Monday, December 31, 2007

Best Birthday Ever!

I'm not one who celebrates birthdays very well. After I hit 30, I felt like it was all downhill from there - why? I dont know - just always dreaded 30! When I turned 25, I was depressed that 30 was getting close! Well, I would LOVE to be 30 again! But, that doesnt happen & another birthday came rolling around yesterday. I usually dread the day, don't look forward to anything happening on that day & want to stay in bed with covers over my head. But I am proud to say - my birthday was probably the BEST BIRTHDAY EVER! I'm still smiling over it, even on a Monday morning - a Monday morning that found me pulling Ricky's truck out of a ditch (darn black ice) - another story!

I woke up with my husband standing next to me with a cupcake with a candle in it singing "Happy Birthday" - how cute is that? He even went down to the store around 7:00 am to get candles. (I didnt have the heart to tell him we already had some - the thought that he went out of his way for a cupcake & candles - aahh - that's a good way to start the day!) He gets mad when I keep telling everyone he did this so I add that then, he took the cupcake & shoved it in my face - he didn't, but it keeps his "manly" persona going!

My birthday fell on a Sunday which meant I got to spent it with all my great church family! I wasn't in the door 5 minutes & already had hugs & well wishes for a great birthday. That's a great start! Then, when it came time to go with the youth - they all surprised me with a card & a gift certificate to my local yarn store that I could live in if Julie would let me! How sweet was that? These kids know me so well! Knitting - yarn .... ahh, heaven! But just the thought that they went out of their way & did this for me touched me more than any gift they could have ever presented me. I had tears instantly in my eyes - my heart was even more affected - it was just swelling with joy! I know I've said it before - I'll say it again - I love these kids! They are just the best blessing in the world to me!

Then Lindsay met up with us & Ricky let me pick out somewhere to eat. Ever since we've been back from Texas, we've been craving good Chinese - we had some AWESOME Chinese when we visted Julie but nothing compared up here. So I decided on PF Chang's. OH MY GOODNESS! We finally found a good Chinese place - if you get the chance to go - you'll love it! Between mine, Lindsay, & Ricky's plate - we were swapping, eating off each other's plates & enjoying every minute of it.
Then a trip to Target & I found a movie I have always LOVED - "The Last Unicorn" - anyone ever hear of it? Apparently no one around me the whole day did either - but I LOVED this! I can't wait to watch it - maybe I'll make others fans of it too. But I get home, & my family came over. My mom & dad came with a birthday cake & my dad had made me the coolest, most awesome desk unit for my Beauty & The Beast room! It even has roses painted down the sides of it along with rose knobs on the cabinet. Oh - more room for collectibles!!! It is beautiful! If anyone has been to my house & seen my book shelves in my reading room - he made those as well! His last name isn't "Wood" for nothing!
My nieces with my brother & his wife came over too & a little bit later, Ryan stopped over as well. Then, my neighbor who just turned 16 & is driving (still can't believe that) came over - & the house was full of friends & family - it was just the best day ever! I ended the night laughing & spending it with Lindsay & Ryan until 11:30 when I finally realized I have to get up at 5:30 for work! But the whole day was worth it - I guess I just didn't want it to end. Now, if every birthday could be that wonderful - maybe I wouldnt dread them so much! I'm already looking forward to the next one - not the age, but the time with my loved ones!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Blankets

This Christmas was a very odd holiday without our friend, Stephanie. Her presence was so deeply missed - but her spirit was with us - especially in gifts that were given to Ryan & Amber.

As some of you know, Stephanie had asked me to finish a blanket that she started for Amber. She had found yarn that was exactly like a blanket Amber had as a baby - she wanted to make an "adult" baby blanket. How nice to have a memory from something when you were so young. Steph started this blanket hoping to get it finished before she "had to go" but once the medicine & the weariness got to her, she knew she wasn't going to be able to finish it - so when she asked me if I could do it- I was honored to finish this project for her. I held it to my face for at least the first few weeks I worked on it just because I could smell Steph still on it.

With the summer months, it isn't easy to be drapped with yarn all over your legs so it was put back until it cooled off. Once the temperature changed, it was time to pull it out & fiinish it. It is the largest project I have knitted. Finishing it wasn't easy though - when I was done & all the yarn was gone, I had to cast it off & get it off the needles. That when it hits me - Steph had casted the yarn onto these same needles with every intention of finishing this & giving it to her own baby. Knowing she wasn't there & I was the one taking it off - it really hit me. I sat & cried while I pulled each stitch off, until it was free of the needles holding it. Who knew knitting was so emotional?

It fits my queen sized bed - & is the most comfy, cozy, softest blanket ever. I tied a white ribbon in where Steph stopped & I started so Amber could hold the part her mom knitted close to her heart & always feel her close.

The second project I worked on is probably my proudest project I've ever done. Background: Steph wanted a nice project just for her - she was so busy always knitting for everyone else. What she decided on was a gorgeous sweater coat - the kind that went down to your ankles & was heavy, but still with a sweater look. She saved for the yarn & would buy some when she could, ready to do this thing. She started on it & got about a foot or 2 done but never finished that project either.

Before she passed away, she was sure to let everyone know she wanted me to have all her yarn since we were together for 99% of the purchases & I knew what each skein held - the project she had in mind for it. And she also asked me to finish the sweater & to wear it & think of her each time. Once it got cooler, I pulled out this project & was ready to finish it for my friend. I just felt funny. This project & this yarn meant so much to her - I couldnt finish it - not for me. Then it was like something hit me & I knew exactly what to do. I would make Ryan a blanket with it.

I started with the skeins she never got to use - started the base of the blanket. As the pattern came through, I got so excited about the beauty of it. Then the hard part - I took the sweater she started & took it off the needles - attached it to the blanket & unraveled her sweater into this blanket. I even took a picture so Ryan could see the sweater I knew he would remember - he watched his mom sitting in her recliner many a night working on this. To pull her sweater out & feel the yarn go through my hands into this - I knew it was the perfect project.

When I finished it - I felt so happy about it - like Steph was happy with my decision. I didn't make the sweater she wanted - but it is now wrapped around her baby - a much better project. I dont think she'd mind at all.

And Ryan also got it Christmas morning & absolutely adored it. The picture of the sweater hit him more than anything. Memories are such a powerful thing - he saw how much she worked on it & he knew this was the same yarn his mom had entwined in her own hands with so much excitement.

So Steph may not have been with us in body - but on Christmas morning, two of her children felt her presence with them - felt her love surrounding them, covering them in warmth.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Eve

It was a lonely drive into work this morning - the roads are so bare except for me & my dear husband. Which brings to mind - HAPPY BIRTHDAY HONEY! It's Ricky's birthday! A Christmas Eve birthday. He always tells me - yeah, me & Jesus, we're close - we're born around the same time! This is the first time in his LIFE he's ever had to work on Christmas Eve (his birthday) & since he took this new job, he gets to actually get out of bed at 5:30 AM with me. You would have thought he was 10 years old & had to go to school on Christmas morning. I was laughing at him all morning long as he was getting ready. ...."I cant believe I have to work today!"...."It should be like a National Holiday".....I told him it was time he grew up. Poor guy! I think he'll survive. I'll have him some Birthday cake ready for him when he gets home!

Yesterday, at church, we heard the message about the perspective of Christmas through Mary's eyes. It was really good (as all the messages are) but something really touched me. This time of year, the first Christmas without my friend, our pastor said something that really hit me. He brought up the point when Mary was done talking with the angel & learned she was going to have a baby (Can you imagine?) she went to be with Elizabeth - to find support - to have someone tells her words of wisdom to help her through this amazing & miraculous time! At the end of that part, the words were said, "I hope you have an Elizabeth there for you" - smack! A big reminder at this season that my "Elizabeth" has gone to be with Jesus himself. I know we have our spouse's for support & words - but there is just nothing like a friend who is seperate - who can relate to you in a whole different way.

It's weird not having Steph around for this Christmas season. But I see so many people, especially in our church family, who you can see has their "Elizabeth's" - friends that are inseperable. It makes me smile - & I want to tell them to be sure to enjoy that friendship each day. Enjoy the company, the wisdom you can share with each other, & especially enjoy the laughter & joy you bring to each other. You never know when it'll be gone. The gift of a true friendship is one of the best gift's you'll ever have.

Another part of the message that I really enjoyed was the point that Mary was probably only around 13 years old when all of this happened to her. I got to spent the second part of church with the girls in the Junior High - which most are around that age. We took time to talk about the Christmas story & how they would feel if an Angel of the Lord came & appeared to you with this news & what they thought about being married & being pregnant at their age would be like. Their views were great - eye opening, interesting, & of course, filled with moments that made us all laugh! It's always great to see things through the eyes of girls from age 10-14 - I can't get enough of them - they all each touch my heart!

Tonight will be our candlelight service at church too. I always love that time - it's late, you're tired, but you just hear the message about our Savior being born & seeing the light's glow in the church with church family surrounding you - its wonderful! Looking forward to it - even though I'll have to sit next to a sleepy grump who I'm sure will still be complaining he couldn't believe he had to work today. (Love you Birthday boy!)

Merry Christmas to all - enjoy your family, friends & the gift of our Lord Jesus Christ!

Saturday, December 22, 2007


It's SUPER SATURDAY! The Saturday before Christmas! One of the busiest shopping days - & I BELIEVE IT! With my cold still dragging on (aahh, the good ole' days where I could breath) I woke up at 5:00 AM all stopped up. I thought I would grab the handy nasal spray - an answer to prayer in the middle of the night- & go back to sleep. Not this morning. I just laid there thinking of all the things I needed to get done on the last weekend before the big Holiday! It was overwhelming! I couldn't get back to sleep - ON A SATURDAY! How wrong is that! So I get out of bed at 5:30 (YES - A.M.!) & start working on things - things needed wrapped, packaged needed bows, rooms needed cleaning, lists needed to be made.

By 9:00 AM - I felt like it should be well into the afternoon - so much accomplished - so much more to do. We ended up leaving the house at 1:00 & headed into the Super Saturday rush. WOW - it really was as busy as Black Friday - & we were in that mess too! For us, on Black Friday - its about fun - seeing what we can find & enjoying a good deal. Today, not so much fun. With lists in hands & no idea on some things, we're off to finish up! It was 5-6 hrs later & we're ALMOST done! We're about ready to throw in the towel - so close to that finish line though!

Just a few pictures to show my day - first, I was taking a picture of a knitting project I just finished. I can't put any pictures on here as it could possibly ruin some Christmas surprises - but this is just too cute. I had the project ready for the final picture before wrapping when Zoe popped up right in front of the knits & did her "Ain't I cute" pose - tell me, isn't she cute?

And look at our tree - I love our tree! We call it our Griswald tree because I swear, it lights up the whole house with all the lights! Notice how nice it looks - its because the packages are piled in chaos across the room! And see Julie - we haven't opened our package you sent - its waiting for Christmas morning - but anticipation is getting to me!

Finally - this is how I'm ending my day - with my kitchen in a complete & total declared DISASTER AREA! Things to wrap, gift cards to get in order, recipes to find in cook books (Yes - Christmas is a time for miracles - I'll be cooking a bit) - LOOK AT MY KITCHEN. I just told my mom I would be so embarrassed if someone came over & saw this - so what do I do? Post a picture for the world to see! Welcome to my chaotic world! Let the Final Countdown begin!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Snow Ball Fight

Don't send a lame Holiday eCard. Try JibJab Sendables!

A Snow Ball Fight starring my mom & dad with me, Julie & Lindsay on defense!

Winter Jam - NOOOO!

I look so forward to the Winter Jam each year when it comes. It is just the BEST concert & for the tickets to be $10.00 - AMAZING. I opened up my email the other day & saw the headlines, "The Winter Jam 2008 Tour Spectacular is coming soon" - OH yeah baby! Here it comes! I couldnt wait to open up the email to see who was coming around this year.

The first thing I see - Steven Curtis Chapman's face! OH - forget anything else - you know that's all I need. But there's more. Barlow Girl! I LOVE these girls - even got to meet them at a concert with Steph. They were great girls & we even got to talking about knitting (how cute is that!) It was so fun standing in line with Steph alone with hundreds of girls around the age of 11-15 - we fit right in, believe me!

Skillet is also coming - Ricky will love that! Its hosted by NewSong again - LOVE them! Every song they put out is wonderful - & even Mandisa from American Idol is with them. Its going to be great.

.....then the bad news.....I notice it says at the top, coming to Evansville. HUH? Maybe they think I'm closer to Evansville since I have an Indiana address. So I clicked on the link & noticed that Steven Curtis Chapman is only preforming at the Evansville show filling in for Mercy Me who performs at the other shows. And THEY'RE NOT COMING TO LOUISVILLE!!! Lexington & Evansville are the closest! I'm so sad! I have been the past 3 years to this & have enjoyed it each time! I can't believe its not coming back!

Tell me I dont have the sweetest husband - I told him about my sadness & he said, "We'll just go to Evansville. You know you have that love-thing with Steven Curtis Chapman anyways!" - let's hear it for my husband - aaahhhh! So there may be a road trip in my future.

.......with every bit of bad news comes good news.....I also got an email this morning & was able to get preorder tickets to CASTING CROWNS who is coming to LOUISVILLE in March! See - all the good concerts are in Louisville - why not Winter Jam? Oh well - I now have another great concert to look forward to! Even though my SCC wont be there (sniff)

Feel the Choir!

Here's the performance I was talking about! WHOOO - I feel the Spirit move on this one!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Clash of the Choirs

I was so excited about this show - or as excited as I could be drugged up on cold medicine! But I had been anxiously waiting to see this show since I saw previews for it weeks ago! I absolutely LOVE choirs & the sound of blending voices & was not disappointed last night. If you haven't seen it, there are 5 stars that went to their home town, found people of all ages & backgrounds & formed their own choir. The cool thing - these people aren't even doing it for their own reward. The choir that wins will get money donated to their home city & to a charity that the star has chosen - all the charities touch so many people. There are women abuse centers, cancer centers, homeless shelters, childrens hospital & a military center. It would be great for any of them to win - & how awesome is it that people are willing to give so much of their time for a reward that doesn't personally affect them? Loving this!

I'll admit, when Nick Lachey came on, I just knew he'd be my favorite. He's from the boy-band era & I was all about the boy bands (I've even got my N'Sync Christmas CD playing right now) & plus, he's from Cincinnati - which is just up the road. This would have to be the choir I support! They sounded awesome! I've included a video of their practice which showcases their voice. I even liked the song that was picked. Oh yeah - this is my team.

Then next came Kelly Rolands from Destiny's Child - she has a group from Houston. I should support that team - afterall, that's where Julie & our grandbaby is at. Maybe that'll be my team.

Then here comes Michael Bolton. I don't know anyone from Connetticut - but who doesn't love Michael Bolton? Even without the 80's hair? I can't look at the man & not want to sing "How am I suppose to live without you" - oh, now I'm just getting confused on what choir to support!

Next is Blake Shelton, Sheldon? I'm not a country music fan (I know - my dad is shaking his head just reading that statement!) but this guy was funny! Plus he had 2 military people on his team that had GE come & donate $250,000 to the Disable Veterans Fund - & then, their choir was GREAT. This group was from Oklahoma & I'm a big musical lover - there was a whole movie dedicated to this state - how do you not vote for this team?

Finally, Miss Patti LaBelle. A legend. This woman was determined to get her group together. I loved that she had them practicing in a church & finally, their song was "He's Got the Whole World in His Hands" - OH MY GOODNESS! This choir ripped the roof off with their singing! I was feeling a revival in my house - even with the cold medicine. It was the best performance of the night!

After all the decision making of the night - I'm ready to go change the world with my 10 votes! In all the excitement - that, or either my eyes were blurred from sneezing & blowing my nose so much - I didnt get the numbers to vote.......

It's on every night this week with the Finale being Thursday. If you didnt get the chance to catch it - tune in - see which group you like. I'm sure I'll be changing my mind tonight again with each group! Fun entertainment!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Christmas spirit

Snow? That's what the weather man was telling us last week - that the weekend has potential for some great snowfall. AHHH - that's what I needed to get into the Christmas Spirit - because I've been too busy, too sick to get in the mood for Christmas. The snow, of course, didn't come as they predicted. Do they ever get it right when it comes to snow? Slush isn't my idea of Christmas weather either. That was horrible! We had to take Bruno to get groomed Saturday morning & we decided we better do SOME (ANY) shopping while we waited to pick him up. The snow that was predicted was nothing but slush - & slush it was - turning into inches of rain. You couldnt get out of the car without stepping into a puddle that was ankle deep. That was fun walking around with wet socks. My cold still had the best of me, so most of the time, I sat in the middle of the mall & told Ricky what to go get. Still not feeling that Christmas spirit.....

Snow was expected to come Saturday night - YIPEE - I'll wake up to a winter wonderland & feel like Christmas is here. Nope! It did snow a little, but the grass was still poking through & the roads where clear. Not the snowy atmosphere I wanted. With runny noses & stopped up ears, I go through the day. After a great day at church with my friends, the youth girls & a nice lunch with friends, I ended up just going home since Ricky & Lindsay had already ventured out. Not in the mood to fight the crowds - even though I have 95% of my Christmas shopping still to do. This just isn't turning into the Christmas season I normally experience.

My niece Trinity was supposed to be in the kids Christmas pagaent at church - she wasn't able to make it but I thought, I'll go see it anyways. Always love to see the kids after all the hard work they put into it. The play was wonderful. I dont care if they got up there & flubbed every line (which they didn't) or sang every song off key (which they didn't) - its just so cute to see their enthusiasm & their enjoyment of being up there. Its so cute to see parents, grandparents, brothers & sisters cheering them on out in the audience. Towards the end, I look up & Lindsay had come in to see the end of it with me. You know what, I actually felt that Christmas spirit right there in my church - my home away from home. There it was - seeing the kids sing & talk about Jesus - talking about the "Christmas star" - seeing church family & spending another few moments with them - having Lindsay take the time to come find me & enjoy the kids herself. There is something so special about seeing kids on a stage performing - and I'm always waiting for the one kid who is always forgetting where they're at in the play - the one who is just busy looking out at everyone - the one who does their own thing - I LOVE that kid! It always makes me laugh! It rounded out my pretty sickly weekend nicely.

Now, if only this feeling would get the rest of my shopping done....

Friday, December 14, 2007

Sydney's turn!

Oh, Yipee - I'm off work today - so what do I get to do with my day? Spend it again at the vet. This time, its Sydney's turn! Poor thing - she has such weird skin - she always gets oil glands that get very big & turn into infections all the time. Summer isn't so bad because we'll get her shaved down & then her skin can breath. Once the hair comes back in for fall, the problems start again. Ricky is really good at taking care of these spots, but one just got HUGE & we cant do anything with it. Syd is biting at it & it seems to bother her - hence, the trip to the vet. Poor thing - she was shaking & a nervous wreck. While we were waiting, the ladies behind the desk were amazed at how beautiful she is (I was the proud mama!) & they could see Sydney shaking from nerves. They tried to bring her treats to calm her down - she was having none of it! You know its bad when she wont take a treat. We get back & they look at the spot & have to cut back the hair & try to drain it more. The vet takes her away from me in the back to do this. When they brought it back, the vet couldn't get over how good she was. She said they poked, pinched, snipped & she never one time flinched. (Again - proud mama!)

They said its a cyst that has rupurted UNDER the skin! OUCH! They told us not to squeeze it anymore because that could make it spread under the skin & we want it to drain out. So we now have antibiotics, & an order to apply epson salt with heat packs twice a day - trying to draw out the infection. If she contines to bite at it - she has to get the dreaded "CONE" around the head. I have to admit - I always have fun putting those on the dogs - their reactions are hilarious - though I'm sure they dont find any humor in it! Right now, Syd is just happy to be home & is busy cleaning Zoe. Zoe must have gotten dirty the 2 hours we were gone & Syd can't fall behind on keeping her clean. I'd rather her lick Zoe than this spot on her back. My poor baby!
(In the picture - look at my hand on the side - that gives you an idea on how HUGE it is!)

Plus, I woke up today - again, my day off - with a cold - Ricky must have spread the love to me! Isn't your day off work suppose to be relaxing, fun, full of rainbows & unicorns? Apparently not! When I stopped in for Sydney's epson salt & a special bone for her - I picked up the new Ziacam which is supposed to stop cold symptoms & make you get over it quicker. Let's see how it works. With the holiday's - who has time to be sick?

I had big plans for my day off. Instead, I'm watching Syd & her back - sniffling, sucking on Halls Cough Drops & just looking at my Christmas list & seeing how far behind I am. What a day off!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

What Christmas is all about

"Does anyone know what Christmas is all about" - that's the first thing in this video you hear Charlie Brown scream! It seems like so many have forgotten what the Holiday represents & that's so sad. I love that this cartoon has brought Jesus into it - remind everyone why we celebrate! Quoting scripture at that! What a great man Charles Schultz must have been to intentionally put the name of Christ in his work! Have you heard the controversy that they want to ban this cartoon now because it does state the name of Christ the Savior? What a crazy world we live in now! Something so beautiful - such a sweet reminder - such a feeling of being a child watching this with a great meaning - & they want to take it off! I was so sad when I heard that. Hopefully Charlie Brown will prevail - more importantly, I want the reason of Christmas & the celebration of Jesus's birth to prevail!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Bad Disney!

I am a self-proclaimed Disney Fanatic - love the whole "Princess" thing - love the atmosphere at the parks - just love the way they can make an adult feel like a kid again - no matter the age! But right now, I'm mad at Disney!

Alaina - our middle daughter, received an internship once she graduated from Indiana University to work at Disney - which was an amazing opportunity because she wants to go into producing or directing. What a way to get your foot in the door - become part of the Disney family & you can branch off in so many ways - to the ABC family or ESPN - just so many opportunities! Well, it wasn't as glamorous as it would seem, but Alaina was hanging in there - enjoying seeing the kids at the park more than anything - she's always been a natural with the kiddos!

Now Alaina has been living in the "dorms" down in Disney & they have a "NO TOLERANCE" program. That's good to know for the safety of all the people down there. Well, Alaina has been dating a police officer & one night he took her home - well, he has his weapon on him & it was noticed so Alaina got kicked out of the program because of this no tolerance system they have in place & the rule of no weapons on campus! Its not like she was stowing guns under her bed - or they were running around like gun slingers - he had it in his holster & just didnt think anything of it - its second nature to him. Doesn't matter - No Tolerance means No Tolerance!

Its frustrating because Alaina has now moved out - another girl is already in her dorm - & she's trying to figure out where to go to from here. It doesn't seem fair - mainly because she's our family - we want her to be treated fairly - but I can see & understand that rules are rules! Isn't it funny how you look at things differently when its your family or friends that get hurt? But I guess the rules were there for a reason - so what are you going to do? We're just praying now that God will lead Alaina to where she's suppose to be - & apparently, that ain't Disney!

Who knew Mickey Mouse was so harsh?

Monday, December 10, 2007

Dancing with God

I got this email this morning from a friend & it just really touched me - to think of it visually - it was something that I needed today. Hope you enjoy it was well...........

When I meditated on the word, GUIDANCE, I kept seeing "dance" at the end of the word. I remember reading that doing God's will is a lot like dancing. When two people try to lead, nothing feels right. The movement doesn't flow with the music, and everything is quite uncomfortable & jerky. When one person realizes that, & lets the other lead, both bodies begin to flow with the music. One gives gentle cues, perhaps with a nudge to the back or by pressing lighting in one direction or another. It's as if two become one body, moving beautifully. The dance takes surrender, willingess, & attentiveness from one person & gentle guidance & skill from the other.

My eyes drew back to the word GUIDANCE. When I saw "G" - I thought of God, followed by "u" and "i"...."God" "u" and "i" dance".....God, you & I dance!

As I lowered my head, I became willing to trust that I would get guidance about my life. Once again, I became willing to let God lead. I want to dance together with God, trusting Him to lead & to guide me through each season of my life. I pray you are willing to take God's hand & step up to the dance as well.

Friday, December 07, 2007

Firefighter Ryan! - UPDATE

Just to keep everyone informed - RYAN HAS MADE IT TO THE NEXT ROUND! He found out he is in the top class (which is the top 30 something people) of who tried out. The next round is the interview - which shouldn't be a problem - then the Lie Detector Test.

Things are looking good for him! Keep praying him into the Brotherhood of Firemen!

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Sharing the Knitting Love!

Tuesday night was the best night! It was our KNIT NIGHT at our church. Let me explain. I've had tons of people come up to me & say they wanted to learn to knit. (Who wouldn't - right?) So a thought came to me. A fellow knitter friend from my church, Jenny, came immediately to mind. See, me & Stephanie would always meet with a knitting group at the local coffee shop, The Hobknob on Tuesday's. It was wonderful meeting on winter nights, snuggled around tables pulled together, knitting up warm, snuggly projects that were for us or for gifts. It was always fun to sit & talk to other people you just met, or talking with old friends about the latest going-ons. We looked forward to our Tuesday knitting group so much. Fast forward & with Steph being gone - I just haven't gone anymore. Jenny said she hasn't made the trip up there either in quite awhile. So, there's the lightbulb moment!

I asked Jenny if she wanted to see about starting a knit-night at church - a time to get together, share the skill, & have a great time working on projects & having some great fellowship. She was all for it!

Last night was our first night! I know it was short notice so alot of people who wanted to come wasnt able to make it, but we had 3 new comers, me & Jenny & her 2 knitting daughters. We were able to meet at Sacred Grounds - the youth house next to our church. It was perfect settings - we had Christmas music playing on the radio, we all gathered on the couches & we were off! The newcomers thought they wouldnt be able to do this - but they soon learned it wasn't as hard as they thought! They were truly naturals to this! By the end of the night, they each had seen results of their new skill - with that gleam on their face when you first make something. I got excited for them just because I can remember my first project - there's nothing like that! We finally thought to look at the clock & noticed we had sat there for over 3 hours knitting & talking - oopsie! Some people have to work the next day - so we had to close up the night! The knitting bug has now been passed on to others!

I can tell one particular new-knitter has TRULY got the bug! She is a home school mom & she said to me as we walked out - "You know - if I stay up all night knitting & can't do my lessons with the kids tomorrow, it'll all be your fault!" - YEP - there's the bug right there - when you can't put it down! I suspect, this lady will be making socks & sweaters in no time!

So - the plan is to hopefully get new knitters & keep everyone coming together every other week - for time to talk, knit & just enjoy each other & what we can accomplish! I have a feeling there will be a "show & tell" craft show coming up one day at church showing all the accomplishments!

Monday, December 03, 2007

Using my Hands!

I was so blessed to be able to do sign language along with Angela Wernke singing yesterday in church. It is just something I love to do - but it seems to be the only thing that I get nervous about! I can get on that stage & talk, or sing with the Ensemble & not feel the least bit of nerves. But when I know I will up in front of everyone signing - I can feel those butterflies like nothing else! Maybe because its something that is so dear to me! When I sign, I can feel the passion behind it - imagine myself standing in front of God - doing it for Him! I can't imagine how that will feel when that day comes! Its bad enough my leg was shaking like Thumper on the stage yesterday!

I have to say - if you've ever been to a Christian concert around this area & seen an amazing signer - its probably Tyra Lokey - who has inspired me in so many ways. She is my goal of where I would like to be one day! I catch myself watching her more than the concert sometimes. One of my best days in my life - she signed at a Steven Curtis Chapman concert - could it get any better than that?

I thank Lynn for getting me started doing it for the church & I thank Angela for asking me to sign for her Sunday - & I especially thank everyone who encouarges me when I do feel those nerves churning in my stomach!

Finally - I have to say, the best thing that ever came out of my signing - I taught my twin nieces when they were babies to say "Aunt" in ASL (American Sign Language) - & even though they can talk now, they still remember some of the signs - especially "AUNT"-aahh, it does my heart good! Look at this video & see how easy kids can pick up on this skill - pretty amazing!

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