Friday, February 28, 2014

Friday Fragments

Half-Past Kissin' Time
We made it... Friday... whew!
Anyone else excited about Son of God coming out this weekend?
I'm so ready to see it...
Ready to support a Christian based movie.
They say its best if you can make it on opening weekend.
Those numbers are the most important in a film - so if you get a chance, get out & support it.
It still blows my mind that the Angel & the guy who made Survivor are married
... & created these big epic movies on the Bible...
I think she is just beautiful
We've been on the hunt trying to find my dad a lift chair that is a recliner
... at least for a decent price..
& by decent price, I mean less then a year's salary
Anyone have any ideas on where to find one?
He's looked on Craig's List ... no luck
Oscar's are Sunday
I'll watch solely for fashion purposes
Could care less about anything else
... well, except for rooting for Jennifer Lawrence...
even though I haven't seen her movie.
Just gotta root for the local gal.

How do you not root for this?
Anyone watching The Bachelor?
Anyone watching & not totally tired of Juan Pablo?
Man... he should have stayed the mysterious Latin guy that everyone fawned over
instead of coming on a show & making weird groaning sounds all the time &
coming off like some egotistical woman-crazed Dr. Phil.
"Its Ok... Its OK...It's OK..."
I will say, I am glad Andi called him out on his 'could care less about you' attitude
... but when you talk to a blank wall, you're the one who comes across looking bad.
She shouldn't have wasted her time trying to explain why she was leaving.
Just leave.
I can't wait for The Women Tell All Special
Happy this train wreck is coming to an end.
& is ANYONE betting that he's in a relationship that will last?
My Favorite part of the argument:
Another grandbaby picture...
Here's Luke with his baby brother.
Julie said Luke may take a little adjusting to this 'not the baby of the family anymore' thing
She said when he visits in the hospital, he acts like the baby does.
Oh my... this is going to be fun for them, huh?

 Spat of the Week: Puzzles

I've been going through the Disney puzzles that I got a few weeks back.
3 down, 1 to go...
& Ricky will help me put a few pieces in
... though I will say, this last one, he did do a big part of the end of it.

Where does the spat come?
When we're down to the last 50 pieces & trying to 'speed puzzle' - which is who can get the most pieces in at the end the fastest - I've noticed, Ricky takes a piece & palms it in his hand so when it comes down to it, he gets to put the last piece in.

Know how frustrating that is?
I'm not above kicking him in the shins to make him drop the puzzle piece.
Sadly, he doesn't drop it though.

Jokes on him though.
Every puzzle we've worked so far has had a piece missing
 (except 1 that had 2 EXTRA pieces)...
soooo in the end, he's not completing the puzzle anyways

We take our puzzle working seriously


Extreme Weight Loss Edition with Chris Powell
are taking applicants here in town tomorrow.

My fat jeans are tight

I need to go apply

I just want to meet Chris Powell & his wife.
His wife is INSANE when it comes to being in shape.
I follow her blog & on Instagram.
Girl worked out until the day she gave birth & was doing a Warrior Dash like the day after she gave birth.

& I'm sitting here struggling to breath in tight jeans


Funny of the Day:
Skillz... I have them

i happen to have that skill.
Hope you all have a fantastic Friday

Stay warm... because goodness knows Spring ain't anywhere near
we're getting another ICE & SNOW storm Sunday night into Monday

Maybe not God... but I'll ask Mother Nature this

Thursday, February 27, 2014


2.20.14 Our Place
It was warm out - a change from the cold & snow that we keep getting slammed with.  So Ricky carried Sydney out front & I brought a comfy doggie bed & me & my girl got to enjoy our favorite place.  I always say on my front porch, in my rocking chair, with my Kindle in my hands & my dog at my feet - its the best place ever.  Sydney just loves to lay there & watch & listen to everything. 
Not sure what the future holds for Sydney so I was thankful to be able to enjoy this spot once again with her.
2.21.14 A Perk'ed up Surprise
A sweet friend totally surprised me when I opened up an email & got this.
Who doesn't love surprises that involve Starbucks?
It literally made me teary eyed & made me appreciate so the friendships I've made in Blog-world.  Amazing Christian women I'm honored to learn about their life, their families, their faith...
There are a handful of women I've 'met' in blog world that I'm determined to meet face to face one day.  I just have to sit & talk to them in person & just be able to hug them.
Warning:  I'm a hugger.
2.22.14 My Night Time Best Friend
I just can't handle not being able to breath - especially at night.
That's just so miserable.  So this little bottle?  The first thing I look for when I'm ready to go to bed this week.
2.23.14 - One Month
Its been one month since Sydney's cancer diagnosis.
We're mutt-ling through... appreciating every single day
2.24.14 (a) - LIGHT SKIES!!!!
This was the first morning that the sky was light as I was driving in.
Sun light speaks to my soul... I can't tell you how happy this made me
(Let's forget the fact that the time changes in a few weeks & I'm back to driving in the dark... I'm thankful for it this week)
2.24.14 (B) - SURPRISE BLESSING!!!

Yes, I have 2 things on this date. Nothing wrong with being thankful for 2 things - right?  But I had taken the picture first thing in the morning & then got home & had this surprise waiting on me.  How can I NOT be doubly thankful on this day?
My sweet blog friend Deidre made me this umbrella. 
I am a monogram nut.  Monogram anything & I want it.
... I never even knew you could monogram an umbrella.

How cute is this thing?  & its Belle Yellow!! Perfection!!! 
2.25.14 - Happy Birthday William

Grandbaby #3 born - healthy - strong - beautiful
Momma - healthy - strong - beautiful
Can't ask for anything more

2.26.14 Sparkling Seltzer Water

I'm so addicted to this stuff.  Kroger only buys like 4 cartons so I'm always on the hunt for it.  & when I see it in restaurants? I think I hit the lottery.
This right here is what brought my awful habit of Diet Coke.
Its an acquired taste - I'll give you that much.  But so was Diet Coke.
& now?  Its a 'can't live without' item for me.

 What are you thankful for this week?

Wednesday, February 26, 2014


1.What is something you'll never forget about the age you are right now?

I guess first I need to remember what age I am....

I always have to do the math - I can never remember.

Plus, I've only been my 'new' age for 2 months so about now, I'll just remember it being cold & snowy & me having a sinus infection.  Fun stuff.

 2. What's a household chore you've never done? How have you managed that???

I've never washed blinds.

I just go to Target & buy new ones. 

Shopping is so much better then dusting those slates

3. Does nature shape our personalities more than nurture? Explain.

I think you can't 'change' personality... so I'd have to go with nature.

4. Friday (February 28th) is 'Something on a Stick Day'...funny because Zoanna at A Penchant for Pens recently sent me a question for the Hodgepodge relating to this topic.  What's your favorite food eaten on a stick?

A stick IS technically holding this... so I'm calling it...

Nothing like an Orange Sherbet Push Up in Summer.

Always reminds me of being a kid.  It was my favorite off of the ice cream truck.

5. Which of your five senses do you treasure most, and why?

Sight... with my eyes changing when I turned 40, I realize how much I value sight more then anything.  I need to read.  I need to see beautiful skies.  I need to watch  Dancing with the Stars. 

6. What's the best music, theatre, or sporting venue you've been to? What made it great?

I'll go with our Papa John's Cardinal Stadium...

Only because I got to do an engagement session there one time...

& I have got to run across a finish line twice on the field for a 10 miles race.

I judge places that are nice by the bathrooms they have... if they have an ample amount & if the seats are big enough for my butt.

7. It's the last week of the five words or less bid adieu to your February.

Take your snow & GO!

bye bye

 8.  Insert your own random thought here.

Whooo hoooo!!! Our 3rd grandson was born Tuesday morning... bright & early... like 3:00am early. 

Julie did awesome.  She made it to 37 weeks & this is the first baby not hooked up to monitors & wires & in the NICU, but in her room.  He's healthy & beautiful.  Julie did it all natural - when people told her she shouldn't because Luke was a C-section baby... but Julie & Steve really studied up & was prepared for what was to come & Julie knows her body well... & she got to the hospital 10cm dilated & William was in her arms 3 hours later.  Perfect birth story that Julie has always wanted.  So excited for her about that....

William meeting his 2 big brothers

Now we gotta figure out when to get down & get our hands on him.

Right now, I'm still sick (This stupid sinus infection is kicking my butt) & as a good wife, I share... so poor Ricky is now sick with it too.  I don't think we need to be kissing on a newborn baby.  But I'm itching at the bit to just hold that little guy.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Why do I have to clean my room?

I love talking with Middle School kids. 

Our small group days are always something I look forward to.  Mainly because you never know how its going to go.  Conversation just happens.  And a LOT of times, with middle school kids, you never know the route it can take. 

Most of the time, it takes a turn to talk of how awful a sibling is.  Of course.

Know that I would never share anything from our small group that is shared in confidence.  I value what a small group is.... so I like to keep things vague...

But I learn from small group myself with these young souls.

This past week, our topic was on family. 

I loved the questions on parents & what they say or do that aggravates the kids. 
Every hand shot up quicker then I've ever seen with an answer.

Some of them were pretty funny & things I can totally remember bothering me too at that age.

Let me give a throw back to my own child hood days... Will Smith had it right when he said, "Parent's just don't understand"...

The 80's understood parents

... or at least that's what middle school kids think...

We had jumped on the topic of chores & why parents make you do them.

Again, being vague, the answers were pretty funny to me.... dead serious to them.

"They don't like me"
"They want to make my life miserable"
"They had kids just to keep the house clean"

(... note to self - I missed out having kids & THAT'S why my house is always dirty!)

It took about 20 answers & some leading from the adults in the room to get them to answer the question, "but WHY do you think your parents have you clean up your room?"... "What's the purpose besides that they hate you?" :)

Finally... FINALLY... one kid said, "Maybe so we can learn responsibility"...

Ahhhh - there it is.

It really struck me how long it took for someone to say it...

& when they did say it, it was like a "HUH?" moment for most of the other kids.

Responsibility never crossed their mind.

It was just instant thinking of the negative.  How awful life is because parents want a clean room without clothes all over the floor.  Stupid parents.

I laughed about it...

& then thought about as an adult, I don't have anyone in my home telling me what to do, but I do have a Heavenly Father that gives me orders & commands & things that teach me responsibility & other life lessons...

& do I sit there like those kids & think,

"He doesn't like me"
"He wants to make my life miserable"
"He doesn't understand"

Do I see that everything God gives me, puts in my life, teaches me... it has a reason. 

It really opened my eyes up to the things I go through... good & bad...

God has a purpose.  I need to learn from it.  We always need to keep learning from Him.  We never get too old for it.

Monday, February 24, 2014

The weekend where I was sick

Highlights, things I did & thought of the weekend:

* I guess if you're gonna be sick, a weekend is a good time to do it.

* I picked up some Alka-Seltzer cold medicine.  Drank it Friday night... & BAM ... I was out like a light.  Only the next day did I notice that it wasn't the 'non-drowsy' formula.  Good to know I have this around if I ever need to go into an induced coma.
Pretty... fizzy... coma-inducing

* Ricky had to work on Saturday so I literally stayed in bed until he got home - about 1:00... I don't even remember the last time I did that.

* I spent a good part of the morning watching Netflix just like this with Harvey.  He is the snuggliest dog.

* Watched "The Price of Gold" about Tonya Harding & Nancy Kerrigan.  It was very interesting, & kinda sad on many levels.  What a wasted talent Tonya Harding had.  But I will say, its not cool how she was treated only because she wasn't the 'Ice Princess' that ice skating wanted.  The videos of her as a 6 yr old skating was amazing.   She said as a young teen that her name would be known for ice skating... if she only knew.

* Also started watching "House of Cards"... all the talk will always force me to catch popular shows.

* It was perfection outside - 65 & sunny... & I needed to run 6 miles... but my butt never got out of the chair on the back porch.  I take that back, I did get up to get more Kleenex & Advil Cold & Sinus medicine.  I can't tell you how much that tore at me not to be able to take advantage of a gorgeous day.

* Got to make a knock in my book "Gone Girl" while sick... I actually needed some time to read. Haven't' done that in a while either.

* While sick, nothing else to do but work on more puzzles.  Jungle Book was the next one on the list....

* The little stories behind the Olympic athletes are always so good & one of the best parts of the Olympics to me.  I had no idea about the Russian Hockey team that all died in a plane crash. 

* On alert!! We thought Grand Baby #3 was going to come on Saturday... but nope, false alarm.  He's still going right along.  Julie is only about 3 weeks for her due date!  No one can believe she's made it this far this time around.  So exciting!!!

* Poor Sydney had a hard night Saturday... I hate this part of being a fur-mom.

* Didn't make it to big church because I still felt awful Sunday morning & it took me awhile to get going... I was so bummed too.  Our friend was preaching & I just keep hearing what a fantastic job he did... he always does.  Hate to miss out on great stuff like that.

* I did make it to youth - after all, that's where I get all my germs from - (fyi - I didn't have a fever. I would never get any of the kids sick.  I just felt stuffy.)  After that was over, I was done for the day... we were supposed to go to our own small group but I couldn't handle it.  What a wash out of a weekend.

* We did head down to the drug store to get me some things to do a nasal wash a friend recommended... & while I was out, I had to do a trip to Starbucks.  I considered it medicine.  The warmth felt fantastic on my throat & ears.

* Appreciated all the texts & messages checking on how I was feeling & all the well wishes...

* Came home & THIS happened.... yeah, the day after sunny & 65 degrees...

* Started on yet another puzzle.  This time around - Peter Pan.  I have turned into a puzzle-holic.

* Downton Abby finale.  I will say, I'm glad we made it through the year without any deaths.  & actually loved the finale.  A ball, the Prince of Wales, Mary protecting Mr. Bates... & come on. Ms. Hughes & Carson?  That just made me go "aaahhhh" at the end.  Now how long do we have to wait to the next season?

So here we go into another week.... I'm still fighting ear aches & some congestion, but hoping I'm on the back side.  I can't handle much more of this stuff....

Friday, February 21, 2014

Friday Fragments

Half-Past Kissin' Time

Friday... yes... thank you Jesus
I succumbed to the sinus infections that have been floating around.
Yes. I'm sick.
& I'm miserable.
I've been fighting it for a few days & it got the best of me Wednesday night.
My nose hurts from blowing
... why does Kleenex feel like its made from sandpaper after awhile?
I don't have time to be sick.
I have a 6 mile run I'm supposed to do tomorrow.
I don't do sick well

Tell me how sweet my husband is...
I couldn't find my 'cold kit'
which is a bag I keep in my bathroom that has nasal spray, nose strips, Vic's Vapor Rub - everything to help me sleep comfortably when I can't breath.
I couldn't find it last night.
I was freaking out.
So Ricky gets up at 10:30 & was going to drive down to our local Walgreens - which is 15 minutes away - & get me a new 'cold kit'
Now - the point here is that is so super sweet anyways - but we had Severe Thunderstorm WARNINGS going on with winds of 65 mph...
Or going out in horrible storms for...
I tried to hide his keys so he wouldn't go out in this weather.
& in the end, we searched my bathroom & found my kit so he didn't have to go
But come on, how sweet is that?
I can't believe Downton Abby's season finale is Sunday
Didn't it just come on?
What was this season?  Like 6 episodes?
Not cool at all!
I'm sure I will... Revenge will be back on Sundays :)
I'm excited for Scandal to come back though.
Give me more Olivia Pope & her crazy momma
... just no more teeth pulling please...
So I'm late to this party but I'm already into season 3 of The Walking Dead.
The only bad thing about watching it late?
When I get to episodes were huge things happen & some of my favorite people die, I've got no one to turn to...
no freaking out on social media where everyone else is suffering with you.
this scene... I needed someone to scream with me...
I love Daryl...
but is it me or does his voice not seem to match his persona?
Don't get me wrong.
In a zombie apocalypse, I want him on my side
...weird voice & all...
Anyone stay up & watch the Women's Figure Skating last night?
I get so nervous watching them...
I saw afterwards Michelle Kwan reporting on it.
Have you seen her lately?
So funny to see her into a grown woman
She seems to have her act together too...
Good to see
yes... toast...
I won't go into detail, but let's just say Ricky had to inspect my toast because he thought mine looked a little bit more 'toastier' then his..
with me saying, "Are you really comparing toast burns?"
yes... problems of the world, right in my own kitchen.
Fun of the Day
My birthday is extrememly popular
Its December 30th
Everyone is probably thinking like my parents did
... have that baby before the end of the year...
Tax write off!
How common is your birthday?
Happy Friday everyone!

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