Tuesday, December 27, 2022

One Year ago today...

 We survived Christmas!!! Yahoo!!!!

It always feels like it comes on fast & is even over faster!  No complaints here.  But I am putting in my planner for 2023 to start shopping starting in September. No joke. I hate this last minute stuff & especially when a winter storm comes in & knocks out your last day you were planning on shopping on. Yikes.

I'm planning on doing a Christmas recap post - I took pictures this year - even fired up my Nikon. Hello old friend.... but I still need to upload the pics & see if I can remember how editing works.

But I'll just do a quick recap today by saying, It was just lovely.... you cant ask for more than that.

I'll do more details sometime this week... or soon.

This is going to be a crazy week for me.  End of the year stuff - so much on my plate - PLUS, my drivers license expires. Who wants to handle the BMV at the end of the year.  This should be fun.

But today... the 27th... I'm holding my breath today.  So many memories. So many....this time last year, I was feeling this - I should have noticed that ... it's one year ago today I had my mini-stroke. 

Let me tell you - that day has changed my life.

It left me, someone who hated medicine, on a regimen now of blood pressure meds - of cholesterol meds.- on an aspirin a day... dealing with migraines.

It left me very aware of my body - noticing when things aren't right or something feels off.

It left me knowing that life can change in a blink of an eye. I know we all know this - but until you really feel it deep in your life, it takes on a whole new meaning.

I can remember laying in the hospital for 3 days & a doctor telling me what the odds were of having a major stroke after this - & I was laying there all alone - & terrified. 

33% - that was the number.... 1 in 3 odds.

33 % chance nothing will happen again if you take care of yourself & get healthy.

33% chance you will have another mini -stroke

33% chance you will have a major stroke that could be crippling or fatal.

Those aren't good odds to me.  I can remember laying in the bed just freaking out. Really great for blood pressure & trying to stay calm, huh?

The odds are supposed to be better for each month you get out from that TIA date.  Its even better once you get to 3 years.  More serious things happen sooner after the TIA

So here I am 1 year down.  Creeping away from scary time lines... & thankful I am doing good so far.
Going to make some "resolutions" (I hate that word) or "life changes" (better) that help me get another year & then ANOTHER year from this date... healthy & strong.

Cheers to a year gone by... a year of living... a year of health... a year of loving, happiness & family.

Take care of yourselves everyone!

Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Reading - 2022 Edition & a sneak peel of my Reading planner for 2023

 Another year of books in the... well. books.

Here's just a little highlight of my year thanks to Goodreads.

It's crazy because I feel like 45 books is a lot & I'm so proud of that. I set a goal of 40 books for the year.  & then I see some people have HUNDREDSSSSS of books for the year. But this is the reminder... YOU DO YOU! I've seen other people work HARD to get 12 books in for the year - one a month.  Everyone has different time to dedicate to reading - different lifestyles - different enjoyment for books. So there's no right or wrong number for the year! ... I think I'm going to keep my goal at 40 for 2023 so the pressure isnt there to make me not enjoy reading.

My Evil Mother... makes me think of the quote "Though she is little, she is fierce" ... this is a short 32 page book but my goodness, it really hit me in the feels. I loved it so much! ...

& Midnight Sun? Whew - felt like FOREVER!!!!! Its the telling of the Twilight story in Edward's side. It was interesting - but geez, even Twilight wasn't hardly over 200 pages!

Glad I finally got to Vanishing Half... & surprised more people haven't picked up The Christmas Cupid for a fast easy holiday read.

... and apparently I'm a tough critic. I really dont give 5 Stars too often. I really should give them more - show some grace. I save it for the one books that just whip me off my feet. I shouldnt really do that... those dont come around often.

And the books I read....

Always in December... cue the tears.

Reminders of Him... read at the beginning of 2022 - when did Colleen Hoover become the crazy MUST read author. Her books are on 60% of the Bookstagram posts daily now I see.

After I do... there's one that got 5 stars. I just loved that book!

I really enjoyed Darling Girl too & the Peter Pan spin take with the story.

Alot of good ones on this one.

Maybe You Should Talk to Someone... this may be in the top of my favoite book of the year. I literally SOBBED in parts of this book. & got some really good life lessons with it too.

Every Summer After... ADORED! Gave me such feelings of being a young girl crushing on the summer love.

The Younger Wife... I couldnt put it down

The Mother In Law - same! These two books really made me love Sally Hepworth so much

American Royals - how am I JUST now getting to these stories? Love a royalty theme!

& finishing up the year - more good ones.

I loved Daisy Darker... Alice Feeney is just so good at the creepy surprises.

Other Birds - read it for a book club & would have never picked it up but I was just enchanted with it. 

Have you read any of these?

What is your favorite book of 2022?

Are you setting a book goal for 2023?

... & I realllly gotta show you the Book Planner I have for 2023. 

Sneak peek - if you want to take a look...

Click pic for planner site

Its sold out... they sell out fast & you have to preorder it like in October. & they dont get delivered till December. Its worth it - this planner is INCREDIBLE if you are a reader.  I'm going to use it strickly for reading / books / quotes.  So excited about all the little extras this planner has - book challenges, ratings, Alphabet challenges...check it out!

Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Sometimes my blog hates me....

OH MY GOSH... If you could see my face right now, it may look like a red balloon that is ready to pop.

I had been typing up a blog post today talking about my Monday... It was so long.

& I was literally on the very bottom... asking my ending questions... & I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT HAPPENED. But I hit a button & ZAP - POOF - everything went blank. & stupid blogger automatically updates every time you stop typing.... so everything was GONE.

breath in... breath out....

Anyways... let me redo the veggie burger idea anyways.. geez.

What we had for dinner....  This is one of my favorite recipes from Hello Fresh.  A veggie burger made out of red kidney beans.  Your rinse the beans & then pull out your handy dandy smasher!


My friend told me about this one that she got & its been a game changer for me. I used to use a fork - & would always just end up bending the fork.  This thing gets everything pulverized!  

You mix in some mozzarella cheese, some white onion, some cajun spice & some tempura to bind it... toss in a pan with olive oil... & you have a good ole BURGER, meat free. & delish!

We have been using Hello Fresh now for a year & a half & I still love it. If anyone wants to give it a try, I have SO MANY free boxes to give out - just message me &I'll happily send you a code.

A few funnies ...because I need a laugh after this disappearing act....

& I'm not even going to post any questions because this is where is ZAPPED away...

... just tell me something about your Monday!
How was it?

Monday, December 19, 2022

The weekend Christmas has begun

 Happy Monday... we're at the big week... Christmas is 6 days away!!! 

I'm excited because I've been setting up my planners for 2023 & one more week down means I'm closer to using them. I have priorities in my life.

How did my weekend go....

Family time... We get to celebrate Christmas with my in-laws on Saturday.  Always so fun to catch up, chat, eat & play games.  It actually was perfect Christmas weather - cold & we had snow flurries at our house as we were packing up the car.  Ricky kept singing "I'm dreaming of a White Christmas..." on the ride.  

... which, its very possible in our area - we have snow in our forecast for the Christmas weekend.  It is the one time of the year, I'll allow the cold & snow.

My sister in law does all the cooking for the holidays (so impressive) but this year, she changed up her menu & did so many soups & chilis. Crock pots EVERYWHERE!  & it was AMAZING.  Everyone was going back & trying all the different soups.  & bless my SIL's heart. She made 2 different salads for different tastes... & she made a veggie chili & veggie vegetable soup for me & also a different soup for my nephew.  How thoughtful is that?  No wonder there were 8 different crock pots!!!

& even better - there was so much left over, we all got to take some home!  The best gift of all!

My SIL is so good at all the details too... had out cheese, sour cream, even fritos & cheeto's to put in your soup.  Which what? Cheeto's? I saw my BIL put it in his chili & I had to stop a second... but it sort of make sense, doesnt it?  Cheese... cracker... kinda mix them both & you get cheeto's.  I didnt try it but I am intrigued.

But look at the little cracker basket in the middle of the table too! So cute!  ,,, I was way too enchanted with this cracker basket. Not to say my love of carbs is extreme but... yeah.

& her tree every year is so beautiful.   

A Vincent Christmas isn't complete without a game... bring out the competition.  

This year, we played Family Feud & I got to be the host. Or as some called me, "Rebecca Harvey" LOL! The girls won the first round - the guys won the second round. EVERYONE is a winner.

Nails... I got these on Black Friday from my friend that sells Color Street. I just love these things. So easy to create a fun look on your nails.  I actually found I have another set of Holiday nails from last year.  I also bought another Christmas set for this year - so my nails are set for Christmas this year & for the next few, that's for sure!

If you're looking for a Color Street Rep - click HERE for my friend who does it because she loves the product herself!

What I'm watching.... Ricky & I got home Saturday night & I said, we GOTTA watch the finale of Survivor. I've been trying to avoid spoilers on it. But OMG!!!!! I was shocked at the ending - & then mad that the ending wasn't EVERYWHERE where I couldnt avoid the spoilers.  I wont say WHO won if you're still watching, but someone donated their $1 Million prize to charity! How is that GOOD NEWS STORY just not everywhere?

& I also started watching White Lotus S2. I'm half way through now.  Jennifer Coolidge just makes me laugh at anything she does - even when she's being serious.  But I'm trying to avoid all spoilers on this one too.  This is harder... every time I hear someone on a podcast just bring up anything, I'm yanking out my earbuds FAST.

Burning down the house... Sunday night, Ricky was hungry & I had an extra Hello Fresh meal I didnt make during the week. Tangy  Buffalo Cauliflower Tacos... YUM

... well... I got a new pan &I thought, I'll warm up the oil so it'll be good & hot when I put the tempura cauliflower in to fry. OMG... I put a lid on top of it & I turned around to take the lid off & yeppp - it was hot all right. There was a wave of smoke that came out that instantly filled up the kitchen. Like, you couldnt see across the room. The fire alarms went off - we had to open the windows fast... it was a mess.... but the food was good! LOL 

Ricky said he thought something was wrong because he was in the back of the house & Ernie ran back there &jumped up & started licking his face. He doesnt typically do that - but he was totally trying to get Ricky's attention. & that's when the fire alarm went off. 

We have a regular ole' Lassie on our hands!

Delivered to my door.... Merry Christmas to me! ... I really needed to get a Stove cover because I'm terrified something is going to drop on my new oven & break or crack the glass.  I love this thing! It makes the top look so clean & slick - & now I'm not too afraid to lay something on top of it!


Updates from previous psots.. Our floor at work didnt win the decorating contest - which is MESSED UP! Our floor looked so good! (I still need to get a pic - all my pics are before it was complete)  I wasn't there for the announcement who won & when a friend told me we lost, I was so bitter the rest of the night!

... mom is still in rehab working hard on healing & trying to move more.  It's going to be awhile.

How was your weekend?

You have any Christmas celebrations yet?

Have you ever put Cheeto's in your chili?

Did you watch Survivor 43 or White Lotus?

Most importantly - are you ready for Christmas day?

Thursday, December 15, 2022

Gnomes, pineapple salsa & crying for someone I've never met

Happy Thursday everyone!  

Still trying to get the feel of this thing again... & FYI, I do have the link up for Thankful Thursday at the bottom. The precious Jennifer is still hosting & sending me the link up code so I'll still be sharing my days / feelings / thinking & of COURSE there will be some gratitude on there - so I feel great about adding the code onto the bottom of the post. Hope it makes it easier for some of you to link up with us. & as always, a huge thank you & gratitude for Jen for carrying on the Thankful Thursday torch.

How was Wednesday?

Weather....Well, we're still in a gray hazy funk. I'm pretty sure my back yard is now a pond... my dogs are going nuts not being able to run. I need an indoor dog park. Is there such a thing? Did I just think of a Shark Tank idea?

& we're moving on from gray & hazy to COLD, gray & hazy. Our highs this weekend will be in the 30's. Just keep twisting the knife Mother Nature... just keep twisting it.

Feeling... Y'all. A coworker messaged me & asked if I knew who tWitchwas... & then told me the news of what happened to him. I seriously have felt this to my soul.  I have watched him since SYTYCD days & thought he was amazing. I've loved watching his career just blossom... & was SO super stoked when he & Allison, also from SYTYCD & DWTS got together & got married & had the cutest little babies ever. & if you dont know what are those letters stand for, you may not understand the obsession over tWitch.  But I'm sure so many know him from Ellen.  

I literally follow everything he & Allison post. On all platforms. They just always bring JOY. The smiles they have - the love they have for one another & their family.  It just seems unreal.

A friend of mine posted that it feels like when Robin Williams took his life. The people that are smiles, happiness, JOY BRINGERS... I read a tweet that said sometimes its the Joy-Bringers who carry the heaviest burden & no where to lay them. Oh my gosh... I'm in tears again.

I love Jen Hatmaker so much - she's like my writing #goals... here's her post about it...its worth the read.

OK - lets try & change the mood...

Something I AM thankful for.... My blogging friend Brianna & I have a shared obsession with all things stationary & pens. We get each other when it comes to this.  She posts any new pen or marker or highlighter shes ordered -I'm right behind her.  So when she sent me a package of ALL the planner glory, I seriously jumped like a kid on Christmas morning opening it up.

Look at all this Erin Condren beautifulness. Ricky even wanted the planner with Darth Vader on it! That cover is so soft & has such a texture do it too. Its just cool. 

& there's a READING LOG! I had no idea Erin Condren had that! It says its for Kids, but there's nothing "kid" about it except the word KID on the front page.  It has so many pages for book reviews & I love there's a blank page after each one that has for "thoughts, quotes or doodles about the book"... This baby will be put to good use FOR SURE!

Thanks again Bri for gifting all this -you know its going to be well loved!

Speaking of planners- I still need to post all my planners I have for 2023 I've purchased & needing to narrow it down. & do you know, I ordered ANOTHER planner today? OMG... I need help. Is there a clinic I can check into for planner addiction - because its nuts how much of an issue this is!

Loving... we have a coworker that is just so amazing in her thinking on doing fun things in the office.  For the past few years, for the holidays, she hides a gnome & who ever finds it, she has a basket of goodies you can pick from. How fun is that? ... Granted, I'm always the loser of the office in finding it. I always say it shows me I need to get up & move more. I get up from my desk like 3-4 times a day I think. That's sad.

But she brought in all the stuff for us to make our own Gnomes this year. She thought of everything... the socks, the beards, decorations to put on them - the little wooden ball for the noses (big & small)... even a hot glue gun, which I havent used one of those since the early 90's I think!  All of our desks have our own individual gnomes now.  Every office needs these people that  make a work day better!

Eating... This may look weird, but it was decent.  Different... but yummy. It's a Tex-Mex Cauliflower Bowl.  

Roast some Cauliflower with some Tex-Mex seasoning - cook up some onions & green pepper on the stove - put over rice & add in this pineapple & onion salsa that is covered in lime juice.  It's supposed to have cilantro - not a fan though.  Ricky was like, um... what's this..but he didnt even hate it!

Package arriving... I now cant sleep until my glass top stove is spotless. & let me tell you - its a JOB. I'm buffing it better than I ever did my car - which is just WONDERFUL with two injured arms! UGH! I've been looking at all the products too to help with the fog, the streaks, the grit.  Enter this sponge. I've learned you cant use just ANY sponge & even paper towel can scratch your glass - this sponge though... I AM LOVING! I've already ordered another one to keep on standby.


Hope you all have a great Thursday!

& wish our floor in the office good luck!  We're having a decorating contest between floors & our floor is so candy covered cute! I'll take pictures & post later. Fingers cross we win!

Did you ever watch tWitch dance?

Are you using a planner for 2023?

What do you use to keep your oven glass top clean?

& mostly - what are you Thankful for this week?


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Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Well, dont go to an ENT for vertigo

 Latest in the doctor saga of my life....

As I've mentioned, I've had vertigo kick in full force in September.  It stayed so bad all the way in October, I saw my neurologist about it... along with some headaches.  He sent me to Physical Therapy & told me to go to an ENT to have them check my ears for issues.

That was a quick recap... didnt I spent a whole post talking about that. I'm so long winded sometimes I guess.

BUT... in the meanwhile, in October, I never got the referral for the ENT.  

After the MRI of my head came back OK, I got in touch again about the referral & got one. Only to get an appointment pushed out a few weeks. I was originally scheduled a week & a half ago.... but the day of my appointment, they called me & said, "Ohhh - funny thing - they scheduled you at an office that doesnt have the audio machine they need"

What the....

So they rescheduled me again to a different location.... which I went yesterday.

The only "machine" they really used on me was to test my hearing - which just ask Ricky - he'll tell you I cant hear diddly squat.

... & the machine confirmed it.  I am closing in on total deaf for high frequency noises.  

I wondered because I cant ever hear our house alarm when it goes off beeping, giving the 60 second warning to turn it off. Nope - I carry on my merry way out in the yard with Zoe while Ricky is running dashingly to turn off the alarm before it calls the police.  I literally dont hear a thing.

They said its probably from working around loud noises.
I'm sure my coworkers in OFFICES are offended. How loud can that be? 

I will admit, I do wear my earbuds up high - but because I CANT HEAR... not as a headbanging child of the 80's (which I am)... but seriously, I've never been one to crank up the noise.

I do remember one time, we went to a concert...I think it was a KISS concert... it was in the late 90's (OMG - I sound so old!) & Ricky & I could hear ringing in our ears for daysssss after. It was miserable. Ever since then, I've been the old hag who wears earbuds to concerts. I actually enjoy it better - it takes the hum noise out & makes the voices clearer. 

See! told you!

... & not like I've been to a concert in like ... how many years?

Its either ear damage from that... or from the ear infections I've had in my life.


For fun, I also live with ringing in my ears constantly.  Which he said is a symptom of high frequency hearing loss. Huh - who knew?... ringing in the ears is also a symptom of extreme anemia - which, HELLO? Hi! Me!... double whammy I guess.

Vertigo... we are hear to discuss vertigo.... here's this long winded thing again.

& what did they do? The same flipping me upside down move to look at my eyes to see if they wobble & shake & rattle & roll...

& they didn't.

Because I've been doing a little better over the 3 MONTHS!

So what happened... the doctor came in & said, Well, we dont see any sign of vertigo so there's nothing we can do.... If you did, we can do a maneuver that would help.

You mean the one I've been DOING in Physical Therapy for the past 2 months? Yep...

So you're telling me, I just threw about $250.00 down the toilet? ... absolutely....

What a waste. 

He told me, "I'll put you on my "Stand by" list & if it happens again, call us & we'll get you in"

I wanted to say - to which location? The wrong one?

Instead, I was a classy gal & said, "Sorry I wasted your time"... & yes, it had a snarky tone - but it also held truth. I should have made it more accurate by saying "sorry I wasted MY time"

... geez... I'm pretty sure my head was spinning with rage when I was talking about.

Note to self... dont bother with an ENT again.

Monday, December 12, 2022

The weekend I'm trying to get in the Christmas spirit

 Is anyone else in a sort of denial that Christmas is coming? & that its CLOSE?

I have not bought one gift - its sort of putting my anxiety on a level 11 out of 10 but I'm seriously not in the mood this year.  

Want to know how much I'm not in the mood...I JUST got my tree decorated on Friday.

unlit... but you can see the Disney ornaments & all the fun "inserts" on it that fill up space

& I usually have it up & the house decorated by Thanksgiving. This year? I dont know why... it just doesnt feel... time. 

I am happy to have my tree up though & enjoying the early morning coffee by it & soaking in the soft glow in the early Black Hole evenings.

What did I do on my day off on Friday?.... well, nothing really exciting. I had my doctor's appointment on Friday to get all my meds refilled for the year.  Yep - me, the one who hates medicine.  That's what a mini-stroke will do for you.  Give you a list of meds to take.  I'm going to make that a goal for 2023 to try & get off of all of them. 

I had to take a minute to run into our new Joann's since it is walking distance from my doctor's office.  They moved into a new building & have more space. I had to check it out.... & nearly teared up at this wall....

Seriously - the power of advertising was working its magic on me. Here I am, a woman with such bad pain in my arm, I nearly cry every evening & can't do any repetitive motions in it or I'm down for the count for days. & seeing this wall, made me want to buy it all & pull out all the knitting needles. 

I had a come to Jesus moment & thought... not now... but someday soon. Maybe another goal for 2023?

I then went & spent my afternoon with mom.  They're still working with her - & really keeping her off her feet. Its a weird combo... they want her off her feet- but then physical therapy makes her walk a lot & use her legs...but then wont let her out of the bed. Maybe its for her safety more than anything since she's a fall risk with the leg pain.

But look at her room that my brother decorated for her for the Holidays.

Cute little Christmas tree!!!

We're wondering if mom will be home for Christmas.... right now, its not looking like it.  Whatever makes her the healthiest.

What am I reading:  I finished up this book Thursday - The Christmas Cupid.  It is cute enough. Its about a young lady whose boyfriend breaks up with her right before Christmas - & she ends up dying on Christmas Eve...only to be given the chance to come back to earth, at the beginning of December & she has to set up 6 couples to fall in love - & if she's successful, she gets another chance at life.

Its cute... had its moments where I really laughed.  A fun Holiday read... but it did aggravate me how toxic the relationship Zoe was in & how she was blind do it. & I wish it was a few amount of couples she had to fix up - but its a quick Holiday read. I think it may be free - or like 99 cents on Kindle. HERES the link if interested.  I gave it *** / 3 stars.

I'm also still reading some easy, fun kids books for the Christmas Reading Advent & have read some really cute ones.  This one though... may be a personal favorite.

What I ate... Tis the season to not count any calories & give any cares.  All the back on track eating & workouts start in 3 weeks... I blame Ricky too. He came home with a dozen Krispy Kreme one night & we had some chocolate glaze for breakfast. Well, I had 2... he had the rest. & the unfair thing is, I probably gained 5 lbs for it & he probably lost 5 lbs from carrying the box inside. I still say, Jack Sprat's story has nothing on us.

I also learned to put pumpkin spice in my coffee creamer & froth it up. Why have I never learned this before? I saw it on TikTok & thought it was incredible & I equally felt dumb for never thinking of it myself. I may drink it every day throughout the holidays since it gives such a warm feeling.

Speaking of pumpkin - I also made some pumpkin cookies. Tiktok for the win again!

Its literally a can of pumpkin - a box of Spice Cake mix... & that's it. I added in dark chocolate chips... just scoop out on a cookie dish & cook on 325 for 20 (25?) minutes... that's it.  Someone took cream cheese icing & melted it & poured over top too -I bet that would be amazing. They're obviously "cake like" but so good!!!!

What did I watch....

I finished Dead To Me.... & was so ticked off!  I didnt like the turn for this season. & cried my eyes out too hard at the end - but the VERY last scene?  The way it went off... I may have screamed.  I was NOT a fan of this last season.  I dont want to spoil anything for those still watching - but NO! NO! NO!

I also watched that cute little move on Netflix with Freddie Prinze Jr. - so predictable - so Holiday - so enjoyable. Give me a cheesy Christmas song & I'm here for it.

It drove me nuts that I could NOT for the life of me figure out who the female lead was - what I had seen her in before. OMG - that's Ella from Lucifer! I forgot she could sing! She did on that show too.

& yes, I watched Harry &Meghan.

Loving every bit of it too. I dont get why so many people hate them so much.  You hear the pain in Harry's voice when he talks about his mom & hear how much trauma he STILL has with the media who is now chasing his wife & slamming her with every move she makes.  & how people say they're trying to "take down the monarchy" - I didnt get that impression at all - I heard their hate against British Media.

There was a guy online I saw that said how the British Media posted a 16 page response to the documentary & was bashing Meghan so much. He said, "guys, you're sort of proving her point" on how they wont stop hating on her.  Are they perfect -no - who is? But I just love Harry & I think Meghan makes him happy.  I think Meghan is a beautiful, smart, strong woman. & can we talk about Archie? OMG - so stinkin' cute!!!! 

I cant wait for the rest of it - & I also cant wait for his book to come out January 2nd. I have it preordered & will be running to my front door to grab it.

& to be fair - I also equally love William & Kate. I always say I'm from the Princess Di days. I love those boys so much & rooting them both on. I think Di would be proud of Harry for his choice of wife & bucking the "institutions" rules.  

I could chat & discuss all things Royal for hours. Where's my tea?

....I have a lot of other stuff to share - ALL THE PLANNERS for 2023...but I'll do a post later in the week for that.

... to end, I mentioned cheesy Christmas songs. If you havent heard this yet -its so funny - & catchy!!!! I turn on the new Guardians of the Galaxy Christmas special just to listen to this.

Hope you had a great weekend!

Are you doing good on your Holiday shopping?

What's an easy no brainer recipie you use for the Holidays?

Do you love Harry & Meghan? 

Friday, December 09, 2022

Friday Favorites


Click on PIC for link

Favorite Journal

I love a 5 year journal anyways... but this one is different.
You put in your clothing - what you wore each day & track it for 5 years.
Wouldnt it be fun to put little pictures too of you?
This would be perfect for your little fashion diva in your life!

Favorite Christmas Stickers

For the kids.... sure... the kids! LOL
I would totally play with this all day Christmas - I never grew out of the love for stickers

Favorite Shoe organizer

I love genius people!
If you have a shoe rack/shelf - you nearly double your space!
& its so pretty how to display your shoes too!

Favorite Jacket

This comes in Plus size too.. & SO MANY DIFFERENT COLORS!
Made my Levi's too!
Just a classic look!

Favorite Christmas Craft

I've always wanted to learn how to Embroidery myself
But how cute is this for a gift for the crafter in your life?
A cute gift to give for under $15.00 too!

Favorite Face Scrubber (Stocking Stuffer)

I actually have these - & LOVEEEEE THEM!
They always make my face feel so smooth & CLEAN when I use them.
4 of them for $5.00 - perfect little stocking stuffer for everyone!

Favorite Paint Set

These have 18 cups of pain - so you can refill the palette when you're out of paint.
& what a fun excuse to try a Bob Ross video! 

Favorite Funnies

Have a great weekend Y'all!!!

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