Thursday, October 29, 2015

Thankful Thursday {Link up #43} ... lots of pictures

This week I am Thankful For:

.... going on a walk with a friend.   It was wonderful just talking to her & enjoying the weather.   My poor knee is a mess & it was good to just get in a good long walk & have good laughs distracting me from the pain.

... the gorgeous Indiana Summer weather we got to have before the cold set in.


... new blankets for our bed.

... my new running shoes!  I wasn't thrilled with the color - I love my BRIGHT in your FACE shoes, but these feel like I'm walking on clouds so I'll trade in the brightness for the comfort.

...celebrating 20 years of marriage with my groom

Where does the time go?

... waking up to white roses on the kitchen counter.  Ricky sent me 2 dozen white roses the day before we got married & every year for our anniversary since, he gets me white roses.  I love the romantic sentiment of it all.

... sleeping in.  It's wonderful not waking up to an alarm clock.

....a great lunch out for our anniversary.  We hit Outback when no one else was there.  It was so nice having the place to ourselves.  It even didn't embarrass Ricky when I wanted to take a picture since no one was around.  It ended up keeping us full all day long where we didn't want any dinner so we're going for our anniversary dinner later in the week.  Drag this baby out a few days! :)

20 yrs:

.... Carrot Cake on our anniversary.  It was what our wedding cake was :) .... & yes, I had a corner of the carrot cake but yes, I did include it in my calories for the day :) ... I kept it in check.

Carrot cake:

... all the sweet messages, texts & comment from friends congratulating us for our anniversary.  That's so kind when people take time from their lives.

... Cards that are spot on.  The best part, Ricky just read the front of the card & then said, "HIGH FIVE" ... I just laughed because I knew what the inside said... Do I know my husband or what?


... going to the movies & having it all to ourselves.  It's like Ricky planned the whole day where he rented the places for us - first the restaurant & then the movies. That's the advantage of taking off on a weekday for our big day.

Ricky ended up laying across of my seats & we got to talk to each other throughout the movie
I want to be able to talk out loud at all my movies now

... The BEST MOVIE!  Oh my gosh - Pan is so good.  I dont know why it hasn't gotten more attention or why I saw that the ratings are bad. I LOVED it. If you love the story of Peter Pan, you'd love this movie.

20 years:

What are you Thankful For this week?

Thankful Thursday

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Don't be jealous of my phone....

I have a little confession to make ...

I look at people's cases on their cell phones.

I try not to judge people about them, but it is fun to see what people pick.

So many options to pick from.

I have on my phone one of those sturdy cases that protect your phone if you drop it off of a 10 story building.  That's my life. I need those things.

But it has its downfalls because it makes it so bulky.  It wont fit in some of my purses.  It definitely doesn't fit in my holders that I use for running.

So I was thrilled when someone contacted me from Caseapp & asked if I wanted to design a case for my phone.

These cases are so much fun!

I was even more excited to see that this would work for me.  Most places, as Caseapp does, has custom cases for iPhones - but they also had them for us Android users!


I ended up sitting on the computer for awhile playing with their templates.

They have so many cute ones from choose from.... & its fun designing the different looks.

& then I was getting confused.

Do I go with a running theme? A Beauty & the Beast theme?  my favorite scripture?

I wanted to personalize it even more... maybe a picture of Ricky & I?  But Ricky wasn't too thrilled with his face being against my ear for everyone to see.

& then maybe a picture of my dogs?  But I couldn't find one to fit just right....

& then I thought, I'm going to have fun with this....

& decided to pick this one....

My Peanuts self ...

I love it!

I was even more excited when it came in the mail & I was apple to just snap it on the phone.

I will say, it is a slim design - thumbs up
but it offers no protection to your phone - thumbs down
but now it fits in all the things I couldn't fit it in before - thumbs up

& also, its super duper cute!!!

& everyone will know its my phone!

Ricky says its looks just like me :)

I love it.

The cool thing?  They are offering a discount for anyone that orders in the next week.  20% off of your order!!!  BAM! That's awesome!

Just visit & use the code KNITTED20

... & have fun designing!

Let me know what you pick....

I can tell I'm going to want to order some more.  Why not change my phone with my mood?

Monday, October 26, 2015

The weekend that actually had me with NO PLANS!!!!!

Yep.... I'm on vacation.

& not even sure what our plans our.

Life has been throwing some things at us - nothing bad - but all our plans that we've had for our week have been changed.  So we're taking each day one at a time.... so I'm not sure what my blog will look like this week.

Regardless, I know when I left work on Friday - I was one happy girl.

There's nothing like leaving work on Friday of your vacation.  Just knowing you don't have to turn on the alarm clock for a full 7 days.  Bliss.

I got off work & headed out to meet up with my Joy Ladies Bible Group for our next session.  I ended up getting there a little earlier so I ran over to Meijers for a little bit.  Next thing I know, I'm walking out with a few new skeins of yarn, stickers for my Journaling Bible & found they have stickers for Planners.  Oh my gosh. Meijers may be my favorite new place.

We had 2 of our ladies that couldn't make it for our Bible Study, but 3 of us & a little baby, we still had some great insight, talks & lots of laughter.  I also was happy to try out the coffee shops Hot Caramel Apple Cider. OHHHH - the taste of fall in a cup.

Saturday felt just weird to me.  It was the first Saturday in MONTHSSSSSSS that I didn't have plans or a photo session scheduled.  I was like, "What do I do with myself?"

Enjoy life - that's what I got to do with myself.

I ended up cleaning my house a bit.  & was so happy to do it!!!

You know how messed up that is when you enjoy cleaning your house?

That's how long its been since I done it.

That whole absence makes the heart grow fonder?  Must be true.

I was able to get in a workout, work on a blanket I've got on my knit loom & enjoy a few cups of coffee.

Vacation means I don't have to worry about sleep - bring on the coffee!

Ricky & I ended up going out to Kohl's so I could find some new blankets for our bed for winter & then we headed to Chuy's for dinner.

I could honestly eat Mexican every day.

We headed over to Sam's Club & looked around. I went over for the purpose of looking for blueberries. I have missed them for the past few weeks because I just have issues with the price at the grocery.  I wish someone could have seen my face when I found a carton ..... & they were $9.99 .... for blueberries.

Oh my gosh.... I know I stood over these berries for about 5 minutes having an inner debate with myself if I should get them or not.


It felt like vacation just because we were out late on a Saturday night - like a real date.   We're basically 80 years old at heart because we never stay out late.  Probably a good thing - the whole way home, I complained that I couldn't see to drive in the dark.

We ended up just finishing the night watching Monsters University.

My kind of Halloween movie.

Some people enjoy those slasher films or movies where paranormal activities are full force.  Give me ABC Family Halloween movies.

Sunday, for some stupid reason that shouldn't happen on vacation, I was up at 6:30am.

I ended up turning on Gilmore Girls & trying to catch up on some more episodes. With the news of the show coming back, I am now on a mission to get through all the seasons.  A long road ahead.

Ricky & I ended up heading to our friends for home church & just always enjoy getting to spend time with our friends.

We headed out from there to look for me a new car - we found out interest rates are CRAZZZY low for cars right now & I despise my car in winter, plus, I'm the worst in the world at navigating this baby.  Ask Ricky. Or anyone that has ever rode with me in it.  .. but as we were heading out, I just wasn't in the mood.  It takes a lot for me to look for a car.  Like it exhausts me to think of decisions of picking a car & the math that's involved in figuring car payments.... I just couldn't do it - not on a pretty fall day.

So instead, we went out & got some lunch & went to Target & then stopped at our local coffee shop.

A much better decision to handle a beautiful Sunday  then dealing with  car salesmen.

It was a pretty lazy Sunday after that... again, something I really could get used to... seriously.

& a Sunday isn't complete until its finished up with some Walking Dead...

I'm happy to say that my alarm is still off & don't expect any activity from me early this week....

I may be sleeping - I may be watching Gilmore Girls... you just never know.

How was your weekend?

Friday, October 23, 2015

Friday Favorites.... lots of Halloween goodies

Favorite Dogs

Is this the cutest thing you've seen all day or what?

 Favorite Halloween Makeup

Get together with your friends to complete the Dorothy, Scarecrow, Lion and Tin Man costumes! This one is so easy, and the straw hat really ...:
This seem pretty simple, doesn't it?
& who doesn't have a flannel shirt?
Great for a last minute idea

Favorite Halloween T-Shirts

It's pumpkin season! Our epic "Great Pumpkin" t-shirt is back by popular demand."  Want something funnier for Halloween?  Make our "Friday the 12th" shirt yours!  SnorgTees makes super soft, comfy tees and hoodies for men, women and kids. Discover your favorite shirt today!:

Favorite EASY Halloween Decoration

Easy Halloween Balloons!:
Seriously - it doesn't get any easier then this
... but wouldn't these be cute lining a sidewalk on Halloween night where
Trick or Treaters walk up?
 Favorite Halloween Candy Idea

5 Fun Ways to get rid of your Halloween Candy

I was worried for my niece when we heard that she was diagnosed with diabetes & Halloween was just weeks away.  Of course she can have some candy, but you know how it goes - BAGS full.  I love these ideas to sell the candy back, or do science experiments on it & my favorite - send it over to troops.  What a great idea for the kids who gets way to much candy on Halloween


  Favorite Beauty & the Beast

 Favorite Craft Idea

 How easy & simple is this little cross design?
Wouldn't it be pretty with like 3 or 4 above the headboard of a bed?
Favorite Funnies

haha i can't stop laughing.:


 real talk:

gym humor:

Lol there must be:

That's accurate:

...when someone wants to learn how I edit my pictures
...basically how much I care about anything happening at work
 ... when I go for a run outside... & the temps are below 50 when the Real Housewives OC reunion came on

 ... me leaving the office today at 4pm for VACATION!!!!!!


Hey guys... I just wanted to pass this on before life puts me in vacation mode...
I got a lot of questions about my Jamberry nails...
I'm on day 6 & they still look like day 1 - perfect
I am in love!!!
So a friend of mine is needing to make her quota to keep her Jamberry Consultant status & is doing an emergency party.... if you thought about purchasing, this would be a great time to do it. 
The link to the party is right HERE

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Thankful Thursday {Link up #42}

Posted on Facebook by a friend - knew I had to use it :)

This week I am Thankful For:

... great Seniors who I get to photograph.  One of them left a comment on my Facebook page that said, "thanks for being such a cool senior photographer".... that coming from a teenager?  The best compliment!

... the beautiful weather I had for 2 sessions this past weekend. If the weather didn't work out, I would have been in trouble.  I couldn't have asked for better

.... running with all the gorgeous colors all around


... riding with the windows down.

... reading a great book.

... Our "baby" turned 27.  I can't believe it.  I came into Lindsay's life when she was only 4 years old.  I still can't wrap my mind around her being a real adult.

Totally snagged a picture of her from Facebook that her boyfriend took

... my niece Madi doing so well in basketball tryouts! She's going to be the most amazing athlete as she grows up.

... texts from friends that make me laugh.

... a snuggly dog - even when I'm exercising & it gets on my nerves, I love that he loves to be loved.

as soon as I have to lay on the floor to do exercises,
he cuddles right up next to me #lovehim

... Ricky is OK.  He took a pretty good fall off of a 5 ft. ladder, holding a really heavy piece of equipment.  He's pretty beat up but he could have been really really injured. 

What are you Thankful For this week?

Thankful Thursday

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Confession Time....nails, new mammogram guidelines & Harvey does it again

... I'm sorry - I'm screaming CONSPIRACY on this one.  How can they change the guidelines for mammograms & exams for breast cancer after all this time?  AND especially when its October - Breast Cancer awareness month - & all month long, we've heard that chances of being diagnosed with this raises at the age of 40.  There was even a story on the news earlier this week about a young lady fighting breast cancer as a TEEANGER!   I find it quite coincidence that this info came out the same week I, along with a bunch of others that use Anthem Blue Cross & have to purchase their own health insurance, got notice that our rates are raising CRAZY RIDICULOUS HIGH next year.  I just feel like health insurance companies don't want to pay for all the mammograms & all the doctor's visits.  Something fishy is going on.  I have no doubt.  #Itrustnoone #notwhenitcomestohealthinsurance

... its time to switch over my closet from summer to winter stuff. I cant begin to put into words how much I dread this process.  #toomuchstuff #allthelaundry

... my favorite smell in the world is the smell of leaves burning. Fall has that smell drifting everywhere right now.  I can't get enough of it. ... & then I just saw on a friend's blog yesterday that they make candles that smell like that?  I gotta find these babies!  NOW!  #SniffAway #BestSmellEver #firehazard

... I can't for the life of me make a good vegetarian chili. What is wrong with me?  I honestly have tried so many Pinterest recipes but it always just tastes like a can of tomatoes with chili powder in them.  #ChiliDesperation

... I've got Harvey Dent & Bruno loving carrot sticks. When I pull them out of the fridge, they think they are solely their treat & sit up tall & cant wait to chomp on them.  Zoe on the other hand gives me a look like, You can't be serious - give me the Pupperoni Sticks.  Make a note that Zoe is the only girl dog.  The other 2 - boys.  #GirlsKnowsDietFoodWhenSheSeesIt

... Harvey Dent was at it again this weekend.  I usually take the pictures because we can usually find humor in what he destroys.  This time, it hit Ricky to the heart. Harvey tore up his work shoes. Remember that Ricky usually on a typical day walks 15-18 MILES... so his shoes are important.  Well, thanks to Harvey, they now have a hard piece of plastic that sticks out the side into Ricky's ankle.  Yeah... not time for a picture on this yet. #thingsharveydoeswrong #timefornewshoes #NoHumorwithSoreFeet

... I don't know why I waited so long to try my Jamberry Nails. I'm 4 days in & I'll already call that a success. If I painted my nails on Saturday, my nails would already be a chipped mess. Plus, I always break a nail when I do a photo session (I have no idea why) but having these on, I didn't break one nail on Sunday's session! #itsamiracle #protectthosenails #inaprettyway

... I already went & ordered 4 more sheets of Jamberry nails #newobsession #addict

How could I resist getting a bunch of these for my nails?

... I ordered some stickers for my Erin Condren planner off of Amazon. Wanted to get started on getting some cute goodies for it - (have you ever looked at some people's planners?!?!?!  They are amazing & so cute! ) - Welllll.... I probably should have looked what I was ordering. Half of the stickers have words on them... in another language. I have no idea what language it is.  I think maybe French?  Ooopsie  #BellewasFrench #BonJour

... I couldn't miss the Real Housewives special where Teresa Checks In... so sad. But did anyone else see it & freak out when you saw how grown up their oldest daughter looks?  She's like a mini-Teresa now.  #theygrowupsofast


Anything you need to confess today?

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