Monday, April 12, 2021

The weekend I went to the grocery for bananas & ended up with the Vaccine.... My COVID Vaccine Experience

 Well, this weekend didnt turn out how I thought it was going to.

I mean, I didnt have any plans except to read - basically my plans since March 2020... but after work, I went over to take my mom to do her grocery shopping.

It was funny because we got there around 6:30pm & while we were shopping, they came on the speaker & said, "We have some remaining COVID 19 Vaccines if anyone want to come to the Little Clinic". I didnt pay much attention to it & we were shopping on... when about 10 minutes later, a nurse comes up to me in the frozen food aisle & says, "Do you want a vaccine shot?"

...ummm... excuse me?

She asked again, telling me that they had 4 shots left that they had to use for the end of the day & wanted to check & see if they could use them.  I told her that I had had COVID at the end of February & I was told I needed to wait a period of time before getting the vaccine. She told me we could ask the doctor. 

I asked her what kind she had & she said, all 3 of them.  .... OH REALLY? Hmmm...
She told me they had 1 Johnson & Johnson, 1 Pfizer & 2 Moderna left.

I was kind of taken back a little bit because I always knew I'd get vaccinated but never really put a LOT of thought into it because I knew I had some time to schedule for it.  My first instinct was just to get the Johnson & Johnson so I didnt have to get 2 shots. If I'm going to do this - let's do it all at once & get it behind me, right?

So I told the nurse, let me call my husband & she said, "Call him while following me - they may be gone already"... I pick up the phone & Hubby thought I was joking when I told him, "I'm getting the vaccine right now".  He really did think I was joking.  

We got up to the counter & there was another lady there ahead of me & I was like, OK, if she gets the Johnson & Johnson, then its not meant to be for me... & she chose the Pfizer shot - which made me think, Wait, should I get the Pfizer?   Its the reason I'm an Enneagram 6 -I am HORRIBLE at making up my mind & decisions - & honestly, this is probably God working behind the scenes to get my vaccinated because when it came down to it - it would have been a bigger hassle to make an appointment & research what vaccine to get & all the other 5000 questions I would have come up with.

I asked the doctor about me getting the shot having just been about 7 weeks out from my COVID diagnosis. She told me that it would be fine. I may have a little stronger of a reaction in symptoms because I may have natural antibodies remaining - so SUPER DOSE of antibodies for me.

Of course, I was asking a lot of quick questions about the Johnson & Johnson vaccine & she was explaining it to me but all I heard was ...... ...... ..... nothing live injected... .... .... simulates a cold..... .... ... 

I honestly was so nervous, I didn't hear anything.  But I said, let's just go for it - get this behind me. 

& then ... JAB.... & I didn't feel a thing. Literally didn't feel the needle at all.

I told the doctor that I dont know how to feel.  I feel excited that its behind me & also scared to death - & that both reactions make me want to cry - so yes, I did get teary eyed.  

Then I asked her if I could take a picture & she laughed & said SURE - & told me I was the 3rd person who asked her to take her picture with the vaccinated people.  She was just great.

We had to hang out for 15 minutes to make sure everything was OK .... & then me & mom checked out & I got her home & all her groceries in & then I headed home.

That's when I really panicked - no turning back now.  Did I do the right thing? Did I get the right vaccine? Am I going to have a stroke & die in like 10 minutes?  Because if you want to know anything bad about the vaccine, all you gotta do is pull up any social media app & you're gonna hear every horrible thing that can possible exist.

I knew to get home & get ice on my arm.  The doctor told me that & I could feel the soreness building up quick....

& then I went to bed trying to relax & get some sleep.

Saturday, I woke up & felt just fine. Sore arm - that was it.  I was super happy with that.  Because I had to run to the bank to drop off a deposit for work & then I needed to rush back in the grocery because I had forgotten to pick up some things when the vaccine shot interrupted our shopping.  

We picked up some lunch & then headed home.....

... & then....... it all went downhill from there.

About 1:30pm - I could instantly feel something shifted. It felt EXACTLY how it felt when I had COVID - that "nervy" feeling that I talked about.  When I would move my body a little bit, just to turn my head, it felt like every nerve in my body was jolted with electricity.  I knew the symptoms were coming on.  I took my temperature & it was 100.1... here we go.

I turned on Netflix & ended up watching My Fair Lady - because I had never seen it & always wanted to & it was a long movie - hoping to distract me.

& can someone please talk to me about this movie? As much as I love musicals - was it just a feverish haze, or is this movie just NOT GOOD?  It got on my nerves so much.  Henry Higgins is a JERK. & that voice of Eliza at the beginning... it was going through me like a knife....Her dad, I had to fast forward every scene with him - THE WORST! & the ending??? WHAT?  I have questions. 

I felt this same mood while watching this movie

By the end of that 3 hours, I was feeling pretty bad.  It truly felt like I was having flashbacks of COVID.  My back was aching so bad, the chills were CRAZY, my head hurt again - & ironically enough, it was exactly in the same spot in my head where I couldn't even touch. It was like deja'vu.... except it was like a 5 on a scale instead of a 10 like I had in February.  & of course, no breathing issues.  & it helped out mentally knowing this wasn't going to last as long as my COVID did.

I watched my temp just going up every time I took it.

I finally took some Tylenol & it did help. It was crazy because my temp got a little bit higher (101.8) & then I felt my heart pounding & I started sweating like crazy & I guess my fever broke because it dropped to 99.9.  Things got better from there.

I did end up sleeping well through the night & ended up taking my temp throughout the night & it was actually normal.

Sunday - I woke up feeling so much better... & as the day went on, I got a little bit of a low-grade temperature that would come & go all day long.  It got to 100.1 just once - stayed in 99 range the rest of the day - but I felt so much better. I didn't have the body aches any longer - I didn't have the chills - I felt like eating again.  Just tired mainly - & my arm is red & has a big ole painful knot in it. But I was a 2 on the scale Sunday,,, totally a different day than Saturday.

I'm glad that's behind me.  Didn't expect to get the vaccine so quickly.  And I have such two-fold feeling on the Johnson & Johnson choice of shot.  I know they say that's not the most effective one to get - BUT I already had natural antibodies anyways - so I think combined with the vaccine, it'll be good enough to keep me covered for awhile.  And the best part to me - no more shots. I love the One & Done.

Of course, I've had people getting in touch with me telling me the downfalls of the vaccine & why I SHOULDNT have gotten it & messages of how its a scam & words like sheep & "Fauxcine" & how I am now microchipped by Bill Gates (Beam me up Scottie) - because that matters now after I've had the vaccine anyways? ... I just cant.... We're all on our own journey & making our own personal decisions.  I dont agree with some & not everyone will agree with me. I truly believe everyone has to make the decision on what they feel is best for them.  I'm just really still amazed at the false information that is out & is continually spread as truth  - only causing more confusion, division, more strife, more conflict.  What a crazy world we live in.

These are the days & moments that I am just putting trust in God & hoping that this all helps & is safe & will help in some way to put this pandemic behind us & maybe save someone else's life & not be someone who continues to spread COVID into the future. I'll be proud to be one of many vaccinated people who thought of others & looked at the bigger picture.  If that makes me a "sheep"  - so be it.  I'll just keep on knitting along ;) 

I also want to end this with noting - which I know it goes without saying - but this was MY experience. I know every person that has taken the vaccine has had their own individual experience. Some with no issues - some with worse, some with NEW & IMPROVED issues - just how COVID works too - the beauty of having individual bodies.  I figured with the way COVID back-slapped me & then kicked me in the lungs, I didn't think I would come out of the vaccine with no problems either.  So to have basically 24 hours of  tough side effect symptoms - I'm thrilled with that.  Feel like its worth it if that means I wont have to feel the effects of COVID for a long time to come.... Lord, let it be.

Have you gotten your COVID shot?

What kind did you get?

What were your vaccine side effects?

Biggest question - have you seen My Fair Lady  & did you like it?

Friday, April 09, 2021

Friday Favorites


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Favorite Towel Holders

I dont know how these work - but they sure are cute!

Favorite Life Saver

You may be wondering what this is... I have one in my car & one in my glove compartment - & actually wouldnt mind getting this one of these since its a keychain.  This is a safety gadget that helps cut your seat belt should you get stuck in it & the thing on the end is able to break your window if you are stuck in a car - especially underwater.  There's something about pressure of the water against a window that you cant break it easily on your own - & you put this against the window & it pushes pressure in the middle of the glass to shatter it.  I mean, the odds you'll ever need it are slim to none - but if you needed it once & it worked - worth it.

Favorite AirPods Case

Favorite Reusable Coffee Cups

If you love glass, these are perfect for on the go with the lids on them & they fit in cup holders!
They make these in a taller size too!

Favorite Book Shelf

this is really smart - you can keep it like this - or get TWO & turn one around & back it up making a larger unit.  I also saw it positioned where you put the long part (the left in this picture) up against a wall & have it stick straight out - people use it to make like a divide in a big room - almost looks like a shelf built as a wall - it was really cute!

Favorite Wind Chimes

They  just make everything, dont they?
These are solar powered & they change color... how does that even happen?
But it would be fun to add to a patio - or even outside of a kid's window.

Favorite Chair

My lounger I sit in to read is starting to wear out -I mean, its only used nearly every day in Spring, Summer & Fall for the past few years. But I have my eye on these for a replacement!
And you get TWO in the order. Then Hubby & I dont have to fight over them.

Favorite Cooler

This is perfect as a backpack for a hike or outing to take some yummies & drinks & things for a picnic with you.

Favorite Funnies

... me walking down the hallway at 4:30pm today

Thursday, April 08, 2021

Thankful Thursday #306


This week I am Thankful for:

Breakfast with Hubby
It was nice to do a breakfast date with Hubby - something we havent done in a long time with COVID & then it was too cold to eat outside. We're still not comfortable eating indoors... just who we are... so now that its warming up - we can do more outdoor seating breakfasts or even some breakfast picnics.

Soft Foods
After dental work & having 3 shots in my jaw, I couldnt even open my mouth more than a little bit - so soft foods were my lifeline the first few days after my latest dental trip.  Pudding & Mashed potatoes have been my best friend.

Online Book Club
When I heard some of my bloggy friends talking about a book club - I got all nosy & was like, give me some info on this - & they invited me & I got to join in this past month. I was so excited to see faces & hear voices in real time.  I was going to join last month, but that's when I had COVID - BOO!  This month, I was excited to get on, even if I had a sore mouth.  Looking forward to future book club meet ups

Front Room clean up begin
I may not have been able to get my table yet for my coffee bar (I'm scouring WayFair right  now) but I'm excited we got a good start on getting it all ready & cleaned out. Its likea whole new room already & I'm excited to get more use out of it.

Garbage Can
You know you're an adult when a new garbage can makes you excited. I was looking online for one for awhile & got it down to 2 that I was between - so when we went into Home Depot & I found one for HALF the price of the ones I was looking for, I was shocked. & I expected to just deal with it - for half off, I'd make due. But I LOVE this garbage can. It stays open if you're using it a lot, like during cooking or cleaning - & it holds a LOT.  I never knew a garbage can could make me smile so much.

Tell me something good about your week

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Wednesday, April 07, 2021

Prime Purchases


Linking up with Tanya @ The Other Side of the Road
I love seeing what everyone buys from Amazon!
... because that's what I need - MORE Amazon deliveries in my life!!

Click the Pic  to go to the Link

Pajama Set

I had a friend that had a wedding shower & I got a bunch of nighties & robes for her & this was one that I added to the mix. It was really cute & soft. I want to get me some for summer now!

Washi Boxes

Hubby got me a few of these for Christmas & I have more washi & needed some more boxes.
This is deception though - you only get one box in the order... boo! 
But I have my washi color organized in them & makes it easy to see & grab what I need

Garnier SkinActive Foam Wash

I love this stuff because you can take off your eye make up too.
& I have the hardest time finding this in stores. I like to keep a bottle on my counter & one in the shower as well so I like staying stocked up on this.

Eyelash Serum

A friend  & I were talking about eye lashes & mine are just getting worse as I get older so I figured it couldnt hurt to try some serum.  Now, does it work? Good question.
I always forget to put it on - LOL  I need an alarm to remind me - or I need to put it by my bed with a little mirror - that's a good idea - I may try that!

Good Scale

This was totally an impulse buy from watching too many cooking shows.
But its handy to have around, right? I need to put it somewhere I can see it so I'll use it more often.

Maybe next to my eye serum.

But it is really nice - its so thin & lightweight. It tucks right in my drawer with no problem.

Solar Post Cap Lights

Hubby got these & put on some of our poles on our privacy fence.
They are AWESOME! Actually way brighter than I expected.
They hold their solar power till the morning too.
I never really thought about putting them  on the ground for side walk lightning too like the picture shows - so now, I may need to get more.

Cough Suppressant

Because COVID
Honestly - that cough was one of the worst things I've ever went through - & it was a dry cough - nothing productive with it so its like you just couldnt inhale without coughing for an hour.
Mucinex is the only thing that helps me when I get a chest cold - but I looked it up & one of the ingredients you need for a dry cough for COVID was in this - so I was like GET IT TO ME FAST AMAZON!  Hubby even had to use it at one point. Lifesaver!

Dog Harness

We got one of these for Ernie when he was growing up & love it - So Ozzie got his own now that he's getting too big to carry into the vet's office. He does really well on it too.  Its so easy to put on him too - just slide it over his head & pull up each side to clip up around the belly - so simple.

What's your latest Amazon buy?

Tuesday, April 06, 2021

One Sentence a Day {March 2021}


1 - Mon / Day 14 of my Covid Journey & I STILLLLLL have a low grade temp #exhaustingme

2 - Tues / Hubby's first day back to work left him EXHAUSTED & realizing how badly his body is fatigued from COVID #inbedassoonashegothome

3- Wed / I always hold my breath when I get the email from work on our yearly insurance rates #Nothingwilleverbeasbadasmylastjob #TheydidntOFFERinsurance

4 - Thurs / Vaccine in our state has now dropped down to anyone 50 years or older. #imupnext

5 - Fri / Hubby & I had a date night to finish up watching WandaVision #saditsover

6 - Sat / My first outting in nearly 3 weeks after coming through COVID #woremeout

7 - Sun / I was on the edge of my couch watching the interview with Meghan & Harry. #ALWAYSTeamHarry

8 - Mon /  Sat outside and finished a book that I FINALLY enjoyed #2021hasbeennogoodreading

9 - Tues / I actually took a little mile walk during lunch & glad to see I could make it further than my drive way #COVIDRecovering

10 - Wed /  Went to the dentist only to be sent home exactly the same.... in pain #torture

11 - Thurs /  I literally have cried all day with the pain in my jaw & face & teeth & cant believe I have to go through the weekend before I can get in with the Endodontist next week. #2021hasbeenmiserable

12 - Fri / Living on Orajel #NumbMeUp

13 - Sat / I am so excited to turn that close up ahead to get more sunlight #DaylightSavingsTime

14 - Sun / Going to start watching one Marvel move every weekend & watching it in chronological order #BecauseIAmANerd

15 - Mon / I hate when I have to take my days off for not fun things like getting a root canal on a root canal #Plusitwasrainy

16 - Tues / Taking some antibiotics & they put the worst taste in my mouth all day long #DISGUSTING

17 - Wed / Working from home means it matters zilch if I wear any green #HaventFeltLuckyLately

18 - Thurs / I had to make a run to the bank & UPS during lunch & was able to get a chai tea latte while I was out #beenayearsinceIhadone

19 - Fri / Our twin grandsons are two years old today!!! #littlecuties

20 - Sat / Literally sat outside all day & finished a book #myhappyplace

21 - Sun /  I literally was in tears thinking Ozzie was going to die after drinking coffee #THANKSGoogleforscaringme

22 - Mon / My moms got her first shot #vaccineup

23 - Tues / Fresh Hair always makes a day better #sosmooth

24 - Wed /  Hearing Indiana is taking away mandates the first week in April while also hearing COVID cases are rising. #idontgetit #soclosetothefinishline #whymessitupnow

25 - Thurs / Hormones must be going in a rage because hot flashes are back with a vengeance & I had insomnia & zero sleep #gettingoldistough

26 - Fri / I had to make an emergency call to the large animal vet when Cochese gashed his face open by running through a fence. #poorguy #hesok

27 - Sat /  I actually met up with a friend & ate out for the first time in a year #feltsostrange #feltonormal 

28 - Sun /  Why is it chilly again? #stagesofspring

29 - Mon /  Survived my dental appointment!!! #ALLTHEANXIETY

30 - Tues /  Joined in with a book club for the first time & super excited for all the future books we read together #bloggersarethebest

31- Wed /  Watching the trial of David Chauvin & seeing all the video footage is just tough to watch when  you know the ending #heartbreaking

Tell me the highlight of your March!!!

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