Thursday, June 30, 2016

Surgery Day... but still lots to give thanks for / Thankful Thursday #78

Life Update:
As you are reading this, Ricky & I have been at the hospital for his hernia surgery today.  A bright & early wake up time of 4:30am, which I think is cruel & unusual punishment.  But hopefully that means we'll be home early as well... & praying that everything goes smoothly.

So if you can lift up a prayer for my hubby today? 
Appreciate each & every thought lifted for him.

This week I am Thankful For:
(The numbers go with my One-Thousand Gifts journal / in other words, ignore them)

561 / Zoe OK after being trapped. WHAT? Yep!  ... OK, first of all, it is NOTHING for Zoe to go downstairs & hide when a storm comes. Or even to just cool off. Girlfriend is smart. She goes in the safest place in a house during a storm. & she loves to go down & lay on the concrete floor in the back part of the basement to cool down when its hot. So when it stormed one day while I was at work, I got home & didn't see her upstairs. Nothing unusual.  If she wants to come, she comes. There's no calling her to come. She's a total diva. I didn't think anything of it.... & so I go to work out & Ricky gets home about an hour later & he goes downstairs & I hear him say, "OH MY GOSH - ZOE!"... to find out that she did indeed go downstairs, but something but have fallen & shut the door & she was trapped in the back room.  Bless her heart - her face was wet where she was probably drooling needing water... & she jetted out the door to go pee - she held it all day long.  I felt horrible not looking for her when I got home.  But SOOOO thankful she was ok.  After drinking a bowl of water & extra treats, she was back to her diva self.

562 / New headbands.  A friend pointed these out to me on Facebook & I immediately had to order them. & they are even cuter in person.

How cute are my new #headbands ❤  had to get the mermaid one with my red hair.  #princess #disneyfreak #hippierunner . . . . .  #squadgoals #headband #hippierunnerheadbands #runner #sweat #disneynerd #disneylove:

563 / Happy Customers.  I got a phone call from a family member of the photo session I just did recently of the 50th anniversary. She wanted me to do a family wedding coming up in September.  She was just so kind about my work & it just makes me giddy that they were happy enough with their pictures that they wanted to work with me again.  Unfortunately, I'm already booked for September so I hate I wasn't able to work with them again because I would have loved to see everyone once more.  But hopefully in the future.

564 / Homemade pizza was DELICIOUS.  This was out of the Blue Apron box.  A spinach/mushroom/potato pizza. Potato. Yes. You heard that right. It was AMAZING though. & I had never dealt with dough before. I actually got to use my rolling pin that was my momma's.  I honestly want to make this pizza again.  Ricky even requested to have it again.

565 / New Room for working out.  My little office space / yarn area has tripled as my workout room - & its just been getting too tight with added weights & the step/weight bench - so after a lot of 'discussion' - Ricky finally gave me a room in the basement - where its also so much COOLER for working out.  I love having all the space for working out AND for having the space back in my room.

566 / Home Security Camera for lost things.  Ricky was FREAKING OUT the other day when he couldn't find his hernia belt.  He was literally turning the house upside down trying to find it. I told him he was making more of a mess trying to find it, making it HARDER to find it.  I remembered when he got home, he took it off - so I had an idea when he took it off - so I went back to the security camera around that time & lo &  behold - he's right there taking it off & we saw him take it over to the side of the kitchen.  & we walk over, & its right there on the counter. GEEEEZZZZZZ... but glad we had the camera to look back on & help with the process before the sledgehammer came out.

I'm pretty sure Ricky looked just like this
... & I never tire of this GIF....

569 / No plans on a hot day.  When its over 100 degree heat index, I am so thankful for days I dont have to put on real clothes & dont need make up & hair done in any way except for a top knot bun & have absolutely no plans.

570 / Ceiling Fan in the right direction.  All summer, I hadn't really felt the ceiling fan doing anything productive & couldn't figure out why. Light bulb moment!  We had turned the settings for winter, that brings the heat up.  Ricky hit the switch & turned the fan back on & it was like an instant 10 degrees cooler. AHHHH!

571 / Baby holding at church.  Sunday during service, I got to hold my grand buddy Caden the whole service.  This is a rarity.  There's basically always a long line to hold Ryan & Chasity's kids at every event/place we are at.  I loved getting to hold this happy smiley boy... except I think I was supposed to try to get him to sleep but instead, we played with fingers & pony tail holders the whole time. Oops.  I probably won't get to hold him again now after that ;)

My hobbies include smiling, talking, and eating my hands. 😍💙 #CadenMichaelCzeczok:
Snagged from his momma's IG page
572 / Grocery stuff at Target. I didn't feel like dealing with the grocery after church, but we needed a few things. I'm so thankful that Target carries just enough groceries to get me through!  Another reason to shop at Target.

573 / A Large.  I went shopping for some shirts & for the first time, I think in my life, I got 2 shirts that were a size Large instead of an Extra Large. I almost cried y'all.  Really.

575 / Good honest people.  I was in Kohl's & had $20.00 in Kohl's cash and also had a coupon for $10 off... & then lost them both.  It was in my pocket with my phone & when I went to pull out my phone, it must have fell out. I was so bummed out, especially after finding some shirts I liked.  I went to the counter to see if they could check to see if it was used based off of my credit card number... & lo & behold - someone turned it in!!  Someone could have easily taken that $30 for themselves & no one would have known the difference.  

This is to you Honest Kohl's Person

580 / Fruit/nut tray at gas station.  I had to run out to the doctor at work which means that was my lunch at 9am - so I figured I would be hungry at my desk later in the afternoon.  I stopped on the way back to work to get an iced tea & looked & they had a little lunch thing with fresh apples, cheese & almonds. A good portion size.  I was so happy to find something healthy to take back to snack on at work to get me through the day.  Good for you gas station for some healthy options!

581 / Humidity Break.  It has felt super nice out the past 2 nights.  Humidity makes a world of difference & when its here & then leaves for a few days? It feels like night & day.  I actually sat outside Tuesday night until I couldn't even see the writing on my Kindle anymore. Soak up the beautiful evening.  I know the humidity will rear its ugly head soon enough... like in a day or two. Sigh.

..thankful for good hair the past few days too!

So what good things are happening 
in your world?

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Chocolate goodness, bug food & an accident snap that worked well .... Project Life / Week 4

So I have basically finished Project Life for June
... a picture every day of the month - if not more than one.

& I have loved doing it - I hope you all have enjoyed it aswell.
& you know now I'm wondering if I should do it again for July

After all, July holds a holiday & my dad's birthday & weddings... lots of good stuff
... it all deserves being captured, right?

Onto week 4


It's after 9pm at night... & I love that there's still light outside.
Why can't it be like this year round? WHYYYY?


Wednesdays are our "lunch date" & Ricky had to miss this past Wednesday because he had a doctor's appointment with his surgeon that morning - so no lunch for him. I sat in our usual spot... & it was a lonely lunch, for sure. 



I sat on the front porch the day before to read my book & noticed a bird that kept coming near ... I didn't know why.  & then I walked outside & saw a bunch of bird poop on the porch... look up & see this - a nest on top of our porch light.
I don't think there is an egg there... but we'll see.
Ricky said he's gotta knock it down with the mess the bird is leaving on the porch.
I told him if he knocks it down, I'm kicking him in the shins.  #MarriageCompromise


Trying to sneak out at night trying to see if a bird would peek out when the sun went down
... still nothing



I work right next to the airport so when I went out to lunch, planes fly right over top of me.
I heard one going over top of me & grabbed my camera
Fun Fact - I literally just pointed the camera towards the window & snapped - didn't even focus, wasn't even sure what I got in frame.
I was pleasantly surprised at the end result.


Sunglasses make me feel claustrophobic for some reason
... but I always keep them near just in case...
but I loved seeing the sky reflection in my frames when I was sitting in traffic.


If you know me, you know Friday involves a celebration of a trip to Starbucks to kick off the weekend.  Me, usually an iced coffee or a tea... Ricky's drink usually involves chocolate.
So why I can't drink it, I can photograph it.



I wish I wasn't so lazy to get up & go search out yard sales Saturday mornings.
I like my sleep too much though.
But when my neighbor had a yard sale, I was excited to have one just a few steps away from my front door. .... & even more excited to find some goodies for people I love.
My mom is a TAB nut - from the 70's through today - so when I found these glasses, I knew I had to get them for her. (I haven't given them to her yet - so SURPRISE MOM!)
& all those books? Perfect for my middle school niece that loves to read.
A kid after my own heart.
& yeah... so what... the lamb & cow are for me.
I actually buy little lambs to keep with my knitting stuff.... how could I resist?


Our little fluff ball... we love our little Zoe Girl


I hate bugs eat our rose bush away - but I do find the leaves that have holes in them beautiful in their own way.  Some of them that are basically just the veins left? I think they are so cool of some of the designs they make.  Nature's Art.



I love so much the morning drives when the sun is up. One of the perks of summer.
I know it won't be long when I'm driving into work with nothing but headlights & streetlights on, so every chance I can get to capture a beautiful morning drive, I'll take it.



Coffee shops are just so beautiful to me.
& of course, I love my Starbucks that I spent half most of my paycheck...
I had to wait for Ricky after work to get a rental car while his car gets fixed from his wreck - so where's a better place to wait?


So, which picture is your favorite this week?

Should I continue on for July?

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Made it through.... what's next?

Where does time go?

I feel like I just started this program - but I am now in my last 2 days of the 8 week program.

8 weeks!  Gone!

Some times it feels like these workout plans are forever long because I'm struggling to get through them. This one, for some reason, has flown by.

I also can't believe I'm seeing pumpkins & fall decorations in Hobby Lobby so maybe just time in general is flying by.


This has been a whole new ball game for me - focusing on weight training & reps & muscles instead of heart pumping cardio.

I have to say, its still not something I'm fully 100% comfortable with.
I have really enjoyed seeing the changes in my strength, but man, I love cardio.
It's just what makes me excited to work out - getting that heart pumping.

Not to say that this doesn't get your heart pumping too.  Lifting heavy weights on a repeat - or holding weights jumping up & down off of a weight bench will DEFINITELY get your heart pumping - I've had sweat running down my face & back to prove it
... but this is just a different plan than a constant 30-45 minutes of running, jumping, moving.

I have to say though, I am happy about a few things doing this plan:

Push ups! ... my push up game is getting STRONG. I used to struggle to get in 1 or 2 GOOD push-ups - now I can knock out a good dozen before I get shaky.  That impresses me.

Not quite to this level though... yet! ;)

Weights! ... I had to go to the store the other night because weights were on sale for Father's Day & I needed another 15 lb weight.  I actually have a rack now with my own weights on it. Me. My personal weights.  Who would have thought?  I like knowing when I go to do certain moves now, the same ones I used to MAYBE use 5 lb'ers, I'm picking up at least 10 lbs or sometimes 12 or 15... its empowering to know you're building strength.

Goals! ... I honestly have said I'll never be able to do a pull up. Not with my upper body strength & especially with this bum shoulder.  & while I still question it, I don't DOUBT it 100% now. I want to make it a goal.  To be able to do a chin up.  I want that on my Before 50 Bucket List. Seriously.  I want to buy the bar assist to help get me started, but I really want to give it a go.  Why not?  The worst that can happen is I can't do it - which is where I'm at now.  So why not try to get stronger & give it a go?

6 Days a week! ... I found out I can work out 6 days a week instead of 5. I usually took Friday & Sunday as rest days & with this, I did work out on Sunday's - & was OK with it.  A good way to wind down my weekend actually.  Friday ended up being my best rest day because after getting home from work & working out, its usually around 7 or 8pm - but then I'd work out early on Saturday. I didn't like having the workouts so close to each other, so I ended up using Friday as my "rest day" - though I don't mind using Friday as a stretch or yoga day as well.  Make that 7 days a week! BAM!... it was good to be pushed out of my usual schedule & to see I CAN work out on days I'm not used to.

My official end of the program will be Thursday...I'll do my measuring then.

As for the weight, I do that on a weekly basis so I can tell I'm not going to see some huge drop.

That's the thing about this program.  I'm probably going to be right at the same exact weight. I actually just looked back at my starting weight & as of last week's weigh in, I'm only down 0.2 lbs - & that's not including all the ups & downs I've had over the past 2 months.  For someone who still has a goal of loosing another 25 lbs, that doesn't settle well with me.
(***I actually weighed right before this posted... I have GAINED more than a few pounds... I am not a happy camper this morning)

It's been a real brain challenge for me - to remember that weight on the scale is different when muscle is added onto the body.  I'm anxious to see what the measurements end up at.  If that hasn't changed much? Oh gosh - steer clear - I'm going to be in a bad mood.

What lays ahead?  Well - I actually have 2 more programs I've already purchased.

One is the 22 Minute Hard Corp - which is a Tony Horton program & is focused on basic military training & simple moves. More weight training - which I like, especially since I have all these weights now - but I think it has a little bit of cardio?

The other is Turbo Fire - this is supposedly ALL cardio - which makes me super duper happy to think about.

But I've mentioned before I've been doing this program with my buddy Nathalie (My #chiseledknitters partner) & she also wants to do the 22 Minute Hard Corp as our next plan.... after she does another round of Hammer & Chisel.

Here's her Blog Post about her experience so far with the program

So I've been debating on doing another round myself...

But I think I may change it up a little bit - finding something that works better for me - & then recently, I think I've found a good combo on Pinterest!
A plan that has the Chisel workouts AND includes Autumn's 21 Day Fix & 21 Day Fix Extreme programs mixed in for 8 weeks.  So I still will be getting weight training because all of these programs revolve around strength but Autumn is more of the cardio side of the Hammer & Chisel program .... & with 3 programs involved in one workout schedule, that's a lot of variety.

I don't want to give up the muscle I've built... I can tell a difference & want to continue building that strength.  But I also can tell I'm loosing my endurance of cardio not running or pumping the heart like I normally do... I gotta find a blend of both worlds.

On a side note - I think I'm going to break down & go see my Orthopedic about my knee soon. Its almost unbearable anymore.  Even without running. I just can't bend it without pain. It hurts in one spot.  Its not like the normal runners knee - it's totally a meniscus thing.  DANG IT!

Yeahhhh - I cant do this with my knee anymore
It hurts right on the inside of my knee when I get it to this position

I want to run again.  I need races laid out in front of me to keep me going.  I miss it.

But the good thing about all of this?  I have a lot of options ahead & all of it will keep me healthy & on the road to make a stronger me - the BEST ME I CAN BE!!!

What do you prefer?  Cardio or weight training?

What are you currently doing for exercise?

Any future workout plans /races ahead?

Monday, June 27, 2016

The weekend that I tried to hibernate in AC

I dont know about you but if there was ever a weekend to melt, this was it.

It was HORRIBLE around our parts. Like, I just wanted to hide in my house, with the AC on full blast, sitting in front of a fan, eating ice cream & wearing minimal clothing.

Just a typical summer's day.

This may very well be one of the laziest weekends I've had in awhile... which I didn't mind one tiny bit.

Here's a bit of how it all played out...


... The usual kick off for Friday


... poor Ricky was hurting so bad with his hernia so I went ahead & cut the grass as the sun was setting. I figured it was better to do it in 85 degree weather instead of 95 degree weather over the weekend.

... we went downstairs to move all the furniture around in one of the rooms so I could have more space to work out.  It was a work out alone to move all my weights downstairs. Whew.

... After all the sweating from cutting grass & moving furniture & weights, this is how my Friday night ended up.  My knee KILLING me (which it has been again lately for some reason) & some frozen lemonade. I am obsessed with those Minute Maid Frozen Lemonade containers. 100 calories each. YUM!  Perfect for summer


... we ended out night with a What Would You Do! marathon - we didn't see last weeks so we got to watch 2 episodes back to back.  I swear, if I was in NYC, I've seen this show enough to know exactly all the actors who do these things.  I do swear many times in my life though I'm on that show with some of the stupid things I've seen play out.


... Ricky had to work. Boo.

... Neighbors had a yard sale happening so I had fun going over & rooting around.

... Came home to make me a green smoothie to kick off the day.


... Workout time.  Even working out inside in AC, it was so hot, I was sweating extra doses.

... Got to Bible Journal.

The name of Jesus is powerful & priceless!! ❤  Peter said, "I don't have a nickel to my name, but what I do have, I give you: In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, walk!" (Acts 3:6 MSG) . . . #illustratedfaith #messybible #biblejournal #shepaintstruth #rjvbibletime #thereispowerinthenameofjesus:

... Ricky got home from work & just needed to lay down for the day with that hernia.  Poor guy.

... Finished knitting a hat.... & immediately started another project.

... Ricky & I finished watching 60 Days In ... & then I finished watching Once Upon a Time for the season.  Confession:  Hook is the only reason I'm still watching.

... I finished up my evening watching that movie about the wire walker who did the sneak walk across the World Trade Centers.  It really was a good movie to me. Interesting. & sad.  Any time I see the towers, it still chokes me up.

The Walk - movie poster:


... made it to church. Poor Ricky wasn't sure he was going to make it. He's struggling.  But he did & I was glad to have him next to me.

... Headed to Kohl's & finally found some shirts. I've been struggling finding good shirts that I like, I hate sleeveless things & that's all you can find during summer.  The struggle has been real!

... Lunch at 5 Guys.  I will say, I give them props for their grilled cheese. It's always so good & I was so glad to see they make it on a separate grill away from the meat.

... what's a weekend without a Target trip.

... Came home & I laid down to snuggle with Harvey... & next thing I knew, I woke up 2 hours later!!!!! WHAT? I just don't nap. I'll lay down & rest, but I don't nap. I slept so hard, I actually was dreaming!  My mom always said she knew when I was sick when I would take a nap because I just dont like to do it.  It messes me up.  But I guess it was what my body needed.

... made out my bills & did bank statements & just all sorts of things that depress you about life.

... played with Harvey when the sun finally started setting. He had been wanting to play all day long & I didn't want him to have a heat stroke, so as soon as that sun went down, we pulled out the frisbee. #happydog

... Ending my Sunday with all the game shows on ABC. Game Shows are my jam! I would love to be on every single one of them.  Even though, I have to say, The Match Game? Still not my favorite.  Its always the dumbest answers that pertain to something about sex.  SO DUMB.  Just give me something that is smart or funny - not stupid. Even Family Feud turns to stupid answers about sex most of the time any more.  & what aggravates me about that show?  Some of the answers don't remotely match & they give it to people anyways. Makes no sense.  (I get really particular over my game shows if you can't tell) My favorite is The $100,000 Pyramid.  That's just a smart game show where you actually have to use words & your mind.  I think I'd be good on that one.  Regardless, I love seeing game shows back on.

So how was your weekend?

Does it feel like the pits of hell have exploded over you?

Are you a game show fan?

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Friday, June 24, 2016

Friday Favorites

Favorite Beauty & the Beast

Beauty and the Beast Stained Glass Mural | Fathead – Peel & Stick Wall Graphic | Disney Decor:

Wouldnt that be really cute if you made like a frame around it too
... this is just a wall cling, but you could get wood & form a frame around it
....ohhhhhhhh... I want!!!

Favorite Coffee

Cold Brew Coffee Popsicles! Savor summer with this delicious, easy treat!
I've been on a cold brew kick lately anyways -
but how perfect is this for summer!

Favorite God Thought

The point of your life. Francis Chan:

Favorite Pin Organizer

Upcycle a thrifted mirror or ornate frame as a display for trading pins! I think it would be cool to have a black one like this with haunted mansion wallpaper fabric in the background. Or use outdated lanyards as the background. There are soooo many possibilities :D:

I have a bunch of Beauty & the Beast pins that I could totally do this with.
Do they still do the Disney trading pins? Its been so long since we'v been there.
... but it made me wonder if this would work for earrings too? Maybe?

Favorite Creative Item

Drink clip to keep drinks off your desk and away from spilling on your computer. I need this:

 Helps keep your coffee off your desk if you spill it!

OK - ANOTHER Favorite Creative Things

Den: Grass Pen #den #pens #den:
I want... no NEED... these pens.
Perfect to sit in your kitchen... or even on a desk.
Anywhere. Totally the cutest!!

Favorite Funnies

How To Properly Store Them:

true . . .:

This Child:

Funny Pictures Of The Day - 37 Pics:

Religious vandalism…:


... how my Mondays start---> & how it typically continues

... when I hear someone doesn't have cable

... how I feel after I workout - & then eat a bunch of junk

... me every day of summer

... when I see my grape Zevia drinks on sale for under $5.00 at the grocery

... me at 4:00pm

Happy Weekend Y'all!!!

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