organized.

Friday - March 18 - Night with the Twins ... I got to hang out with my nices.  Goodness gracious - its just fun to hang out with 6 yr old girls.  I think I'm even going to do a post all in itself of some of the things they said.  I remember them being so small... & now, they are all about choosing where they want to eat, what they want to do... minds of their own.  How does that happen?

Saturday - March 19 - its what holds me together... I got 8 miles in today... MUCH better then the previous run.  And this is what my knee looks like now when I run with the KT Tape.  Doesnt look like much, does it?  But it makes ALL the difference in the world... I honestly feel like it holds my kneecap together... how weird is that?

Cant wait to see what your week look liked...

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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Six Word Saturday


Some of you saw my Facebook status Thursday...

The sad, pitiful, post...

... that I did a run that was probably one of the worst runs ever...a run that involves tears...

I went out ready to "pump it" (I love running to the Black Eyed Peas inspiring me) - when I get 1/4 into the run & my first piece of KT Tape comes off.  Half of the support of my knee is gone... then I keep on & before I even make 3/4 of a mile - the other half falls off. 

KT Tape - I had so much faith in you!  Turns out, its my fault - you're supposed to put it on & not exercise 60 minutes.  I had put it on & walked out the door - didnt give it time to "adhere"....

So my knee is feeling OK, but I'm leery of hitting the hills.  That's all I've got around me is hills - no other option.

I dont know if I had a bad lunch, if it was PMS, if it was a lack of sleep, if it was the 30 mph wind that I was running against - I dont know what it was... I just know I felt HORRID - like my body was 5,000 lbs & I couldnt take another step forward.

All it takes is one negative thought to get another one going & then another & then another...

Next thing I know, I was running with the devil... I told Ricky that.  I felt like the devil was sitting on my shoulder whispering every bad thing ever. 

"You're too fat to run"
"You cant do this"
"Who do you think you are trying to run another half marathon"
"You're a joke"
"You're knees are mush"
"You're doing that ugly cry"... (which at this point, I'll admit, it was an ugly cry)

... I did cry... on my run...& at one point, I just had to find a rock & sit on it & sulk...

Is running sounding fun to you now?

But I didnt give up - I got my 5 miles in.  A big slap to that devil on my shoulder.

The time was horrible - my body felt worse... I just wanted to get in the shower to sulk some more...

But know what?  Today's a new day.  I'm going out to get in at least 8 miles - may try for 10 miles...

But I'm going without that devil this time. 

Just me & the Black Eyed Peas...PUMP IT!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Silent... for Japan

Usually I do Friday Fragments...

But this Friday, I will be silent... along with over 200 other bloggers...

It is in honor & respect of the horrible things Japan is going through...

The ladies over at Utterly Engaged and Ever Ours have joined with Shelter Box to create a fundraising site called For Japan with Love (isnt that the coolest name?)

Check it out... if you can give, please do...

I know times are tough right now for so if anything - lets just take a day of silence & pray for all those suffering.

I saw on ABC Nightly News tonight of a classroom of American children & asking if they understood what happened.  Their reality was pretty accurate of the event.  But one little girl drew a picture of a rainbow & put a note on the bottom of it that said 'I hope you are OK"

...I agree little one... I pray everyone will be OK... that God's presence is being felt & will continue to be felt.

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Turning Back Thursday...

My dad sent me this picture...

How hot is that little car? ... How cute are my blond pig-tails?  How much does that look like my niece, Sophia?  And look... its appropriate for today because I am wearing green (Happy St. Patrick's Day) ... Know what's crazy?  I remember that outfit...

where does the time go?

"When you're young, your whole life is about the pursuit of fun.  Then, you grow up & learn to be cautious.  You could break a bone... or a heart.  You look before you leap & sometimes you dont leap at all because there's not always someone there to catch you.  And in life, there's not safety net.  When did it stop being fun & start being scary?" -Sex & the City

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Germs: Dont believe 'em

We got to spend the day with Lindsay this past Sunday.  She is our 'baby', even though she's 22 years old (when did that happen?) ...

So we're out at lunch & Ricky reaches for the steak sauce.  Before he touches it though, he grabs a napkin & tears off a corner.  He then uses the napkin to unscrew the lid of it before pouring it on his plate.

Lindsay looked at him...then at me... then back at him.

"OK -what kind of show did you just watch about germs that is making you do that?" Lindsay asked him.

I'm thinking, "its not a show - its me talking about germs everyday & getting grossed out so easily over things"

But Ricky told her, "Do you know how many people touch that with unwashed hands? I dont want to touch that & then touch my food"

(Yes - I know, I know... he touched 100 other things that others had touched before as well... bottles of steak sauce & ketchup are his hang up... to each his own)

Lindsay looked at Ricky & with all honestly she could ever say anything with - she said, "If you dont believe in germs, they dont exist"

WHAT?  I looked at her & said, "Do you think germs are like Santa Claus or something?"

She said, "I just dont believe in germs... I dont believe they are there... I dont believe they exist... & that's why I dont get sick"

Come to think of it... she rarely does ever get sick...

The joys of being naive... I guess it can be beneficial sometimes...

Health insurance companies & medical practices may need to pick up on this idea :)

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