Thursday, March 31, 2016

Surviving the dentist, edamame, flip flops & even a cop that pulled me over.... time for some Thankful Thursday {Link up #65}

Today I am Thankful for:
(The numbers refer to my journal for the One-Thousand Gifts... in other words, just ignore them)

263 / Found a prayer journal! I love this. It has a new scripture on every page & there's 365 pages - so I am going to use it as a journal to write down prayers & then I'll have a scripture to focus on for every day. Thank you TJ Maxx!

264 / Survived the dentist! I went to get my 2 crowns on - & after the last fiasco where they got my teeth prepped only to have a STINKIN' HOLE in them, & having to come back - I was a nervous wreck.  & they told me it would only take an hour to get it on. Do you know I sat in that dentist chair for a little over 3 HOURS!!!! I had so many issues & problems & it almost became comical.  Needless to say, when I finished, the dentist even said, "We're not even going to schedule you for anything soon because I know you need a break from us"... amen sister... amen!

265 / Praying friends.  I love my JOY Ladies were praying for me during my dentist trip & checked in with me afterwards to see how it all went.

266 / Free flowers from work!  We deliver for a big floral department in town & when there are big flower holidays, there is usually some left over & they let us have them.  They spruced up my living room beautifully for Easter


267 / Ricky emptied the dishwasher.  Y'all!!! I seriously opened it up, expecting it to be full & ready to put everything up & when I saw he had done it, I stood there for I know a good 2 minutes totally stunned.  It's just not his thang.  I was so thrilled to have it done for me.   I do have a Love Language of action so that just spoke to my heart more than anything.

000 / Spring weather where I can wear my favorite things - knitted things AND flip flops.  That time of year where its still cool in the morning & evening, but warm in the afternoon.  I am happiest when I can wear knitted cowls & my Old Navy flip flops & be perfectly comfortable


268 / Beautiful day for the 10 mile race. The sun was out the entire time & just made it so lovely to run through a park.

270 / Beat my goal for the race.

272 / Warm showers when I'm freezing with sweat after a run.  It really is the simple things in life.  I think of how many people in this world dont have water - much less WARM WATER - to enjoy.  It really is a blessing we over look.

273 / EASTER!!! I love Easter! I love everyone worshiping our Risen Savior together.  We do every week at church, but Easter just is full of emotion & celebration!

274 / Joined a new church.  I'm so excited to get back into being involved in a church & serving in any way I can.

276 / Being with Ricky on Easter.  He really is my world.

278 / New book in the mail to preview/review.  I had just finished the last book I was reading when Ricky brought in the mail & there was a brand new book just for me to check out.  I love Annie Downs anyways so I'm thrilled I get to see this book before its released to the public.

280 / Edamame on the salad bar.  I honestly get WAYYY too excited when I see edamame out for salads!

282 / Didn't gain weight this week. I was on a HUNGER FEST after my 10 mile run Saturday... like seriously want to eat ALL THE THINGS. I thought for sure my weight would be up this week. It didn't go down - but it didn't go up. I'll take it.

000 / Love these sorts of healthy frozen goodies that makes dinner fast & easy.  I made this  & put in some extra feta & wish I had another tomato to cut up & put in there.  But it was delicious just as is.

Yum  Android  iPhone

283 / Nice Policeman.  I actually got pulled over Wednesday morning. I knew I wasn't speeding so I was confused when the lights went off behind me.  But the policeman wanted to check my license  & registration because apparently, someone TOOK MY REGISTRATION STICKER OFF MY CAR!!!! UGHHHH!  Really people?  ... all was OK.  But the young policeman was so kind & polite & he even apologized if he made me late for work pulling me over.  I've had to deal with some pretty jerky cops before, so it was nice to see such a young one that was so polite.  I actually prayed for him the rest of the way into work for his safety in his career.

So what's been good in your world this week?

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

What's Up Wednesday

What we're eating this week....
I am so obsessed with this soup lately

It is so delicious!
& all the healthy organic natural blah blah blah stuff.
It's in our local health food section area of the grocery - & its in a cardboard box - so you just open it, pour in a pan & warm up. If you have left overs, put the lid back on & store in the fridge for a few days.
I love getting some ravioli or tortellini & making & adding in it.
& of course, its perfect with grilled cheese.

What I'm reminiscing about....
We were thinking about our dog Pandora the other day.  Remembering stories about her.
She was Ricky's dog when we first started dating & when we got married, I officially became her dog-mom.  She, like all of our dogs, was the center of our world... she had a funny personality to her, but she was wonderful.  A truly loyal dog.  She passed away in 2001 but she was nearly 18 years old... she had a good long life.  Such a fighter.

What I'm loving....
Sunlight!!! ... after 7pm!!!!
I so hate the time change where we loose an hour but mercy me... 
how I love that its light outside after dinner!
Makes my heart happy!

What we've been up to...
So on Easter, Ricky & I became official members of Southeast Christian Church Indiana Campus!

We have been visiting there on & off for about 8 months now & we kept visiting other churches but Ricky was really drawn to this one. He just loves the teachings of the pastors - & I'm happy anywhere that Ricky is happy.  I'm just excited to get back into helping in Youth Ministry - so the same day we joined - we turned in our background info to get things rolling on that side. All about serving!  
We're excited about it.  We've been at the same church for 15 years - a small church - so moving to a HUGE church is new for us - & we are still open to anything God calls us to... 
I think in all of this church change, we've learned how flexible we can be & just relied more on God to lead us than ever before.  Excited to see where it all goes.

What I'm dreading....
With Spring & all the blooms, comes the closed throat, the watery eyes & the headaches.
So far, so good... but I'm just waiting because I know its coming

What I'm working on...
Getting my pictures together so I can officially get my Etsy store open!
I've literally made like 5 more things for the store, but its doing no good if I can't get pictures up.
So that's a big project I'm working on - slowly... but surely!
& yes, I'll be the one that opens a knit store with WARM things 
in the middle of Spring going into Summer.  

But someone reminded me - its winter in Australia ;)

What I'm excited about....
April is the month... all the weeks of training ... leading up to my next Half Marathon.

I almost couldn't decide on whether to put it here under the 'Excited' category or the 'Dreading' category.  I'm so excited to do it - add to my collection of half marathon medals - and to see all the hard work pay off after 16 weeks of training.
... but I'm dreading it because its tough... & also, I'm always a little lost after its over.
you spent 16 weeks prepping for something, its a little strange when it ends & your routine changes.
... but I am excited to get to that start line - for sure!

What I'm watching / reading...
Y'all - I dont know what has gotten into me but I've been on a reading SPREE!
Got in another 6 books just in March!  I'm up to 15 for the year so far!
There's just been a lot of good reads lately... here's been some of my favorites this month


What I'm listening to....

Yep... its just staying on rotation right now!
It's so good!

What I'm wearing...
I have to say, I am so thrilled because lately, I have a whole new running wardrobe!
All those tech race shirts that I got from previous races - especially the lady cut ones?
They never fit me. They were always too tight & snug.
I happened to pull out my drawer of race tech shirts & thought, let me try this on
... & IT FIT!!!
I pulled out another & another - & they all fit!!!
& the ones I was wearing - too big!

What I'm doing this weekend...
Exciting stuff happening in my world this weekend...
I gotta run 8 miles & I gotta do our taxes.
Told ya - fun stuff.

I honestly can't believe we've waited this long to do our taxes. We're usually right on the ball.
But its like the months have just rolled by. & Tax Day is less than 2 weeks. WHAT?

What I'm looking forward to next....

Fruits & veggies!

It's that time of year where produce is going to start looking fresh & delicious!
Right now?  I'm tired of paying over $5.00 for yucky looking fruit & the zucchini in stores? Puny!
I'm ready for some good farmer's markets to start booming!!!

What else is new...

I have started a new habit I'm obsessed with.
Flossing my teeth.  Seriously.
I am addicted to flossing now.
With all my dental issues that has been going on since NOVEMBERRRRRRR, I have been so on top of my teeth - & now, I can't NOT floss my teeth like 3 times a day. I keep floss with me everywhere I go & am always sneaking to floss when I can.
 Is it gross to floss behind the wheel of your car?  Anyways.
Now if I have any more dental issues, I'm just going to be mad.

What's my Best Spring Cleaning Tip
I am all about the PURGE for Spring cleaning.
I'm cleaning out my library - I have over 75 books so far in a pile to be given away!
I'm ready to change over my closet & get rid of all the clothes I never put on once this year.
I'm just ready to get rid of everything.

Happy Wednesday!!!

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Triple Crown DONE! & how it made me love my hubby even more ... Papa John 10 Mile Race Recap

Well - I did it... completed the Triple Crown of Running!

..  & more importantly, finished the race that I dread more than any race ever.  The Papa John's 10 miler.  I make it sound so fun, don't I?

I just really dont like this race.  First, I dont like the hills in Iroquois Park.  I dont like they stick a big hill in at mile 9 when you're wore out, & I hate the parking around that area - which I'll get to more on that later.

I was a nervous wreck going into this race after my horrible 9 miles the weekend before. But I do have to say, a lot of comments from some of you runners really gave me some pep.  Knowing it was on a treadmill & I didnt do nutrition properly, it made a difference... so I tried to keep a positive attitude about it.

Who am I kidding? I kept telling myself the night before I was going to die on this one...

maybe that's why I didn't sleep well & every time I woke up, I felt like I was going to throw up.

Side note - my sweet hubby - every time I woke up & would do deep breathing techniques (what I do to help nausea) Ricky would wake up & say, "You want me to get you water? Want some Alleve?" ... isn't he the cutest?

But when the alarm went off at 6:00am, I had already been tossing & turning & ready to get up & at least get this show on the road.

It really downed my mood when I saw that Spring had left over night apparently & it was like 37 degrees out.

I know most runners are like, "That's perfect"... let me remind you that in 60 degree temps, I'm still wearing 2 shirts, a jacket, gloves & ear warmers.  My blood must not run thick.

With my knees acting up, I decided to go old school & pull out my box of KT Tape.  & yes, I do have a box full of it. I used to live by this stuff. I think I need to put it into action more often again - even on my shoulder.

It feels good - but man, makes for ugly knee caps
I usually dont give much thought to my outfit - except for LAYERS - but this time, I knew I was going to wear my camo leggings for this one. I felt like with all the mind games & all the pain my body had been through lately, I was going into this one with a little war on my hands.

A war needs camo...


The morning was going smoothly & I felt like I was doing good on time - had my usual egg on an english muffin for breakfast, got my braids in, started drinking water & even took an Alleve before the run because I was scared to death my face & teeth were going to hurt.

I had just sat in a dentist chair for 3 hours 2 days before & my face HURT... I wasn't sure how the running & jumping up & down impact was going to be... so I tried to nip that before it started.

Next thing I know, I hear on the news that its 7:10... OH SNAP ... we were supposed to leave by 7... so we grabbed our stuff, which means Ricky had to get his gear of his Starbucks Cafe Mocha, & we were out the door.

Yes, I put on my race song again, Defying Gravity, but I at least did Ricky a favor this time & kept the volume low.  Marriage is about give & take... he gets up to offer me Alleve at 3 am?  I turn Broadway music down low the morning after for him.

Now, we're heading to park near Papa John's Stadium - where the finish line is... & this is a HUGE stadium ... that holds THOUSANDS of people... so tell me why they weren't prepared for around 6,000 runners to park around there?  Turn off the stupid lights!  Get someone to direct traffic - SOMETHING!!!

We were stuck on the expressway....

See all the cars behind me lined up?  Same in front of me...

This is about where I FREAK THE FREAK OUT!!!!!!!

... no seriously... I am screaming!!!

This literally was me in the car 

The race started at 8 & we sat in traffic starting around 7:35... & then it was 7:45... & then 7:55... & we still weren't near the parking lot... & the Start line is a good 10  minutes from the parking area.

I HATE being late to a start line...

Ricky kept trying to remind me its not the end of the world.  It was going to be OK... it just got my blood pumping like I had already ran the race.  My nerves were wearing thin anyways.

By the time we got to the Start Line, we could hear the announcer telling everyone they would be taking down the Start Line in a few minutes - runners needed to get across it.  I ended up starting nearly 13 minutes after it began. UGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!

Now, I know most people, that doesn't phase them.  There were a ton of people hanging out, using the bathroom, chatting with friends, starting late on purpose.  For me?  A slow runner? it felt awful.  I am a back of the packer anyways - so to START at the literal back of the pack?  I just was overwhelmed.

People dont get it unless you ever do stick to the back... its a different world... its a world that's forgotten... & sometimes, not even thought about by other runners. (Obviously not everyone - not pointing fingers or blame)  For instance though - jumping ahead - when I finished, there were no bananas left.  There was limited Gatorade.  Pizza was out.  But as I'm finishing the last few miles on the course, I see runners with ARM FULLS of bananas walking to their cars. Some people had bags full of Gatorade drinks.  People had extra plates of pizza balancing on their arm.  They could care less there are a lot of people left to finish.   & its not like I was last.

I think people cross the finish line & if they hang out a bit, they think, 'its almost over' when there are people out on the course till the BITTER END.... & there's nothing worse than to push yourself & see that you aren't given the same treatment that the other finishers got....

NOTE TO RUNNERS:  A race is not a free pass to do your grocery shopping!!!!

It's so frustrating...

Anyways... let me get back to the point... the race....

I will say, it was a new experience starting so late behind all the walkers.  No offense to people who walk the whole course - because they are the ones having the time of their lives - they are usually with friends laughing & chatting & taking their time & enjoying every minute of the race (I would love to do a race like this one time because it really does seem like a good time!!!) ... but man, people were spread 5 to 6 across the road, just having a party & I was struggling to get through.  It wasn't their fault - they were where they needed to be on the course - it was just me starting so late, it was difficult to get through.

My goal was to run the first 3 miles that got you to the park... by the time I got to the 3 mile mark, my GPS had me at 3.20 - I'm sure from dodging in & out & around people... it was a challenge.

As we headed into the park, I honestly told Ricky to pray for me to get through the park.  He said, "You'll make it - stop it"... to which I told him, "I'll make it, but its my knees I'm afraid wont"

... hit mile 4 & doing OK...

Mile 5 is on the very back of the park & the point where you start heading back towards the finish. I felt great making it there & still feeling really good.

I also knew to start my nutrition about here.  I am not a fan of gels because they upset my stomach, but I had stopped at Target the night before & got some snack bags & some pretzels & raisins.  Just enough to get some salt & sugar in my system.  I'm one of those people whose blood sugar jumps & I can FEEL it. Like I get a little faint if I dont stay on top of it... but I broke that out at a water stop, Ricky even sucked the salt off a few pretzels & then before I knew it, I was at mile 6...

& at mile 6 - it is literally all down hill from there...

& I got the feeling I'd been waiting on...

Now - granted, I am slow but I had a goal & when I hit mile 7, I was 5 minutes ahead of that! YAHOO!!!

My legs & inner thighs got sore, but after a few stretches in the middle of the road, I was good...

I really couldn't believe how many people I had passed & turned around at about mile 8 & saw a big number of people stretching out the distance on the road. I wasn't last!

It was also encouraging that in that last mile, there were some people standing there cheering everyone on.  A group of people at the top of that horrible hill were great at encouraging everyone... & a lady right at the last turn going into the stadium was standing there clapping & rooting people.  She looked me right in the face & said, "You are doing SO GOOD"... I forget how important it is to hear that - even from strangers... & it makes me even more want to go out & root on strangers at other races. It makes a difference. It really does.

But I got on the turf, made the turn & I DID IT!  & about 4.30 minutes ahead of my goal

Funny thing... I hadn't run this race since 2013 ... & my time was EXACTLY the same as that race... down to the MILLISECOND!  Like, I couldn't have done that if I tried.  Do you know how fast a millisecond is?  Gold medals are won & lost on that time.  But it was EXACT.  I thought that was so funny. I told Ricky if I was 1 millisecond slower, I would have probably cried. haha

10 miler:

While we were running, I had seen people leaving with medals on... & again, being a back of the packer, I have heard of so many races running OUT of medals (which makes me so angry) but when we crossed the finish line, there was no one standing there giving out medals.

I just knew they were out.

God love my precious husband. He was like, "OH HECK NO - you are getting a medal"... & my quiet & shy husband who hates talking to strangers, turned & started going to every one who looked official & was like, "I need a medal for my wife"... "Get her a medal"... he even said he was eyeing up a stranger to see if he could get their medal & run for it... HAHA! (He would never y'all. but the idea #swoon)

... but we walked around the corner & they were giving out the medals there.

OOPS.. haha...


Our tradition after a race is usually Panera Bread for breakfast... but this race wouldn't get us to there in time before they stopped serving breakfast.  BUMMER!  & I'm not a fan of breakfast at most other places (Cracker Barrel, I'm talking to you - blah) ... & well, they were handing out free Papa John's pizza so we grabbed one & chowed down.

Reward of Champions

Then it was time to walk back to the car - 3 miles away.

I told Ricky that its good to see I made it to the car easily, because that made the miles about 13.1 - giving me confidence I'm going to make my half marathon :)

On the way to the car, we had to pass all of the University of Louisville's little trains that people rent out for tail gating. Ricky was happy to be sporting his UK shirt for the race & had to stop & take this picture for all his friends.


He really isn't a hateful sports person - but he does like to have fun with it... especially if it teases his sister or his brother in law. :)

So... I made it... I survived.

I can sport my Triple crown shirt that says 19.3 miles now... & I'll wear it proudly.

& I felt like I came out of this one smarter for my half marathon - which is now 5 weeks away... the pretzels & raisins worked great! ... I need to work more on strengthening my hips & inner thighs... & putting lotion on my feet really helped ward off blisters on the bottoms of my feet.

I learned a lot these 10 miles...

especially on how much I love my husband....


Week 11 Half Marathon Training

Week 11 Created by Photo Grid.  Android  iPhone

Monday - Run 3.10 miles
Tuesday - 21 Day Fix - Total Body Cardio
Wednesday - 21 Day Fix - Upper Fix
Thursday - T25 Speed 1.0 (Couldnt run with knee)
Friday - REST DAY
Saturday - Papa John's 10 Mile Race
Sunday - REST DAY

Monday, March 28, 2016

The weekend that I loved me some superheroes... & that includes Jesus

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter.

Love the reminder that JESUS IS RISEN!
When I opened up Facebook on Sunday & saw all the Easter posts about Jesus & everyone going to church, I wish it was like that every day...

But let's take a quick look back at the whole weekend...


... made a stop at Target to get some raisins & pretzels for my race on Saturday. I tried to find something to wear for Easter & just am not having any luck this year.

... On the way home, I saw a hawk flying low & looked like something weird was hanging from his feet.  I then noticed a squirrel squirming in his talons. OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!! I started screaming in my car like I was in the process of witnessing a murder.  I was tramatized all weekend. I would randomly break out in tears over the weekend & just say, "Squirrel" ... this whole Circle of Life thing is rough on me

... finished knitting another hat.  If only I could stop working on projects & take PICTURES of projects so I can get this Etsy store officially open.

... went to bed feeling nauseated & yucky. I knew it was nerves for the race.


... up at 6am & ran a 10 mile race (recap tomorrow)

... had to stop for a Starbucks Iced coffee after that run

... hot shower & then time to sit with a hot cup of coffee & do some Bible Journaling.

... it had warmed up since the beginning of the day (37 at race time to 70's in the afternoon).  I ended up laying on the back porch doing stretches & more stretches & even more stretches. I didn't want those 10 miles creeping up on my legs.

... Got my Kindle, pulled up a chair & sat on the back porch in the sunshine for over an hour reading.

... Did a Jane the Virgin binge catch up.  I was always Team Raf but ahhh - I may be turning to Team Matthew.

... Fell asleep early watching The Ten Commandments. It's one of Ricky's favorite movies ever.  He was falling asleep before me & turned over & said to me, "I may be falling asleep but I am still listening. Don't turn it over"... he fell asleep & must have woken up to hearing a commercial. He sat up & said, YOU TURNED IT OVER! ... & then when he saw it was still on the same movie, he was able to fall right back to sleep.

FUN FACT... Ricky randomly says this line in life at any given moment

... Ricky put in a new fire alarm the day before & it kept beeping. Bruno doesn't handle high tone beeps well, so when it went off at 5:30am, Bruno woke me up freaking out... & then I was up ... DANG IT!  So this weekend was a bust for sleeping in.

... I literally saw the same infomercial for the Total Body Gym on 4 channels at the same time.

... We went to Panera for breakfast before church & there was NO ONE there. Like, it was weird. Panera is always packed - especially at breakfast.  It felt so strange.


... #EasterTogether at Southeast.  As always - a wonderful message & a great time of worship.
Praise our Savior!  HE IS ALIVE!!!


... Ricky & I went over straight from church to the movie theater to see what time Batman vs Superman  came on. Ricky got the time wrong with the theater we were at, but we got so lucky because the girl said that the movie that had started 20 minutes before was just finishing up previews.  We ended up sliding in 2 minutes before the movie actually started.  YES!  A Easter miracle! :) .... & PS - WHY do they show a half hour of previews anymore?  I used to love them, but mercy, its kind of ridiculous now.

For the record, I really liked the movie.  I got a little lost at some points - that's nothing unusual for me though - but I am always a fan of super hero movies.  I really didn't mind Ben Affleck as Batman at all (We all know Michael Keaton will forever be the best though) ... & this Superman?  He IS Superman.  ... & Wonder Woman?  OH MY GOSH - I can't wait for her line of movies now!!! I did get a little frustrated at Lex Luthor - I thought he was trying to act too much like the Joker.  & I was having a little anxiety at the end of the movie. Let's just say I had to keep reminding myself, "They're filming the next Justice League" over & over again.  Thumbs up for me.

... the thing I'm looking forward to is the next Xmen movie coming out in May!!! YES!!!  I am such a fan of the Xmen - even if Wolverine isn't in it.  Though he does make it better.

... Ricky & I headed out for lunch after the movie & let me tell you - the world seemed empty - with everything closed & families eating together at home apparently.  We had our free range of places to eat with no wait.  We went to O'Charley's because they have the BEST Black bean burger - I've bragged about it before.  Only to order it & have the manager come out & tell us that they dont serve them anymore. NNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! ... we ended up leaving.  See ya O'Charleys.  You just lost a lot of business.

... 3rd Starbucks visit of the weekend.

... stopped by mom & dad's to see them for a little bit for Easter.

... so mad I didn't get a good picture of Ricky & I for Easter.  I promise, we dressed up for the occasion.

... Finishing knitting another project - a yellow cowl. I'm LOVING the color of this one.

... closed out the weekend with, of course, The Walking Dead... & had to rewind & watch the last minute of the show like 5 times, even playing in slow motion to see if I could see what the HECK HAPPENEEEDDDDD????

& now we're back at Monday!

How was your weekend? 

Do anything special for Easter?

Did you see Batman vs Superman?
 ... or The Walking Dead? (let's discuss)

Friday, March 25, 2016

Friday Favorites

Favorite Easter Reminder
Favorite Food

28 Healthy Zucchini Recipes That Go Beyond Zoodles:

28 recipes with Zucchini!
... I'm all about the pizza bites & lasagna
But there's plenty of recipes on here for you meat eating people

Favorite Coffee Cup

he he he...:

Favorite Beauty & the Beast

Beauty and the Beast Cogsworth Clock by CuriousCogs on Etsy:

This is a real clock! OH MY GOODNESS!
I think I need this in my life!

Favorite Outfit

green boyfriend jeans: an alternative to wearing shorts this spring:

I have a love for all things green or yellow
... I need to find these pants... & SOON!

Favorite Book Love

I totally do just for that reason:

I carry one around me with me everywhere... feel a little lost otherwise

Favorite Song

I downloaded the soundtrack from The Passion as soon as the show was over
... but I am SO OBSESSED with this song & the way they used it.
Chris Daugherty is A-MAZ-ING!

Favorite Funnies


I couldn't not repin this.:

All the time.:

Funny Pictures – 38 Pics    OMG I would so be that kid on the course:

.... how I handle most problems in life

... how I watch The Food Network & the cooking shows that make it look so easy

.... when I leave to go for a long run

.... when I open up my credit card statement every month

... when the weatherman tells us Spring is here but its still snowing & freezing cold at 4:00pm today

Black People GIFs

Happy Friday Y'all!!!

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